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Peter Wood (Anger in American Politics)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 14, 2021 4:00 am

Peter Wood (Anger in American Politics)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 14, 2021 4:00 am

Whether on the Left or Right, there's an epidemic of anger in American politics today. But why? And how can conservatives channel that anger into saving the republic? Dr. Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, joins me to discuss his book, "Wrath: America Enraged." Plus: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says President Biden wants to see a "fundamental change in the That more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon that is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance in the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116. You can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone, mad in the last few years we been able to see it on both sides of the political aisle. We've seen it on the left is its adherents have looted and rioted in our cities canceled.

Conservatives rejoice that the FBI has parents and its sites for trying to fight back against critical race theory in public schools.

They fear that people are losing their jobs over vaccine mandates and of course they beat the drum on the fake insurrection narrative of January 6 and then we also see anger on the right as conservatives show their frustration with the left tactics and also increasingly corrupt government, big tax sensors and a GOP establishment that never seems to follow through on its promises even more.

There is still fury on the right over the questionable results of the 2020 presidential election, and a host of other issues rightly so. And of course we know anger is sometimes warranted. But when and why did our country become full out furious and how is that affecting our Republic and even more so, how might it unravel our Republic later on if it is not checked or in a talk about all this today with Dr. Peter Wood, president of the national Association of scholars is also a former professor of anthropology in a college Provost and the author of several great books including 1620.

A critical response to the 6019 project his latest is called wrath America enraged Dr. Wood.

It is great to have you back on the show. How are you good government, well, very good. Thank you for being here.

You have written before, I know on this phrase, new anger, which is kind of an interesting term.

What exactly is new anger and how does it describe where we are right now show off anger.

All dimensional rude about it for about 10 years ago will be in the boat anchor in America now a purpose about the origin of the book of welcoming of anger into our law. It wasn't always so miracle for several centuries had a pretty strong prohibition on getting angry over time, people were taught from childhood on the division of emotional control, and if you did get that included to try to find your way out of the wilderness as quickly as you could log after World War II began to be challenged, first by the avant-garde. Why will Gordon psychotherapy teaching people look repressing your anger would bring neurosis on there were controls coming in from Europe to Chino spoke the really affected white blue and white from the being thoughtful because I'm a good way to be and it took a course several generations for the employer give reach out to a kind of all-encompassing public, but it happened part of the earlier book, tracing how it happened. The current book help with the other one left off and so spoke to basically about the warning look through thought. A good way to live our lives all one phone book that I expect would be needed to read Mel arrived at the point where all the anger of the left which is a kind of permanent lifestyles. Find a way of living in rich being angry all the time of virtual have spilled over to the conservative fund of funds were being angry and smelled so the only option available when normal law broken bone on software 2020 election judge were so quiet, which taught one big lesson many millions of Americans that should spoke the police and the courts are no longer solid but the old expectation book in just the food will be righted by the authorities can no longer be relied on when we find ourselves in that situation I think would go beyond anchor to title the book graph rapid stuck feeling of absolute helplessness in kicking any kind of justice through ordinary means and therefore people being questioned something where they're not comfortable going, but they don't file alternative rights talk about where we are, yet it's interesting because after Pres. Trump was inaugurated. We saw the wrath of the left, and I remember thinking at the time that it was very disproportionate to what was going on. You just had a new president inaugurated. They were so mad that Hillary Clinton did not become president as they expected her to be there out there. The women's march comes to mind, and you have videos that still circulate on the Internet of one particular woman wailing at the sky. There were a number of just screaming and I thought this is such an insane reaction to an election and what it and then they just kept it up and they ramped it up and ramped it up and ramped it up. Is this a political strategy for the people who kind of gin this because you have this the SBA you know you have this elite leftist kind of Kabbalah on the one hand to the pundit class and the politicians and so forth. But then you have the people who are out on the streets who seem to just feed on this and move the ball down the court, as it were, in terms of taking the wrath and turn it into activism and sometimes just outright crazy behavior. How do you assess all of that boy close to what you're signing.

I think there are two reports of the one or those were strategists who understand what the people on the street want excitement.

Nothing is more exciting than feeling wife and go out and told burn buildings were followed potshots with police.kind permission gets granted by the health would not be there on I think back to my days will Boston University. One of my fellow faculty members with men in power closer off author of the horrible textbook while Howard and Finn used to lead bulbs move. It worked up with speeches to the office of the president is working at the time. Part of the process of employment letter and the bulbs would become vulnerable even to begin to break into the building.

Police would be called a policeman arrived pretty promptly and start arresting people who were out of town boy could see Howard the back of the crowd melting away. He's achieved what he wanted to do.

It felt awful righted, but he wasn't going to be one of those arrested for sure but I think that's the model here. The total benefit close to knocking the people one out there followed setting fire to quote police stations, but she doesn't mind in the least of followed her followers are doing right on both kind of excusable violence in their video for what's happening with people who actually participated in it Bailey thinker primed for this but think they're doing something right. And think about the close the bid brought up her prologue to believe that they are fighting against injustice, and in the fight against injustice anything is allowed everything permitted for Dostoyevsky once asked that the commission is one in which they view their opponents."

The combination of stupid and evil and therefore whatever you can do against them for good call.

Kind of justification for the madness of crowds at least since the communist revolution under spokesman continuity between all the Bible works of the number of revolutions in Europe and kind of law attitude with no taking hold among a substantial number of American yes I think the peaceful American outnumber the be the ones who actually fit violence by many orders of magnitude, but few people with both Molotov cocktails for both poles and water bottles were incendiary device of the voter sort can come to an awful lot of damage and no doubt about it and it doesn't help that we have a VP and Connolly heresy was helping to raise money to bail out some of those Street terrorists as as it were, and it's just crazy time and it really is an important thing to dive into in a little bit more depth were to take a short break and will be back with Dr. Peter what his book is called draft America enraged stay with us on Jennifer today. This is Janet matter for Bible league International area lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family.

She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father. He severely beat young aria and called the authorities to report her as an infidel. They took her to a remote sour. They assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better. They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how difficult it is for Christians to assume God will assist us.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to click All gifts are tax-deductible. 855402, baby. You're listening to Janet Mefford today and know it is one thing to be angry.

It is another thing to be full of wrath. That's another level of fury were discussing the book wrath America enraged by Dr. Peter Wood, president of the national Association of scholars.

We were discussing before we went to the break doctor with the leftist level of anger and you brought up that this is in many respects. What was seen during the end of the riots in the looting and the major cities and so forth. This is indicative or at least resembles to some extent some of the revolutions in Europe, people have cited the French Revolution. They've cited the Bolshevik revolution. How do you see the wrath of the left playing out politically and were beginning to see how crazy it's getting, but is wrath simply a tool and means to an end, at least for the elites of achieving power and extended power to you and work up about old Creek golf limitation rental pretty good formula for suspending people towards becoming a nation which all under the guise of rule of law: a regime good news basically totalitarian character comes out in so many forms work dealing with the dog to mask mandates from the vaccine mandates were dealing before the willingness of our government to enforce borders for dealing with the transformation of our military and truly close system, but cares more about teaching people are racist, but the boat exercising defense of our country prologue… What you get out you have the shock troops of the angry left her back about your back. To follow the Ralph Quigley conservative different thing.

That's where their push to reluctantly go on and has not yet formal being violent with husband essentially trapped in the book world prostration quote growing resentment.

Hopefully, loss of liberty. But where faced with but not yet finding an outlet port so that felt dangerous people with no choice will eventually prefer to do important things and I think the article left game plan that will tempt people to why it quickly can you do about it from excuse to get away more right will look at the insurrection narrative is you referred to it in your book. What what's going on going back to January 6 then and trump rallying all these people who are now being referred to by a large swath of pundits is political prisoners here.

They have people in jail for months at a time who are charged with insurrection in a racketeering or any serious charges that the whole thing is been a ruse and were not seen the footage.

A lot of the footage that was taken that they were not seen at there have been stories about whether or not the FBI was embedded in trying to actually incite people.

We can't even get the full story because we don't have a media we can trust in large measure, so of course people are frustrated but what is gonna come down the pike because of what they've done with the insurrection narrative isn't that just a way for the left to do kind of a shot across the bow and worn the right if you do even the slightest thing to try to push back against us were in a throw everything we have it, you just scare us insurrection under Meridor woman people exercising their right to speak up at school board meeting turned ultimate terror right working correctly people, law-abiding people thrown in jail. One clumsy pretext to profitable law of modern quote blighted people charged with like trespassing have been sitting in jail for nine months oftentimes told her the confinement given all the system that girlish. I think a lot of people aren't limited may think twice before speaking up the school board meeting seeing what happened to the protesters will yield universe required further work than what I've heard plenty of other people didn't write on the what comes of this I think people need to take call for the old rubber work roof so many Americans will be what they're up against the "extra fog form would be department if he goes I want them there traffic controllers flowing dollars 60 know the code. They don't want to hold the government mandate deduct take place across country that would be a constructive channel port where I thought 1 billion right. Well, one of the things that you touch on in the book and I think this is one of the key ideas that you laid out is that emotions are socially patterned.

How does that idea. Explain the wrath that were seen and how does that relate to what you just said about regulating your emotions when you're angry is such an important thing for us to do it a moment like this will transformation into a nation which people or crowd displaying their anger probably photos we all are going to be angry part of human nature pumping school one reaction to it is to get wild up so question then becomes what do you do without happened on we once knew a little curly good way of taking the breaking the circuit picking up moment Alden finding some way to calm your soul Don Wilton right to approach it out.

What we help Mel. More often than I don't think the left or right what happened the culture in which displaying anger performing anger gets applause. Think back to the days when no tennis players work the most polite people in the world held Landon trolling rock keynote you the umpires on the food.

No standard procedure in almost all are sports workmanship been displayed on both of trolling public Terms of the quality of phone showing off your anger has become future of our entertainment filtered into our family life trolling tantrum is no longer on the disgrace open the expected best get it out of your system approach likely to tour politics on when Trump first came on the scene as a candidate. I have a lot of hesitation about him precisely because he had made his career in television of the performer old Anchorage thoughtful.

I wondered about what is going to do is present the turns out he much more temperate person in the Oval Office that our current president on use of all angry Schumer. I think on sometimes cost him supported people who might've otherwise convinced the talk but thought we help with Biden than somebody who quote the much more directly by interpreting irritate and he comes right back on further meaning: one. People anyway.

I see all of the phone for reflection of the culture in which we now move changing the culture isn't something you can do by wishing to deploy formal charge children generation by generation world permissions log to behave this way. Not that this all full. Yeah, and that's so important.

So when you bring up the subject of civil disobedience and just this rocksolid refusal to cooperate with what you're calling and illegitimate government. In the book. This is obviously a much better way to handle and and channel your anger into refusing to submit to totalitarian behavior but a lot of people still talk about is there any likelihood that were just can have a nuclear option at some point whether or not it's a physical Civil War or a secession plan by states that people are kind of feeling that raw emotion like where is this hatted nobody really knows what's your opinion on that potential is really there for home calling or putting more people to write out but I wouldn't bother writing the book was of more possibility on quite a highlight not so many others in the public conversation think that the potential very real and very near done.

But the important while we school cam to play back a little bit and ask about the white way to go on call finding on myself a Christian going to think Christianity billets in American life still held a be present in our national solenoid coping mode. People will hearken to the fence protocol. There are better angels want them to find the way forward. People both not being weak or strong resistance to the on the legitimate government is perfectly cold. Poor put on resisting has to be done in a wise way but come back and make the situation worse. Yes yes yeah I agree with you completely on that and I also really appreciate this idea that when your existing exit kind of taking this wrath out on other people are taking it out on the population in general how the world can you self govern. If you can't control your emotions and especially the emotion of wrath, which is so overwhelming and can do so much damage. It's definitely the case that at least for those of us who understand that we don't want to be writing and losing out on the streets and doing the things that the left its activists have done that. We learn to get her anger under control and do something like you say, very constructive with it.

It's a great book. It's called wrath America enraged by Dr. Peter Wood and so good to have you with us. Dr. Wood thank you very much for being here. You are welcome to listening to Jennifer today. This archived broadcast of Janet met today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to Medford today and here's your host Joe never welcome back as Lebanon now faces a national crisis on almost every front, the desperate need for help and for hope in that country has never been greater.

Now we have told you before about the great work of hard for Lebanon which is on the ground in that country providing emergency supplies. Christian education and the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are in such need of help and help. And because of this ministries work more and more people of Muslim background are coming to know the Lord. The stories are amazing, but the number of people in need over there is huge and a lot of these families in the refugee camps of Lebanon are on a waiting list to get help now.

Over the next few weeks. We are asking you to help us reach out with the love of Jesus 252 families at a time when the need is so huge. Your gift of $116 will provide one child in his family with survival essentials for four months and the hope the gospel which lasts as we know, forever. You can also help out with the gift of $29 a month but call now if you can help. The number is 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to working to get some fresh details on the situation in Lebanon now from Hartford, Lebanon, COO, Tom Adam, so good to have you here Tom. How are you doing great good to be reviewed will thank you we you give us an update, Tina.

We have been privileged to work with hard for Lebanon for the last several years and it's just been a joy to see what the Lord is doing over there but things are very very bad in Lebanon at the moment they're making headlines over a banking crisis, the economy, the spiraling current see the food shortages. Can you give us an overall look at the situation on the ground productive labor. The power's been out for 48 hours yesterday, and yet by boat or greater taking it worse by the moment. Determining one crisis after another overall love Lebanon whether the refugees are Lebanese have given up hope and are filling that gap because drug abuse is up. Alcohol abuse is up just all kinds of different behaviors of all the negative value are skyrocketing and all that filling this gap with this boy because people are looking for hope. But we have the hope.

The hope is in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the transforming lives, and we have people you mentioned on the waiting list, waiting to be served and right now like some 4000 families. We are serving every month in one of those little young ladies comes from a little village south of Aleppo in the country of Syria. Her name is left low flows of Syrian woman. As I mentioned 35 years of age and she has five children ages 19 to 9 years of age he came to Lebanon I got involved in our village that we serve in it came to one of our distributions one day and said I'm desperate.

I need food I need help I need somebody to come alongside of me and help me. I'm starving. My kids are starving and I'll do anything you ask even go to a Bible study if you could help me with food. Recently, no, no, no, no, we unconditionally looked at Dallas have a conversation. We ended up serving her and her family put one of her children in our educational program. The here's what's exciting for me is that her youngest daughter came to faith in Christ first was so excited about her faith. Went home and shared with her mom. Mom became a believer. Now the whole families a believer and now they're in our mission, a leadership development program studying bombings in the go back to Syria to become house church planters gospel of Jesus Christ in their home villages in Syria all made possible because somebody picked up the phone and cable spiel of our kind prayers in our in our chest so that we could be able to beat these people, such as left the gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise God that is so encouraging and and that really is an important thing for people to understand in providing the help and the education the survival essentials that were talking about that door opener is an edge because you have all these people from Muslim background who may never have heard the gospel before or or have views of Christianity that are accurate.

By having that door opened through kindness and caring compassion.

There such a huge response time. It's just overwhelming with the Lord is doing their telephone call about relationships Jesus total about relationships but will use it in the Muslim culture the proper way unconditionally. Muslims are used to giving something back when you give them something part of their background for their hurt by what they were there taught that if I give you anything of value to you, you owe me. That's why you can. Sorry to say but you couldn't determine the election because I've given you so much talk over the last year you only your vote, you will be. Whatever. That's why the country of Lebanon is in such bad shape.

What is moral and ethical collection at the highest level of stored or it is called soon corruption ethical and moral corruption. Yes, the way you combat that is you provide food and to build trust, not not in the not enough of a manipulative way unconditionally. Just give it to them because they need help desk, but we know that the biblical laws will eventually say why are you doing this.

You're not asking for anything in return with the subnormal thing was that we know we don't want to return because Jesus gave us a free gift a man whose Jesus that I got to remember that 97% of the Muslim people that we deal with. You have never heard the name Jesus has no clue that we would all they know anything about. So the first responses was Jesus affect I had a lady tell me face-to-face, tears of Jesus. Can you go out and get him and bring him back as I would like to meet. I said I can wait already here.

I had the privilege of leaving what two years ago.

This lady Lord you are can settlement people are hungry for the hungry Jesus and I have an answer for this gap of this lack of hope that's in their life and food hygiene items, education, lively socials whatever they need help build the need, but then build the trust so that we can build a relationship of eventually to a Bible study will find Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and so great it's so great now we are partnering with you to help 62 families we want to get a child and his family. 52 of those families for four months, survival essentials, and the gospel of Jesus Christ and you can also give a gift of $29 a month or $116 one time gift eight 247-5499 is the number to call 888-247-5499. What I find so fascinating time when I'm listening to. This is how many families are lining up to get help from Hartford Lebanon.

Can you tell us a little bit about the waiting list.

The waiting list is your audience, it was with the first 52 election over 500 that we keep adding to each and every day it in your in a culture that doesn't know how to say no.

In a culture that is a notion culture support. No doesn't exist so when they come to our team. Wait, wait, wait, we have to say no in a polite way, and one of the ways we can do that politely site. We can't do it now. We have to look for the resources but will put you on this list soon as we get the resources will be able to provide this is a whatever they're requesting to review and will do it again unconditionally for as long as it takes failure your listeners obviously were in the country is falling apart. How you get from God. You get all these different items that you get these people you can do it. There is food in the country. You might not have 16 brands of bread you might only have four, but you can get Britt in the pricing is very reasonable. Consider considering the economic situation that they are written so we can get everything that we need. It's not a problem. We just need some fuel and are trying to be able to take these people off the list really desperate interesting to me is just as a side note is people are now coming to us and say I had this happen to meet a month ago when I was in Lebanon.

We went on the list. We been getting a now for six, seven months, I met a couple came here they need help more than line you can you give them mice my supply.

I'll figure out how to get mice by suppliers. While she has this heart of gratitude and thanks for sharing and want to do is build on the course. Well that is daunting. So we are trying to get 52 families off that waiting list if you can give a gift of $116. You provide a child in his family with survival essentials for four months in the hope of the gospel courtesy of Hartford Lebanon. We really appreciate your support. You can call 888-247-5499 888-247-5490 9R there's a banner to time at her mouth with Hartford Lebanon. God bless you Tom, thank you so much for the update. Thank you anytime God bless you. God bless you too are praying for you.

You're listening to Janet effort to ask yourself what you pay for healthcare or a single DV more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month.

Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty health chair liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance Liberty health call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 four Liberty health, the UN has called what's happening in Lebanon.

The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II covered 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair.

But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim cultured people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support. Hartford Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope a single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families off the waiting list that desperately need our help. So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a Hartford Lebanon thank you you're listening to. Well, there are some really weird statements coming out of the White House, not the least of which came out of the mouth of the White House press secretary Jen Saki. This is just weird how they let things slip you would think they would want to keep these things to themselves. But in fact they're willing to admit things now and then it's going back to Rahm Emanuel saying you never want to let a serious crisis go to waste because that would give you an opportunity to do things that you could not do before and it became very very noticed by people on the other side of the political aisle as well. That's what they're doing this Obama administration. Well, okay, this is Obama 2.0 here we are now in the context of what's going on with the trillions of dollars that the Biden administration wants to waste more money because were only one 30 trillion in debt.

So let's just tack on more debt and riddle our kids and grandkids with on feasible amounts of debt for the rest of their lives.

Who cares just, you know, it's like this monopoly money to them at this point, but this was an interesting exchange between the White House press secretary and one of the reporters listen to this track from her message yesterday about what they're in the morning everything to get any sort of question, direction.

This is session and I will let you convey or ask questions despicable as yourself as a see saw this morning more than capable of speaking on her own behalf. But what she was conveying. Is that well.

It was the preference.

Her preference the presidents preference to have the initial package proposed what our focus now is on is building a real tangible package that can become law is going to make a transformational difference in people's lives. So I understand we all know why were talking here about the size and end that cuts etc. but cut it to cut just because someone once propose something bigger on paper.

It's not a snotty bill or a policy that's going to change lives. If nothing is passed and that's what were working through is a lot of ways to do that and that's the discussion she's having with her caucus in the presence of course playing a prominent role in why you are the president wants make a mental change in our economy, and he feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time to do that and if we don't do it now if we don't address the cost of childcare to go back to Josh's question earlier if we don't address the climate crisis if we don't ensure that universal pre-k is a reality now where where none can have the same opportunity. Do it for some time. Globalism globalism globalism technocracy technocracy technocracy fundamental change in our economy who elected this guy will that's I should cut off the question right there. Then we can ask who elected Biden to fundamentally change the economy what ages say we want to become socialists. I mean just put it out there and be honest because you can't you not to say it because it would drive too many people who don't read away and go will wait a minute. Now they're saying they're actually for socialism change our economy. We have all of the ships, as you know off the American coastline waiting to dock.

Now this is been going on for quite a while now and I have made the remark behind the scenes that I say it.

I've said if Donald Trump were still president.

There is no way those ships would be sitting out there very long. He would figure out a way to get those ships to port and they would be unloaded. I don't believe them. Do you believe them. All of this is just so horrible it's so hard and were doing our best and Saki even said about Biden with the supply chain crisis. Now they've set up a task force and Biden came out yesterday and was talking about opening the Los Angeles port 24 seven off like easily doing that because he's getting political pressure to duets because Christmas is coming up and even the Democrats presumably want to be able to give Christmas gifts to one another so is getting political pressure to do it. Saki went out yesterday and talked about the fact that while we can't guarantee that we can fix the supply chain and me were not fat acts were not the post office. Well, okay, there's a big difference between FedEx and the post office simply because the post office is government run which should drive home. This main points that we all know is true don't trust a government like this you should never trust a government like this. I don't think you should trust government in general.

A Republic will only operate in a healthy way when people are pressing their elected officials and their bureaucracy to do the will of the people when she's talking about this issue of making this package.

This trillion dollar plus package making a transformational difference in people's lives when anybody elect Biden to make a transformational difference in people's lives what you mean throwing them into debt for the rest of their lives. That's transformational. All right. And what about the crises that she mentions universal pre-k and the climate crisis.

No one cares. No one cares about universal pre-k. No one cares about the climate crisis that you guys try to gin up and focus on because you want to redistribute our wealth talking about inflation and how much higher the prices for everything, have become under the Biden administration that the price of gas, the price of food.

Everything is going up.

And if you notice when you go into the stores you're seeing bare shelves, filling them back in the Soviet Union and some of the stores. There's nothing on the shelves.

It wasn't even that bad during the height of the pandemic. In 2020, what is going on. Why isn't there a fire under this White House, getting them to actually act a little bit.

We just can guaranteed by the way, what about the crisis of foreign policy. Little Afghanistan withdrawal and met Americans were stranded boy that hit the front page and disappeared pretty quickly, like the shooter in Las Vegas at the Mandarin Mandalay Bay. What it happened and I am now moving on.

Amazing isn't it, how how a leftist media will move on when they don't want to talk about it. That was a scandal that was a huge scandal that was worse than Ben Ghazi. But what I can hear about it anymore. What about the border crisis.

We talk about the border crisis and by the way, where is that borders are, here so she's making videos with paid child actors about her glee over the space program and did you know that you can see them move.

This is what the vice president of the United States is involved in now. On one level I must admit I kinda want her making videos because if she's not doing something of that nature shall do something bad for the country so you know, maybe that is better. She can just make dumb videos and giggle a lot and be shipped to Singapore and get out of the way. I don't think they're letting her really do much of anything which must be frustrating to her.

But all of these crises that are coming upon this nation. These people don't care they want it. I believe they want it because they want to transform this country. They want to take away everything that has made us great. They wanted demean and deny the values that we have as Americans. I mean just the Columbus Day thing indigenous people stay. That's just dumb. This is John.

I'm not slamming indigenous peoples, but come on, it's a way to change America. It's a way to denigrate America because they don't like America as it was handed down to them who could possibly not love America, the place where millions flock to in order to find freedom and I don't know how much longer will have it by the way I thought this was rather interesting.

Did you know that Florida is taking advantage of this shipping crisis and he said now this was with Gov. DeSantis, who spent $250 million of stimulus money on the 15 seaports in Florida to help offset pandemic impacts.

This is according to WC TV and now the CEO of the Florida ports counsel Michael Rubin is saying hey shipping companies.

You can dock here in Florida ports are open were ready for business.

Come on over here since you can't get any California or Savannah. Some of these other parts Florida is over here and I thought this is very Trump. He said I wonder if Donald Trump was having a little phone call with Gov. DeSantis about this for real Leanne's brilliant because what a contrast between this man in the White House who doesn't know which way is up and can't figure out the difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania and eats ice cream and he's out of it half the time, and somebody who is an effective strong conservative serving as the governor of the state of Florida. God bless Ron DeSantis he's just awesome. And in this is also a contrast. There's a great piece in the hill on amateur hour Pete booted judges inexperience exposed as the supply chain breaks down, it talks about how ill suited people to judge was for this position and cites even the fact that there was an attack ad launched by Joe Biden and his team against Moody judge for how inexperienced he was during the primaries, he doesn't know what he's doing. He's, you know, member member he got caught riding a bike and then he put it, he took it out of a trunk he made.

He was trying to make everybody think that he rides his bike to work and then he was discovered hauling the bike out of the back of a trunk.

It was all a stunt. What does he do but wait a minute, he's a homosexual and he has a baby, two babies now adopted with his man partner and I can as a husband that's on husband role.

So I guess because he meets the identity politics qualification that he can be completely in over his head as the head of as the transportation secretary. Such incompetence from top to bottom from top to bottom.

It is a disgrace for this country.

Thank you for being with us. We gotta go will see you next time Janet met for today is our team member today is to impart my heart for 11 call 888-2474 99 to give desperate people help in the hope of the gospel 247-5499

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