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William Mounce (Why I Trust the Bible)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 12, 2021 4:00 am

William Mounce (Why I Trust the Bible)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 12, 2021 4:00 am

How do we answer some of the questions and doubts people have about the Bible? New Testament Greek scholar Dr. William Mounce joins me to discuss it and his book, "Why I Trust the Bible." Plus: California Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a rampage against the family, free speech and even lawn tools. And why is the Salvation Army going Woke? We'll bring you up to speed on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know the Bible and more hostile to it. It's no surprise that attacks on Scripture are on the rise. New atheists get in their digs with attacks on the character of God are certain events in the Bible, less academics, yet skeptics say that the Bible is full of contradictions and there are even some people out there who question whether or not Jesus Christ was even a real person. How do we respond to these attacks and assert to the world that has the Lord himself confessed to the father in John 17 as he prayed. Your word is truth working to talk about it today with Dr. William Mouser is founder and president of biblical he was the New Testament chair of the English standard version's translation oversight committee and serves on the new international version's committee for Bible translation and today will be discussing his book why I trust the Bible answers to real questions and doubts people have about the Bible so good to have you here Dr. mounts welcome you think it what are your thoughts on the modern day attacks on the trustworthiness of the Bible. I know things kind ebb and flow throughout the years and the different kinds of attacks the Bible has seen over the years. What's going on today. What are some of the most prolific attacks on the Bible or the subjects on which people are attacking the Bible.

You're right. A lot of the same argument, I want seller but things are different now all part of it. Bart Ehrman is so effective writing books attacking Scripture and is a very very good debater.

So if you watch the debates on mind, you'll see.

You feel good. He is part of the and then you have the whole issue of social media and personalities that don't know what you're talking about are really attacking the Bible. Probably the biggest difference is our culture is that we have shifted so far away from our Judeo-Christian background that any sense of. Well, maybe I should trust the Bible all that's gone so it's truly a perfect storm of things is your right and and was social media things can spread more quickly than they used to be able to spread and that's not always a good thing. But you know it. It's interesting on this point I remembered doing an interview years ago and there was some scholar if you want to call him a scholar who had decided that maybe Jesus never existed, and I remember one of the points that was offered was. Not even Bart Ehrman teaches what what about this idea Jesus is not a historical figure. I mean, how in the world can anybody make that claim.

Given all the evidence you really are. The first chapter in the book anybody really, but I know who knows motives, but how strange would be the most influential person in the history of the world in all spheres never actually existed annually. Talk about the lack of historical evidence is really not a lack of historical evidence is mentioned in Josephus twice isn't for Roman authors to Greek authors using the Jewish literature on internal arguments like you can explain the spread of Christianity unless it has a focus point in a real person so I it's really hard to believe that the Jesus myth.

This is a movement is has anything really behind.

Well, right. I guess if you can make a case and people will buy into it that Jesus didn't existed, then you don't have to deal with the harder questions on whether or not he was the son of God or if he rose from the dead did you think it's kind of maybe a lazy way of trying to stop the discussion before it starts. I think a lot of people throw smokescreens whether Canon or contradictions or whatever. I think a lot of times that it these are just smokescreens because they don't want to accept the Lordship of Christ.

And so I don't know people's hearts, and you can you can critique in good you don't know that me up deal with what they say blood your people say things like, well, there's not enough written about him. He was an unknown person country in a significant area of the country right historical books about those kinds of people something it's really easy I think to deal with that particular argument. Yeah, I agree with you. So when you're talking about the testimony of Jesus, particularly in the Gospels. There are people who will make critiques about the fact that the Gospels tell the same story, but they tell it differently and this writer said one you know one piece of evidence here and didn't the other guy didn't mention it.

Obviously if you had exact you know telling of the story of Jesus in each gospel identical. It's it would seem that that would seem more like evidence of collusion.

But how do we approach that issue of the reliability of the Gospels around all the very end versions were destroyed and only one version was allowed to continue and that very factual question became artificial but I think it we tell stories differently. Everybody tell stories differently. We have different purposes, different time frames all kinds of considerations the Goldie telling our stories, whichever Matthew Mark Luke and John is that you have people telling the same stories to question the Synoptics about the market missing story telling them from their point of view with their purposes and Luke says that I want to research that I have done but I'm going to include stuff that shows the historicity in the event John said I want to come, including the story will help you see the Jews to Christ and tell stories differently to make them contradictory. This makes them different, what doesn't the audience you're addressing make a difference to if you're addressing issues like Matthew as opposed to the Greeks like Mark you would approach the story differently depending on what the issues were for that particular audience.

It would seem yeah Matthew includes material genealogies include the lot of fulfillment of prophecies that actually would be irrelevant to Luke saw the they did know the prophecy Luke include, for example, way more information on choosing ministry to Gentile to be outcast and especially to women because that's his audience a message more important for me and they all tell the same basic story, but there picking and choosing stories to really get their points across to their particular audience right so on the issue of contradictions in the Gospels in a course there's a bigger issue of whether or not the Bible contradicts itself, which is a bigger subject, but do you see any relevance to that argument that there are contradictions in the gospel that should make us doubt the trustworthiness of the Bible is relevant in the some people make it true what I want to recommend that people do when they get a new discussion with some of the person says I just can't trust the Bible because of all the contradictions you always asked the same question for can you show me what because it's really important to know whether the person has a true intellectual problem with two different Gospels telling the same story differently, or whether it's a smokescreen to date. Very few people I've talked to actually know what the problem there are problems where they are most people it's a smokescreen and that's what you always start at that point they have a real problem then you launch into you look at the text and you find a way to harmonize the stories right.

For example, when you talk about is that the gospel of Matthew recording one Angel then you have in the book of John in the book of Luke, according to that doesn't mean that they're contradicting each other right one is mentioning both in one is mentioned only one just asking a question yesterday example of a country diction is interesting to call and the person said will one Gospels. There was only one and I had a crack in the gospel to others only one the gospel so that was one and that one talk the gospel tells us that there actually was a noble one this function as they were talking and used the one good thing so maybe that's why the one possible gospel writer scissors one, but I started I took my younger son to the store, you heard me say that and then later on you found that I took my older son Tyler with us as well that a contradiction because maybe I just want to tell you about picking Hayden because of something it happened. So you really have to be careful to understand what words actually mean grade-point Dr. William mounts with us why I trust the Bible is the name of his book will come back to the discussion on Jennifer today after the strike don't go away. I disses Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope, size, heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom thinking everybody that is can these gifts you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving lots which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in the meeting women's center and save countless lives for years to come. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229. There's a banner to this is Janet.

Matt heard for Bible leak international tiny is an itinerant pastor in Ecuador many, the violence, pastors and Christian workers phase we got the cutest thieves.

Thanks so does the program time he will travel days my foot boat in mule is been beaten by warlocks robbed and suffered broken bones after falling in the Andes Mountains. What awaits him at the end of each trip, a thriving congregation of hundreds of believers in an area where Christianity is fiercely opposed. When I share honey story I recall Isaiah 68. Shall I send will go. I believe this man is enduring more than some pastors ever will. Like others in the world where Bibles are desperately needed. Tiny is humbly asking us to send God's word for only five dollars. You can send a Bible to Latin America and around the world in a special match will double your gift. Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD there's a Bible leak banner you're listening to you. Thank you so much for being with us.

We are delighted to have with us Dr. William mounts founder and president of biblical he was the New Testament chair of the English standard version's translation oversight committee and serves on the new international version's committee for Bible translation were discussing his book why I trust the Bible answers to real questions and doubts people have about the Bible documents when you're talking about real doubts that people have about the Bible and you mentioned some of these people who just there in the smokescreen sort of you know ideology where they don't want to really deal with anything textually about the Bible to get an answer. They just kinda want to discuss the Bible. What have you seen in terms of real doubts and struggles that people might have had about the Bible in its trustworthiness with popular context like there are 400,000 errors in the Greek manuscripts use more errors in the words that we have copied a copy to copy copies of manuscripts that have been corrupted and I think people will hear that kind of presentation and have it cannot believe is true what they could have real question because of that right. So that leaves them contradiction apparent contradictions always always been an issue with the da Vinci code issues or can and have come up, but with the air militarily issues of the Greek manuscripts.

How do you respond to some of those things that he puts out there that that make a lot of people doubt the veracity of the Bible in the trustworthiness of it what you say to some of those claims, especially about errors in the Greek manuscripts use a basic example of the number 400,000 errors. The issue is not how many differences there are among the Greek manuscripts. The issues are significant.

For example percent of those 400,000 have to do with the verb STRS weathers them and felt on the end they mean exactly the same thing and some manuscripts have one of the other. There's two ways to spell John name with one man or two in Greek and so these get cowardly part of the 400,000 are completely insignificant because they don't affect meaning at all and so you can dismiss the whole lot of that order thousand and one of the this may be the only area where conservatives and liberals agree for the most part amended the text. Critics have done a good job and 99% of our text were actually confident in what was originally written.

You don't get that level agreement between conservative and liberal to get anything know you certainly don't see what the standards of ancient historical writing.

How does standard fit into the discussion about the trustworthiness of the Bible and the issue of apparent contradictions. That's one of the hardest issues because there 23,020 4000 are two different words are two different numbers and they're not so much in the ancient Greek World Bank. For example, one of the hardest deal thing to deal with is when the figtree died where there the second you the Senate or the next day or they only noticed that the next day.

It is a difficult issue in one of the explanations is that the gospel writers wanted to but has compressed into events and the one we look at that result.

While that is wrong, but in ancient historical writing. It wasn't long they compress stories all the time and we do is well-liked. I went to the store and you know about this to him about that fall is the fact that matters in the store I bought one thing I left and went back in about a second thing to tell a story so I went to the store and I bought this trust to events in the one, and the ancient writers were very comfortable with compression, more so than we are today, but you have to judge Scripture based on the standards of writing it. Not our great points. That's good to consider something else that that people will talk about is when we as Christians point to the text of Scripture as confirming its own trustworthiness like you know in Luke 24 Jesus uses the Scriptures to affirm that he was the risen Messiah as is and begin with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself, which is a strong verse but then you also have second Timothy 316, Hebrews 412 then the trustworthiness of the Bible. The Bible itself says so, but then people will say will that's circular reasoning. I mean, any tax could claim that it's the word of God it just because it claims it doesn't mean that's true, you deal with that issue or omitted to be the word of God over 500 times the Lord Bible never claim to be from the mouth of God.

16 then you scratch your head a little, so I think it's really important to her divine origin and then after that you just have to look at the nature of the all the books howbeit the Bible of the library.

X is a helpful way to look at his own series of books and are all tied together. There is the fulfillment of prophecy. There's a promise from Genesis 316 someone is going to crush the head of the serpent later on your finest. The Davidic defendant can then map you find out that Jesus is in line and then you see Jesus do lacrosse that kind of thing doesn't happen by mistake. You also have the role of archaeology, which is up.

I didn't deal with this in the book and ran out of preachers, but it was archaeology. It commanding how phenomenally accurate. The Bible is not just you know this is where this city but on the customs of the day. Abraham is arguing for the price of the land in the garden all the lands as well know it you're still what what what 40,000 among friends. Abraham paid you mechanical left kind of bizarre and then we know now that's exactly how bartering was going back so you have the these incredible archaeology has never disproven anything in the Bible but it is proven a lot of the Bible. Not only just terms like they were the building cities are custom that are reflected in the Bible. It's amazing. And as time goes on. Yeah, more and more archaeological evidence is discovered to confirm the Bible the translation issue. This is something obviously you know a lot about because we have this argument, you know, the dynamic equivalence translations which are kind of a sense for sense versus the formal equivalence translations, word for word like the ES NIV and ESA, both of which you have an association with you deal with that issue of will. Wait a minute. You have so many different translations of the Bible which one is the right one. This yields a lot of people saying it you don't vest this why we have to stick with the authorized version where you stand on all of that. I and IV community all mean translations will lead you to the crossmember lead the heresy of the right credit. The right translation is whatever one you read and to be differences but nothing that can affect anything significantly. What I tell people is that all translation guarantor.

There's no such thing as a word for word translation turbines that they don't exist. It been possible to go from one language to another, or even related languages like English and German that without being interpreted so there is no such thing as word for word, every single verse in the ESV in the any be in the NIV they're all interpreted by the NIV uses good be a little more, but they're all triggered by stress. The main difference between modern translation that though the one that we equate to the formal equipment like to be asleep are going to be more content being vague.

They really want to do less interpretive and sold their willing to be thankful. Talk about the love of Christ that Chrysler familiar market price. Look for me or my love for Christ. NIV should the NLP want to be a little more helpful at conveying the original meaning. And so when you know Bible study them in their different. The trick is they will both be true because both are accurate is this that there they have different audiences in mind, and different philosophies. Find out where they how they go together how they're both trying to explain the same thing. That's a good piece of advice do you think there are too many translations on the markets because I get is hard to go to church now everybody has a different translation in there used to be just a few that all of us use doubts like you do every week there is a new version coming out a new update this, that it's hard it's really hard terms of the updating that people don't like it when translators know their favorite verses from trying to find new information that shows the better way to translate it, but English is changing so fast right now. I'm not just not just gender language for the use of the subjunctive and cooling contraction under said English really changing the hurting right now and so I have a good final. Darrell Bock is a faster dollars that he was giving a talk once you reading out of the net Bible but need memory so the NASB Bible in the end he will talk about I gave to the public is starting the quote you know I'm not John the Baptist I'm not good to down to untying a strong people were very, very polite and are captured in the room and I went to Darrell afterwards Darrell I really hope you will not type any thing about heal NASB but is not that old that the languages change so I think the language is back to you know it's really interesting to look at why the different solutions were made, some of them were done out of fear some other reaction. But it's really hard for a pastor because when I was pastoring about on the UT committee at the time it church shifted over the years be, but I still had to always check in THIS PASSAGE TO READ THE IDEA TO READ IT. JAMES BECAUSE THERE'S THINGS THAT ARE DIFFERENT OR BE CONFUSING TO THE PEOPLE LIVE TO WORK.


CALL NOW 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 THERE'S A BANNER TO Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford wow it is really heartbreaking to see what is going on and Lebanon right now they are really suffering tremendously over there and it just seems to be getting worse. You might have seen CNBC reporting that Lebanon suffered a total power outage over the weekend, leaving its population of 6 million people without centrally generated electricity for 24 hours and this is in a nation that's been facing multiple daily power outages, banking and economic crisis. Food shortages over want hospitals and a spiraling currency relying on volatile black-market exchange rates. Also, you know that more than 2 million Muslim culture refugees, mostly from Syria are still languishing in those 10 camps in Lebanon to escape the violence of the Civil War back home it's listening statistic.

It's crazy.

55% of everybody in Lebanon right now is living at or below the poverty line and a full 75% of the country is now in need of some type of assistance.

No wonder the UN has called the situation in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, but here is how great our God is in the midst of all the hardship and suffering. The response to the gospel in Lebanon right now is tremendous and our friends at heart for Lebanon.

Are there on the ground right now in the South and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, providing stricken families with life-sustaining supplies and survival essentials, but that is just the door that helps open the way for providing Christian education for children and Bible studies and the proclamation of the gospel and leading to thriving churches filled with brand-new believers in these refugee camps. These desperate people are receptive to hard for Lebanon's family care programs and the development of relationships. They give the ministry the opportunity to share the gospel and so many are coming to Christ. You can hear more about that in the coming days. We want to help these families. Most of all we want them to hear the gospel and to put their faith in Jesus Christ. God is using hard for Lebanon to make it happen, but they do need our help. So we here at Janet for today are to be partnering over the next several weeks with heart for Lebanon. We want to help 52 families of four. Receive the survival essentials that they need. Because these are families on a waiting list to receive help.

Can you imagine we want to get them off that waiting list a gift of $116 today helps bring a child and the entire family survival essentials for the next four months and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. You can also help by committing to a gift of $29 per month. Ongoing here's the number to call if you like to help its 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a heart for Lebanon banner to Thank you so much for whatever you can do. I want to talk a little bit about California. It's the state that never lets us down in terms of news not good news met much of the time. I just don't understand these people in California. God bless you Californians who are loading up here you halls and heading for greener pastures and I'm gonna reiterate again if you come here to Texas. You better not be blue because we don't like that down here in Texas. At any rate, Gavin Newsom. These people in California had a chance to get this guy out of office and they didn't take it for various reasons.

These are true blue believers, and I do mean blue believers blue state believers through some of the things that Gavin Newsom has done ever since he's been emboldened by the voters decision to keep him in office head scratching length Gavin Newsom via Breitbart sign a host of bills into law on Friday including AB 1084, which requires gender-neutral retail departments and toy stores so that shoppers will not be encouraged to get some toys for girls and others for boys because that would just be crazy crazy. You gotta get you know little little baby dolls for boys. You gotta get those racecars for the girls because the love them just as much except for the fact that most girls would pick up the car and cuddle at 10. The boys will pick up the doll and use it as a battering ram. But that's just I think sexist for me to even think that way. Being a mother and observing this behavior. I guess doesn't have a whole lot of cachet these days. At any rate, let's go on with this. The bill authored by Evan low, the assembly member assembly member declares that differences in products that are marketed to girls or boys are unjustified and that it is inappropriate to imply they should be used by one gender instead of another forgotten what the purpose is of blue sides and pink sides.

If you want to call it that, into a source needs to make things easier for the shopper you walk into a toy store and you say I want to find something for my son easier when you have a boy section I want to go or they have the trains and the Legos in the racecars and all the boys stuff the G.I. Joe's and if you shopping for your little girl, your daughter, your granddaughter, friend, whatever it happens to be. I want to go or the M girl toys.

That's why you have separated sections. It has nothing to do with sexism whatsoever, but they don't care. The bill provides a retail department store that offers childcare items are toys for sale shall maintain a gender-neutral section or area to be labeled at the discretion of the retailer in which a reasonable selection of the items and toys for kids that itself should be displayed regardless of whether they've been traditionally marketed for either girls or boys.

Can you imagine passing a law like this. Welcome to California.

Here's another great one that was just past Bill Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Saturday phasing out the sale of gas powered leaf blowers, lawnmowers and other small off-road engines by as soon as 2024.

This is by the Sacramento Bee assembly Bill 1346 directs the California air resources Board to phase out the sale of small off-road engines by 2024, or as soon as feasible. The new law also directs the Board to identify and make available funding for commercial rebates to go toward the purchase of electrical equipment is comes a year after Newsom signed an executive order phasing out the sale of gas powered vehicles by 2035 as suitably that's can happen, but with these people.

These people are lunatics. I don't think anything is off the table. At this point and if you combine it with the understanding that the Lord is lifting his hand off our nation and letting us do what we want, which is never good.

You wonder, how far will the Lord let us go before it all just spirals out of control and I'm not talking about the fact that judgment is involved in stopping the sale of gas powered leaf blowers.

I'm not trying to make that point.

What I'm trying to say is that you have a certain mentality that is becoming rife where it just doesn't make any sense does it just doesn't make any sense look at what's going on with Southwest Airlines. Look at what's going on with these vaccine mandates and you're sitting there scratching your head and thinking to yourself why would you force all of these people to get these vaccines against their will, when some of them likely have natural immunity to code 19 and at the very least they have the freedom to decide what's injected into their bodies, not to mention the fact that all during the course of the pandemic. We didn't have one reported super spreader event come out of an airplane. Not that I saw.

I'm pretty thorough and following the news every single day and I flew a lot. Super spreader events coming from airplanes there using his HEPA filters to get the water didn't get the air out of the plane and put a new fresh air and it's not necessary except for the fact that people love being tyrants. That's all it is because there are plenty of Americans I've talked to who have been vaccinated, who say I wanted to be vaccinated, but I'm looking for somebody else to do it, which also leads to the question if your vaccination works.

Why are you scared of somebody who's not vaccinated, you can't get it because your vaccine works.

Oh, you want me to take the vaccine will then I might transmit it to you but you could also transmit it to me because it's not really a traditional vaccine. What in the world is the point of mandating vaccines and trying to ground all these airplanes it's it's a very interesting thing that's going on because there's been talk of these pilots refusing to go along with this, and they understand because so many of them are ex-military, there's been fodder on the Internet about how they are very concerned about what's going on.

They see the bigger picture and they don't want to go along with it it it's bizarre, but this is how people are now. They're just not logical.

Washington Examiner just a few weeks ago had reported on the fact that Newsom signed two bills relating to abortion rights. The first one will create new offenses arising from recording or photographing patients or providers within 100 feet of the entrance to a reproductive health services facility.

The other will keep patient information confidential for patients were not the primary policyholder for their health insurance weird allowing children to hide sex operations and abortions from parents.

That's the headline on that one. All in Newsom limiting free speech.

This is also from a few days ago he signed a bill called SB 742 to limit free speech outside any business or medical facility, administering vaccines, including abortion clinics does not understand the bill seeks to prevent those wanting to vaccine from being intimidated or harassed while trying to get one who is nobody but if you're having Planned Parenthood distribute debt vaccines. Now you can kick the pro-lifers away from the abortion clinics. That's the real intent of this and I'll think it's gonna stand in courts course it is California so you never really know will be back to listening to Janet and effort today.

The UN has called what's happening in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II covered 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair. But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim cultured people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support heart for Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope a single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families off the waiting list that desperately need our help.

So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a hard for Lebanon Thank you. Ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month.

Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty health chair liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Liberty call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 four liberty you're listening to welcome back every day someone new goes woke in some of these movements are surprising and others are not so surprising. There is an article at the daily signal and it's a very depressing headline to read it says Salvation Army imposes racial woke nests within churches ranks can you put your head on your hand. Now the Salvation Army is gone, woke, let me tell you little bit about what is going on in materials prepared for its more than 1.5 million members. The Salvation Army uses terms that echo both radical antiracism jargon and the divisive teachings of critical race theory which separates people into the oppressors and the oppressed, and many of these trusted charitable organizations, donors and other supporters aren't even aware of what's going on. Here's what's interesting about this. The Salvation Army historically has been a political and now it's beginning to promote political and racial ideologies under the banner of its New York-based international social justice commission since the protests and riots over George Lloyd staff began over a year ago, the international social justice commission. By the way I'm can interrupt myself here if you're a political and you've created something called the international social justice commission just setting up something of that sort is pretty obvious makes it pretty obvious that you gone political what are you doing well.

They work on issues involving human rights and justice from human human trafficking asylum-seekers, but more recently, the commission, which was launched back in 2007 is unhealthily mixing admirable human rights work with politically charged advocacy based on progressive politics. This is a church founded in London in 1865 and they have an army structure. They have officers and soldiers collectively called salvation nests and they are inspired to perform good deeds on account of the Christian faith. So earlier this year Brian paddle Gen. and international leader of the Salvation Army announced an initiative that is called let's talk about racism a curriculum with devotionals, videos and other materials dedicated to helping salvation nests conduct courageous conversations about racism wouldn't go to the word of God. If you wanted to have a church discussion about racism why have to bring in outside materials that should be your first red flag panels is in a video announcement that the resource help salvation is to overcome the damage. Racism has inflicted upon the world. And yes, the Salvation Army, but then the video he made doesn't back up or explain the bold accusation that racism his damage. The Salvation Army at any significant level.

It's bizarre. It's just weird. Then he goes into this background on the Salvation Army in its history and all the good deeds it's done and goes back and says that let's talk about racism initiative which was rolled out this summer is described in five slides that outline the larger Christian churches alleged complicity in racism and provides action plans to combat racism through what the initiative calls and anti-racist lands one Salvation Army Capt. told the author that the leadership of the organization disseminated this curriculum through emails, videos, and other presentations for its four territorial commanders in the field officers who serve poor communities across the US and in some respects, the materials are indistinguishable from the antiracist programs of any multinational corporation or the expounding of critical race theory at a major university. Let's talk about racism accuses white salvationist of being unable or unwilling to acknowledge the racism rehearing that's everywhere just as Robin D'Angelo argues in her book, white fragility that whites are defensive about racism or race related issues. In general, the Salvation Army initiative attacks colorblindness on race certainly wouldn't want to look at your fellow man in the same way you look at your own skin colored fellowman you would want to look at people across the racial spectrum equally is that would be wrong.

Do you see our going backwards with this whole racial injustice or racial justice scenario.

Now you now you got certain pocket schools and so forth. Universities that have talked about having you know a black only area black only dorm were or floor of a dorm and people are*we are we against segregation. Didn't we have people who fought valiantly during the 60s. In order to stop segregation because that is racist and just say you have to go to that particular water fountain because of the color of your skin and the guy with the other color scan gets to go to that water fountain. It's ridiculous. It's completely racist and people fought for this and they pass federal legislation to stop it and now with today's woke there bringing back segregation and now there bringing back the idea that being being colorblind is a problem, no being being colorblind is what we should be doing because we understand kind created one race, the human race and people look different from different parts of the world and their different cultures and their different ethnicities. Nothing wrong with that. God is very creative and he's made a lot of different people a lot of different ways but so what were all created in his image should be colorblind. We shouldn't be ever emphasizing somebody's race as a way to ostracize people, but that's exactly what these people are doing. That's exactly what these people are doing. It's like I played that clip of Russell Moore just a few days ago saying it conference a couple years ago and racial reconciliation. You know it's really dangerous is not the overt racism it's the secret racist when you're presuming that there is secret racism.

You can never defend yourself that with its secrets and if it's systemic then you can never leave it behind you just have to be in a permanent permanent position of bowing down before the woke to tell you what you're allowed to do and what kind of penance you have to pay. Forget it. Just forget it and for the Salvation Army to be involved in this is so depressing I and it's it's depressing for anybody to be involved in it.

I often wonder when you see these particular denominations going woke. It always makes me wonder where is the lineup of Christians who know their Bibles putting a stop to this. Is it a problem generally speaking with church bureaucracy, where you have these kinds of activist types going into denominational jobs because it does happen. I'm not saying everybody's like that, but I've seen it over the years, you have a lot of activist straight out of seminary or straight out of academia who want to work to change the structure of the denomination and turn it no more wonderful direction but it always seems to involve leftism to some degree. This went on, guys. If you're just learning all of this woke stuff at this stage in the game, you gotta understand that you go all the way back to the social gospel in the late 1800s and you follow that thread all the way through some of the mainline denominations and you see how the mainline denominations were absolutely wracked by this garbage.

This isn't new. It just gets a new face every 20 years or so and then they they re-put it out and and they try to act as if it's just brand-new and are we brilliance and and anybody who's a little bit older will look at it and say this again this old error again. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun like there no new heresies yet the Aryans back at the time of Athanasius, the early church. They had to fight back. This idea that Jesus was the first being that God ever created and Athanasius said that's not true and he was right, and thankfully the early church listen to his argument, and they upheld orthodoxy when it came to the nature of Christ, but then give the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Aryans so you don't have anything new. You just have new names for the old heresy there's nothing new under the sun, and they can call it whatever they want, but we still keep returning to things like Marxism because it works so well during the first 100 years of its existence, it ruins how many economies left over hundred and 40 million people dead, according to Paul Kang or Soviet expert. So what are we supposed to do. I really think it's important for us as disciples of Jesus Christ to hold the line, hold the line in our churches and our denominations. Just look at what's happening in the Southern Baptist convention at the moment. Now you have all these people on the executive committee people are resigning and now the legal counsel has resigned because they're talking about waving attorney-client privilege in order to deal with the sexual abuse issue. It's a mass. It is a mass and you wonder who could have stood firm. 20 years ago or whatever the date would've been and said were not doing this were not going in the direction of woke nests because everything that happened under the Greer presidency led up to all of this week and it is the case that sexual abuse in the church should be addressed. But what's happened is you've gotten a lot of activist who will not be satisfied. They got pitchforks and torches and they want this and they want that they want this in the they're all or nothing and they scream and yell on twitter and then all the people who are working in the elite realms of some of these denominations just do what they're told, because they're scared of bad publicity like we have to do things according to the word of God regardless of what's happening in our churches and denominations and it is important for us to hold the line and to have you. Just like in politics you want to have good people serving in office because that vacuum is created. Otherwise, you have vacuums that will not stay vacuum still just be filled with bad people.

That's why Christians need to be. I think in every realm of society, but especially we have to watch what is going on in the backyards of our churches. We really really need to be there and fight for the truth of God's word to be brought to bear on everything. Thank you for joining us and Janet met for today. We really appreciate tuning and hope to do so next time and will see


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