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FBI vs. parents | Francis Collins' moral failures

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 8, 2021 4:00 am

FBI vs. parents | Francis Collins' moral failures

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 8, 2021 4:00 am

Having just unleashed the FBI on parents over their opposition to Critical Race Theory in public schools, Attorney General Merrick Garland is now caught in a massive conflict of interest on the subject. We'll talk about it. Plus: A Pfizer whistleblower exposes the hidden ties between its COVID-19 vaccine and aborted babies. And we'll discuss why one critic rightly calls the exiting National Institutes of Health's director Francis Collins, a professing Christian, an "appalling moral failure." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by the Jesus music. The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music. The Jesus music only in theaters. More information is available at the Jesus reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know hello with us. We have much to get through this hour, so I hope you're gonna stay tuned. We have an awful lot to catch up on so much as been going on. Sometimes I think I need to go back to three hours may be a six-hour show eight hours, but you know even if you have eight hours to go through all of the news you're still like to be able to tackle everything so you just won't do what you can do. Let's start out with this outrageous development involving Atty. Gen. Mira Garland. Can you believe this, nothing is shocking us really anymore because big brother is showing his cards more and more and more boldly but merit garlands of the Atty. Gen. of the United States put out this official memo pledging to mobilize the FBI against parents who are out there protesting critical race theory in public schools and all because there some kind of unspecified threat of violence being offered against school officials.

Now, thanks to some of the smart reporters out there digging into this. It's become quite obvious and evidence that there is no domestic terrorist threat from parents who say we don't want you teaching critical race theory to our kids. But what happens is you have the teachers unions and these leftist activists in the education sector who don't like parents getting involved in their kids lives think you are. Just because you gave birth to that kid just because that kid is yours and your wife gave birth to your kid, does that mean that you should have any kind of say over that kid's education were here to turn your kids in a good little Soviets. I mean, good little global citizens. I mean, good little Americans.

It is astounding. What's going on Christopher Rufo who is done a great job exposing critical race theory, and all kinds of pockets of society has done a good piece on this over at the city Journal and you should check it out.

Biden criminalizes CRT dissent but he talks about the memo that Garland has put out which follows a National school boards Association request. The request that the Biden administration investigate threats to school board members and classify sometimes heated parent protests as domestic terrorism. The and SBA suggested that some of these parents should be prosecuted under the Patriot Act and federal hate crimes legislation. Now this kind of goes along. Doesn't it with what the Biden administration has been doing for quite a while and the left is been doing for quite a while where they're trying to paint perfectly decent normal patriotic American people as extremists and domestic terrorists. I mean somebody was pointing out yesterday that here we have the Arlington Texas school shooter released on bond after shooting five people. I believe it was at this high school, but the political prisoners, some of whom were just trespassing and I'm not saying they should have done it at the January 6 trump rally in Washington DC are still languishing in jail so you can go and you can shoot five people and you can walk the streets the next day if you can post bond, but apparently the trespassers on the right are just so darn dangerous that we don't dare let them out of prison because, well, just because it's incredible.

The school Board Association letter Rufo points out is riddled with falsehoods, errors and exaggerations. It begins with the claim that critical race theory is not taught in public schools. Okay, great. I believe the CRT activists are your lying eyes, despite a vast body of evidence that it is being taught in public schools is widespread in public schools.

Even the national teachers union has admitted as much, and called for CRT's implementation in all 50 states. The and SBA deliberately misrepresents debates at school board meetings as threats and sometimes both vociferous and angry speech as violence. The letter refers to dozens of news stories alluding to disruption shouts arguments and mobs, but contrary to its core claim cites only a single example of actual violence against a school official a case of aggravated battery. In Illinois, which is obviously damnable.

But Harley, that hardly the justification for national domestic terrorism investigation. These people are scary there really scary and the not backing down and it doesn't seem as if they really care what you think. Even though you have numbers showing that an overwhelming number of people in every race don't want critical race theory taught in the public schools. They don't care they have an agenda to implement. They want your children sit down and be quiet or we're going to go after you as domestic terrorists. This is America, folks. This is 2021 America, I want you to listen to some of the comments from Ostrow.

No money she's with the group parents defending education. She's a mom in Virginia and she reacted on Fox to Atty. Gen. merit garlands memo on these threats against school officials interviewed with Brian kill me. Listen to this One outrageous what the federal government is doing now we have parents right now. Waking up from sea to shining seem to bring their children to school, to urge them into the day anyways happened now is that the federal government and the national school Board Association has declared a war on parents all you have done over the past year is stand up and speak up for children it's unconscionable that that federal euros. Investigation should even spend a minute thinking about us. We all reject violence in all we want is to protect our kids because we are parents we are mama bears and puff of air as we are not domestic terrorists and that government needs to get us up and working with them and they need to listen to us. They need to stop demonizing obviously and I get a little weary.

I don't know if you feel this way as well.

I get a little weary when perfectly decent people were being demonized feel it necessary to point out the obvious. You know it you see these interviews sometimes and I'm not criticizing us no money.

I think she's awesome. I'm not criticizing her at all, but reminds me of a lot of these interviews that sometimes are conducted in which a perfectly decent person who has no reason to be defensive says things like, well, we all condemn violence or yes we all condemn racism like you have to give a little to the left so we can all reason together. These people are not reasonable to reason with you. They want to run you over with a steamroller and you can't treat people like that.

I'm not saying that you should do the opposite and go to the other extreme and say oh yeah were all in favor of or not, but the problem is we keep. We keep ass acting as if we can have some kind of intelligent, reasonable discussion with these radicals and you can't you can't do that. You just have to fight back and God bless all those parents who are showing up to those school board meetings and hauling these people, these people are elected on the local level to represent the oversight of your school district and your individual schools and if you don't like it is a taxpayer you show up and you tell them so you don't need the FBI stepping in and for another point.

National review actually did a very good piece on this.

They pointed out that the FBI doesn't even have any real well I should say the federal government does only have jurisdiction to come in and do anything and so they talk about in this memo partnering with local authorities and tribal authorities will partnering because they can't come in and do anything.

It's not there jurisdiction.

It's just a strong-arm tactic. It's a way to scare people.

Now here's what's really interesting about this is where it gets interesting because the national school boards Association says as we know that CRT is not being taught in public schools. Here is also no money from parents defending education not only refuting that, but exposing a little bit of interesting information about Merrick Garland's got to critical race theory is absolutely taught in public schools. We have a multimillion dollar industry right now that is profiting off of our children and the one newsflash that parents need to know is that in the summer of 2018, our US Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland was at his daughter's wedding and she married a man who is a cofounder of the company.

Panorama education that is right now. Data mining children. I spoke to our Fairfax County school board because they just signed a $2 million contract with his son-in-law's company will that's a little bit interesting, isn't it a little bit interesting merit garlands daughter Rebecca Garland is married to Zan Tanner, the cofounder of panorama education. This is a controversial education service company and it is the social learning resource material provider to school districts and teachers who actually teach critical race theory. This is via conservative treehouse conflict of interest much they ask you gotta dig into these people there's almost always some evidence of a personal connection or a personal issue that these politicians or bureaucrats have, to go after people they don't like it is not good will come back to stay with us you listening to Jennifer to this is Janet Mefford for Bible leak international high knee is an itinerant pastor in Ecuador enough you know many cut the lead violence, pastors, Christian workers. Phase we accuse thieves gags, so does the does the program time he will travel days by foot boat and mule he's been beaten by warlocks robbed and suffered broken bones after falling in the Andes Mountains. What awaits him at the end of each trip, a thriving congregation of hundreds of believers in an area where Christianity is fiercely opposed.

When I share Honey's story.

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Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance liberty health call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or liberty health you're listening to Joe Wood River today. Well we were talking earlier about the fact that you have Merrick Garland, who was once laughably promoted as some kind of moderate for the Supreme Court, remember when Barack Obama wanted to put them on the cement although he's a moderate what you mean I can't put them on the Supreme Court, even though I'm about to leave office. What you talking about these horrible horrible Republicans. Imagine if this guy were on the Supreme Court. Unbelievable. But it's worse. Maybe in some ways because he's the Atty. Gen., you know, Eric Holder, I think that Eric Holder and I remember thinking at the time with Eric Holder, how could you get a worse human being in this position now merit garlands kind of creeping up on will see how he does this is just incredible coming after parents and weapon icing the FBI so to speak, or at least marshaling the forces in the scare tactics of the FBI to intimidate parents who want to stand up against the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools. I was playing for you a cut from Foster and Amani. She is from parents defending education.

She's a mom for Brooke Virginia has been fighting all of this stuff and she was pointing out in a recent Fox interview that the national school boards Association, which came to the federal government and had them do this because they were trying to paint the parents as domestic terrorists of some type. Even though there's no evidence to back that up. There was one situation in Illinois, but there's a widespread problem of parents threatening and committing violence to school. Bernard is not true. Pretty much like everything else left tells you on a daily basis. Just assume it's a lie until they can prove it to you. You know they should be guilty until proven innocent. Given all of the lies and lies and lies and lies that they tell on a daily basis. These people are almost incapable of telling the truth because they have a very naked agenda on what they want to do to this country which is dismantle it. So in order to dismantle a country and not have 330 million people go nuts. You have to keep lying and you have to assume that there are enough people among those 330 million people who don't do enough reading or research in order to push back against it and say hey wait a minute, I think you're lying to me now Asser and Amani had mentioned the fact that Merrick Garland has this includable conflict of interest. His daughter is married to the cofounder of an education company that is selling critical race theory resource material to school districts do think there's some kind of a problem here.

JD Vance, I know who is trying to seek a seat in Congress is Artie called for the resignation of Merrick Garland will see what comes of that. Nothing but now God bless him for trying, but it also is very important.

She pointed out that this group panorama education is doing data mining of children. O'Brien killed made followed up on that. In this clip was in the while we were watching Facebook under fire. Mark Zuckerberg has invested in this company panorama education that does surveys of children asking them questions like do you consider yourself gender fluid to.

Are you comfortable talking about race and they are then compiling all of this information into a database and they have millions of children's information now and what they're doing is they are now coming up with their mental health programs for our children. Because these organizations have decided that they can profit off of the backs of our kids and all of that information is now going into the hands of big tack and Salah were paying attention to Facebook and Instagram, they have this side business going on.

That is another vertical in their growth industry and this is what something that you know unfortunately politicians that are your members are contributing to what absolutely incredible. This should not be allowed to go on in the United States of America and I want to go back to what national review wrote in its op-ed editorial really I should say about the DOJ's appalling crackdown on parents. They point out that the Department of Justice has no business even thinking of involving itself in the give-and-take between parents and school administrators questions related to pedagogy and the contents of K-12 curricula are the quintessential domain of state and local governments and legitimately a matter of robust Democratic debates on these people are into debate. You do what they say or they will crush you crushed a sense, they will censor you they will throw you off the Internet and who knows what else they go on to say it was interesting to see the Justice Department suddenly been stirred over threats, harassment and intimidation of public servants on the same day that the president opined that such acts were part of the process. Quote unquote part of the process when radical progressives employ them against Democratic Sen. scene is blocking the administration's proposed $3.5 trillion ghastly spend a fun Kirsten Cinema nevertheless is Garland is well aware, having been a longtime DOJ official and federal appellate judge, the First Amendment leaves little room for law enforcement action against speech, particularly action by the federal government treating domestic political opposition is a proper subject for FBI investigation is a long history famously including surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. figure so dangerous.

He's now honored with national holiday under Supreme Court precedents and statutory law, there is no criminal incitement absent on ambiguous calls for the use of force under circumstances not just where the intent of the speaker to provoke violence is clear, but also where the danger of violence is real and imminent.

Importantly, even that is not sufficient for federal law enforcement under congresses incitement statute.

There is no crime unless the use of force.

The speaker urges would be a violation of federal law, the Justice Department and the FBI have no general national police power threats to do harm to others within a state, including threats against state and municipal officials are reprehensible. They may well amount to state crimes garlands memo. Nowhere suggests that state law enforcement is inadequate, much less lays out a theory under which the federal government is empowered to act so there you have it. It's it it's an intimidation factor. Hey, my son-in-law's gonna lose bucks if these parents prevail make money needs the money. Zuckerberg gave them a lot of money and they're doing data mining of these kids, we can have these parents, interfering in our data mining operation. They want your kids playing in simple. They want your kids speaking of line to do a little bit of a pivot here to another big story that's going on Google project Veritas. God bless them doing the Lord's work concerning investigative journalism.

The latest involves Pfizer. They've had a couple of recent stories going back a few days ago we had a Pfizer scientist that they filmed in an undercover film a little. No video clip that they got saying when somebody is naturally immune, like they got Cove and they probably have more antibodies against the virus.

When you actually get the virus you're going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus. You're antibodies are probably better at that point than the covert vaccination. They have another one. Pfizer, senior associate scientist Chris Crotty who says you're protected for longer. If you have natural covert antibodies compared to the covert vaccine. He went on to say, I work for an evil corporation or organization is run on covert money came. That was a first rate, here's the latest story. This is a very important story because it involves what they're hiding. There is a whistleblower who is come forward a Pfizer insider by the name of Melissa Strickler and she leaked internal emails showing corporate executives telling staff to be secretive about the use of human fetal tissue and laboratory testing of the co-vid vaccine. Now that is interesting in and of itself and horrible in and of itself, but think about the impact that this will now have on people whose religious exemption requests are being refused. There's no really. Okay well Juergen asked me to participate in a vaccine that involved the tissue of aborted babies know the government cannot tell you to do that so I want you to listen to some of this interview between James O'Keefe, the founder project Veritas and this Pfizer insider Melissa Strickler. This is a little bit about this is For. I work at a pharmaceutical company are not an anti-Baxter and I just believe in research and science will in this database you came across a chain of emails discussing fetal tissue in the code vaccine Melissa Gilman works in Washington DC, senior director will research question came up as an inquiry to our medical group. They're asking quote advisors make use of a cell line from an aborted fetus. I want you to leave out the highlighted part which is the one or more cell lines with an orange, and they can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been using laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program and here we have your badge, you are an employee of Pfizer. I work at the McPherson Kansas plant that's one of the biggest plants in the operation of Pfizer would produce some of the most units this message from Vanessa Gilman from the perspective of corporate affairs. We want to avoid having the information on the fetal cell lines floating out there. We believe that the risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit that we could see particularly with the general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways you may not wanted out there.

We have not received any questions from policymakers or media on this issue in the last few weeks so we want to avoid raising this if possible. Right when James O'Keefe reacts this is cut five. Wow, we believe that the risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see that output that on American currency. Philip torments her vice president, chief scientific officer. These are not local will hear you're showing us emails between the vice president of Pfizer, the senior director of worldwide research about how to couch it a certain way because we would not want to tell the people they can be traced back to human fetal tissue cupping Vanessa Gilman.

We have an approved answer to this question.

The question being about fetal tissue which Vanessa can probably provide HD K2932 was that mean heck human embryo, kidney cells, and it was from experiment 293 they've used cells from aborted fetuses to another. Yes incredible project. Veritas also has an hear from Philip torments or is the Pfizer chief scientific officer that these cells just mention the human embryo kidney cells used are ultimately derived from an aborted fetus. On the other hand, the Vatican doctrinal committee has confirmed that they considered acceptable for pro-life believers to be immunized. Pfizer's official statement couch is the answer well and is what should be provided in response to an outside inquiry. Are you tired of the coverups are you tired of people censoring you online just for asking questions. What you ought to be tired of it you're an American you're thinking adult and you should be able to ask questions and insane world to get straight answers and it's a shame that you have to have whistleblowers but God bless him there's more to come stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by the Jesus music.

The new documentary from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music. The Jesus music only in theaters. More information is available at the Jesus Dryvit River to the here's your host Joe Milford well we now have a Pfizer whistleblowers saying the company tried to hide the fact that aborted fetal tissue was used in the development of its Cove 19 vaccine that's gonna bother an awful lot of pro-lifers and an awful lot of Christians who are saying, hey I want a religious exemption to this vaccine and in many cases are being rejected and helped along by some well should we characterize them. Some are also more types. There's no real religious exemption that is verifiable or warranted. It's not a religious thing to refuse the vaccine while baloney. We blew that up a few days ago when we were giving all of the reasons that are absolutely straightforward and and reasonable for people to claim, not the least of which is the pro-life issue participate in something where a baby had to die in order enough to know were not going down that road and I'm not trying to impugn you.

By the way I want to make sure it really fair about this from the beginning of this entire scenario I have always said if you want to get the vaccine. And if you believe you really need to take a vaccine.

One of the vaccines and that's up to you which vaccine you want to take the natural decision.

Everybody has a conscience.

Everybody has their own health issues and that's not for me to tell you what to do your free and people who don't want to take the vaccine are also free except when they're not.

See videos about Australia now along the lines of the discussion about the Cove. 19.

Vaccine and the entire pandemic and the Wuhan Institute of virology and the gain of function research and everything that's been going on with Ouchi comes the news that Francis Collins is going to be departing his position as the director of the National Institutes of Health. Now you might know that name in another context. He's the guy behind the bio logos foundation in the whole field theistic evolution movement is not the only one, but he's been pushing that through buyer logos for a long time. I think it's a very bad organization because it undermines the Bible and I don't believe that science true science and the facts that come from scientific inquiry are ever inconsistent with the word of God because God doesn't lie, and God obviously made all the creation so we can discover what is true within the scientific realm because were Christians and we are able to investigate and other people can investigate things as well. So here comes this news that Francis Collins is leaving now Breitbart puts it this way, he announced his resignation just weeks after documents exposed that he made untruthful comments about US federal funding of gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of virology now weeks before this announcement, Richard Seabright of Rutgers accused Collins of making false public statements about national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases grants to the Wuhan Institute of virology, which have since been proven to fund the study of chimeric SARS related coronavirus's which could infect human cells. Seabright said bluntly that Collins had not told the truth when asked about this research quote assertions by the NIH Dir. Francis Collins in the NIAID director Anthony found she that the NIH did not support gain of function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at W IVR on truthful. In other words they lied.

That's what Rand Paul's been saying all along found she lied. Okay.

We know this, there to be full investigations into Francis Collins and Anthony found she Collins is leaving interesting timing.

Don't you think now what I want to get into is a little bit more on Francis Collins because I think this is very important. You have people like David French, calling him a national treasure you have Russell Moore out on twitter talking about what a gracious grace filled awesome you every superlative he could yank out of his knapsack and throw on twitter oh is Collins is the step okay I guess it doesn't matter that he lied about gain of function research will overlook that gets a little pandemic at stake here. We don't have to investigate if there's any kind of involvement in the fact that this grants that ended up going into the creation of coronavirus's had anything to do with the coronavirus that might have escaped from the lab.

You know this is kind of a big thing that maybe we should look into it now. He's a national treasure. Do you understand he's a national treasure.

Now John West has a really good pace John West from the Discovery Institute and I want to get into this because it is awesome. First of all, it was a piece at the stream that he did and this was on. While this is at the end of September. Francis Collins's rhetoric about the unvaccinated is anything but Christian. I want to start here, so I have somewhere to go because it's gonna get worse, way worse when I tell you what else Francis Collins needs to be lamented.

Oh well, let's it criticized for want to say it that way. Francis Collins did an interview on MSNBC few weeks ago with Chris Hayes and they talked about vaccinations and the fact that Vic unvaccinated people were selfish and I just want you to listen to how this once this is cut six wrong asceticism. The unit I felt encapsulated a wine of thinking that is been consistent throughout and has really caused massive havoc in this country and easily your decision about getting vaccinated doesn't affect me physically like what what you care one way or the other. And obviously I think you and the president of the will to literally explain to me why this isn't simply an individual choice like you know what T-shirt you put on her and what kind of music you like right.

I'm glad to answer that. Again, this is a place where I think freedom is got misinterpreted. Freedom is about rights but it's also about responsibilities.

We have a free country where we take care of each other. When our actions might hurt somebody else.

If you're unvaccinated, and you are therefore much more likely to get infected with Delta and be asymptomatic. Quite likely for a couple of days.

You are spreading that around to others around you including kids under 12 who can't be vaccinated, so it's not just about you from me. This is really the occasion to think about loving your neighbor not just yourself. As I was trying to say if we really want to get through this, we gotta figure out how those 80 million people who still haven't rolled up their sleeves can see this as an opportunity and responsibility not just about them will no wonder he's friends with David French and Russell Moore.

It's all the you need to love your neighbor if you don't get the job you don't love your neighbor even though you have these people talking about how pro-life they are, does it matter that Pfizer admits now that there is a connection here between their vaccine and aborted fetuses and human embryo kidney tissue. Does that Bob would that change the game.

Do you have to love your neighbor whose unvaccinated and maybe has a very good reason for not getting vaccinated. Maybe the person wants to wait a little longer is there looking at the various reports online with all of the injuries that are being reported in the deaths that are being reported or some of the statistics out of Israel and other places showing the number of people who had both of the jabs and are still hospitalized and still die and maybe there scratching their heads a little bit going away in a minute.

If this is a vaccine it's not working because a vaccine is supposed to inoculate you against said disease and clearly the vaccine is not doing that. So then they pivoted even though they touted it as this will solve it all. We just have to get to 70% herd immunity and all will be well that's not how it's gone. The vaccine is not a traditional vaccine is the mRNA technology is not a traditional vaccine.

So then they pivoted and they say well what it really does is it reduces how avirulent the virus affects you, so you will be not as likely to go into the hospital and if you're in the hospital you won't stay as many days. Fantastic.

It's not a vaccine it's not a traditional vaccine. So here's Francis Collins.

Look, you can understand people your definition of freedom is misinterpreted know my definition of freedom is not misinterpreted your big brother is him is a big problem body. I don't mean to be disrespectful to the director of the NIH but give me a break. My freedom is not misinterpreted. You don't have the right is a government bureaucrat to tell people that they have to get that vaccine that's new that hasn't even finished going through all of the necessary clinical trials as many people in the scientific community have just have talked about or the vers report or these kids these young teenage boys were coming down with myocarditis, heart problems, heart inflammation, and vaccines have we seen with this level of bad reactions that have stayed on the market, wired some of these date they'd removed the Johnson & Johnson.

I know because it was having some problems but were just being lied to and when it comes to the pro-life issue. Francis Collins doesn't really have a leg to stand on them to tell you why when we come back to listening to Janet Mefford today serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other and will be serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center.

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When a modern crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life and that's just the beginning of the story. I know that was acquired with God by my side of this note is for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help rescue five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 where there's a pre-born banner to readers of I can only imagine comes a new documentary Jesus music is valid for a my home.

I saw the music for very you're listening to Job at Milford today.

God bless John West from the Discovery Institute. He wrote a good piece really going after Francis Collins for trying to make you feel guilty you not loving your neighbor if you don't get the code vaccine. I'll knock it off. You know I'm not party or collective. I'm a free American citizen.

My rights come from God, not from you, you bureaucrat you resigning bureaucrats and hypocrites him to get to that in a moment I want to play one more cut, though this is Chris Hayes with the exiting Francis Collins, the guy who, according to Richard Seabright from Rutgers University told untruths about funding the gain of function research of the will and Institute of virology. But listen to this. Got this incredible cut seven you just mention children. I was looking at these statistics about children are opposites and kids under 12 connected, vaccinated, and the vaccination rates. Lots of the country for teenagers is very is is been quite low and worsening was huge divergence. I mean, you know, when you talk about what the collective responsibility is you reinstate that that are likely vaccinated you see these huge spikes and hospitalizations and that's hospitalizations both adults and kids under 18 you see there the writer screams this time most vaccinated states basically see that flat for considering to me there is a countable number of children placed into direct danger such third, people's children are getting put in the hospital with this thing. As a result of low vaccination rates.

And people are concerned about kids under 12 are actually asking the FDA. Would you please hurry up and approve vaccines for kids, which I know they are doing everything they can.

As soon as I get the data, but if you want the kids to be safe. Right now the best way to do so is surrounded by other vaccinated people, their older siblings were old enough to get the shot. Their parents and of course if they're going to school avoid them catching up from another kid in the classroom by wearing those masks dislodges make such perfect sense. You know Chris, it just breaks my heart that somehow something as simple as these public health measures were talking about right now is turned into such a political freight.

It's sort of found its way into this dreadful circumstance. We have a culture war.

In this culture war.

In this case is killing people is not just a philosophical political argument is killing people, including, I'm sad to say some children. We have to get past this. If we really have a future as a nation in history's got a look on this. Maybe I would like to say, particularly to those leaders were on the wrong side of this what Lincoln said one time citizens. We will not escape history. Do you want to be looked at in the limbs of that backward look on 10 years from now and and defend what you did when in fact we are losing tens of thousands of lives. It didn't have to die so give me a break. I mean I'm I'm not happy about people dying, certainly not. I don't mean it in that sense, but you have to surround kids with other vaccinated people or they'll die and your killing them that the case when you can clearly contract coping.


Even if you're fully vaccinated. These people just talking nonsense that makes perfect sense, really, because the US federal government is already on record and found she's on record as saying the mass don't do anything these people tell the truth what about the fact that you didn't tell the truth about the gain of function research that you funded at the will and Institute of virology and then you conveniently leave your post. I hope that's not gonna make any difference as far as an investigation into what really went on this plan to make that some people like to call it. Maybe it was. I have no idea, but it needs to be investigated. Now back to West's article. He's got another article from the Discovery Institute on evolution and you really need to read it. It's called the appalling moral failure of Francis Collins, a points out the stuff at the gain of function research, but then he mentions in recent months. Collins is agency has become embroiled in controversies over its funding of stomach churning medical experiments involving body parts listed from aborted babies.

The disclosures about the experiments followed Collins's repeal earlier this year of restrictions on the use of aborted fetal tissue in NIH funded research. He's a national treasure national treasure David French said so would you doubt David French.

Now he is also the former head of the human genome catapulted to fame in 2000 and talked about in that all these Christians praised him because he published this book on the language of God, how he went from atheism to Christianity. While clearly not far enough in my opinion is if your ear on board with finding this kind of research. I have no words for you to get the Templeton prize. By the way, to so because his reputation is taking a beating, not only because the gain of function research, but also because of these NIH funded experiments. Here's some more on that in May report surfaced about macabre NIH funded experiments that utilize body parts collected from aborted human fetuses to create humanized mouse and rodent models with full thickness human skin for the experiments, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, cut into tiny pieces. Human fetal spleen, thymus and liver organs and then transplanted the tissues and hematoma toe poetic stem cells into our irritated mice. Okay, some big words there. Researchers also sliced off skin from the scalp of the aborted babies and then grafted the fetal skin onto the mice in the words of the scientists full thickness human fetal skin was processed via removal of excess fat tissues attached to the subcutaneous layer of the skin then engrafted over the rib cage where the mouse can was previously excised and this is the stuff of Nazis. The body parts used for these experiments were harvested from aborted human fetuses with the gestational age of 18 to 20 weeks think about you women who have been pregnant 18 to 20 weeks.

You're showing it 18 to 20 weeks the baby has brain waves.

The baby has a beating heart.

The baby can hear sounds and move his limbs and eyes, his digestive system has started to work. It's utterly demonic. It's demonic the human fetuses whose organs were harvested for this NIH funded research well-developed tiny humans and additional project funded by NIH came to light in August.

Thanks to an FOI request by judicial watch and the Center for medical progress. That's David, Alliance group, it was filed after Collins is NIH dragged its feet. Responding the document showed that the NIH has provided nearly $3 million in tax money to support a fetal organ harvesting operation by the University of Pittsburgh in its quest to become a tissue hub for human fetal tissue rating ranging from 6 to 42 weeks gestation 42 weeks. That's up post. What amended that goes beyond 38 to 40 weeks, which is full-term. When you give birth. 42 weeks. His mom's really uncomfortable she's ready to go.

She's been ready for couple weeks. This is unbelievable. And this is been talked about David Alliance and they get the grant application for just one of pits numerous experiments with aborted infants reads like an episode of American horror story infants in the womb.

Some old enough to be viable are being aborted alive and killed for organ harvesting in order to bring in millions of dollars in taxpayer funding.

Oh and by the way, it's not just human. It's not just him.

It's not just research involving humans that is been raising controversy in recent months.

Collins is NIH has come under fire for finding abusive medical experiments on dogs as well because we we just were not getting enough out of the babies got a go after the animals to critics say it was unnecessary and barbaric. The experiments were funded by the NIH division headed up by Anthony Fouts.

He, of course, the division is under the ultimate oversight of guessing Francis Collins in late August. 15 members of Congress sent a letter raising questions about the research. John West said I tried to get a response from Collins about this latest controversy and he refused to respond to questions wonder why what Collins is AWOL when it comes to answering basic questions about the research is agency is funding, he's more than willing to speak out on other topics, especially Cove 19 where he is now becoming a polarizing figure too many because of increasingly shrill advocacy of compulsory vaccination as well as his demonization of those who choose not to take a cove 19 faxing yourself should be contacted. Excellent.

You will be part of the collective dinner stand you're not an individual and part of the collective is if you're not part of the collective. Your loving your neighbor. It's interesting in that scenario is how often they forget to do you have any responsibility.

Francis Collins and fan boys of Francis Collins to love your unvaccinated neighbors.

I'm still trying to figure out how you're going to catch cove 19 from an unvaccinated person is not sick that that went out the window about a year ago.

The whole idea of how you quarantine people who are sick and Dave no symptoms.

Old because you can spread it a symptomatically know the chances of that are about 1 million so that's off the table that nobody wants to look at that. Nobody wants to talk Menasha natural immunity even though now you have Pfizer employees in undercover video admitting your natural immunity is a much better defense against cove 19 in our vaccine. Don't ask questions. You are part of the collective. You will be assimilated beep, beep, beep, beep. You will be assimilated. Now I'm not can be assimilated, you know, this is what we need to understand as Christians. God is given us a mind and when the Bible talks about loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Don't forget the mind we love the Lord in a very practical way. When we are good critical thinkers, and reason is that what Scripture says common reason together.

We cannot give over our minds to people who just want to utilize our minds for their evil aims and I'm not about to surrender my don't you surrender your receipt of surrender to Jesus Christ. That's the only surrender you want to do this argentum effort today is brought in part by the new documentary the Jesus music from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music Jesus music only in theaters now playing. Thank you for joining us and Janet effort today will see you next time

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