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Alex McFarland (100 Bible Questions and Answers)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 27, 2021 3:43 pm

Alex McFarland (100 Bible Questions and Answers)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 27, 2021 3:43 pm

Why is the biblical canon closed? Who was Cain’s wife? And what did James mean when he wrote, “faith without works is dead?” Dr. Alex McFarland joins me to answer these and many other important queries about Scripture as we discuss his book, “100 Bible Questions and Answers.” Be sure to join us for Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Our confidence is in Christ alone, the Lord our God says I sort of in the Kendrick brothers remastered and forte, including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13.

Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Now playing with 66 books and roughly 1200 pages. The Bible has a lot of content for us to digest and understand and believe. But there are sections of God's word, they can be harder for us to understand than others.

For example, is just one example. Romans 10 nine is very straightforward. If you declare with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Very straightforward but what about Joshua 1013, which says that after God gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, the sun stood still and the moon stopped until the nation took vengeance upon its enemies. How in the world did the sun stand still.

This is a little more complex and these are the kinds of Bible questions that we are going to delve into today with Dr. Alex McFarland cultural expert apologist conference speaker and all-around nice guy. He and Bert Harper our host of the radio show exploring the word and they have put together a book with some straightforward answers to the toughest Bible questions which is called 100 Bible questions and answers.

Alex just a joy to welcome you back. How are you doing today on your great Janet, thank you so much for having me. It's wonderful to have you.

Now I know we can't do. I know I talk fast, but I don't think we can get through 100 Bible questions in an hour so we have to just pick a few and try to answer them some easier, some harder.

Are you up for it will do my mother I will and you you do sometimes talk rapidly and I fell out painfully slowly will meet in the middle yellow balance each other out. I'll try not to go full auctioneer on you and then you can keep up right will yeah let's let's start with some of these questions that people don't normally talk about there some that are very important questions.

Lotta great questions why are books no longer able to be added to the Bible. I thought that was a very important question because I hear this. Sometimes people will say why is it that we are limited to what the Bible has between both love leather covers and we can't add any more of God's word to the Bible what is the reason for that. Well Christian believe that the canon of Scripture is complete. For one thing, we don't add books to the Bible because the Bible concludes, but don't add to or take away all that you have this principle of the completion of the Canon and God, not man.

She chose what was in the Bible is an old and New Testament in the Old Testament, surgeon or diminish not a word when not pick from it and then want the book of Revelation was written around 95 A.D. the New Testament canon was complete when not to add to and so so the canon makes complete event and we don't improve upon God's perfect work that's important to because we see some people today believing that even though the canon is close, God still speaks in supernatural ways in authoritative ways and how do you react to some of these ideas that why God spoke to me today in my quiet time and he told me something I mean there there are some really shaky ground. Sometimes the people get on your and while I understand it God guide and God. Yes God seeks to believers in the sentence of the Holy Spirit guiding the life of a Christian, even giving you no wisdom but the inspired word of God word inspiration is God breathed and is an older New Testament. We we read where it says that every word of God is pure in Proverbs chapter 30 someone like in verse hundred 60s is God's judgments are forever true and right just yelled what you just said this year was because the Bible claims to be the word of God. That's not our only reason for believing that if the work God but we got the testimony of Jesus to John 1035 Christ of the Scripture cannot be broken but Revelation 22 amino Scripture concludes with this admonition we don't add to or take away. Here's the thing about the closing of the canon does not preclude the Holy Spirit from guiding believers, instructing believers, teaching believers in fact offer structure, 27th, of the spirit of God that indwells us remains and will teach us all things, yes, but it doesn't mean that that is on par with Scripture you know when God God, the believer to a career path or whom they should marry or have God God the believer to share the gospel with somebody and make it say the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian doesn't mean that that guy that is necessarily hot Scripture. Yes, I could not cast God's written revelation of the human race which is about the Messiah, the kingdom of God and how to get here that communiqu from the Lord to the human race is completed. What we need to do right now is not for new Revelation. When you do learn and he existing Revelation yet that's a great point and that's a good distinction that you made between the breathed out word of God and the Holy Spirit working in guiding the lives of believers. I'm really glad that you set it that way, here's another question about the Bible. Alex why does the gospel of Mark have additional verses that are disputed this. There was people for a loop.

Sometimes when they first learn about this.

What are we to make of that under the heading of textual criticism because the last part of the gospel of Mark contains some verses that are you know in some manuscripts and not in other manuscripts. I personally, I do accept what scholars call the longer ending of Mark because well they were informed by the early church and they were they were known all throughout business, Dick subject called textual criticism. I encourage people to go to the Bible Museum in Washington DC.

You can see many of these old manuscript read great books by people like FF Bruce testing of the New Testament manuscripts are there reliable Craig Blomberg's book on the trustworthiness of the New Testament.

You can trust your Bible, but this is a very exciting thing.

I'll give you Janet. Forgive me for coming getting into the weeds on this a little bit what the quote longer ending of Mark that goes through the 20th verse of Mark chapter 16. For one thing, it is the majority of manuscripts.

It was formed by the early church, and it contains content harmonious with the rest of of the known corpus of the gospel, and it can take the great commission going to all the world and proclaim the gospel to all of creation. There is no historical nor doctrinal reason really to get or to disregard the last few verses of the Gospel of Mark.

Most scholars think Mark was the first gospel written the earliest but but what we said this, the New Testament was given by God, circulated by the early church and we got to remember there were no intense persecution's going on. I don't think the fragments in the copies and the portions of copies should cause people to doubt the preservation of the New Testament will gotta remember the context in which it was given given the persecution and this is before electricity or the printing press. God not only give the word God preserve the Lord.

II think it amazing how widely circulated the New Testament want and how well-preserved it was given the time period in which it was given so I don't think the fact that we have complete New Testament's fragment we have, you know, some 30,000 portions floating around down New Testament times. It was written. Amazing how the Bible has been preserved. Great aunt Serena passed her break Alex McFarlane with us talking about 100 Bible questions and answers back in a moment on Janet Sherwood pictures from films and films in the kindred brothers comes a courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers we mastered in 4K and including a new ending when this young mom came to a pre-born center. She was planning to have an abortion, but after receiving love and support and meeting her baby on ultrasound. She chose life.

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You get to listen and it's all part of his new book with Bert Harper called 100 Bible questions and answers.

I've got you captive Alex.

It's awesome I love it and we were talking about the Bible and some of the questions that you addressed in this book answers to important questions about the Bible itself. Let's dive a little bit into the alleged and I'm glad you put that word in their alleged Bible contradictions. So, here's one.

For example, this is kind of a simple one but people will be familiar with this verse no doubt Isaiah 45 seven. This is a verse in the Bible and in the King James version it says it this way.

I form the lights. This is the Lord speaking I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do all these things now. This is not when it uses this word evil and saying that the Lord creates evil. This can cause people to say how is that even possible because God is not the author of sin does this have to do though with the translation of that word because there are other translations that have a different word in the place of evil. Well, how do we explain it well. Good question. You know God does not create moral people because in God there is no known at all. It's really the word for calamity. Now you know we know calamitous things happen and we think this is bad, evil, but we know what we have a challenging text like this and and what I would say Janet is are there tax that are challenging. Absolutely, there are text that are difficult to understand but a verified contradiction.

Note there are no verified contradictions in the Bible. Princeton, the love that Jesus rose from the bed and another verse that Jesus did rise from the dead of those two incompatible statements would be irreconcilable. When you look at the totality of God's revelation and within Scripture.

We have God's revelation of binge.

No, God's revelation of salvation. Truth we know God being eternal has no sin and God.

Unlike the God of Islam. The biblical God does not do evil so when I get 45 seven in the English translation, the King James rendering of that is his. I would say less than ideal. I create evil.

It's really God.

God and the light God created the darkness.

God allows calamity to happen doesn't mean that God causes moral evil. But if the sovereign providential will the world, God allows the rainfall on the just and the unjust.

It's here's the beautiful thing about the biblical God. He presides over creation and everything he does is in harmony with his righteous nature. He doesn't do anything that is logically meaningless and he doesn't override our free will. Humans have the ability to choose right and wrong. But God does force us to do right or wrong. God, I think everything short of overriding our human responsibility God God offers the right path even urges us toward the right path. But when somebody does right. God didn't force them to do right and when somebody commits sin.

God didn't force them to do that which is morally wrong. Yes, it is this reason that God is sovereign but humans are responsible if in this context that we can actually legitimately have a relationship with God's yes that's important yeah that you can have both God's sovereignty and man's responsibility simultaneously. That's a really important thing for everyone to understand what it is and I'll grant you that to to look at all of the known truth and perform our worldview. In light of God's revelation. It it requires some intellectual heavy lifting and dumb. Janet, one of the things that I really encourage all people, but especially the church to think and study God's word and to trust God for what is revealed because in this soundbite familiar culture of a deep thought and intellectual maturity takes a little bit of investment outlay: to our radio show yesterday and she said you know Jesus rose but not physically.

We we think Jesus rose in some spiritual sense, but not physically us about really, that's not what Christ presented in Luke 2439 Jesus said you know a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see me have. Jesus predicated his mother's Messiah ship on him, having physically risen from the dead are interesting in the involute 2439 what Christ talks about his resurrection he says a spirit does not have flesh and bones, and the word for flesh and bones for Christ affirmed that he is physically risen that the work for flesh is Starks, from which we get lecture confidence in the word for buns with Ostia unit we get work but osteoporosis so Christ rose physically up one ensuring all that is this Janet. We have to trust that God knows who he is and and it behooves us to ask duct not only what God is revealed about himself, but what God is revealed about salvation did answer that's excellent. Here's another alleged Bible contradiction, which is I think very interesting you have in Genesis 111, the Bible saying then God said, let the earth bring forth vegetation seed bearing plants and fruit trees, each bearing fruit with seed according to its kind. This is on the third day and it was so.

And then you go to the next chapter, Genesis 25 and it says this now no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth, nor had any plant of the field sprouted, for the Lord God had not yet sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground are those two accounts contradictory. Alex, no I don't think so. What you got here is injustice to you know God had created the world the place where plants could grow now that the creation narratives show that God created and it explains how that creation with work and why. Adamant he would be, you know, after the fall of Genesis 3 that would have to walk further their food. But what work is not the curse that the drudgery of workers is so part of the curse, but you know what what happened. Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are simply a restating of the steps of creation complementary details, but not contradictory details yes yeah that's just so so that's an important thing you have to really understand the context of the Bible. That is a very important part of interpreting the Bible is in it understanding the context of what you're reading and and so you are in Genesis 1 that the creation you know there there is an outcome of the focus on the garden of Eden Genesis 2 sortable retail the story of Genesis 1 and by the way, Janet.

You might with your knowledge of culture. Did you happen to see a week ago with the passing of a man very sad, but John Shelby Spock SSP Olympic debt. Yes, even a number of Christians that are not in the habit of you know, piling on a minute, it's pretty much universally acknowledged that Bishop Spong was a heretic yes and he went under the guise of Christianity, but he denied like every key Christian doctrine and he did not know the Lord. He was unsaved enough to reach that I'm sad for him and what what doubly tragic is all the millions of people.

He led with his brazen rejection of God in the Bible, but he denied a literal Adam and Eve that he would say these patronizing things like belief in Genesis is you know you evil and primitive and we have to move on and he was some years ago would've said he was a modernist or liberal or progressive but he was he was a heretic. He did not treat but while a lot of the pseudo-intellectuals, like the late Bishop Spong just gleefully malign Genesis 1 to 3. There's no reason not to take Genesis as literal history curse. The blog store in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

God said, let us make man in our image, male and female created he them.

Genesis 127 men in Genesis 2, you got a restatement of the creation story and it doesn't say that there were no previous plan it, it just refers means generalship to a plant of the field and herbs of the field right Adam a. While God had created vegetation adamantly given charge of overseeing the garden of Eden would have cultivated and planted more but when you read Genesis 1, two and three. Janet is interesting how it should set forth as this prima facie basic truth. Yes, I do believe that as literal truth. God's book the world into existence was a literal Adam and Eve and by the way, even you know, sociologist and after no sociologist believed that the human race as it now exists descended from a single male-female pair. I don't believe in any form of Darwinian evolution. I believe in a literal Adam and Eve. I believe in a literal fall and while you know, like I say pseudo-intellectuals enjoy speaking of Genesis and patronizing Thompson as if those who believe in it are simpletons you know I think big and the figure and find out that when God gave the Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible. It was given his liver literal truth and there's no reason not to accept it as such. I agree I agree with everything you said and at the some of the problems that come up. If you reject the literal truth of Genesis 1 through 11.

For example, is number one you're impugning God's character.

He was the only witness to all of this and if you're saying that he's not telling us the truth or he's trying to secure the truth was some weird math which I don't believe God does. But second of all, you have the problem of if there is no historical first Adam, how can the second Adam, Jesus Christ mentioned in Romans save you some problems there were to go to a break will be back with Alex McFarland listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by courageous legacy.

The new movie from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13 in theaters now Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford Mac Dr. Alex McFarland is here cultural acts hurts to an apologist conference speaker and so many other things and he and Bert Harper host exploring the word on American family radio. They are out with a really helpful buck 100 Bible questions and answers and Alex is with us, let's get into these Old Testament challenges a little bit Alex.

I know we don't have a lot of time to get through all these questions. Where did Cain get his wife that one a lot how the world and can have anybody to Mary if he was the only the second generation of humans. Where did he get his wife will great question and undoubtedly married a sibling as we all did not stop it.

Okay. Cain killed Abel, you know Sarah, the first siblings in history and already we had a homicide on her hand. Something yeah the body Genesis 417. Cain knew his wife that kind of a biblical euphemism court they had physical relations and child born named peanut. Here's the thing in Genesis 5 we read about Adam, the birth of his son.

As the days of Adam were 800 years she had sons and daughters so all the days that Adam lived were 930 years and she died. Okay Bob, the Levitical law like Leviticus 18, they will prohibitions against incest. But, as Adam and Eve, the first humans had children, Cain and Abel, but that of the children over this 930 year lifespan of Adam and Eve in the population would've multiplied and so eventually came would have married you know the other sons and daughters that we read about so one of the daughters of Adam. Maybe I need became his wife, I will grant you Janet, but to our modern ears. This sounds so acute to things that people maybe make a mistake.

For one thing when we categorically said there were not other humans on the other side of the planet and can stumble upon another group of inner creation. No everybody but severally up to the human being is fully human and is fully descended from Adam and Eve's part of the quote other sons and daughters that we read about in Genesis 545 over all these years. Female was born, grew up, and Cain married a relative, but as I said in reality every body marries a relative because were all related to Acme right right yet and you made a good point when you brought up Leviticus 18 because people think about marrying your sister now is gross because it's incest but if you think about why it was necessary for Cain to marry his sister. You have to get the human race going south for a short period of time that that seems to be the way God designed it to go well and and will meet your status to Christians. There are 126 breeds of dog. But in that original canine pair unit involved everything reproduces after its kind, and there there are the taxonomic classifications are called Phila PHY LA okay so even though it was you note a pair of canine or feline.

There was within the genetic male-female pair enough genetic potentiality for everything from a teacup to walk to master some great Danes right right Adam and Eve is really amazing. Every human being there or something like 30 trillion copies of your DNA and within that complex encrypted data. Your DNA is the schematic or the blueprint for you, your stature, your hair color your eye color and it in every one of us and when when a genetic pool becomes isolated recessive traits become dominant. That's why people of European descent look a certain way, people of Asian descent look a certain way goal of Arabic descent because when you know it would take into its extreme.

We have inbreeding, and there are no birth defects that McVeigh's recessive traits become dominant traits in genetics, but that's why I believe the Leviticus 18 prohibitions against incest because for one thing, God is protecting us from you.

Note the birth defects that happen when a gene pool comes to narrow foot all humans reproduce humans. One of the things that makes Darwinian evolution and impossibility is because of their genetic limitations and equine Breed with a bovine horse can't breed with a cow and so breathing only takes place within Phila that truly the animal and plant kingdoms. It's also true among the human race.

Good points. That's a really good points. Let's go back to to Joshua always got a few minutes before we have to go to another break. Joshua 10 talks about the sun standing still and there will be objections there saying how in the world to the sons Dan still is that even possible. How are we to understand that verse well, you know, most scholars would believe that what God did during that Babylon would talk about John Unser, Joshua chapter 1013 or 14 God's love down the rotation of the earth to make the big daylight longer.

I know that that really anthropomorphic language. Acute say that while the sun stood still, but I think it it doesn't compromise God's revelation to the fact that language is used its pictorial language. Jesus said he was the true vine.

He was the don't work and we we know that that allegorical language but a literal truth that so what it means is that the sun, the sun did not hasten to go down for a whole day.

That's how the new American Standard renders it.

But most scholars about the late great Henry Morris PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He and other scholars that accept creation.

How did God make the daylight last longer by slowing down the rotation of the could that be well. Colossians tells us that by Jesus were all things created, and by him all things consist in the word is cohesion to God not only created this universe. God runs the universe and by God's decree of the universe operates. Even now.Janet, I was the new believer when I was in college and I remember science class. I have the part about know that the bonds why why this matter hang together.

Why are there these these bonds at the microcosmic level. The subatomic level.

Believe me, I'm keenly aware that secularists would stop what I'm about day.

The reason that this enigmatic cohesion of everything hanging together and operating because God decrees it today so it was a mystery to the physical list is is revelation to the one who accepts God's word.

If God holds this universe together and I believe he does, then he could.

The 23 tilt of the earth and the rotation he could slow it down, making there appear to be more daylight to God's people can win a battle. Israel could be preserved and our Messiah would one day come, that's right. That's exactly right. You can't view the world as a naturalist, what do you have to understand the authority of Scripture, and it also points out, it would seem Alex to me that when you look at a verse and take it at face value and you don't understand the background, the context or even what the languages same because you might not understand the original languages. It's good to dig into it and to get an answer in a for example, you think about the Lord saying about a mustard seed that it's the smallest of all the seeds and people try to make an issue of the fact that now that's not actually true. We've discovered smaller seeds while the understanding was this is what the people he was speaking to, understood as the smallest seed. So when you don't understand what's going on.

Then you can get confused which is exactly why we enjoy having you with us Alex McFarlane were to take another break coming back with 100 Bible questions and answers stay with us on Janet Mefford today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league International area lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father. He severely beaten young area and called the authorities to report her as an infidel. They took her to a remote sour. They assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better. They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how critical it is for Christians not just assume God will look for further assistance with but they will be prepared to walk with help send God's word to believers like aria Bible is only five dollars in a limited time. Match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 801 ESW ORD weathers and finally, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare.

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Now if if James were the only book we had about salvation. We might be tempted to conclude that some meritorious effort of our own, contributed to our salvation, but we look at all of the verses that we read that it is Jesus who paid our sin debt on the cost of repair faith in Jesus. Now if we are saved good works should follow right yes but what would be just said to the works that validate the faith and salvation that taken place. The work of Christ atone for our guilt before God. But if were truly converted then works would follow and so your God doesn't contradict himself on the butt. Janet, let me say for a lot of people. Today it's almost like God is guilty until proven innocent years and years ago there was a syphilis book, a collection of essays called God in the dock UK and and what Lewis meant by that title was docket the words God is on the witness stand. Having to defend himself and by the way the Internet book. I really love because Your 60 years ago, Lewis that liberal clergy quote undermine and deny the very truth they are paid to uphold true and is in doing this book of the hundred questions is published by Broad Street.

You can find it anywhere 200 and some pages of answers to questions like this is because in the minds of a lot of modern Janet God is guilty until proven innocent and I'm just going to say that I would love your thought because yeah I can say is I hugely respect you as a thinker. I really do and you and I've known each other for 15 years. I suppose I think that useful for the pushback on this.

Okay, I think in the word of God, there is almost some intentional ambiguity for two reasons that clearly Jesus is the son of God.

You put your trust in Christ you born again securing crimes, but I think it's almost like within the word of God. There's enough to give us assurance is clear enough to give us reassurance, but vague enough to keep us on our toes, but almost some of this built-in occasional ambiguity is because God knows our heart and I want to set everyone of your listeners. Janet now.

I want your response. If you're coming to the Bible with a your you're trying to put God in checkmate and you're looking for a way to accuse God aha I gotcha, God, you made a mistake in the Bible is going to be this inscrutable puzzle.

But if you're coming to God, he said, Lord, I need you, Lord, I believe, help me like someone 1918 Lord, open my that I might be whole wonderful things from your law if you're coming to God in humility looking for truth.

You'll find it if you're trying to find an accusation against God, the Lord will be shut up to you and so that my point is, the Bible is clear enough for the honest seeker to find the Savior, but it God will not be trifled with this you're coming with an eye that God is guilty until proven innocent. I think you can assign the Bible to be a real challenge.

What what you say yeah I think you're making some really good points there, Alex. What came to my mind as you were raising that issue was the fact that when Jesus told parables.

It didn't always make his point more clear.

It made it less clear, and so people couldn't understand and he even explained. This is for he who has ears to hear, and made that point so clearly in the Gospels that those who have ears to hear, will understand what he saying now doesn't mean that all the disciples fully understood what he was predicting about his own death and resurrection that that came later on, but I go back to that. I mean there a and I was telling the story in one of the speeches that I gave at one point I gone to a Bible study with a colleague several model number years ago and it was a liberal church and they were studying the parable of the sower and the parable of the sorry what's so interesting about it is in several of the Gospels, Jesus not only tells the parable of the sower.

He explains exactly what it means. So when the sissy of the seed fell on the ground and the birds grabbed at the door and fell on the good ground and it sprung up and it grew.

AA explains exactly what this means. The word of God having an effect in different people's lives. And at this liberal Bible study.

These people were completely flummoxed and I couldn't believe it at the exit but but Jesus is explaining exactly what it means. It was lost on them. And that's when it really hit me, Lord, you really were telling us the truth that you always do that.

He who has ears to hear, will understand and that's, and that is where we need the Holy Spirit to help us to understand the Bible that such an important thing for people to get him out when I was at liberty University. It was my privilege to take the class under Ethel Linderman data Linderman was a German theologian who studied under Rudolph Bultmann and Rudolph Bultman was a fierce critic of the Bible, a liberal and dumping him or her later years she died.

I think in about 2009 Linderman became a defender of the Bible you know she grew up and and her professional career had been under these German critics of the Bible and she told the story.

I'll never forget. She told the story in a class how you know Dr. Bultmann and all the German higher critics were so scholarly and bake trash the Bible and Jesus, and she one day, which in some Germantown and she saw church and she went in and she said there was a man upstairs leaking and he made the Bible come alive, and she had never heard such teaching and suddenly it was so clear that the theme of the Bible is Jesus and he is deity and by faith in Jesus were born again and she went often. She had never all of her dollars, like Bultmann had never made the Bible come alive and just this the preacher you go to school. I you're the most knowledgeable Bible scholar I've ever heard. And he said no I've never been to any education. I was like a farmer, but through the difficult. He had the spirit of God in him. Yes, because it is what Jesus said, hearing that will not hear the people. These people's ears have waxed fat and my thing about it like with the unit Bart Ehrman as Richard Dawkins. Yes or you know the skeptics of today is if you come to the Bible and your your agenda is your gonna put God in checkmate and you're gonna ferret through Scripture to you find what you think from your human perspective is a contradiction you're not.

You're not in a builder cracked the code. But if you're if you come you say God promised center. I'm I'm sorry for my sins, I need you, Lord, help me then God in his mercy will open up truth to you but so many today Janet, you and I know I looked out I was a lost sinner. I got saved when I was in college at 21. So many today think they're smarter than God. There more righteous than chronic Earth Day there more Josh than a holy God. And they don't find truth because there were never looking forward in the first lunch isn't that incredible while you can read all of these great questions and answers in 100 Bible questions and answers the book by Alex McFarlane my Gaston Bar Harbor Alex always a joy to talk to thank you for being with us again. It was just great to have you had bless you too.

Thanks again, this archenemy for today is brought to you in part by the new documentary the Jesus music from Lions gate to the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus Thank you for being with us. God bless you and will see you next time


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