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Harry Mihet (Rel. Exemptions to Vax) Peter LaBarbara (LGBT)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 23, 2021 4:00 am

Harry Mihet (Rel. Exemptions to Vax) Peter LaBarbara (LGBT)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 23, 2021 4:00 am

A number of "faith leaders" have stepped forward to condemn religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccines. What do they get wrong about religious conscience, the Bible and the Constitution? Harry Mihet, Liberty Counsel's vice president of legal affairs, joins me to weigh in. Plus: Christianity Today recently argued that married couples need the help of so-called "sexual minorities" to strengthen their relationships. We'll put that claim under the light of Scripture with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. That's on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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While welcome to another days broadcast. I want to talk a little bit about this refugee resettlement issue. This is going to be an issue again. It's Obama 2.0.

We talked about the subject. Almost I thought.

On some days to death. Back then, because you had the liberals and evangelicalism constantly pushing outfits like world relief.

All we must love our neighbors who are coming from other countries look, I'm fine with the concept of offering sanctuary in the United States for certain people from other parts of the world under certain circumstances. I'm not against refugees at all as a concept, but I had big problems with what went down during the Obama administration because we know what the liberals want to do with our situation here in the United States and they were bringing in people and then when Trump came in. He instituted what I thought was a very commonsense policy that was centered around national security and it was when we have these nations that are terrorist linked. How about we not bring people we can't vat from those particular countries into the United States because we have this crazy idea here in this country that maybe we don't want another terrorist attack.

How about we use some common sense then the Democrats took that issue and started screaming Muslim band, which was a lie from the get-go. So here we are 2021. This is the latest from Pres. Joe Biden.

He is planning to bring to the United States in fiscal year 2022 about 10 times as many refugees as he will have brought in this year. This was confirmed by the State Department earlier this week reported by Breitbart in May, Joe Biden announced he would raise the refugee resettlement To 62,500 refugees for this fiscal year.

That was more than four times the That former president Trump imposed for the year. It was at 15,000. Biden brought it up to 62,500 so this upcoming fiscal year 2022, which begins October 1 Biden will set the At 125,000 refugees who can be resettled across the US over the subsequent 12 months. The data projects that the Biden administration will have brought about 12,500 refugees to the US by the end of this fiscal year, and of course the Is merely a numerical limit, not a goal for the state department to reach in on what's can happen though. Specifically, the State Department will allocate the most refugee spots for Africans and foreign nationals from the East and South Asia, East and South Asia about 10,000 spots will go to Europeans and foreign nationals in central Asia. While 15,000 spots will be allocated to Latin Americans and those in the Caribbean. Now what's missing from that list were you paying attention. Wake up. Did you hear what wasn't in that list only think them, the Middle East, who is in the Middle East who might need some refugee resettlement. Just thinking off the top of my head might be in need of some refugee resettlement.

That's legitimate because they are being persecuted and they are being threatened and they are suffering tremendously for their faith.

Let's see. Could it be Christians, corsets, Christians. That's why PJ media has a headline over at their site that says no room in Joe Biden's America for persecuted Christian refugees is who cares about Christians getting the message here what this administration thinks about Christians in case it was lost on you or not.

Their favorite people. And that's just as Jesus said it would be all right going back to the story. In addition to increasing refugee resettlement and this is something you need to know as well. Biden rescinded in order that allowed states and localities to decide whether they wanted refugee resettlement in their communities. The order signed by Trump gave Americans veto power over the program that they for decades have been shut out of so Trump said you local jurisdictions ought to be able to have a say on how many people are who you want to bring into your own communities and bind just took that away happy. Over the last 20 years as Breitbart says nearly 1 million refugees have been settled in the country.

This is a number more than double that of residents living in Miami Florida and would be the equivalent of annually adding the population of Pensacola, Florida to the country and by the way every five years refugee resettlement costs us nearly $9 billion. That's okay, what's money anyway. I mean, you know, just what's $3 trillion among friends when we want to have some kind of Biden law United in the let's spend those just true true 2 trillion more on covert relief and 3 trillion more on infrastructure and 76 million trillion billion dollar man making this up. Obviously with that money means nothing to any of these people. The fact that were some 29 million tenths when he not seeing and doing it again. $29 trillion $29 trillion, or around that amount in terms of our national debt. What they care will be dead before we ever have to watch the United States collapse.

I don't think so a lot of these people will be done when the United States may collapse. It's just so nauseating and I'm seeing some story in the Christian post their quoting from one of the refugee resettlement agencies. This is a moral revolution a moral revolution know it's a financial boondoggle for the all these Christian named organizations Lutheran church world service in world relief and they're all were Christian and out of the Christian there there federal contractors.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being a federal contractor. What I do get annoyed by is that they don't tell the truth. They don't tell the truth. They would talk about the fact that there was such a terrible situation under Trump in these poor people know they didn't like having their coffers smaller because they weren't able to settle as many people there's a lot of money in this and you had people like Russell Moore and his contingent on world relief and you must love your neighbor and Barbara Barbara Robert care about the United States. I don't believe they care about the United States.

Here's what you also need to know in Corcoran is great. She's over the refugee resettlement watch blog she does such tremendous work on this issue, and here's what you really need to know. Here I name that amount of refugees that will be allowed to come into the United States as of October 1 through the next fiscal year that the hundred and 25,000 people. You know what that's in addition to other categories of people coming into the United States. Let's go through some of them courtesy of an Corcoran we have Afghan evacuees estimated in the tens of thousands. We have special immigrant visa holders estimated in the tens of thousands.

We have illegal aliens flooding our borders estimated to be over a million. So far we have an unknown number of visa over stays we have temporary protected status migrants who never go home. We have 50,000 a year visa lottery winners and upwards of a million or so legal immigrants coming to take American jobs. He tell me is this about being kind to the world or do you think there might be something more going on here.

Of course there's something more going on here. Why in the world. Do you have Democrats now lying about all they're down there on horseback with pain. These poor Haitians that's not what happened. You had these men talking in and giving interviews about the situation done on the Texas border saying we're not whipping anybody.

We had rains for our horses and we were trying to keep our horses from getting spooked and getting touched and that the we were not whipping anybody. And, like Harris talking about the horrible situation of the border who was in charge of the border, weren't you tasked to go down there and take care things and where you been what you been doing other than going overseas and trying to change the subject and get out of the United States because you're an embarrassment. I don't know what she's doing but not much. Nor is her boss who's more concerned about getting through his speech without stumbling. Then he is worried about the open borders in the United States. At what habit you're transforming a countries which are doing you're transforming a country and who knows what will happen. There was a statistics I saw just a couple of days ago about housing construction going up in a large part of the housing construction going up in the United States is apartments. Apartments they're changing America all right. It's just not good to be a change in a good direction. There's a lot more to come stay with us.

You're listening to Jennifer today from Sherwood pictures from films problem films member kindred brothers drums courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers remastered and forth to and including a new ending when a young woman in crisis walks into a pre-born pregnancy center. She's on a journey in the ministry of pre-born is there to help her bring her journey to life Janie. She is a little pain in last week and I'm glad I made the decision to keep Raven all his life tainted by a death and changed my life based pre-born offers free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancy centers nationwide because when a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound.

She's more likely to choose life for her baby. In fact, 8/10 women will choose life. If they see their babies on ultrasound which usually pre-born in the cause for life for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds. All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of your sponsorship goes to saving babies to donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby that's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to your love can save a life. You readers of I can only imagine comes a new documentary Jesus Jesus thou the way my hometown and I saw the music is your listening to Joe Wood River today know you just recently a number of religious leaders came out against religious exemptions for covered 19 vaccines. According to AP leaders of the Greek Orthodox archdiocese of America said there is no exemption in the Orthodox Church for her faithful from any vaccination for religious reasons.

The far left Evangelical Lutheran Church in America issued a statement as well, saying that there is no evident basis for religious exemption in its own or the wider Lutheran tradition, and even first Baptist Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress said there is no credible religious argument against the vaccines now is that really true or to get some thoughts on that issue today from Harry, me, Matt, who is Liberty Council's VP of legal affairs and chief litigation counsel Harry welcome. It's so good to have you here it great to be back with you Janet, thank you counsel really has been at the forefront of this issue of religious exemptions for covered 19 vaccines. What you make of all these church leaders, including some evangelical leaders saying that you can't make a credible religious argument against the vaccines. While it ridiculous in the dream Janet. Fortunately, the self-appointed leaders are not the final arbiters of what is he religiously set the ball and the water did not law in this country is absolutely clear that each individual religious at Heron has the ability and go right to determine Scripture for him or herself and that in matter of religious conviction and religious belief by either government nor an employer more even number of pastoral first Baptist Dallas. Ken purports to disagree with an individual at Heron who has a sincerely held religious belief, each Christian is entitled to read the Scripture for him or herself and to come to their own conclusion about what the Lord and what the spirit requires of them. Yes, that's a really good point. Now one of the arguments that has been raised by a lot of Christians has been the pro-life argument and the concern about some of the fetal cell lines that have been used in the testing of some of the vaccines. Can you fill us in a little bit on the pro-life argument that is sometimes used by Christians to get these exemptions were and I think it's a very compelling argument and because all we all be available back in the United States in the putatively have their genesis in abortion. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is actually manufactured using the fetal cell line derived from an aborted baby and that the McGovern and fiber of vaccine were researched and developed in their early stages of the world when when those are the proof of concept then and when the work designing the vaccine that were using fetal cell line from aborted children, which for many Christians is a nonnegotiable affidavit. It came the vaccines in their understanding of the church and so what we have here is the vaccines are are different from fatal shot or any other blogs or medicine that might be available because of their beautiful connection to abortion now some common say you well you know you abortions to play 40 years ago, when I will go long, I'm a go and look at all the good that can be no brought forth from both you will act right up that may that may be okay for some Christian you know but for others it doesn't matter whether the murder took place yesterday or last week will 40 years ago. The fact of the matter is that without the abortion that took place here, there would be no vaccine that much. We can all agree on. Because that is factual.

Yeah that's right I'm interested to get your take on this because I saw that there was a Conway regional health system is the name of this hospital up in Arkansas and they had made a move to make religious exemptions more difficult for staff to point to because they said you have to also swear off other medicines that use fetal cell lines. If you're going to take a religious exemption for the code vaccine so you have to swear off Tylenol and Thompson. Some of these other common over-the-counter medications. Small yes of Pepto-Bismol. I said wow that's crazy what he responded that what you do about that. If you're Christian, you're single.

Wait a minute you know who is who is a hospital to tell me what my religious consciences. I mean what you say to that or you're the problem: argumentative fraudulent argument fine for him hospital could make it either out of ignorance or malice, but it's really unfortunate when I see the good reverend from prospective valid photo buying that argument, lock, stock and barrel here. The problem Tylenol Pepto-Bismol and most other medicines on that were developed decades before abortion became legal in 1973, were talking, I think 1905 the FDA approved some of these drugs and and all of them were work will dedicate before abortion became legal and felt he could not have possibly been developed pest bid and research. Do you think people felt from barbaric children but but but they come back and say well okay but 1973 from Brian Booth: goal divided the conduct additional study on the same drug using fuel cell, obtained from abortion will die. The pain the drugs themselves.

Just because you know some guy drive throughout the five to drive a car drunk and kill other people. That doesn't make or the motor company that is a make the car itself an evil instrument and filled the same thing here the people who made a fraudulent argument that was you will develop with with malice intent towards people of good faith who try to trip them up, but in reality, beauty of the existence of these drugs does not in the leaf bit detract from there sincerely held beliefs against the vaccines indisputably would not exist today.

If it weren't for abortion, we would still have Tom than Pepto-Bismol and how it all today. If it weren't for abortion, but we would not have any of the three cold vaccines Janet, that's a great point.

I know that's wonderful information for people to have because some of us have been wondering about that, really, that sounds a little strange now you clear that up. Now some of the other issues that people have used Terry concerning religious exemptions for covered 19 vaccines one has to do either. This is a very important point because you put this and you have a sample letter that people can use to create their own religious exemption letters on your website,, one of the issues was supporting the individual believers liberty of conscience consistent with the principles outlined in first Corinthians 8 that's a really important point going back to what you said at the outset that you have the right as a Christian to read the Scripture for yourself and to make a decision under this free conscience that God has given to you. Can you speak to that issue as well for absolutely and again I recognize that that an issue that they're going to be disagreement even among well-meaning Christian course you know they're able to who will take them land and have a clear conscience about it. But for other one they cannot do that in good conscience, given better understanding of all but the Scriptures are filled not only the Scripture itself that give Christians what you liberty to who will disagree on all important things and enter to take actions that some might find objectionable, and vice versa. But it's the law and were talking about here.

There is a legal mandate that there are people who are having to choose between their livelihood and their conscience in a matter that should not be in in in in issue no choice to bet that we Americans living in the land of the free should never be faced with yes you're right about that and it's becoming difficult in some contexts for Christians to even say I'm taking a religious exemption because the first responses you don't get a religious reason and it's not helped by these faith leaders, but title VII as you mentioned, prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of religion.

So if you have somebody who's listening.

Who says I want to religious exemption. What is the best way to go about getting that if you can get that from your employer, well if you work for an employer that have at least 15 employees and you're covered by title VII and so… He used to ask your employer what they are procedure or process or form is for requesting a religious exemption because every employer is going about a different way to do what one might have a form that you fill out another one like that you have to email HR and so on and so forth.

Now what finding is that a lot of people are making this request verbally and become either ill-informed or you know a person with ill intent. Supervisors would tell them, well, you don't qualify. We don't have you no one exemption pocket here. It's critical to make this initial request in writing and to receive a response in light because if you are discouraged from even making the request, and you never make the request then you cannot be heard to complain. Legally speaking, that you are you good with people and exemption bills. It's important to make the request in writing.

We do have a lot of resources that you mentioned that Alfie got award that are trying to help people to make views request. Unfortunately it.but you view thing to do. It does require a little bit of thought and effort and and work, but fortunately were finding that the people who take the time to articulate their understanding of Scripture are for the most part still able to obtain the redemptions to these requirements yes will and another thing that you've mentioned in your sample letter is there are also those who have recovered from COBIT and have natural immunity and so they're relying on God's protection consistent with Psalm 90 wine and that's that. Anybody who is saying there is no religious argument whatsoever. I think is just not looked into it very carefully to see all of these different issues that you guys helpfully recommend in this sample letter that you have over your website.

I want to recommend it one more time to listeners go to That's liberty counsel's website. There are lots of resources there that you can use if you are interested in finding out more about how to obtain a religious exemption from the covered 19 vaccines and we sure are appreciative of hearing me had who has been joining us and giving us some fabulous information that will be very helpful. Thank you very very much for being here.

Thank you God let God bless you too and thanks again you're listening to Janet and effort today. This archived broadcast of Janet effort today is brought to you by courageous legacy.

The new movie from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13.

Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

In theaters September 24 Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford one of the most insidious theological shifts that the re-voice conference trying to force on Christians was this idea that the church must become safe space for homosexuals or sometimes they call them sexual minorities these days not say space for repentant homosexuals who know and accept Christianity really is and how God really views sin and salvation but as an affirming body for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And that narrative has been bad enough.

But there was another narrative that was getting off the ground around the time of re-voice that I think is even worse. It's that straight Christians must learn from the wisdom and experience of so-called LGBT Christians.

It's just crazy. Case in point, Christianity today recently posted an article called Christian marriage demands that we study our desires not hide them and basically what it says is this. If you're married, you need to examine your extramarital desires and individual desires which are just assumed and who better to learn from on this issue than so-called sexual minorities who are in the authors view the very ones suited to teach the rest of us how to live faithfully with our own desires that's right if you've been married for a long time and have ever wanted out of your marriage. You felt attracted to somebody else need to find yourself a so-called homosexual Christian to impart his wisdom to you take this apart, biblically showing where to do it today with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for truth about homosexuality. Peter is always welcome to the show.

Great to have you write were to go through the details here but let me just summarize what this author Hannah Anderson is saying in Christianity today. She's been married for 20 years. She notes that cultural views on divorce and marriage have changed so it's not so much the culture affirming your marriage and staining your marriage. Things to become more individualized. So if you have a crisis of desire. You find yourself attracted to somebody else. Her answer is get some wisdom from sexual minorities. What is your take on that will start you when you read it almost looking for an excuse to affirm sexuality. Oh yeah, bizarre. Nine I have been reading Christianity today much recently, but if this is what they have to offer. I'm not impressed, but let's look at the idea of sexual minorities.

Now I think it's already not a good thing for Christians to be overly focused on even like racial and ethnic minorities because were all brothers and sisters in Christ, right, and there's I think there's an obsessive focus on Oyo, whether it's black Christians, white Christians, or yellow Christian but then would sexual minority doesn't even fit in that box because that is a euphemism.

It's the latest euphemism designed to affirm homosexuality and various perversions because it struck we all know that that the use of minority is sort of an affirming language, especially in our civil rights, driven culture. So when you talk about a sexual minority. It's really a sort of ripping off the traditional civil rights movement and adding basically deviant sexual identity into that and so I don't even think Christians should use the term sexual minority elocution of the culture. I think your right on the money and I think that's a really good insight that the other thing that strikes me is if you're having problems in your marriage. Why would you go to a sexual minority is not married to tell you how to deal with your marriage again. It doesn't make any sense. I think you're right when you say that she's almost looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

I don't think there a lot of Mary P been married a long time I've been married a long time. I don't think I've ever thought you know I'm having some issue here. My marriage quick. Where is the sexual minority down the street who I can ask about that is that it doesn't make any sense. All I told her so many things will say that so that homosexuals are like the most self-aware people on the planet and my experience is that there's a lot of you know it's not really self-awareness is what were looking at work on homosexuality, for example. You often hear the phrase being gay, it's who I am as inherently and they don't want to say innately but the boarding gate thing, of course, was very big. A couple ducted to go with those big mouth still believe it but basically they believe their inherently homosexual. That's not true that's not true, but quickly there's nothing in the Bible.

You can cite that would affirm a deviant sexual deviant gender identity, and yet they they sort of, sort of describe who they are and so I don't really consider that it is very for self-awareness that we should emulate well when you're looking at the Christianity today article that were talking about. She's quoting the Bible at all.

I mean it's all Mark your house, you know, we talked about him a lot when we did our God's voice conference to refute the errors of re-voice talking about Mark your house who's been this very influential man who has taken all of this idea of sexual minorities and identity etc. etc. and introduced all this new nomenclature into the church, such that were supposed to pick it up this lingo and just assume it's all biblical and it is not biblical. Lot of worldly thinking and work in an age now, which is turning the corner and basically you look at so many parts of our society, including in church circles. Of course there's a liberal church but even out evangelicalism where you're saying this the sort of pandering to the homosexual movement and almost celebration of this idea of sexual minority, even conservative Republican circles. Now we see polls and United States skeletons found that 70% of the public now supports same-sex so-called marriage.

So I think what's happening here is it's just a bending to the world. That's what this is the theology that is trying to fit into the world rather than standing apart from it and saying hey come come to truth.

It's bending to the culture.

It is bending to the culture. Here's another line from this piece, this Hannah Anderson writes its essential meaning. Married couples, it's essential that we learn to face desire had on not to undermine faithfulness but rather to pursue it.

So another word she said you should issue your desire in this case, meeting extramarital desire, you should face it head on.

While I'm reading the Bible Peter in first Corinthians 6 says flat out, flee from sexual immorality and second Timothy two says now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. James 114 says, but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust, are we not taught in Scripture not to face desire but to flee from it. What is wrong with this woman. She doesn't even understand the Bible.

Absolutely I'm looking at Jeremiah 79, right here, Janet. The heart is more deceitful than all else is desperately sick. Yes. Who can understand Lord search the heart, I test the mind. I mean everything backward, and of course morality has become a dirty word in our culture.

It's not the end word so much. It's the word morality and even when you look at homosexual activist they really really want to face the clear moral teaching throughout Scripture. It's more about paying all the of the Bible wasn't written and they don't really know what we know today about quote unquote orientation and and yeah, that's another thing when it comes to these words. Sexual minority is only the latest iteration of the euphemistic terms what you been used to normalize sin and deception on sexual issues for decades now day orientation and gender identity. Another calling these awful surgeries on the transgender there calling him where the crime gender confirmation surgeries awful. This is just now the Christian church is that I said before another interview you're always 10, 20 years later than the vanguard of the left 20 years later they come by and embrace the things that liberalism is pushing in the culture and what you mentioned before, and I salute you for the St. you really read Christianity today. God bless you for that. But I have to read you probably do one of the things that has been something they criticize over and over and over in there's an accompanying article to this one that's linked in that same page is purity culture.

It's not just morality that there down on its purity culture because purity culture has harmed so many Christians that always makes me scratch my head as if purity is a bad thing. Sure there might've been some people in the love won out and not love one out, but that you know love will wait at what was the name that you love whites. That's what it was back in the day when you had, you know. Parents really trying to emphasize to their kids.

Wait until marriage to have sex and this is biblical and this is exactly what should be taught. Now you have all of these deconstructionists showing up on social media talking about how purity culture harms me. So what they're doing is they're coming up with a new way of moving forward, where there flipping to this idea of sexual minorities somehow being a better thing I want to get into it but we have to prosper short break Peter LaBarbera with us on Janet my for today will be right back and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty healthcare pretty. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance Liberty call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or Liberty health this is Janet math heard from Bible leak international high knee is an itinerant pastor in Ecuador many, the violence, pastors, Christian workers phase we secularists thieves gangs so vested does the program time he will travel days by foot boat and mule is been beaten by warlocks robbed and suffered broken bones after falling in the Andes Mountains. What awaits him at the end of each trip, a thriving congregation of hundreds of believers in an area where Christianity is fiercely opposed.

When I share Hymie story I recall Isaiah 68. Shall I send will go. I believe this man is enduring more than some pastors ever will. Like others in the world where Bibles are desperately needed. Hymie is humbly asking us to send God's word for only five dollars.

You can send a Bible to Latin America and around the world in a special match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD where there's a Bible leak banner Janet math for your listening to Janet Mefford to go back, Peter LaBarbera joins us from Americans for truth about homosexuality. You can check that website out Americans for We are talking about Christianity today. I they never fail to give me good material there is an article that recently ran this is the headline. Christian marriage demands that we study our desires not hide them being faithful to his spouse requires living in community seeking God daily, and learning from our celibate brothers and sisters, and by celibate, she means LGBT celibate Peter when we go back to this whole issue of sexual minorities are the wise ones.

We need to listen to this moving into a time where they're beginning to almost look upon these people as special like there's some kind of monks that we should put up on a pedestal. Look how pure they are so backwards.

It's so wrong, but they really are elevating the LGBT who should be told, repent of your sin and come to Jesus Christ and be transformed by the power of God's word in the gospel, in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ and instead they're saying and and and and and now we need to turn away and learn from these people up on a pedestal who are faithfully LGBT. I never thought yes I did in the last few years. 10 years ago. Could you ever imagine that the church would be where it is right now, no. You're making Janet what is happening is that homosexuality is receiving almost a religious type status LGBT pride movement in our culture and that articles like this are paving the way for the recognition of so-called gay Christianity in a sort of a proud sense and I always like to sexual sin. Substitution tested like always put another set and there she would make sense.

We don't go around catering to say I don't know. Lust driven Christians, or any we don't we don't put the hyphen of the sin in front of other Christians. So As yourself, why are we doing it here and I think the reason were doing it is because homosexuality in this decadent state in our declining nation and we are definitely a declining civilization, world civilization literally fighting to survive.

Now Janet left God behind. We left our our Judeo-Christian heritage behind and now the church is trying to stay relevant and how about better to do that than to appeal to the hero always as it were, in our culture, demented culture, the heroes are the LGBT people just not but rather than stand apart and hold up that holy standard and say come to me come to Jesus where going were going down in the gutter to the sin movement and this is the number one beloved sin, movement of progressives in our nation's well one of the other things he says here's the evangelical community has expended a lot of conversational energy debating and even policing how faithful members of sexual minorities define their experience of attraction and then talks about some debates and then she says this although these debates matter. Perhaps our time would be better spent learning from brothers and sisters who are sacrificially committed to traditional Christian teaching on marriage is that such a sacrifice to actually believe God's word.

Their experiences of attraction or lack thereof, meaning same-sex attraction will culminate in marriage or sexual coupling which means they are the very ones suited to teach the rest of us how to live faithfully with our own slits.

If I get this straight. See if you see it this way. I don't know if I can do it when I just blues in my mind. Yeah, I me to basically because these people lost after people of the same sacs they can help you if you have any kind of stray desire. When you are married. In a normal marriage between man and wife because they are sacrificially committed to the teaching on marriage.

What initially committed what is that even mean well water that were noted slippery policing and just try to uphold the biblical okay were policing recent language right there.

Turn the other one is that it will warm it will end up in a coupling that can end up in a marriage.

Wait a minute.

The first step is recognizing the so-called gay Christian. The next will be your pressing me for not allowing me to be with the person I love your pressing me if you allow me to get married can't they see that that's the next step is always a slippery slope. There's no way in the world that the so-called gay Christian movement as they okay will take celibacy were were good for this for 17 decades. Henceforth, no way.

The next step is you don't love us if you would allow us to get married and and experienced our form of Walt. She quotes by the way book from Rachel Gilson and people might remember that name.

She was one of the participants in the original real voice. She did a panel on mixed orientation marriages. There's another phrase for you, not biblical at all, and Rachel Gilson identifies as a lesbian.

She's married to a man, but should I meet this to be giving guidance on what's going on in man, woman, normal marriages, but I mean look at who these people are who are being quoted in this piece it. It's nuts and here's the other thing I wanted to bring into this Peter Anderson writes that learning to examine our desires and attractions and how to distinguish between the two has the potential to bridge that gap between LGBT and straight believers. Is this going back to living out and there whole thing was Sam all Barry back at the time of freeways putting out the LGBT church audit on how churches can be more open and more of a safe space for homosexuals right back to this. It's like they date date put it down for a while because we made a big stink about it, but here it is again. It's like whack a mole right to rule out dialogue with the left whenever Christians dialogue with the left left to gain dialogue always not Christian. Here we go again here we go again. So when you're looking at this whole issue of Christians and Christian churches being infiltrated with this ideology. What's your perspective, knowing as much as you do about LGBT activism, the history of this movement, you talked a little bit about what's coming next. You know, this embracing of a so-called same-sex marriage. I think it's inevitable you already have it in mainline liberal denominations and and a bit I mean where do you think this is headed. When you're increasingly seen boldness in the pages of Christianity today on this LGBT issue that they weren't even bold enough to say a few years ago I did growing up narrow note committed set of believers who stand against it were already saying Christian leaders who sold out on homosexuality are still quoted in encryption newsletters and Christian media. I noticed Janet on you seeing that and and so there's a tolerance is already growing for sexual sin in the church and it's only going to get stronger. We have to stand firm against it and stand biblically while people have left homosexuality behind us. Another thing I noticed Christianity today starting to promote the idea that you cannot change many many people through Jesus have left homosexuals in behind me. Not tempted ever. But they've left the lifestyle and identity behind this is something that's very important. I have talked sometimes using the phrase Bible free Christianity. I kinda say that tongue-in-cheek, but when you have articles that don't quote the Bible to back up what they are trying to assert that should be the biggest red flag ever isn't it also the case, we have to become men and women of Scripture and to bleed Scripture when were caught and to speak the word of God into believe the word of God." The word of God.

We have gotten away from that. Way too much. I think Peter and I think it's vital especially in this battle to use the sword of the Spirit to say no wheat we understand that people will be committing sexual sin and homosexual sand. The Bible talks about that.

But first Corinthians 6 talks about such were some of you but you were washed, and you were cleansed or sanctified, there is hope and transformation for any repentant sinner, how can we offer that hope and less were using the Bible, absolutely. Watering down our Christian witness. The answer is going back to a more were witness and that's going to stand out it. I think the same for unmarried you having sex outside of marriage the way of the witnesses as a noblewoman to wait until I married not to say okay Christian should start sleeping with their you know their fiancés are just so that you will need to adopt a worldly approach.

We need to stand apart stand biblically right well that's what it means to be holy. That means to be set apart.

We are set apart for God's use.

We are not of the world.

We are of the kingdom of God. We've been led transferred out of the kingdom of darkness into his marvelous light. We are new creatures in Jesus Christ.

We are his ambassadors and really grieves me to the core Peter when I read an article like this and I know their dear souls reading this will come away saying it sounds pretty good and there's no Bible in it.

That is the biggest tragedy of all absolutely be more to come.

I want to start reading more into another article by guy was talking about his book on Amazon Greg Johnson he talked about altered to be a repentance of the churches homophobia talking about homophobia. You know were in serious trouble. Why is that guy still in ministry in the PCA that one will confound me forever think I needs to be driven out of ministry, but they'll never do it St. Louis presbyteries hopeless. Pray for them in the PCA because they're great people in the PCA tube granted time Peter LaBarbera check out Americans for here is always so good to have you here. Thank you again, are you soon take care God bless you. We will see you next time on Janet. Never today, this hour Janet met for today is brought to you in part by the new documentary the Jesus music from Lions gate and the creators of I can only imagine featuring interviews with many artists from contemporary Christian music Jesus music only in theaters beginning October 1. More information is available at the Jesus

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