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Mary Grabar (Debunking the 1619 Project)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 9, 2021 4:00 am

Mary Grabar (Debunking the 1619 Project)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 9, 2021 4:00 am

After it ran in The New York Times Magazine, The 1619 Project was derided for its historical inaccuracies and false claims about "racist" America. Now, it's pushing that same propaganda into K-12 schools. How can we make sure our children learn the truth about U.S. history? Dr. Mary Grabar joins me to talk about it and her book, "Debunking the 1619 Project." Plus: Amazon's Jeff Bezos is investing in a company wanting to extend humanity's lifespan, while a former Walmart executive wants to build the first Woke city. Why are so many elites obsessed with utopian visions that can't hold a candle to God's true plan for eternal life? That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Cantor brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 Janet Mefford today. Our confidence is in Christ alone again in August 2019. The New York Times launched a 19 project putting the alleged date of our nation's true founding at the year that slaves were brought to our shores from Africa now under the guidance of curator Nicole Hannah Jones, the project asserted that quote out of slavery grew nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional, its economic might.

Its industrial power its electoral system now course that wasn't true.

Many historians and scholars strongly critique the 1619 project for its flawed thesis and many other false assertions that it made, and the New York Times even ended up issuing a very tepid clarification.

In response, but that did not kill off the 1619 project because now it's in a shocking number of classrooms across America, even indoctrinating second graders were to talk about it today with Dr. Mary Graybar. She's a conservative commentator, historian, resident fellow the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the study of Western civilization. She's out with a great new book called debunking the 1619 project exposing the plan to divide America and Mary. It's great to have you with us again how are you doing thanks for having me again thank you so much. So when 1619 project came out as I mentioned before, and as you know many historians and scholars debunked it. What was your initial reaction when you got a hold of this and read through it and saw what the New York Times was trying to put out there to get people to get on board with this idea of a slave autocracy while it was outrageous.

Clearly you not on the first reading, you see that it is inspired by hatred of this country by bitterness and it is propagandistic it emotional is intended to inspire anger and as you look at it more closely you see just the huge gaps that are there. The misrepresentations the distortions of the outright falsehoods and so I I looked at it and I was I was shocked and I was further shocked when I learned that it was being put into schools, I mean the ink had barely dried on the magazine and it was being shipped out.

Yeah, you're right about that and it was shocking to I remember there was a piece in politico from Leslie Harris, whose Northwestern history professor who said that she had given advice and at times publish the incorrect statements about the fact that patriots fought the American Revolution in large part to preserve slavery North America so apparently they went ahead with stuff that they had been told by faith. Historians wasn't even true, so obviously there was a propaganda idea driving this thing in the first place. It is very obvious, and the New York Times and Nicole Hannah Jones continue to shrug off and ignore historians. Multiple historians who have critiqued various aspects of it.

She is known for credit.

You know for insulting people. Anyone who dares to, you know, point out any errors that mean she is not a historian she's a journalist, a race journalist and that his her modus operandi that she refuses to take any kind of criticism or correction and it's the same thing with the other riders in the project yet didn't you say there are only four historians out of what was it about 34 contributors to me that's lame. You should not be taking on some gigantic American history project and only have four historians, none of which you say really even had any sort of expertise on the history of slavery in the first place that's correct yes and yes. So that throws into question. You know, there are 17 literary work, and these are being taught is history.

So these are made to order poems or prose pieces. Ira what you call them.

I taught English and I can't categorize what should honor other even then there these are real stream of consciousness narrative that inspire anger against white people, and this is being taught to elementary school students as history or social studies. The third yeah it is in widespread tell people a little bit about the breadth of the curricula that is now going out into the public schools start with, you know, it starts off with kindergarten through 12th grade is also then put on reading lists at the college level. Campuswide reads in after the summer of rioting last year. All these, you know, administration suggested that his reading lists and that was at the top of that, and so this is a history that's rewritten from 1619 to the present and everything that is bad. To this day all of the inequities. If there are disparities, statistically speaking in terms of economics. The family stability death rates and so forth.

It's all attributed to what happened in ninth in 1619. When their first ship arrived with the African yeah it's just shocking because even the fact that the New York Times had to go back and clarify.

You know, as I said before was kind of a lame clarification, but at least they gave a little bit of a clarification because they got so much pushback, but this goes forward into the classrooms out going back a little bit. Let's talk about some of the most egregious errors that were part of this original 1619 project, what would you point to as the most horrible things that were being taught or initially were in these essays when they first came out well. I would point to her essay where she said that the Africans who came here were kidnapped from Africa. They were leading lives of domestic bliss and she implies that it was the Europeans that went into the inner hinterland, and you snatched up attack African families who were doing nothing and brought them back here and that is absolutely fall. It was the African chief who first attacked the other villages and enslave each other sold them to middlemen and then sold them to the European. She says the food this slavery. Here was what unlike anything that it happened in the world before slavery is I think probably the all oldest institution we have. We know about the oldest profession of slavery is probably the oldest institution.

We don't even know when it began as far back as we can go in history. We know there has been slavery that it has existed and all places of the planet and it has been condoned and practiced by the major religions and so it is ubiquitous. It is universal but she presents it as a solely American practice what other things Jefferson. Jefferson never wanted to abolish slavery.

That is absolutely wrong.

He did not say okay you are free and go for as she pretends he could have done, but he did for his entire life to his dying day express his frustration with slavery and figuring out a way to end it peacefully. There's another essay in the 1619 project that takes off on that this neo-Marxist school called the new history of capitalism and that maintains that all the wealth and the power that this country has acquired is based on slave labor.

A number of economic historians have attacked it for in numeracy these the historians don't know how to do math and the list just goes on and on it it you know, one of the difficult things was you know okay where do I stuff yeah I've got to get the book out yeah yeah you just debunking and debunking and debunking because there's so much to debunk their but the things that you just mentioned definitely warrant further discussion and I want to get into some of these along with the clarification that originally came out from the New York Times addressing the passage in question, stating that one primary reason the colonists bought the revolution was to protect the institution of slavery want to get into that when we come back. Dr. Mary Graber with us debunking the 1619 project is her book will be back on Jana Mefford today and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single DV more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with liberty healthcare pretty. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time of year. Pick your own doctor and hospital find out T that's liberty called call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or liberty health this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international aria lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family.

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We are so glad you're here and glad to welcome Dr. Mary Graber, resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the study of Western civilization. She's out with a tremendous new book it's called debunking the 1619 project exposing the plan to divide America as you said before, Mary. There are so many things to to criticize in the 1619 project things that are just assertions that are simply not true in historians and scholars have pointed it out, and yet here the 1619 project is getting its propaganda into so many of our classrooms across America that no going back to this point that you raised about Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson gets a lot from this crowd when when they are making assertions about Thomas Jefferson, never wanting to abolish slavery.

What are they misunderstanding what history are not they not taking into account and a little bit more detail because that's a point that they really kinda stress and people often say want. Remember all of this stuff about Thomas Jefferson.

I went through Monticello wants, but that I don't remember a lot of what Jefferson said or didn't say yeah why is that they are very ignorant about Jefferson's life and is certainly unsympathetic to the circumstances that he was faced with Jefferson was born into the gentry. You know his father acquired some wealth and he was born into a family that had slave you know hundreds of slaves and these are people that have had to be taken care of.

They were seen as people not as subhuman as Nicole Hannah Jones and says no one thought of them as subhuman and Jefferson earliest memory from the age of two or three was being carried on horseback by a trusted slave you know you of course would not entrust your two-year-old to a subhuman on horseback, but here he was his father died when he was 14 years old when he was 21 he was, you know, I signed care of his mother's you know estate and he was given slaves of his own. You couldn't just you know that these people free and say okay now go out and apply for a job. It wasn't that way the manumission laws were very strict for a long time. They had to leave the state and you had to put up a bond for them.

You are responsible for them. They couldn't become wards of the state and so he was faced with this situation personally where you you know he and also he wasn't. He wasn't very good at making money. So he was continually strapped for money and so his glory was, you know how to feed them, basically instead of burying them and and he had tried to, you know, in the Declaration of Independence, there is this long passage of complaint about the imposition of the slave trade. England was trying to you know promote slavery and sending over slaves.

The ilk or some of the plantation owners wanted to buy them, but many others did not answer so this was something that that was the sore spot between you know the colonies in the mother country, so and you know and his Constitution of Virginia. He tried to outlaw slavery problem was that Jefferson face these political realities you had the vested interests of the plantation owners. You have this group that wants slavery and in order to you know unifying declare independence you have to make some compromises at me that the political process.

Yeah. So this this is something that was not really expounded upon in the 1619 project but it's important points out, doesn't it. The ignorance of a lot of Americans about history. It must frustrate you, because if if kids and even adults understood American history better than we probably do.

We would have been able to read that and and right away say will wait a minute that's not actually what I was taught in school. I mean, there certainly Americans who can do that. But now you've got all these kids who don't have any background in actual American history knowledge who are getting all this propaganda and how the world are they supposed to fight it off with any semblance of understanding of American history. If this is all are being taught about American history you're absolutely correct and it's not you know they're getting to 16, 19 project and they have good textbook. I went through a couple of the major textbooks one by Pearson and they repeat this lie or something that is just a rumor that Jefferson father. All six of Sally's flight slave, Sally Hemmings, his children, and there is no evidence there has been no proof of that. And I go into the detail about the DNA testing. But it's just repeated you know another falsehood of the 1619 project is that Jefferson never freed any of the slaves he freed several of them, you know, Robert Hemmings, you know. She says you know he would never enjoy the kind of freedom that Jefferson was describing in the declaration while you know he was freed at the age of 32 for all things like that. But what kids are taught through our textbooks, which are already biased. I just going to be exacerbated by the 1619 project which has been a highly inflammatory language that is intended to manipulate the emotions of those who are young and na´ve, who don't have a base of knowledge. It's really a tragedy parents fight back at their local school district level. I know in some areas of the country. They're not allowed to teach this curriculum in the schools, but in a lot of parts of the country in parents may be sending their kids to schools with her to get this garbage. What can they do about it right. Well what they're going to be facing as teachers and administrators saying while the 1619 project is the truth and students need to learn the truth about slavery. While it is not the truth. It is factually wrong in so many ways and in so many places and I think the best way to fight against the edgy crap is to fight back with the fact they pretend that you know parents and citizens and grandparents are ignorant, you know that they don't have the degrees in education while eating out know actually you know that most people recognize the 1619 project is deeply flawed. On the first reading and I hope that with my book debunking the 1619 project they can get the details and they can, you know, refer you to what is being said about this being true point by point and then let the administrators come back.

Yes, well that's why people need a resource like this because a lot of parents sound of the time to do all of the digging and I it's a little over my head but if I had a good resource then I'm armed to go in with the knowledge that I need in order to debunk this 1619 garbage that's being taught to my children. It's it's really wrong that's been to you think about this and having been a journalist myself, what drives me crazy about it is the New York Times which is supposed to be this wonderful and a great lady in this this to the top of the pyramid of American journalism. They put this out in the first place and then when they were corrected didn't care like they are even care what they're saying is true because this is activism at the root is not you and it was revealed that the editor you know after the you know the impeachment of a Donald Trump in the rush collusion fell apart, that one of the things they wanted to focus on was race than them, how they were going to get Pres. Trump and so this promote that agenda and you know and they don't care about the truth I it really is appalling that they you know that these are people who have had some of the best historians in the country address many points and just refused to budge and and then put it out. You know I mean it.

It's one thing to publish something in four adults and if you want to read it you want to buy it you can if you don't don't.

But to put into the schools. To me, that is really it's it's criminal use of of kids, it is it is.

I don't think that's an overstatement. I think you're completely on the money about that.

Not to mention the fact Mary that we fought a civil war that ended with the emancipation of slaves. It is that not a major event in American history that ought to debunk a whole lot of this just on its face, that if you ask Nicole Hannah Jones, but it yes it should mean that you know three quarters of a million men died in that war you know what you know and I also go into you know what abolitionists did the people gave up their lives in other ways and you know she flat out comes out and says you know white all white people were oppressors. They like slavery even if they didn't own slaves themselves. They enjoyed the benefits and that's that's just a slur against many good people who dislike slavery. They dislike segregation and it's a slap in the face and it act factually out right wrong. Its faults. And yes you're right about the Civil War. We did fight a war over it made you know it took a while for you know, equal rights to commented play. But you know you give give some credit for what was done. That's right. Do you have any high hopes at all for the 1776 initiative to be able to gain some ground. I know that was something the Pres. Trump had some people put together a. Where does that stand behind. I I like the project, Bill McClay's book, land of hope is excellent and it's adapted from that and I think it's appropriate for students that you know we need to inspire confidence in our nation and you know introduce back said at an age-appropriate level.

And I'm glad there are alternatives out there and I think as people understanding get together and go to school boards and state legislatures and ghetto voice their concerns. I think we can make is very good debunking the 1619 project. Thank you so much Dr. Mary Graybar for listening to Janet's portion of Jennifer for today's brought to you by courageous legacy remastered in 4K, including a new ending just legacy. Rated PG-13 in theater September 24 from Sherwood searchers from films problem films and the kindred brothers drums courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, where are you today and here's your host Joe during the pandemic private health insurance plans were required under federal law to cover the entire cost of medically necessary code 19 testing in the number of states also waived coping 19 out-of-pocket treatment costs for those enrollees who are fully insured will now according to the Kaiser family foundation.

The situation is changing the foundation says that earlier in the pandemic. Relatively few coping 19 patients would have been billed for their hospitalization because of the voluntary waivers extended by private insurers and employers, but they say as vaccines have become more widely available and healthcare utilization has rebounded health insurers may no longer face political or public relations pressure to continue to waive those costs for cover 19 treatment so as more waivers are expiring more people hospitalized for cover. 19 will likely receive significant medical bills for their treatment. I guess this is no surprise, but very interesting development work to get some thoughts on it now from Matt Ballis chief communications officer for liberty hell share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry. Matt welcome great to have you with us again all the reader well you better. I guess this is something that is not unexpected. At some points. The benefits run out or I guess the. The goodwill runs out. But this is kind of interesting. 100 into health plans are. I guess no longer waiting coping 19 treatment costs another 10% of plans are phasing out waivers again were back to the third-party insurance system, but what are your thoughts on this and this development will it really is extreme role that we all have, but we recognize that what the real issue here is is that what you would have to have some sort of special situation for your healthcare. Take care of a disease that was unexpected treatment was really no doubt you would have to have bureaucrats in their offices, boiled away by what would be to take care of these cost healthcare bills util week we'll deal with unexpected expenses of unexpected costs on a regular basis. We plan for the we put money aside for them if something were to come down the pike, but we have the ability to take care of the unfortunately it looks like third-party insurers of the third-party payers they need to have the oral belt to the degree where they know government meeting social pressures to take care all of these medical expenses or at least have them viable expense for their actual player. Yeah, it really is fortunate to have an extraordinary situation like this where really exposes most warts yeah so so what you're saying, it seems, is there letting enter into the equation. All of these other factors. And it's not merely about people's healthcare and medical cost.

It's it there other all these other factors that go into it and all this bureaucracy that's involved in it exactly.

Turns out that it's not really about her at all. It's all about mitigating risk and what insurance tries to do it mitigate that risk where a lot of times they end up either not paying underpricing or hospital try to bill or row or overbuild the real usual will help your system and covertly do I think is just show the white on those problematic areas will write what you and I have discussed quite a few times how liberty hell share is different.

As a healthcare sharing ministry.

You have a very different model from third-party payer system private health insurance coverage and Obama care as well is liberty hell share handled the pandemic through your healthcare sharing model.

How is it different from the way private insurance has been dealing with it. What was the duty of all we got up our guideline. The way to help your jury in total, because we've already worked out Lee's eventualities.

We are sure if there's a disease. If there is a pressing medical grade. Our members have that ability to go stick treatment. Good goal for the things that they want to look up for Carol to their wives so eventualities that were already looked after. That's the whole point of healthcare sharing if it's a urgent medical leave that our members actually need treatment, payment for eligible expense that we look at the yes absolutely go take care of that you are in charge or the patient. You're the one guy to get direct help share the gospel patient with your doctor where it all at office building in Ohio were not there with you. You need to make those decisions, you need to seek treatment. You should be looking to liberty hell share whatever coach to working out all the final details of your help. We want to put you in charge so that you have that ability or situation, what coping 19 where nobody could see it coming out of left field. Those were already taking care of in terms of eligible eligible costs. So really it's a completely different way of the belt help your old yeah I'm interested in and that is a fascinating point, I'm interested how the pandemic in general.

Kind of made you think about the importance of having an option like liberty. Hell share where you do have a completely different system to the pandemic to drive home that point that the healthcare sharing model really at the end of the day is the better way to go than having to deal with the third-party payer will really it has to do with options and where do you have the freedom to make good choices with your healthcare and we want to give our members often give them the back.

It's been taken from us that we don't even recognize it until we're actually looking at squaring the great people have had to deal with gold this year. Last year, and so so many people are confronting their healthcare systems where there really wasn't that they are not in charge. They are one hearing Julie bureaucrats Williamsport the government's lives when it comes to paying for their healthcare don't really believe this is about option is about choice. It's about freedom and it's about being a part of a community of people who care within a frequented community were supporting you in your times of the vessel really look different, but will yes not one we've talked before about how your members interact with one another. You can pray for other people. You can give the messages of cheer when they're feeling you don't down about a particular hospitalization or medical treatment they're going through what you hearing from some of the members that you have at liberty hell share about how they were able to interact with one another, especially during the pandemic.

There are so many people with our prayer box part of or all one that we culture about that prayers at other people's help during this time because it was scary. Go one of people we didn't know how they would only people suffered so much. Unfortunately passed away, and there are so many people with our community who have reached out to other members of our community through our prayer box system that allows people to pray to be there for one another to send messages of fear and comfort really exposes that in our life, but healthcare is not just about dollars and cents just thought about your body your soul your systems back in working together truly is a better spirit because of some personal. It is a life-and-death thing. If so many people really use the help and support in prayer in those parts of the joke is one of the aspects that we are so glad to provide and know that you wanted community that we are all of one another help one another not trust financially but spiritually as well. Well, that's excellent.

And when you talk about the importance of having options and having freedom. I know that's another advantage that people can go to their doctors and their hospitals were the ones they want to actually and they can make sure that they're getting paid to and and this is another way that people can exercise that freedom in order to make sure that their healthcare comes first, and not all of the you know the red tape that sometimes comes with the third-party payer system is very important. Whatever we have that choice, but healthcare that we have essential ownership over our bodies and the chair of our body that we have doctors and hospitals who recognize that as well so we want to make sure that when were out there looking for those doctors and hospitals facing that is will we treat them as a coach is a member of the team to help his health is very good at what you can check out the liberty hell TMF Ellis with us. Matt always good to chat with you. Stay well and thanks for being here. All right. Take care your listening to Janet my effort today from a firm films comes with gendered brothers show me the father room and courageous moviegoers on a cinematic journey that invite you to think differently about your earthly father and how you relate to God through five true stories really show you the father rated VG rental gardens adjust to new leaders Friday.

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These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to Sherwood pictures from films problem films in the kindred brothers drums courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers remastered and forth to and including a new ending, where are you you're listening to Janet Medford today and know it's kind of interesting. I've been reading this book and the name of radicals chasing utopia by Jamie Bartlett. It's not a Christian book, but I picked it up. I don't know a while back. It's been sitting on my shelf and I finally decided to read it a few days ago and it's very interesting. The whole premise of it is looking into the rogue movements trying to change the world again not it not from a Christian perspective, but they go through talking about people in the trans-humanist movement wanting to do mind uploading and all that creepy stuff and get into AI and then they talk about anti-Islam movements in Europe and there was a chapter on the psychedelic society. These people who are now trying to emulate Timothy Leary and take psychedelic drugs to try to have a spiritual experience, so I'm reading this and then these stories pop up in this is quite interesting. There has been an ongoing fascination as it were, probably since the Tower of Babel. That man believes on some level he can become God and these days we talk about utopianism and they're all kinds of different groups out there who want to either prolong life or become deity in some way or become one with the universe or explore outer limits of this and that and they're all these kinds of grandiose dreams that people have, but some of them are truly dangerous for various reasons, communism obviously would come to mind the idea that all we need to do to create the perfect utopia on earth and make everything equal for everybody is to radically change society will we know how that turned out for communism. Now come these stories. This is quite interesting. Amazon acts CEO Jeff Beto's according to a new report is looking to space for humanity's future but also trying to extend humanity's lifespan here on earth. There's a new report in MIT's technology review CBS writing about this, saying that basis is one of several investors in altos labs, a Silicon Valley startup working on technology to rejuvenate cells and potentially prolong life, and this startup also counts Yuri Milner a Russian tech billionaire else altos labs is working on what's called reprogramming technology. A method of reverting adult specialized cells into stem cells, which have the potential to turn into any kind of cell sounds creepy scientist say reprogramming holds great potential to treat vision loss, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and other age-related bodily degeneration.

In one study, the Salk Institute biochemist Juan Carlos is Louisiana Belmont day declared at the elixir of life and said that aging is not an irreversible process. Let's see man is appointed once to die, and then the judge didn't did you miss that part so this is kind of utopian ideal here and it says stopping disease and prolonging life seems to be a key interest for Beto's in his 2020 letter to Amazon shareholders.

He quotes extensively from Richard Dawkins, the Richard Dawkins, the British evolutionary biologist and famous new atheist writing to his investors quote staving off death is a thing that you have to work at. If living things didn't work actively to prevent it. They would eventually merge into their surroundings and cease to exist as autonomous beings. That is what happens when they die what happens when they die. Now what happens when they die, you sell a few books and you think that your God. On some level. So let's set that aside second utopian story comes from the New York Post, and this involves a former Walmart executive and e-commerce billionaire Mark Lohr who wants to build the world's first woke city from scratch. Very interesting. Lohr has unveiled plans for his utopia called to Lohse from the ancient Greek word tell us meaning, highest purpose, he said in a promotional video.

The mission of to Lohse is to create a more equitable, sustainable future. That's our Northstar we are going to be the most open, the most fair and the most inclusive city in the world. Key to the city's plans is Lohr's economic vision called adequate to zone in which the land upon which the city is built will be donated to a community endowment's residence in turn on their homes on the land and are enriched as home values increase according to the project site and after a period of hyper growth. Residents can buy the land from the community endowment. Doesn't that sound fascinating if you went into the desert where the land was worth nothing or very little and you created a foundation that owned the land and people move there and tax dollars build infrastructure and we built one of the greatest cities in the world.

The foundation could be worth $1 trillion. Lohr told Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and if the foundation's mission was to take the appreciation of the land and give it back to the citizens in the form of medicine, education, affordable housing, social services, while that sets the city is meant to take on what Lohr fuses the US's biggest challenge the rapidly growing wealth gap which he said is going to bring down America act, which is a Ms. inclusive growth, says the website. While the current economic system is a growth engine. It has led to increasing inequality to understand economics today understand the basic economic systems that have been tried throughout history and have they noticed why it is that the American economy worked in ways that other kinds of economy say oh I don't know socialist economies have not worked need of the five-year plan in the old Soviet Union, not such a great working system.

So there you have this woke system everything is gonna be sustainable instead to be awesome and they want to commit to someplace but the they're thinking about different places, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Texas maybe Appalachia will see what happens. But utopia is such a crazy thing. It's as if the Bible is right is it that we have eternity in our hearts. There is something within us that understands that something is wrong. Fundamentally, the creation testifies to the existence of the creator.

But we can't seem to fix that I think about this. I think we can get to the moon. We can international space station we can get down to the Mariana trench in the ocean the bottom of the ocean, but we still can't fix the problem of lying.

We can't fix the problem is stealing. We can't fix the problem of adultery. It just doesn't happen. Why is it were able to make so many technological advancements and educational advancements. Although the way academia is going right now I don't know if really going in an advancement direction of the moments.

How is it so that we can make so much progress in so many areas, but when it comes to the sin problem site were helpless because the Bible is true and I was thinking about this issue of wanting to number one.

Prolong your life as long as possible on earth, and I'm thinking to myself why would you want to be here that long. I don't have a death wish. And I think you should eat right and you should take care of yourself and you should live as long as the Lord allows you to live and that's all well and good but I can imagine wanting to be in an eternal state era 200-year-old person living here on earth I date I want to go home.

I mean, and this is the hope of the gospel.

I want to go home.

Heaven is my home and I think of Hebrews 11. This is such an incredible chapter of the Bible and it really is worth rereading. If you haven't read it lately. But as we know it starts out now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see this is what the ancients were commended for. And it goes through by faith Abel and by faith Enoch this part in verse seven by faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen in holy fear built an ark to save his family by his faith. He condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness that is in keeping with faith we understand from God's word that the world is passing away. By faith Abraham made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob who were heirs with him of the same promise, for he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. And it talks about Sarah as well. All these people were still living by faith when they died they did not receive the things promised, they only saw them and welcome them from a distance admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own if they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would've had opportunity to return. Instead, they were longing for a better country heavenly one.

Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them. When he awoke city out the desert. All these utopian dreams may sound great on paper, and especially if you don't know the Lord that may be the best you can come up with but boy it is just so lame compared to what awaits us as those who belong to Jesus Christ.

If your sins are forgiven. If you have trusted in Christ as your Lord and Savior, then there is a city that awaits you in my father's house Jesus that are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you. That's where our destination is. That's the perfect city and it's not good to be woke. Praise the Lord itself can be woke but it is going to be glorious because Jesus Christ will be there and we will see him face-to-face and I don't know about you, but in these dark days that gives me so much more hope than any utopian schemes.

Anybody can come up with here on earth for progress.

I'm for making life better.

To the extent possible, but I'm not counting on this earth to fulfill my utopian dreams my paradise is having with the Lord Jesus Christ to love me, and gave his life up for me and for you to praise his name. This argentum effort today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father from the Hendrick brothers graders war room courageous explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters this Friday.

God bless you guys.

Thanks so much for being with us again and will see you next time right here on


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