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Shelly Genovese Calhoun (A 9/11 Widow's Remembrance)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 7, 2021 4:30 am

Shelly Genovese Calhoun (A 9/11 Widow's Remembrance)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 7, 2021 4:30 am

It's been 20 years since Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans in the 9/11 attacks on our nation. One of those Americans was Shelly Genovese Calhoun's husband, Steve Genovese, who worked on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower. Today, Shelly reflects on how the Lord has sustained and blessed her and her family in the aftermath of such a dark day. She'll share her thoughts from her book, "Twice Blessed," on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Cantor brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father.

Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, so it is well for most of us the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 is a reminder of one of the worst days any of us have ever gone through. I remember watching those hijacked airplanes slam into the World Trade Center towers and really just in horror and disbelief, watching as the towers collapsed. It was like a movie but it was a nightmare. We couldn't escape.

It was really the darkest day, a lot of us can remember.

But of course the experience was far different for the family members who had loved ones working in those towers and today we will be talking to one of them.

Shelley Genovese Calhoun was married to Steve Genovese who is a partner in over-the-counter trader at Cantor Fitzgerald located on the 104th floor of the north tower.

Steve was killed by those terrorists. On September 11, 2001. He was one of 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who lost their lives that day, but first Shelley her faith in Christ and her knowledge that Steve was a Christian made all the difference between hopelessness and hope and she tells her incredible story and her book called twice blessed, a journey of hope through 9/11 and were just honored to have you here Shelley welcome.

Thank you so much for being with us for having me.

While I know you have told your story quite a few times over the last few decades, but I would imagine the 20th anniversary is somewhat different. Does it feel different to you with the 20th year of marking that terrible day, coming close on your bill about the same I only wrote the book years ago and kinda a journey to healing and blighting the book for several years so I think the last two years is actually been filled with an felt a little bit more complete because I thought God has really just worked on me through, you know, writing the book and telling my story sure was cathartic and I'm so so sorry for your loss. I can imagine what it's like.

But you tell your story and it's very interesting you've had a very full life. You're a Texan you remodel a pageant winner.

Now you're an author, your wife and mother, but it's very interesting to see how the Lord brought you through meeting your husband can you tell a little bit about that story and how it was that you finally married Steve well I probably put me in the modeling and treated by no chance but it was just so that I can meet and I modeled for years and I'm ended pageant that I was on a job actually and met him and it was kind of love at first sight, and immediately was so taken by him and we dated for an we dated for a moment and I was actually so ready so already in love with him and then realized they know we were actually very very different in our faith. We had just been brought up. So differently and then he attended church and most of his life that he really did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and I knew that, you know, if I were to get married one day that I would want somebody that you know shared my same unified my same values and depended on you know and Jesus is Lord and Savior we had and we dated for a while and I knew actually that I probably was not able to continue on in this relationship, you know that that wouldn't be God's perfect will for my life but not my prayed about it and then eventually accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior about pretty much what this book is all about is just knowing that we don't know. You know what tomorrow may bring the just having Christ you know with the foundation and knowing that we can spend eternity with him in heaven is just ignore our eternal hope you saying well it's interesting because you say you became a Christian when you were little, was nine years old. You're a woman who cleans your house was a Christmas about that in your life and I were up in a family that was just that wonderful, wonderful family, but we really didn't go to church we attended church on Christmas and Easter, but not on a regular basis so I knew a little about Jesus, but I really know it never accepted him as my Savior and and let you clean our house once a week and she would walk around and she just had the joy that was just contagious and I followed her around and she would tell me stories. And she did when they said, you know. Have you ever ask you know Jesus, to be your Lord and Savior and I said I have not that we need to go to a sacred place and you need to pray in you and tell him that you believe in him and in a know the simple is just asking him to be your Savior and to live inside your heart forever and I did just that is a nine-year-old actually crawled inside my mom and dad dirty clothes hamper and I said married.

It was just you know if and fear innocent in the prayer of a child's heart that just change my life forever. Wow, it's just amazing when you look back at the Citizen Times now you married Steve and he was from the East Coast, obviously working in New York City's so what was that like adjusting from Texas going to the East Coast.

Really, really, my family and so and you know course. I was so in love and had magical life, but you deftly an adjustment on when you live in the South and I think you walk around and you see people in Starbucks and they're all doing Bible studies and you know it's just I think I did search it out. You know more when I was there I had to really find my people had to find people who believe the same way that I believed then you know who would be godly friends and be able to be there for me and lets me up its course.

I thought it was very telling and in an interesting but tragic fact that Steve actually has survived the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. That's just unbelievable.

I did that change the way that he thought about going to work at all or did he just kind of say well, that was one thing that I went through and I'm alive and and everything is fine from here. How did he handle that right talk about it on and I remember him telling me they knew that you building was you know a place that would look out to attack just because it was in a financial freedom for America and so I think that you know he knew that his building.

You know what something that could you know be dangerous factor, but you needů 1993 attack and of course on September 11 happened.

Of course I thought he had intimated other 1993 bombing and you know he will be able to get out of this to what was that morning like it was very ordinary. I know many many families has focused in on the fact that it just seemed like any other morning.

It was a beautiful morning that morning.

What you recall about how the day unfolded right well you wake up, I just, you know, sound asleep in his arms and he kissed me on the cheek and he actually turned off the ringer that was beside my bed that I wouldn't wake up and note any thing altered told me the 16-month-old daughter. So he knew that he would eventually wake up and that we would like for kissed me on the cheek and then he left for the day am sure he went into and his precious daughter to an you know that morning and that phone just were ringing off the hook but I didn't hear anything ringing because the phone had been turned off and I also slept with the box and the muffled noise from you know any other room but but the cool thing about it is, my mother was actually in town that my godmother was in town who is with her best friend and you know that was just God's grace alone that they were just there to be with me. You know what was about to be that you know most horrific day of my entire life and Steve left you a message. What did he say in the message right.

Well, my mother actually ran into my room after she did and you answered the phone in her bedroom and she rented my room and she said yes Shelley turn on the TV. Something happened that the building in one of our dear friend that called us and let us know that something it happened so it would not. I've barely opened I turned on the TV and I saw the building on fire and immediately like you're watching a movie.

It's like you're watching something that's not real so I can't you sit there and didn't panic immediately. I think I was just kind of in shock and that to me.

I started trying to call Stephen up trying to find out where he was and you know he did not, of course, answer the phone because all the phones had been inundated with calls from that region so that I was unable to get in touch with him and finally my mom said the phone isn't ringing wanted to try that. You know, retrieve your voicemail. So once I did, you know, I heard a.m. call from has been and would just fear in his voice. He did that you Shelley into the phone pick up the phone. Something happened to my building. Something happened to that World Trade Center and then it was like it just kind of clicked off and just went silent.

You could just say Austin stuff in the background you know Ed, he was speaking and mostly wasn't what he said it was just kind of the fear and terror in his voice, which I have course, had never heard before. I never heard this strong man that it taken care of me and it was my husband. I'd never heard that voice so sorry one of course, as you mentioned before you had a little girl but you had your mom and her friend there your godmother and I want to get into more of your story Shelley were in a pause for a very short break will be coming back when Shelley Genovese Calhoun twice blessed journey of Hope your 9/11 is her book and will come back on Jenna Mefford today same from a firm films comes with gendered brothers show beautiful room and courageous moviegoers on a cinematic journey that invite you to think differently about your earthly father and how you relate to God through five true stories show beautiful rated movies, reading rental gardens adjust to new leaders Friday. More information is available and show me the father hi this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. I saw his heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life went from just Candace to mom to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving bath which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other jewelry serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people.

Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us Mercy're listening to Joe at Mefford today and use your host Mefford we are coming up very closely now to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 Islamic terrorist attacks on America in some ways it doesn't seem like it was 20 years ago but so much has happened and is always a wonderful testimony when you can hear a Christian who was intimately involved in the events of that day give testimony to the grace and love of God and especially the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

Shelley Genovese Calhoun is with us twice blessed, a journey of Hope your 9/11 is her story and we were talking before the break about your husband Stephen how he was on the 104 fourth floor of the north tower and lost his life that day. Your mom was there. Your godmother was there.

You watch TV, do you remember much about how you were coping in those moments when you had the TV on and you knew that Steve was in the tower and right, and immediately they were speculating that you are a private plane it at the building and when the second tower with it when the south tower with head.

I think that when fear and terror. You know course just kind of entered know and all of our minds and hearts. Just knowing that our country was under attack and so I think that then this south tower collapse. And of course when that collapse. I remember thinking like I may not have lasted thank God that what that my husband building a man I just was only could comprehend. I could only think about my has been at that point, just because it was all that my mind could handle and I sit there and you know, of course, I just prayed and I pray that you and Steve would have more time to escape and get out that not knowing that that you know nor tower would collapse. Also, and in the north tower collapsed and when the north tower collapse. Of course I fell to the ground and collapsed with the tower and just laid on the floor. Just screaming and crying out to God and I remember saying save the Lord please just save Steve if you only say one safety and came over me. I just I sit there and I felt like I just had this calmness over me just kinda like that the Lord was just calming the raging sea and I felt this piece so strongly that I believe that that moment that Steve was say that I believe that he was coming home.

But of course I would later find out that the piece that you know I had and that the Lord gave me that David was the piece that Steve was home that is the moment the towers just crumble to the ground that Steve was lifted from the hundred and 44 string to the arm scene of his Savior Jesus Christ.

So I can't even imagine what that must've been like for you. How did you deal with the aftermath. Clearly there've been many years since, but the immediate aftermath the last few years having a little girl in dealing with just all the things that you obviously had to deal with as widow of somebody who died in the towers. What what what did you learn from that period of time after the tower collapsed in and just dealing with Steve's death.

I think I didn't even know who I was, you know why I would deftly learning my God, what I was learning that he was so big and so faithful and I just don't to spread so near me. You know, I just would go into my closet and I call my hiding place and I just hit myself in the Lord and I just you know I had to just cling to the faith and hope that you know that only he can give because I had nothing else to me. There were days that the court I did not want to get out of bed and of course I had my 16 month old daughter. That of course I would hear her voice and I went on you know you know that I had to I had to be strong for her. I had to be a mother for her.

She lost a father and you know I didn't want her to lose another two and that you, I just learned that God was my all in all and just to cling to him and just that he would be there.

You can do and I know it was several years after dad that you remarried. Tell us about your husband Keith well and it was difficult to start dating at her and you know you've been widowed with you. I had a lot of fear of dating I fear what people would think I just had to realize you know finally that it would be okay that I dated and I just had to let those fears just put them out of my head because I knew that you know that God would want to be the happy I knew that he had this hope in the future for me so and that it was very difficult to date. After being widowed and I started dating and he and we had on again off again be in a relationship for years because I would get close to him and that I would say oh I just can't do this. You know I did because I loved so much. I just could not understand that if I still love somebody else how I could date someone and that you know I realized that you know God deftly was give me a big enough heart to be able to love you know both men you knew Keith before you knew Steve's was interesting yeah I met that evening when I was like 19 he was. We got out on a couple dates and never even held hands that we just you know we got out a couple date.

I think he knew backbend I was just a really good Christian girl and I he had just Moved to Dallas and I think he was brought up in a Christian family, but I think in his at that time in his life that's not what he wanted.

He would like to pray before mail okay give me a second date. But anyway, but I think he always really respected me and I think you know I always he always remembered me though, and after you know 9/11 and about a year after 9/11.

We'd run into each other and he was so so sweet and kind and he said and I've been praying for you and I just want you to know you know you really you and your daughter deftly been in my thoughts and my prayers, like I saw this different side of heat that I'd really never seen when it was pretty special.

Wow. I know you have a son as well have a 14-year-old son goal.

What you tell the kids about Steve and how do you handle the just going back in time and trying to explain what happened and that would be I would imagine especially when your daughter was younger. In particular, that would been a little bit difficult to handle.

How did you handle that right. Well, really, really little I mean of course we told her that her daddy was in heaven with Jesus having cheated when she was tiny when she was told she would point to the sky and say my daddy in heaven and that of course it was heartbreaking but it was also very very special that she just you know took comfort in that. And she was just always surrounded by so many people loved her dearly that and we prayed that she would just not be affected by this tragedy and then with my son. I think that he should need always known that you know and that Jay's dad, you know, with skilled and 9/11 and it's just my husband. My husband now heat was adopted and NJ of course has her father who is in heaven, and then caches are together. So I think we had this wonderful relationship. It just has so many pieces to it that it just very special swelling going to the title of your book ceiling twice blessed.

How have you reflected upon that that rather than focusing on all the tragedy.

All of the time you really do feel blessed in having had that kind of a blessing two times right not like a lot of people look for one true love in her life and I do like that guided really honestly just given me a chance to find true love. You know why and I mean II compared to having a baby.

I remember when I had Jacqueline when she was just a baby and thinking like oh my goodness, how could you ever love another child like I love this child and then when I had my second son cash. It's the same thing.

It's just like your heart just grows and bits of same way with being able to still just be so in love with and even still love Steve just to be able to have a big and hard to love them both wonderful.

One of the things that you sent in your books only as you said through my own personal tragedy. I felt a closeness to God that I believe I would never have known without going through such intense heartbreak, and of course we know the promises in Scripture about God working all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose and sometimes people kinda throw that verse is kind of a trite thing to say in a hard time but it seems that you really seen the truth of that experience the truth of that verse in your life right in on family we really just wholeheartedly cry and draw near to him that he will draw near to you.

Whenever you know when you know all things to work out, you know, for a report called according to his purpose that we do at the new and we have to be really really thinking him too and I think that I just found so many hidden treasures yelling God and in his word through just searching for him you wholeheartedly. I'm not of course done me wrong. There were some days that I have course you know you're so broken that I didn't have words to pray. I didn't know we know what to pray to know what to say. I didn't want to know.

Getting the word I didn't want that.

You know, do any of it.

You know, I knew that the only thing that was going to get me through. So I turned on my praise music you and I cling to the promises and I sent them over and over until I believed them and just that they were just hidden in my heart so that they could just you know about Darren come out in an overflow, you know, with the hope that only he can give you work through any particular issues of forgiveness. When you reflect back you know I really haven't and I think that I knew that the root of bitterness, but just take hold that if I did not forgive people so I was just feeling so much with just being able to handle my own grief, you knowing my daughter's grave as well, which felt very very heavy for me for to know that you know she would live in if I can know without a father grow up without a father, you know, but God continued that unit that his promises you knowing I had just know that he can be the father to the fatherless and forgiveness with something that I really really just did not let them take hold that unforgiveness did not let him take hold in my life. Yeah well you understand obviously that the Lord is in control of all things that seems to be a recurring theme in your book right right well I mean and I deftly thank you note that just what Satan meant for evil and Al Qaeda meant for evil, you know on that day that you know God can use for his glory. And I've seen people come to know Jesus as their Savior do that.

And of course I want that because I don't want you in a feedlot to be in vain and I don't want this horrible tragedy to be in vain. I want people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior through everything that's amazing mean that is obviously what any Christian would hope to say, having gone through something like you gone through which we can't even understand what that's been like for you, but it sure is an encouragement. I would imagine to your brothers and sisters in Christ all over the place who heard your story and have read your book, because that that is the most wonderful thing of all, when you can come to a place where you can say Christ is enough and even in our deepest grief. There is hope and I hope people will really really read for themselves. Everything that you've written in your book is called twice blessed, a journey of hope through 9/11.

Shelley Genovese Calhoun with us. Shelley, thank you so much God bless you and it was just wonderful to have you here.

Thank you for having me. Now you're welcome. God bless you. Take care. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by a firm film show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the country brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 Joe River today and here's your host Joe Milford. I wonder if all these liberals from across the country really understand how we in Texas think about their raging and their meltdowns and their freak outs over the heartbeat act. We don't care we don't really care what you think of us. We don't care if you stop making movies and taxes. We don't care if you want to go on strike here and there and you know all some of these crazy things that liberals are saying on social media.

We don't care.

You know we care about. We care about the lives of unborn children and that's it. You don't have to come here if you don't like it. You don't have to come here you can stay in that paradise that we call California or Oregon have fun with that but it is incredible, isn't it, to see the demonic activity that really is demonic activity coming out of the mouth of some these people and it's not just what they're saying it's all so what is taking place surrounding this entire fight over the heartbeat act in the state of Texas, for example, the San Antonio current reports the satanic temple has joined the legal wrangling to block or overturn Texas's severe new abortion law severe your saving lives, how is that severe that the end and then the going to say that the temple filed a letter with the US food and drug administration, arguing that it's Texas members should have legal access to abortion pills their attorneys contended status as a nontheistic religious organization should ensure access to abortion is a faith-based right well I'm sure Malik would be proud of you. Now we have another story from CNS news that a single abortion is. This is just so sickening. But a single abortionist at a clinic here in Texas and Fort Worth actually performed 67 abortions, and 17 hours before the states heartbeat law went into effect. It just makes you second you tell me this isn't completely satanic is completely satanic, then you have Pres. Biden asking the Department of Justice to find ways to limit the taxes heartbeat law and he goes on to say that life does not begin at conception.

Fantastic Roman Catholic are you, Joe Biden know because you just kind of pick and choose what you want to be and you also have this wonderful sense that I can tell people that I'm associated with the church and that'll make me look religious.

It's absolutely incredible. Not when were really talking about people going off the rails. You gotta go over to MSNBC. You just do because nobody can go off the rails. Like the people over at MSNBC host Tiffany cross was highlighted by the media research Center. She had on some guests talking about this horrendous heartbeat act, one of which was Allie missed all the justice correspondent from the nation whose really off the rails. First I want to play for you little bit of the host rants listen to this One of the latest new abortion law straight just like you and me letting them sue anybody who helps the woman get an abortion if they succeed entire thing about protecting the fee care so little for life in this country is beyond comprehension. I really hate women all across the country possible.

The Supreme Court allow the rules on later actual handmade on the court's lack of value so excited about depending on them to protect me and my right to choose our over those of us who are in our okay just an unhinged ranch. You gotta go back to the handmaid's tale.

Everything is the handmaid's tale cares about the handmaid's tale's ridiculous. It's been estimated by the way, that since the law took effect hundred and 50 lives are being saved every single day in Texas because 85 to 90% of the abortions now have been stopped because of this heartbeat act. That's not caring so little for life that's caring a lot for life, and hating women seems to be the people who hate women are the ones who were slaughtering them. But maybe that's just me. Now she turns to Ellie Ms. Stoll. This is just off the rails.

I can't even tell you what happened here but you can listen to it for yourself. When he is asked what should Pres. Biden do to stop this Texas heartbeat act. This is what he said. Cut to know this is easy guys and none of this is clearly to stop these people at this point it's going to require some critics of the reservation willing to go to storage solutions are there is no silver bullet. There's nothing you can do is stay behind what will you have to be creative you want to get while in order to stop them. So one option would be for Biden to federalize Dr. Seuss for some doctors send them into taxes to protect people's calls as usual. Because the Texas law is only enforceable through private civil action. Employees are protected from private civil lawsuits. There's also federal enclave law that would allow military bases for medical services without being soon I not bonkers at all just get a federal force of doctors to invade the state of Texas so they can continue to get their hands dirty. Did you catch that. Yet Texas has its hands dirty. No, maybe, Planned Parenthood has its hands dirty and I'm not even trying to be flippant about it but who are you kidding, then you have Ron clean the White House Chief of Staff over the weekend. Talking with Dana Bash about this issue. Listen to this exchange cut three Ron before I let you go I have to ask about the Supreme Court declining to block that Texas law, which banned all abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and effectively deputize as private citizens to enforce that I know the president is directing federal agencies to look into ways to address this, but this is the law of the land. Right now their women who are scared and don't know what to do in Texas. You know the law better than most people I know in this country is the reality that there isn't a whole lot. The administration can do right now to change things in Texas. I hope that's not the reality we have the best lawyers of the Justice Department looking for legal remedies to protect women who are seeking to exercise their constitutional rights. We have the team at HHS looking at what means we can do to try to get women the healthcare services they need in the face of this Texas law. We have the gender policy counselor at the White House on the first time a presence ever had a policy counselor devoted to gender issues. Coordinate all this work to bring option forward for the president of ice and fell possible that you can do something better aligned. You're going to find ways if there at all possible. I think they are possible to find ways to make a difference for the women of Texas to try to attack their constitutional rights. Yes, you're a sicko you're all sickos and all of a sudden you've rediscovered gender. You're the people who don't even believe in gender. You're the people whose bureaucracy talks about pregnant people for crying out loud. You think you're kidding all the sudden you care about women of Jim Saki said the same thing. She said the same thing when a reporter confronted her about this issue. It's kind of hilarious. In an ironic sort of way. This was the exchange cut for what he believes that it's a woman's right. It's a woman's body and it's her choice. He believes that it's up to ever been pregnant, but for women out there and faces choices. This is an incredibly difficult thing present believes their right to be respected as is me.

How do you know he's never been pregnant. I think this is an assault on that reporter's gender identity.

How do you know that he doesn't self identify as a woman that is so insulting I'm calling the human rights campaign on you Jen. I am this is an outrage. You guys are the same administration going all out to try to enforce the Supreme Court's decision in Bostic the Clayton County a horrible decision saying that employers can't fire workers due to gender identity or sexuality. And now they're saying through the Department of Education and the EEOC that failure to recognize a person's gender identity can constitute actionable discrimination under title VII.

I don't know somebody's in have to report to John and your boss because this is not okay. It's pregnant. People people can get pregnant people.

You cannot just choose one sex and say only one sex can get pregnant because that is not okay in this new Gnostic reality imposed on America by the department of education and by the EEOC under the guidance of Joe Biden who says that life does not begin at conception.

Even though I don't think he knows which way is up. At this point, but he's going to give us some kind of across-the-board theological statement of some sort that goes against the church. He claims to be a part of and believe it believes in its doctrine.

These people are crazy and by the way, when we come back on dinner break down some of the myths about this new Texas abortion life you love this don't go away and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single DV more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month, with liberty, health share pretty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance liberty health call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 or liberty. this is Janet met for it for Bible league international aria lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father.

He severely beat young aria and call the authorities to report her as an infidel. They took her to a remote cell where they assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go.

These two women didn't grow better. They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how Christians just assume they will help send God's word to believers like aria Bible is only five dollars in a limited time. Match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD weathers and finally banner enchantment and I do have to get in one more crazy hot is have to understand who these people are on the left there bonkers there absolutely bonkers. They lost touch with reality.

They are over-the-top in their criticisms. This is how much they love baby slaughter. Can you imagine being that much of a person who has had his conscience seared II said that weirdly but if you had your conscience seared you would end up like these people fighting to kill children fighting to kill children. That's what these people are all up in arms about how dear you save the lives of children. Well, they don't care about American lives in Afghanistan. They don't care about Afghan lives in Afghanistan so why would they care about your kids. They care about your kids.

They care about power. They care about money they care about their radical ideas of gender identity and sexual orientation in all these made up terms and then when the cause comes along in which they have to start talking about women again, like with the Texas heartbeat act and all of a sudden they switch course and start talking about women. These people are nuts. Why anybody would vote for this crowd is beyond my understanding. But let's turn to that reliable source of insanity joy. Read over at MSNBC who thinks that the conservative Christians in Texas, whom she blames for the Texas heartbeat act are basically the tally band gap. She said it was the cut five. What scares me is that despite the fact that Allie says there are large majorities you know who still want democracy who still believe that everyone should be able to vote regardless of race, regardless of age. Regardless, you know what state they live, and everyone is equal access to valid. I believe it when it when somebody wins election and somebody loses should carry, you should be able to split the election give do you want the things that the vast majority of people want women to have liberty personal bodily liberty. Most people want that but that between Republicans who don't respect the rules and the laws and were willing to cheat and willing to do whatever it takes and how the courts being on their side and they're now being a solid majority of them who want to enact hyper right wing basically even a certain type of evangelical rule over us. As I'm writing this is our sect and you will live by our sex whether you want to be a part of it or not, scares me because if the court is willing to do that. Where do we go from here. We don't expand the court. I can't think of what else we do other than expand the court their stacks and how to's essentially suborned our democracy to and they are very particular version of right-wing evangelical Christian what they call Christianity and force the rest of us to live under those rules is no different than Calvinism and were just watching it happen like you guys wake up everybody.

Do you live in Texas I think you live in Texas evangelicals.

By the way are going door to door just like the Taliban in Afghanistan were executing people. Did you know that were executing people wait a minute. The abortionist in Fort Worth executed 67 people hurriedly so we could get in under the wire before the Texas heartbeat act took effect in these people are in favor of that. So how are we the tally band without the Taliban were saving lives were going in and saving lives, and by the way it was done legitimately because our representatives elected, duly elected by the people of Texas were the ones who enacted this law legitimately. These people lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and I don't know why anybody watches them.

I only watch them to show you and play for you. The insanity that goes on on TV stations are not watching wisely, let's talk a little bit about some of these myths surrounding the Texas abortion law because I think this is really important.

There's a good piece over live action. I think students for life of America actually originally put it out. But there are all kinds of miss going around about the Texas heartbeat act. For example saying it's the wild West is vigilante justice is unleashed and they point out that know the heartbeat log doesn't entail a cops and robbers scenario of pro-lifers chasing women around the citations. It empowers individuals to do what law enforcement refuses to do nationwide which is to hold abortionists accountable to the laws that Americans have passed American abortionists are treated as a special class of citizens.

Roe V Wade granted special legal privileges to them at a MacLeod actually from National review said this, the courts abortion precedents immunize abortionists from basic legal accountability such as general medical regulations professional oversight common-law protections for bodily integrity and other laws that would protect women and children from harm and which apply to all other medical professionals so the law in Texas has two main parts. It's illegal to kill a baby with a heart heartbeat and also individuals are allowed to report violations of that law something that pro-abortion law enforcement has refused to do. In fact John Ceco who is the legislative director Texas right to life, did an interview with the Atlantic and they asked why this legal approach and he said to me motivations here.

The first one is lawless district attorneys that the pro-life movement has dealt with for years.

In October, district attorneys from around the country publicly signed a letter saying they will not enforce pro life laws. They said that even if Roe V Wade is overturned, they are not going to use resources holding the abortion industry to account and that shows that the best way to get a pro-life policy into effect is not by imposing criminal faculties but civil liability whose not enforcing the law who's against democracy, joy read who's against democracy.

This sounds an awful lot like the whole LGBT nonsense that went on starting with Gavin Newsom. By the way, remember in San Francisco and the whole fight over I'm not going to enforce the law.

I'm not gonna be on this side of California voters to pass proposition eight. Remember that whole thing and the judge in San Francisco who said he wasn't going and for all of this. I remember the Oberg fell decision and last I checked, that was five unelected judges there on the court legitimately, but America didn't vote for gay marriage so-called gay marriage. In fact, more than 30 states had constitutional amendments that were passed by their state citizens saying we want to protect real marriage and the Supreme Court said stop stop stop stop stop all over your states rights. We don't care and nobody fought back except Roy Moore in Alabama. Nobody fought back. It just happened because the state wouldn't fight back but who was over reaching in that case, it wasn't the states.

It was the Supreme Court so let's remember that it's crazy.

The second is that in in this whole issue of main the main reasons here that this act was put into place was that the pro-life movement. Ceco said is extremely frustrated with activist judges at the district level were not doing their job to adjudicate conflicts between parties, but who in fact go out of their way to score ideological points blocking pro-life laws because they think they violate the Constitution or pose undue burdens. Also, nothing stops law enforcement from doing their job so that the general population doesn't have to their dereliction of duty force the hand of Americans who stand strong to protect our most vulnerable little citizens this idea that the law punishes women know the Texas law clearly identifies that the party who does the actual killing or aids or abets the killing of the child with the heartbeat is the guilty party. They go into some details on that number three. Another myth, women who miscarry will be in legal danger. Know this bizarre argument has been tried in the past, but the truth remains miscarriage and abortion are radically different and good pro-life laws like this one reflect that truth. Here's another one. Texas is going to have an epidemic of unwanted kids. The border crisis.

If you want to go down that road now. They don't care about that kids in cages. They care about. That is the buying administration is guilty of having kids in cages. AOC has new she's busy she can't go down to the border and cry and do a photo op at the Texas border because that doesn't stand kinda stands in the way of her politics.

It's it's insane. Also, you also have over 2700 pregnancy help centers nationwide offering free services to those in need, like material assistance aid and jobseeking parenting classes, ultrasounds, etc. just like our friends are pre-born there all kinds of pro-life pregnancy centers were helping women in need every single day. So there are other myths here that are broken apart and and shouted down and I'm glad that this piece is there. Also this claim that now the heartbeat act is safe is something that's true for now but corporate abortion and its political friends are arguing for codifying Roe.

This is what the buying administration wants to do this is what Planned Parenthood has wanted to do as we discussed before with Mark Crutcher from life dynamics. He is of the opinion I think he's right on this that what the progressives really want to do is protect big abortion under the auspices of the federal government and that way they believe they will protect abortion on demand will will see how it all goes down because there's that very important case out of Mississippi that is due to be heard by the US Supreme Court. But you have got a taste now of what the salivating pro-abortion crowd thinks about babies lives. It's all about women know it is and if it were about women.

You would save the lives of little babies who are females and you should save the lives of little boys to that's what were doing here in Texas, and God bless the state I'm so proud to be here. This argentum effort today is brought to you by a firm film show me the father from the Kendrick brothers the creators of war room and courageous explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10. God bless you.

Thanks so much for listening and we will see next


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