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Shawn Carney (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 30, 2021 4:00 am

Shawn Carney (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 30, 2021 4:00 am

How can we best promote the pro-life cause in today's "shout your abortion" world? Shawn Carney, CEO of 40 Days for Life, explains how to defend life as we discuss his book, "What to Say When: The Complete New Guide to Discussing Abortion." Plus: Southern Baptist Convention president Ed Litton is giving some outrageous new excuses for why his serial sermon plagiarism isn't that big of a deal. And how should teachers instruct students about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on America? A Virginia Department of Education webinar advises them to focus on "anti-Muslim racism." We'll talk about it all on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Cantor brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10 is Janet Mefford today. Our confidence is in Christ alone says Sawyer is now activists have been fighting for decades now to try to convince abortion supporting Americans of the sanctity of human life and to expose the evils of the abortion industry.

But while the fundamental arguments in defense of the unborn, never change some of the ways that we engage our opponents about abortion do need to change for a variety of reasons that were in a talk about this today was Sean Carney, cofounder, Pres. and CEO of 40 days for life was out with a new book was Steve Carlin called what to say when the complete new guide to discussing abortion so unwelcome. It's wonderful to have you with us.

Glad to be on doing just great.

I hope you are too. So you see the landscape on abortion isn't about religion versus freedom anymore which is a good observation.

Now you say it's about science versus emotion explained that shift what's going on minute units shipped in our country we have the abortion industry. For those who work in it we see so many young millions of women who regret their abortion and Sandra Day O'Connor said Ruby waited on a collision course with itself and she was referring to the scientific development of the unborn were were now frantic world do you know surgery on an unborn child. Microglia at 20 weeks or 22 week and we can take that same baby on a different floor of the hospital in an ordered fashion and so you know we we've been living in this strange time where it used to be your jet you just believe that life begins at conception. You believe in Jesus and God and all the nice things you leave medicine and it's been quite the opposite, that you you need more faith now to believe in abortion so would you say the pro-abortion crowd has adapted to all of the scientific discoveries. The 4D images coming out of ultrasounds and all of the growing body of proof that this is a child and obviously it's immoral to kill a child dealing with that evidence that's coming out every single day. That's a great question and people are surprised that my aunt clear they they are ignoring it by getting louder and weirder. And so that's why you see you know Bill Clinton going to free legal and rare when he went from being a pro-life Arkansas governor to a pro-abortion candidate and that was brilliant right we all wanted.

They we all wanted rare but of course, gotta be legal. He had all the habitations in the difficult on Gov. Cuomo is smiling, lighting up the Empire State building of the Annex you know and enable 40 week abortion and then paint aside when a baby survives in abortion so the abortion industry has gotten bizarre. I mean, through infanticide, taxpayer-funded abortion abortion on demand plainly end up getting into the transgendered abortion so they can do abortion Ban on transgendered men and a lot of your sort of typical passive pro-choice people are are looking back on getting a little weird and you 38-week-old baby to die. You know, I don't know that we should have an abortion at 40 weeks or deny medical care to a baby girl who survived in abortion so this is a great advantage for the pro-life person will remove we wrote what to say win because it comes up now more than ever, and we don't have an argument, problem, or even know a lot of problems right we we sometimes have a confidence problem with when abortion comes up so we can either use booklet tells you what to say and whatnot. What yes and I'm glad that you brought up what happened in New York and the lighting up of what was the Empire State building. When that draconian law passed Illinois has a similar law. Obviously just completely evil. It's almost like they're desperate to be evil at this point we want to abort just because we can. We don't want to hear any evidence that would persuade us otherwise.

There seems to be that digging and in some cases people just want legal and they don't want to hear anything that would counter that that position and that's truly weird as you said your current and they did it again.

That's all we have but shout your abortion you fired up CEO and 2005 2000 she promoted me. I had an abortion T-shirt. Thank God with moderate bestseller and and you know now how kinds of changes in 15 or 20 years now. There there embracing this shout your abortion and and and taxpayer-funded abortion.

So it it it it is great because it gives so much attention to the abortion issue. We have over this since 1973, it still bothers us more than ever, but but we need to know also that our laws are are very rare in the United States to me.

We are in a very mobile and shameful category, with only Canada, Vietnam, North Korea and China for when we can have an abortion.

You could take 90% of your current countries in Europe and if you place them in the United States, they would be the most conservative pro-life state union while that says something doesn't it. So when you are talking about what to say when I like your line in the book that says life doesn't need defending but abortion does and you were advising pro-lifers to go on the offense. What is the best approach for going on the offense approaches to for abortion, and then to listen, you know, we don't give you argument because the book is meant to balance the winning argument versus converting parts and we help convert a lot of heart.

You know around the world through 40 days for life and so you need to listen and you need to ask question and when you do that you know we give you the specific questions to ask and not interrupt their answers but allowed the abortion advocate most of the time never considered abortion never talked about abortion. Never thought why they believe it. They just sort of you know I would never have one but if you want to sure you be you and when you start asking questions. One of them is what is abortion and what happened and and we can ask those questions and take people through and and we give you the approaches to be used in window when you go in the certain areas when politics politics it it really is a powerful tool because I may not talk to plaintiff workers who said what about abortion not believe in one bright and you know and that we give.

There is a huge problem in that nowadays you can respect and love someone with out respecting their insane belief about something and so you know you can't. You can't just sit down and have this critical security that will because I I respected their their view, which is not worthy of respect then then somehow I'm respecting them and and you you we really don't have to do that we we can you give the approaches to help guide a conversation to go on offense Sunday Austin signs pro-abortion supporters who don't actually have an answer when you ask what is in abortion or did they say simplified things like well it's when the cells are removed and what sorts of answers.

Have you heard people give who truly can't describe what an abortion is what they say it is a legal right in America and I know that you know I I I do not know that where were supposed to stop at stop sign, but what would that mean like how do you stop a car you know and all of us would be able to for you to handle the will and you apply the brake to get all of it. All I need you to come but to a complete stop and that would be the end of it, but when you there everywhere you know whether it's your aunt or your cousin getting surgery in your family what you want them or not you get all the veto right. You get me yes and you will be detailed with abortion working.

The only surgery the most common America where we don't know the details.

We don't want the details we blindly support it and were actually uncomfortable discussing it. It's not a miraculous thing that enhances life like every other surgery. It it doesn't rip and tear to heal. It rips and tears to kill us and that just have this very immediately and I say well is the legal right but you say I get all that will what actually do it. You're right, Sean. Hang on, we got a pause for break, what to say when Sean Carney from 40 days for life will come back after this from a firm films comes a kindred brothers show room and courageous moviegoers on a cinematic journey that invite you to think differently about your earthly father and how you relate to God through five true stories show you the father. Rated PG gardens in just Peter September 10.

More information is available and show me the father hi am Kevin Sorbo I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born leader Dan Steiner between the pre-born is very focused and very successful in saving pre-born babies from abortion. Get ready to write down the phone number in the websites you can join the pre-born team join Kevin Sorbo and me Janet Mefford as we support pre-born commission at pre-born is to supply pregnancy centers throughout America with sonograms. Ultrasounds are a game changer when it comes to saving babies lives.

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You can help save the baby's life by donating to pre-born to donate call now 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other. Julie serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people.

Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy are listening to you. Great heavy logging great-aunt with a Sean Carney cofounder, Pres. and CEO of 40 days for life. He and Steve Carlin around with a great new book what to say when the complete new guide to discussing abortion how to change minds and convert Hertz in a brave New World by that's what were live in Inchon for sure now something else you addressing your book. We were talking about going on the offense how important it is to understand that life doesn't need defending but abortion does so putting out some of these important questions to pro-abortion supporters is very important. What should we avoid saying this is something else that you mentioned there are a lot of clichd lines that you mentioning here like the baby could become the next may be George Washington and don't kill the baby because George Washington is in your womb, things like that. What sorts of things do you advise people to stay away from saying to a pro-abortion supporter. All of you that were now because we had everything in the world wrong with life and now we have Beethoven and other fun stories of their sensational story know when you look at the people who were adopted. But what if they were aborted, but in day-to-day conversation. It is not that effective because were passively stripping dignity away from the baby in your kid doesn't have to be Beethoven or cure cancer. Probably my faith to deserve a chance at life in the United States of America right we don't get our dignity based on potential we may build in our career or accomplishment that we will will achieve. We simply are in one week.

This week we have our dignity.

And so once you go down that line you're talking about how you person and we don't start by justifying the value we we we assume that authority is with every human being whose on earth and and scenarios where you know your your mother give you know he's just gone will what about my kid with the not worthy of life because he is not Beethoven II can and so that's one of the things to avoid it and let things go. Stories can be powerful but it's not something in day-to-day conversation you want to say you know right off the bat you know the other thing is we are so tempted. We immediately go into the humanity of the baby which is key to all my baby even you don't need an abortion baby will me to be quiet and go away writing books about but when you get into the humanity the baby. The worst thing to say that we believe life begins at conception and we point out in the book a lot of human had they they had to believe it right our ancestors and then many people who went before before the modern era, but we don't believe that anymore. We know in medical journals confirm it and teach it and so we committed all be sort of sends I guess things you fit in the middle conversation but there's a couple of things in Maryville. We we obviously tell you what to say on all the topics that we tell you. Also, what not to say, yeah, that's helpful.

I like that I hadn't considered that before but your argument that you don't have to have an impressive resume to be worthy of life you're still created in God's image, no matter what you've achieved and what you can put on your CV that that's excellent along the line along the line that works in just patient right.

Yes, I mean after conception or not.

Mutual funds were we get more valuable over time. More divided. For a moment 20 weeks then we are 18 weeks pregnant.

They were excited, so we don't we know we don't gain dignity or gain really good points now going back to what you said a few minutes ago, though, that when you're talking to these people who support abortion. And they're just loud and weird about it. Increasingly, because the science is working against them and there's this tendency to go back to the but it's a woman's right argument you deal with that one. That does seem to be a common one. What would be some suggestions for how to counter that with other things that both people usually bully which is that we don't have rights over other people. We we can't control other people.

No woman is ever had an abortion on herself. She mean that independent baby. She needs to be pregnant in order to have an abortion abortion lot done on her side of her, but the target of it is not her. The unborn child who is living in growing and in case. Therefore, the problem, and so the V my body, my choice the you know you should have arrived over your own body you do to a certain extent but you don't have the right to control somebody else's body and even in many of our law. We really will completely have you know we can't do whatever we want with our bodies we can go stripping down the middle road or baseball game. We can't just walk into the gym. You know, Boston Red Sox and work out with you guys will will escort your body out and so you natural limitations on what we can do with our own bodies, but we certainly know people agree we really restrict removing the rights of other people, body, particularly vulnerable in the helpless that's good that's really good. So what about men because there there are still some old feminist hanging onto this idea that men should have no say in whether or not a baby is aborted and yet without a man, you can't have a baby where is that issue stands these days.

I mean that that is a golden opportunity for polite people. It.

I wish men didn't have the admin have been the problem being that all men on the Supreme Court gave us abortion. It is, it is men who owned most of the abortion facility in America both abortion doctors are men and men are also the one hardly ever to be found on the day of the abortion. Most women are alone or with one from and so it's not that men have sort of been shelved of the five lines that they face their and bought condos and the biggest winner of abortion and this is I think the big scam feminist have unfortunately fallen for the biggest winner and abortion are bad men, promiscuous men, irresponsible men. Men that have no interest in taking care of a woman or her child cowardly men to say whatever you do will support you and just sort of wipe their hands clean bad men are the winners mean that they they benefit greatly if they if they if they want to from abortion zero responsibility. There is nothing more of a man's world, then supporting abortion.

That is a great point.

It's hard to argue against that.

And that's a really good thing to lay out for somebody trying make that argument using abortion doctors and abortion leaders own words with abortion supporters on what abortion is and why it's evil. How have you been able to leverage those quotes. For example, when you're dealing with pro-abortion supporters. Yeah, that was a late addition to the book chapter in their own words and you know when you have an conversation will have that for your discount not getting anywhere and maybe were the problem, we ought we often are like were not articulating it right or they don't like us. There we found router.

Whatever. Some people just don't like certain people getting yourself out of the way just quoting abortion doctors currently do abortion people who converted and found Jesus. But they're great to the ones who are doing abortion today. There quotes are just undeniable. I mean there is a divide in the abortion doctors running up and talk about abortion spend a lot of money just marketing abortion and a vague sense, but the be abortion doctors who do interviews is very powerful. There is no there's nothing left to the imagination of they know they are killing a baby. They often feel very uncomfortable with that but it bought a and they have a right to do it and some of them will talk about it is like playing God feel good. So you're able to go in and in the book and just we highlight some of these quotes that you can share with people. When you feel like you're not getting anywhere because somebody who is pro-choice can say I don't believe abortion kill the baby but the biggest advocate against that is a doctor who does abortion have yeah you're right and I'm looking at one of the notorious abortionists whom you quoted in the book Dr. Leroy Carhart a lot of people know his name. He's describing abortion here by saying it's like putting me in a crockpot.

Okay, it doesn't get it doesn't get broke but it just gets softer. I mean, you talk about a seared conscience and I would I would expect most abortion supporters could not read that in agree with that or you think of that woman in the pride of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos the executives in the baby body parts trafficking scandal and the woman who said he how you and I need the money. I need a Lamborghini it.

It's as if these people. I mean, how in the world could a normal person relate to this.

It's just so evil and wicked in the book with the minute interview Carhart cart and and he said you know we take the baby and we we describe the abortion to the baby in the water back like your you're saying baby and he give whelming the baby and the mother thanked the baby and I'm I know with the baby so I say baby while we love and that we got our around government to recall a baby, but it's the abortion doctors. Particularly he he would be in the small category of being loud and proud, but the one who testified the ones who been quoted in it so it's a lot of the same. And those are things that we need to share you know they're not medical students right now trying to be the best abortionists are trying to be the best in all the other medical field and there's a reason for that.

There is an and it is encouraging to look at the number of abortion. Where is that have closed down over the last many years that's been encouraging but it's not so encouraging to see the increase in telemedicine. We still have challenges ahead of us but I think this is just so great Sean because I know so many pro-lifers and I know I've been active in the pro-life movement for many years really do struggle with when I run into somebody who makes this argument. What I say and how should I address this particular issue and I just want to reach people not only with the love of God but also with the truth about abortion in this book is going to do a great job to help folks what to say when the complete new guide to discussing abortion Sean Carney from 40 days for life joining us and so good to talk to Sean God bless you and thanks for being here for you to Sean take care your listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Kendrick brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10. Here's your host Joe is very interesting to see some of the fallouts over the disastrous Biden administration performance in Afghanistan. It just seems to be getting worse and worse.

I don't know if you happen to hear that clip of that mom from one of the servicemen who was killed in Afghanistan in the last couple of days just ranting about the president on this call in radio show and who can blame her. I just cried when I heard it. It was just absolutely agonizing to hear the pain in this mom's voice, and as such is the case for all of these families and here we have a situation with Pres. Biden.

Looking at his watch during a memorial service for these 13 US service members killed in the Isis K suicide bombing near the Kabul airport last week and now you know everything that you see Biden doing in videos you always have somebody on his side of the aisle, trying to explain it away.

There was another video of him falling asleep while he's meeting with the new Israeli prime minister all know he wasn't really sleeping.

I'm looking at the video. His head is down at his eyes are closed.

The Prime Minister is trying to speak and trying to engage and he's out of it and all I could think about was the left and how much they screamed and yelled about Pres. Reagan one time falling asleep during a cabinet meeting. Oh, is he too old to be president. They'll care about it now.

They'll care anything about it.

So what's going on is just outrageous and it just continues and continues more and more criticism is mounting against Joe Biden for his lackluster is being too generous.

It's not lackluster. It's absolutely impeachment inducing behavior on what went on in Afghanistan and the botched way that they are leaving Americans over there with got a pullout by August 31.

All the rest of it, then you have the story from CNN. This is quite interesting, saying their Afghan nationals now coming into the United States with no paperwork whatsoever. These people are Democrat operatives in the reporting it. So what does that tell you well. Stay tuned. We have 9/11 coming out the anniversary the 20th anniversary and so let's turn to something else. The left is doing because there is no opportunity surrounding the commemoration of the greatest terrorist attack on the United States of America that a leftist will not step in and try to destroy again and again. I can't even remember how many times I have had to deal with 9/11, anniversaries, in which some leftist was doing something so offensive that you almost get numb to it but I can't get numb to it because now we are all having terrorism on our minds in a renewed way how that happens when progressives occupy the White House's needs and when progressives are in charge of Congress. All the sudden we have a terrorism problem don't way now we have an American administration that has been completely humiliated by a bunch of ninth century terrorists who are running a country absolutely incredible, but this is a very interesting story. Robert Spencer from Jihad watch, writes about this at PJ media and this was originally a video to story about a video that's come out from the Virginia Department of Education good old Virginia. God bless the Christians living there must be miserable, but Marina med van is an attorney and colonist broke the story about this video is called culturally responsive, and inclusive 9/11 commemoration detailing how Virginia public school teacher should handle the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Jihad terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001. Now the person they feature in this video is a he job wearing woman named Dr. Amara to cure who schools the I guess you know Islam, a faux potential Islam photo crowd watching this webinar because she wants to make sure that you don't dare link Islam to 9/11 when you teach the kids about 9/11 on the 20th anniversary. You better not go there.

So first she talks about what is in for the course of the webinar. Listen to this. This is crazy. This is One so I'd like to also suggest that we have some doubts some agreements as we get into this conversation because the teaching about 9/11 is difficult, talking about 9/11 is also very challenging.

So I'd like to suggest some things that are going to be in. In this conversation today were going to extend an expectation of equity for all of our learners. All of our learners across the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

Were going to begin and end with an understanding that each of the students deserves to experience an equitable learning environment in their classroom were going to humanize our Muslim students when he talking about Muslim students in this conversation today.

So as we talk about them were going to focus on our common humanity. The Muslim students in our care were going to acknowledge the existence of anti-Muslim racism.

It's going to be important as we begin to plan our 9/11 lessons in a way that does not seek to reproduce anti-Muslim racism because we are gathered together as a group of educators come together with the spirit of seeking to learn and be in a learning community with one another as I tell my students in class. You don't come to school, seeking to show off what you know you come to class seeking to learn and to gain information so be in this community as a learner. Ask your questions in the spirit of wanting to know more, and hope to seek and find the answers you are coming. Let's just agonizing to listen to this habit you just teach the kids what happened and who did that to us on 911 oh no, no, we can't do that, here's what's out for the webinar. Cut to. So what's out.

We are not going to reproduce a false assumption of Muslim responsibility for 9/11, which is going to begin right there and named that there is no responsibility and therefore were not going to use this space to try and untangle that were also not going to use this space to reproduce anti-Muslim rhetoric is no time, place that in our world and there's not going to be a time or place for that in the space were also not going to use the space to get into an analysis of US foreign policy there. Other times, places an opportunity for people to have that conversation, but not for today. Not in this moment were also not going to reproduce. What's understood as American exceptionalism. This understanding that America is a land at the top of the beautiful mountain and that all other countries nations and people are less than America were not going to be produced notions that American history and American experiences are more significant in the experiences or histories of other people.

So were going to begin with a common understanding of our shared humanity, regardless of our national, racial, linguistic, religious origins at this point she should be shown the door or at this point every Christian parent in the state of Virginia should Sam taking my kids out of the Virginia public schools. This is so incredible how can you claim there is a false assumption that there is Muslim responsibility for 9/11. Even Spencer points out that the five masterminds of the 9/11 plot wrote a lengthy communiqu calling the 9/11 attacks in active G hot insane. The G hot in God's cause is a great duty in our religion they called it an Islamic act and also when you look at the 9/11 commission report mentions Islam over a thousand times in the word Muslim over a thousand times, but don't teach the kids that because they might actually learn the truth one more cut as she talks about teaching the impacts of 9/11 discovery.

So when you're teaching about 9/11 teach the 20 years that followed, not simply just a day. So when we look at the 20 years of impact many different things that we need to be teaching to our students. Let's talk about fear, because fear is a direct impact from 9/11. We had many phobias that stem from that day were people who were fearful of tall buildings. People who are fearful of planes. People who were fearful of being in large group, but I would also want you to make visible the fear that people had their personal safety because of anti-Muslim racism spikes after 9/11. You have people who were Muslim and people who were perceived to be Muslim Sikhs and Hindus who were fearful of their personal safety, days, weeks and even years after 9/11. In fact, on September 15 in the state of Texas. Mr. Balbir seen facility, seek American lost his life because he was perceived as being Muslim and he was a victim of an anti-Muslim attack stemming from 911\you can learn about his story on settlement story core.

So when the standards of learning. Ask us to teach about the social conditions in the United States that stem from September 11 teach a wide understanding of fear.

Don't just leave it one type of fear that stem from 9/11 teach about the great complexity of fears.

Unbelievable 9/11 was a diabolical Islamic terrorist attack on the United States that left almost 3000 of our countrymen, dad, and it should be taught no other way to take a break will be back, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare single TV more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month. Do you have a family to pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty healthcare. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T.

Liberty call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 four Liberty health T this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international area lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father severely beat young aria and call the authorities to report her as an infidel. They took her to a remote cell where they assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better.

They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how Christians just assume they will help send God's word to believers like aria Bible is only five dollars in a limited time. Match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD weathers and finally banner Janet this is interesting via top Biden officials have been excused from the ethics rules.

Pres. Biden boast about.

They can do work involving large Wall Street banks, a leading defense contractor and prominent national media outlets. That's according to records which now show this at least 16 Senate confirmed officials have received waivers to ethics laws and regulations.

According to a review that the website did of federal ethics paperwork. Who cares, right he cares about ethics guys a plagiarist binds a plagiarist. That's why he had to drop out of his previous bid to become the president of the United States because he was shamed out of running for president, but these days, plagiarism is awesome. All you have to do if your plagiarist is just double down.

Ignore it change the subject.

Get your friends in the media to cover for you get the people who are surrounding you who have any semblance of power to cover for you.

How in the world do you think Ed Lytton is still in the ministry. Yes I am to go back to this and Lytton, the current president of the Southern Baptist convention and still a pastor with an actual church.

I say actual churches should really say actual church, but whether church in Alabama has been doubling down ever since it has been revealed that he is a serial plagiarist and has lifted all kinds of material verbatim in his sermons and doesn't write his own sermons and doesn't do all of his own research and their myriad videos you can watch online. We played lots of excerpts of those interviews. I'm sorry of those sermons that have been available online for the last several months and he still remains, and nobody calls them out except people who are faithful Christians who aren't important.

Heads of seminaries or big elitist leaders in the Southern Baptist convention so they don't count all that counts to politicians who are dirty and all that counts to religious leaders who are dirty is whether or not enough screaming and yelling gets the momentum to force them out. I'm looking at you Gov. Cuomo is that guy was sitting pretty until his own people demanded he resign and now he's out but he was sitting pretty and could have continued to sit pretty unless his own people who turned on him which eventually happened that while I bring this up because at Lytton who doesn't like to do interviews with people who would actually ask him the tough questions and hold his feet to the fire when podcast a few days ago and was actually asked about the fact that lots of people think that you're not even fit for the ministry anymore. Ed Lytton, much less suited for the presidency of the Southern Baptist convention and what you say this and Lytton. You can love this. Listen to this cut for understand why some people are concerned because of what they're hearing and just as videos will my church.

We would sit down and talk about it and there's publications things being said so the best way I can describe it really gets most of its owners. Not all but most of it centered around a Roman series that we do last year and when we were outlining the series, you know that's responsible part of pastoring and preaching is capriciously will outline what you recover. Each week, and so I was looking to do that and I was in the process of doing that, and I remembered that my friend JD had already done that. So I called and I said can you send me a spreadsheet he keeps his own spreadsheet that shows me how you outlined it all and see how moms lining up if I'm approaching this right in the process. He gave me permission know that any material at all.

You're welcome to it and I appreciated that and and I had no intention of doing anything with it except I enjoyed listening to him and I enjoyed how he handles certain things in teaching so I did listen to so here's what I want to make it very clear. Like any pastor uses material to help me outline and resources material after I'd done the Greek work after I read my commentaries try to get a sense of how this is this passage needs to be explained by people and places in particular were we share the same outline as a couple places in particular were I use a lot of phrases that he did say this will be clear, I think the older you get, the more so that you get in language and you you tend to rely on what you use in the past I've always been the guy who wants to always figure out my really connecting with people my people, I want to understand this here plagiarist Sir, there's nothing you can say no amount of babbling that you can do on a podcast that most people won't here to try to explain away the fact that you ripped off somebody else's material not only care if you claim to do the Greek work you stood up in front your congregation and you preach material that wasn't yours and you did it word for word, and you've done it for years and you're still sitting pretty because you don't have any Christian ethics, and you act totally casual about it used to talk about it is if you'd tripped on your shoelaces and me. Normally I tie my shoe really well.

But in this case the menu. Now they really tie my shoes.

I tripped and you fell down the stairs and I cracked my head open and you like. That's not a moral failing clearly but you would be a little bit more animated, wouldn't you if you fell down the stairs and cracked her head open because you can properly tie your shoes. You probably have a little bit more enthusiasm for the topic is liking. I just want to make it totally clear. I mean I totally use great Greers outlining the people I can understand why people are concerned that people are concerned. If you have a fever concerned.

If you are on ethical pastor. It's just incredible.

The minimization of the seriousness of what this guy did in the fact that he has the gall to stay in that position.

It's incredible. But you get a little insight from this cut. I'm about to play where he explains why he did what he did. And boy, this is rich this is Five. I didn't do this.

What idea what it appears that I did exactly what is actually a good, but the point is, when I wasn't trying to make a name for myself. I was trying to help people understand Scripture Romans is an intimidating book for me is a lot smarter than I am. His problem wasn't to be for you. It was so I did rely on that. Here's the problem I have permission which I think means it's not plagiarism. The problem was I didn't and it's it's obvious that I did not tell my people exactly the source of the control I did cite the commenters are ready and and so that's what I have. I apologized to my people, but very warmly accepted that our leadership and I've said that we talked about how we can correct this and were the process for fasting from certain things I've always done preaching and approaching every message I preach. Whether it's at the convention, the location of where you are in our own church. I'm approaching it differently and so this is I take this very seriously and this was sure of my people every week you have trusted me for 27 years to be a man of truth, and in so I have to tell you the truth, and if you Trust me I have no basis of leadership is church. While that's good gas lighting you got going on there and letting you know when he's really saying there when he says I have to tell you the truth, and if you can't trust me, meaning his church that I have no basis of leadership in this church. What he's basically saying as if my church doesn't care about it nobody else that either you note this, there is no objective standard to which Ed Lytton is pointing in order to determine whether or not he is ethical breach was such that he must resign from the ministry. He didn't deal with first Timothy three. He didn't deal with Titus chapter 1 he didn't talk about the fact that he's no longer above reproach and that is one of the key elements of character that is required of a man in the ministry dealer that my church doesn't care what you guys even care, always take it very seriously. You take it so seriously and resign resign if you take it seriously.

That's how we'll know you're taking it seriously. It's so dishonest and it's so sleazy it's Clintonesque it's Biden ask its exact same thing in the church that were seen in the world you know all these people sure they're dying in Afghanistan but you know what a forever, or so I'm just right so all these people saying you should be impeached.

Biden, oh no no no no no. It's crazy.

I found a great quote by the way, and it was actually Walter Kaiser Junior stored in exegetical theology.

Listen to this. It's from John Albert bangle, a Lutheran Pietist clergyman who was born in 1687.

Listen to this Scripture is the foundation of the church. The church is the Guardian of Scripture when the church is in strong health the light of Scripture shines bright when the church is sack Scripture is corroded by neglect, and thus it happens that the outward form of Scripture, and that of the church usually seem to exhibit simultaneously either health or else sickness and as a rule the way in which Scripture is being treated is an exact correspondence with the condition of the church.

Look at how the president of the Southern Baptist convention is treating Scripture. And that's how you will know why the condition of the church is what it is that will explain all of his elitist friends who refused to hold his feet to the fire, who are on the record as saying.

Plagiarism is a terrible thing in a disqualifying sin and ethical breach but they won't apply to their body. It's a direct result of the sickness of the church because Scripture has been corroded in the minds of these men and in so much of the church. We must bow down to the Lord and be under the authority of his inerrant word and if were not God help us. Ed Lytton, you need to resign this archenemy for today is brought to you by a firm film showing the father from the Kendrick brothers the creators of war room and courageous explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father PG parental guidance suggested in theaters September 10. I bless you

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