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Owen Strachan (Christianity and Wokeness)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 6, 2021 4:00 am

Owen Strachan (Christianity and Wokeness)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 6, 2021 4:00 am

The Social Justice Movement has swept through the culture like a grassfire -- and now, it's damaging the church of Jesus Christ in the form of a new religion that is neither just nor biblical. How can God's people stand firm against this anti-gospel? Dr. Owen Strachan, provost and research professor of theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, joins me to talk about it and his book, "Christianity and Wokeness," on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know all the fullness of God was to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross, and you who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach before him. Now think about that for a minute the Lord shed his own blood to pay the price for my sins to forgive me for those sins and to reconcile me an unworthy center to himself. Not only that, but because of what Christ did. I now considered holy and blameless and above reproach. Even though the righteousness that I now have is the righteousness that Christ earned and imputed to me through faith in him. Now this is the best news in the whole world it's the gospel, and it is good news for me and for you and for everybody who believes that but now consider where the church is increasingly headed today, rather than talking about forgiveness of sins and redemption, and reconciliation both with God and with each other because of what Christ has done a growing number of leaders in layman are embracing an anti-gospel designed to divide it claims that some people are guilty just because of the color of their skin that their sins are the sins of an entire collective that they are complicit in sins committed long ago, before they were born. Sometimes sins that they never even knew they were accused of being committing and worst of all, that they have to do a form of extreme penance in order to make things right and those who don't will never be forgiven apparently and will never be reconciled to their fellow human beings mean this is in the gospel. This is bondage and it's happening just at the time when the world itself is embracing the very same errors which should tell us something. What is to be done when the church embraces woke nests which my next guest calls a new religion for you to tackle it today with Dr. Owen Strand Provost and research Prof. of theology, a grace Bible theological seminary and a senior fellow with the family research Council, Owen is out with a great book were to be discussing called Christianity and woke nests how the social justice movement is hijacking the gospel and the way to stop it Owen. It's great to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us. My joy thank you for having me back on. Great to talk you. What do you make of this new religion of weakness I couldn't agree more. This is a religion just a false one. But what you make of this entire trend that were seen not only in the culture, but entering the church to make of it that it is the replacement religion. It is not a way forward for the church, or even for broader society to overcome racism and it's very important development of our covered her that that is exactly how woke the mentality of being awake to systemic racism and injustice in a society that is exactly how woke cloaks itself. It waiters the road of antiracist motels. You going to produce diversity, equity, clarinets and polymer in it because so many good systemic racism of a festering kind is occurring in every level of society including the church.

So even as it is giving you the Q4 for the problem so-called systemic racism. It is assuming the problem.

It does not prove it and the more you look into the way it tries to prove its case of the show in this book Christianity and woke nests, the more you realize it is taking basic American reality and infusing them with all sorts of hidden racism and then as I said, it comes behind you and it does here is the cure for this hidden racism and so in every level.

Christians need to be not just alert to the anti-gospel replacement religion.

We need to recognize that it is distorting our very worldview itself and its claims are totally right about that. So we've got locusts in the culture and is often has been the case throughout church history. What is an error in the culture can easily seep into the church.

If were not careful and if were not following Scripture talk a little bit about the roots of woke nests there. There a lot of words that are being thrown around about critical race theory intersection. Allie Marxism Graham Chino all that the buzzwords that that kind of embody woke – but how do you define wildness and what would you say are the real roots of it. The shorthand definition is being aware of structural racism and inequality in a society, and that's built up of Marxist framework. Marx believed that there were structural what we call structural dynamics in society. He applied that economically with angled and the communist manifesto and other writings. In 1871 and around their and what they sought to convince people of faith that show people with the case, but really it was just a matter of persuasion of their false ideology was that all of capitalist structures were shot through with in the inequality so basically the folks who own the means of production and had wealth were oppressors and those who did not have wealth and did not own the means of production were the oppressed class and suffice it to say that Marxist thought was incredibly successful at it. It is history's most successful bad idea in fomenting revolution rebellion and death by the billions because what it does is it comes to people life is no picnic, but they're generally doing fine economically. While there. Okay, at least in it to help them paragraph and your oppression is hidden and you have these automatic quote those people with well there evil. They want to press you would ever turn into what Doug people against one another. It creates structures of oppression, even if that claim that it needed exposing them so this whole philosophy neo-Marxism in the 1950s neo-Marxism of the racial kind KK convinces you that the structures it's critiquing are oppressing you here is the reality.

It is the neo-Marxist philosophy asked for help that will oppress you if you buy a client yet absolutely what you would reference before that this is an ideology that assumes it's problem but the first reaction. A lot of us have had when we heard some of this blather about systemic racism is if the United States is so systemically racist. How do we produce the billionaires Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna now who just recently became a billionaire or Michael Jackson the greatest pop singer most successful of all time. Michael Jordan, the most successful basketball star ball type menu can go on and on and on about these black superstars and and really, really wealthy business people and and yet you know somehow people still buy into this. If the United States is so oppressive systemically. How did these people succeed here right life is no picnic for many people we can be honest about that.

Jesus told us that we would have the poor with all weight, for we know that there is real poverty out there across in color across background and we know that that will mean that some people grow up in hard condition. Some of your list. No doubt have never navigated that many people have to navigate that in the future.

But here's the deal that the fundamental claim. As you said is that America is a process in a depressive and intentional form that is keeping people down. But when you look at black Americans. For example, to use that term. I don't believe in race as a category and biblical terms but I'll use that term.

I recently heard Larry Elder site. The statistic that if you just isolated black Americans, they would be the 14th largest 14th richest really economic group in the world. They are a massive they are. You and Larry Elder is a black American who has who has worked his way up from from difficult circumstances to be extremely successful figure as you're well aware of something for and what I currently us that like that it was possible and doesn't cause you got the mystic concept that is being played like an eight on every table in America today, but then when you look at facts on the ground again. We are not claiming that everybody's a millionaire out there. We are claiming so that America is absolutely not a question people as it was in the days of slavery or Jim Crow or segregation. Major racial progress. So-called has been made in this country in the last 50 or Ext years and so that means that if you're going to tell me that systemic racism obtains in the public system today. I have to prove that and you're going to be working against what you could call a very common sense perspective in which by all indicators we could cite in societal terms people have made major progress economically, absolutely. There's so much more than a dive into a Dr. Owen strand Christianity and wildness is his book will come right back to this is Janet Mefford were partnering with Bible league international to send God's word to 1500 Bible is believers in Africa. In many parts of countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word because of corrupt governments majority religions remoteness and poverty. They've never been able to read first Peter 57 cast your cares on him for he cares for you reading that promise of God means everything to you and me, and now it will mean so much to these Bible is Christians in Africa. When you respond. Here's Pastor John in Mozambique 10 fund cost was doing all for him not to remember us and was one by Douglas stocking from excellent ice and vision and mission is not soul when we went to joy that he said.I called you about five dollars sends one Bible $100 since $2500 sends 100 and your gift of any size will help us meet our goal of sending 1500 Bibles to Africa. Call 800 yes word 800 YESWORD or there's an open the floodgates Bibles for Africa banner to The newbies gripped if you will remember the other picture really knew was trying to from the Bible about last I was on the weather was Bible but we don't have labels. You got that it had a Bible from Regulus biblical is also so that is a good middle Bibles send God's word to a Bible is believer in Africa today for only five dollars. Call 800 white you're listening to Janet Mefford today and know you will is bad enough that we have to put up with the lie of woke nests in our culture, but it's even worse that woke nests is been seeping into the church of Jesus Christ. We are Christians and we ought to know better than to accept the neo-Marxist worldview that has all kinds of horrors associated with it in terms of assumptions of truth that are clearly false Dr. Owen strand is with us discussing his book Christianity and witness how the social justice movement is hijacking the gospel and the way to stop it. Another a lot of names Owen people will know associated with a lot of this woke Ms. Derek Balla James Cohen Kimberly Crenshaw there a lot of people out there who've been pushing this one about woke Ms. inside the church.

When did you first start to become concerned about the increasing embrace of wildness inside evangelicalism in particular real flashpoint for many of our work with the Urbana conference put on by Interboro guests and a young woman and Michelle Hagan sure your audience is aware of this lease, many of them, but gauge and basically made a point but now almost commonplace, but six years ago would not bed. She basically so many words indicted white people for their complicity in white supremacy and systemic laced with them and I heard from folks who were at Urbana who had students there know that they're trying to disciple in the Christian faith and lead to greater knowledge of Jesus Christ. I heard that white students were asked at the group level to repent sliced up on the key following that talk this minute. That was the flashpoint for the where I started to realize that something was a what it wasn't just no discussion over trave on Martin wasn't just you know sadness over slavery which which Christians of course are going to understand in the American past. Something more was moving here, but I'll be honest with all be abundantly clear if you use for me. I was working mostly on sexual stop sexual issues of return respond to them theologically that it in those years and it took me a little time to get up to get into the literature to read critical race theory to grasp what woke us was about to understand interest functionality until the last years I've really taken a deep dive in that because I recognize that almost nobody in Christian circles is responding directly to this, but that was really the moment December 2015, there were further moments to come.

Gospel coalitions 2018 conference when white people of the past were indicted for the murder of MLK and then together for the gospel, David Platts talk alerted many of us took to some kind of change and drift their and then having Mark Deborah, who I trained under and root beer.

Recommend widely on the year LC website. The book divided by faith, which argues that America is racialized but actually like we were talking about earlier. The book is racialized and promotes a racialized perspective, the very same one. It mostly of uncovering these developments have combined in my own particular life that cause me to very low Colossian godless ideology differs in a minor thing.

This is a book of their dreamed up by the far right. This is an imperial gospel threat absolutely amen to everything you just said yes.

I cover the whole Michelle Higgins thing at the time and I remember very well and had been a student who attended Urbana so that was especially a wallet for me. What in the world just happened here but it was kind of the opening of the door to all this garbage and it seemed anecdotally at least, Owen, for a lot of us that all these guys you mentioned, who's suddenly started jumping on the woke train. It seemed to happen pretty quickly, almost as if they had been waiting for the moment to come out and admit they were on board with all this stuff. Maybe some of them felt pressured. Who knows what their intentions were. But now it seems like big, even as we like to call it is largely woke and for a lot of Christians that's really disconcerting. Yes, it is extremely concerning and I would cite one more event. The I think it was called the sparrow conference a women's conference. I believe in Texas in 2019. I may have some particulars off there, but there was a panelist African-American panelist who made remarks about white supremacy that you shock people and so that was another kind of later development and yet there's been a lot of strange silent in the reformed community in the Baptist world and the evangelical community so strange yet and it's so sad because I came up in the young, reckless reformed heyday. I was at all the good conferences of the last 15 years I saw this whole thing as a great movement of God, almost a mini reclamation in our day, but woke hot through this gospel work like a sigh and switch the metaphor.

It has halted the momentum of whatever the reform movement was tragic because many of our leaders were willing to stand up. For example, for biblical complementarity and I give them credit and I trained under any of them in partnered with many of them when I worked on Biblical manhood and womanhood and I was shaped by the minute, grateful for their influence in so many ways, but there has been a shadow that has fallen over the church in the last year and and for different motives. I'm sure almost a collective refusal to address the elephant in the room and it it burdens me.

It grieves me Janet. I never expected to look at one or one of a few handful really who would write a book against woke, I was sure that others would do so. Others are more accomplished than me and experience than me, but eventually I got where I was asked to give lectures in October 2020 on critical race theory, and I said you know what the results there's almost nothing out there to equip Christian people were asking me what books I would recommend I had almost nothing to recommend it like that.

I'm going to try to write a book almost no Christian publisher took my book. Many of the big names rejected me, even though I published almost 20 books and some of them have gone fairly well. One Christian publisher that yes and then Salem book who would publishing Bodie Baucom's excellent work fault line that yes as well and so I went with Salem and that's how I don't recall the Tylenol and I'm so grateful to God that you did that and I'm grateful to got even more that you are standing up. Because I know exactly I am very similar background in many ways. In terms of the influences on my life and it feels in many respects like a Trojan horse came in here we are with this very conservative biblical theology only minute were woke and all the people who kind of hollered and said what just happened here sent you this isn't biblical were you guys faking it to begin with, or is it just a matter of the Lord revealing what's been going on behind-the-scenes for a long time and work were still waiting to figure out the final answer on that but I'm wondering to when you look at the history the modern church history on the social gospel now going back to the social gospel movement of the late 19th century. Then you had a whole lot of developments in the 60s and 70s the sojourners crowd who are now befriending people like Russell Moore on the end that group is this boldness would you say the latest in an ongoing movement of similar error since the social gospel movement, or dues. The racial element of woke this make this a new form of area. In other words, is it part of the old error or is it a separate error.

Do you think excellent question about two hours talk little detail. Thankfully about a seminary for modern church history.

A great Bible theological seminary right here in Conway Arkansas semester and honestly I'm going to spend weeks on this question – Janet I think in shorthand form. This is the racialized social gospel, here's the deal. We got the gospel was dead and buried.

We thought it was an artifact of the past, wow regression regions heroic stance against Fosdick and that it was awful conquered what we call the mainline. But really that invariant gone guilder some progressive cake out there. Jim Wallace and others, but they're not there on the fringe. We were wrong we were warned Janet. We thought it regarded very and what it was doing turns out was gathering strength in the darkness like pain in the Batman movies. It was actually it was actually going to head off without fury velocity that was unlike anything we have seen since the days the epic days of heroic matron, dastardly Fosdick and so it is a racialized form of the photograph. What is not exactly a very compatible with the social gospel of the hundred years ago. But again, the specific focus is on overcoming racial oppression where the specific focus hundred years ago was by and large, overcoming economic and societal oppression. There is a common thread between both forms of the social gospel, then and now, really foggy, so the ones who have most of find it in both Arabs are conservative. The ones who have the least to find other ones promoted the current even in many cases reject conservative theology out like they will say things like were not against individual salvation.

We are against his understanding the social dynamics of salvation in the sunlight were not against the big gospel movement of the last 10 years. The reform movement. People are saying today. We just want to broaden our understanding of the gospel and seated it impact kingdom dynamics and overcomes racial oppression well that is the same playbook of the hundred years ago and it is having a similarly devastating a stabilizing effect as it had in the 1920s and 1930, decimating an order of the northern Presbyterians in particular in the light never come back on.

Since the social gospel shut them down hundred years ago that's so right, and for listeners who are familiar we reference to a Christian mage and this was the man who had written that famous for Christianity and liberalism, which is a must read for every Christian. I ended up leaving Princeton. He was critical of what was going on at Princeton founded Westminster seminary founded the Orthodox Presbyterian Church was a real hero and and when you read that book on if you really could insert woke nesting of Christianity in woke.

This is the title of your book really it's making as you say, the same argument in many respects that may chin made and Christianity and liberalism because his argument was liberalism is no Christianity at all. It's a different religion just like wildness that is precisely yet and matron go. I am not Hunter confirmation personally in my own ministry that was blueprint for my book I recognized as I got my arm around epic generational threat of woke. This is just like matron day similarly sized problem that is hang on just a moment Owen Strang with us were to come back Christianity and wildness. The buck you're listening to Janet effort to this Janet effort today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Janet River today and here's your host Joe Mefford, welcome back. It's great to have you along great to have with us Dr. Owen Strang, Provost and research Prof. of theology at Grace Bible theological seminary and author of a really terrific but Christianity in woke is how the social justice movement is hijacking the gospel in the way to stop it.

We were talking about this before we went to the braid on how this is just kind of a new version, but a really great version. I would say of an updated problem that Jake Russia may chin addressed initially, Christianity and liberalism. Now we have a problem of weakness when looking at some of the influences today you mentioned some of these books that have been influential in the church when it comes to woke this people like Jim Martinez be people I Christian Smith Eric Mason what we need to know about their influence in making woke and is acceptable within some evangelical circles. One thing that a lot of woke Christian books do they they grapple with the past and in some cases they show how there are real compromises and failing the Christian past with regard to so-called race and identity and believing that some people are inferior. You know the days of slavery and so on and so what I have seen woke Christian voices do is take the burning coals from the past that will rightly honestly, at some level infuriate us that pastors would ever have defended chattel slavery. For example, in the morning burning brands into today and eight drop them at our feet and they say see how evil the church wants. This is where we are today and what I realized here, along with good feeling.

The alarm should be on ideology. What I what I realized about that.

What I realized is that this is this is not letting the past die. This is not letting anger be dealt with.

This is not letting her forgiveness and common grace and overcoming our past. By God's providence, the operative in the church and that then mean that voices like Kate dear Mason or Emerson and Smith, many others, we could mention Daniel Hill wide-awake others just the whole text visible body of text here what they were doing then is letting those coals burn in the room and that then caused the church to basically expect anything. They would say after that because of racism was not dealt with in a intergenerational way. If it's still actually many woke offers Janet say America has gotten worse. With regard to racism than in the days of slavery you can see that and even candy getting Robin D'Angelo that is talking, but people sadly around buying it like crazy, partly because we are killing the past had not dealt with it. Still very much alive and that lie is causing many Christians to simply crumble before woke voices, Christian or otherwise, in faith, give us the remedy to tell us what to do it a final white the premises just like actual like the premises of the past. How do I overcome this and there's almost no critical thinking, there's almost no backbone, and among the pastors of God's flock today. There is very little willingness to pay in blood for this issue and say you know what this is. This is an attack on my sheet, whether they're white or not this is an attack on the unity of the church.

This is not coming into my church.

I am going to destroy the stronghold of woke in the second or the extent 3 to 6, and so suffice it to say the sheep are sitting sitting ducks to mix metaphors they they are they are easy targets today and and woke. This is taking them captive. Oh, absolutely. You know when I go back to certain issues that are not really discussed very much by the woke, for example, whites are so racist that they twice elected Barack Obama president, I mean every you going to that, you know, the election of Barack Obama for the first time it was touted is this way to overcome the horrible racism of America that was supposed to solve it. If you will elect Barack Obama, then all of your racial sins will have been atone for because you finally did the right thing and put say no black man in the White House will apparently didn't matter in the end, and in fact he was one of the ones who helped foment.

I believe where we are now, yet transitional and supposedly his election with their post-racial bulb and crack Obama with the most pro-abortion president we have we've ever had or had had to that point and had many many other terrible laws in his platform and his actual presidential work. That's what was said but little did we know and honest. I think very people in society a broader society or the know again that critical race theory enter sexuality and woke up with gathering strength that and work just about to jump the mainstream and other pollutants really up the rear 2010 Are What Good Rd. then all will read as evidence of liquefied rate in the Malakoff and then as America. With that} listed hunting down people of color in the street on Campbell. That's when critical race theorists count and they realized that no, they could they could make millions arguing that America would not post great racial as was said but actually racism had been by that very era, Obama era. The article for it and so now you'll cue that is to embrace so-called and hybrid racism incredible.

It's so incredible. And you're right there's a there's a lack of critical thinking around all of this that is allowing this thing to metastasize and spread like kudzu you look at companies to like Coke at advising through these training sessions to its employees be less white. It's absurd how are you supposed to be less white. Well, you can't be less white, but you can be less white and how you think and why people are going will be second-tier millions. There's no one white way to think, what are you even talking about and were just looked upon as racists for even raising questions so there is an absurdity to it that I think you present within this ideology that has to be there in order for them to continue to push it forward if they started getting specific about all of their ideas and and talking not just by collective sins, but individual, since it would all fall apart when it all went yeah that's what I make very clear in this new book unity woke up I write. For example, the concept that there is white community out there hyper whiteness of all all you look at politics. For example like people are basically pew and other other research foundation basically split Republican or Democrat. They like you look at the TV shows they watch white people are not at all monolithic, now there can be sure to expand the knowledge he of course, but the idea that the white community of like-minded bulk needed black mind. The goal actually rationalization I repeat myself. I critique up in the book.

The problem we are supposed to of glacial racial and exactly what woke this encourages us to do. It is not the pillow.

It says it hits your is the problem and if you embrace it 'in a problematic way and therefore will never record ultimately Christ yes that's right that's right. When the church is embracing it as you say Waukomis overturns the Gospels no condemnation in Christ promised, I mean this is getting at what I was saying at the beginning here that when we see with the word of God says about Christ reconciling us to the father and were reconciled to one another and that were all one in Christ Jesus. There is a unity in Jesus Christ that is lost when the church begins to embrace this absolutely right. You think about a text, like creation to 11 to 22 were where you see that that the apostle Paul told that Christ in verse 16, Ephesians 216 had had killed the hostility it in short order has murdered the hostility.

You can read it in the Greek between Jew and Gentile overcome in his blog by. I personally have overcome Gentile alienation and hostility with structured close to Melinda then recognized that he could overcome the serious divisions that we see in our Deed, all placed their faith in Christ are reconciled to God.

It just a minute ago and it showed beginning and are also, by extension, horizontally reconciled. When I joined the local church.

I don't see the reconciliation that Artie happened.

I love that word up Osborne other quick Frank Dr. Owen strand Christianity and wealth. This is his book will come right back on Jennifer today. Ask yourself what you pay for healthcare.

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That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click and chant you're listening to Janet Milford today. When we talk about wildness entering the church and reminds me of something that occurred a few months back or Christianity today was pushing this idea of reparations in Owen one of the things that I was asking at the time is when is Christianity today can liquidate its budgets and give that money as reparations if they really believe yet again were back to the whole issue with these peaceful of the people pushing it are not willing, it seems to make many sacrifices in order to lead the way. But they want you to get your life in line and they want you to do everything that the woke want you to do.

It's just a scam on some level right. Not long ago that you know basically in so many words, white leaders need that back and give up power and folks pointed out getting a very wide respect of the Baptist community and in many respects, understandably so. In historical terms. Are you giving up your position and and that that's just that's what always happens. That the hoi polloi, the common man is targeted and said to be impossibly evil and racist and white supremacist in our cultural overlords lecture us and at the same it obtained in the church. Tragically, where preachers actually condemn. I mean, this is just wicked and I know I'm speaking strongly but I believe it to the full preachers condemn so-called white people in their congregation for for being a white supremacist, often. I know this happening in a Minneapolis church, a very prominent one and many of the people in the congregation here, just an example of how bankrupt this is had adopted children from different backgrounds with different skin color than them. How evil is it for a pastor to stand up and tell adoptive parents who sacrificed tens of thousands of dollars in all sorts of creature comforts and time and love these children who look different from them that they are oppressors because of their white skin. No one is going to say you know adoptive parents were Christians are perfect and and couldn't commit, you know certain things. Of course they can.

We all will stumble in many ways, but that is fundamentally exactly the opposite from the on the ground realities. Parents are adopting children of different skin color than them because of love, but woke this has no place for love. It has no mercy. It has no grace and it targets people based on stereotypes in skin color and for that reason, it is evil.

It is jobless.

It is an anti-gospel ideology and it had no place in any pulpit in America or any other part of the world well said amen to everything that you said Owen. I couldn't agree more with you, and I was thinking of Revelation chapter 2. You know when it talks about the doctrine of the Nicolai attendance and the parties is commanding the church at Ephesus before hating the deeds of the Nicolai attends and then can condemning the church at Pergamum for having those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolai attends, which thing I hate. So you have an instance, here were the Lord hates the deeds and hates the doctrine of the Nicolai tends it was a different issue. Obviously, it would you say that the Lord would be as strong to condemn woke this as he would to condemn something like the doctrine of the Nicolai attends definitely think it is an absolute scourge upon the church is. It is apostasy to embrace woke us and to bring it into your church and commend woke voices and critical race theorists to your people and to tell again primarily white people, but they have white privilege and white fragility and they are white supremacist you if you have as a pastor you have ceased to be a pastor of Christ, at least in practical and functional form and to the people you are targeting.

You have become an agent of condemnation to them in the special dark magic here is that in woke it's it's a therapeutic framework but it's not one you can ever leave because it's an anti-gospel system to actually never overcome your structuralist participation and racism that you're a white person or you benefited from whiteness like an Asian American or a Jew. You never overcome you just you just commit to being for the rest of your life and antiracist. You try to do the show in Christianity and woke you try to do acts of atonement, and your you try to continually do the work and confess your privilege in these sorts of things. And here again, Christianity has such a better word, it doesn't say you can never outrun your races and evil person says come and be forgiven in Christ. Yes I church that is a Christian, but now your new you're not only not guilty of the blood of Jesus and saving early you're innocent in the sight of Christ in Romans 81 there is therefore now no condemnation for a pastor who embraces wildness is becoming an agent of darkness, at least in functional form and this is a sign of short apostasy in our day, no doubt about it. So Owen many many listeners I know have written to me and I'm sure you hear from a lot of people as well.

I was in this church we grew up in this church.

We supported this church. All the sudden I'm being told I'm a white supremacist.

What do I do how do I handle this. These people are nuts and it seemed like it just happened. With a snap of the fingers. They went from being biblical and preaching the word of God to all of a sudden telling people that they are to be ashamed of their skin color. How should I respond if my church or my denomination is going in this direction well worth seeing the pattern we prod epic struggle about farm Baptist once one of the world standards churches involved happening. It appears it McLean Bible truth and so Satan. Satan has planted absolute thermonuclear weaponry bombs in different churches and he has ignited them successfully because of compromises on the part of leaders until what thankfully there are sound people in the congregation pushing back many of your listeners are very difficult position. I have tremendous compassion because many curfews are embracing bridge curricula and dry whiteness 101 and many pastors and recommending that they could Develop thus far from the pulpit and preaching secular goblet sociology that is the inerrant word of God and what the me is that congregants should set up an appointment to talk with the leadership graciously work through these issues present them to the leadership if the leadership does not change their tune.

If they cannot with pent work more significantly in biblical terms, then goes congregants both Christian dear Christian men and women of whatever color whatever background could do anything they can to get to a different church a new church that will stand on the word of God and the word of God alone and it will not condemn anyone for skin color, background or heritage, but will instead preach Christ and Christ corrected five. Sadly, lots of people don't have a church right at hand that is doing so, but you and I actually actually believe that that God in his providence is using you know a lot of things today including focus in the suppose the pandemic to shut down compromise churches and he is at the same time strengthening strong churches.

So for example Grace Bible church here in Conway and Saul is growing like crazy in part because Jeff Johnson, the pastor wrote a book called what every Christian needs to know about social justice and woke and people are flocking to the church.

I know another pastor Rick Cranach. Rick has a very great pastor who had her header had a person Google on woke proof church on crew patrol came just desperate to find that kind of church and found this church capital community in in Raleigh in an unfair and is joining it and that is fine a pH guided with thing up strong churches, even if he is bringing down compromise churches.

Amen. And that is so encouraging.

Here you'd mentioned before Bethlehem Baptist that was John Piper's church David Platt out at McLean Bible church that's been a train wreck. What's going on at that church, but it's encouraging to hear that the Lord is strengthening his people and bringing them to other churches that are not compromising the word of God and this is what really got it. It is coming home to me Owen when you look at Hebrews 412 same for the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. We have a sword of the Spirit that we can use in an hour like this, not just sitting there and taking the wildness but proactively saying this is what the word of God says you are the person to be on the defensive. A stand for wildness defended biblically or stop because I think there's a lack of confidence because so often Christians are jilted into feeling like they just have to be nice and be quiet. Does anything. This is not a time to be quiet. It seems to me, but a time to boldly bring the word of God to bear on what is occurring in our churches because it is of the devil right in any person may qualify with mention of the dynamics of and we need pointed out, I do. But yes, fundamentally, fundamentally like that under uncrowned doctrine, so you and your kid friend Peter, spouse, if they are getting struggle goblet sociology from the pulpit that rim with vibrancy from the word of God and the word of God alone feel no hesitation in finding a new church. If God leads you in that what wonderful what you've got to read this book. It's so excellent so helpful Christianity and wildness by Dr. Owen Strand and Owen.

Thank you again for writing this book.

I know it's can help so many Christians stand firmly on Christ and his word and it was just wonderful to talk to again thank you so much for being here.

You have me back on. Always great to talk to you on.

Thanks again. God bless you. Thanks for joining us here on Janet my effort. Today we really appreciate you tuning in and we hope you will do so again next time. This hour has been brought to you by Bible, the international we want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign dollars since one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word

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