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Chip Ingram (I Choose Peace: How to Quiet Your Heart)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 4, 2021 4:00 am

Chip Ingram (I Choose Peace: How to Quiet Your Heart)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 4, 2021 4:00 am

Divisive ex-Southern Baptist leader Dr. Russell Moore had a lot to say this week to PBS about evangelicals' "crisis of credibility." Yet he refused to call out SBC president Ed Litton over his sermon plagiarism or his SBC elite friends for covering it up. So who really has the credibility problem? We'll talk about it. Plus: Living on the Edge's Chip Ingram discusses his book, "I Choose Peace," all on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

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Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that I sort of cast no I am not going to forget this candle in the Southern Baptist convention. I know they are employing the weighted out strategy at the top echelons of that denomination because they have a big problem. They have a president who is newly elected as the head of the denomination 15 million strong, give or take a few million, and he has been revealed to have been a sermon plagiarize her and a lot of sermons and there is another tentacle of this scandal that touches on the immediate past president of the SPC JD Greer who also has his own issues in his sermons and then we have the issue of docent research group having been behind a lot of sermons that you might hear in your local church.

They are as sermon writers or exegesis givers for higher, as it were, and there is been a lot of discussion about this. And then it just kinda goes nowhere. Why that is will think about this in a secular context in the secular context when the media wants a story to go away.

The best way that they know to make a story go away as they ignore it.

They ignore it and if it becomes too much of a hot potato for them to ignore. Then they start employing other strategies.

Then they start excusing inexcusable behavior or then if it gets really terrible. They make sure that the people who they like will mount some kind of defense that deflects the entire thing or they'll start attacking their enemies and try to go after people on the other side of the aisle to make sure that your real concerns are with that guy is certainly not with me I'm not the problem. I don't care if there only four people out there who have been paying attention to this story for people does not make a small story and 14 million doesn't make a huge story.

The story is the story and the fact of the matter is Ed Lytton, the president of the Southern Baptist convention should resign. He should step down and it isn't just because of the plagiarism. It's also because of the whole issue of cover-up. I am losing my mind here. Now I'm not losing my mind.

Here and I don't need anybody's okay in order to observe what I am observing and there have been some very astute people, especially on social media who have been keeping up the pressure on Lytton and litanies just ignoring it and you can hear almost imagine the whispers behind the scenes.

If we just ignore it.

Boys don't go away because our friends in the media and don't forget their world. A lot of good friendships formed under the Russell Moore era Russell Moore is no longer the Southern Baptist convention and to get to that in a minute. But while he was there he employed a very bright strategy for making sure that his agenda would get headlines and he was supposed to be the reasonable evangelical leader. Now he was a divisive man to the hilt. He was trying to divide and conquer the SPC and in large measure, he managed to do it and he had a lot of help get a lot of help in the top echelon of the Southern Baptist convention and he made a lot of good friends in the media. All they were bodies.

I mean, he's a Christianity today.

Now that that is his homepage. Christianity today hate they hate tromp their liberals, their progressives, they're all in with the woke stuff in the critical race theory. They love re-voice. I mean name something that's his tribe as they like to call the people you hang around with are the people you align with your tried Christianity today is his tribe buddies with the New York Times bodies with the Washington Post getting covered by the Atlantic, Jonathan Merritt, the former president of the SPC sauna and this is the same guy James Merritt who I used a clip to remind you about it you actually said at a conference back. I believe it was in 2007 that if you wanted to use his sermon material on Father's Day. Just go ahead, we will call plagiarism. Okay that's he's dead so all of these people who were wonderful little cores of everything that Russell Moore wanted to get out during the entire course of his reign at the top of the Aral Sea ditches, kind of in a whistling, kicking the curb is no news here. If we just wait it out. It'll go away.

Well, I'm not playing that game and I want to salute every single person. There are small numbers but I'm hoping they will grow of Christians to say enough is enough of this corruption. It's not just the matter that Ed Lytton has a duty to step down and has been deceptive on other matters as well. This guys complaint completely completely unfit for the ministry he's unfit to be the president of the Southern Baptist convention. It's just a fact. And he has all of these people. All of these people who wanted him to win the presidency who are whistling and kicking the curb. Think about all these big names JD Greer and Al Mohler and what why the sky speaking of Danny Aiken. The heads of the seminaries.

Why are they speaking up.

Do you think they would pause for a moment to point out if Mike stoneware plagiarist. Do you think they would keep quiet of Mike Stone had won the election and it was revealed that he had been plagiarizing material in his sermons he really think they would shrug their shoulders about plagiarism know and I'll tell you why because it's partial is him and I'm not talking about the heresy of parcel is him that Ed Lytton had on his website before he was caught and took it down and not talk about that parcel is him I'm talking about the biblical idea of partial is him where Jesus says you know you have a man come in who's a rich man and you show him and that in the nicest seed in the synagogue and the poor man comes in. Sorry buddy, you're out of luck.

That is not the way of Jesus Christ, we do not play favorites with certain people and shun others.

That's absolutely out if you're Christian and it's the same when it comes to sin.

If it is wrong for the guy next door to plagiarize. Perhaps your daughter in school, and use her material as is known, then it is wrong for any pastor to plagiarize either a book or a sermon and it is wrong for a no-name pastor to do it and it is really wrong for somebody in the top echelon of a denomination to do it so I'm in a stay on the story and I can necessarily talk about it nonstop. I'm I'm gonna keep up the pressure as you guys know if you followed me for any length of time.

I don't like plagiarism. Nobody no Christian should tolerate pit plagiarism. I'll care who does it. It doesn't matter to me who does it does not matter to me. You don't do it you have to have integrity. As a Christian now. This brings me to Russell Moore's latest interview. I know you're gonna be excited about this PBS Knievel and NP. By the way his PPS done the big thing on Ed Lytton being a plagiarist, ma'am, I must've missed that story Christiana Mann pouring Co. and company is basically what it stands for the show over on PBS of number predator watched it, I should say that we all know Christiana Montour Siena. This was just incredible. I can't describe it. You have to hear it for yourself and I want you to listen to Michelle Martin gushing over woo hoo she calls pastor more. Listen to this One you see many people are familiar with your work, but those who are not. You have been one of the most high-profile evangelical leaders in the country for many years now for something you probably are about evangelical movement.

When you start to go wrong for you but I did things internally start to change when did you start to notice the will. I don't think that things went wrong.

I think in some ways, things went very bright young, but I came to see new ways to equip Christians and in God doing a new thing and frankly within the Southern Baptist convention. The people in the Southern Baptist convention were overwhelmingly not just supportive but beyond supportive and unloving and affirming my board was as well. I think that what I was starting to see was the same thing that virtually almost every pastor I'm talking to right now is see which is a congregation where the vast majority of people really want to love each other. I really want to follow Christ and and sometimes there's a very small group within that the congregation but doesn't want to and and that creates a different kind of temperature in the room as to what pastor has to decide is do I continue working toward change in this congregation, which is usually the way to go. Or another way is to say maybe maybe I should be doing something different first fire, not a pastor but second of all what this is what he's really saying the people who he classifies as not wanting to love and not wanting to follow Christ are the people who became problems for him what he's really saying is if you're not on Russell Moore's woke side of the fence.

If you are not all in on racial justice and open borders and all the other nonsense that he shut down people's throats and if you are a conservative Christian who he basically has not liked from day one, then you're not loving her following Jesus and he just couldn't take anymore that's when he finally had to leave. Even though most of what he did was so terribly right. That's not how I remember it. There's much more to come stay with us will be right back on Jennifer today and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single DV more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month.

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If you can 855402 Beatty 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to you're listening to Joe Wood River today. While this interview that PBS conducted with Russell Moore, now the public theologian over at Christianity today, despite hilarious. It's just so telling in so many ways and especially in light of the fact that he positioned himself as head of the ER. LC is such a moral guy. Boy is he moral you're about politics, but he's about the gospel. He's about the gospel he's about ethics. He's about doing the right thing. He's about principle while I'm about to blow that apart to spy plane his own words for you.

Let's go back to this Amanpour and company segment Michelle Martin is the interviewer here and she asks were also more so why did you resign.

This is cut to because I started to see God doing something new in terms of putting people together from multiple denominations who have the same concern. So I was having conversation every single day with Anglicans and Presbyterians and nondenominational people and others were saying.

It seems to me that we have a moment where we need to put the gospel first and we need to put the kingdom first and we need each other to do that and so Christianity today being the way that that that the evangelical movement essentially launched in the in the postwar era. I think we have a very similar moment right now all that's interesting. So much for commitment to Southern Baptists, you know, I spent a lot of time is the head of the arrow see talking to Anglicans and Presbyterians and did while spending time talking to Southern Baptists more.

Why were you to out there trying to hobnob with the big Eva Leach.

I just want to be because he always had a higher agenda. He always had something beyond just the role of the head of the ethics and religious Liberty commission, which is why he was a total disaster at it. This guy try to make it sound as if he left his job because everything was going right. It was just this. People who don't want to follow Christ and you know you get to the point we just can't take it anymore. Now is revealing a little bit more know I was hobnobbing with my liberal big Eva friends and you know there's there's more to do there.

There's more to say right, which is why he does even go to a Southern Baptist Church anymore.

How committed was see to Southern Baptist life and Southern Baptist. I know he like to talk about his credibility as a Southern Baptist and his lifelong commitment to the Southern Baptists, but he'd left not only that, he dropped a couple of neutron bombs in the form of an email in the form of a leaked letter, wink wink nod nod because scene absolute have it going into the Southern Baptist convention and it was all done on purpose and I don't believe for a minute. He didn't have a hand in it and releasing it to course nobody's gonna talk about that, by the way, you can listen to it here with Michelle Martin raising the issue of what she referred to as Moore's blistering resignation letter. Listen to what she doesn't say though this is cut three your resignation letter landed like a rocket. It was leaked. I don't know who I know that we've already denied is your words is blistering is absolutely blistering. You say that the presenting issue, he said, is not a former president using the presenting issue was the way the leadership was dealing with sexual abuse thing one but you also say that you and your family faced constant threats from white nationalist and white supremacist including convention joy yes yes or that wasn't a resignation letter was it was a letter that I written to by board members, just they pray with me and and I was hoping to see some of the things that were going on.

Yes I mean I think that there are very real issues within the church in almost every denomination or communion or setting right now when it comes to these issues of racial justice and reconciliation and sexual abuse of you not on finding this as recently as just right before this so this interview talking to a pastor is combating this within the congregation and it can be exhausting it can be demoralizing, but it also means that there's an opportunity for the people of God to do what's right, all okay well who leaked the latter. It's not like Michelle Martin asked him would not be a logical question for journalist asked Russell Moore.

You know, it's very interesting that you sent on that for a long time before it was finally quote unquote leaked. Did you have anything to do with the release of that and the timing of it was quite interesting as well. Dr. Moore did you have any hand in that scam. She care he talked about constant threats from white supremacist and white nationalist, even in the convention prove it because you didn't name one person and Mike Stone even came along and said it's not true. It's just a lie. It's not happening in this issue of sexual abuse and how is handled other people who came along who said what Russell Moore claimed and that wasn't even true. She does even issue any kind of question about it, which should tell you a lot about the state of journalism today. Then she asks him when did you begin to see these things going on was this going on for a long time.

Your concerns about racial justice. There's Russell Moore for I think I think that issues of racial justice, particularly always disturbing to be is one of the reasons why went through a a spiritual crisis is a 15-year-old when I was looking at Bible Belt Christianity and see a lot of very blatant racism and wondering how can these two things go together. What one cannot read the Bible and and see that the actions of Jesus in seeing the story church. Jesus puts together and come to this kind of conclusion that racism is anything other than morally wrong and so that's been a concern for me for for all of my life. I think there are many people who are rattled by some of the things that were sitting in terms of sexual abuse in the treatment sexual abuse survivors and and coverups that you placed again, not just in in one setting and not just even within a church setting, but within within multiple settings in the United States right now, but the church is called to better and so we ought to be the place that that is the toughest on sexual abuse in the place that is the most caring for survivors and victims of sexual abuse. I think that is something we must do better.

Okay. Speaking of coverups.

How about you talk about plagiarism. Dr. Morrison sure so ethical and you're so moral and you pave the way on principle and you spent so much time lecturing the conservative Christians in the SBC and beyond, about how unprincipled they were where your principles, the guy that you helped usher in as president of the SBC has been revealed to be a serial sermon plagiarize, or do you have a comment on that give any comment on the fact that your friends at the top echelon of the SBC are saying nothing.

Do you have anything to say about why you have said nothing on your twitter feed where you been. Dr. Moore, your Mr. principled, how about we talk about that cover-up in the SBC didn't want to talk about that word and waited out were not to talk about that okay you have to talk about that.

Then Michelle Martin says you know why evangelicals were strong supporters of Trenton. There also some of the most hesitant to employ these coping 19 health measures is that when they're supposed to be so pro-life. This is what he said Five.

I don't know I think we're in a a moment about the kind of crisis of credibility. That's one of things I've been speaking to her repeatedly and and frankly what takes up most of my time and energy right now is talking to young evangelical Christians who are disillusioned and who are fighting against cynicism, usually not yielding to but fighting against it and they have every reason to. In many cases, so we we really have a long project out of us a rebuilding evangelical credibility on the basis of being the people who are what we say we are and believe what we say we believe can even I can like I I'm so tongue-tied with the hypocrisy that I almost can't comment, but I'm going to anyway you talk about a crisis of credibility about people you don't like courtroom supporters of course set aside for a moment that there are legitimate reasonable reasons.

If you want to say it that way that people will refuse the cover 19 vaccine everything from underlying health concerns to natural immunity because they've already had coping 19 and on and on and there are some very legitimate reasons why people don't want to get the cover 19 vaccine which we've gone into another shows this guy has the gall to talk about a crisis of credibility as he sits there and runs down the same people that he ran down for years when he was in the air LC position and doesn't have a word to say about Ed Lytton doesn't have a word to say about his friends covering for Ed Lytton. You know who is the crisis of credibility. You do Dr. Moore and so do your friends at the head of the SBC as long as you are covering up this scandal and the sin of plagiarism at the top of the SBC and yes I am calling it out. Look, there are all kinds of things that need to be addressed in all kinds of contacts within any church body sexual abuse being one of them I talked about this issue continually for nine years sexual abuse in the church long before the me to movement so I'm completely on board with that issue. I think where there is racism, it does need to be repented of.

Absolutely we are one in Christ Jesus. We are united by faith in Jesus Christ that needs to be trumpeted from the rooftops, but when these people are constantly pointing fingers at you and your family and telling you all you have a problem you don't care about racial justice. You don't care about pro-life because you don't want open borders and all of the leftist agenda for the borders I'm done with it folks I'm done with all of this stuff. These people are taking the pie and shoving it in your face and trying to make it out like know you guys are the problem with the crisis of credibility. We have no crisis of credibility were the bold moral leaders. Why think of Jesus's words in Matthew 23 when he was talking about the teachers of the law and the Pharisees and he said everything they do is done for people to see. They make their phylacteries wide and the tassels on their garments long.

They love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synagogues. They love to be greeted with respect to the marketplaces to be called Rabbi by others is that not a description of Dr. Russell Moore's PBS in the Atlantic and New York Times and what is it say of the world hate you know that it is hated me before it hated you. Jesus said in John 15. What is it mean when the media loves these guys just ask yourself that question. If you are a regular Southern Baptist or Christian has been concerned about this scandal is I've been ask yourself why is the media love these big evil lead so much and whose side are they really on. If the world loves them so much.

Just think about that for a moment the normal place for any Christian the context of the world is to be hated because they hated our Lord and Savior.

These people need to stop the covering up and they need to call on Ed Lytton to resign unless they persist in their crisis of credibility you're listening to jam effort this damn effort today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign.

Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today here's your host Joe peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid.

These are some very comforting words from the Lord Jesus Christ. In John 14. Given the times in which were living that first might strike you a little differently now than it may have only a few years ago. I know that's true for me in Jesus there is peace regardless of what is going on in my life and regardless of what's going on in the world around me. But if you have trouble being at peace. Even as a Christian then you're gonna want to stay tuned.

Joining me now is Pastor Chip Ingram, founder and CEO of the teaching and discipleship ministry living on the edge and today will be learning more about finding peace in Jesus. As we discussed his latest book, I choose peace how to overcome anxiety in a stressful world chip. Thanks much for being here.

How are you today I am actually doing well. Like everyone else will have challenges ahead for the unexpected.

Second, back surgery and a lot of pain from the practice at a new level.

Everything were talking about in this book and I think that was a good bank. I really am doing well recovering well now I'm glad to hear that that is a really rough road to have back surgery but will be praying for you that you have a swift recovery. I really salute you for being able to go on with life that they can be really a hard row to hoe for anybody you know when were talking about peace.

Obviously the Bible has a lot to say about it. I think about Philippians 4, six and seven be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

This is a very beloved passage. One of my favorites. What are we talking about when we talk about the peace that God has promised to us specifically as believers in Jesus Christ. The definition that were talking about of peace.

How do you see that definition as we should understand what I think about from time to Deconstruct in our world, my circumstances and the things I want are kind of aligning at a certain time so I have peace in my marriage or defend my job or you have peace in my finances, but their contingent on circumstances or maybe it just emotional peace that were having for a moment when Jesus said my peace I leave with you. You basically have my shalom and it's not just the absence of conflict complete Falmouth homeless of health health of your soul your mind. If the harmony in your relationship good doing what you were designed to do. Fulfilling your purpose and having the sense of peace. You have victory. I'm with you over your enemies and your struggles. So it's a much fuller piece, but he promised to fight both and many promised will write. It's interesting to because when you talk about peace you think may be of Mark for I believe it is where Jesus is calling the winds and the waves and the disciples are freaking out while he's sleeping and he says basically where is your faith where you know he's he saying why are you afraid I'm here. Where is your faith how much of peace and the peace that we have in Jesus has to do with our faith in him and our trust in him.

I really like to put it this way is a gift that if you're a follower of Jesus, you received them as your Savior. 100% of Christian have the peace of God shalom of God.

But like all things we possess. But we have to appropriate network. There's certain things that you said you experience but even exactly the there's a way to pray during anxiety. The peace of God rule in your mind and heart little bit later he's going to say there is a way that you renew your mind, under certain habits that the God of peace will be with you so yeah I think it's really clearly related to when were abiding in him. I words are biting enough, there's peace.

It rules in our hearts impact washing three will talk about the peace of God, acts like an arbitrator in our work like an umpire, people are watching the Olympics big and fill you in on volleyball. It goes out and they lift the flag up without will some comes when we feel the peace of God, leave it the sense of all your out of bounds get get back. It let the bite again.

That was unrighteous anger that with the temptation that you caved into or you know that God's peace is a gift, but we have choices to make to experience that peace in our everyday life will we do, and I know people might say I know I have peace with God positionally. For example, when we look at Ephesians 2. Same for he himself is our peace was made. The two groups one and is destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, we have peace with God because of what Christ did on the cross and his resurrection from the dead, securing that piece of positionally work peace with God because of our faith in Jesus Christ. But you're talking about peace in the practical terms of life where you are appropriating it. I ate it. As you said before that we are at peace but we need to appropriate that, in what sense do we choose peace then to go back to the title of your book go to work. People were living open a new strain.

I have fear I have anxiety my child have anxiety about going back to school. Others anxiety about what about the financials. What about the creative dollars of that, what about the future what's going to happen when anxiety like that is knocking at the door of our hearts. The very path you quoted Philippians 4, six and seven would say let go prayer not any kind of prayer. Let biblical prayer answered the door when anxiety knocks anxieties like everything up just the temptation and it anxiety is projecting into the future to get us not to trust God in the present right so it's like okay are you ready anxiety about me. I just had my wife and daughter and son-in-law are all traveling just preparing my day spending some time with the Lord doing a little work out and this thought comes from mine. What if they were in a car wreck in all three were killed while I know that my wife and I are to take care of four small kids. The thought came to me what what I do at this stage of my life with an 8604 and a two year old and okay. I was tempted to be anxious.

Instead what they say there is is okay.

Not just any prayer like oh God, help me with all prayer the general word for adoration to pause examines remember the sovereign control powerful, all-knowing you good and then with petition what what are the needs. What are the specific need, with thanksgiving, and then bring your grocery list and you offer those things and you you will what that very specific anxiety moment and God says as you do it in that way he changes your perspective. You focus on what you have instead of what you don't have you take those peers in specific things and you literally cast them over to him and he gives you piece of work talking about the functional everyday experience of this call, you know, we all know some believers that walk closely with the Lord, you know, maybe a mate is going through cancer or maybe they lost their job or go through horrendous things in COBIT and you sit with them over coffee or a Coke and you you look at them and you say there is risk of homelessness peace that you have you had back in the midst of all that you've been through and what were actually observing them abiding in Christ. That's definitely it means they don't have any problem the government what they're experiencing is that God of peace with them that peak that gift into the gift in such a way where the Spirit of God that dwells in all of us is manifesting the very same Jesus who said to the wife.

Stop it right.

Be still and they did that Christ lives in us and all he wants us to do is abide that he might manifest his personality and presence in our life. And when he does there's a supernatural peace that is beyond human comprehension.

But it's available to all that. That's what I want people to get that's what the book is about express ordinary people, not just you know the great faith of the world chips and Janet from John and Mary, it's good news is such good news and in you consider even the life of the apostle Paul who is putting those words, you think about what he went through is a Christian and if he could talk about the peace of God that passes all understanding. How much more applicable is that to us in our day to come back with Chip Ingram.

His book, I choose peace here in Janet my for today will be back right after this, this is Janet my for partnering with Bible league international to send God's word to 1500 Bible is believers in Africa.

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You're listening to you today well.

Peace is a wonderful thing.

It's great to have peace with God and it's wonderful to abide in the peace of God, even in troubling circumstances. Pastor Chip Ingram is joining us. I choose peace is the name of his book, how to overcome anxiety in a stressful world.

You did a great job Chip. I thought going into that break describing how it is you can deal with anxiety and apply some of these passages of Scripture about God's peace in that moment. Now one of the other things that you talk about is choosing peace and relational conflict. Now that's an interesting category, but I think one were all familiar with how do you advise Christians to choose peace when there is conflict what what people will understand and become a good book. It really is unpacking in chapter 4 and I love what you said you could get of the apostle Paul.

You know how you experiences what interesting is writing this one from prison. He has peace, and in fact that the theme of the book of joy and it's it's interesting.

By the time you get to chapter 4 he talks rejoice always and again I say rejoice in the Lord always wonderful.

And then he's wrapping up the book and then he talks about two women they both love God. They've both been greatly used by God and they can't get along, and I just I would just remind people that just because you have relational conflict, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a bad person in the room and thought I would remind you first visit. I don't know anything that robs our peace more often than relational conflict and mothers with our mates are one of our kids were our roommate or our supervisor or a friend or someone at church.

I me someone can say something or do something or we here they said something about us or even give us a look at you feel like what was that about, and I dispersed want to say relational conflict is normal and then sometimes we lose our peace because we try really hard to know early in our marriage but my wife and I both come from our dad were in World War II.

Very common. Both ended up alcoholics create very dysfunctional families so we get married and we love each other we book club Jesus within six months of like all my business is not working. I she loves God and I love her and she makes me not, and vice versa, and we didn't have peace. We do have conflict so that there's times where once you try really hard.

You need outside help. And it's interesting this passage the apostle Paul talked about these two ladies and that he calls out someone in the church must a wise good godly culture a good bill. What I want you to do. I want you to meet with these ladies and their both valuable. They're both wonderful weather with personality miscommunication expectations all the normal stuff I want you to help them get through this info as I walk through that passage and relational conflict. Here's one of the five things that flow out of it just gives people quickly.

One stop procrastinating.

Don't keep kicking that can thinking it's going to get better member to evaluate your expectations.

I just realized people were normal dirt humans are gonna let you down or sometimes I think of believers, we expect unbelievers to act like Christian Cinema get all bent out of shape like third is get outside help. If you've worked really hard at it, you know, it might be a friend, Pastor could be a Christian counselor got fourth in don't let one relationship ruin your life. I mean some others get so fixated have to be right.

They Understand this is got to work out the Scriptures clear the peace with all men, as far as it depends on you do all that you care) have you had a few relationships were just that, yes. You know what yes I know I just I can't do anymore and I'm gonna let this one go and then the last one this is for some of us I may just the drunk no notice. They got understand this is right and sometimes it's just you have to say. Having the right response is more important than being right that they're never going to see it but Bill C. Responding in the right in a gracious way and recognizing you know I've done all I can but what when God evaluate this relationship. He wants me to have the righteous response that I think of Jesus Janet of although he was reviled. He reviled not and you know, I know a lot of believers right now are experiencing lot injustice and that's not fair, and religious liberty in and you know it says in first Peter that he set an example that we should follow in his steps and is talking about suffering under injustice that when we suffer for doing what is right with peace, with a calm spirit this find favor with God and think. Also, it turns people's hearts. So yeah, I think relational conflict is a is a really big one, but I think he's given us a game plan to begin to walk through yeah that's really good and really really applies to a lot of people's lives. I was thinking of Psalm 34 to about seek peace and pursue it that that really kinda seems to sum up what average is saying and relational conflict that's really important you know another category they talk about in the book chip which I wanted to hit on before we run out of time is choosing peace and tests of faith.

Again, we can reference Paul we can reference so many people in the Bible who really had trials and temptations that were overwhelming at times and there are people I'm sure listening who are in very dire circumstances, if not now, then maybe in the future. How do you choose peace when everything around you is just in a state of upheaval that ascribed a lot of our world right now where the apostle Paul. I have learned the secret of heat or contentment of being satisfied, if not freaking out like you know restatement so that, but it's actually something that's learned. I think we will all world is falling apart.

I think this is true most of the picture is of me. I so want to somehow feel like I'm in control, that somehow it and were living in a world that will there's a lot of that we can't control is a virus. I can see there's financial uncertainty, their political divide the racial tension bears inside the church and you have got so many pastors are friends and you know them privately so you know what to do to you what he knew well at the church emailed me and says if we open up then there leaving the other half that if we don't open up their leaving another half that we were mass will even to the other half is an and you know if you voted that color state that I'm leaving.

You can go to the other color state youth that I've never seen so many that have the vision and and I think this is a time where we often quote this passage, but the passage is in the context of whether circumstances are good or bad as unconnected to Jesus intimately. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and I think we need to help people remember that. That means that I'm in his word and I'm renewing my mind and I'm obeying what I know sometimes we pull these verses out that's not working for me and you say if your word had not been my delight, I would've perished in my affliction going to affliction trying really hard to because you're a Christian does not mean you go through well going through it desperately dependent renewing your mind and fellowship with other believers obeying what you know and living out of desperate dependency sharing your heart. God, the God of peace will be with you in that situation, but just trying hard to be a nice person and little bit more moral and going to church 1.6 times a month, which is the average Christian fell you can you can be a follower of Jesus, and have zero peace going down that trail and honestly cannot good reason I wrote this book.

I never dreamed it would come out in such a crisis time was so many believers are are missing their living starving, emotionally and spiritually, and there is a banquet table available and in the Lord thing come in and I think a lot of them have no idea how to even enter my hearts desire is to help them understand there's a father who loved and wants to help all this is this is absolutely critical chip and I'm so glad that you've outlined all of this because we all need this reminder and some of us need to hear it for the very first time.

But it's all in the book I choose peace how to overcome anxiety in a stressful world from living on the edges. Pastor Chip Ingram ship thank you so much for being here again. Always nice to talk to you and I hope your back gets better very very soon. That's a hard situation to be in but will be praying for you very, very much. You're welcome.

Thanks again for being here. Thank you for joining us on Janet my for today.

Again, send Bibles to China help us send Bibles to Africa 1500 Bibles is our goal, we want to keep on going, 800 yes word 800 why WO RD five dollars sends one Bible. Thank you so much for your generosity

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