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David Closson (Taking Control of Your Kid's Education)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 3, 2021 4:00 am

David Closson (Taking Control of Your Kid's Education)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 3, 2021 4:00 am

The CDC issues new mask guidelines as more vaccinated Americans contract and spread the Delta Variant, while Republicans call for an audit of this increasingly mistrusted government agency. And will the Biden Administration attempt to lock us down again? We'll talk about it. Plus: As parent-school board showdowns heat up over Critical Race Theory and mask mandates, what should Christian parents do to oversee their children's education? I'll talk it over with David Closson from the Family Research Council on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that I sort of happen to be listening to some segment on a cable news channel and you say, my only person noticing that this is insane only person who is noticing that the discussion now taking place in front of my eyes or maybe even if you heard on the radio via my ears is nuts. And then you check yourself, how is it that I'm the only one who thinks this is nuts and everybody else thinks it's reasonable if you are feeling that way. I would like to urge you to remember that you are not the only one feeling that way. And whenever we are able to interact with one another and convince one another that no were not the people who are nuts you feel a lot better don't you, especially in light of the Delta variant. I'm to get into a little bit on all the new insanity concerning covert, 19 what just a few months ago that we were told by the head of the CDC that these vaccines were going to solve everything to remember that it was not that long ago. In fact, when you go back to March 29, 2021 the head of the CDC, the director, Dr. Rochelle Wilensky went on. I believe it was MSNBC and said that Scott for our data from the CDC's today suggest that you know that that vaccinated people do not carry the virus. Don't get sick. I met and that it's not just in the clinical trials, but it's also in real-world data that's pretty definitive is in it really definitive vaccinated people do not carry the virus.

According to our data from the CDC. Many people I find kind of quaint but many people still believe that if you hear something from a government agency in the United States that you can take it to the bank and I think the CDC has pretty thoroughly unraveled that entire assumption because on any given day that CDC could say absolutely anything and does all you need to do is compile all of these conflicting narratives that they have put together at varying points in time and here's what happens when they actually own up to the fact that their last prediction was bogus.

This happened on April 2. Remember March 29 was when Rochelle Wilensky made that statement that our data from the CDC today suggests vaccinated people do not carry the virus even as were seen these numbers now via the hill at least 233 staffers and a pair of San Francisco hospitals have tested positive for Cova. 19 and the majority of them were fully vaccinated, which does not go along with what Dr. Rochelle Wilensky, the eminent CDC director had to sand March 29 and it was just a few days later that the hill ran this little bed and and see if you can detect a little propaganda in here.

This is Five CDC is clarifying claims made by the agency's director that made it sound like to covert, 19 vaccines were 100% effective speaking on MSNBC, March 29 CDC Dir. Rochelle Wilensky said, quote vaccinated people do not carry the virus. Don't get sick when prompted criticism from scientists who so that will transmission from vaccinated people may be unlikely. There's not enough data to claim someone who's inoculated can never later become infected and potentially spread the virus. Wilensky had been referring to a study showing people who received both doses of either the Pfizer or McDermott vaccines were 90% less likely to be infected not 100% is her statement would've meant literally CDC later told the New York Times. Wilensky was speaking broadly during the interview she was speaking broadly and wrongly did you hear the phrasing at the beginning of that clip. While these comments from Dr. Wilensky made it sound like people who have been vaccinated will not carry the virus know what was in the matter of she made it sound like she said it and this is some low level bureaucrat 75 tears down from the head of the CDC.

This is the CDC cc director is saying this and then it's just kinda tossed aside like hoops well. She was just speaking broadly that's not how it works, you can't. On one hand, make a definitive remark the way that she did in March saying that these vaccines will be the be-all and all and you can go back to your normal life and how many times were we told that and now you have reports the Biden administration is actually considering the idea may be possibly of more restrictions, stricter guidelines, some people are even throwing around the word lockdowns and I don't think you can take anything potentially off the table with this administration deal as we all know this is one big political hot potato in the bloom is off the rose, the 15 days that were to slow the spread were a long time ago now. A lot of us have our eyes wide open.

Even so, the CDC revised its mass guidance just a few days ago. They are now telling fully vaccinated people to wear masks in indoor crowded settings right because the masks worked so well the first time do we have to again card out all of those government videos. OSHA, for example, I played those videos at one time where they're saying is, masks are not to guard against viruses than I can do anything to guard against serious diseases only say this on their own website with a probably scrubbed by now. But that's why we save these things, but the government itself is said these masks do not work. We know that the the whole sizes in these masks small as they are too big to prevent the coronavirus from getting through them so we know also from all of the mass mandates that were so insane during the height of the pandemic did not work and it wasn't just a matter of California and Hawaii, which had the most are coney and mask mandates where it didn't work, but it was all around the world.

I go back to a piece at the Federalist. Let's let's go back and this was I get this ran in October 2020. But at the time they mention California required masks in June of last year, but cases still want to buy more than 300% and the state at that time was still heavily locked down with still higher cases.

Hawaii suffered one of the most economically devastating lockdowns of all states. It was also an early mover on mandating masks both indoors and outdoors, but cases still want up by almost a thousand percent.

You would think that you would learn, but when you don't want to let people enjoy the freedom that God gave them then you invent new reasons to keep the population in line. Why are you dying to take big fire hoses and blow them on people who work in a stand up against future lockdowns or future mask mandates the way they're doing over in Europe.

I certainly hope not. This administration though is more intent on putting up fences to keep white supremacist from attacking the capital, which was never needed in the first place and now were seen the whole January 6 nonsense going on with this bogus commission and the fake tears. This can we take how much of this are we going to take. I saw CNN segment. Maybe you saw this yesterday in which a gas I'm not sure exactly who it was but a guest was claiming that what we really need to do is admit that some of these other ideas that we put in place to try to control the Delta variant have not worked and so what we really need to do is mandate and 95's all there is backing to be the next leftist trek, everybody's gonna have to wear in and 95 mask. Have you ever donned an and 95 mask well back. This was back in January 2020, 21, so just a few months ago and I dug out this story from the ABC affiliate in New York City. There's been a lot of back and forth throughout the pandemic, with doctors recommending wearing and 95 masks. They said but done CDC Dir. Dr. Rochelle Wilensky is recommending the general public, not to wear them.

She said at the time they're very hard to breathe.

Then when you wear them properly. They're very hard to tolerate when you wear them for long periods of time, and even the station says the end 95 masks are really designed for first responders, you've probably seen people wearing them.

The five layer masks, the foam nose strap that covers much of your face. Dr. Wilensky they say, as well as Dr. Anthony fatty are still saying people should wear a mask, but they say the general public doesn't need to wear the end. 95 ones because they're uncomfortable and hard to breathe and really so is the double mask. Dr. fatty the enemy.

They just keep flipping and I'm just waiting.

I am just waiting for them to do another flip. You know what we really need is to have the American population, including the vaccinated people wearing a 95's all the time. Forget it. It's not happening it's not happening especially when you're looking at the data. People are actually dying from the Delta variant are we having hospitals full of corpses armies horrible. We know anybody to get sick. It's awful, but we have pandemic and you're going to have some people getting sick. You can have some people ending up in the hospital and we hope and pray each and every one of them will be able to get well. But not everybody will and it's awful but you want to hamstring the rest of the population can probably do and there's more to tell you about it when we come back and listening to Jennifer today.

This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The church is clearly very fast in the northern part of the country with speaking people to speaking pupil and then you know we find that is the movement of the wood is the way the hunger around is very much visible if you can imagine 10 Christians right now in many places in Africa. On average, nine have no access to the Bible hears Lillian in Mozambique Berlin.

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Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD or there's a Bible league banner to seen people being changed by reading the Scripture giving a Bible to somebody's agreed this gift you can give somebody you're listening to Joe it Mefford today. Welcome back I was mentioning before, at least 233 staffers and a couple of San Francisco hospitals are now testing positive for Cova 19 most of them are vaccinated. The hill reports 55 cases were discovered among staff members at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. As of July 31. And of those who tested positive. Roughly 75 to 80% were fully vaccinated. More than 7000 staff members reportedly work at the facility and then the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center said 183 staff members tested positive. As of Friday 153 of whom were fully vaccinated.

So what are you supposed to say yes. It seems this Delta variant is highly contagious by again it it's more of this fear. Fear, fear, fear, fear, get the masks back on maybe they should be a 95 masks this time. Maybe were to be locked down again. I mean this was the story from news press. Now this is by CNN. Actually, on Friday, Pres. Biden said the US will in all probability see more guidelines and restrictions amid rising coronavirus cases and the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant what you going to do.

That's going to do anything.

That's what I would like to know if lockdowns didn't work.

And if mask mandates didn't work, and in fact they had the opposite effect where you had many many many people getting very sick and many many people getting very depressed and suicidal and people actually committing suicide. Heard some horror stories from friends of mine about others. They knew who actually killed themselves because they had Cova 19 didn't die of it.

They were just so terrified when they got it that they kill. I've had a story over the weekend of a woman friend of a friend who killed herself it happens. Why is that not as big an issue as Cova 19 because they can politicize this and you can see who is scared and who is not scared when you are out and about I have to actually tell a funny story because I was on an airplane over the weekend and actually coming.

It was flying out I was on this plane and people were being very compliant wearing their masks because Biden says you gotta wear a mask on an airplane.

Even though there have been no super spreader events on airplanes entire course of the pandemic and at one point the angry flight attendants who are not busy serving drinks and in the cabin, which they guess they're doing again now.


One of them gets on the all call and says now, everybody. You are expected via federal guidelines to make sure that your nose and your mouth are fully covered by your mask and by the way just because you're eating doesn't mean you can take your mask off and everybody just starts looking out really wish you cut a hole in it with that make you happy, and she says if you are going to eat or drink. You can lower your mask, take a step or take a bite and then you have to put the mask back over your face and then when you're ready for the next super bite. You can take it back off and I'm thinking to myself the majority people I'm looking at. I can read their minds because they're all thinking your knots again your thinking I am I the only one who sees this, but you you look around the airplane and you catch eyes with people which I tend to do, and were all thinking that's a lot of us are thinking this anyway so I don't even know what to think about all this. It's just a whole lesson in people who are very easily controlled. Now let's go back to July 8 to talk about Dr. Fauci about some good stuff on Dr. Fauci recent stuff Dr. found she on July 8 was asked how effective are the mRNA vaccines against the Delta variant and this was what he said. Cut to first let's take a look at the mRNA vaccines, which are two out of the three vaccines that are used in this country, and mRNA overwhelmingly use the most among vaccines. The real world setting is shown here. If you ask cases protected against us, the study showing the two doses of Pfizer.

About 79% detective symptomatic disease. A study from England again.

Two doses of Pfizer, 88% in hospitalizations again in England.

Two doses 96% real world effectiveness. You can make quite reasonable assumption that data that are applicable to FISA are also applicable to mow down in the next slide please.

The question is just spoken about the mRNA vaccines. What about the J&J vaccines.

There's indirect and direct evidence for effectiveness of J&J against the Delta very because if you look at comparison between the J&J and the Oxford AstraZeneca or the AZ vaccine because they use similar adenovirus vectors. We have clinical data with AZ in real world effectiveness and as you can see when you look at infection versus symptomatic versus the important number on the bottom of the slide 92% effective against hospitalization from the Delta variant okay what what you take away from this, he's giving the numbers on how effective the mRNA vaccines are on hospitalizations, severe infections, and in fact somebody was raising this question Alex Berenson. You can read a lot of what he has to say on Twitter. He was formerly with the New York Times and he's been censored a lot because he's been doing a lot of pandemic reporting and bringing up questions and data. One of the questions he raised which I thought was very interesting.

A few days ago was if it's the.

The fact that these mRNA vaccines in particular are not legally vaccines that was the question. I'm not saying they're not legal, but that the definition of a vaccine is it inoculates against a disease. These apparently are not the same as other vaccines mRNA are to get your immune system to kick and strong so he was asking the question. Would this be a situation in which the vaccines that are put out is vaccines are more like therapeutics more like a Tamiflu. I'm saying the Tamiflu. He didn't. But you know when you get the flu and you take Tamiflu it will reduce the severity of the flu and it will reduce the longevity of the symptoms so you get better faster and it does not inoculate you against flu clearly but it will make it less painful and less deadly. That's the idea, and so he was raising the question as to whether or not the mRNA vaccines actually would fit more in that category, in which case, how could you force anybody to get one because nobody can legally force you to take a therapeutic that I don't know the answer to this question, but it seemed to me to be very smart. Question now or seen the data and you got the story from CNN vaccination alone won't stop the rise of new variance and in fact could push the evolution of strains that evade the protection will worse because this was never inoculation in the first place. Nobody said were to come up with the Kronos vaccine coronavirus vaccine that will eliminate the coronavirus, especially when you have new streams coming at me at what point do you say this is terrible. Do the best you can. Like you do. Do during the flu season make sure you wash your hands a lot reduce your interaction with crowds. If you have comorbidities or if you have added health issues. Just be smart so I know people who are older and have some health problems and during flu season. They try to stay home because they don't want to go out and about too much and increase the risk of contracting the flu but at the same time were living in a world where you can track things completely protect yourself against anything that's out there is some kind of airborne virus. Anybody have any ideas on how you have 100% safety. Maybe this is part and parcel of the Utopia mentality that many people have. We can create a perfect world if we just do ask if we just redistribute the wealth if we just get rid of all of the oil and gas and the fossil fuels that will have a perfect society that is running and it'll be a green society will be glorious. That'll be fantastic and maybe we can create a vaccine where I never ever have to be afraid again Lala land because that's not how the world is it's good to have vaccines.

I'm glad for vaccines that actually help people be can't be utopian about it and you also can't be to Colleen about it and I don't know how to deal with this.

I do appreciate what were getting out from the GOP which is these findings that the House foreign affairs committee. Other Republicans on that committee have been probing into the possible origins of cover 19 Texas representative Michael McCall went on Fox and called the Chinese Communist Party and its role in the Wuhan lab. The greatest cover-up in human history. So keep digging here something else to keep digging on this is crazy. This is from the national pulse and they reported just yesterday the National Institutes of Health database that tracks US taxpayer backed research grants, including what file cheese agency sent to the Wuhan lab.

This gain of function research funding that he got so worked up about when he was confronted by Sen. Rand Paul can't access on the website anymore. Yeah, this is really on the up and up. Wherever you find a scrubbed website. You can be sure that something is on the up and up. It's crazy they say here.

When search the database, which itemizes the billions in taxpayer-funded grants distributed by various national Institute that institutes of health agencies yields no results and prompts users with an error message and they have screenshots of all of it, and in addition to this year seen people come out and say found she has no credibility anymore. They have the issue of, you know, the internal CDC document urges new messaging warns the Delta infections are likely more severe. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Anecdotally, it's crazy out there and you also have Republicans now saying they want to audit the CDC course they should audit the CDC, the CDC, in my estimation has little to no credibility anymore because they can't stick with the story and they seem a lot more politically minded than they do health minded. A lot of people think that a lot of people think that because how much did they care when your child came home from school last year crying from having worn a mask for nine hours a day. After months of this year. A lot of kids were really upset and really depressed and why don't there rights come to mind without you even came out and said if you don't wear a mask it's it's tantamount to infringing upon other people's individual rights.

Note to Dr. fatty that's not how individual rights were ever understood by the founders and you are misappropriating that phrase for your own political gain. And by the way, what about the fact that you find the Wuhan lab. And what about the fact that the GOP is now honing in on the fact that the coronavirus was likely leaked from the Wuhan lab which from all indications it was we don't have definitive proof at this moment such that you can say 100% sure we know it came Cove 19 came from the Wuhan lab. It was late, but this guys you know and his cohorts that the NIH sure stripping the database information off the Internet really were supposed to trust you were supposed to trust you were supposed to work. I have to worry about your individual rights how you worry about our individual rights, that would be a good place to start if we were to regain any trust whatsoever in the CDC. I tell you what you can trust and it's God's word and I want to tell you thank you for those of you who have been helping us send Bibles to Africa as part of the Bible league international campaign open the floodgates. We still need your help. A gift of 15 dollars will send one Bible, a gift of $25 will send five just call 800 yes word 800 yes word this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford as if our nation word already in enough turmoil. Schools are emerging as the next major battleground over the latest insane ideologies. Parents are out there taking on school boards over issues such as critical race theory and mask mandates and problematic curricula.

What is a Christian parent to do at a time like this will first and foremost, we have to remember our duties concerning our kids education were to talk about it more today with David Clawson, who is director of the Center for biblical worldview at the family research Council, David, great to talk to you. How are you great to be with you again will think it's great to have you tell us what's going on. We hear a lot of these stories anecdotally about this school district or that school district and parents are getting riled up about this or that an entity just seems to be on the increase. Is that what you're finding. It is funny and I think you not think there's been issues even like you said in your intro within the public school system, particularly with them bubbling up for years, but I think were really now seen it mainly because as we emerge from the coded 19 Pam Dimmick were so many people had to pull their kids out of school and home, school, and seek alternative options now that were getting ready to go back to school the next week or so. I think for the first time people really paying attention to what's happening in the school system and that's why you're seen of you, what if we call mothering confrontations and the school board meeting all over the country, whether the mass mandate issues related to transgender rhythm of the this revisionist history how racism in American history being taught all of these issues are percolating whether it's in Loudoun County, Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Florida, is really all over the place and I think as were going back to school, parents, or maybe parents who hadn't paid attention before Arnel seen exactly what ours students are having the learn of the schools. That's a really good point you raise because it was during the pandemic and the lockdown that I saw many reports of parents and going to their kids, you know computers while they were doing online school and the teachers were saying things I want teaching you this but don't let your parents know what the parents are sitting there and hearing it, and I'm wondering if it might be the case that the pandemic has made parents much more aware that they need to be on top of their children's education will without doubt one of the reasons were seeing. Talk to people in the homeschooling movement of the keynote 3%, 4% of Americans homeschooling their kids before the about 13% in some areas right now just because I think what you said a lot of parents were in a movie walking through the living room. Walking through the kitchen hearing overhearing you know some of the lectures that were being taught not just to their high school student, but to their middle and elementary school for you and father's parents around the country that were frankly horrified and shocked learning what's taking place in these classrooms. I agree with you when were talking about whether it's critical race theory or the mask mandates are transgender is in the LGBT curricula. These kinds of issues that have come up and everything seems to be coming to a head a little bit. What does that tell you about the cultural clash in general in this country and especially the cultural clash over a biblical worldview versus a secularized worldview that just seems to have taken off on steroids in the wrong direction. I it just they think heating up of the battle in and of itself. I find very interesting and and really I think noteworthy. Oh is noteworthy and perceptive Janet noticing that you know a lot of these things are actually the manifestation of the deeper clash in worldview. She why FRC have our center for biblical worldview. We been looking at these trends and you know family research Council here in DC we've always cared about this issue but we brought George born of a well-known researcher on and of one of the latest poll, but he did for us, shows that only 6% of American how you can call biblical worldview, only 6% of the vast majority of our friends and neighbors and even those we go to church with her. Not looking at all these issues through the lens of Scripture is actually a Janet doesn't get much better when you move into the evangelical church of the pole that we commissioned just a month or so ago showed that although 81% of people who attend evangelical churches think they have a biblical worldview that actually only 21% who actually have a biblical worldview and that means the vast majority people do not, the issue that were discussing through the lens of God's word and that's why you're seen a couple.

The mess that you are seen particularly will what you are talking about right now in the school system.

Now this is kind of an interesting question David because somebody might listen to those stats and say how much of the problem of people attending evangelical churches thinking they have a biblical worldview and then it turns out, most of them don't can be attributed to the fact that most of the Christian kids are in public schools, what's your sense on that issue. Yeah, I think you know not one to completely dump on all public school but think that you know each situation is different for each family. But the reality is our public school system has gotten really bad and FYI been since I wrote this article of the word. I think we are discussing your final I've been asked a lot about the different options for students with one to dump all public school, but we just need to be sober minded and then clear that the indoctrination that is taking place in the public school has picked up and ultimately if you're a Christian, you are called. I believe to Stuart you Christians are called to steward everything that God has given us, but especially with your called your child and the flies been famous with increasing frequency, but parents need to view themselves of the chief disciple makers in their home and that's why every Christian couple needs to have a conversation. The beginning of every school year. What's the best decision for fun or for daughter. This year, and maybe that will change.

Given the needs of the child. Given the whatever the dynamics are on the ground but I think parents need to view themselves of the chief disciple maker in their homes and they can't form that Al, without realizing that you have with you and your kid to a private school or public school there might need to be some other supplemental work you have to do to make sure your kids are getting the biblical worldview that were talking about what you and you make a good point David because increasingly were also hearing anecdotal problems with Christian schools. It's not like you can send your child to any old Christian school and they're gonna get a biblical worldview.

When they come out the other end. It's just that we are not in those times right now were not in. I think the days of being nave.

They need to be over think there probably was a time where a Christian parent can send their kid to a Christian school and say hey ahead of them in the Christian school.

I take him to youth group on Sunday night or Wednesday night so they get to spend some good time with the youth pastor, think will hey look, I've done my job is not cutting it anymore and I think that's what parents need to be intentional furtive parents making sure that their dinnertime others with the cell phones in the other room and they use the dinner time. At the time to to walk through the day. The walk-through issues to walk through the biblical worldview issues you know each family can have a different situation, but we have to be intentional or that the trend the worsening of gin. The having, you know, 2 to 3% having a biblical worldview battle to get even worse. That's right you get to the next generation in the way the trends are going will be down to 0% and that just can't happen when you use the phrase biblical worldview. David, I know this is very elementary to go back to the basics like this, but I think it's needed in this day and age when you're saying the phrase biblical worldview. What does that mean exactly what all does that pack into it.

You know everything that's packed into that complete that phrase because people say the Bible is a big buck. What is it mean to have a biblical worldview.

Start with the term worldview worldview is simply just the lens through which you see the world the better for you wear contact lenses so your worldview is almost like a set of glasses or contact lens through which you see the world understand the world interpret everything that's going on that, above, filtered back in worldview.

How you see the world a biblical worldview means simply that your worldview is filtered through the Bible being of every worldview have to answer major questions why is there something rather than nothing what's gone wrong with the world. Is there any hope for humanity. Where's all this headed every worldview have to answer the, big meta-question and the biblical worldview, answer those questions through the lens of Scripture. Wiser, something rather than nothing because God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1 to what's gone wrong with the world the fall.

Genesis 3. Is there any hope.

Yes, there is hope and have a name Jesus of the gospel story.

Where's all this headed, the question of eschatology. Ultimately, the second coming when Jesus comes back to a biblical worldview. Just were seen. Everything was taking place around us through the lens of Scripture. I think that's very well set.

I think that's a great definition of biblical worldview and it really is important for us to stress the duty of parents and education. Great article from David Clawson were to get into more on this when we come back and listening to Janet Mefford today dump away and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month.

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The sacredness of life. I wouldn't have my wife I wouldn't have my four adopted children and the true natural born children that we have wouldn't exist either. My whole family is here because of people that are involved with ministries like freeborn help moms choose life with pre-born. Your gift of $28 provides an abortion minded mother, a potentially life-saving ultrasound $140 could say five babies, you can give now at 855601. Baby that's 855-601-2229 or visit you're listening to know that we have had a really disconcerting. Of time here in the United States of America. I don't think anybody who's lived through the last year and 1/2 would doubt that. And it doesn't seem to be getting much better anytime soon. It always seems like once were over a little bit of a hump. Another hump is looming in the background.

Sometimes a mountain. David Clawson is with us he's director of the Center for biblical worldview at the family research Council. In his written recently article the duty of parents and education and this is so important especially David as we were mentioning earlier because so many parents are beginning to really notice what their schools are teaching the kids and objecting strenuously but we do need to go back to this question of Christian parents, we have a unique duty because we have that command from the Lord that these are his children.

We are caretakers of these children. While there on earth. We have a serious responsibility to raise them in the fear in the admonition of the Lord go about beginning to do that. If you have new Christian parents exactly in a listening, for example, his that we haven't been Christians very long. We have a new baby live a two-year-old. We want to do the right thing but it's so confusing because you do have different options public school. How do we evaluate whether or not that's not nonstarter versus homeschooling versus Christian school. What you say to those you know maybe new Christian parents who say I don't even know where to begin. What should I do question Janet man there. You're right, there are a lot of resources out there are so the other day. You have my good friend Jeff Myers on your show who believe Summit ministry ministry that I would point everyone to that has a high school or college age students. But you're right. What we do what we tell you young Christian parents and I think you know that we are in the process actually at family research Council to design children's curriculum because this is such a pressing need. George Barna of the one of the polls, but he came out was said that one's worldview is actually solidified by the age of 13 and so we can even dissuade the high school we need to be starting in middle school elementary school even before they get there and so I think what one very practical thing mentioned in the first segment is finding time that is intentional with your children growing up. I know my parents before you go to bed every night of the month. My dad would gather myself, my sister, my mom would be there and we would do prayer request together and he would do a short little devotional my dad doesn't have a seminary degree you need and go to Bible college, but you just open up the Bible and read a chapter or two in the we we would discuss it and talk about it in the each night of different one of us would lead him in prayer. When I was in middle school and high school.

My parents prioritize the dinner table. My dad had a devotional that we would go through, you know, this event have to be crazy rocket science, or you'll have to know Greek and Hebrew. To do this just be intentional with your child when there are those few hours that you have them at home. Obviously, when it comes to education. I think each parent should look at the options homeschooling private school public school what's right for them and I think every year you should probably revisit that decision my parents that I was homeschooled on the private school back to home school back to private school know what is best for your child. Given their maturity level and given what your options are for education for that year. Yeah, and I'm just like you on this issue.

David, I think that there is liberty among Christian parents to do what works for their family. But there also limits because you think about something like this raging brushfire over critical race theory, and I know of the LGBT issue is just as bad. Where is the line I hear a lot Christian parents asking this at what point can I no longer tolerate what is going on in my local public school. If there are other good reasons to keep my children there. I know it's an individual decision but is there a bridge too far in your mind on if you start seeing acts you need to get out. Yeah, I think that the two named the critical race theory again, which is the buzzword right now, and in our public discourse, but essentially what that is. For example, 16, 19 project by the New York Times which is basically telling us that are in the fifth 1776, one of the founding of this country is actually 1619 and so in other countries.

Inherently racist of the Corbett's mean every white person is racist in those those are big begin generalizations about how to visit the crux of what CRP is getting at seeing the world through Ralph office of LGBT stuff. I think when the public schools and families more blue state blue cities, you know, they're not giving any exemptions for conscious objections if they are just saying hey it's my way or the highway. They're not even willing to entertain conversations at school board meetings about these issues, but I think it probably is time to pull the trigger important to pull your kids out. If you get a sense that the administration, the school board. You know that if you present your ideas and your just called a bigot and the hater. It's clear they don't want me that there are some true liberal. The happy to have conversation to have you. No other opinions be brought to the table, but there other than the given you're talking normally of the blue states, boo-boos, blue cities that are led by Democrat led governors and mayors, but increasingly I think it is harder and harder for your kids to be there because your beliefs are simply no longer welcome there. Yeah.

And I know you had another article at your website about what's been going on the talk about the Chicago public schools, and some of the condom distribution to younger and younger kids. We have gotten so far away from what education is supposed to be in the first place is just kind of feeling and some of these bluer states and bluer city. Sometimes that it's just a and a leftist activist greenhouse and your child is going to be there.

The plants will be watered with CRT and LGBT help grow into some kind of big plans for the laughed and we all know as Christians that that's preposterous and we have a much greater duty to make sure we are overseen their education. Now, you mentioned before that you're in the process of designing his children's curricula through this Center for biblical worldview that you had up.

Tell us more about that because I find that very interesting. I think sometimes when you have these alternative curriculums that you can use at home that that can be a fantastic way to educate your kids know I agree Janet will plug my friend Jeff Myers who they already have curriculum that you can find it summit ministries but yes here to foresee what we are doing is I've written a short series of booklets, but people can get for free of these booklets talk about the life issue religious liberty, abortion, political engagement, worldview, marriage, and were doing and we are turning those into a series of guides that parents can actually use with their children in the form of a curriculum or even taking one page a day as kind of a devotional to lead your family through Bobby Gilligan, but to me that number, the George Barna have the ones worldview is solidified by 13 Velcro people.

We believe in conversion. We believe that you know things can adjust and change, but biological ones worldview. The fundamental posture and orientation they have towards the world is solidified by 13, my goodness, what we have to be coming alongside Christian parents and helping them. The five older children and that's why the biblical worldview exist and you know my prayer that we be sinners in the weeks and months to come we will be having even more free resources for parents back the far sight. Now I'm so glad you're doing this. This is just so needed and I know so many in our audience will be taken advantage of that. You said, people can check out more information over there. What about the duty of protection, just very quickly. David, I know were coming to a close, here. But when we look at the tick-tock Instagram generation that is younger and younger in a kids are watching these particular sites in the videos and there's so much influence that comes to the Internet what duty do we have alongside educating our kids in biblical truth, also protecting them from worldly error how you balance those things we don't want to be the one shot. You know five and our children offer everything that's going on. We want to be the one helping them think about these issues but you're right with social technology. I think a young boy of the average age of exposure to pornography is five or six years old and I think is just ludicrous to give a smart phone to a child with unfiltered Internet access. You are asking for trouble.

So, actually, parents need to be the chief disciple makers and the chief protectors of their child walk right in and that that magic number of age 13 is when basically your worldview is solidified apart from Christ saving you past that point and and getting into the word of God and learning that biblical worldview, but that's very sobering. What that really is saying is that when you go back to Deuteronomy 6 which you quoted in your article. When the Lord commanded parents that you hate you shall teach them diligently. These words that I commanded you to teach them diligently to your children and talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise that was done in the context of Israel clearly but it applies to us now talking to your kids interacting with your kids taking every opportunity of interaction to solidify the authority of God and his word over our lives goes so far because we're the ones who love them the most wear their moms and their dads. The school cannot possibly love the children as much as we do that matters matter than you know Janet you don't have to have a PhD in education Univar no parents can be intimidated know how to (you know just love your kids be wise he discerning a be intentional about having conversation and that's what discipleship looks like life on life go walking with your son walking with your daughter through these issues and when these issues come up in the new.

The public discourse is you that opportunity. Here's what the issue is here how the world about but here's what God says about, and here's how we can think about it together. Excellent, you can get more information over there David Clawson so excited about this new project. Even I'm so glad you were able to stop by and share a little bit of your insight with us. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much Janet you are welcome.

God bless you. Thanks a lot for being here on Janet my for today. It's always a pleasure to have you long.

We hope you will tune in next time

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