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Mike Gendron (Standing Firm in Righteousness)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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June 1, 2021 4:30 am

Mike Gendron (Standing Firm in Righteousness)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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June 1, 2021 4:30 am

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” In an increasingly unrighteous and unjust culture, how can Christians exhibit righteousness and uphold God’s standards of right and wrong, with an eye toward our eternal home? I’ll discuss it with Mike Gendron, founder of Proclaiming the Gospel, on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health, for more information liberty Javid River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, with the word of God says that I sort of is passages is Scripture is the Beatitudes, and of course that's the section of the sermon on the Mount in Matthew five in which the Lord Jesus outlines who is blessed and why. So we see the Lord saying, blessed are the poor in spirit. Blessed are those who mourn, who are gentle and merciful, and pure in heart, and those were peacemakers. But if you read the passage right in the middle of all those declarations about those who are blessed is verse six which says Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

In verses 10 and 11 the Lord says blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, and Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. We live in a day. Now when I think those verses are resonating in a new way.

And that's because were witnessing a steady unraveling of righteousness and justice right before our very eyes. The rule of laws being shredded in America.

In many instances people are calling for the eradication of the police lawlessness and anarchy are growing. Christians are under increasing pressure and unjust treatment as our nation increasingly rejects God and embraces evil and even in many churches. There is a terrible compromise and even repudiation of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ as we are seeing the suppression of truth in unrighteousness that Romans one lays out and that's why a lot of us might be asking right now how long the Lord must we yearn for righteousness and justice before we will be satisfied so word explore the important biblical themes of righteousness and justice today which the Psalms remind us of the very foundation of the throne of God and were to get some wisdom on it all from Mike Chandran, who is founder of the ministry proclaiming the gospel and author of two great books preparing for eternity and contending for the gospel and Mike also has his own amazing personal story to share about these themes, so it's just great to welcome you back Mike how are you doing well. Great to have you here. I want to start out with your story because some people might have heard a little bit about it and I know you have an update to share you had a recent experience with this injustice topic on a flight that you took and and it was interesting how the Lord answered your prayers and the prayers of people who are praying for you. Tell us what happened where I really was a time where you actually were going up to Green Bay wrote, "zero. Carpenter.

One of the church on our way from Dallas to Chicago on American Airlines. We mind around to watch the movie on got a little reading on remember a conversation with a wider term of three rows for a couple of water about 90 minutes from flight course when we do we put the mouse down and drink the water and put her mouth back up one of the flight may be more than one file the complaint to. I was disobedient to bring them out and I was flying without a mouse from so what are you caused quite a stir with him American Airlines because the way back home we stopped bring the airport to fly back we went up to the counter and the attendant there told me that I was no longer allowed to fly on American Airlines with. I was now on the no-fly list. I was strong because no one of anything truly on the flight out there was totally shocked just turned out to be something out for the next hour of your time and try to find out what the problem was placed me on this no-fly list, and he was surprised because he noted that I've been flying for American Airlines for over 50 years.

I was approaching 2 million miles on a gold member and so he just couldn't understand why you did put on the no-fly list. Evidently there was no reason why Phil wasn't sure we got back to Dallas and before that, of course, my numbering very well remember how to fly back on the military cost of $600 and so was a little financial hardship for us to not only be banned from flying, but also to incur the financial penalty for we got back two days later we got a email from corporate security of American Airlines, stating that there was an incident regarding the on the flight from Dallas to Chicago and because of that incident, violating the facemask was well placed on the no-fly list from trill the mandate for first mouse group has been removed and so this was outrageous.

It was shocking to me because you never have any conversation with the flight attendants from those two come up on my record was injustice towards my I actually placed it on Facebook. Hoping the you know the revision pressure applied to American Airlines with I would look into recognizing there was a false claim.

When I put it on Facebook on social media and viral throughout the world where you started giving people that were sharing this account. This injustice from American Airlines on their Facebook pages and before you know it were hearing from people in Croatia and South Africa things in Spain on overall, given my support from recognizing the possibly since it was a Chicago-based crew.

Maybe one of the flight attendants recognized million identified videos.

One who was recognizing the Roman Catholic religion is a huge mission field, and so maybe there is some retaliation. There is really no other explanation other than mistaken are going okay, perhaps, but we pursued it with customer relations and corporate security so that was a close case notes and exploiting people recommending to do was to file a lawsuit, but I just ask people to begin planning our sovereign Lord, word come into play him he would reconcile this incident that was really a false claim and so was more more people praying on people that have contracts with the CEO of American Airlines. The message finally dropped to him and he in turn turned it over to corporate management.

The case was reopened and it was just last week that I got a call from American Airlines stating the I've now been restored to my list. They are preforming the unused portion of her roundtrips that we do not fake but they refused to pay the extra expenses to fly back home for the hotel and so were very pleased and satisfied that for our sovereign Lord intervened on the prayers of the saints really were "turn the hearts of the video management of American Airlines so were praising God on my gym. I think out as you mentioned in your opening comments through a lot of injustices going on now. Especially for truth bearers for those who are conservative Christians who are polling the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and so I think we can expect more of those shows were to go toward the end times I think is probably a good example for what we need to do. We need to be trusting in our Lord for the outcomes of these particular cases and also trusting in him for our security and also for righteousness and justice to be upheld in this fallen world right will praise God for your happy ending. I was one of the many who are praying for you and your wife Jane and you travel so much for your ministry proclaiming the gospel Mike and sharing the gospel and in teaching the word of God in and you know you have an enemy of your soul. Just as we all do, and this and this just seemed to come out of nowhere and and I'll tell you is really unnerving because we have seen these other viral videos where, for example, Jewish families were getting kicked off airplanes for their neo-children who were under two years old, not wearing a mask, which wasn't even against the rules and and you do begin to ask some of these questions while is this actually case where you have particular flight attendants targeting maybe in that case, Jewish families, or in your case Christians because they just don't like what they believe in your case. Obviously, we may never know, but it really does raise this important issue of righteousness and justice in our culture. So were to get into it more death when we come back to listening to Janet Mefford today stay with us. Fellow Christians are suffering in Africa. This is Janet Mefford, pastor Luma ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean. He's been beaten and jailed.

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Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to. Today we live in some very strange times don't way my gender and my guest's founder of proclaiming the gospel and author and recently had an incredible experience that he was sharing before we went to break when he was flying for his ministry and American Airlines and found himself on the no-fly list for allegedly not wearing his mask when in fact he had worn his mass. The entire flight. And yet, that this really is interesting you had a happy ending Mike because you got to the right people American Airlines and you were vindicated, and it was a false thing but it makes a lot of Christians say well how do we know it would never happen to another Christian, we don't know for sure that it was because you are Christian, that this mixup occurred bed. What what you take away from your entire incident about this issue of of justice in general. I think we have the right environment in which we live now, America really lurched to the left over the last four months from now being silenced from cultural being counseled doing truth is being suppressed just now been replaced by lawlessness and so we have to recognize that were in a very hostile environment and would probably need to be praying for divine protection both spiritually and physically as we go towards the young times because of what the Bible so will be more and more of those as we approach dying of our Lord returning. So I guess my message to Christians as we prepared for the injustices that are going to be taking place in our lives. And the more we stand for the truth, the more come more comfortably to suppress the truth in unrighteousness. So we just moved to be prepared when into their prayer that God would protect both spiritually as well as those with wealth.

Now when were talking about these dual themes of righteousness and justice which you wrote about in your most recent newsletter there may be people single I understand what righteousness is and I understand what justice is, what is the connection between those two themes, though Bible dropped the right to vote for all from you anonymously right for quality or character of being a writer too often it is an attribute of God approved as well as his holiness, and as you mentioned in your opening comments right from the very foundation of a strong 3914 and so when we say that God is just screaming that is perfectly right through from the treatment of his creatures shows no partiality at all and so I think in order to begin to understand God's justice.

We need to recognize what this because Santos lawlessness is contrary to God's holy nature and requires divine justice for the center and the penalty of death.

Of course, the Bible speaks of doubt, those being physical, spiritual, and ultimately eternal which is separation from God, the God of the leave of this way.

Demonstrated his love and his mercy and grace toward centers in the sun is always from the Lord. 275. Divine justice for all those who would believe on his name and so we will see in the Bible that Christ died for sins once for all. The trust for the young Jost that he might bring us to God first Peter 318 and so when we look at justice and righteousness in the Bible. This is what we yearn for. As Christians we learn were yearn for the good one. Jesus will rule in writing on justice and righteousness will be the foundation of a strong right it's interesting because we do hear a lot these days about so-called racial justice, social justice, these concepts that are pushed by the left.

Misunderstand biblical justice.

Mike, what is the difference between what they're saying out there in the culture that justice is versus what the Bible says will have a promotion at work. I know that you're very well to move toward equity to try to make everything equal weather. Economic equity, or ever bought a ghost with same amount of income were very familiar with the CRT. The critical race theory that not only our schools but also her church is no wrong kind of justice and practice injustice was actually dividing our country under three different countries, and more and more, we need to be aware of the need to contend for the true justice and the true righteousness and recently revealed so clearly in the Bible.

Yeah that's right now I'd mention Romans one before and I talk a lot about Romans. When I camp out on Romans one. Let's just be honest, I go back again to verse 18 where it says for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them. For God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what is been made so that they are without excuse for even though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became false and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures. So this is the classic passage about what happens when a society goes the route. Our society is going now and this is not just a problem. Obviously Mike in our culture is also as you set a problem in our churches.

Can you comment on this issue of what it means to suppress the truth in unrighteousness and how that leads as Romans one talks about sexual immorality and and basically just the dropping out of the bottom of a culture.

When you turn your back on the Lord sure Romans chapter 1 really what were facing America spiritual battle agreement is terminated to rule the world and unrighteousness of injustice by giving his agents to suppress the truth of God and unrighteousness.

His kingdom of darkness and its manifesto by the evil and throwing elbows battle against the forces and unbelievers will darkness. We know that from Scripture longer for unfamiliar justice and righteousness in Jesus explained why in John 770 says you hate me because I truly would I tell you that your deeds are evil rights so this is what generates the eye toward Christians in and possibly Jews today because dominating human centers pride when you unmask your unrighteousness of injustice I become angry. So I think we can look to the corruption of America spiritual issue we can better understand the lack of righteousness and justice by understand understanding Satan's influence in the world.

First John 316 that the lust of the flesh of the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life is not from the father but it is from the world and so this is what divides our country. We got the believers in the kingdom of God and the unbelievers in the kingdom of Satan for what drives unbelievers under the influence toward the world is a spiritual battle but loved darkness rather than light suppress the truth of God and unrighteousness.

Well, that's right. And it's very scary to see it unravel in front of your very eyes, especially when you grow up in a nation that used to be all about the rule of law and about fairness and about rules and it's what it's interesting to me Mike because what we seen happening. I think especially with the younger generations who have no memory of communism or the Cold War when you see the unraveling of the moral and spiritual. I would say condition of the United States.

If you can talk about it is one big condition. You see, for example, what happened to Pres. Trump impeaching him over ally twice, and there was no big outcry from the other side of the aisle who hated Tromp versus those who like trumpet I use as an is an example of saying there was a time when people would have sat even, regardless of where I stand on the political side you don't go after somebody tried to impeach somebody over something that never happened. What you make of the fact that the people themselves don't have a problem with injustice if it involves someone they don't like willing to go back to unbelievers are driven by the love/lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, and so this is what drives our corrupt politicians and big Pharma. Even the media with their drive for money for power and control and so we've got a lot of quite ignorant American folks and put these people in office, not realizing that this is their goal. Want to maintain their positions.

I love the power of I love the money and ultimately control ultimately what's driving our country right now.

Eliminating freedom for Americans, so the government can control its people and while we saying that throughout the covert crisis with freedoms of them taken away and Joe.

This is why outside more than ever we need to stand for freedom because if we don't just going to disappear. I totally agree with you Mike and you look the same crowd that screaming justice, justice.

Justice is the same crowd that is reveling in injustice against its enemies and in his you mention it isn't just necessarily Pres. Trump former Pres. Trump but Christians people on Facebook people on twitter people on Instagram people getting canceled for saying that men can't marry each other, things like this and it's it seems like it's creeping but really it seems to be accelerating. Now you do believe that is the case that were just seen a faster and faster acceleration of these trends really quickly. All folder really fitting the implosion of America from the last four months is amazing how rapid everything is changed. I'm just really fearful for America right now because it's no longer the country that we grew up and we see how quickly everything is changed in four months time. We better fasten our seatbelt because the coming months with wars so that that is something that we really need to keep in mind, and I think that you offer some great encouragement along those lines that we have to be faithful to Jesus Christ. Regardless of what is going on in the culture my trencher in with us from proclaiming the gospel you are listening to Janet Mefford today.

This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health today and here's your host Joe Proverbs 1434 says righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

And I think there are a lot of Americans who have forgotten that or have never heard it, and if they did here at they might not agree with it but Mike gentry and from proclaiming the gospel has a really great handle on what ails our country and what may be ahead for Christians.

Increasingly, when we see the lawlessness and anarchy rising. This is to be expected at the end of days, but we also have to learn how to follow Christ.

Regardless of what's going on in the culture. I also think Mike of another verse Proverbs 29, two which says when the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice.

But when a wicked man rules, the people grown what should our expectations be for the administration of righteousness and judgment on earth because as Americans we have been historically country that was been guided by the rule of law.

When you look at issues like the border that just kinda goes up in smoke because now we have a whole lot of people who don't care about the rule of law, should we expect justice on earth to any degree because there are Christians now hers and now just let everything go to pot. Jesus is going to come back. We shouldn't worry about it. How do you see it work when you come through been blessed so abundantly by our gracious God brought America to become a moral cesspool for overflowing with ungodliness and righteousness and wickedness from our government has given women the right to motive her babies in the world. As a result, millions of human beings children. Abortion, sexual perversions of all types are now finally flaunted God's design for marriage is been overturned in a landmark decision by the Supreme Court. Our country is become the largest supplier pornography. How can we ask for God's blessings anymore of these are all symptoms of a greater evil which is the center of idolatry and I think more than ever we can point to the coronation host turned his back on the one true God by worshiping gods of all the false religions nation. We should no longer asked for God's blessing. In fact, every time I see a bumper sticker on the car. The so God bless America. I want to give my mark a lot out of the younger blessed God bless America and now all we can expect is judgment because we have turned our back on him such a serious thing about a church that isn't seeking God's righteousness and isn't getting the gospel right because I know you have great concerns about the widespread compromise of the gospel of Jesus Christ and some of these on biblical methods of evangelism that have been popular in recent decades that are not bringing men and women into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. What are some of your concerns about the effects of all of this jettisoning of righteousness and justice and how that has affected the church. The light of God.

Corrupt five. What happened to many of our church is now part of the world and so rather than being obedient to the Lord's great commission and having a holy huddle to equip and encourage the Saints to go out and work this fulfill the great commission. We've invited the world and so pastor spend more time feeding the goats and entertaining the goats of actually feeding the sheep and so unfortunately were not fair a lot of spiritual growth for many of our churches today. It's really tragic because the gospel of God is been undermined by many apostate churches in the course of flickers church growth movement does come into play as well, so we've been playing a different message of the message that tries to make people happy rather than holy.

On these pastors are really being obedient to the word of God. What they're doing is encouraging terrorists are coming to the church and course we know from Scripture terrorists or false converts and once false converts coming to the church them.

Pastors turned their attention to them grow up and become leaders remember church growth towards apostasy. And so this shouldn't surprise us because again the Bible reveals that this is what young times will look like, but will be growing' and so were sitting more than ever I think we need to make sure there were proclaiming shortly on the exclusivity of the gospel because the only thing is, bring sinners to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many churches compromise the gospel in one of the great problems of the unit two attempt to unify with the Roman Catholic religion and without evangelicals refining unity records and the only way we can ever have with the apostate church of Rome is to compromise the gospel to take away from the water it down for about two falsifiable gospel of the Roman Catholic religion's well yes and when you have the Pope talking about mother Earth and climate change.

In all these kinds of things and he seems to have more interest in the Marxist worldview than anything resembling a Christian worldview. It is a great cause for concern and even among some Of their same what is going on here. It's interesting Mike because I was talking about this recently likely research just came out with an analysis finding that in 2019 more Protestant churches closed then opened, and dad was a big reversal from about five years earlier.

We've seen church membership dropping in America. Below 50% for this first time in 80 years.

We now have a George Barna coming out showing that 6% only 6% of Americans have a biblical worldview and you look at all the blessings, as you said, God blessed America look at our history here in the United States and how we had pilgrims come over here to find religious freedom and how devoted to the Lord. Those people were just trying to escape all of the abuses of the Church of England and look where we are now you mention the church growth movement, but what else do you think has led to this problem. Just in the dated day church. The average church that a lot of people go to what's going wrong. Do you think will unfortunately marry after work the opportunity to make a lot of money to gain a lot of influence in the community and from elsewhere to attract lost people into their church and so many of our churches become entertainment centers and preaching the gospel to Christ to watered it down so that it's not offensive to unbelievers, so what we compromise gospel that's been stripped of its power to save anyone, and I think the FY you say the statistics for church membership is down, the people recognize they can go through entertainment elsewhere. They'll have to go to a church to be entertained. More than ever, were having phone calls and emails from all over the country people asking were can I find a solid biblical church that teaches the whole counsel of God.

Verse by verse. There on the endangered species list them.

So if you want to find a figure from a church on every corner church is drifting under apostasy or is already going under full-blown apostasy. So it's really difficult for true born-again Christians to find a place where they can go and get solid biblical teaching and how true Christian fellowship all right. And what's really striking to me is as the culture becomes more and more hostile to Christianity and it costs you something to be a Christian. This is really going to split sheep from the goats. Is it not working to see the tears fleeing and in large numbers toward the culture and away from Christianity you're already seen this with this movement of deconstruction within the church while they are not you know Christians get the LGBT love wrong. They need to be compassionate and they get social justice wrong. They love the world, they don't love the Lord and is this of a method that God is using do you do see to purify his church to be a polarizing of true born-again Christians are going to go one way on the false converts from the pretenders were going to go another way. One persecution comes upon the church and maybe that's a good thing because right now unless you have been around someone for a period of time in my favor Christian, you really don't know because you haven't been able to examine the fruit from ultimately look out for more than Christian is truly born again or not. Those who demonstrate the fruit of the spirit from the love God more than I love the world and receive some fear that I know that you're familiar with the Barna report 86% of Americans profess to be Christians and you really find it hard to believe, yes, recognizes that it is false, converts to have either heard a compromise gospel and believe that is been evangelized by" method like hang on just a moment, we do need to posit for another very quick break my children from proclaiming the gospel. My guess talking about righteousness and justice will come right back here on Janet Janet Mefford today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives by.

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Check them out because they have some fantastic newsletters and resources for you and Mike just as a fantastic job upholding Jesus Christ day after day after day Mike when were talking about the end times when were talking about seen a waning of righteousness and justice in national terms, we see the rule of law being disdained were seen the rise of anarchy and lawlessness in the Bible talks about these things and were seen false converts in the church and were seen all kinds of problems inside the church, we still have to go to Scripture and look at Jesus's words that we are to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all the rest of the things that we need will be added unto us, that takes on a new meaning today as I was mentioning with the Beatitudes about hungering for Thurston Nina thirsting for righteousness how you look at that issue of how Christians right now should be seeking first the kingdom of God in his righteousness, no matter what the culture is doing well. We recognize that we are being tracked by the allurements of the world so easily to get off track them through the drive six worshipers in spirit and in truth. We are to adore our Lord to worship him.

And when we get distracted we need to come back to the word of God just encouraging all of your listeners to make sure that you are abiding in God's word because her birth told us what's gonna keep us on the straight and narrow as the world continues to try and remove us from the narrow path, we need to realize that the goal of the worker left is to eliminate our Christian influence and filing for moral values or moral voices. Everywhere you look, Janet, that's what's happening today so more than ever. As Christians we need to speak the truth in love, we need to live by the truth. We need to be defending the truth. We cannot be silent or apathetic. So what's concerning is that so many people today go to church are so easily swayed by worldly influences that affect.

As we said earlier, this is going to be the polarizing effect. When persecution comes the pretenders on the false converts were going to go away and was going to be left of those who were standing on the truth of God's word. Alright I'm going to Proverbs 16 because this is another great passage contrasting the upright with the wicked, and it says starting in verse four, the Lord has made everything for its own purpose.

Even the wicked for the day of evil. Everyone who is proud and hard is an abomination to the Lord. Assuredly, he will not be unpunished by lovingkindness and truth and equity is atoned for and by the fear of the Lord one keeps away from evil. There is Mike, the fear of the Lord is what keeps us from evil.

When you take away the fear of the Lord, then anything is possible. You can do whatever is right in your own eyes going back to the book of Judges. That's where we are right now but yet were to be slaves of righteousness. What is that mean how do you encourage Christians in this hour to be slaves of righteousness, and to be more fully devoted to following the Lord Jesus Christ than ever before. When we have more hostility raised against us than ever before to recognize we are not sure where her temporary home that were only passing through the Lord of 60 or 70 to stand for the truth to proclaim the glorious gospel of grace way we can break the wicked culture is to make enemies of God friends of God by proclaiming the gospel and calling them through confidence and faith that I know. That's why the Lord is left of fear. It doesn't take us to have on the moment were born again, but he loses fear to pass the baton to his church to say To those who will never seek after the true God and so we need to encourage one another, not to lose heart and doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary words of Paul in Galatians 69. So God uses these trials in our lives to test our faith.

Are we going to remain faithful to God, or we going to the turning away from God because trials are going through difficult weeks test we passed we bring glory to God, and it really strengthens our faith and I think if you look through the Old Testament you say this is what God used to test the faith of the Israelites and their faith. And so when to be ready to do the same for Lord I was reading a book by John Knox just a few days ago and he was making the point did God bring Israel to the point of total collapse to abandon them or to deliver them in their greatest hour and will God not also deliver his own when we are at our greatest hour and I love that night and the verse that I keep going back to his first Corinthians 1558 therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast in movable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord. Just hearing these verses and the verses that you've been saying Mike on Sunday morning and throughout the week and reading them for myself and studying them for myself. That's what keeps you going is the reminder whose are you who do you belong to, where you headed, I have a plaque on my desk that just says keep going and III love that because for me that encapsulates the whole thing no matter where you are as a Christian matter what's going on. Continue to seek his kingdom and his righteousness. Keep going. Put the next foot in front of the last bit and just keep it up until you get to heaven. I mean, maybe that's too simplistic, but do you feel the same way when you're toiling through what you're doing in your ministry. I am reminded dream about the Lord. So we moved to stay close to him. He never moves that were the ones that move away as you encourage Scripture you know we need to abide in God's word and we need to read the Scriptures are really encourage you to strengthen us from the battle are coming well for me to realize from Ephesians 6 our battle is not against flesh and blood of principalities and powers of this world. The kingdom of darkness and so that's where we need to put on the full armor of God and my fight of faith.

We need to contend earnestly for the purity and the exclusivity of the gospel because it's the devil and his agents are trying to compromise with them to lead people away, and to really protect the gospel I think is attacking it more than ever because he knows his days were numbered more than ever I think that is successful in doing that with the state of the church in America today well right and you go back to this beatitude that I was talking about before about how long do we have to yearn for righteousness and justice before we will be satisfied. Jesus assured us that we will be satisfied. Our hunger and thirst for righteousness will be satisfied. How do you see the fulfillment of that verse coming about will my urine forevermore right to post wells were no longer so that's where we need to keep our focus on heavenly things. I think more about our report encouraged by the word of God and wait for submitting to the authority of God's word. We continue to worship God in spirit and in truth, I think it's important that we surround ourselves with like-minded believers because were not of the slide along with God. Christians that will stand with awesome I'm just down from his testimony of God's grace when we have people all over the world praying for the resolution of this really I thought it was a spiritual battle and remove the Lord's, and we praise him for the outcome for more than ever I think we need to be united with other Christians to be in prayer with one another, encourage one another and do all the one another that we see in the Bible because the guys are going to get more and more work to the Lord approaches and what is driven home to me more and more these days. Mike and I know you and I have talked about the software is how important it is this.

We are worshiping our holy God that we exhibit holiness in our lives because that you look at the statistics on abortion in the church and divorce in the church and all of the terrible sins that we see that are almost as high among professing Christians as they are among non-Christians and it's a scourge it's and it's just a shame, a blight on the church of Jesus Christ. When we behave, no differently than the world. These are days when we really need to more than ever follow Jesus Christ and obey him, and I am hoping and praying that we'll hear more of that from our pulpits. As things get darker through our love for your true video. Julio enter the command so the exhortation to abide in God's word because days are getting more and more evil.

We need to be encouraged by the word of God, and I think the Scriptures of Europe sure, but I'm sure during this program I hope will help people and encourage that were passing through were on our way to heaven will righteousness. 12. I can't wait spending the interim we serve the Lord Jesus Christ and the flash and either way it's great my children from proclaiming the gospel check his website out proclaiming the and Mike's books are terrific, Mike. We are so thankful for you and Shane and for your ministry, and thanks for being with us once again you're always a blessing. Okay proclaiming the truth in a man wonderful. Thank you for the encouragement Mike got bless you.

Thanks for joining us here in Janet Mefford today.

We always appreciate you tuning and how to do it again next time Douglas

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