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Jim Hanson (Winning the Second Civil War)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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May 5, 2021 4:00 am

Jim Hanson (Winning the Second Civil War)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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May 5, 2021 4:00 am

Our nation's internal Cold War is heating up, and the boiling point may arrive before we know it. Is there a constitutional path forward for patriots to save America from a totalitarian future? Jim Hanson joins me to discuss it and his book, "Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot." Plus: What should we make of the claims that COVID-19 herd immunity is impossible, even as the tyranny over COVID-19 is ramping up in Germany? We'll tackle it all on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archive broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer.

The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to effort. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone and now. Thank you so much for joining us and Pres. Biden six capital breaches the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

Now that ridiculous statement is really no surprise coming from the same Democrat who said the far left anarchist group NT 5 is an idea and not an organization. This is today's left answer them leftists who are out there writing looting and burning cities, even killing people apparently just peaceful protesters.

But conservatives almost never engage in this type of behavior are broadly branded as domestic terrorists and/or white supremacists. This is all part of our ongoing Cold War which is happening in America today where it's left versus right and the conflict is moving dangerously toward an outright second Civil War, which none of us wants. But how can patriotic Americans stop the left from destroying this nation while avoiding any future war joining out as US Army special forces veteran Jim Hansen. He is founder and president of security studies group, which specializes in information operations and also serves as Executive Director of America matters today will be discussing his book. It's called winning the second Civil War without firing a shot. Great title great happy with this.

Jim, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for that phenomenal introduction to the problem. I think you Would be better than ever to well that's very kind of you, but I really think this is a great book for people to get a hold of Jim because you are saying what so many people are talking about on the ground January 6 is an event that you mention in your prologue in your book. How do you see that particular events and its significance kind of in this broader cultural context of the Civil War. I think it was a an explosion like a pressure valve blowing for the political right after we spent a year watching the left bone beat and cowboy American cities, causing $2 billion worth of damage, injuring thousands of people killing God and have absolutely no repercussions and then to a group of Americans gather to petition their government for death of grievances.

And let's be clear, some of them absolutely stepped over the law they committed crimes. They should be punished for those but what the left done is try to with a broad brush beer everybody on the right being angry about the election makes you an insurrectionist and that's unfair and we should go well right and the rhetoric was so over-the-top, not just from Biden, but from Pelosi and some of the others at the top echelon of the Democrat party they're talking in terms about January 6 where people are looking at and say will wait a minute. One person died and it was one of the protesters shot by a police officer. I mean, I think this is hardly comparable to what went on in and St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kenosha.

I mean, can we go back to those things that occurred over the summer when you guys had nothing to say at all and can we create those two groups of people with one equal standard of right sure that that one of the old documents somewhere in Washington like to look at.

Yes, we have to have equal protection, and what's happening now, and people protesters who were arrested during the inauguration for president trump are having their records expunged and are having their getting a $1.6 million payoff while the people who in three hours. One time at the capital committed a lot of them just trespassing and in some Bible are being treated as if this was the quote by you of the work democracy people could tell the difference between a yellow riot and a year long, plus actual insurrection rights.

Well of course this was coming off four years of absolute insanity over Donald Trump to impeachments.

The Russia hoax.

The Ukraine hoax. We walked through all of it, sometimes with her mouth agape, and at the same time, there was a lot revealed in those four years. As you know about what the left actually dead and some of the crimes the left should be charged with some of the people on the left which never seems to happen and this is just I think fomenting the Civil War on both sides, where the left feels more emboldened and the people who were trump supporters are saying what is going on in our country. Can you explain a little bit about what you think is going on.

Really, what, what, where is the left headed with this and what is the right to do about this. Part of that the left had been lonely, fundamentally transforming this country into a quasi-socialist welfare state for the past decade and they had been doing so very successfully because they were doing slowly.

Then all of a sudden Barack Obama became president and he started to empower the black lives matter was formed under his watch. No and he told people. Oh, if I had a funny look like trave on Barton. You know the police acted stupidly when they arrested Prof. Henry Gates. He kind of threw some gas on the five of these groups began to act more aggressively then went president trump was elected what in reaction to the oversteps of the left they lost their mind they rip the mask off and started admitting that they hate this country that they believe it evil and its white supremacists and it must be burned down in order to build a better social paradigm and that I think is the advantage we have is now people in normal America who before were too busy to deal with this audio they were living their lives have seen the evil they're trying to do and it and know they have to take action. What you write about that and and going back to Obama here. It's amazing that all of a sudden you have systemic racism in this country but supposedly that whites can never repent we can never ever not be racist. They don't need any evidence that were racist were all on board with awoke this stuff. Now what it forces such a racist country then how did Barack Obama get elected twice I find an answer to that but I don't get it yet. I don't want, but what they did and give them credit their good game. Racism is a brilliant because it can't be proven it can't be disproven.

Yes, it just so they can take a set of disparate outcomes for a particular group say go to many black and print and they consider too many black people in prison as compared to the percent of the population. Therefore, denigrate the that's not how you do it now. You're supposed to look at all the potential causes of that disparate outcome and they don't want to do that because the root causes end up with problems in the black community more than they end up with this mythical denigrate what well and it's kind of apparent when there was that little moment where they were beginning to trumpet in the media about anti-Asian racism and then all of these videos that seem to have been put out on Twitter for example I haven't seen one where the perpetrator wasn't black. So all of a sudden I think that was even revealed on a recent CNN work undercover video by project errors as we want to talk about those videos because it disrupts the narrative will now you're just into straight up propaganda and that's what we've been losing understandable they were smart about Berkeley took over academia, where they trained a new generation of teachers and develop a new curriculum that is fundamentally un-American and anti-American yes then they spilled that pipeline so that now anyone who wants to be a professional in America come through an indoctrination that requires them to learn and kowtow to beliefs that don't match up with with the video.

The actual founding principles of America. Then they took over our culture and now they've taken over the permanent bureaucracy in government and those are a lot of levers of power in the hands of people who don't like this country and it's time for our side to turn inward word a lot of cases know the right has been focused on foreign-policy national security and business now. We need to focus on the internal running of our country and get involved in these places because we have better ideas.

We just haven't been fighting them in that particular battle space you're totally right about that and I want to get into that in a little bit more detail in what strikes me as well is when you mention that the right had been focused on national security and business now or even seen the rise of what capital you know as they call it that you have these gigantic corporations and there's so far left.

Look at big tack. I mean, these are the organizations, corporations that are going after conservatives in earnest, especially after January 6. Starting with trump himself just boom off twitter you're done and that is an intolerable situation that is actually one of the biggest.

I think we need to fight. First I with education is number one free speech is second because right now free speech in America is essentially that you can say things but are public information space right now is so dominated by radical left is the woke Bob that you cannot hold conservative opinions on these major platforms without being throttled. You're totally right to enhance order to come back winning the second Civil War without firing a shot is his book will return right after this.

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Jim Hansen is joining us. He is founder and president of security studies group and also executive director of America matters.

Also, U.S. Army special forces veteran and author of the book winning the second Civil War without firing a shot before lights that break you were talking about the importance of dealing with issues like this censorship online but you had mentioned education and free speech below that you'd mentioned before that free speech. Why, I mean it it it seems like it's dying away. It's just going away before our very eyes, and people like the pushback from the left and they will hear you are talking yes okay what happens when I share this link segment tomorrow on Twitter. I'll tell you what happened because they don't like me they are going to throttle the reach of that piece and again it just like the topic and they're going to make sure that even though I have a certain number of followers. It goes to only a small subset of youth, especially a social media credit similar to the Chinese can't get it in order to stop ideas. They don't like percolating to their natural body, and that is a truly scary idea because it bad enough you know that they have this this book is going everywhere, but they've stolen ideas from Maoists and market and now are propagating those across United States and ways that we absolutely cannot allow absolutely any of the whole cry of just set up alternative sites hasn't gone so well for parlor and gal because fishes got brutalized by a by Apple and kicked off and now they're there, finding their way back, but it's very difficult even for those with the resources in the will and and and the company structure to be able to exist outside these big tech giants but you know you do talk in your book about the fact that this is it cultural wide problem. What do you do with the issue of the coming second Civil War, which may or may not happen. We don't want it to happen. Obviously, we certainly don't want violence, but how you see things moving in that direction. Do you think it's perhaps inevitable do you think that we could stop it because nobody wants that. I think we are in what I would call the last great constitutional chance and shall because right now we have a majority week, though it is in the Supreme Court and I we said we dodged a bullet by having trump point, but we've got a generation maybe two where we can go ahead and make a push to take back institutions that we kinda let the left back so we have to build alternatives to the public. We have to go ahead and even as you mentioned. As difficult as it is to compete against the social media sites and others. We have to continue to try and we have to self-support and I think the big advantage we have is as I mentioned because the left went so crazy they showed their true face to so many people now that we are gaining converts day by day. I see I think I a ground well where the light used to be that the country club Republican is now the populist part were the party of normal Americans who just want to work, take care of their family and be left alone by the government and awoke and so those people go have to start doing things.

Whereas before they relied on the fusion and you just of the freedoms we enjoy now, you can't. You have to go to the school board meeting, you have to go to the city Council meeting some of you have to run for office, local, city, state and federal and all of us who love our freedom have to back there plays and back them when they get excellent and so much of the GOP turning more and more into a Populist party. We can thank Donald Trump for that because he was very good at bringing people together from across racial identities and and even Democrat voters are just fed up with the extremism.

Here's a question though on the issue of education. For example, I know Christians have talked for years about get your kids out of the public schools now with awoke this in the critical race theory were hearing more and more of that. But as you point out in your book, even the Biden administration is getting pressure to decertify Christian schools and universities, whether it's on the LGBT ideology or whatever the standard is they want to impose upon Christian schools.

That's what everybody is concerned about what if they homeschooling a legal what if they know that people are not putting anything past these radical left is now that Biden is in the White House. How would you respond to those concerns, they should absolutely be that concerned about him and get up in our and that's the good. What happens when our side gets up in arms, figuratively yes and takes on these issues in a powerful way. What just I last week there was an announcement that felt like back down and in your neck of the woods. Yes actually won a battle where there will board was trying to impose critical race theory, a racist style ideology on their education and the parents rose up forming their own political committee ran their own candidate and one 70% of the vote and they ran it right out of his great out. It is scary that we do, we do have the advantage that what they're trying to do in the decertification think like that is fundamentally unconstitutional and and but we need a good test. So what we have to do is get people to back any time a church school Loretta or anybody who's who's doing the things of the pack by the will left our team needs to rally to their call and you need to talk your friend need to give the money all the things that the left is done per year so well we're capable of doing. We just didn't think we had hearing. All we have to select the least of the notes soy latte was shopping better than they are and our ideas are better and our values are better the better. We are based in the things that made this country strong and I willing to bet on artistes. Yeah, it really really upsets me to this day that all of this is proliferated in such a free and prosperous nation that his given these people so much of me and so many of these people become billionaires because America was and is what it is and then they try to turn and destroy from within its that's a whole another show. But yeah, you're right, it is incumbent upon people on the conservative side of the aisle to stop sitting down and and waiting for things to go away with got a get involved. You know another thing I want to talk about with you. Jim is the issue of the Second Amendment.

This is something you talk about. Obviously in your book as well. A lot of people are saying the final line in the sand will be over the Second Amendment. Here, Biden and company are talking about packing. The Supreme Court will that be the end, the Second Amendment, will that be the end of America if they're able to neutralize the Second Amendment what your thoughts on that. That whole issue. I have a line in the sand on that. I think if they packed the court and Dave fundamentally take the second amendment out of play that we no longer have the Republic that we had agreed to, and I think we at that point, we need a copy for convention of some sort and honestly, there is the potential if all that goes out that that we could have that Civil War were trying to be advantage we have is unless they pack the court and I don't think they can think of what I live in the you know in either the TV fear say is highly unlikely, but if they if they try and they take some of these cases without a packed court to be ghetto destroy the Second Amendment.

Justice Coolio Roda, the greatest gift to the Republic in in my life that I believe with the DC versus Heller opinion go through the depth of the book. It is bulletproof to have a little fun with an analogy about the Second Amendment. She gave the individual right to own a weapon, and the right to own a weapon suitable for service in a militia which is a foot soldier in the Army's weapon hundred percent solid support in that ruling, so they will have a hard time with their thought weapon bad thing. They have done in the fat because Heller versus BC says no so assuming they don't go almost extraconstitutional with court packing things like that.

I want them to try and ban this and let's see it get you shot down again about me with the medical and then if it somehow doesn't buy that that small majority. We have then we got a problem will deal with that when it comes I think will win. Well I hope and pray we will win. And I like your idea of having another convention. People talked about a convention of states and coming together and I think maybe this time is looming for that to actually happen, but the issue of the counter attack I think is so good you got so many good ideas for a counterattack. You mentioned some of these things.

But where would you advise Americans to go in terms of beginning this counterattack without firing a shot. The first thing you have to do is help the Republicans take back the house in 2020 and find a way to get involved. You know I hate politics. I hope all you could people do and I understand you don't want to have to be part of what we can't let them dominate. So in the immediate tactical short-term. Let's win in 2022. Let back whoever is running who's not a Democrat in whatever portion of the city, state, local and federal election, UK, then the second thing is go to your school board meetings. You don't do what you can. If you already got your kids free. Good on you got left and I'm happy for you but all too many people built and I think open revealed the moral and educational bankruptcy of the teachers unions and woke methodology that you let's not let them poison another generation. So get involved there and start pushing back because that's the one we don't win education back and find a way to teach our kids that America is the greatest country in the history of her then we can't win. So those are my two short-term and generational call.

That's very important that we don't sit on the sidelines like I mentioned before and and I think there's so many things in the offing.

Here Jim when you have these discussions about the Biden administration wanting to prioritize going after domestic terrorists and/or white supremacist in this kind of talk or having surveillance having private firms involved in surveilling potential domestic extremists. All this kind of talk is very very disconcerting, especially if you're looking at it. Light of history, but boy, you have some terrific ideas inherent people can read about it in your book.

It's called winning the second Civil War without firing a shot Jim Hansen with us. It is great to talk to Jim wonderful book and it was so nice to have you here. Thanks again a pleasure to be with. Thank you God bless you listening to Janet for today. This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to that's effort today and here's your host Joe Mefford is speaking of all of the tyranny that we've seen that's grows up during the Cove.

19 well. The more strict part of the cover 19 pandemic shutdown portion which some people are still experiencing.

To some extent people live in different parts of the country were things are little more shutdown than others, but the hard shutdown from last year and we we really got look into what the left thinks about freedom, which is down really like it. They don't really like it and a lot of people did wonder whether or not this Cove in 19 issue would be hijacked by the left in order to perpetuate power and to crush freedom.

Now I get into that a little bit there was this story that came out this week and there is a Los Angeles Times editorial board is an editorial that came out in the LA Times covert herd immunity may be out of reach deal with it.

So I think when they see deal with that. They don't mean the same thing that you and I would mean when we say covert herd immunity may be out of reach deal with it because when I say something like that and I have never said anything like that. If I were it would be to say, life goes on. Things happen. There are diseases there are viruses you do the best you can but life is a risk deal with that. That probably would be more along the lines of what I would say here's what they say. Since the beginning of the cover 19 pandemic we collectively focused on that point in the future when so many people have been inoculated or have obtained natural immunity normal life could resume and this painful. We dissolve into the mists of history bots. It seems that this magical moment in which the US hits herd immunity and covered 19 is stopped dead in its tracks isn't likely to happen soon, if ever, is not aligned to send chills down your spine winging it. If ever. What you have to wear for masks for the rest of my life because herd immunity is just beyond our reach forever. First, while I'm reading this and thinking to myself, give me a break, give me a break, but it goes along with what they've been yelling about recently, which is not enough people are being vaccinated. Time to get into a just a second.

They continue top health experts now say that due to a combination of waning demand for vaccines uneven vaccination levels across the country and the spread of more contagious strains. The US may have to live with cover. 19 for the foreseeable foreseeable future.

Okay, first of all, according to what I've read pandemics have a life of about two years, so foreseeable future may only be a few more months and you look at some of the numbers since it a lot areas across the country. Things are getting a whole lot better. It's not terribly surprising news.

Given the politicization of the fight against the pandemic, but is disappointing it should spur leaders in government commerce in the community to do more to rekindle the public's interest in getting inoculated more than half of adults in the US have received at least one dose and about 40% are fully vaccinated, but demand for both first and second shots is dropping and could hit a wall. Soon the cases are going down. The hospitalizations are going down the dancer going down and historically, pandemics tend to last about two years. Why are you panicking well that's a very good question. Kids under 16, still aren't eligible for inoculation. Although those between the ages of 12 and 15 may soon qualify. Yes, there's news on that and somewhere between 1/5 and one quarter of American adults are reluctant to get a shot at the moment.

We don't know how dangerous the vaccination gap may be.

Science is not yet established the threshold level of immunity in the population that renders SARS Cove to incapable of spreading it could be as low as 60% or as high as 90%. With so many Americans unwilling to put aside their irrational fears or mistrust of government and get a jab it's hard to see the US ever reaching a point where Cove 19 is as rare as bubonic plague, but while the US may not be able to eliminate Cove 19, it can reduce the threat to manageable levels will put what what exactly are you saying here okay so life will go on but it's it's horrible.

In the meantime and anybody who's not getting the shots is irrationally fearful and doesn't trust the government dudes quit misrepresenting people sorry for calling them dudes just slipped out of my mouth. Why in the world do you have to marginalize anybody who says I want the shot maybe there are some irrational fears.

Or maybe been reading the stories about people who have either died after getting the vaccine and there have been some cases like that or they've had bad reactions to the vaccine and there a little bit fearful of a new vaccine and they don't really want to be the guinea pig they want to see and eat a wait-and-see approach. What's wrong with that. What's wrong with that mistrusting the government well you know I hate to break it to the Los Angeles Times editorial board, but that's a permanent state in our minds. I will always mistrust the government that's the healthiest thing for Republic you should mistrust your government that will get you involved and hold your government accountable and hold their feet to the fire over things that are important for the Republic. You don't just sit back and click government will take care of it. Who does that didn't that's foolish so that's ridiculous but they're a whole lot of people who don't want to get the shot because they look at the number of people who survive covered 19 which is in the high 90s so that would be me. As I've said before I'm not saying I'd never get the shot. But on the other hand I look at the survival rates and I say really want the shop 79 fear following mistrusting of governments. I mean I do mistrust government but I don't think I have an irrational fear. I thought it was my body, my choice. So then we have this USA Today story coming out and by the way, the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times said herd immunity may be the gold standard for fighting dangerous infectious diseases, but it may not be in the cards for covered 19 we need to roll up our sleeves and deal with it well. Vaccine mandates I is basically what they're saying vaccinations in the most important thing vaccine mandates in workplaces and private businesses can help to give people incentives may be given coffee and doughnuts and beer.

Thanks. He said use beer and doughnuts to get on that. That sounds like a delicious combination. No thank you.

The government doesn't require that people get vaccinated, but it can make it desirable to do so. Vaccine mandates in workplaces.

We were Artie have vaccine mandates and a lot of these colleges into next fall which I don't understand because the Cove, 19 you know rampage through the colleges that they were all predicting never happened.

You had some but have you seen any big stories about the vast number of deaths on college campuses. It's not happening I can say this is mom of college students. It's just not happening so I don't get that whole thing anyway. USA Today story. This is the headline on this one as US nears vaccine tipping point dramatic decrease in covered 19 cases could come without herd immunity second automatic hold on I'm having whiplash. I was just getting my head around the fact that herd immunity will never ever ever happen because experts told me science S told me and then USA Today hits me blindsided.

They take up their home or their rake or whatever they have garden implement somewhere in the garage and they just bought me upside had no no no. Here's the real story. It may not take true herd immunity to see a dramatic drop in covered 19 cases okay. Some researchers say another 30 to 40,000,001st shots could be enough for the US to reach a vaccine tipping point, and containment of the disease caused by the coronavirus.

I guess this is the story.

Now they quote Dr. Eric Topol, a professor of molecular medicine at the Scripps research Institute in La Jolla, California same. It's just another 10 to 15% more people came 44% of the US population has received at least one shot 31% fully vaccinated those from the CDC.

It's a little different from the editorial board for the Los Angeles Times that peace that they put out a tipping point comes when enough people are vaccinated that Cove 19 cases begin to fall dramatically and the spread of the virus is contained not stopped it slowed enough to prevent large outbreaks. Currently there how many times have you seen a story in which they scream super spreader events like they had a bunch of people at the opening day for the Texas Rangers down here where I am a super spreader events. There are people without masks. I can't even tell you how many situations I've been over the past year where I was in large crowds without masks and here I am. It's a miracle. Or maybe we have completely overhyped this idea super spreader events because they did this when people were going to the beach in Florida any time, especially a red state had any news story featuring a crowd of any size. It became the super spreader panic and it started remember where it started churches all horrors, we can't have these Christians gathering super spreader that yes, there were some cases that came out of churches absolutely, but it was not the super spreader crisis that so many in the media. I believe wanted it to be. But I'll tell you what's really nerve-racking about what's going on with the Cove. 19 ideology and I'm to give you a very chilling example involving what's going on in Germany and what could potentially happen here will be back on Jennifer today. The national Day of prayer is tomorrow. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever. It's an incredible opportunity to experience the power of prayer as one nation under God. Part of this historic day, along with fellow Christians who are ready to make a difference by lifting up our nation in prayer right now and invite family, friends and neighbors to join you.

The national Day of prayer. that's There's absolutely no cost to participate in now's the time to answer the call. Our country need your prayers more than ever, gathering in history the national Day of prayer will see you online and that's hi this is Janet never did you miss the deadline to sign up for your program.

At the end of 2020. If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to vested your medical needs.

Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to Joe today and by the way, the FDA now is reported is said to okay the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 widening widening that there is no crisis of Cove 19 among adolescents.

If you want your adolescent to get one. 12 to 15 knock yourself out. It's a free country. But that's just gonna put more pressure. I think that's what's can happen ultimately if they want to get 40 million more people vaccinated.

I don't think you're gonna do it through beer and doughnuts parties. I think they're going to do it through forcing the colleges and universities forcing the kids to get vaccines that will up the numbers don't you think I think that's what's coming. Here's what else could be coming zero hedge has a really good piece here which I think is worth reading, and the headline is the criminalization of dissents. This goes along with a lot of what we've been discussing this hour.

And what we've been discussing over the course of the last many many months that one of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent snatches the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time and now apparently it is ready to take its Germany has been leading the way for over a year. Anyone questioning or protesting the covert emergency measures or the official Cove 19 narrative has been demonized by the government and the media and sadly but not completely unexpectedly. The majority of the German public and now such dissent is officially extremism. That's right in new normal Germany if you dissent from the official state ideology. You are now officially a dangerous extremist. The German intelligence agency called the BFB has even invented a new category of extremists in order to allow themselves to legally monitor anyone suspected of being antidemocratic and/or delegitimizing the state in a way that endangers security T.

Does this sound a little familiar as I was telling you about how the Biden administration wants to use private firms to do online surveillance of people on the rye they want to concentrate on domestic terrorism and white supremacy DGC what's going on here. It's the same kind of mentality I'm not saying that there to be able to do what Germany is doing but boy they sure want to their moving in that direction at any time you hear the phrase climate denier anything deny that's the new thing used to be blank fold so be like homophobic trans fold whatever whatever fold now it's blank, denier, coven denier is a new fight coffee deny who in the world denies that Cove Ed exists. I don't know anybody who's ever said that. But there are people who have said, I don't believe that the measures that have been implemented by the left have been commensurate with the actual risk look at all the people who lost their small businesses. During the course of the pandemic. While the rioters from the left were out on the streets just fine not masking in many cases, and the liquor stores in the abortion clinics operated just fine as the churches were shut down. Okay were not that dumb, we can see what's going on here. So anyway this writer says he's a little worried because he's engaged in so-called extremist activity ceased being a little tongue-in-cheek, but this goes back to a New York Times piece that was recently printed German intelligence puts coronavirus deniers under surveillance, very ominous rights and they say the danger from coronavirus deniers and conspiracy theorists does not fit the mold posed by the usual politically driven groups, including those on the far left and right or by Islamic extremists. The writer here says still, according to the German Interior Ministry. We diabolical quote unquote coven denier's conspiracy theorist and anti-vectors have targeted this is quote targeted the state itself, its leaders, businesses, the press and globalism have attacked police officers and defied civil authorities. Moreover, back in August and a dress rehearsal for the storming of the capital coven denying insurrectionist scaled the steps of Parliament.

Naturally, the New York Times neglects to mention that this so-called storming of the Reichstag was performed by a small subgroup of protesters to whom the German authorities had granted a permit to assemble apart from the main demonstration which was massive and completely peaceful on the steps of the Reichstag which the German police had for some reason left totally unguarded in light of the background of the person.

The German authorities issued this steps of the Reichstag protest permit to a known former NPD functionary. In other words, a neo-Nazi well the whole thing seemed a bit questionable to me. But will I know I'm just a conspiracy theorist okay stuff the New York Times will not tell you so anyway this is the situation in Germany using Cove 19 to crack down on extremists who will not go along with the new normal, and is not just to German stories.

The piece goes on to say the new normal war on domestic terror, is a global war and it's just getting started. According to a department of homeland security national terrorism advisory system bulletin and the liberal corporate media propaganda machine democracy remains under imminent threat from these ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and other such grievances fueled by false narratives, including anger over Cove 19 restrictions. These coven denying violent extremists have apparently joined forces with the white supremacist Russia back trump loving put Nazis the terrorized democracy for the past four years and almost overthrew the US government by sauntering around inside the US Capitol building without permission. Scuffling with police attacking furniture and generally acting rude and unruly know that in actually killing one is the corporate media. All reported they did, but trespassing in a government building and putting your feet up on politicians desks is pretty much exactly the same as terrorism or whatever.

It's not like the truth actually matters.

He writes now when you're whipping up mass hysteria over imaginary Russian assets white supremacist militias coven denying extremists and tiebacks terrorists and apocalyptic plagues when you're rolling out a new official ideology, a path apologize totalitarian ideology and criminalizing all dissent. The point is not to appear to be factual.

The point is just to terrorize the people as Herman Goering famously explained regarding how to lead a country to war like the one were experiencing. Currently, he says this principle. This is what the quote is the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.

That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. So the message is when you go back to the Germany story. It's very clear. It might not seem all that new, but it is yes, they've been telling us were being attacked and denouncing critics, protesters and dissidents for 20 years, but this is a whole new level of fusion of official narratives in their respective official enemies into a singular aggregate official narrative in which dissent will no longer be permitted instead it will be criminalized or it will be anthologized. That's what's going on so that's what's going on in Germany and the writer says this is the essence of totalitarianism. The establishment of an and viable official ideology and the criminalization of dissent and that is what is happening right now, a new official ideology is been established, not a state ideology a global ideology. The new normal is that official ideology technically it is an official post ideology and official reality and axiomatic fact which only criminals and psychopaths would deny or challenge and this is interesting.

Here's California State Sen. Richard Pan, author of an op-ed in the Washington Post. The headline was this anti-VAX extremism is a kin to domestic terrorism. Really, this is what he said these extremists have not yet been held accountable, so they continue to escalate violence against the body public, we must now summon the political will to demand that domestic terrorists face consequences for their words and actions are democracy and our lives depend on its they've been building alliances with white supremacist conspiracy theorists and others on the far right okay your elected officials. America your elected officials, California State Sen. Richard Pan is worried about anti-VAX extremism. Okay, where were you last summer, Richard Pan, where were you what were you doing about St. Louis. Did you care that Richard, I should say, David Doran, the retired police officer in St. Louis was murdered that his black life matter, you bet it did.

Did anybody on the left care now know that in care, but we should care. We should care about anybody whose murder we should care about anybody who's harmed. We should care about our fellow Americans. And that's what we need to get back to, but I'll tell you what anybody who has common sense and an understanding of what the forces are that are in play.

Right now our problem and increasingly, Ed is the power of these sorts of people increases people who are clear thinking and can see exactly what's going on will be a problem but it's up to us. We, the people who are the citizens of this country to stand in the same strain as the founders and the early Americans who handed down these incredible life-giving principles to us through our founding documents.

Our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, we need to be Americans more than ever right now be an American, and above all, be a Christian. That's the most important thing that we can ever do. Following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on that narrow way occupying until he comes when he directed us to be salt and light in this culture. This culture sure need some right now. Thanks for being here will see next time or dwelling right here enchantment for

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