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David Horowitz (Leftist Totalitarianism in the USA)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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April 30, 2021 4:30 am

David Horowitz (Leftist Totalitarianism in the USA)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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April 30, 2021 4:30 am

Newly emboldened Leftists are determined to undo our fundamental principles as nation through an inside job. How are they accomplishing it, and we are on the brink of a one-party dictatorship? I'll talk it over with commentator David Horowitz, author of "The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archive broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to that is Janet River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil or that joint session of Congress. Pres. Biden spoke about eating out systemic racism in the US criminal justice system and then in the GOP rebuttal South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott shot Becker critical response. America is not a racist country and he's right, here is the vice president then responded by saying I don't think America is a racist country but we also do have to speak Christians today.

One of the greatest threats to our country's domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacists. Well, who are all these white supremacists that she's talking about is she talking about aunt Eva.

Is she talking about white progressives fomenting racial division on the streets of our nation and on the Internet. No of course not. This rhetoric is right in line with the priorities of this administration to which as we know just recently took a series of steps to prioritize dealing with white supremacists and militias not and he thought is apparently on January 6. Those are the real problematic people in this country. It's just incredible. And in order to understand what's really going on. You have to understand the enemy and my next guest. As Steven Horwitz is a national best selling author and founder and CEO of the David Horwitz freedom Center and he is out with a great new book that will be discussing is called the enemy within how a totalitarian movement is destroying America, David. It's wonderful to talk to you again.

How are you doing why are, are wouldn't know the real-life woman that would library Joe Biden of being raped and then join you yeah yeah is incredible and here we have on tape. All of these instances in which Joe Biden said all kinds of racist things and yet he seems to get away with that. How is that fair is a lifelong word where I don't know movement, which is the Democratic Party alive, meddling on political order, which is what my book. We would remove the grout will Joe Biden revealed himself once again flyer member name terrorism but we like what 11 terrorist. One event they tried to burn with the left. January duration inside the capital with nothing worth left is doing three years and describes it, nor your actuator organized demonstrations inside the judiciary committee confirmation hearing for Cavanaugh that would be arrested every day throughout the hearing. Call that democracy should January. Unlike the left people entered the capital for nothing which guide personal almost all of them natural causes like. Also instructional to Jewish called an armed insurrection by the fresh Democratic Party up to what I called because of the anti-democratic in their way. The only person who was killed was murdered by a W thought all of them were pro-the only person killed, murdered 14 year Air Force veteran journalist who photographed video monitor which shows that she was a little person she wasn't harming anybody or threatening.

In cold blood journalist arrested Joe people from the January 6 frustration over in jail without the already held without his response was to call it an armed insurrection, even though not a single arm firearm was found that over 200 people immediately called in the 25,000 25,000 troops against billion dollars on real confusion accomplice to the murder. She could feel the capital police.

You can feel the identity of the murderer.

You know you can just go on and on call to create the white uniform racial organization called the nation of law did an article about all the congressional Democrats were right. People are inferior to Blacks actually white devil needed to be exterminated. This trend of racism. The Democrats, and 50,000 members, 3000 members congressional representatives like waters from the nation of Islam. Everything in our country while you speak yet. You're right about that and see more of these incidents we could talk about a lot more of these.

I was thinking about this Bernard college English instructor.

This bends the leap day.

I guess it is who depicted a fantasy of gassing white people and you had as yet it is the Democratic Party well even when the person years before he ran for 30 years. Nobody was a liberal. Actually, yes, ultra white became awake the premises when he went against was allotted from the beginning. Yeah, and all from supporters 61% of Democrats think that Republicans are ready for identifying the black community with its criminal element. All of these so-called mortars are all criminals and parties portraying the rights mortars on real yeah exactly. And now there's this legal action that's been filed over Biden's American rescue plan for discriminating against white farmers have to file a lawsuit to try to write this. Why are we heading toward a South Africa situation of these lefties keep going down this road. I mean it's horrible even think it, but bit white people sometimes do think that will actually look one green cord, which is dismantling the Lynch Boulevard system of checks and balances very found a cornerstone of our democracy. So you will no longer have an independent judiciary who can tell legislators you can't make that long with that language because of constitutional policy electoral College Constitution because of course it's okay to come to my run to break. Can't wait to come back. That was the enemy within how I totalitarian movement is destroying America by David Horwitz will come back right after this on Janet national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6.

Join millions of praying Americans who were united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever. It's an incredible opportunity to experience the power of prayer as one nation under God. Part of this historic day, along with fellow Christians who are ready to make a difference by lifting up our nation in prayer team pray team.

There's absolutely no cost to participate in now's the time to answer the call ever gathering in history national Day of prayer line member did you miss the deadline to sign up for your program. At the end of 2020. If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation.

Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to River today and we do see and emboldens and laughs, especially since Joe Biden was put into the White House and I do say put in on purpose, but you see what's going on now with this radical leftist agenda.

It's it's way beyond even what Obama tried to do and a lot of us could never have conceived that anybody could do worse than Obama. But here we are. We want to pack the Supreme Court as you say David Horwitz with us talking about his book the enemy within it. And you're right about this David they want to pack all the stuff yeah HR one real life, but don't buy one .00%, 59 million both 1 x 41,006 battle ground we know, for example, a million illegal both cast under rules devised by the Democrat-controlled cream court where the Constitution clearly that the state legislatures makeup voting laws bulgur campaign may have called voters oppression to require photo ID you know that that people aren't voting or illegal aliens or fellows or whatnot look first of all you need photo ID to get welfare prescription drug so they're on tour black people of the problem, photo IDs, pollution would be governed by the big photo IDs available to you what rights rights because their goal is to steal more election let you know I have a question for you because you had mentioned a few minutes ago when I said where is this all heading this totalitarian movement that wants to destroy our country and you said they'll raise the idea that we may be headed toward Hitler's Germany and and people in are always hesitant to go in that direction, but I'm I'm tying this to all these attacks on the police. For example, the way that the news is slanted the calling for the defining of the please how you tie those two things together, potentially, that there will they wanted to go with the people.

The federal we have what we have 18,000 Bard Ron local forces with will everybody you know show yes he was acquitted. Yes you can. What is directly parallel to the wife fire public which proceeded the third Reich with one like by launching the chancellorship set fire to their own capital called the rice that blamed it on the Dutch communist fire law.

Their opponent right the third Reich with everything the Democrats are doing their opposition and create the last sentence of not about one man. It's not about one election. It's about establishing a one-party state. Yes, everything the Democrats doing for the last five years to establish a one-party state. Beginning with their obstruction and sabotage of the Trump presidency. We have a system that used uncompromised get the honeymoon block Obama, who comes from the same background.

I like his mentor agent that this letter will with evil wanted to warn people about it and Barack Obama never left it. Barack Obama got up seven month you got more than that honeymoon you let him get his team in place.

11 set up his legislative agenda. You begin criticizing him as a loyal position with disgusting it was just really didn't get now always right.


And not only did you exactly as you say Natalie to trot back at his honeymoon. But they also continue to go after him after he left office as a private citizen and impeached changes at each red yeah they're just they're vicious that you know and where does this go you you have a chapter in your book on white male Christians which I think is so great. The whole book is so great, but they consider to be the enemy is that enemy number one in their view by only waving terrorists in the middle, you start all the funding of the PLO, and the rights.

Genocidal terrorist and that you read that into what the liberate all of Israel Palestine June 3 liters by trying to do a line of course that will you know you keep what they're doing well it is and I you know having solid. You can read your stuff for years. I know exactly where you're coming from and what you're talking about is spot on. And yet, that the next question for many people is what we do, what should we be doing right now in order to stop this look over there with their winning because our side, not calling would probably actually people "Republicans and traders. I call him white premises, white premises, which a lot of Republican requested election result was a question every Republican in the last 20 years exactly what you owe about what they are aware of the liberal we actually believe and live and let live really the language of the change, you have to fight fire with fire.

We went to school and teachers indoctrinating their children American race is white racism. Yes, we need the headquarters of Twitter and Facebook. Yes, making their lives miserable and drawing attention sensors like total culture, polite and burning.

Of course this is the same go and we have a digital universe. You can you can burn burning while using likely Trump is the only Republican I know but left shoe.


I want to hear it all the time with Joe Biden would be with a high yelling blowing supporters during the campaign agreement with him.

He went right no hold rank councilperson life lied to get elected, Trump made promises to get elected and kept them honest human being is a liar you like crowds, but what politician doesn't Biden lied about very basic things you pretend to be was a moderate yes or no and those who didn't lie lie lie but not ruled by Executive Order because that's what dictators was still eating campaign to get elected. He did and he's a plagiarist. Don't forget that I remember that from years Excel plagiarize is to go yet. It is incredible. What's going on and I think you really hit upon something which is, we can no longer just sit and watch all of this unfold and do nothing. And you're right when you win your band off twittering your band off Facebook then you know you have some problems there. But why don't pick what you write back yet. I agree with you that I think it's important for us to be physically present and protest what is going on in our schools. What is going on in our local government sometimes and especially what is going on in Washington because you know who's going to do it if we don't do it David Nye know it's really help people to read your book. What a great book. It's called the enemy within how a totalitarian movement is destroying America so grateful for David Horwitz thank you so much David for being here. You take care God bless thank you. Listening to Janet Mefford today. This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by the national Day of prayer. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who are united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever just go to that effort today and here's your host Joe Mefford. I really think it's important for us to be honest at a time when many, many people are not honest. This is a big deal for Christians to tell the truth because we worship the one who is the way the truth and the life. Thy word is truth. Christian should be people of the truth, and for that reason, I think it's very important to always be truthful and it doesn't really matter if the person who didn't tell the truth is someone you like or not we should not condone lying and I know this is something that perhaps we become uncomfortable discussing at times, but it bears discussing when I was discussing for example with David Horwitz just a few moments ago and he was complaining about the lies that are constantly coming from the left, I have to say go back to Joe Biden speech and his before Congress even national review said it connected only intermittently with reality and I think that's a really important point here. For example, Biden insinuated that the 10 year ban on assault weapons had reduced the murder rate in the US, something neither careful studies nor a casual look at the trends supports he pretended that the Trump administration had ended successful efforts to control immigration across our southern border, a brazen inversion of the truth that just that's just a lie. He claimed that the country supports federal legislation that would, among other things, band states from verifying voters are who they say they are pull after Paul says otherwise.

He promised that Medicare could save hundreds of billions of dollars by cracking down on drugmakers, not according to the Congressional Budget Office and they say Biden conjured a world in which there was no danger from unprecedented deficit spending.

No possible adverse consequences from raising taxes on corporations and rich people no spike in violent crime that needs attending and no foreign threats that demand of us more than platitudes about leadership, even as he proposed. One of the most radically left policy agendas in American history. He continued to feign and eagerness to work with Republicans right we remember his inaugural address Unity oh we need unity we need to come together.

We need to be unified all the left means my unity is, come on over to our side, or else why do you think you saw the fist bump with Liz Cheney, Liz Cheney, who is on the fence with their own supporters in her home state because of supporting those people who went after Pres. tromped unnecessarily and impeached him a second time, ridiculously after he left office and had become a private citizen, Liz Cheney sat, fist pumping good luck and now they're these rumors that perhaps she would seek to become present if you could vote for you Liz Cheney was going to vote for you think leftist flock to you is the McCain Ronnie syndrome. Maybe if I make friends with the other side of the aisle. They'll think I'm cool and I'll find that beautiful middle yet it never happens that way you don't betray your own voters in your own face and then think you're going to make up for it. On the other side who are actually giggling at you behind your back. Maybe not so much behind your back but I will play a couple of cuts since we were unable to get into it very much. Yesterday I will play a couple of cuts from this speech, this one kind of says it all. This is, when the 21st century great inflection point to do more than just go back go back better, yeah, just another gaffe but it like anybody can stumble in a speech. I understand that but you wonder when he says these sorts of things.

If he really understood what he just said. Nobody says a word if this were Trump how much attention do you think the press would get this. How many times would you hear this gaffe recirculated on MSNBC and CNN and NBC. It would be and less they would do a whole panel of pundits giggling and laughing and go find meaning and St. see this is why it's dangerous to our democracy that somebody like this is clearly not playing with a full deck is our president. They did it to tromped when he never did anything like this. Now here's another one. This is Biden's call for universal preschool. This just drives me nuts was a cut to the great University conducted last year shows that two years of universal high-quality preschool for three-year-old and 40 matter what background they come from position to compete all the way through 12 years increases the prospect graduate going on graduation. Research shows young child goes to school far more likely to graduate from high school and go to college or something. After two years of free community college on top of that change the dynamic change the dynamic all right right into communism. What you talking about universal preschool reminds me of that line from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Evita to remember that long, long ago in the 80s, I think it came out and there's a song in Evita and there's a line in the sciences.

Che Guevara actually is the character and he says get them while they're young Evita at them while they're young that's all I could think about when I was listening to this. They want your children to understand that they want your children.

Why do you think that they're putting black lives matter, curriculum, and 16, 19, project curriculum and Biden is backing the critical race theory stuff to push it into the public school so they can add to the sex ed curriculum that is put together by Planned Parenthood and add that to the LGBT curriculum that is put together by outfits like glisten. They want your kids they want my kids they want their minds, their hearts, their souls, their allegiance are we to let them do it or we can just sit there and let them do it. Sometimes I fear we will because people just can't be bothered to do anything. Maybe if we just sit here and watch another show on Netflix. All of this will magically disappear. It's not disappearing folks getting worse.

You don't need me to tell you that if you're halfway informed you don't have any reason to make an argument based on any thing that is occurring to give you the ability to claim incredibly that things are not getting worse, things are getting exponentially worse. I mentioned this just very very briefly earlier this hour that here was the story in the New York Times.

Biden steps up federal efforts to combat domestic extremism. Now you might read that headline and think to yourself. Finally, he's gonna crackdown in Portland. He's gonna send in the National Guard and he's gonna stop those crazy people those anarchists and fascists from terrorizing the city. Now the administration has taken a series of steps to prioritize dealing with white supremacists and militias, especially after the Riot on Jan's generally six riots was that a riot I while you had people who were breaching the capital nation that dumb that there was some trespassing and okay they call these people as we are mentioning before insurrectionist, but if you have the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin on fire that's a peaceful protest. According to CNN belief believe your lying eyes. Why would you do that just because you see buildings going up in huge flames doesn't mean there's a problem. It's peaceful. It's peaceful. It's kind like the same rhetoric that they say only men can have babies pregnant and gave birth.

And of course if you're halfway intelligent.

You know basic biology, you immediately think to yourself or say out loud. Men can't have babies all you are sexist you are a trans folk know your nuts. That's what the problem is your knots and you are a liar you're a liar thereto, sexist, male and female. There's only one sex that can have babies because babies have to living universes are you to write what is in her uterus. Right.

Okay, this is not hard for people to figure out its basic anatomy, basic biology and if you haven't mastered it by now. I feel sorry for you but again I don't want over reference George Orwell.

I don't want to because at some point people stop listening on yeah yeah are well you Newspeak thought crime yeah yeah but were in the middle of it when people mess with the languages when they tell you I have these pronounce Connie by these pronouns know to call you the pronoun that corresponds with your biological sex deal with it. That's it. I'm not can call Bruce Jenner, Caitlin, I'm not. Maybe that's his legal name now, but I'm not referring to him as a woman or she or her.

I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just not gonna lie, and I'm knocking to go along with this propaganda campaign to try to undermine reality which is what's going on now. Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina did a tremendous job pushing back against some of the garbage and Biden speech and boy he got it from the left anybody surprised will come back and talk about it listening to Jennifer today. The national Day of prayer is Thursday, May 6. Join millions of praying Americans who were united in prayer for our country connect from your mobile device or computer to the largest online prayer gathering ever.

It's an incredible opportunity to experience the power of prayer as one nation under God.

Part of this historic day, along with fellow Christians who are ready to make a difference by lifting up our nation in prayer team pray team. There's absolutely no cost to participate in now's the time to answer the call ever gathering in history at the national Day of prayer you online that's when Julia ended a bad relationship she found out she was pregnant after the father told her to get an abortion. This mom was confused and didn't know what to do or who to talk to a portion okay Julia was referred to a pre-born center where she was counseled and supported with the strength that she needed to choose life, that he's here and reborn centers provide hope, love, free ultrasounds in the gospel of Jesus Christ to moms like Julia pre-born truly is the alternative to Planned Parenthood.

Will you join pre-born in helping love and support young moms in crisis for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help rescue five babies lives to donate call now 85540 tube 80 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to you're listening to Joe Mefford today though. Well, let's get into some of what Sen. Tim Scott had to say in the GOP rebuttal to Pres. Biden's address before a joint session of Congress the other night I I thought that he gave a very good speech and of course he is an African-American and so that will enrage the left right there because he's in the wrong party.

You know it's like Biden said during the campaign.

If you're black and you don't vote for me know what's wrong with you yet he's he's not a racist at all. This is good stuff on a play a little bit of what Sen. Tim Scott had to say this is I have experience the pain of discrimination. I know what it feels like to be pulled over for no reason to befall around the store while shopping. I remember every morning at the kitchen table. My grandfather would open the newspaper read it I thought, but later realized she had never learned to read it. She just wanted to set the right example of also experience a different kind of intolerance I could call uncle Tom in the N-word by progressives by liberals. Just last week a national newspaper suggested. My family's poverty was actually privileged because a relative own land. Generations before my time, believe me I know firsthand, are you finished in 2015 after the shooting of Walter Scott wrote a bill to fund body tremors last year after the deaths of Rhianna Taylor and George Florida. I built an even bigger police reform proposal colleagues blocked it. I extended an olive branch.

I offered amendments but dinner credits used the filibuster to block with a break from happening.

My friends across the aisle seem to want the issue more than we want to solution interestingness and it I guess if we acted like leftists we could make the charge against the white liberals in the Senate that they are white supremacists but we wouldn't say that because we know darn well that that has nothing to do with it and we don't like lying. We don't support lying.

So what we will say is these people are disgusting hypocrites and how racist would it be in their scheme of things, to treat a black senator that way simply because they didn't like his policies played by the same robot that you and I do.

They just don't play my Roebuck it's a one-party dictatorship, baby, that's the way were headed and you can you can get in the way get out of the way when I can listen to you because it isn't about police reform. For these people. It's not all about police reform and then there was this response from Sen. Scott. Great stuff this is For, but I'm still working. I'm hopeful that this will be different when America comes together, we've made tremendous progress but powerful forces want to pull us apart hundred years ago and classmates were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic look a certain way, they were inferior today Jews are being taught that the color of their skin finds him again look a certain way barren oppressor from colleges to corporations to our culture people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all.

By doubling down on the divisions we've worked so hard as you know this stuff is all fairly clearly America is not a racist country to fight discrimination different types of discrimination is wrong to try to use our painful past, honestly shut down in the present while said Sen. Scott, and of course what happened after he did this leftists on Twitter got the phrase uncle Tim trending. What does that tell you about the left. It's not about race. For them it's about ideology for them. If you do not toe the line on progressive radical ideology.

They will start insulting you.

In fact, national review points this out the contrived hyperbolic outrage and derision that we saw from liberal talking heads was something to behold. It wasn't just the people on twitter.

Some of what they said was farcical. For example Nicole Wallace on MSNBC said that the speech in which Scott praised the Trump administration vaccines was delivered from the planet with facts don't matter while operation warp speed. She claimed didn't do anything to get a needle in the arms so a lot of disinformation while it did help boost the lifesaving innovation that flows through those needles, as they say, not to mention a million needles and arms every day. By the time Joe Biden got a shot. Give credit where credit is due the speed with which the vaccine showed up was due to the work of Pres. Trump and his administration not to to Biden, but Scott's most controversial statement which you just heard America is not a racist country drove him nuts all the usual suspects took to social media to mock him for simultaneously saying the nation wasn't racist, and for pointing out that he had personally experienced bigotry. Of course America is a racist nation. They wailed before getting this uncle Tim trending on twitter the left meaning of any African-American who strays from leftist orthodoxy is one of the ugliest acceptable smears in our political discourse.

Scott's to claims by the way are wholly compatible. Bad actors and ugly ideas exist among people of all nations, and always will.

And yet, that doesn't necessarily mean the nation itself is fundamentally legally culturally or systemically racist. We always do better, but by the world standards. The United States is likely the least racist place. How do you see this, why is it that people from all races and creeds and ethnicities from all over this planet flock here last I checked, they were dying to get into Syria or China or Nigeria or Cuba. They're not going to those nations where they want to go they want to come to the United States make the left talk about this why you want to come here for a fundamentally racist country. Now she's play by your rules for a minute and think these things through.

Why did he want to come here if this is such a horrible place for nonwhites as they say it is because white supremacy and colonialism and 6019 project you know we can't talk about any of these things, you know why because it nails them to the wall. This is the land of freedom and opportunity for people from all over the world regardless of race, regardless of religion regardless of ethnicity regardless of creed.

That's the beauty of America. And let's not forget why America is free. Think of the religion that undergirds it.

Think of the book, the holy book that undergirds the principles that have guided our Republic. All of these years it's the Bible.

Folks, it's Christians who came here seeking religious liberty. You tell me Christianity doesn't make a practical difference, and I fear him to go off on some tangent here that I'm not can have time to finish, but what the heck I can go ahead. These people in big evangelicalism big even as we like to call them who love to yell and scream about white supremacy and that it did doing the same thing.

The social justice this and we've heard people and it's all my fault and they're flagellating themselves even though they don't have anything they can point to where they actually did anything wrong. They just feel bad because there that awesome and righteous.

They just feel bad, but when you ask them, then why is it for such horrible people that you had the greatest modern missionary force come from the United States to go all over the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people of all nations colors and creeds. Why is that this is such a white supremacist nation and by the way, if it's so horrible, why are you here that see the one I like, because every election cycle when a Republican gets into office. A conservative is able to beat a liberal in the in the voting booth. We always had a bunch of Hollywood celebrities who said if so-and-so gets into office. I'm moving which I find hilarious because number one they never move, but number two how self-involved you have to be to announce this to the world as if the rest of us will suddenly say what we certainly don't want Barbra Streisand to move know Rosie O'Donnell might go to Europe shut things down. Make sure the progressive wins wheel. We can't leave losing Rosie to Europe. No one cares why in the world which you announce that to the world as if that would cause some seismic shift in the populace and cause them to vote the other way. These people are delusional there absolutely delusional. This is why we have to stand strong and by the way, when you look at this. I do agree with Chris Christie who said Joe Biden spending proposals are like what you would hear from a 15-year-old if you gave him a credit card with no credit limit on it.

I really these three proposed spending plans from Biden would cost the US $6 trillion over 10 years, and senators like Joe mansion is in that that set the item now that that's a lot. I'm not really sure that's it and raise the taxes raise the corporate tax raise the marginal income tax for the top 1% raise capital gains, dividend tax, IRS expansion, this one really gets to me. They want to give the IRS $80 billion to chase down tax evaders 80 billion.1 $80 billion to chase down tax evaders. What is that money going for you is that kind of in the same category with the $7000 hammers or the $7000 toilet seats that we hear about when we get these reports on government waste. Does anybody question is number 20, $80 billion higher force of 75 million people to chase down to who knows all of it is just crazy and based on so many lies.

We just got to be people of the truth that leave it there. Thanks for being with us again. See next time here in Janet effort

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