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Howard Husock (Marijuana) Magdalena Battles (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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April 21, 2021 4:30 am

Howard Husock (Marijuana) Magdalena Battles (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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April 21, 2021 4:30 am

The Biden Administration is redefining words and pushing schools to promote Critical Race Theory. We'll talk about it. Plus: City Journal's Howard Husock explains how government is actually encouraging vice through the legalization of marijuana. And Dr. Magdalena Battles discusses her book, "10 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents." Join us for Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This damn effort today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says I saw you brought as talk about. I find it very interesting whenever I am lying especially.

I always think about the smallness of man and of course the greatness of God and I look at the earth below me and I think about who's down there and everybody so small. What I also think about though is the fact that the earth is so huge and that leads me to get into the idea that so many things happen that we can't see immediately and one of the things that we can't see immediately is the rotation of the earth now not trying to get into universe talk here what I'm trying to say is, there are some things that move so slowly that in the moment. You may not even think about the fact that they're moving. I don't on an everyday basis. Think about the Earth's rotation.

Do you know and and I don't think that something most people probably think about, but certainly we think about it in the morning when we have a sunrise, and we have a sunset in the evening we have nighttime and daytime we think about those sorts of things, or the seasons which come obviously every few months we'll think about those minute by minute we just take them for granted and all of a sudden things will shift and where once you had sunshine. Now it's cold and it's snowing you got ice on the road and you know why because you go through every single year. If you live in that kind of a climate okay well it's winter now we know it's can happen, but it happens gradually now culturally speaking when things happen gradually.

You also have a tendency not to think about it in the moment, but you need to and I'll tell you what we all need to have our thinking Watching What's Going on during the Course of This Administration and There Are so Many Examples of That Only Have Time to Get into a Couple of Them Right at the Outset Here, but I Want to Talk a Little Bit about What the Biden Administration Is Doing in Terms of Shifting the Culture Kinda Picking up Where Obama Left off. Not Even Kinda, but Really Picking up Where Obama Left off. Here's One of the Examples, the US Department Of Education Has Now Announced That Officials Are Preparing to Use Taxpayer Money for K-12 Schools to Advocate the Idea That America Is Systemically Racist, and Anybody Who Thinks Differently Than That Children Included Are Part of the Problem, Whether They Know It or Not. This Is Why the Daily Signal, since Members of Congress Reintroduced a Legislative Proposal This Year to Create National Civic Standards. The Education Department's New Rule Would Help Shape the Content of Those Standards around the Intolerant Ideas of Critical Theory in Particular As National Review Puts It. Pres. Biden Is Set to Push Critical Race Theory on Your Local Schools and It's a Little Bit. According to Some of These Pundits like the Race to the Top Grants That the Obama Administration Put in Place You Want to Get Money You Better Do What We Want and so A Lot Of People Stood up against the Race to the Top Grandson Everything That Was Going on during Those Years, but Now We Have President Binds Department Of Education Signaling Its Intent to Impose the Most Radical Forms of Critical Race Theory on America's Schools As and According to Stanley Kurtz at National Review.

This Is Very Much Including the 1619 Project and the So-Called Antiracism of Aber X Candy, Who Pretty Much Advocates a Massive and Indefinite Expansion of Reverse Discrimination. Biden Is Obviously Co-Opting Conservatives Interest in Reviving Traditional US History and Civics to Deliver Its Perfect Opposites. Federal Imposition of the Very Ideas That Conservatives Aim to Combat They Just Put out This Proposed New Rule Establishing Priorities for Grants in American History and Civics Education Programs.

That Rule Gives Priority to Grant Projects That Incorporate Racially and Ethnically, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Perspectives Again Were Back to the Same Nonsense. The World Goes on to Cite and Praise the New York Times Landmark Court." 1619 Project As Well As the Work of Candy As Leading Examples of the Sorts of Ideas the Biden Administration Wants to Spread the Programs Immediately Targeted by Biden's New Priority Criteria for American History and Civics Grants Are Small but Once They're in Place, They Will Undoubtedly Influence the Much Larger and Vastly More Dangerous and Write This down so You Don't Remember You. Don't Forget That This Particular Piece of Legislation Is out There. This Civics Secures Democracy Act, That Bill Would Appropriate. $1 Billion a Year for Six Years for History and Civic Education Support for Leftist Action Civics Action Civics Is Already Written into the Priority Criteria of the Bill Itself. Kurtz Argues That Additional Priority Criteria in the Civics Secures Democracy Act Criteria Favoring Grants Targeted to Underserved Populations and the Mitigation of Various Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Achievement Gaps Would Be Interpreted by the Biden Administration Is a Green Light to Fund Critical Race Theory in the Schools.

The New Draft Federal Rule for Grant Priority in American History and Civics Education Makes It Clear That This Is Indeed the Biden Administration's Intent. So Few Kids in Public Schools. You Better Keep Your Eyes out You Better Pay Attention to What's Going on Because Critical Race Theory Is about to Be Unleashed in the Public Schools, At Least Initially, in a Small Way. It's Coming It's Coming. This Is the Value That the Left Wants to Teach in Every Single Sector of Our Society That If You Are White You're a Racist. And There's No Way out and Therefore All Sorts of Resulting Policies Have To Be Put into Place to Make Things Right Again and I'll Tell You What Is so Heartbreaking about the Entire Thing. Not Only Is It a Bogus Theory, but What It Does Is It It Unravels the Country. Do You Need to Turn on the News Anymore Than You Ever Have before in Your Life to See That the Country Is Unraveling. Because of Critical Race Theory's Unraveling. I Was Thinking about This Recently, It Was Just A Few Years Ago We Were Talking about This Stuff. It's Weird How Sometimes People Cannot See Something until Some Professor Comes up with a Theory and It Spreads like Wildfire and Then All Of A Sudden People Get All Upset. But It Never Bothered Them before and They Were Living Their Lives and They Were Happy.

They Didn't Necessarily Look at Their Neighbor Is a Racist, but Once This Theory Took Root like Some Kind of Horrible Cova 19 Want to Be Virus Only Ideological in Nature. All Of A Sudden My Eyes Have Been Opened.

I'm Woke. Oh This Is Horrible.

Everybody's Horrible Think Back to How It Was Years Ago 10 Years Ago.

20 Years Ago. 30 Years Ago Did Everybody Hate Everybody Saying That There Was No Problem in America but You Go Back to 1964 and There Was a Problem of Racial Segregation and It Was Corrected and That's How It Should Be. If You Have a Real Injustice, As I Believe That Was in You Correct It and Then You Come Together and Hopefully There Is Forgiveness and You Move on and When Crimes Are Committed. You Make Sure That the Justice System Takes Care Of Those Things and so Far As It's Possible We Have Systems in Place to Deal with Wrong Things, Wrong Policies, but We Don't Have the Ability.

I Don't Think to Recover from Critical Race Theory Other Than Pushing Back against It with All of Our Might.

We Are a Country in Which E Pluribus Unum Has Always Been the Guiding Principle That People from All over the World Who Have Come to the United States and Have Embodied and Loved the Principles of Freedom. The Everything Embodied in Our Bill Of Rights, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, Inalienable Rights That Were Get Granted to Us by Our Creator and You Have a Total Opportunity Is an American. Whether You're Here for Many Many Years or Generations, or You Came over Last Year. You Have an Opportunity Is an American, If You Work Hard to Be Able to Make It Here and It's Not That Way. In Most of the Rest of the World and That's Why so Many People Want to Come Here, but Now We Have the Problem of the Biden Administration Not Only Trying to Destroy E Pluribus Unum, but Just Redefining Words That Just Flat out or Well You Don't Have To Read 1984 Anymore Because You're Living It.

You Are Living It.

Let's See Now, You Can't Say Illegal Alien, At Least, or If You're in the Government. If You're in the Border Patrol. For Example, Oh No the Biden Administration Says You Have To Call Illegal Aliens, Noncitizens, You Know What Folks Your Government Does Not Have the Right to Tell You How to Speak.

I Say the Same Thing about This Pronoun Nonsense with LGBT I'm Not Using Wrong Pronouns Throw Me in Jail. I'm Not to Call a Man a Woman and I Can Call a Woman a Man and You Can't Make Me Try to Make Me but You're Not Gonna Make Me Redefining Words, Redefining History, Redefining Reality, Everything Has To Be Deconstructed and How Many People Look at the Ideological Turning of the Earth, for One Moment and Say Something Huge Is Happening Here.

What We Do about This We Can't Stick Our Heads in the Sand.

We Have To Pay Attention to It and We Have To Fight Back against It. If Not for Us Fighting Back against It.

Who Will Fight. We Have Generations of Americans to Come Were Counting on Right-Thinking People at This Moment in History, Especially Christians to Stand for the Truth Because We Have the Truth to Come Back and Listening to Janet Mefford Today. This Is Janet Mefford for Bible League International Engaging the World with God's Word for More Than 80 Years, Believers in Africa Are Hungry to Read Their Very Own Bibles Hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The Charge Is Clearly Very Fast in the North Part of the Country Where It's on the Speaking People Live in Zulu Speaking Pupil and Then You Know Fund That Is the Movement of the Will Dispute the Way the Hunger.

Hunger Is Very Much Visible If You Can Imagine 10 Christians Right Now in Many Places in Africa. On Average, Nine Have No Access to the Bible Hears Lillian in Mozambique Relentless Check DB Because of Maputo. The Tête-À-Tête of Old about 100 People under That One Possum after You Let a Bible Was the Pasta but Everybody Else Have Never Seen a Bible and That Fuses Motivation 12 Will More to Do More to Reach As Many People As We Can Know Where Gold Is up with You to Go There and Just Take the Letter .3 Bible Studies and Resources That Introduce People to Jesus Christ by the Leak Is Faithfully Discipling New Believers in Kenya, Donna, Ethiopia and Many Other African Countries Hears an Evangelist Named Joseph in South Africa. We Were Even More Alarming Than They Did. They Is about 1663 Is Also Intimately Cry Melts down and She Cried. She Led the Age of 60. She Never Had a Bible so Much Food Feeding Just to See People like Dressing.

When the Deb Items You Can Be the Answer to a Christian Praying for God's Word through Open the Floodgates Bibles for Africa Call 800 Yes Word 800 YESWO RD Five Dollars Sends One Bible $50. Send 10 Call 800 Yes Word 800 Y ES W OR D or There's a Banner to Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford one of the long-standing arguments for legalizing marijuana has been that it's illegality has been a disaster. Critics have complained about the waste of spending billions on arrests and court costs in incarceration and now a lot of them are rejoicing that we legalizing states like Colorado and Washington are making millions off the sale of marijuana healthcare and education and of course New York is next in line after it recently legalized recreational marijuana but is my next guest rightly points out, encouraging drug use and other vices actually risks social catastrophe and whatever happened to just say no anyway really talk about it today with Howard Cusick who is a city Journal contributing editor and over there. He has written a great article on the subject government against bourgeois values is also a senior fellow at the philanthropy Roundtable and adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of the forthcoming book, the poor side of town and how it it's great to have you with us.

Thank you so much for being here is my pleasure to how you bet a lot of us remember Nancy Reagan. This was not that long. It will maybe it was but I remember just say no.

We were supposed just in this war on drugs just say no to drugs.

How did so many Americans get to the place where legalizing marijuana came to be considered a good thing and no longer a vice. We did kind of a moral flip here a little bit while so many people just started using it that the commonness of it I suppose will help to break down the convention, but there's no doubt that the 60s generation, which include me with the liberty generation and beginning in the 1970s an organization called the national organization for the Reform of marijuana laws started lobbying for this and they play the long game and eventually they want while they have we've seen state-by-state go in this direction. As you mentioned in your piece. New York has been one of the most recent ones, but what the dangers of governments becoming a co-conspirator in vice, as it were.

They say this is great because then you'll be able to get money for things like healthcare and education.

As I mentioned, but what happens when we go in the direction of vice and and some of the problems that come from that incredible good old tax raising rope measure and there are no healthcare costs associated with drug use will be no healthcare costs associated with all auto crashes and for those driving under the influence trusted with alcohol or maybe not worse. So if you're exactly right to say the government is a co-conspirator in New York, the governor will call Moshe will raise $350 million. This way, why are you hurting this way there's no consideration given to this is been very very little consideration given to the medical literature.

We worry about the most modest side effects of the covert vaccines and we stopped the J&J vaccine from being distributed because of rare side effects. The effect of the 10, well documented, but apart from whether those should be considered in it with us and government in order to make money from this is going to implicitly or even explicitly as it does with gambling for the lottery have to encourage people to do this the most frightening part of the lottery is a really good example because I know the lottery has been pushed in these states is all were to raise so much money for education, but at least in some cases that I know of. Anecdotally, it really hasn't some filled the coffers as much as they promise. So even the promise of helping to fuel other good social goods doesn't pan out, necessarily, what would we know that the highly evolved a highly regressive tax that poor people are more likely to spend a high percentage of their disposable income on lottery ticket and who we think is going to be opting out marijuana legalization in New York State.

I know it's true in Massachusetts and other states to legalize it as well. Local communities have the right to opt out not to have retail marijuana outlets in their community. And you know that affluent communities are the ones that not making this up already been already clear in Massachusetts communities are opting out. The cities are going to opt in and that's where the money will go. I suppose, but that's where the cost will come to bear as well. Yeah, that's a really important thing for people to understand. I think you're completely right that will be what will happen more and more, you're right. And that harms people even more on the lower end of the sector of income. So when you talk about encouraging drug use just been the latest in the string of anti-bourgeois virtues signals from government. Can you speak to that little bit because I know you've written on this topic going back to how these social programs have influenced these kinds of trends put together for us if you would so people kind of understand the ideology that's informing some of these policies book Google who killed civil society and the dog in the pre-60s pre-new Deal era are norms were really shaped by religious institutions by secular institutions to lick the Boy Scouts before age the YMCA is a quasi-secularist who should have emphasized what I called normative values honesty, integrity, regulating your impulses, you know's silly things like those that and government began to step in with social programs and really expanded them in the 60s. Was quite different focused on the reform you go along, but we have social workers that can fix you up and get you right on the right track and so we spent today in something called the administration for children and families who never the biggest part of the Health and Human Services department $53 billion a year on these sorts of re-formative social programs for teen pregnancy, delinquency, substance abuse, substance abuse were picking up the pieces all the time. And guess what clear that we don't do very well at picking up the pieces that we need the formative values you know the church provides that that the Boys and Girls Club can provide that the porridge provides.

That's what we have to get back to your right. I also find a little ironic because a lot of these people pushing for drug legalization are horrified at the idea of cigarettes. So how does that work at figuring that one out at all. You hold those two things in your wants. Yeah, you know, I clearly think that it is somehow harmless. You know, but I did I would refer them to the national Institute of health which is has great studies in the clear that marijuana use can lead to know. We worry about these mass shootings in all people can really have the mental health badly affected by drug use, and thought only lottery which suffused the airwaves is always a little disclaimer again if you have a gambling product called problem call this number right were ignoring the one that we can be libertarian and healthy at the same time and how much tax revenue or would you lose because people are sidelined from the labor force because they're in a log of drug use.

That's right well right and and even with the stimulus checks as you point out when you're getting handed things are when things are made easy for you, don't you then have less incentive to have those formative values in place in your life.

Well, you know, I mean I'm not at all. Not doctrinaire on this. You know we had a terrible background pandemic economic shutdowns of the people need to be tided over like a good that's realistic but you don't want to take it too far in one thing, the that I think that progressives forget is that there's no such thing as a dead end job that no matter what job you take it you are you are exhibiting and having reinforced the values of of going to a job yes and get up in the morning. Yes, and understanding how to fit into one course and you are actually being paid in that way in way that goes over and above your actual payment will never get that sitting at home while that's an excellent point. You're right about that, because everybody has to start at the bottom.

Work your way, but you are learning important character traits and skills while you're engaging that kind of responsibility so when you're talking about drug legalization being the latest in the series of public policies undermining some of these formative values. What is the end result of all of this.

What happens to society because you even say the next step very well could be legalizing prostitution and there are people talking about this. What we have that that phrase I'm not. I'm not just hypothesizing my speculated well you know I know where it leads you know II think it leads to one place, it will lead those who worry about inequality.

You know what would see a divide between those who may not preach that healthy habits but practice them. This, and those who pick up the message that libertine values are not and so I think we could have an increasing divide know everybody talks about and rightly so. The opioid overdose epidemic will part of that comes from the belief that there's there's no harm in loosing sure that pleasure is more important than the satisfaction of achievement and this is a terrible mistake totally right and you know what comes to mind is our founders idea that only virtuous people can retain Republic and at what point do we have a tipping point where we say we want to be as libertine as possible because that's what the people lines and that's what gets me votes is a politician there has to be a tipping point, it would seem if you continue to go on the direction of vice, as opposed to virtue what it would seem so anyway, while not a concern and I think that those of us who are who are worried about this have got to find the language in the public square to convince people that we are not some marginal leftovers from the past but that our views are actually constructive. They could make for a better world and that we shouldn't be intimidated by those who say that were bunch of cranks. Yeah, I agree with you there because I think it it's easy to look at one issue and say I don't care so much about that issue and then the next thing comes down the line and then you say all this is a bridge too far. At some point you have to look at it as you are doing in your article as part of the bigger trend that is very concerning for the future of the country and I agree with you. We really need to pay attention to it. Howard Cusick is with us city Journal contributing editor you can read his stuff Thank you so much Howard.

It was great to talk to really appreciate your being with us having you bad. Take care you listening to Janet Mefford today. This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word today. Here's your host Joe member that all the Lewis Carroll quotes their courier. I go the behind her I get I often feel like that you probably due to especially if you have kids and you might often ask, is there any way that I can better maximize my time.

The answer is yes and were to get some guidance on it today from my guest Dr. Magdalena battles.

He is a writer and conference speaker and author of the book will be discussing 10 time-saving tips for busy parents mangling. It's great to talk to you again.

How are you doing very good. Thank you for having me. Thank you.

Most parents regard themselves as too busy.

I matching you hear that a lot and they think they can't get a handle on things. What is the main reason that so many of us feel that way because we become a culture that is becoming busier and busier. We are trying to help our kids get ahead and that we get them in all the different activities trying to help our kids to become the most successful people that they can be, but unfortunately it's eroding our family time and it's taking away from our time in the home that we get to instill our R-value in our time and energy into our children and at so it's something we need to be cognizant of not only individually, but as a culture that we take up a stand and say you know what we don't need to do it. All we can say you know what, there are some things that we should do other things he thought they could take a backseat for a while because our family time is more important.

Yes, I agree with you there, and I know you've got kids as well. What do you think the kids activities have taken up so much of the time of parents it's it's kind of nuts when a lot of us think back to our own childhoods and think why did this and that but it didn't consume my mother's life and what what wrong here exactly right.

The competitive culture.

I really think it is, and that we love our kids so much and and we have more resources and and the ability to instill things in our children and so we do we enroll them in too many activities when I was growing up my parents that we have to work it out if you want to join because country are doing this. Thank you better find a ride home.

You can ride home with you know there's some good thoughts and that you know maybe we need to be pitching in with and helping out other families then, and saying hey how about you drive two days a week and then you can take my kid to date and I'll take her today. Whatever you can do to help each other out because we shouldn't be running ourselves ragged and make it more of a team effort and the community as well to help out one another.

That's a great idea. One of the things that you advocate is knowing your hierarchy of importance, and I know you say community is one of your note number five. I think it's in the top five of what you say or your list of things that are in on your hierarchy of importance, but why you need to know what your hierarchy of importance is and how you figure that out well at reading that you need to know what most important to you is so that when it comes time to say yes to. Thank you. Say yes to the right things and you can pay now a lot more easily and that part of our problem. These data were were saying yes to the every opportunity sound like a good opportunity and it might be a great opportunity but does it really align with the values that you have in life and what you want to achieve by the end of your lifetime. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind and for myself it might not be playing on women soccer league and I might think like fun, but it really contributing to what my goals are in life at that giving back to my community.

Is it helping my family. Is it you know achieving my personal hierarchy.

Now it really isn't the time and place for enjoyment and activities but personally soccer playing soccer would be one of them. What would be at the top of your list. What what you know obviously when you talk about for having a family mission statement. For example, you say we love God first were Christ centered family and obviously church is a very important part of your life community. But what are some of the other things would you say that are at the top of your own lust. My God first then my spouse and my children underneath that we make sure that our marriage comes first before the children and that something that often get mixed up in our culture these days and we really need to look at what God's word says on it to know that you know marriage it goes God birth and marriage, and that way we do serve our family in the best possible way that we can meet some of the other things personally involvement in in community activities and then also my writing in and that was my career so and I think that's common with a lot of people, but sometimes we get mixed up and so we have to decide how you know that ranking of your hierarchy of importance and in the book I go through a series of questions so that you can add the reader can identify exactly what their hierarchy is and then they can list those things in the order that is most valuable to them makes it a lot easier in the long run to say no to activities that fulfill their needs. That's good yes absolutely. So another thing that you advises don't do too much for your kids.

I know you mentioned things like chores the kids to be doing chores here here. I agree with you hundred percent what you think people are doing wrong in parenting as far as doing too much.

What kinds of things. Her parents doing for their kids that they shouldn't be doing a lot of time wheat we find that other parent say that you and I come to ask you we we say how you know what is either if I do it will be true you know in the beginning gets what, in the long run you hundred doing it all the parents we need to instill the guilt that in our children and teach them to do those different activities, even though we may be able to do it better. Right now, but if you teach them. After a few weeks there to be able to do it on their own and are to be able to do it to college enough standard that is acceptable. We can't let you know perfection get on the way if we want our kids to be a part of the household that we need to have come to think clean the bathroom, wash the floors unit we need to teach them the things not only to be a part of the family, but also so that they can become responsible human beings and when they leave our household. They know how to do all these things take care of their own home.

I wonder if part of what transparency do that is going back to being busy, you know I I want the floor cleaned properly.

I don't have time.

We have people who are coming over tomorrow night if I let Johnny do it.

He's not gonna do it right at me.

How much of that plays into this desire. If I do it, then it's good to be done right.

I that kinda comes from a mindset of almost perfectionism that it's gotta be done right and training the child is kinda secondary right. We need to let go of that that perfection is not a reality we all have that image of super mom or perfect mom not it doesn't truly exist that we need to stop holding ourselves to this standard of perfection because it doesn't think that we need to start looking at life as you know what I'm to get it done and get it done good enough and good enough means let let the kids get involved and have them help because their job is going to be done good enough and we teach them how to do it good enough and so I've Johnny having to do a great job that first time.

Hey, and provide some tips and and help them show them you need to get on the corner that whatever it may be that you need to teach them each time they do it so they become better and have more skills along the way. That's good. If you have, for example, a five-year-old, a 10-year-old and a 15-year-old. How would you parcel out just as an example, some of the tasks in the chores that need to be done around the house know you're never too young to start chores. I say they could started young as 18 months picking up their own toys and so a five-year-old is quite capable of doing things like unloading the dishwasher making their bed. The older kids they become more competent at doing outdoor activities are kids.

We have seven-year-old twins and a nine-year-old. We all did mulch around our entire house this weekend and so the kids including Mike Boyd hauled 40 pound bag to pick them up themselves, and they help spread mulch and get everybody had a great attitude about it and it was getting rewarded and long run to not only rewarded in the short run thing okay when you're done we'll go swimming in the pool of the family world on.

They also get checkmarks on the chart and that goes towards earning the things that they really want.

We don't have camping without it they want to like us that want at a specific soccer ball.

They know that they have to earn it and not get it handed to them so they have to earn checkmarks on their charts that when they're helping out and being a part of the family and working battle there earning things that they want as well so that the worldwide system and that goes into play it, and especially as they get older, instill that young so that when it comes time for them to want you know I need gas money. We need you know I want to have money for to go on a date yet. You have to earn that I think that that's fantastic because when you talking about not doing too much for your kids. Another area and aside from doing the chores and the task that need doing around the house is money just handing kids money when they haven't really done any work, and I think that that's a really important point that you're making working to take a very short break will be back with Dr. Magdalena battles her book is called 10 time-saving tips for busy parents stay with us on Janet Mefford hi this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, an ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope.

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Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to Joan at Milford today. We are back. Thanks so much for being with us. Dr. Magdalena battles is helping out to busy parents who often feel the crush of running a household and getting everything done in a particular day or week or month or year 10 time-saving tips for busy parents is the name of her book and we were talking about doing too much for your kids and how you really need to make your kids have a more responsible lifestyle. Don't do too much for them what the home. In general, Magdalena, when you're talking about keeping an organized home in an organized life for a lot of us. It's easier said than done. How you do it yet but it makes like a deer in the long run. I love the Ben Franklin quote that he said for every minute spent in organizing an hour is earned so you really are saving time in the long run.

When you have an organized home and and it doesn't mean that need to be perfect but it means you have a system that's in place so people can find the things that they need on a daily basis and you're not spending 10 minutes every morning looking for lost shoes or life backpacks or whatever it may be so in-house so that it's helpful to have things like a station where you have the backpack hanging up in the place where everybody should belong, so they know when they walk in the door put their things immediately there and that's something we've had in a household with my kids were young, so that they learn those sort of habits and anything you know with myself where's my first go at a special hood, find it and they with my cell phone because you know losing those things takes time but it's also make the household more frustrating and also start your day stressful when you can't find your things okay it is now only save time but it also makes your your household run a lot smoother. What about things like paperwork that seems to be the bane of my existence is getting all the bills paid. Getting this done and that done insurance in these sorts of things. Stay organized in that area that we have a desk that we use for way to build ghost that would just end up on random piles throughout the house. It was on the desk where the bills are paid and I want to eat we go through and we pay the bills and having a system and schedule you, not waiting for last minute or until things are overdue so it's something we need to make a priority and we will we say to schedule a meeting okay. Went the mornings. This is what I do. I set aside a half-hour, that this is what ideal during that time so it just is setting up a routine in your life and method of organization that can make your life easier in the long run, yes, and I when you talk about routine, you say that routines are a must. And obviously some people are more happy about routines than others and sometimes there's a divide between the parents and the children on that routines do you think are important for families to maintain yeah essential for children and and you can see it even if you were walking to any random preschool environment. You look at that while now usually have a schedule and the schedule will show the routines that will show you know, with little pictures. It won't even have word that so the kids understand what they're supposed to be doing at certain times during the day.

We need to do the same in our home, meaning when the kids get home. They need to know what is expected of them. Are they supposed to do their homework before they can got that in play or they just randomly get in trouble for going outside and playing because they don't know that they're supposed to be doing our homework or their chores in advance.

Having those rules set up an oath routines help kids to have that structure that they so badly crave and research has research has definitely shown that kids thrive under structure and routine in that it also means scheduling some free time to get our kids need playtime and free time so that a city as part of the schedule so we can't be over. Schedule your kids and have them so busy that they don't get that free time to make sure that it built into that schedule as well. How strict do you get about routines because there's obviously a spectrum you can operate on where you do this at this time a day. But like with little kids there not always gonna go down for a nap at the exact same time, there might be an extenuating circumstance in the morning where they woke up later. Earlier in its minutes that necessitate moving things around. How strict do you get with routines and where is there some room for you know a little bit error a little bit of adjustment right in life we want to have routines set in place, but that we allow for flexibility on a day-to-day basis. So your goal might be okay to kids are in bed at 730 every night and then that way they can wake up by 630 because we think and believe need a lot more sleep then what they're getting in many household so we need to make those those expectations set for our children so that they have an understanding of okay it's 7 o'clock now. Now it's time to wind down.

Now it time to start getting ready for bed because 730 of lights out. He set the expectation for you, that we have some flexibility in understanding but overall setting that expectation is going to help instill that in your kids so that not something that happened overnight for some kids. If you never done a schedule it might take a few weeks for them to get used to the schedule but studying it and then setting the expectation being firm enough about it that you're going it not cave on it day after day. As with most important that you know what we're doing and it's 730 is a problem you know that you need to start a little earlier on the bedroom routine. Set yourself up for success for sure. Now let's go to another one that will warm a lot of women's hearts take a break from gourmet meals talk about that one yet. When my husband and I were first dating when we first got married we we love cooking in the kitchen. Together we love cooking gourmet meals. Well now we don't have time for that we really don't. But I like to have home-cooked meals in the home so we don't order take-out. It's typically not as healthy and get the extent that what I have found that works for my family is premade meal.

I love Sam club and Costco you going to their fresh section where they make their fresh food and I'm able to get things like fettuccine Alfredo with chicken in it and things like when my family favorite is meatloaf and mashed potato combo and authority premade fresh healthy. I just put it in the oven and bake it and then we have a home quick home-cooked meal and what I find is that it is actually cheaper for me to buy it from them premade than it is for me to buy all the ingredients and make it from scratch, so I'm saving money in the long run as well and is nice to be able to have that home-cooked fresh meal.

There's something about walking into a home and having fresh food. Still, the home with warmth and and that you invoke the sentence and it makes kids feel this is my home and the tradition that we have his home-cooked meals.

Even now you might not be making from scratch, you can still bake it in the house and and that's just one thing. One of the tips that I have in the book that seems to help our family to be able to have a meal that home but I don't have to go through all the effort I think that's great done the same thing.

The other thing crockpot's crockpots and the other thing is making meals on the weekend to freeze that that one is been a real lifesaver for our family to that I'm able to get some of the cooking done when I have a little bit more time and then yeah while you got a home-cooked meal but you didn't have time to make it that day, but you could still pull it out of the freezer so it worked out great.

Yeah, no.

I agree with you I think that's good to say again you know it it's hard you can really drown is a mom sometimes when you're taking care of the kids. All the activities the household and if you're doing something yourself.

It can really overwhelm you at times which kind of segues into the another tip that you have here which I think is very important. I could not live without this but making use of calendars and to do lists now. Sometimes we can overdo it on the to do list and feel like were a failure because we can get through it all today, but what are some your tips in that regard. As far as planning your day planning what you need to get done.

How do you do it. I like to do it on a daily basis in the evening that I set myself up for success for the next day that what I do.

It may have been. I like like Netflix that might be like. Whatever happened but what would it when I do it I put my calendar.

My to do list what were watching whatever we may be watching and I'll go through and look at what I have going on. The next day, and I'll put on my to do list and I'll probably highlight you know the appointments that I have and I have my other items I need that I'm looking to get done that. My goal is to get done. Well, if I have something on the list like that I have thank you notes and I need to get done on and I have a doctors appointment. I know that what I can do one thing I can do to prep prepare myself for success. The next day as I can grab those thank you notes and put in my purse so that when I buy my doctors appointment.

If I'm sitting in the waiting room. Or, you know, waiting the exam room, I could be writing out thank you notes and getting that done off my to do that. The matter setting yourself up for you know the ability to get the things done in a timely manner so I do it in the night before because in the mornings I I'm not a morning person is generally so I'm kinda groggy and I wake up going what I have to do but I can look at my list, so I call it a brain dump. I do a brain dump every night, put it all out on paper so that I can look at it the next day it's okay not to get everything done on the a to do list but it's it it is satisfying to be able to cross that off, that's another tip that I have is you the paper paper and pencil method because it makes it easy to see everything I glance you have to put up on your phone and you get that satisfaction of crossing it off yes that is very satisfying in writing thank you notes on your purse.

I think that's his dedication. That's great. But you know why you gotta grab the moments as you get him and I think that's a fantastic idea. There a lot of great ideas actually and Dr. Magdalena battles book 10 time-saving tips for busy parents he can find out more living joy is her website and so good to have you here mangling to stay organized and thanks a lot for the tips right. You take care God bless you. Thanks for joining us and Janet reference today and will see you next this hour, Janet met for today has been brought to you by my international dollars since 150 and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes worth 800 yes

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