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Vishal Mangalwadi (The Impact of the Bible on The World)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 9, 2019 12:10 pm

Vishal Mangalwadi (The Impact of the Bible on The World)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 9, 2019 12:10 pm

The modern West was built upon the foundation of the Bible. Can American society be renewed by a return to God's Word? Vishal Mangalwadi, known as "India's foremost Christian intellectual," will talk about it as we discuss his new release, "This Book Changed Everything." Plus: Is all this "white supremacy" talk really about Neo-Nazis, or does the heightened rhetoric after the mass shootings have a deeper purpose involving the demonization of Christians? We'll discuss that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you by a firm films and the Kendrick brothers movie overcome her, starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23. More information is user generated reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, before God says that soil is no more God endures forever. The word does endure forever. The problem in the West, though, is that our grasp of the word has not endured among us as a people we are losing not just our belief in or understanding of the word of God. We are also losing basic familiarity, which is major real-world consequences.

But when you go back into the history of the West. The story of the influence of the Bible is absolutely incredible and even many Christians don't know enough about this history. So were going to talk about it today with author and speaker Vish among the wadi.

He has been called India's foremost Christian intellectual lecturing in 40 countries and today will be talking about his new release. This book changed everything. Volume 1.

The Bible's amazing impact on our world. Michelle it's wonderful to have you with us. How are you I'm doing well and it is an honor to be speaking to your audience. Well, thank you for being here. I know that you are covering lots and lots and lots of history in your book and it's difficult to whittle it all down, but I found it interesting.

You started out with a description of the Swiss Reformation in the 500th anniversary of that reformation. Why start they are, what is it about that event that is really important to this whole discussion of the Bible's impact will landlocked country like Columbia and south of Mexico or many countries like Nepal in Southeast Asia and South Asia but how it was transformed by the Bible and then went on to reform nations followed the influence of Geneva correct Brooke so Visio is the 500th anniversary of the Swiss Reformation which begins in 1519 and continues until 1536, been Calvin actually moved into Geneva so I happen to have been spending quite a bit of time in Gemini, Austria, Switzerland during 1920, 17, 18 and early 2019 because I began writing this book while I was in the city of goblin.

I thought that it would be interesting to focus this particular book on what will begin with begin and end with Switzerland.

Though I cover it a lot, including a lot of the United States of America in history. In that book. Yes. Well it's interesting because during the period of the Reformation.

This is true in the chapter that you describe St. Allen but also a lot of other places in western Europe. The Reformation had such a big impact and there was so much knowledge of the Bible and there was so much impact on the culture itself. How do you introduce the reader to the concept of the Bible, making a huge difference, not just within the church walls but on the culture as a whole will be on have another mom in the USA. I'm talking about the difference between North America and South America why you immigration illegal immigration only one way it is because the international border between North and South America is the Bible the north of medic because of the Puritans who came, the father pilgrims who came here they came with the Bible seeking God those Spanish and Portuguese who went to South America they were seeking gold when the revolution began in South America.

It begins with about 1809 with Suman bolivar. Olivia is named after him, but he actually began the liberation of the heart of South America from Spain not he brought enlightenment ideas with him. He traveled on his Willow Creek campaign with full-time stilettos. One test skews spirit of the laws and Adam Smith's wealth of the nation, but the spirit of lawlessness. Paul worked the and slavery. Tiffany has continued to rule South America because south of medic and revolution was inspired by the French Revolution, beginning in 18 1789, ending in my 1799, but within two or three years, becoming a reign of terror instead of freedom. So while a medical revolution succeeded South America revolution, like French Revolution ended Tiffany and chaos in France is never recovered from that not have South America. So what the utopian enlightenment you with written spots all the medical revolutions what it did was took the Protestant ideas of freedom and justice and law and prosperity on which North America was founded so US revolution with was really off the shock of the Puritan revolution in England and the Protestant Reformation in Germany so I'm explaining in my lectures doing this the one mom feared in the US that the difference between North and South America is the Bible and the legal think ring and even making a wall above wall is not going to really solve the problem of illegal immigration.

What has to happen is that the Bible which created North America has to revive the North America and transform South America H that is brilliant. I hadn't thought about it that way, but you're absolutely right, and it strikes me, though, that in the United States. Those who want to have the open borders they don't want to have, you know, and enforcement of the nation's laws such that immigration is controlled or immigration is stuck to a legal form of immigration as opposed to illegal. They are the ones who don't like the Bible.

They are the ones who would would like the Bible to go away and that's that's kind of an interesting development in Western history. And that's the moment were living in absolutely right. Actually it's not that they don't like the Bible they don't even know the Bible. Now, because nation is a Jewish Protestant idea.

It is Holland which took off at the end of the Reformation led 18 years of war against Spain Spanish Empire because Holland was 13 provinces ruled by the Holy Roman Empire in Spain hauling this with you the first accepted the Bible's idea of nation with abuse provinces and what is not.

Holland should not be ruled by Spain. The other one to tree one people with one language. Several dialects but Bible in one language.

They should be one nation governing themselves so in 16 four. Holland, and Switzerland. In the treaty of peace of Westphalia. These two with the finest European nations. Before that hold the field of was fascinated with the pagan ideal Empire. Everybody wanted and pot but it was Holland and Switzerland which inspired a medic and decision that the 13 colonies will not become 13 kingdoms and USA will not become an empire. It will become a nation a great nation. So this promise begins in Genesis 12 God calls Abraham in chapter 10 and 11 of Genesis, God creates nations. In chapter 12 he calls Abraham that I will make you a great nation. So when the president in America talks about making a medic a great nation. It resonates with many people, because he is speaking of biblical language, even if he doesn't fully comprehend. But what is a great nation. How to build a great nation but it is like India is free today if the nation today because of the United States of America. It was Franklin Roosevelt, who during the Atlantic chart of in his meetings with Winston Churchill who impressed upon the British to end this idea of imperialism, and I am pot and set all the colonies free.

That's what made Israel a free nation and all the call colonies became nations will see the Iraq and Libya of the Muslim criticism that the idea of nation comes from Europe is correct because Islam itself never had an idea of nation. This is the biblical idea and American politicians now all who reject thing that national borders should be respected nation should be respected another five and they don't understand why God demolished empires while that is a great point will pick it up on the other side of the break.

The something a lot is my guess. This book changed.

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All donations are tax-deductible. You can help save a baby's life by donating to pre-born to donate call now 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet We are back on Janet Mefford today and it is wonderful to have you with us also wonderful to have with us Michelle Mungo Waddy India's foremost Christian intellectual that's how he's known. He's lectured in 40 countries and is out with a wonderful book on the Bible's amazing impact on our world and it is called. This book changed everything. We were talking before the break Michelle about this really important distinction that you've made the biblical concept of a nation which you mention began in Europe with Nina with Holland and was Switzerland and this verse is this idea of Empire. Now I'm curious to ask you.

Do you see where we see these fights globally speaking, especially here in the United States between those who want a sovereign nation want to maintain the United States as a sovereign nation and fight against open borders versus those people who are more globalists which you associate globalism with this concept of Empire that they have some similarities. Or maybe they're one and the same in your view, I don't know yet actually prefer to use the word globalism rather than Empire, but that many people in EU European Union and anywhere who do not understand the biblical idea of nation so under Eisenhower and in the end of the second world war.

Under the leadership of the United States of America. The informed United Nations rather than united them pot someone like Winston Churchill who was imperialist because England was a confused nation confused between nation and Empire, Churchill would have wanted a medic up to team up with the UK and create united empires. So if you empires that had won the first second world war should rule the whole nation but under pressure from the US especially is not at that point, but it had begun with Roosevelt. The dues all that empires France England only Empire that continued off to World War II was the Russian Empire, which was atheist because if you don't believe that God created nation's which is what Paul is saying in X 1726 and 27, but all one man God created all donations. He said that borders and that times Paul is quoting Moses. Deuteronomy 32 eight which is saying that God has created the nations donations are sacred. There borders the sacred but the world such as India countries. All that independence from British Empire from European empires to the United States and the Bible's idea of nation but not as American politicians and universities ignore the Bible. They have no philosophical foundation for private property. That's why there's so much talk about socialism. They have no respect for national borders and this is not just a US problem when the Pope posed of the idea of building the wall of water may be a bad idea because people can fry what it done on the award may be a bad idea.

But to oppose it on principle that this is not Christian is to say that we reject the idea of nation and board that this is what Pope Paul had said. John Paul was a great man he could been to Mexico before his death and he said to the Mexicans that you should be free to walk into North America USA and Canada because these international borders of artificial human construct. This is all the kingdom of Christ that was a Catholic idea because Rome was a pagan imparted with the city which has become of them pot and when it became Christian, a pagan political ideology came into the Roman Catholic Church and what when you started studying the Bible as a result of the defamation, then the biblical idea of nation came into Protestant nations. And that's why Protestantism created great nation where his Catholicism has failed to create great nations because it doesn't actually believe in nations so yes it is a secular problem with the secularists in America who talk about globalism what they really mean in practices them pot but the Bible is the force that demolished empires because Empire makes your subject nation makes you a citizen citizen is free and so I have one chapter in the book that that you were talking about that discusses this question.

Why didn't the USA become an empire and there I discussed for great political ideas in the Bible, Empire nation great nation and the kingdom of God and I'll be happy to develop that more. Yeah. Oh man, there's so much good stuff in the book that I want to get to and that's right, I mean hitting on the difference between Empire nation and tying natural biblical understanding, like you did with X 17 and also Deuteronomy chapter 32 this is what people need to hear one of the things I want to discuss all cell because I want to get to this before we run out of time. There's so much here. One of the things I want to talk about, which is very much on the minds of American Christians in particular is the moral collapse of the United States, and I think it's becoming more and more evident that were in the midst of a very fast track moral collapse. It's all around us. We now have drag queens reading storybooks to toddlers in public libraries, and people aren't even shocked by this.

We have so much around us. The breakdown of the family. We have gun violence.

We have abortion on demand can you speak to the issue of who you think of the Roman Empire the Roman Empire. Many people have commented fell because you know you ultimately rotted from within. What about the importance of the Bible and in returning to the Bible. In that regard that when you're collapsing from within. Obviously, you have lost your moorings and him and not any longer get a paying attention to the foundations of Scripture and informing the populace and how to serve the Lord. It's God what he would absolutely right that it be okay. He was the president of Harvard University and only person in living memory, who was elected president twice. He wrote a book before the economic crash of 2007 and eight. He wrote a book called about underachieving colleges and he said that all colleges and Ute whiskeys have mission statements that we exist to create good dozens for the nations automation on the nations, and he said that all colleges are no longer producing good model citizen's not Stanley Fish responded to that book. Stanley Fish is a big naming postmodernism. He was Dean of Liberal arts and humanities in Chicago University for 30. His book is called save the world on your own time he's addressing the professor saying to them.

Don't use University college classroom to teach ethics of character you were trained as a chemist you are hard to teach chemistry you don't have the time to keep up with the research that is happening in chemistry. Therefore it stick to teaching chemistry don't unclench ethics not. He said that because while he was the Dean of Chicago University had appointed a panel to study whether the university can do more to teach ethics and cultivate character and the this panel after 40 years of study had decided that no university cannot do more. It should not even attempt to try and teach ethics not that important philosopher who responded to data block and Stanley Fish was Dallas Willard. He was a professor of philosophy in Southern California died to three years ago and if you Google Dallas Willard and Derek Bok, you will see dozens of places with the response he played the problem with not the.professors not be cheap. Ethics are think they cannot possibly do that. He says that if all the present Bok needed to do was to get out of his chamber in president chamber in Harward walked the long clotted to sit with his professors over a cup of coffee in and out, he would know that that is no professor in Harvard University who had any philosophical basis for teaching any ethics autocratic to that the Medicus problem that secularism has destroyed the what does that mean in practice it means that if you teaches a young person that he is a beast well lots of beasts kill other animals and eat them. Why shouldn't one human beast pick up a gun and shoot other people.

If you can kill chicken a kilt calls and we in India we worship God as you kill and eat cows, why shouldn't somebody kill and eat other human beings on why shouldn't Planned Parenthood killed kids and said so their body parts because those kids that I demoted anyway so the problem in the amount of this violence and breakdown of ethical standards in America is not that the people of guns we you don't need a gun to burn down the watermark. You just need a can of gas and the cigarette lighter to book burned on the whole shopping complex and kill everybody there. So the question is, is a human being an animal is a baby nine months in his mother's womb is that baby and animal a blob of meat.

What is he a person made in God's image given in alien labor rights. This is what Enlightenment humanism and the Western epistemology of rationalism and empiricism has failed to give is an understanding what a human being is and this is what is changing the model climate and ethos of not just North America but also the what used to be Protestant Europe.

Yes, that's so well said and and somebody had commented recently. I can't remember the source that in the United States now were not only confused about what is man, we don't even know what is woman is now are calling men who think their women, men, women, and then were allowing them to compete compete in sports with women's I mean we are so off-track and we so desperately need to return to the word of God to get our minds on straight and you can really see all of this is you read through this, Gulati is great about this book changed everything Michelle so wonderful to talk to you. Thank you very very much for being with us today will thank you for this privilege and God bless your audience and the United States of America. Thank you so much God bless you this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you by a firm films and the Kendrick brothers movie overcome her, starring Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23. More information is in reference to Dana sauerbraten number during Alex Kendrick and Priscilla Shire rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters August 23. More information is while I'm probably gonna spend a few shows, talking about the subject because I am weighing more material than I have time I would do my very best today to get to at least the highlights and that is what is going on with all this rhetoric that simply will not go away about white nationalism white supremacy. The president is a race. As the president is radicalized, or of these mass shooters. Not really sure how Trump inspires leftists who worship Satan, Allah, this guy in Dayton Ohio but they want talk about that so much. It's more important to get the rhetoric across Entiat to tromp and it goes beyond that as well. But this is been making the rounds and I really want to play this for you because it's funny and yet tragic. You know, the last for so long has been painting conservatives as tinfoil hat lovers. The black helicopters are coming relevant to conspiracy theorists in knots.

While I don't know how they're gonna maintain that straight face anymore with one of their own on MSNBC doing what he just said this is MSNBC contributor Frank that losing a former FBI counterintelligence official.

He appeared with Brian Williams on the bright lime show the 11th hour with Brian Williams is the name of the show.

I don't know anybody who watches it so I had to look it up. At any rate they were talking about the fact that he had written an iPad or an opinion piece in the New York Times before the shootings in which he said that his instincts told him that were headed for trouble with white hatred and ignorance stoked by tromp that could lead to violence and Brian Williams asked Sam what were the signs. This is what he said One. What were the warning signs for me, Brian. Ironically, the word from my experience in domestic terrorism, but rather they were from my experience in international terrorism and radicalization to Islamic Jihad to see the same things happening now and what groups and white supremacy groups were not only use the Internet, facilitating the speed of radicalization but but our leader are our chief executive is seen as almost a mentor and a radical, wiser, almost a mentor. What is it mean to be almost a mentor, meaning those on the left would like to be able to tie tromp to mass murder so they can have a better chance of ousting him in 2020. Since the molar report fiasco and the Russian collusion Lyle fellow parts.

Could that be part of the equation.

Of course, is part of the equation.

It's the entire equation. Now here's where it really gets 90. He criticizes the fact that tromp earlier in the week when he gave the speech condemning the mass shootings did not use the first person in order to condemn white supremacy, although he later did listen to this.

This is really crazy. This is got to. She spoke in the passive voice in the collective voice with her first person from here. I condemn white ideology. We heard the nation must condemn it while the nation does condemn it but we didn't share what we needed to share. So what happens is the extremist interpret what the president will read off a script today for something he needed to say something she really want to say, so the presence you're getting really good advice and rejecting it is getting really bad advice and I'll give you an example of that. We have to understand the adversary in front were dealing with. And if we don't understand how they think will never understand how to counter them. So it's a little things and language and messaging that matters the president said that we will fly our flags at half mast until August 8.

That's 88 dog talking or imply that she did this to liberally but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that's been demonstrated by the White House. The numbers are very significant in neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement. Why because the letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and to numbers together stand for heil raising the flag back up at dusk on no one's thinking about this nuance was giving him the advice is rejecting the advice of understand your adversary to capture the cake. Maybe nobody is thinking about it because it is crazy. Maybe that's why because tromp doesn't have to signal to neo-Nazis some kind of numerology based message in which 88's secret code for heil Hitler because tromp is all in on not CSM okay yeah I never want to hear another thing from the left on conspiracy theories, and you know this is interesting. There was a really good piece over at Richard Vickery sites conservative HQ, which was talking about what Democrats really mean when the attack white nationalism.

Now of course white nationalist terrorists, neo-Nazis, people who kill people is terrible, but this is a really good point. When one delves this article says into the background of today's allegedly conservative white nationalist racists. One most often finds not a follower or member of any conservative organization, but a Democrat in the person of white nationalist Richard B Spencer or a former far left occupy Wall Street activist in the person of Jason Kessler, the organizer of the so-called unite the right rally turned riot in Charlottesville or an admirer of Elizabeth Warren in the person of Dayton mass murderer Connor Batts don't let us forget the Connor Batts identified himself as a leftist and an admirer of Satan himself should be all put that aside, the article continues to say, but that is not who and what the left is talking about when they decry white nationalism. Words have ideological meaning outside their everyday meaning and to the progressive laughed white doesn't mean a person of Caucasian racial heritage white in radical construction means anybody of any race or creed or nationality, or color, sex or sexual preference who embraces Judeo-Christian values and beliefs is then an interesting theory, which to the radical left are irredeemably evil and anyone who aligns with them is quote unquote white in spirit and thus equally guilty of quote unquote white crimes. That's interesting George Soros is put tens of millions if not billions into black lives matter and that entire movement and other shadowy radical leftist organizations. For one purpose and one purpose only to destroy the quote unquote white American core of capitalism, free markets and limited government and American traditional culture and values. Yes, he has, including by you know a different methodology than direct donations. But Soros was behind the money that put the evangelical immigration table ads on Christian radio that Soros is giving to an organization that is led in part by Russell Moore, the president of the Aral Sea of the Southern Baptist convention. It's a fact. So keep this in mind because I'm getting interested more in a minute, and this article goes on to say, and that's what the progressive left means and is attacking when they decry white nationalism and demand the president tromp in his conservative allies denounce at the foundational figures of the modern American left are all Marxists solid Linsky Richard Cloward Frances Fox Piven and their fellow travelers have long concern themselves with generating race hate in order to acquire state power and impose their will upon their fellow citizens. The goal of these radical Marxists who inspired many if not most of today's Democratic Party leaders was not to protect person freedom, but to collapse the constitutional order and charges of racism are key elements of that project. As one writer explained in an article for the American thinker. The objective of Cloward and Piven was chaos, turmoil and crisis not constitutional order by crisis. They mean a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. How do they create such a crisis. Crisis can occur spontaneously or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention, folks, let's be honest, nobody was talking about racial crises until Obama came along and that whole radicalization was taking place and you hat it was intentional.

It was intentional. Start a race war. Make sure that you Balkanized Americans set up a race war in a fact. Divide and conquer.

That's what it's all about. That's what it's all about you know what it just aside from some people who are paid to try to stir up a strap strike like that.

It wasn't a widespread freak out about this issue of race and racial reconciliation. You didn't have intersection. Allie being pushed this idea that there are people who are in permanent victim classes and we all have to hate each other and were all pressed except for certain categories. White Americans are not oppressed.

They have white privilege and they can never not be racists. That's critical race theory, critical race theory theory and intersection malady are endorsed by the Southern Baptist convention and resolution nine in its most recent annual meeting as perhaps good tools to use analytical tools that can be used to better understand culture. Why does that matter to tell you when we come back you listening to Janet Mefford today stay with us. Hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born. My four oldest children were adopted. That is because of caring and compassionate people who help those young mothers choose life. My wife is an adopted child and her birth mother chose life for her if it weren't for those caring individuals that help those young moms of value. The sacredness of life. I wouldn't have my wife I wouldn't have my four adopted children, and the two natural born children that we have wouldn't exist either. My whole family is here because of people that are involved with ministries like freeborn freeborn funds pregnancy centers across the nation so they can offer free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies.

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We are back Mefford today and perhaps you're getting sick and tired of hearing all this rhetoric about racism and white supremacy and white nationalism. There is not a Christian that I know white or otherwise, who engages or supports white supremacy were all violently while verbally violently against it's not physically violent against it wrong and states know were all against it. This goes without saying, or ought to go out without saying someone whined what I was saying into what I want to get into next and that is Dr. Russell Moore, the president of the Aral Sea of the Southern Baptist convention has penned an article called white nationalist terrorism in the gospel and boy is it a mess ready when you have time to get into all of its boy he make some big mistakes and here he talks about the country being jolted with another wave of domestic terror attacks in our country in El Paso and in Dayton and once again a document posted by one of the terrorist is a typical white nationalist manifesto will actually did you read it as I didn't think it was a typical white nationalist manifesto. There were all kinds of horrible things in the manifesto, but I don't. I don't know how typical it was. He did admire the Christchurch shooter and he had lots of problems, but he also talked about progressivism. He talked with Eagle fascist for crying out loud.

He talked about basic universal income.

He talked about basic universal healthcare. The guy was not a raging conservative clearly and he was not playing with a full deck.

Either it was completely evil. Didn't have any regard for human life, but the Dayton terrorist was now white supremacists. Keep this in mind, I'm not seeing anything linking the Dayton terrorist to a white supremacist movement per se. There have been links to the far left groups. He called himself a leftist, and lover of socialism but of course that's not mentioned anywhere in this article he's going through this whole thing is talk about how horrible it is when you have a form of idolatry that exalts your own creaturely attributes making a God out of one's ancestral origins, or one's tribal culture's in this line.

This is not incidental to the gospel of Jesus Christ but is precisely what the gospel everywhere in the Bible confronts and condemns you now. I would think that somebody who gets to the level of the president of the Aral Sea and has a track record working at a seminary, the Southern Baptist center would know that the gospel doesn't condemn this theology 101, and yet this is a guy standing up there trying to tell everybody how to think theologically and think. The gospel condemns the gospel never condemns do not understand the proper distinction between long gospel. The law condemns the law condemns us. The Bible says that the laws the schoolteacher to point us to Jesus Christ because when we hear the lot.

Now we can understand what sin is, we can understand that we are guilty before God and we will turn to him for salvation and the free grace of God in Jesus Christ is offered to us and the good news of the gospel which condemns nobody myself this case a teacher.

This guys out there trying to tell people the gospel condemns you.

If you are you making an idol of your tribal culture. First of all, I don't know what I don't even know the purpose of this he's been doing this for years talking about white nationalism white supremacy. I can understand in the instance of a white supremacist crime, you could say this is bad I can't, but he's been on this track for years going on like this. Is there an end. I'm not really sure I want to play for you a cut from May 2015. This is a gospel coalition video that was put out, and Russell Moore has some very interesting things to say here which I think puts this whole thing in context. Listen Three renders talking to a pastor in Alabama who was serving a white church in a predominately African-American community. Should I just don't why we can get black people come to our church and he seated at a desk behind him is a Confederate flag in the Boston Stonewall Jackson will may be that you will think about that but I think I think those are the sorts of just starting to say, do we have this problem and how are we in a situation were being together we start shaping one another's consciences and we start serving what burden I have is a white man is that often white Christians assume without thinking about it that normal Christianity is white and that we administer to black people patient reform Hispanic people and they're the ones receiving ministry. This is going to change the way it's going to change is by white people being ministered to by those who are called in leadership, recognizing most of the body of Christ in heaven and on earth is white Americans never spoken English. So we start to have that sort of awakening in our own hearts. Think that's where we start 6G. Thanks Russell because we didn't know that every tribe and every race and every nationality will be represented around the throne of God.

Thank you for informed once what is he talking about. It's just more of this racial scalding. I don't know one white Christian who thinks normal. Christianity is white, no conservative I know thinks that way.

No conservative I know talks that way.

It's garbage. It's a straw man, it is a caricature that sets him up to be able to do more bashing, which is what he major sin. But let's come back to that story that he told at the beginning. He heard from a friend who knew a guy who is a pastor of a church in Alabama who wanted to know why more black people in the community were not coming to his church and then as the story goes, it was noticed that there was a Confederate flag and a bus to Stonewall Jackson behind his desk.

Okay I have a couple questions are first of all, this is hearsay. I don't even know if this guy exists. Second of all, if he has a Confederate flag any bus to Stonewall Jackson behind his desk. How would anybody in the community who is never entered the church, just wondering. I'm just wondering how they would by osmosis. Take in that there was a Confederate flag hanging in the pastor's office if they never entered the church, and third of almost tellingly this man was concerned that black people were not coming to his church. How how could you paint him as a racist when his entire concern was, I want more black people to come into my church that's really not something that races usually seek out it's just offensive.

It's just bashing bashing bashing bashing.

This is what he's done since he entered the Aral Sea he bash Christian radio is making people hate Christianity. He is caricature conservative white Christians as Yosemite Sam meets Elmer Gantry and on and on and on.

You can look up the article I read about Rossmoor several years ago, raising all of these points and many many many many more points about the social justice warrior liberal mentality that is just enabling him to stand up and scold nonstop while Tyler in this article where he's going on and on. The, the issue of the gospel condemning people who have made an idol of their tribal culture at the first thing I thought of his. You mean like the 12 tribes of Israel.

Does God condemn the 12 tribes of Israel. He's against tribes really does the gospel condemn the tribes know the gospel does not condemn the tribes. What about the lineage of Jesus that was necessary to fulfill the prophecy about the coming Messiah. He had to come from one particular race and one particular people can.

What can we then extrapolate out of that fact that somehow there is some F no nationalism and that needs to be condemned in the Bible, he hasn't gone there, but you gotta ask the question and then finally, there are a lot of other things here that I'd love to talk about but there's just not time but I will focus on one thing that he said oh, the Bible says were not in an ancestor called and were not in a tribal identity called wearing a new family.

I agree with that completely but nobody is arguing to the contrary. But then he says that's why Jesus announced his ministry by explicitly denouncing the idea that God's mission is or ever has been limited by racial, cultural or tribal boundaries. That's not the point.

He's he's referencing here Luke four verses 24 through 27. That's not what Luke four is about. That's not what Luke four is about very briefly. You can read it for yourself but Jesus comes into Nazareth and he goes into the synagogue and he reads the scroll from Isaiah, and then he says the Scripture has been fulfilled and they say will isn't this Joseph's son and then he says basically I'm paraphrasing where he says prophet is not without honor except in his own hometown. The whole purpose was. He'd been in Capernaum. He had been doing all sorts of miracles and healings, and these people Nazareth wanted some of that they had heard what was going on in Capernaum. You can read about it in the beginnings of the gospel of Mark. He was doing a healing of loppers and healed Simon's mother-in-law and they wanted some of that hey man, you're in your hometown wants to do some of that here and he was saying because you don't believe in me, and then he cites Elijah and Elisha reaching out to people outside the confines of God's people and they were looking and and rewarding those who had faith and the people went nuts, but it wasn't primarily because it was a tribal identity issue. Their prejudice even as Bible commentator Matthew Henry points out, was mainly against Jesus to their prejudice was against. They wanted him to come into the cool things in his hometown that he was doing over in Capernaum or in Cana of Galilee, where he was turning water into wine.

He wanted to do that here. You're from Nazareth and he said I'm not can it essentially he was refusing to perform the healings and the miracles because the purpose was not to become you know, some kind of faith healer and everybody would get in on the coolness of it. It was to testify that the Messiah was here and it was to confirm the faith of those who joyfully received the truth that the Messiah had finally come. That's what it was about. It was about the gospel, which by the way doesn't condemn it always is full of grace and mercy because that's who God is what we gotta leave it there.

Thank you for being with us here in Chama for today.

We always appreciate you tuning and will see you next time. Take care

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