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Eric Scheidler (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 12, 2019 5:00 pm

Eric Scheidler (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 12, 2019 5:00 pm

Intense backlash has forced a Baptist church in Michigan to cancel a two-day event that was to ask the questions, "Is 9/11 Forgotten?" and "Is Michigan Surrendering to Islam?" We'll talk about it. Plus: Pro-life Americans will gather nationwide this weekend to make the "National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children." Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, will join me. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon to Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families have been displaced for just $29 a month you can help Hartford Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel. Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know have to say and I'm not at all surprised at the antics of the New York Times. Did you see this it wasn't just in the pages of the New York Times but also on twitter that the New York Times had the audacity to say that airplanes took aim at the World Trade Center on 9/11 airplanes really American Airlines and United Airlines just turn on the automatic pilot, set it for the World Trade Center towers one into Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The Pentagon and boy, those evil airplanes just took aim at those buildings and those sites in the United States and havoc was read. Are you kidding me this is the tweet I'm reading the tweet before they deleted it and I'm thankful that enough Americans would give them a hard time that they would feel shamed into deleting it all. The New York Times thinks though it said 18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center today. Families will once again gather and grieve at the site were more than 2000 people died not actually was almost 3000 about you stop minimizing how many people were murdered in cold blood by Islamic terrorists. As airplanes took aim. They also said in the pages of their newspaper 18 years have passed since airplanes took aim at the World Trade Center and brought them down and I said rather tongue-in-cheek.

This is brought to you by the same media that told us that a truck attacked the crowd in Nice, France. Remember that is that it's like that old Stephen King story book in a new one and talks about a wayward trucks that just go nuts machines. They go nuts and start attacking people that there's nobody behind the wheel. Ha nobody actually hijacked those planes and murdered Americans in cold blood. It is those airplanes, those darn airplanes come off its you know, but this is what we have to go through the subsequent 9/11 every time we have a 9/11, we have to look to see what's left going to do this year will that's not even the worst of what went on yesterday I I have to talk about this as well, because this was getting a lot of press and it is concerning. There is a church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It's called Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church and they were all set to hold a 2 Day Event Taking Pl. both yesterday and today asking some very important questions about whether or not 9/11 his been forgotten and even maybe more importantly is Michigan surrendering to Islam. Keep in mind Bloomfield Hills folks is the same congressional district that is served by Muslim lawmaker receded sleep. Just keep that in mind, he does in mind as I unveiled this whole story to you. I want to go and talk about what actually was put out in the news a few days before this event so I can kinda timeline it for you. The bottom line is they ended up canceling this now, let's go back to Fox to Detroit because as soon as it came out that they would would be holding this event featuring by the way out and asked Muslim who is now Christian and also our friend Jim Simpson who we featured on the show many many times. Who is really an expert on the red green acts as the Marxist and the Islamist alliance to try to bring down the United States, and this is how Fox to Detroit reported on this just a few days ago. This is One now the field Hills Baptist Church behind me all telegraph is providing a place for those events to happen on 9/11 other actually being hosted by the coalition for freedom American values. Donald McKay supports that group teachings and tonight the church's decision event right here. Islam is very threat in the United States of America needs on the flyer ran straight from the head minister in Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church that will host an event stirring controversy. We do not hate Muslim. We hate the idea ideology that there identified with pastor Dr. Donald McKay says he's speaking for himself, not the church were the events have been September 11 and 12th. Jessica, I am an Obama fall by Werther badge proudly. McKay explains the theme of the discussion organized by the Metropolitan Detroit freedom coalition. We believe that Moslems committed Moslems Moslems who are familiar with your faith are committed related to the overthrow of the United States and to world domination.

Well what's really interesting when you watch that report and you watch the video of that report is how many times you can see them just cut the pastor off where if they had allowed him to speak a little bit longer, he would've explain things more Bill take out there. I'm in Islam of what he's trying to say, obviously, is we do have reason to fear an ideology that is determined to destroy our civilization from within like the Muslim brotherhood or through violent acts of terror like Al Qaeda. How do you deny that is how much more information do we need to provide to people to understand that there is a threat and he's not making it up.

Remember what happened 18 years ago yesterday. So this is the rest of the story when the Detroit lawmakers these Michigan lawmakers who Democrats.

Of course, and Hamas linked care got involved, listen to cut to some local lawmakers condemning the event and the church for hosting Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and Congressman and 11 releasing this joint statement calling it an anti-Muslim gathering panic.

There is no place for hate in Metro Detroit. They are imploring the church to cancel state representatives to mood and the Nubian releasing a statement to fellow house Democrats bringing attention to the event they say is an attempt to blame the 9/11 attacks on the entire Muslim population. Pastor McKay says it all.

The tone of the meetings that were going to be having is is not aggressive.

It's not all we hate these people he's extending an offer to discuss his position with lawmakers speaking out Dingell would like to sit have lunch with me all even by Mount there went that because they canceled the events in favor of a webinar instead and I'm looking at the brochure for the event. 9/11 forgotten is Michigan surrendering to Islam today events. Vital briefings how the interfaith movement is sabotaging America and the church presented by Sharon Haiti and Christian pastor, former Muslim and former law enforcement that was to have taken place yesterday and then Jim Simpson's presentation on how Islam is destroying America from within and they're in trouble. The Christians are in trouble. Yeah when I went to their website, they took everything down.

They just had a static page there's same we cancel our rent.

Why can only imagine what's going on. For these people behind-the-scenes and before people get all worked up and say, this church has no courage and what are they doing, why don't they now stand firm. You don't know what might have happened to that church, behind-the-scenes folks.

You have no idea and neither do I it hasn't come out in great detail what the reasons were for that church, canceling it does save via WND that care the Council on American Islamic relations. The unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas holy land foundation funding trial, along with members of Congress and state representatives pressed the church to cancel the event and its elders complied, executive director of cares Michigan chapter name toward one lead cast the events messages anti-Muslim bigotry and she's sick of this. I am well he told the Detroit Free Press that we believe that houses of worship have the right to preach the doctrine we find an incredibly irresponsible for a church to invite someone who is the objective of spewing clear anti-Muslim bigotry all by the way, let's talk about care and then the designation as a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates. As we talk about that a little bit to talk about the Muslim brotherhood to talk about Hamas terror funding trials. We talk about all that stuff with care. Moderate Muslims no there a bunch of agitators. This is the United States of America.

Christianity was here first.

We have freedom of religion for everybody. But if the church wants to talk about the truth on Islam.

They should be able to do it and they should be pressured. I understand why care would pressure them because they have a vested interest in shutting down truth. Why in the world are American politicians pressuring a Christian church to shut down and events other than the fact that they are terrified of Muslim reaction. That's what it's about. Why don't you stand up for the freedom of Christian Americans to tell the truth about the very ideology they got almost 3000 Americans killed 18 years ago yesterday. That's my thing and it shouldn't just be one church that is holding these sorts of events in my opinion I think lots of churches across the country are to be doing similar things because there's strength in numbers.

Now when we come back. I want to get into why when the pastor says that Islam is a threat to the United States is exactly right will come back listening to chain of effort today. Stay with us.

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Personally, necessarily, but we did have a backlash against this church. Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church. They were to hold a two day 9/11 events beginning yesterday and going on into today and really getting into whether or not 9/11 his been forgotten and whether or not the interfaith movement is destroying the church and how we are really facing some very dangerous days in the United States as Islam has designs on destroying the United States from within. That's the stated goal of the Muslim brotherhood, folks, this isn't being torn out of a hat somewhere. But again, this church ended up canceling the event. They were pressured by care, might I add that care not only as an unindicted co-conspirator in the mouse funding trial, but the United Arab Emirates. As I mentioned before was about five years ago 2014 listed care is one of 83 band terrorist organizations along with the Taliban and Al Qaeda and ISIS. You think they know something about Islam and the United Arab Emirates that we don't apparently so apparently so. But in the United States, particularly, it would seem in Michigan care just gets carte blanche to shut down events that they don't like because you dare not say anything. The care doesn't like this church.

I don't know all the details about why they shut it down, but we gotta stop being scared you don't what is the alternative to ask people if you don't tell the truth about what's going on. What do you think will happen. Do you think it will be a better result than if you did speak out. I just don't see the logic in all of that and I salute them for doing what they wanted to do but it's getting harder and harder for Christian organizations to do anything that either the Islamic community or the LGBT community doesn't like it. It's through these tactics pressure and shaming and the spewing around insults and accusing them of bigotry and hatred. There's hatred has no home. Here is the dumbest line I don't like hate. Either were not to hate anybody. As Christians we are to love our enemies and and to pray for those who persecute us. But it's such a self-righteous thing and is it such a loaded thing.

They're always using it in the context of shutting down free speech criticizing what is rightly to be criticized. Whether it's homosexuality or the Muslim brotherhood or what have you. So pray for this church. Like I said I don't know all the details about why they shut it down, but it's disgraceful that they were forced to is disgraceful that these media organizations made them out to be some kind of crazy's it's it's ridiculous. Now I will I go back to a piece that Annie McCarthy wrote back in 2010. Now any McCarthy have interviewed him many many times over the years. He's the former federal prosecutor in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing case put away the blind shake any race or national review online, and is written a number of great books and he he has written some unbelievably great stuff on the Muslim brotherhood. One of the things that he said in this piece for the New York Post is this.

He said most Americans don't realize that jihad is about much more than terrorism. Even the terrorists don't blow up buildings for the sake of blowing up buildings. There is method in their madness, jihad is not mindless mass murder, nor is it a syrupy internal struggle to become a better person. No jihadist the mission to establish and spread sharia.

The installation of all is law belief by Muslims to be a divine injunction is a necessary precondition to the creation of Islamic societies. While it can and often is waged forcibly. Islamists don't resort to violence or at least more violence where surrenders up easements and capitulations are available and Al Qaeda is merely an offshoot of the central Islamist group, the Muslim brotherhood founded in 1928 the Quan's motto. To this day remains. Allah is our objective.

The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law.

Jihadist our way.

Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope in 1991, Mohammed Crum, a US-based chieftain of the brotherhood penned a memo for the eyes of the central leadership in Egypt later seized by the FBI. This self-described explanatory memorandum on the general strategic goal for the group in North America outlined a game plan for what the organization regards as its civilizational war against the West. The equine must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands in the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

That's in the memo. That's a quote nor was there anything new about this grand jihad during a post-9/11 raid Swiss authorities found a similar smoking gun methodical plan for the long-term cultural invasion of the West that was written by brotherhood terrorists theorists. Perhaps you want to call them in 1982, 1982. Why do you think that Western Europe has had a cultural invasion is a matter of fact, the sabotage strategy has been in place for nearly half a century its bottom up element stress Islamist domination of Muslim education mosques and community centers from these bases of operation in every city. The brotherhood's method is not terrorize, but to slipstream behind Islamist terrorists.

Assuming the posture of moderates the goal is to seep sharia. Islam's totalitarian legal code that governs not just the spiritual realm, but all aspects of life into our politics are law our financial system.

Our educational institutions are labor negotiations are familiar relations in all facets of our domestic and foreign policy. From healthcare to engagement with Iran.

Yes, all these years after the Iranian revolution 17 years at the time after Islamist declared war on the US by bombing the World Trade Center and nine years now 18 years after the 9/11 atrocities. The American people are still in the dark about the daunting challenge we face under jihadist siege for decades. We still don't even get what she hot is and why it isn't just about violent extremists.

The politically correct term now used by government officials in their desperation to bleach the Islam out of Islamist terror. He mentions that he wrote about this ethos of conscious avoidance and willful blindness great, but by the way, but that was a memoir about trying to confront international terrorism as a federal prosecutor in the 90s. The forces arrayed against us are much more extensive and insidious than Al Qaeda and they're not just pressing the limitations of our criminal justice system.

The game plan being executed against us targets American constitutional democracy itself, taking aim at its core principles of individual liberty lavishly backed by Saudi billions thanks to a decades-old partnership with the kingdom.

The brotherhood is now raising in our midst and keep in mind this is nine years ago.

He wrote this its third-generation of operatives and sympathizers.

Its tentacles include such high-profile organizations as care. The Council on American Islamic relations. The Islamic Society of North America yes is now. That's where Bernie Sanders recently spoke along with Julian Castro and the Muslim American society, which is the brotherhood semi official American branch.

Keep in mind folks civilizational jihadist. Their goal organ infiltrate from within. Why do something violent when we can do it other ways we can get appeasement we can scare people, we can intimidate people. We can call people Islamist popes. They love calling people, Islamic folks, that's the but the muscle brotherhood is all about. You need to feel bad you need to feel that the world can we look at 9/11 from 18 years hence, and conclude that they are the victims. Nobody ever said ever said that every single Muslim in the world was responsible for 9/11. What people said again and again and again was who will condemn this among the Muslim population who will speak out, who will help who will talk about this horrible horrible terrorist attack and will decry this now. There were a lot of voices were there and now everything is turned around. Everything is turned around were the problem. Americans are the problem because their anti-Muslim bigots there Islamist popes, their terrible hate has no home here its award of rhetoric folks and were losing it. That's what I fear were losing were losing because you lose every war that you will not fight and how in the world will people fight a war, a cultural war, albeit a cultural war, not a physical war. Why would you fight or how would you fight if you don't know what's going on. That's why these sorts of events that take place at places like Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church have to be intimidated and it is shining down, that the question is what is the Christian church to about this. What we as Bible believing Christians do about this. Don't we have some sort of a responsibility as Christians to tell the truth when the rest of the culture will not, even though there are people who are not Christians, who certainly understand the threat and talk about it. Shutting down free speech shutting down freedom of assembly, shutting down any sort of idea that that people have that they want to inform their fellow citizens and their fellow patriots that our country is under threat. This is extremely serious stuff and I don't see it getting any better. Unless we really start recognizing what is being done to us what the global Islamist project is doing is any McCarthy said nine years ago and how were the subject of his book the grand jihad which is just fantastic.

That's an incredible book. The story of the ideology that not only fuels anti-American terror.

But Stokes is seditious jihadist campaign to Islamized our society.

That's was going on. That's what's going on. We need to know about it and we need to pray for this church and we need to pray for every Christian and every Islamic expert, like our friend Jim Simpson who is willing to tell the truth. It's just so important and I'm I'm very grateful for those truth tellers because it's getting harder and harder and harder to tell the truth without some pushback at without some consequence, it should not be that way in the United States of America.

It will only get worse if we don't fight to preserve the nation that God has given to us by the way, this helps me segue into what I want to tell you which is we want to see you at our upcoming stand against Marxism conference. This is gonna be such a great gathering. Folks I'm to be speaking a host of other people can be speaking at this, we've been talking about the problem of social justice and Marxism within our society, but is also infiltrating our evangelical churches are seminaries or denominations were exposing it were exposing at this is hosted by the enemies within the church project and it's going to be fantastic.

It will be October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa and were going to get into all of these socialist ideas that are coming to prominence things like social justice, critical race theory, cultural Marxism, you name it were to talk about and I'm to be talking at the fundraiser banquet on the subject of a different gospel why Christians must fight social justice.

I would love to meet you. There's more stand against October 18 and 19th in Des Moines, Iowa. The stand against Marxism conference.

I can't wait. I can't wait to see if there were any combat enchantment for today.

Stay with us this Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon. The Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families who've been displaced for just $29 a month you can help Hartford Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel.

Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met today as the radical pro-abortion lobby grows desperate to preserve abortion on demand.

Pro-lifers are stepping up honor its victims on Saturday. Pro-life Americans will be gathering across the country to mourn abortions unborn victims during the seventh annual National Day of remembrance for aborted children and working to find out more about it now from Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the pro-life action league Eric great to have you with us.

Thank you so much for being here.

Tell us a little bit. I know this is the seventh year as I had mentioned for the national day of remembrance. Tell us a little bit about how it got started and why you think this is just such an important thing to do all about got started in 2013 when we were real automated report anniversary is coming up back in 1988 a whole series of burial to Take Pl. in Milwaukee and Chicago in certain locations around the country where some of abortion victims will unborn babies whose bodies had been recovered by pro-life activists from biology lab loading dock in the Chicago suburbs.

Babies were sitting out on the loading dock and one of the employees with some pathology lab is really troubled all these corpses of aborted babies collected were sitting on the floating dock to get on the Whitney elements and he contacted the pregnancy resource Center and one thing led to another and pull it back tooth came one night and recovered bodies from all the boxes and discover that they were all marked where the board and so is much as possible.

The bodies were were attempted to be returned to pro-lifers in those towns who could provide a burial for them took a tremendous amount of work, associations of infection. In one case about aborted body remain computer remains that have been recovered from a dumpster in Chicago. Abortion facility actually sued all my organization. The point of actually claiming we stolen their property by going into dumpster on the building to want to cover these bodies and give a proper burial, so what all this was taken place and 88 was a very important year for numerous burial taking place and so we decided it was time to recognize this anniversary, the 25th anniversary of the act of mercy for these children. All this expression of our belief that they are God's children and they deserve to be treated that way. Even in death.

So these burials were arranged and then we have this wonderful experience of people come out, not just to to the gravesites of aborted babies around the country, of which at the time we knew about two dozen of them and we double that number we discovered so many more of the stories of these burials were 50 of them now run the country. But not only do we go to those locations, but also other memorial markers set up by the hundreds all over the country to remember these children. It was such a moving experience with first year we did it. So many people felt especially those who been involved.

Abortion felt a sense of feeling for many was the first step on the journey of repentance and recovery and healing for the abortions in their lives that we decided to become an annual event every year on the second Saturday September we go out again so memorial markers in these burial places and we pray, mourn, and we remember our in our Lord's promise that when we mourn, we will be blessed. It's just so heartbreaking to that not only what you said about Planned Parenthood being upset that's not upset that there were actual babies in dumpsters but upset that you would give them humanity and you would recognize their humanity. That just blows my mind were still fighting those battles today. Oh, just a few days ago there was a hearing in federal court over Texas law that would require fetal remains. That is to say the bodies of our precious unborn brother and sisters after abortion remains to be properly buried or cremated in the abortion industry is fighting tooth and claw to stop that from happening.

Somehow, they decided that it's not enough to kill these children. We also have to discard their bodies like garbage and incinerators wash them down the drain and even throw them in dumpsters and in many cases, it's critical that we use every means we can't humanize these children who been so dehumanized and demonize the entire society and the unborn child, an enemy that the fetus is used as a term of disparagement or human being. Russia's human think the important stage of life we go out there. We mourn for the benefit standing over the grave with a place where I'll be out on Saturday of 14 September 2033 little tiny unborn babies bodies are buried in this grave site standing there thinking about you know 30 years later, no.

The Bishop of adults would be parents know the whole generations would've been cut off by the effect of wealth. It really brings it all to stand at the gravesites when you go to the memorial markers that I like to think of as being spiritually waiting to go, spirited places, and of course you know all of the all the landfills in the incinerators that have become the sort of thing. Place in defense of these children are all united on the stair remembrance will now I know this will be taking place in a number of sites where all will people be how widespread will this national day of remembrance be. We have over 180 locations. We may even be up to hundred 90 or 200 at this point you can keep growing every year all over the country. I don't report all suggested we may well be at this point so there's a very good chance the dilutions will find a memorial service taking place near them. He could find all of national day of and in many cases there are stories accompanying information about the memorial services stories of how the bodies were covered how they were buried how they've been remembered over the years so there's a lot of interesting and very moving and heartbreaking stories to be reread there are certain I'm curious because when you mentioned that the these burials continue starting in 1988 as she talked about earlier. How do you intend to obtain the bodies of these children or the remains of these children in order to give them a proper burial. What have been some of the ways that is been able to get those children in hand. So you really can give them a dignified burial back in the 1980s.

Very often, abortion facilities were simply dumping them in dumpsters behind the abortion alleyway in Chicago you could go in and dumpster.recovered his body.

Pro-lifers are doing that abortion is you got savvy villain started to well defined ways of keeping us from being able to go to go children's bodies in properly. It would also record what we can of the motion experience. The victim photos that you've seen out there that are on websites and sometimes on the public square and flyers bit of change so many people's hearts on abortion were by large recovered photographs of taken by the pro-lifers who did this recovery of their bodies and publish these burials these days. Once in a while to find Borchers foolish enough to review bodies in the dumpster just a couple years ago in Michigan abortionist Dr. Hodari was found to have been doing this and was a fairly recent burial in Detroit. Just last year more, those bodies are one of the more interesting cases.

Historically the victims of current got no the house of horrors abortionist in Philadelphia who is now in prison for murdering children who survived his botched abortions. Their bodies were quietly buried by the authorities in Philadelphia. Pro-lifers tried to get access to the bodies in in order to provide that may be a funeral and burial for them, but eventually we discover where they have been quietly buried and now memorial service was held there every year and is a wonderful couple that's working to correct memorial stone there until the visitors expect will happen there so no burial place of his own story and burst beautiful stories behind some of those memorial markers to innovate inspiration from and why they were put up a free church and cemetery from country right.

I'm so glad I did not realize until you said that that you were able to find out. Pro-lifers are so good at getting to the bottom of information when they wanted. I mean that's the wonderful thing about our movement, but that you were able to find out where those guys now babies were buried and that's you know it does give a sense of closure, but it also points out how much more work there is to do when we look at the unbelievable numbers of children who have been slaughtered for no reason. 60 million+ in this country. I want to get into a little bit more with Eric Scheidler when we come back about the state of abortion in America right now. There's a lot to talk about. Stay with us will be back on Janet my for today hi this is Janet my for let me tell you about go Fran and collate their refugee brothers who were orphaned during the Syrian war and now they live in a tent in a farmers field in Lebanon. It's a sad situation but every other week when Hartford Lebanon's hope on wheels educational fund truck shows up there, usually right on the front row singing worship songs and reciting Bible verses in the middle of despair.

Go, frantic leader.

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Starting at $199 a month for a single up to $529 a month for a family that's mom dad and all the kids. This is how healthcare should be for more information call 855-585-4237 or visit light your that's like your and regain control over your healthcare costs 855-585-4237 or light your Together were changing healthcare for good luck back to Janet map for today.

It's good to have you with us and also good to be talking with Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the pro-life action league and he is here to fill us in on what will be going on on Saturday, September 14 during the national day of remembrance for aborted children.

This is the seventh annual remembrance of these precious ones who are not forgotten by God and not forgotten by us and were talking about the importance of giving these children a dignified burial and remembering their lives. This is such a critical thing. One of the things Eric that comes to mind when you were talking about what was going on in Texas and what's been happening with the pro boards trying to just get in the way of every pro-life law that we are able to pass at the state level, especially the Supreme Court is everybody knows upheld Indiana's law.

Not too long ago I think it was May, requiring abortionists to bury or cremate fetal remains in effect. Do you see this potentially having on giving aborted children, proper burials across the country in the future. Do you think this will really help more states and give them an impetus to go forward and pass laws just like Indiana's so this can be a normal part of what we can give to these children you know it is a virtual area because you know there's some important woman who would suggested requiring Scott about cremation a proper burial is sort of condoning what happened in the abortions, but I think we have recognized the federal courts to force abortion on the state specific how to do everything they can all the pro-life states to about humanity's children through waiting. Ultrasound laws through enter measures like this that would require a proper burial for think this is an important acknowledgment about humanity and it could really create a contradiction. I made it just the people look or think it's okay to kill the children but we also are saying or lavishing the bear human beings who deserve to die because they are to be.

They are human beings and method of scientific fact that the. A collective spiritual fact of the human fact is anything we can do to concrete the contradictions of cognitive dissonance for the public and get them thinking is helpful not only ductal but these kinds of laws could have an impact on abortion rates because when you have become the requirements we can increase the cost of abortion because incinerating all whole weekends worth of of of of aborted baby bodies is a lot cheaper than properly cremate appearing and anytime abortion prices go up. Abortion rates go down because you know that vision is made on a knife edge. A lot of people looking for to make any excuse you know some understanding of an abortion clinic with her Bible planning or the price being of a few books more than they thought we could be that conceived life we want to do everything we can do think it will see more and more of these types of laws passed, especially since the Supreme Court upheld the provision of the Indiana law was very encouraged to see that that's been tried out exactly what impact it's having on the abortion business in Indiana made calls to some legislators involved in that and I'll talk to the Atty. Gen. and I'm trying to get to the bottom of what they're slapping how houses being enforced. And so there's still some? But implementing it so it can be the case is something new and can create a service course and I agree with you.

I think creating the cognitive dissonance is a way of forcing their hand look at what you're doing now and in telling the public.

These are human beings for crying out loud now when were talking about where you are in the state of Illinois.

There's been a lot of attention. I know this year, both to New York and Illinois and other states as well, but especially those two on the radical new abortion legislation that you have seen pass there. Can you talk about what is going on what kinds of strategies you guys have employed or thinking about employing to fight back against this evil because the pro boards as they get more desperate they get more radical to the point where we have Ralph nor them in Virginia the governor keeping his job even after saying if the baby is born alive after failed abortion. The mother can decide whether or not that child lives or dies.

I mean we are in really ghoulish times here finding and particularly disturbing how much media are in collaboration with the abortion industry in the pro-abortion politician. Nothing on about what they're saying. Visions undertaking but they keep going to the extreme to mean just to date, Kennedy people to judge of all felt a pro-abortion counted a very pro-life state. You know, it talked about whole life to begin until breath. The irony of futures in the Bible to make that claim, ignoring all beautiful things Bible has to say about about our being in the womb of God knowing it.

From the very first moment of our existence in the wall rights. You know, we are constantly trying to force the Bible and people in our position being based on religion is based on natural laws based on science.

Some common sense and common humanity on common law, and here we have someone you would through the Bible will be doing the exact same thing but in favor of abortion and the destruction of innocent human life. So be extremism from the outside is readily disturbing but heartbreaking for someone like me who live in what has now become the most pro-abortion state in the country particularly galling since the land of Lincoln. You know, one who champion the right to freedom, for you know a whole class of human beings who were considered to to not really be our brothers, sisters, you know that enslaved Africans in America and so were doing what we can to provide on the ground, going directly to the people the truth about abortion becomes more urgent because the law so against us were also looking at legal challenges all especially in regards to conscience rights people being forced to pay for abortion to insurance or you know of abortion be required to service by medical practitioners in violation of conscience. So there are some provisions of the law that are going to be challenged in court, but a lot of work to be done on the ground, especially at the abortion facility speak that's really our only chance. In many states to want to make a difference and to save children from abortion by being there ourselves right well another thing that's come up recently is that CEO of stem express people will remember this the undercover videos that were taken by pro-lifers David Elijah and Sandra Merritt and during this courtroom appearance.

The CEO admitted on the stand that the company brokered beating fetal hearts and intact baby heads to medical researchers may talk about ghoulish. Now there's an admission there people are seeing this in the news, but they're not really seen in the news how they are because it's the pro-lifers who are telling the truth about this.

The pro-life websites and all of us who care about these children were hearing about it. The mainstream media, though, doesn't seem to care.

It goes back to your point that there really in bed with the pro-abortion lobby, and people are really having the truth From them serving a little bit about trial and ill listeners might think the trial of stem express and plan. It is not a trial live in Merritt try to get up on criminal charges for the undercover investigation, but they did in the state of California.

Only time in history that undercover journalist like this office and you're also been charged with the bottling along this way but yet the law has a provision for citizens to use the technology to discover crime to be committed. So were were hopeful that David and thunder will be exonerated. In that case a but there has been some mainstream coverage, it starts to leak out and you know if there's finally was wonderful and we, as a result of this case, especially if there if they are found not guilty of the major media will have no choice but to cover it to some degree has become an opportunity for us on the street and on social media, we should tell our story harder and harder for them to keep to keep the truth from the public.

While it is when I think of all the great work you and your father have done over the years. It must be you were still heartbroken that abortion on demand is legal in the United States were still not to the point where we can eradicate abortion but keep going. I mean is you're doing some of the hardest work. I think there is to do for anybody who cares about human life.

What is it that just keeps you going. Eric and and your whole team there pro-life action link because I think that it is a tough job. It really is a tough job because your heart breaks every single day for me.

A lot of it is like I grew up with this and I was six years old when I went to my first pro-life rally in 1972 before Roe versus Wade. I saw Mike, my dad gave up a lucrative career in advertising to become a pro-life activist and become one of the founders of the pro-life activist movement United States and so I've known you long term fight.

So I try to take the long view and not expect him. Silk silver bullets and easy wins and be able to take a hit like anybody fighting to get it. You have a loss from time to time, like we did here in Illinois, to celebrate your victory slip Planned Parenthood losing their title X funding. Yes, this year, which was a part of the direct result of pro-lifers getting out in the streets and under the hashtag protest PP banner calling for Planned Parenthood to be defunded so you you think God for the victories asking for is for strength.

Yes a lot of people to pray for you and that's really what it is there's there's thousands of people are praying for me and my staff. You're the production league and all those are active in the movement.

In this way) sustain us even when we don't feel particularly encouraged but taking a long view and realizing that everything that we do for these children, especially when were out there at the abortion facility.

If all we can do is to mourn for them. We do that enough of victories against us and and so we celebrate and we put our trust in God that he can amount to do that well. Check out national day of on Saturday the seventh annual National Day of remembrance, purported children will take place hundred and 80+ location so check it out national day of Eric Shiley with us from the pro-life action like keep up the good work Eric. It was great to have you here. Thank you so much. Thanks for being with us on Janet my for today was the next time

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