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Vladimir Bukovsky (Soviet Crimes / Complicity of the West)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 27, 2019 4:00 pm

Vladimir Bukovsky (Soviet Crimes / Complicity of the West)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 27, 2019 4:00 pm

After the fall of communism, Soviet dissident and author Vladimir Bukovsky scoured the Kremlin archives to uncover documentation about the regime's shocking crimes, only to find further evidence of Western complicity in those crimes. He'll join me to talk about what he found out as we discuss his explosive book, "Judgment in Moscow." Plus: Is America finished without Christian political engagement? We'll tackle that and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met reference to our confidence is in Christ alone is, sort of fell in 1989 there were no Nuremberg style trials for the communist leaders who committed some of the most atrocious crimes of the 20th century and why is it that no Western organization or international organization ever conducted a study into how or why the collapse of communism occurred on my next tested his own digging after the fall of communism in 1991 by smuggling out of the Kremlin archives, a series of documents including KGB reports to the central committee and what he discovered sheds light not only on the extent of Soviet crimes, crimes but on the Western complicity in those crimes blabber because he is an author, activist and former Soviet portable dissident who spent 12 years in Soviet prisons labor camps in force treatment psychiatric hospitals is now senior fellow at the Cato Institute and his account of what was in those Soviet documents has just been released in English in the book judgment in Moscow. Decades after it was first written, and were delighted. It has been published in English. Mr. Koski. It is an honor to have you with us today. Thank you so much for being here will work. Thank you, sir, will naturally many Americans who read your memoir to build a castle for example are asking the question, why did it take so long for judgment in Moscow to be released in English what what is that say about the American publishing industry that it's taken so long will you will earn greater web. Well, my learned by a wide margin like you will baldly will to coldly build yes you and from what old will from publishers who want old English lawyers. Mom looks up and full of corruptible pool shoot current cortical view of the few million euro movie fight on truly enjoyed more publications will be the English language will "go, I'll yes they did, but it's great that it's finally out because there is so much in this book and you know as people realize. Millions were put through some terrible horrific circumstances, people like you people tortured thrown in the gulags.

Millions of people died under the Soviet empire. Why is it that there were no Nuremberg style trials for the Soviets after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

What to what do you attribute that well out in public moral meetings of proportional production population of an old proportionately colonies but also the list were barred from the connections between the working ruling circles much more expensive and would you like doing mistakes made probably to show little creatures accomplish as possible of the children will be glad to show them with few followers fueled the influential figures in their own countries. So all is old baldly started to almost control variable while it's important to think about that.

How far back would you say the Western complete complicity in Soviet crimes extends what is the extent of Western complicity and who really is responsible for that complicity well good proportions.

Yes you talk to the surgeon objected most wanted some sort of social elements (driftwood local. Approval of multiple for just you and Becca will weigh off the mold Riverview longer old visual holding Lewis open for mobile recruits all the from judging, unbelievable, and that is just horrific to think about that but I know you're right on that score. I think that that that you prove that to in the book, and I'm sure many people are very curious how you were able to get access to the Kremlin archives and smuggle out and copy those documents was that a huge undertaking. I mean, that's quite interesting how you were able to do that and that there wasn't more interest from outside forces. In doing the same thing that you did well. You will margin G11. Shortage is Russia, this book is meant to mention one the company's budget will quickly be constitutional and prohibited. Please begin to loose you appeal from the constitutional court for Russia arguing the auctions will will talk computing can become a juvenile court or Russia. Alicia, I was appointed after some of the speed and complexity of the right to subpoena frustrated no Clement I wanted proxy. No mold because you will know what kind of the payment of all you will will invade the condo club still for adult humans later in Maine from number 12 exposing what you can look at all help to decide entitled the creation of the KGB. For example, is something interesting was it because you will have to spend a lot of time will be sorry to get permission to update and make your knowledge to do something really insignificant.

So every time you hope to make a judgment bakery judgment you will press for the Hoboken.

Yes, let's try to be sleeping like gold locals anymore. Specific areas of life will you will 1961 provided to Mike you want because I couldn't really try to embrace health was pool much and give the most shaped secrets to look marked as a lost dog yes no soul liquid blue cheese declared war and have been community left all computer of the handheld scanner should line should learn to drool lecturing at low it was not spewing frail Nokia phone frail filter in there some kind of experimental sample and usually in my work.

Luckily for me at work. While the results are extraordinary. You're absolutely right and I want to take the time to get into what those documents actually reveals will go to a short break will come back with Vladimir because he judgment in Moscow.

Soviet crimes in Western complicity is his book will come right after today. I disses Janet my for it and I want to tell you about a 10-year-old Syrian girl named Denise and he felt lost her mother when she was just 18 months old and now she lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. She's smart, she's vivacious and she seemed more suffering than a child her age should ever see all because she's a victim of what the UN calls the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, but because hard for Lebanon is on the ground in her camp and Eva recently placed her faith and trust in Jesus for salvation. And now, because her father is illiterate. She's reading the Bible to him every evening. The Lord is using heart for Lebanon in a powerful way there bringing food survival essentials and Christian education to girls like anything and their families and these families are coming to know the Lord but hard for Lebanon needs your help to keep helping the desperate right now you can help rescue a family of six in Lebanon with food, Christian education and survival essentials for just $0.98 a day. That's just $29 a month. All you have to do to help is to call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to, the war in Syria is not over. And even if the were stopped today. The UN estimates it will take 50 years to rebuild the country. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The Lord has sent the workers of Hartford Lebanon into his harvest field but they need the help of other Christians to keep on doing what they're doing.

We need your help.

$29 a month will help rescue a family of sex.

All you have to do is call now 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to

These families need your immediate help. Please pick up the phone and call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 thank you and God bless you for today and what an incredible book judgment in Moscow. Soviet crimes in Western it has just been released in English, although it was written many years ago. Now Vladimir Makovsky is with us former Soviet political dissidents and also senior fellow at the Cato Institute talking about what he discovered as he went to the Kremlin archives. One of the things that I find very very interesting that you point out, which is really a theme of the book Mr. Koski is that the West really had it wrong when they thought that the Soviet regime could be managed and that it could be dealt with and ultimately it could be reforms that was not the case and and that will come as a shock, I'm sure to a lot of Americans that we were wrong in that regard. But what can you shed some light on why we were wrong on that issue well grounded in God. It was kind of a mutation of the lookout. The West will slide nuclear superficial changes like the battle, if you look like good old troops were modeled on what you will. It will all education cloak will be due changes cute little magic itself. You will grow much greater nuclear fuel renewing power on was not golden wall, blood collections use: crime still cried very little progress in making any changes deep enough for the changed you. You will go slowly. The tension you are you retarded system which you mustn't move people all the company system.

The crime happened somewhere on the toll through all of "people who drilled most will show you will migrate contribute to himself. The full blown process people normally do not, Lord, charitable your mom's report contribute through thoughtful Jewish war. No blood of the Jewish Google search on the local level object, but just collapsed lung dropship. The changes were minimal loading cost millions of was not absorbed from the outside. The auction all work to Mr. Graham to leave so all will Cold War is all will line you don't know.

I remember the move should not break.

"My fancy reduction of the low one's tennis club about what 1989. Another was a Gorbachev staffer who said Bush and Gorbachev buried the Cold War at the bottom of the Mediterranean. I mean, how should Peter view that statement. Now, in light of all the documentation that you put out what I will show no growth for in due time.

You live here.

Let the same agenda." Or, when it was called something else you will all attributes. It is the same system well without Gorbachev and his intention with glasnost and perestroika, and the fact that you had for example you said in the book the glasnost perform the function of a party purge that was kind of a kin to the cultural revolution of Mao what about Gorbachev who we really wise because it during the 80s, we were all looking at Gorbachev is a bold new leader, totally different, he was shedding the whole Soviet unpleasantness, and he was working with Pres. Reagan. What was he really up to one coming. You dropped some of their divisional Vedic on the new creation some support from the left of my will move on.

She was not trying to introduce?

It's going in Russia grew to ration the Florida Green market economy showed only speak about socialist market.

Market social gold will look you will know you. Talk market relations in the country level of melody know for what you just wish so most multiengine knowledge is kind of global boy down 15 trillion key. No objection. She will come Monday from all little more smoking being promoted to level I position through the objections with someone you live show crucial, but installed. She overbooked treatments can confuse the appointment is the colonies positive leader of the conflict objections from annual fiscal routes you knew this guy will break through the solids that exist for love. Love you so thoughtful go up to us what you make of the fact that we now have. For example, in about socialist like Bernie Sanders trying to become the president of the United States and we see Paul's in the United States where the younger generation are beginning to embrace socialism. They think communism is a great idea how you react to all of this having gone through everything you went through you. No wonder you will. We will drive everything in the Ford Motor Company school formal salute can't work right. It's all around to destroying country making. Also, all closed.

So people will also optimistic so that you would suggest looking For More Than a Little Walk. One of Many in My View Will Not Pool Vacant for Generations Will Know You Golf over the Duration of Such Will Yes You Have To Keep in Mind Your Gear and Leaving People, Deceased Jim, This Experiment Will Streamline New in Human Life Eventually Destroyed the Lives of All Countries Undergoing Many Countries on Solo Support Should Be Full of Book.

King Spoke of the Results of Previous Experimental It Would Be It Would Be Your Best Hope for Americans.

Finally Realizing the Truth about the Extent of Soviet Crimes and the Degree to Which the West Was Complicit. Do You Think There Can Be Any Sort of Resolution at This Point, or Is That Day Passed.

How Do You See This Book Being Able to Provide the Truth to a New Generation to At Least Wake Us up.

Not to Go down That Road Again Are Not to Be so Naïve Again about Communism. When You Know All People of My Knowledge, the Use Would Be Remembered about Something That You Model besides America My View, Then, on the Contrary, Changes You Sold 95.

Much of What Was Impossible Becomes Full She Will Probably Just Another Dreary Side of Local Medical Hold" Achievable Ovulation Will Will Will Help the Nation from Quote Programs. Responsible I Believe It Is Possible Supply Hope so. And I Hope It's Also Motivation for Americans to Reclaim the Freedom That We've Had for so Many Years and Not Take It for Granted.

That's Exactly Yeah I Mean That You Really Only See That When You Begin, I Would Say for All of Us to Read Books like Yours and Begin to Get the Truth and That's Why Everybody Needs to Pick It up. It's Called Judgment in Moscow. Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity by Vladimir Makovsky Such an Honor to Talk to You.

Thank You Mr. Koski for Being with Us Today. Thank You so Much Will Be Right Back on Tenant Effort This Tenant Effort Today Podcast Is Sponsored by Hartford Lebanon to Christian Ministry, Working among 2 Million Syrian Refugee Families Have Been Displaced for Just $29 a Month You Can Help Hart for Lebanon Reach out in Jesus Name to a Family of Six Providing Them with Food, Christian Education Survival Essentials and the Gospel. Please Call Now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Tenant

We Are Back on Tenant Effort Today Just Want to Remind You Were Only A Few Weeks Away Now from Our Stand against Marxism Conference in Des Moines.

I Cannot Wait for This Event It That I Am so Ready for This to Get This Social Justice Lie Exposed, and to Warn Christians to to Be Faithful to the Word of God over and against This Marxist Person to the Church. Boy, This Is so Important I Can't Really Overstate It Stand Has More Information Stand against.Calm Wonderful Speakers. It's Gonna Be a Wonderful Event Friday Night and Saturday and I'll Be Speaking at the Fundraiser Banquet on Saturday Night so I Hope to See You There Again Stand against

Let's Get into Politics a Little Bit. One of the Things I Really Have Been Thinking about Quite a Bit Lately Is the Voice of Christians in the Media and I'm Not Talking about Christian Radio. I'm Talking about Christians Role in the Media and in the Public Square Defending the Bible Defending Biblical Truth Defending a Biblical Worldview and How It Seems There Are Fewer and Fewer and Fewer of Us.

Any Notice This. The Media Loves Running to the Progressives.

The Media Loves Running to Somebody from the Gospel Coalition or Somebody from Red Letter Christians. The Sojourners Crowd What You Think They Christian Responses to This Christian Responses Open Borders. Yeah, Because the Bible Says so Much about That in Matthew 20 50 Know It Doesn't Doesn't Say Anything about Open Borders in Matthew 25. The Point of Matthew 25 Has Nothing to Do with National Sovereignty Zero. In Fact, but I Was Thinking about This Because with All This Climate Madness That Took Place at the End of Last Week, I Thought That It Was Very Noteworthy That the Media Decided to Go Nuts over Something That Dr. Robert Jeffers Had to Say Pastor First Baptist Dallas Now You Know My Friend Dr. Jeffress Is on Fox News Quite a Bad He's out There in the Public Square.

Commenting on the Issues of the Day and You Can't Give Him Credit.

He Is Willing to Just Tell the Truth As It Is.

And This Truth Did Not Go over Well with the Progressives.

This Is a Comment That Dr. Jeffers Made When He Was Talking to Todd Starnes about Little Greta Fienberg, the 16-year-old Climate Change Activists from Sweden Who Looked into the Camera and Glared at Everybody and Glared at the President of the United States and Basically Had a Nervous Breakdown in Other Poor Kid Is Being Used by These Leftist Globalists Makes It Absolutely Sick to See Her Used As a Political Pawn, but I Thought That Dr. Jeffers Had Some Good Things to Say on the Issue of Climate Change and a Word of Advice for Greta Thunberg Listen to Cut One Parties Argue We Take Care Of the Environment on the Genesis 1 and Two. We Need to Cultivate the Earthen and Keep It. But God Said He Created the Environment to Serve Us, That Are Not for Us to Serve the Environment and Look What You Know This, Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old She Was Warning Today about the Mass Extinction of Humanity. Somebody Needs to Read for Greta Genesis Chapter 9 and Tell Her Next Time She Worries about Global Warming.

Just Look at a Rainbow That's God's Promise That the Polar Ice Caps Are Going to Melt and Flood the World Again.

You Know I Am Actually Really Glad He Said That You Know Why Because He Did What I Think Christians Need to Do All the Time, Which Is to Take Some of the Lies That Are Perpetuated in the Media and Answer Them with Scripture. I Thought That Was Genius to Talk about Genesis Chapter 9 God Promised Us in His Word That He Would Never Again Destroy the World. The Flight That Is Right from God's Word. Why Don't We Do This Kind of Thing More Often. Why Are There More Christians in the Media Speaking to These Issues More Often Now.

Another Person That I Really Admire Has Also Been Very Willing to Step onto the Public Square and Take All Kinds of Pushback and All Kinds of Abuse Just for Speaking out on What the Word of God Has To Say. And of Course I'm Talking about Franklin Graham. I Want to Go Back to Something Franklin Graham Said about Pete Buddha, Judge W CNC Had Reported on This Because at the Time Franklin Graham Had Urged People to Judge the Homosexual Hopeful for the Democrats Nomination for the Presidency to Repent of His Homosexuality. Just Listen to This Particular Report. This Is To in This Tweet, Franklin Graham Rd., Mayor, Buddha judge says he is a gay Christian. I believe the Bible which defines homosexuality is a sin, something to be repentant of not something to be flaunted praise or politicized Buddha judge said this week that it can be challenging to be a person of faith who is also a part of the LGBT Q community and yet to me the core of faith is regard for one another while people that's Franklin Graham back in February doing an interview with Sarah French working one year after the death of his father. The Rev. Billy Graham in a discussion about gay conversion therapy. Graham said if someone is gay and living in sin they need to repent.

People say what? You want to continue living well from this judge makes no secret of his same-sex marriage and continues to rank third in the polls behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and he has said of Donald Trump. It's hard to look at this president's actions and believe that they are the actions of somebody who believes in God's worse or later something of a sentence not it's a sin, but we shouldn't take pride in our sin should flaunt our separation remorseful. He is right. He's absolutely right.

And again he's doing the same thing that Dr. Jeffress did, which is to say, the Bible says. The Bible says.

The Bible says. The Bible says. The Bible says. Meanwhile, this is just an aside, but this is proving my point.

This is proving my point. I saw the story and the Christian Post.

Did you hear that the Episcopal Church, to which Pete Buddha judge belongs one particular Episcopal Church in Louisiana will be holding a Bob Dylan mass at church as a tribute to the iconic singer and focus on the messages in his music.

What is that have to do with the Bible and nothing. Gotta serve somebody attribute mass will include meditations on his songs and they will have selections performances from Dylan's music, including knocking on heavens door. The times they are change in forever young Mr. tambourine man in a gospel song. Dylan wrote titled pressing on erector a Christ Episcopal Church Bill Miller told the Christian Post that his congregation. His use music of all sorts to reach people engage with them and encourage them to think more deeply about their spiritual lives, isn't it interesting that when you go full-blown mainline Protestant. The Bible just kinda doesn't even matter anymore. You just pop culture. Find out what Dylan is saying. Find out what Beyoncé is a member they had a Beyoncé mass at the Episcopal Church out in San Francisco last year, why not just make it up as you go because you don't have any particular true North that is guiding your worship. It's not guiding your practice. You don't have a block you any kind of book that is constraining you to do any particular things or or belief any particular things other than progressivism, and for some reason.

I guess you know Bob Dylan fits the bell he said at Christ Church Covington God has brought a number of talented musicians into our fold and so we been able to expand those efforts from spiritual themes that they've done in the past of John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and and include a wide variety of these musical genres and artists. You can see home and listen to these people. Why, why would you get up and go to a church doing bad Bob Dylan rendition says you're sitting there 15 minutes before the service. Why would you why would you get out of bed for that that's increasingly what I am trying to figure out. They said Dylan is a particularly good choice because of the depth of his lyrics, while if you think that's a good deep lyric you might want to check out how great thou art or and can it be work great is thy faithfulness, you know, I can think of a lot of hymns off the top of my head that have much deeper lyrics than anything Bob Dylan ever penned.

So why is this okay, but this is the direction the progressives are taking the church.

This is the direction that is having.

So now isn't this the time when God's people who are still standing on his word out to be speaking out the truth and when Buddha judge the Episcopalian says it can be difficult to reconcile my faith with being gay.

You can say will there's a reason why that's difficult to reconcile those two things because you can't reconcile sin and God's law.

One of you has to give in God's laws, knocking to give so you have to get you do need to repent of your sin. Just like every sinner needs to repent of his or her sin and place your faith in Jesus Christ as revealed to us where in a Bob Dylan mass or in the word of God and the word of God you knocking to find hope in a mainline church. I'm sorry to say this.

I'm not saying every single person who remains in a mainline Protestant church is hopeless.

I'm not trying to say that but folks, it's hopeless to move in this direction from the perspective of evangelicals who think that social justice and think that all of this emphasis on leftist politics and socialism and Marxism somehow will help us all to confess our collective sins and will all move closer to that earthly utopia that God never commanded us to create. Isn't that the truth. God never commanded us to create any sort of earthly utopia that we never can take a very quick break you're listening to Janet Mefford today right after this. There's been a leftist takeover within conservative Christianity ungodly socialist ideas are coming to prominence ideas like social justice, critical race theory and cultural Marxism and leading figures within mainstream evangelicalism are showing themselves to be untrustworthy as shepherds and guardians of the truth.

If you're Christian who wants to know what to do about this serious shift away from biblical truth that I invite you to join me at the upcoming stand against Conference Taking Pl., October 18th and 19th in Des Moines, Iowa posted by the enemies within the church project to stand against the conference will inform you about this dangerous infiltration of postmodern thought connect you with other concerned Christians teach you how to defend biblical Christianity in your own church. Register now for the stand against conference October 18-19 in Des Moines, Iowa.

For more information you can visit stand against that's stand see you there. More than likely you've seen or heard about the recent abortion law in New York that allows babies to be aborted up to full term. Your heart breaks but you're not sure how you can make a difference in a positive way. The ministry of pre-born invite you to help. Be the change.

Pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and right now the pre-born center in the heart of New York City need your help to stay open and help women choose life. When a woman sees her baby on an ultrasound. 8/10 times, shall choose life here and see my main time hearing the heartbeat, maybe cry and it was certain that I was going to keep my baby forever. Would you join with pre-born in helping the New York City moms in crisis. Choose life for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies lives to donate, dial 855402, baby.

That's 855402 baby or there's a pre-born banner and to click Janet met today I was saying a little bit earlier that it is more vital than ever.

I think Christians to speak out publicly on issues affecting our nation and I am grateful for the voices of people like Robert Jeffress and people like Franklin Graham will bring the Bible to bear on what's going on when I'm not so thrilled about and I know this won't shock you at all. But here's an article in the Wall Street Journal by none other than Russell Moore, the head of the Aral Sea of the Southern Baptist convention and he's talking about the United States needing to fight Beijing's cruelty to religion, along with its economic and military breaches. China's main threat is a moral one. He says I don't disagree with that, but why don't you give Pres. Trump credit for what he just did last week on the issue of religious freedom before the UN that was fairly earth shattering Dr. Moore and you're on your twitter feed talking about endless tweets on this pastor who committed suicide in your talking about porn you're talking about unspoken prayer requests your part of the ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention and you can even give credit where credit is due, the president of the United States launching these new initiatives there to make it incredible impact on the worlds for Christians around the world and this guy just takes to the pages the Wall Street Journal and is lecturing the Trump administration.

What you need to do in China.

You know I did this just irritates me.

I think were gonna have to suffer through this guy in all of his progressive cohorts for another election season and I'm tired of that already. Just ups. I'm still sick of it. From 2016. I don't need another round of never tromping and we must do this and we must do that and we must go here and we must have the evangelical immigration tables stand in the gap, and we must have holistic pro-life in the same old lectures.

I don't know why Christians put up with this at some point. Don't you want to turn to your denomination and say why we need the Aral Sea just disbanded, honestly because who's speaking for he speaking for his progressive millennial bodies, I guess, but he's not speaking for the rank-and-file who have been the mainstays of the Southern Baptist convention for decades. Anyway, here's why I think this matters couple reasons. One is my site news had a piece that I think is very important and they come from a Roman Catholic perspective, but the headline on this piece recently was if Christians don't personally engage in politics. It's all over for America and this was written by Hon. Robert Marshall who is a former member of the Virginia House of delegates.

He was the one by the way, who was beaten in the election by the transgender candidate. This is where it's had in America so he's talking about the need to fight the quality act he's talking about the need for his own church the Catholic Church to stand up against all these members of Congress who voted for the equality act, he sees very clearly as we all do, what is coming down the pike in terms of our freedoms and religious freedoms. By the way that's that's a fight. The Aral Sea could put a little bit more energy into but they're too busy talking about robots and artificial intelligence. Here's what he says that here's what he says we need to be able to do more. We have to do more.

Some of the most powerful witnesses in defense of up of human life. For example, have been open about their past abortion wounds and if there is reluctance to speak about the sacredness of human life and the evil of abortion from the pulpit. I offer the experience of one Christian pastor who feared that if he mentioned abortion in a sermon. It could hurt the post-abortive women in his congregation. It wasn't until after he counseled numerous distraught women from his church that he realized he could've spared these women deep suffering. If he had spoken the truth earlier. He subsequently changed his thinking and his sermons so you can't get a lot of helpful information. He says about current moral issues from the secular media we how we notice that lay organizations that work in the pro-life and profamily arena can help, but they can't reach every parishioner so the church needs to fill the gap. Doesn't that the church needs to speak up. He speaking in the Catholic context I'm speaking in the evangelical context. I like to see a lot more discussion of the biblical position on things like abortion on things like marriage on things like national sovereignty and borders who's making those arguments in the public square.

They're too busy trying to be good little progressives and I'm just so tired of it. Here's another reason for this. Another reason that I say this, Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece over the daily signal on the death of American citizenship, in part, this is what he says the American founders institutionalize the best of a long Western tradition of representative government with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These contracts outline the rear privileges and responsibilities of new American citizens. Yet the concept of citizenship is being assaulted on the pre-modern side by the legal blending of mere residency with citizenship estimates of the number of undocumented American residents range from 11 million to more than 20 million.

The undocumented are becoming legally indistinguishable from citizens and enjoy exemption from federal immigration law.

In some 500 sanctuary jurisdictions and a legal resident of California will pay substantially less tuition at a California public university than a US citizen of another state multiculturalism has reduced the idea of e pluribus unum to a regressive tribalism. Americans often seem to owe their first allegiance to those who look like they do. Citizens cannot even agree over once hallowed and shared national holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and 4 July. It is eerie how such current American re-tribal is Asian resembles the collapse of Rome as Goths, Hans and vandals all squabbled among one another for what was left of 1200 years of Roman citizenship, eager to destroy what they could neither create nor emulate. Citizenship has always been protected by the middle classes on the idea that there more independent and self-reliant and the poor, but can stand up to the influence and power of the elite.

Yet until recently we had seen a decade of stagnant wages and entire regions ossified by outsourcing off shoring and unfair global trade historically with the demise of the middle class so follows the end of constitutional government, but citizenship also faces a quite different and even greater postmodern threats. Many of our coastal elite see nothing much exceptional in America, past and present. They prefer the culture and values of the European Union without worrying that the EU's progressive utopian promises have been wrecked by open borders economically stultifying regulations and unapologetic and antidemocratic efforts to kick your to curb free expression and local autonomy.

Often such citizen of the world, mentalities, fuel, shame over the origins and traditions of America transnational organizations, and accords on climate criminal justice and human rights are seen as superior to their American counterparts a new progressive iconoclasm seeks to destroy statues, rename streets and buildings and wipe away art that does not reflect more global values to see what's going on around us.

This is all resonating with me, at least, because I see they're going after Thomas Jefferson and Virginia.

They're going after the statues of our founders their hunting down anybody who once owned a slave and going nuts and wanting to eradicate that person from the memory of the American people. Why are you doing that.

Why would you want to destroy your own history or are we really so idiotic as to think that all history is full of perfect people who did perfect things at all times, and if they weren't politically correct in the 2019 sense of things that we should purge them from our national memory.

Yeah, they do. Yes they do because they are trying to re-create some kind of utopia that is not possible to re-create exactly as Vladimir because he was saying earlier this hour, you can't go in this direction of Marxism and think it will, and well, this is why I say it is so critical and so vital for Christian voices to make themselves heard in this day and this hour in the silence is happening to me. I don't know if you feel that way but you turn on the TV any night of the week you watch the cable news you watch the broadcast news. You watch snippets of videos on the Internet. You watch YouTube you take a look at most of the major news organizations, websites, and the Christian perspective folks is just flat out missing and that has been very very obvious to me recently. All of a sudden it's standing out to me and I don't know exactly why that is. It's not like it's new information.

It's not like all of a sudden I sent him Christians.

I mean, I know that Christians don't get the representation in the media that they used to, even 20 years ago. It's as if we have no voice.

It's as if we have nothing to say. It's as if were completely irrelevant. It's as if Saul and Lindsay's rules for radicals have been wholly applied to the Christian church marginalizing us and putting us outside the norm of society.

It's what they think we belong and I'll tell you something.

I don't mind being on the margins of society in the sense that anywhere with Jesus is where I want to be were not of this world. We all know that it's not up in a Christian's duty to want to be a bigwig in the world. It's not that, but we need to speak up we need to say what is true. We need to bring the word of God to bear on this country once again in a public way and we can all do that in our own way, wherever we are. School board meetings or city Council meetings or library meetings. If there's a drag queen show up show up and get that out of there. Get get the drag queen story hour cancel stand up for the Lord Jesus wherever you live wherever you work wherever you are and pray pray that the Lord will send more people who will speak up at a time of great great need. Where the gospel needs to be heard and where the biblical worldview is needed more than ever to leave it there. We thank you for tuning in. As always, it's a pleasure to be with you will see next time right here on

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