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Katie Glenn (Pro-Life) Doug Smith (Technology)

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October 1, 2019 3:00 pm

Katie Glenn (Pro-Life) Doug Smith (Technology)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 1, 2019 3:00 pm

A new report from Americans United for Life shows 2019 has been a banner year for pro-life legislation. We'll get the details from Katie Glenn, government affairs counsel at AUL. Plus: Technology and screens have a greater effect on us than many Christians realize. Doug Smith joins me to talk about it and his book, "Unintentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires and How You Can Break Free." That and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by the stand against Marxism conference hosted by the enemies within the church project. Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against Marxism conference. Register now more information is that's stand against Our confidence is in Christ alone. I know and to kick things off here talking about this and healthy democracy pole did you see this from life, a conjunction with the ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention funny to me when I look at different websites what the emphasis is on reporting the results of this poll. It just shows you where they're coming from. Let's see the headline in Christianity today as this is racial justice becoming a priority for evangelical voters. They asked hopefully. Then you have the Christian Post there headline was evangelicals more concerned about healthcare economy than religious liberty, and abortion: pole so there focused on what evangelicals think about various public policy issues, but this one was my favorite. This was from Baptist presses website E RLC report seeks to promote civility in US the Aral Sea is gonna promote civility. I'm sorry I'm choking a little bit on the irony here. Why do I say this will because it wasn't that long ago that 2016 was the year of Russell Moore taking on not only Donald Trump a taking on anybody who voted form, who bore the name evangelical and it was just one long rant bashing evangelicals right and left, you've lost all your principles, I don't even want to be called an evangelical anymore talked about Donald Trump being in a foster rain and atmosphere of bigotry and hate in the yellow remember it wasn't that long ago and he's gonna tell us how to be civil and improve public discourse, man. It's it's an ironic left plumbing go to the Baptist press story though so I can fill you in on what this report is all about. This is a report examining how evangelical Christians might help in healing America's political and cultural divides is just issued by the Aral Sea faith and healthy democracy is an account of what an E, RLC led research team learn from interviews with nearly 50 evangelical thought leaders and a life, a research survey of more than 1300 evangelicals, 50 evangelical thought leaders I could make a joke about that but I'm not going to the E RLC plans on it being the first of many steps in the next year to help foster civility among Americans when you talk to the left. Can I just say what name you are civility talk at antiphon that might be a good place for you. Talk about civility is there blocking little old ladies with walkers in the streets and throwing bottles and setting fires could we talk about that and hitting people in the head and making them bleed or even talk about the nasty impeachment fever that is just growing and growing and growing. Which is to many people's minds nothing more than a very thinly painted attempted a coup of the United States government with Pres. Trump at the helm. Having failed with the Russian collusion narrative. They immediately go on a plan B or was it plans see this planet. What what planner we have to now that that will talk about the left and it civility. At any rate, money, continue the report assesses the condition of public discourse in the United States analyzes evangelical positions on various issues and offer some initial recommendations for strengthening civility. Aral Sea Pres. Russell Moore said he prays the life I survey and E RLC report would be among many initiatives that can help show us the way forward and help us learn to love one another and stand with courage in the public square, apologized, by the way, the present Trump Pres. Trump was the member before the election he had tweeted out Russell Moore was a nasty man with no heart has even made up with Pres. Trump. I don't know somebody needs to press him on that. The 49 evangelical leaders interviewed for the report. Agreed unanimously that American public discourse is dead, dead. They used such words as corrosive, demoralizing, dysfunctional, hostile inflammatory and polarized to describe the state of the public conversation.

According to the report written by lead researcher Paul Miller Prof. of the practice of international affairs at Georgetown. He's also Southern Baptist in an E RLC research Institute fellow. The report says.

Tellingly, the single most common adjective are interviewees used was toxic something that is actively poisonous and unhealthy even to be near such a situation is dangerous because we should engage in the public square.

If the public square is toxic and unhealthy unhealthy okay if you are will participate then showed while those who do will be sickened by it. Right now the cynic in me is reading this and I'm reading between the lines, because with the Aral Sea. You always have to read between the lines always. Nothing is what they say it is.

It's always something else okay so when they're talking about the public square. Being toxic and unhealthy if you will participate then showed while those who do will be sickened by is this a thinly veiled attempt to try to get out the vote, to vote against Trump in 2020 question I don't know but all I know is it wasn't that long ago that you had all these evangelical thought leaders assembling in Wheaton behind closed doors.

I jokingly referred to them as the Bilderberg group in their meeting behind closed doors and they were thinking about ways that they could deal with in of the problems of Tromp and they denied they talked about Trump. Even though people who were there at the meeting said that that they talked about Tromso.

If it's the same crowd and I would imagine there's probably some overlap between that meeting in Wheaton, and this particular survey that I don't really care any sounds terrible. It sounds terrible, I'm not trying to impugn people across the board that we have so much corruption we have so much liberalism we have so much rain, progressivism, and social justice in a warrior wearing it's not even a word, but social justice pushing in evangelicalism. These guys are the tip of the spear trying to get leftist Marxist thought into the evangelical churches and I just I don't care what they think really I don't care.

I would agree, actually, to be fair, I would agree that there is a toxic, corrosive component to public discourse, but I would lay the blame largely at the feet of the left go after the left. You know it's conservatives who are being shut down by big tack. It's conservatives who are having their videos ripped down off sites like mimeo lie Into our God's voice conference. It's Christians who are being sued by homosexual couples because they don't want to engage in promoting speech with that violates the Christian faith, and I don't see all these evangelical thought leaders going nuts about that stuff and Christians being on the receiving end of totalitarian activity or censorship.

I don't recall Russell Moore and all his evangelical thought leader buddies getting very upset about the fact that Amazon took down all of these books that had to deal with leaving homosexuality and it was all spearheaded by a gay activist who put enormous pressure on Amazon to just spike the books he'd never read the books and read any of those books Joe Dallas and Paul Joseph Nicolosi. He can read any of those books. He just wanted to silence dissent against homosexuality and I don't see any kind of worry some you know handwringing over that. That's what it bugs me because there never really about what needs to be talked about there not really ever emphasizing the key issue of the moment. They want to set the narrative they want to set the agenda in a leftist direction and so any time there actually is a crisis that doesn't fit with their political narrative. They change the subject. Have you ever noticed that they change the subject, they might tip the hat now and then to some issues with which we can all agree such as abortion or religious liberty, but it's always kind of tepid, tepid know you had Russell Moore lecturing the United States on what it ought to be doing in China on the issue of religious liberty, and he never once gives credit to Pres. Trump for standing up at the UN in introducing some very vital initiatives for making sure that religious liberty is protected. He is getting kudos for that. So just keep in mind the political operatives stuff that's going on here, by the way, if you flip to the back of this Baptist press story on this whole thing. It says that they worked with the Fetzer Institute the Fetzer Institute. This is Institute founded in conjunction with this John Fetzer John Fetzer was a big time New Age or what were you doing while they try to Cana, take attention away from that and they say well you know are not a Christian organization, but we all care about discourse in the public square, was burned and not available, you can go to anybody else except the Fetzer Institute. At any rate, this is just what it is. This is what it is and in the Christianity today story.

I thought this was quite interesting. Toward the end of that story. There is a very interesting line when it talks about the results of this poll and by the way, it was the case that among evangelicals surveyed in this poll the top three issues were not religious liberty or abortion. They were healthcare in the economy and national security. So who knows. But at the end of this they talk about how to achieve civility and one of the suggestions was avoid frequent engagement in social media about political and social issues why that you want us to keep the conservatives quiet.

Don't talk about it just keep it down.

Keep in town over there and social media. Now go out there and tweet to your hearts content. Go on Facebook on any of these social media sites we can get the truth out you go for it is perfectly civil to me to come back you listening to Jennifer today hi this is Janet Matt or it may be hard for Americans to believe, but there are many people in Lebanon who have never heard anything about Jesus.

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Thank you so much for what ever you can do and God bless you.

Welcome back to Jennifer today. What is the state of pro-life legislation across the country, while Americans United for life has just released its 2019 state legislative report showing that it's been a banner year for the pro-life cause far in 20 1958. Life-affirming laws have passed and were signed across 22 states, representing a more than 25% increase from 2018 working to get some more details now from Katie Glenn, who serves as government affairs Council and Americans United for life Katie it's great to have you with us. How are you will thank you. I love good news. This is great, especially when it comes to the pro-life cause. It has been a banner year. Can you tell people a little bit about the details and why that is.

We are all excited to hear it reported that her granny many hours to compile.

There were over 570 pro-life fellow filed across all across 40 68 everywhere in the United State legislators were looking at about pro-life and fortunately and you mentioned a better path to law a really great ratio to get 10% is filled across the finish line impact in various state and getting as excited as we go into 2020.

That is exciting.

So for those that actually made it all the way through and were signed into law. What were some of the most notable pieces of legislation or court order Great American government coverage. What heartbeat that all the Landau downline on George Berry K but really they look at the New York a very extreme New York law that would permit abortion all the way through pregnancy and they said not our state and data on the outfit direction to the limit abortion much sooner that have these kind of laws around heartbeat which is about seven or eight weeks, but that we all a lot of other had said they'll that did things like protect infants that are born alive. That's one of the belt that Texas past year on the 558 passed laws about reporting that women who are receiving them are who are having abortion receive information before that procedure, the chemical abortion. I explained that that I chemical abortion at the possibility of rebirth on how to get that process started. If they regret their chemical abortion and so that's the kind of thing that you have state legislators really have a role to play in making sure that we are protecting infants everywhere that we can that we are also providing when all the information that we possibly can. That's wonderful when you're talking about the heartbeat bills. One of the things that interest me and I know a lot of listeners will agree with this is the momentum that may or may not be out there for further passage of heartbeat bills and other states.

What is the status on that. Can you tell us will right now all of the heartbeat, though, are currently going there tied up in the court.

There are various age as litigation and there are about 40 cases across the United States in the lower court heartbeat and other types of pro-life legislation will we have not heard the last of the pressure. I think that there are many legislators work and he is 2020 as part of the way in the year that what happened, like the arcade that the Supreme Court end up taking one of the faith of the American and that it will be I think. You had to pass Korbel small.

I hope so. And of course the biggest victory that you guys point out is the national abortion rate continues its trend downward. It's now at the lowest rate since Roe V Wade, which I think a lot of Americans didn't know why is that the case to what do you attribute that downward trend. What you think is helping the most to put that number downward instead of upward father. That merriment you asked what they will pay on. We like the right Dr. Michael you are faster at helping Everett a lot of research on what you feel are the big things are pro-life legislation, the form that will help women better understand what abortion really is as well.

The growing number of pregnancy care centers out there. The research that they provide and we had better find the technology specially with related to ultrasound that more and more Americans are identifying as pro-life aired the unborn as human unborn baby worthy of protection or law and though fewer women are making the choice to have an abortion. And that's wonderful.

We wanted to continue on the second we've seen so many abortion clinics close down in recent years must be having a big effect as well. How much of an effect we have any notion on that score will only something where it both both obviously at the clinic down and there is not any and at the opportunity for character enter Up and really care for those women who are having on well. But it's also an opportunity really shine the light on what's going on. If you connect, and when they are violating the regulation of dirty and dangerous facilities really are and we have been carefully watching, and I'm sure you have to story coming out of Illinois and out with copper.

Yes, the former Doctor Who in the state of Indiana for many years and it took over 2000 complaint filed against before his radical life was suspended well on that provide transparency that require reporting out of the clinic get the less likely that that connecting happy, dark and gallant friend wanted in his gait and advocate of many other abortion, yet it kinda flew in the face this notion that God is now is an outlier that his house of ours in Philadelphia that was just a one time thing know no other abortion is what ever do anything like that.

And like you said that all these remains of babies were discovered on Klopfer's property after his death. It's just maybe that also is contributing to the pro-life numbers and some of the Reno impetus behind getting some of these laws passed from a public perspective. They see these stories and they say this is ghoulish.

This is evil and and perhaps even though it's a horrible thing in the long run it may help PR for the pro-life cause her review here what Gov. Ralph north of Virginia born alive. Yeah, not what we want in our menu on.

I thought what they had a campaign called hashtag not ER where they wanted about the fate New York impact.

We ate and so I think every time we have a case like that of new Gov. Northam being a little peon about borderline baby or the exposure of the fetus is an offer garage opportunity for a this is what were talking about just let abortion as our people be that art can it be that that not something they support. Yeah, that's good. Good point. We have model legislation, the born alive infant protection act, which passed actually write in a couple estates yeah yeah have here in Arkansas and asked that that's great. 48 to go.

I love that you work and that's good and and what about these other states that passed laws limiting abortion on the contingency that if Roe V Wade were overturned they would kick in.

What's going on on that front along legislators right now are really feeling like the dated Roe V Wade is overturned and coming they feel like it when not anymore with the current. Think about the core at their really getting ready to plan for the several different strategies as you mentioned the conditional laws or if they either add to their fate, or passes legislation that is federal law change or if the court overturned review a here that we are going to have her log look like and it going to be not the reviewing standard of abortion all the way up to the end of pregnancy. It's going to be eight weeks of heartbeat it's going to be 14 weeks with one we saw that there is very, really throughout several numbers hoping one of them will be upheld by the court and until it really about legislators thinking of this can happen soon and on that day.

We want our laws to look a certain way we want them to have abortion either. Not at all be available under law or be available under extremely rare condition that certain conditions, such as when the mother health is at risk or her life about risk, though this is really about legislators preparing for the day that we all hope comes very. So yeah another thing I want to mention because this is also an issue that I think is good to be on the rise ever more so in the coming years and that is this issue of physician-assisted suicide. I know that you guys have publicly oppose these bills that popped up across the country on that issue.

Where does that stand what is the trend right now consisted concerning physician-assisted suicide.

One considered legislation that would permit goodbye by prevention. Fortunately only path is something that we had a for life are extremely concerned about i.e. it would expect unfortunately to the that many states are more introduced that began in 2020. Yes, and we will continue to oppose that everywhere that we can do you see any more bills coming up in the immediate future regarding physician-assisted suicide while we documented written testimony against a bill that thinking 30 minutes that action are the hearing about two weeks ago and then on to it by Dell and are not. They basically bear law preventing goodbye by physician was recently upheld by the Supreme Court less than two years ago and there are still forces in that state who want to go again for the court that and repeal their existing law and add the availability of goodbye by physician. That's just. Also, we don't want that to happen. I'm so glad that you guys are all over this because we need you on the pro-life run not just with physician-assisted suicide but obviously with all these great pro-life legislation, you can check out more in Americans United for life's website, Katie Glenn, thank you so much for the update. Keep up the good work.

It was great to have you down thank you so much and will be right back on Jennifer today.

This Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by the stand against Marxism conference hosted by the enemies within the church project. Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against Marxism conference.

Register now more information is that's stand against for today. Back in 2014, the New York Times ran an article reflecting on the life of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and when a reporter asked jobs if his kids love the new iPad. He said this, they haven't used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home and that's pretty mind blowing that one of the big tech giants was astute enough to recognize the need to protect his own kids from the power of technology even as he was inflicting it on the rest of the world. What does that mean for us and as Christians, how can we break free from the power of screens to reclaim our thought lives and fulfill what the Lord has for us to do in real life working to talk about it today with Doug Smith was author of unintentional house screens secretly shape your desires and how you can break's great to have you here. How are you doing I'm doing well robbing what you have a lot of experience. I understand with web programming so you know something of technology. When did you begin to become concerned about the problem of screen immersion.

Oh yeah I'd been a web developer or you know for long you been around for around 20 years but my biggest concern came out of the data for daughters both. I watched you know my own girl sleeping. You know the increasing importance of screens in their lives and about before before smart father of smart phone things really really ramped up and remembers only 10 years ago. You note to update and the so what happened to you just started noticing everyone's on their screens all the time. What is up with an and it started really concerned especially of the Christian as well because I was being Christian people is going to church and listen to the sermon or someone on your phone you don't like what is going on so I started a quest for me about up in 2014 is what really struck me that I needed to start speaking out on the subject. So, I'm so glad that you are because there's so much good material in this book.

I think everybody needs to know what you're advocating here and what your schooling people on a little bit about the addiction factor. I know there has been some news about that and from time to time.

They talk about. Oh how these companies actually intentionally try to get you addicted. So you keep coming back. Things like social media and so forth. But speak a little bit if you would to the power of addiction to screens and why we get addicted because I think for a lot of people. They don't really understand why do I have this insatiable desire to check my phone every five seconds right but critical factor to it is intentional on the part of the street. There was all based on how much we use their quote unquote preop preop provide for so so it is a bona fide addiction and the more I you know how to go down the rabbit hole you you do the research you can find wilder for so much intentionality. These are the largest pet companies hire top behavioral psychology of the neuroscientist. They do thousands and thousands of us to figure out what's the most. What is the thing that you took took longer and it's all about exploiting weaknesses in our behavioral ecology and the chemical makeup of our brain review printed up, but for example the of the neurotransmitter dopamine of the you know I called the elixir of our brain and it can be triggered not only by no substantive that we sometimes think about you and we pick up a drug addict will… The dopamine particle going about in the brain pleasure cycle overloaded and called to crave more.

The enclosure will think on screen through the same thing but like the scrolling. Oh, I wonder if somebody commented all the quick access to written hundreds of more or all intentionally divided by Paul people that are better their whole job to get of using them to get a about what's the next thing that what's what's the next thing that I need to be looking at on my phone. I like the top of mind thing whenever I'm bored whatever I instructed and so on.

So it's very intentional in history. It sure is is that more the case, would you say on social media than anywhere else, or is it equally addictive in other sectors. I think social media is probably the big poster child. But videogames are also very yes some specially the help of social component right of you. Many parents of major specially occurred a fortnight… One.

According to a new friend of mine is the clinical ecologist because there's Richard Dr. Richard free because there's actually 200 exploit your behavioral ecology can fortnight alone so you probably knows about the brain once but I also bring up pornography and pornography is the direct dopamine target. So there's a habitual addictive factor to pornography. In addition to the nova Christian for an aspect to that as well.

And of course the porn industry anywhere. What measures they like 30% of the Internet traffic both, but the big three yet know when you mention the pleasure center of your brain and they know how to trigger it and get you addicted, and that sort of thing. What else are are there other things we need to be aware of because I think the dopamine a lot of people have heard that but are there other ways to that they get you addicted to technology and you just have to keep going back to your phone, you have to keep going back to that game. Are there other things that they're doing that were not aware of what a lot of people aren't aware of how much data collected about us. We hear about you, don't we hear about private concern. Your know we know that, for example, you know, Facebook and Google as convent on the data. Most people don't realize vast amounts of the cost of communication that our devices are having. They know, like how how long we linger over a certain post but you know what videos we like people watch the whole thing so they know what's next, we don't show up next so they use our data you knowledge about give. By targeting the things that keep us so we whenever we open our out, we're pleasantly private. Find something that we are hoping to find there because they they know more really more about it, but we open ourselves yet were happy to see it in simultaneously creeped out.

At least that's my accent. But how do you know YouTube know that I would want to see this video that's creepy right it's ridiculous for kids.

This is what's interesting, Doug, and I'm sure you've encountered this bed for kids. Their reaction to hey listen this is going on. They know how to manipulate you and they know how to get you coming back a lot. Kids will just say so. What I don't care it's fine. I like being on social media. I like interacting with my friends.

What you say to those kids on why that addiction is bad for you and why you need to come up with ways to not be so addicted to technology group conversation there. I think for me of a Christian. It really starts with the parent letting a culture in your home about what were your what what are we, what are what are we on this planet. And so study a contact with our kids about, you know, are we here you provide free data to the biggest corporations in the street for the rest of our life that would equivalent your work be equivalent for part of a full-time job for free you looking at advertisements and employing the latest thing just because it feels good will… One part of it. Another aspect of note, if you can have a deep conversation with with no childhood pain. Most of them don't want to be tricked or lied to know so I like to work that angle as well like you to understand. Like I noticed feel good.

I know it really feels good to play the or to be on social media, but the day did you know that you're being designed to keep you that way.

And so playing that angle as part of the intentionally luring you your I think of the Tokyo no work led by his friends to go play on pleasure Island. I think it was all fun and toy term in the don't you confirm the small one imagery I have when you when you wake up one day and you spent $10,000 mastery of videogame you are still sealed the not what we want our kids to be so true.

What time wasted also is part of the equation. We waste so much time doing this. What have you really got to show for it. At the end of the day and there's also a spiritual dimension that you mention that underlies this entire thing will come back and talk about that with Doug Smith.

His book is called unintentional house screens secretly shape your desires and how you can break free. Will be back in Chama for today.

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It allows you to decide how, when and where you will access healthcare so you can make the best choice for you and your family. Starting at $199 a month for a single up to $529 a month for a family that's mom dad and all the kids. This is how healthcare should be for more information call 855-585-4237 or visit light your that's a lie to your and regain control over your healthcare costs 855-585-4237 or light your Together were changing healthcare for good. We are back on Jennifer for today. Do you ever get to the end of an hour to your smart phone and say boy that was a waste of time. Why did I been such a long time on social media today or maybe you're saying about your kids.

Well, there are reasons that you can become addicted to your screen and were talking with Doug Smith about his book that covers this subject unintentional house screens secretly shape your desires and how you can break free. Doug, you mentioned in your book. As I tease before the last break that there is a spiritual dimension that also underlies what is going on with this screen. Addiction can you talk a little bit about that was one of the really dug into it for the spiritual dimension not really spiritual warfare dimension of the things that are going on of the Christian know we we are taught the Scriptures and you modeled very many times that there is an unseen battle there is.

There are things going on about conflict, he aspect that I found is this idea that in John 1010 the that the that the devil is a liar and the father of lies become worldwide to the Fourth of July. You can trace it back to the father. What and so I look at that and I thought okay is there something in the user. The irony that the enemy of referred to the prince of the power of the air, but always trumping over the air. The more I can do more dug into it the more I thought this is not a coincidence.

Effective worldwide effects Christians and non-Christians almost note in the same rate that and it's been worth taking, as well as leading us into you that are not biblical, leading us to think not biblically leading us to not be able to utilize out five seconds to pray things like, you know how quiet moments of Europe still small voice like all these things are specifically targeted against the very thing that really make us able to walk with God on a day by day basis and not gotta be a strategy to be subdivided work well, it's not.

It's not an accident and and so III make the case in chapter 4 that I multiply bold but but I think there is a spiritual dimension to it. I think the evidence is pretty clear I think so too. Do you see that, for example, in some of the statistics that have come out about people increasingly not reading their Bibles. I mean, you mention smart phones and people take their smart phones out of church and you don't hear the pages turning the way you used to people are bringing their physical Bibles. In some cases the way they used to.

Is that part of it.

Do you see that that as your addicted to your smart phone you have less of an attention span for sitting down in many cases, and reading many pages of Scripture.

For example, in the morning. Absolutely, the attack on our attention that is tremendous.

We know Scripture for any kind of a complicated book it takes. It takes effort it takes the ability to keep a concept in your head for longer than 90 seconds of time a goldfish around it like.Nono the targeting of our of our attention span is a huge just detriment to our our ability to understand the Scriptures to pay attention to a message to to really even think clearly and not heartbreaking. There were many heartbreaking things about reliable going on.

Our inability to think clearly, really at the heart of who we are. We we are free to think our own thoughts or to your from God, then you know we lost something tremendous about who he's made us to be. That's really important points. Do you think users can evaluate themselves to see if screens have become too addictive. How do you know if you're too addicted.

What would be no some of the ways that you can evaluate that great question what happened have a questionnaire for anyone who is interested I have a website called how I am I would like for intentional know-how by and people go there, they can download my free a lot of questions about about things that you may not realize there are many ways to to look at it because most people to start aware again.

The statistics show that the average of anywhere from six to up to 12 hours a day depending on the study of engagement with media on various screen we get up for multitasking go to 12 hour figure by the book while watching TV or something of the other, you know, we didn't set out to do the so we know smartphones have come out recently without like screen time.

So in Ocala at least about level with you.

You got up how much were using it each week. You know that the other screens in our lives as well. So I really encourage people to take a deep look at deep self-evaluation and really lined out up with where you hope your life would be, but that's good. Yeah, because we're talking about screens were not just talking about the Internet or smart phones were also talking about things like TVM you say in the book you've taken cable out of your home. I think that's a great idea. We've done the same thing I want to be looking. There's so much garbage on TV. Why do I need it. Absolutely not and and again it for me.

It so much of what I'm known for saying no to. But at the end of the day it's what was that you have to know where were here for purpose God made us for a reason world very needy and there's a lot of things we should be doing besides spending know, 30, 40, 40 hours a week watching entertainment screens on one thing or another. Again, we don't set out to do that. But what we look back over our lives we go. How I wish I could've done. I wish I could've helped so-and-so I wish I could've learned that I wish I could've no the other day. I want your well done good and faithful servant. But that's what I'm here for.

So when I think about the people that that equation now that's it's a good point. So when you're talking about applying biblical practices in order to combat your screen addiction. The first one you mention is surrendering to Jesus Christ.

How does this fit. People say well I thought I was surrendered to Jesus Christ. How does that really fit with my addiction to Facebook or my addiction to twitter what you mean by that dog and keep rocking about the fundamental starting point. Biblical practices.I recommend people applying their wives to be able to walk in freedom. So we think about hereunder for me surrendered of the day by day even moment by moment because we might surrender one thing I think were good one for open, pray that really dangerous prayer Sergio God, and know my heart trying to keep there is any wicked way in the way that the pretty open prayer in their own so the thing about surrender in regard to our screens is that it's a very different conversation done the culture. Typically house which is usually around the word work. We love you the balance they balance with your technology. You know, don't know. I'm not advocating people become Amish society names, but I am advocating that the bordello is really a troublesome word because were all balanced in our own eyes on the most balanced person I know how people it also told you all y'all that are yet another offer on one or another right but but anyway all the way to his own not so the Lord took the heart so surrender story from Lord, where what role should screens have in my life and being really willing to your answer that may be a lot less you're doing right now that that's really work comes from being willing to say Lord surrender this to you. I surrender this device you I surrender, even to the point of giving it up.

If I have to depending on what people are tempted by on on various screens. They may need to take a really really long break or do something really different very countercultural right you you say that even some people shouldn't even have a smart phone, and I'm sure everybody will say well that's the other guy that's not me. I need to get rid of my smart phone that's the guy next door who has a problem with it absolutely. And yet when I want to speak about your leader go out of the room for your smart phone should have a smart phone yeah no and and again but the point of been around for years. Why have they become an extra limb become of intentional design lead you off track. So being we have to be willing to question the fate you know I'm here for you or not. For the biggest corporations in the world where word of the spit in my life and a lot of people can't help but I talk to guys especially, but try to break free from no online addiction porn or whatever and they just need to have a flip phone right now ~~tentacles from those addictions are totally no broken for you and then maybe they can introduce it with some certain boundaries around. I think that makes a lot of sense. Whether it's just fasting from a social media site for a while or deleting your counter like you say just get rid of the smart phone to get a flip phone go back to talking on the phone. I know this will send the kids not stalking on phones I can't text that now they go yeah but it really really good advice.

Again the name of the book is unintentional how screen secretly shape your desires and how you can break free by Doug Smith is been kind enough to join us today were delighted to did Doug, thank you so much. What does my honor. Thanks again, Doug appreciate your being here and God bless. Well, thank you so much for tuning into Janet effort today. As always we appreciate your being with us and will see you next time. God bless you

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