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Michael Youssef (Hope for This Present Crisis)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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April 1, 2021 4:30 am

Michael Youssef (Hope for This Present Crisis)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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April 1, 2021 4:30 am

As Christians watch our civilization decline, there's no better time to stand on the truth of God's Word and put faith ahead of fear. I'll talk it over with Leading the Way's Dr. Michael Youssef, author of the book, "Hope for This Present Crisis." And Christian professor Nicholas Meriwether has won a great court victory over his refusal to use incorrect pronouns to address transgenders. He'll join me to talk it on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that I sort of economic historian Arnold Toynbee once said civilizations die firms suicide, not by murder and if we apply that maxim to our own civilization.

The future can look very bleak indeed. And yet, only the Lord knows the future, and it's all in his hands.

You think of David in Psalm three say no Lord how many are my foes.

Many are rising against me many years saying of my soul. There is no salvation for him in God, but you oh Lord, are a shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head. My next guest assures us that despite what's been going on in our culture, of late, now is not the time for fear it is a time for faith and sorting to talk about it today with Dr. Michael Yousef, founder of the Church of the apostles.

The launching pad for his great international ministry, leading the way and he is the author of more than 30 books, including his latest, which will be discussing hope for this present crisis and so good to talk to you again Dr. Youssef how are you doing all you what you bet. It has been quite a year. I think it's hard for any of us to remember a year quite like the last one we've lifter what is your assessment basically of where our country is right now, spiritually, morally, politically, how do you see this country from a biblical perspective and and in the context of kind of the moment of crisis, wherein will promote award from an Arsenal perspective. You know I'm an immigrant.

I was born. Therefore audit over different from you, even from the people who were born here and what I consider privileged born in America doesn't matter what color of your skin. If you live in America, your American euro just.

Trust me know what the rest of the world is like. So I'm seeing from a national perspective, we seem to be the parting of the nation all all moorings were departed sure, though the latest Vista goose lesson of the population actually belonged to some sort of a church or even the religion. Yes, the book, a micro perspective will not speak about the elect of God, that is a group of people, but only God knows who they are written in the book of life events reader who my focus is on the body through short love is exhausted from sectors to repent and believe in Jesus but my focus on the focus of this book is the Bible said judgment begins in the household of God.

Psalm focusing on the horrors of the walk, culture and counsel culture critical theory that have invaded the church of Jesus Christ I understand it out there in the culture at large and politics and so forth from the subject before the phone book, but this book is speaking through the through the church of Jesus Christ, who think of these so-called evangelicals who have departed from the preaching of the one true gospel that space was once delivered and they'll preaching or walkers. Among those that are breaching social justice in the breach of all cause a false gospel. Yes and that is actually what led us to where we are often believe the dominance of this to you before the as goes the pool with so goes the pew as goes up you so goes the culture until we really all the instrument of the brought the culture through this dreadful condition wherein by this token culture will not repent until we in the church and those of us in the book with go back to the truth and upholding the truth, proclaiming the truth of the living. Amen to that. Wondering what your perspective is Dr. Youssef on why it is that the church has been so accepting and so many quarters of this woke gospel. This critical race theory progressivism cancel culture nonsense that his absolutely invaded.

As you mentioned so many of our congregations and denominations. Where have we gone wrong in terms of losing our spiritual strength and most importantly our biblical conviction on what the gospel really is and what God's word actually says we could refute this stuff and thank the Lord. A lot of quick great Christians are doing this, but not enough. Why have we been so susceptible in your opinion to these lies.

We live both culture has invaded the church and so many of the preacher is now far more concerned about his image, how they come across and with the people like them will not. What would Jesus say to them on the audience of one.

That's really the bottom line on I five moved you judging everybody I'm saying there are some who continuously faithfully preaching the gospel and I thank God for the mind of our bid of who I am and I thank God for that.

But I'll talk about those who have begun to apologize for once preaching biblical truth. Another thumbing their back on.

I'm talking about people who once preached the gospel. Now this I will you notice just for goods unhitched from the Old Testament yes talk about the folks who have one walked with Jesus and trusted Jesus for their ministry. But once they become a celebrity that takes over, that becomes the mechanism in the vehicle by which they operate very conductive ministries instead of continuing like weather started go back to Revelation. Go back to where you have fallen, and I am pleading through the pages of this book is for believers to go back to the first love go back to the truth of the gospel because once you compromise the truth of the gospel we went where we are lost, with whom, and in the so that that's the cry of my heart from the pages of this book hopeful present for this present price your rights as celebrity culture is out of control and and that's exactly what's going on when you say that Muslim thinkers this really struck me.

This is why wanted to bring it up with you. You said that Muslim thinkers you know have told you that the West is falling because of the decline of Christianity.

It's very interesting because we are facing more and more kind of soft persecution in certain ways.

You have some lawsuits here and there, you have some churches being in a kinda strong-armed in some situations, it's not nearly as bad as it is in other parts of the world, certainly, but they look upon Christians as the enemy, and Christians are problem and increasingly they want to cancel Christians in many many ways.

Have we brought that on ourselves in some way work with them. The video llama not the most women I have many friends who are really more secularists and not really major, remote one don't want to involve religion but a book about the llama's. Those people doing the thinking in the writing perfectly in your day, the ones who see no distinction between the West and Christianity Christianity that caused the West the fall morally spiritually, and therefore the vacuum is created and they are the ones they feel there are a lot of instrument to fill the vacuum to bring Islam on the sharia into the bear in the end of happening on it is happening in all Solomon your open the United States being elected into office and only have one agenda that is to say, look, the only hope the sharia implementing the sharia just ahead kill all my feeling of all this is only way to overcome the sleeves of a morality that has crept into the West so that that's a whole different group of people together was sitting there waiting to receive the the bird fall so they can jump on you.

Write your rights and I think working to see more of that in the coming days, but this is why it's so important for us to talk about what you call this seven step path to restoring a world gone mad because certainly the Lord loves his church.

He loves the world. That's why he sent his son Jesus Christ to be our Savior, to die on the cross and to rise again from the dead, so there's a lot more to talk about in terms of hope for this present crisis.

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He's out with a great new book called hope for this present crisis.

The seven step path to restoring a world gone mad. You are stressing Dr. Youssef before we went to the break that you are concerned with the elect of God and and these are the ones that only God knows for sure we know those of us who know Jesus Christ.

But there is still more to bring in before the end and we have to remember that God loves us that God does not change that God hears our prayers that there is always hope. As long as there is the Lord. What about some of these steps that you've mentioned, beginning with remembering the truth you work on those seven you look closely you see about that book in the book ended between the roof of the church.

Everything is in between with the beautification liberty and freedom and everything else about deal with it because everything has to begin with the truth. This truth is the foundational cornerstone to any edifice with OB political borrow business old church.

The church of Jesus Christ, when you depart from the truth when you have pastors departing from the absolute biblical orthodoxy is overwhelming up by the church pastor recently in both of the seizures, possible that Bob was not the word of God dwells amid that is just the latest of so many are coming out that what is my my my fear. Mark my concern immediately goes over she remember several times in the Bible you know Jesus, this compassion like sheep without a shepherd themselves sellout leave the sheep open for the wolves to come in and devour them. That's what breaks my heart and causes me some bombs even show that you need to.

That's who I'm really tried to encourage and motivate and say look you out in one of these churches you either. If you place to make a difference if you and the place to make the change. Do it if you're not then put on your knife you can get them wrong just €60 going to affect your family and got up eventually impact your love for Jesus and so the truth is, especially the truth of the gospel which now gathers five fashionable what I just reviewed and modeled mainline denominations 35 years ago or Jesus was just a way God is so big you cannot just one way to limit God's love is a limitless God of the uses gun of emotive language, nonhealing death in the evangelical church. Well, who always did, you would just have to really judge them without the 100 about his feelings hurt feelings hurt somebody's feeling as they can make them feel good to go to hell you were worried about feelings about his feelings for him much about the feelings of the Pharisees. No, not at all well again.

Maybe people have taken that admonition from that pastor you mentioned who we won't name everybody knows who it is to unhitch from the Old Testament when when people unhitch from the Bible, particularly the shepherds, as you said, who are sellouts, then it affects the congregations and and perhaps there are additional reasons why were seen church membership, falling as some of those numbers I don't know this for a fact that some of those numbers may even be tied to this problem of my height because I hear this from Christians all the time. I can't find a good church. I can't find a church that preaches the gospel and teaches the Bible faithfully what do I do. I mean, we really are in difficult times. I know you have a good 220 really got a call it like the bag got of the hot water revealed a lot of things that were hidden for quite a while.

Yes, it revealed. For example, who are believers who have a proclivity to dictatorship how the exercise that godless leadership in politics and in charge and so there are a lot of good things happen was unconcerned. Our church is more blessed of God in the last 34 years of history that we have been doing 2020 in every way of soul winning the finances.

Everything ago just God's blessing us out of our soft and I am convinced now that part of the good that happened with that the bedrock of all water is now revealing. You know to to deceive people.

Soft language to make long people thinking that there really are biblically off of awesome but not so good. A lot of good things happen as a result of that now. I believe God is beginning to separate the sheep from the goats said we need. When I see I have a ministry as you know, in the Arabic speaking world, the television station 24 seven, 300 million home school so I'm in touch with people all over the Arabic speaking world in Australia and elsewhere in Europe, there have been many countries and when I see people, young people, for national successful young people who converting to Christ, knowing that the moment they will hit the water baptism. They will be funded before you did do it with joy and tell me about it when I meet with him face-to-face in the film of the story and yet here in the past, but church in the West. If you can get a good parking space of a good seat. This I am just saying all the so I really believe that God is gathering his room the radio from every corner of the globe and I see it. Also among the true believers here in the West Fillmore dedicated up of the scene of 43 years in this country. More people are really applicable to come back in the pastors, although I don't come back you got only things to do. Now the yes JJs amen I know I know I didn't scene it was much more vigor than I might have before 2020. Please Lord, let it be today. Please please come back know you're right about that and that that is assigned that's very encouraging and I do think you're right about the remnant and end this kinda ties into what you were mentioning before. As we see the civilization going downhill and were seen at with ever-increasing speed. I would argue one of the things that you mentioned in your second step, which is restoring the soul as you mentioned, don't fear the world and its persecution. American Christians may well experience persecution in the coming days. What would you say to Christians about standing firm in the Lord Jesus Christ in whatever is ahead. But we began this year 2021 original trust for the next generation of retraining. Everyone from the children all the way to adult all what to do and I am thankful that of a bulldog favors one day thankful for the first 18 years of my life where I lived on the persecution where I lived under the cover of a solid evangelical Bible believing home, where the training was so solid.

What it means for us to stand up for the truth about the compromise withdrew from nothing except what they try to do is pursue bribery your opportunities to go ahead if you if you don't use compromise your faith. All of that I grew up with so that some training grounds growing up, and I'm hoping that I'm working on the gift that transformed this generation here in America never thought all see the day, but here we are good. How are we going in leadership is beginning to really examine this very closely how to survive under a very tyrannical anti-Christian culture.

We see the use only social media moguls who are billionaires and now they are control the leak of Mel taking over their compensable persecutors and got the media as the current government on the side so how are we to stand up and one of the main things we need to teach our children with hours and now my grandchildren is no God's approval that you really must seek above all, because this is what you going to spend the thing that it is not going to spend 78 did not not do 100 years you going to spend your forever so you want to please him, and not your future. Not your friends so that second language already told you is that basically we need to guard against false teaching you know if you're beautiful speaking account find the Bible believing church.

There is one somewhere I'm sure didn't go through the will find you. Once whenever you live in the and so we would need to be very very wrong. Well good luck years ago when I was part of the Episcopal Church about this very high government official in Georgia and again years ago and is committed and I would always get out of my grandmother was very good in the church, and so forth.

I said listen if your grandmother knows what is happening to the church she will literally get up and run out of the grace said so you know don't just sit there.

Well my denomination this much urge my father's church. My grandmother church. Well you going to be accountable for yourself. And so is very important to make decisions based on God's truth, not on what is popular and in the end. Fear is is is terrible disease and it is is really infectious very verse a highly infectious disease people really quickly and will compassion for one to one to one and so we need to understand that fear is evil spirit that wants to infect people in order to keep them ineffective for God so you basically stop feeling sorry.

God has not given us a spirit of fear but that is the love and self-control and because again I build the tunnel vested member of the eternal best because in the end that's really what matter. Amen. That's so well said Dr. you sent Dr. Michael use as a great help for this present crisis.

Thanks again for being here, Dr. Youssef God bless you how right you take care you listening to Janet this Janet met for today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today and here's your host Joe never hears an important question.

Should a university be able to force a Christian professor to use the wrong pronouns to describe gender confused individuals know according to a recent ruling that the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

The court decided in favor of Dr. Nicholas Merriweather, professor at Shawnee State University whose leadership was attempting to force him to endorse an ideology that he doesn't believe it's really a great victory in this ever-increasing showdown that were seen over so-called transgender rights and joining us now to tell us more.

Is Dr. Nicholas Meriwether and his attorney from alliance defending freedom.

Travis parent gentlemen, thank you so much for being here, Dr. Meriwether you have had a long career as I understand it at Shawnee State. This conflict over pronouns and forced ideology first began because I understand there was a student who confronted you about it correctly.

At the end of our political law require a medical approach may be demanded.

Pronouns entitled, but I basically refer to him as a woman and when I project my something a little he could do.

He went to the administration of administration discipline that my file. Yeah, it will become aggressive hand, he that's what I understand about when you wouldn't go along with his demands. He became kind of intimidating to you while he was out on the correct but the real problem was, frankly, the administration decided that I would have to obey the ideology that I would have to effectively be coerced to endorse ideology, not about the pronouns as much as it is about the ideology that I was being required to to endorse absolutely so he had filed a complaint with the University they launched a formal investigation what happened from there I mean what did they say they're doing an investigation over pronouns was what they actually told you over how I refer to a body. It was effectively again like a broken record but that I bet I would affirm ideology of gender identity as specified in University policy. Yes, I would have to do better what whether I agreed with the Bali conference. I would have to violate my academic freedom in the classroom every time you are referred to What now when you talk about University policy was a part of university policy at the time this unfolded that you had to do this endorsement of transgender ideology was that specified in University policy may be private okay the University officials interpreted the general nondiscrimination policy to require Dr. Meriwether to endorse the transgender ideology of his described the policy to be about pronouns, but we went through multiple levels of internal review and the University made it clear that if he did not further the student is a woman he did not change the way he spoke that he would be creating a hostile environment and discriminating against students… Absurd. Yeah, that is absurd and there was a compromise offered wasn't there that the University refused. Dr. Meriwether offered several compromises all or the first was that he would refer to the student, by whatever name, student chose and tried to avoid pronouns with a friend about specific student and initially the University agreed to that compromise until the student complained again and then all of a sudden I was off the table and the University in decided that Dr. Meriwether had to endorse ideology and express ideas that he supposedly were true right. Also, I think I could've bent over, I was perfectly comfortable with and the universe wouldn't have it because I didn't go far enough in endorsing the ideology that was right there right so that they put a warning in your personnel file at that point was that were kind of ended well. I got the point so that you without warning in my file. If it had happened one more, wow, so we thought we were able to file the lawsuit so that was less likely to happen. It wasn't you could still have an idea's or speak about, but with that letter and file all that had to happen was one more student complying and modify what I really can't do that and I could've been my mind could've been my position at Shawnee start yet. Now, as a Christian, obviously you're not going to endorse transgender ideology and especially not force transgender ideology fired the University's demands.

But what was your position. What did you explain to them as far as what you believe and why. As a Christian, what you believe is perfectly acceptable and they should have a they should have respected my argument. I may not like a good dog created a 3 mile I have a lot of other reason while basically you fight as a Christian I can't accept the fact that a man can be born a woman or a woman be born.

I don't violate the clear meaning of Scripture and Christian tradition going back centuries. Right. So for me to speak in a way that would apply.

I not been in violation of my conscience, in violation of my religious voyage exactly also been also been fundamentally uncompassionate student student deserves to know when people disagree with an idea that is run counter to reality and is ultimately harmful to students of Dr. Meriwether expresses his belief really saying in a very understated way. His views on this issue and in a way that somebody could hear and and and ponder on. As they move forward right set Travis in making the legal arguments. What was the basis was it First Amendment based. Was it the issue that the Sixth Circuit had mentioned of the University should not be able to force ideology upon the other views of its professors what kind attacked. Did you take in the courtroom of the University's action in punishing Dr. Meriwether violated the First Amendment and number of white been long settled that under the First Amendment. The government cannot force you say things you don't believe have gone way back to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1940s.

It's also clear in the First Amendment of the government cannot retaliate against you for expressing your beliefs and and exercising her for SpinRite but also the free exercise issue here, forcing someone to compromise your religious convictions and behave in a way that would contradict this religious belief.

Number First Amendment problems that the Sixth Circuit are recognized in his decision last Friday that give rise to this lawsuit may give the show five universities overstepped its bounds in a very egregious way right so when the six circuit made its ruling what you point to in their decision. That's encouraging me the whole thing is encouraging obviously been insane that Dr. Meriwether shouldn't of been forced to speak a message violating his beliefs.

They also open the door. As I understand it, for him to sue for damages what what of the ruling in particular was encouraging to me the entire thing and I don't mean to be trite that way.

But is it just that good of a ruling the whole thing from top to bottom it six circuit reaffirm the documented weathers First Amendment rights can be pursued. His First Amendment claims can be pursued in reaffirm that the government has no business forcing people say things they don't believe it, reaffirm that, especially at a university setting is supposed to be the marketplace of ideas. Prof. should not be punished for simply saying things that some people don't like it, reaffirm that public universities can't require professors to abandon their beliefs and this is why universe is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas and not an assembly line for one type of thought, and it reiterated that this is an important principle for everybody, whether there Prof. student heard the average citizen. Everybody has a stake in in realizing that the government cannot force you say things you don't believe it's a victory for Dr. Meriwether.

Here's been a victory for everyone, so it's fantastic. Dr. Meriwether were I you must've been overjoyed when you got that ruling near really vindicated in the courtroom and that must've felt really good and actually been quite an outpouring of support… You might be the pros are allowed to 1610 over the people disagree.

I did want to add one thing though student remained in the class for the entire semester and participated fully in what we did a great so it was made a decent contribution to the class and got a lot out of my not being unwilling to use pronouns with somehow effective is not yeah that's encouraging well so happy about this ruling, Dr. Nicholas, Meriwether and Travis bear. Thanks so much for being with us gentlemen I bless you and will be back this is Janet map or on a 100° day in Ethiopia Africa. Hundreds gathered for Sunday worship outdoors and some want an hour to be there afterward came in frantically copied Scriptures from an old Bible to a piece of paper. Then his face turned sad as he close the Bible and handed it back to his owner, one of only a few in that church to have a Bible see came and loves the Lord leads his family and his faithful and Sunday worship that he's never read a single verse in his own Bible because he doesn't own one.

Now I Bible league international to send Bibles to 1500 new believers in Africa five dollars since 150 dollars since 10 and every gift given right now will be Donald, call 800 gas word 890 S&W O RD semantic. Thank you Janet call now 800 yes hi this is Janet map or did you miss the deadline to sign up for your program. At the end of 2020. If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty health share for their healthcare needs liberty health chair is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month liberty health care gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty health you're listening to you today. Looking back, let's talk about Loudoun County, Virginia. This is the same area of the country that loves indoctrinating kids with graphics sex ed. We talked about that before out in that part of the nation and now there is a feud between Loudoun County parents over teaching critical race theory in school and this is leading to a police investigation.

It's crazy out there.

I'm telling you what it is absolutely crazy out there.

And this is from Fox by Washington listen to the story that one several parent groups are against critical race theory being implemented at Loudoun County schools. The school district says those ideas are not part of the curriculum, but this is pitted to parent groups against each other leaving. In some cases to threats I learned from a reporter that I had been put on a list in a private Facebook group and we look that was looking to expose people and hack their websites for speaking out among other things, critical race theory is governance to say even prior allowed in County parents and former spokesman for the Trump Justice Department is a group of parents from his organization allowed impairments for education have been threatened for opposing critical race theory is a set of ideas that law and institutions are inherently racist and other parents in the group like Jessica Mendez point to students being taught about concepts like white privilege and systemic racism. Their criticism has led to posts on an antiracist parents Facebook group word appears people have proposed infiltrating priors group and hacking their website. There's no evidence that's happened but now the Loudoun Sheriff's office is investigating Loudoun County Public schools is so critical race theory ideas are used in staff trainings simply a nether lack Loudoun County NAACP president Michelle Thomas says parents are mistaking efforts to promote racial equity for critical race theory. She applauds the school system for its work. We have to realize that state we had real children that continued to be in Jared, you know, because that type of insensitivity and cultural responsiveness.

Loudoun County Public schools in the Loudoun County sheriffs office tells us it is looking into whether any comments or threats made any antiracist parents Facebook group could be a crime.

Okay, first of all, did you catch that woman saying that they have children in the school district who've been injured by cultural nonresponsiveness. I don't worry folks there so critical race theory being taught here. Go back to your homes. There's nothing to see injury via cultural nonresponsiveness not is creativity at its finest, but no critical race theory here. What's funny about that particular report is they didn't get into the details as much as they should have WTO P actually did going to their new sites talking about this private parents education reform group saying that there targeted for their opposition to critical race theory education in schools. Of course they rephrase it is racial equity education. All thank you, I didn't know you were working for WTO P. Anyway, what they talk about here is the fact that one of the parents in this great Boston Levine said he's gonna last of enemies created by a group led by the marching orders of one of the school board members hey wait a minute I didn't hear that in the other Fox my report at all, but they they they were saying this at a recent school board meeting. This list included names. It included workplaces. It included where they lived and included their perceived wrongs. The board member was named Beth Bartz according to Levine and he said all of this precipitated from a call of action from Beth Bart's unintended actions. Those are forgivable, but intended consequences are not. So when they happened there should be severe punishment and this is what is leading out to this police investigation. Way to go seining at school board members targeting parents. That's just terrific. But it's racial equity education. You know what, if you're doing something positive for children if you're doing something that is genuinely educational or benefits the community benefits families usually don't have to create enemies lists that something that marks us like to do and by the way, that's exactly what you get when you start going down the road with the critical mark. Critical race theory proponents, but here's even more proof that the whole thing is ridiculous. Did you hear about this schoolteacher and Loudoun County Public schools same district. We were just talking about caught on tape telling his students that you have to see racial differences when observing people to set this up for you so you know exactly what you're listening to this is video footage that was posted online showing a Virginia Loudoun County high school teacher berating a student for not acknowledging the race of two girls that are shown in a presentation slide now since you can't see it. I'll describe it for you if there's a picture there, and there's a white girl and there's a black girl standing next to one another and this the did this exchange between this teacher and the students now caught on tape to play for you.

Listen to the skeptic just two people June will I don't believe you are being is going to send picture you want to like to speak you come out you as you know trying to say that there are two different places in the problem of race in centrist acknowledging members to people know what going for quality with all this and point out things such as the note no critical race theory here no critical race theory being taught in the school district. It also in the in the effort to get to a colorblind society, you have to acknowledge phrase even though you look at the picture of a white girl in a black girl and all you see is two people, which is presumably what they want to guess we shouldn't be looking at people and seeing them is vastly alien to ourselves whether you're white or black or Asian or what have you were all Americans a look at the picture, two girls and you say there's two girls. Why can't he say that because you're not doing it right.

If they are to stir up and file man's problems between Americans as the left is determined to do and make people hate each other across racial lines, which the left is determined to do because chaos leads to more leftist government power and that's what it's really all about.

Then you're bothering them. If you go back to a colorblind society and you say two cute little girls that bugs them because you're not being sufficiently divisive and we need to find stiffness ever going to destroy the country and remake it in the woke image. See this is why we need more of this last if this that's exactly what you should say if you see a picture of a white girl in a black girl standing together you could say those are two people challenge is that guy did, or you can say those are two cute girls they can say two people or two Americans are why do you have to see race and everything see this just points out a really really salient point and it is this all of these accusations that the left is lobbying about racism are really hard to prove her there really hard to proof, and in many cases where they are assuming that there is racial hatred. It just plain doesn't exist. So they have to go back to critical race theory, which posits that you are by definition a racist and you can't undo it. Your racist no matter what you say so, you are guilty and you can't ever be presumed innocent because you're presumed guilty. Now that's a labyrinth you can't get out of, and you're not supposed to get out of it because if you got out of it.

People might get along and remind themselves that we live in a wonderful country that has given freedoms to everybody because those are freedoms given to us by God and government has acknowledged it and this wonderful system in this wonderful Constitution and founding documents that were handed down to us, to the greatest, that this world has ever produced and its produce more prosperity and more freedom and opportunity for people around the world than anywhere else in the world and were not about to destroy our country from within by fighting amongst ourselves when we were all just getting along pretty well.

Prior to Barack Obama entering into the presidency and then fomenting some of this racial strife and go back in history and you can see exactly what happened. If you don't remember that far back. We need racial strife. We need to have love for one another and we need to accept one another, and we need to get along with one another, were all Americans and most of all we need to remind people that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that through him. There is no Jew or Greek, no male or female, no black white or Asian were all one in Christ Jesus. That's the best community of all their thing serving with us here in Janet my for today. Good to have you with us next this hour, Janet met for today has been brought to you by my leading international we want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaks open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign dollars since one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word

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