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Trump/CPAC2021 - Lina Nealon (Fighting Sexual Exploitation)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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March 1, 2021 4:30 am

Trump/CPAC2021 - Lina Nealon (Fighting Sexual Exploitation)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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March 1, 2021 4:30 am

Post-election and post-second failed impeachment, President Trump returns to the spotlight at this weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference. We'll bring you the highlights. Plus: the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's Lina Nealon joins me to expose the major institutions that are normalizing and benefiting from sexual profiteering. That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is said CPAP presidents from boy, he hasn't lost any of his momentum. I don't think and granted the crowded sea pack tends to be very, very conservative and everybody's trying to say in the media. Well, you know, of course, these crazies at sea pack would love to rob.

I'm just curious to know how many people watching at home were cheering along with the crowd when all of these things were coming out of his mouth.

Over the course of a man along with how he has the much energy to just go on and on and on but he's been doing it for obviously the last four years when he was president he would go around to all of these rallies and just has an incredible energy, especially when you compare him to the current president whose where right now I don't even know. Does anybody know if Joe Biden is in bad. I'm not really sure what's going on with unbelievable II mean and it's so funny to see the media freaking out really when they don't have truck to cover.

They don't want to do it themselves for the last four years. They have spent all of this time entertaining themselves by going after Trump and just following along anything the DNC wants them to say and do and now the trumpet is gone.

All they can still do is talk about trump and the second impeachment failed. All they can still do is talk about trump because otherwise they have to talk about Biden and he's in bed. So what you gonna say about but he's asleep. Let that let him sleep.

He has sleeping to do and we were only the most you know were only the biggest superpower in the world, but let Biden sleep because that's what 80 million people voted for right Joe Biden.

We wanted somebody who's completely sleepy and cognitively impaired to be president because that's the kind energy level that the American presidency requires. I don't think so.

But let's get into some a president trump speech he started out by saying, did you miss me ads and then you know everybody's going crazy yeah II think. After listening to the speech I think it's pretty clear millions of Americans missed him but he did make a very big announcement because many people have wondered whether or not Pres. Trump would found his own party that's been kind of going through the rumor mill for a few months in the wake of everything that's gone on with the election and the impeachment and the insanity of the left and especially the turncoats in the rhino establishment of the GOP would it be the case that Pres. Trump would try to take on a new project post presidency and actually found a new party. This is what he said One of the brave Republicans in this room will be out of the heart of the effort to oppose the radical Democrats afraid. Maybe their toxic cancel culture something new to our ears culture. I want you to know that I'm going to continue to fight right by your side.

We will not starting new parties and other Saying start written party. We have the Republican Party. I started on that was fake news.

I'm very very glad by the way, not that it surprised me that announcement, but I'm very glad to hear the president trump is taking that position because I do think that it would be a disaster if anybody tried to step tried to start 1/3 party third parties never work. First of all, you already have the organization the infrastructure the recognition of what the party stands for.

It's been a long-standing party it split the vote Sue and that's something else that he mentioned during the course of his speech. Why would you want to split the vote. You just make sure you never win again and I think he really hit on to something there when he says we have the Republican Party and boy, is that right we have the Republican Party.

One of the things that has been so significant in having president trump an office in the previous four years has been the way he has ignited the enthusiasm of the base and that has been missing for years. I don't think I've seen this kind of enthusiasm at least since Ronald Reagan was the last time that really and truly people were excited about a president in this way, a good president. I should say there's been enthusiasm for some bad presidents from people who are on the side of well let's just say the left.

They can feel the way they feel, but you know I happen to love my country.

I happen to love the United States of America and I want to see it fail and I don't want to see it crumble and I'm glad when we have a president who comes along and says God bless America and we love America because millions of us still love America to now here's president trump really digging in on Joe Biden and I have to say, it's always been the policy up until the last few years of the previous presidents, not saying anything negative about the sitting presidents, but will with that mean we can just all agree. Can't way that that rule went out the window at the behest of the Democrats because Obama came forward and said stuff about trump obviously and we had George W. Bush coming forward sometimes and making remarks and I guess that rule is gone. So Trump jumped right in.

This is To Joe Biden the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history is that they are anti-jobs anti-family anti-Borders anti-energy and women have anti-science is one short month.

We have gone from America first to America last totally right right on the money about that. That's exactly what's going on and this one really got the attention of the left. I love that Pres. Trump got onto Joe Biden for the policy of everything that is driving the equality act. In particular, the issue of transgender's men who believe their women being allowed into women's sports that this equality act. Listen to this great cut.

This is Right, Joe Biden, the Democrats are even pushing policies that would destroy women's sports broken in women's sports say that lady is record-setting shattered for years the weightlifting every ounce is like a big deal for many years. All of a sudden somebody comes along and beats it by 100 pounds young girls and women are says that they are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males such good for women is not good for women's sports which work so long and so hard to get to where they are.

The records are sued for years, even decades are now being smashed with these Spanish.

This is not change women's sports as we know it will build little that is right. Women's sports are going to end. They are good and if you don't have people who are brave enough to stand up and call a spade a spade and I was glad to see Pres. Trump saying that and it makes me really mad. Just as an aside, when I think about all of the liberals who are in evangelicalism is leaders trying to talk but also terrible Trump terrible trump really well. The house passed the equality act so good for you guys. Glad that you were trying to get evangelicals to get away from their loss of principles as you never Trump is like to say and vote for the Democrat because boy what a fireball he is and let's see he's cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and he is trying to destroy the oil and gas industry and he's opening up the borders and the transgender issue is now you know were all supposed to just accept this Aaron Gruber over at Vox. If you ever follow boxing. You know who I'm talking about here. He put out on Twitter Trump claims that trans women are biological males claims claims that there biological males. So are you really trying to say that these guys who are transgender, which by definition means switching sex is even though you can't literally do that, but you can at least be deceived into thinking that you can do it by having some kind of hormone treatment, or some kind of mutilating surgery somewhere on the East Coast somewhere California claims that trans women are biological males. I have news for you Aaron Gruber.

Trans women don't exist. Biological males who are confused about the gender exist and were trying to upend all of the culture of women's and girls sports in order to accommodate a very few confuse people you know is really confused you guys and he goes on to say the transfer phobic part of Trump C. Peck speech gets a big standing ovation. Republicans remain big on bigotry, no were big on reality. That's what were big on were big on reality, to look at a guy insight.

That's a guy like Dr. Levine. He's a guy he's a man he's a confused man but he's a man.

I don't care how long his blonde hair gets he's a man. Sorry, there's nothing you can change my mind. You can even put up a table would change my mind on the front it won't work will be coming back hi this is Janet Mefford were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Nine of 10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments and majority religions. They've never been able to read first Peter 57 cast your cares on him for he cares for you reading that promise of God means everything to you and me and now it will mean so much to these revivalist Christians in Africa.

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What are you waiting for discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4230 785-558-5237 or liberty liberty you're listening to RA rocking and rolling over at SeaTac Pres. Trump as it lasted now that he would have lost it in the short time that he's been kind of on the sidelines and boy I for one have missed hearing from them. I really have anything millions of Americans agree it's it's nice to know that there are still millions of Americans who love this country and if not given up hope and I think he's very good at railing the troops.

He did it for quite a long time yesterday. I want to get into some more of this audio than the from Pres. Trump speech talking about Joe Biden and ripping Joe Biden on the transgender issue at well-deserved ripping Joe Biden on the issue of going from America first to America lasted one short month. Totally deserved and then he went after Pres. Biden for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline also well-deserved. This is For one of his first official, which was regrettable because again I don't about energy. He never said he was going to do this you cancel the Keystone XL pipeline destroy the 8000 more than 9000 or the 11,000 jobs that you hear but 42,000. Great paying jobs on just about day one right you never talked about that during the debate is you wouldn't of gotten away with it.

Well, he would've is that you do so much of probably what was not a topic of conversation. Remember, you can only [remember that I remember that during the debates when he especially was honing in on Pennsylvania in Texas and resident Trump was trying to convince Pennsylvanians. He's going to destroy your jobs well was telling the truth was any. And I wonder how many people are looking at the rising gasoline prices at their local gas stations and going hailing… And here I thought it was good to be about equity in my gas prices are going up.

Why do you think your gasoline prices are going up figure it out, folks.

You can't try to destroy the fossil fuel industry and expect to see low gasoline prices because now I guess in the interest of climate change, we have to take all of the oil and gas and put it into vehicles and some kind of transportation methods to get the oil from other countries and bring it to the United States. Even though we could be getting it from our own land you know that would actually make sense. We went make sense on me.

Why would we want to do that now.

Joe Biden is confused and so 330 million people have to be confused along with him and praise the Lord that a lot of us are not fools something else. He honed in on Pres. Trump address the issue of what Joe Biden's position on opening the schools has been as you know, in many key areas you have kids were still not going back to schools fully Chicago public schools being one example of that. And we know why it's because the teachers unions and the fact that the Democrats are in the back pocket of the teachers unions who don't want to reopen the schools and I was glad to see Pres. Trump comment on that. This is cut five is actually bragging about the classroom education they are providing migrant children on the border while at the same time millions of American children are having their futures destroyed by Joe Biden is anti-science school closures. Think of it were educating students on the border, but our own people, children of citizens.

Citizens themselves are not getting the education that they deserve. There's no reason whatsoever why the vast majority of young Americans should not be back in school. Immediately the only reason not have that choice is because Joe Biden sold out America's children to the teachers unions. This position is morally inexcusable. You know that Joe Biden is shamefully betrayed America's youth and is cruelly keeping our children locked in their homes no reason for whatsoever. They want to get right.

It is morally inexcusable. What's really funny is trying to watch, love the vice president VP Harris.

I guess we need to call her try to giggle her way through interviews when point-blank asked by people like Savanah Guthrie on the today show is.

She was recently no really, why why aren't you opening the schools which we serious people care about kids there. Even the whole thing of the migrant kids to.

I guess the cages are back but when Joe Biden does it, it's perfectly fine and and when Obama actually is the one who instituted that entire process. That was fine, but if Trump puts kids in cages AOC has to show up on the border for crying where she now she's coming to Texas and handing out water bottles because it's been 70° here for the last week and half.

But okay, whatever.

I guess if you're a Democrat you can just get away with that kind of stuff.

Now this was probably my favorite moments in this speech, and if you didn't hear this. I'm in a play for you see can hear it in context, former Pres. Trump calling out every GOP member of the House and Senate who voted to impeach or remove him from office. This was really incredible.

Listen cut six now more than ever is the time for top strong and energetic Republican leaders who have spines of steel. We need strong leadership. We cannot have leaders who show more passion for condemning their fellow Americans that they have ever shown for standing up to Democrats, the media and the radicals want to turn into a socialist country is establishment Republicans in Washington should be spending your energy in opposing Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats said to some of them I said you know during the Obama years and during my views that the same energy on attacking them, you'd actually be successful as you do on attacking me in many cases the Democrats don't have standards like Romney little venomous as Richard Cassidy Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski's Tom Rice, South Carolina. Choosing your beauty, JB Herrera Butler, Peter Meyer, John David validate warmonger person that loves sitting on troops fighting Liz Cheney about that is states she's been censured in interstate purple numbers have dropped faster than unbelievable. And did you know that Trump already has endorsed a primary challenger to Anthony Gonzalez, one of the representatives he mentioned there.

The one from Ohio. One of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him back in January and Trump is now endorsed Max Miller who is a former White House aide challenging Gonzalez. It's crazy. He's going to do the kingmaker thing. I really do. I think he's going to go through and find a bunch people to do these primary challenges to all those people he names including Little Ben sass left at that when I really had to laugh at that one eye on every one of these people should be primary. I fully believe that now let's go back to something else. The president said about the differences between the Democrat and the GOP parties.

Quite interesting cut seven on this day for America is fast as people you see that happening is horrible the way they treat the legacy of our country.

The culture of our country. Our party is based on love from and to believe that this is an exceptional nation blessed by God provided we celebrate our rich heritage.

We honor George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, all little excerpt their long to answer. We love you we love you.

You know what these are people who love the United States and love a president in this case, a former president who will stand up and say we stand with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Of course we do. Were Americans and anybody who doesn't stand with those great founders and those great men who have made this country what it is should be ashamed of themselves when a big tacky got that into listen to cut eight. Now there is no debate because they refuse to allow our side to even speak will be heard, that I want to play because we have easy been presented today very easy victories is called common sense is called other things, we have which is a lot of tech giants like Twitter should be punished with majors whenever they silent right and what's there excellence and finally one last guts.

This is nine together in the coming years we will carry forward the torch of American liberty. We will lead the conservative movement and the Republican Party back to a totally conclusive victory and we've had tremendous victories don't ever for your help. We will take back the house. We will win the Senate Republican Pres. so I think it will be.

I think Pres. Trump is going to be too old and four years and I think he's been through enough and I think he's got a great position as the kingmaker. And why not stay tuned, not over yet.

This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by liberty, health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health today.

Here's your host Joe welcome back. One of the most disheartening realities in our culture today among many is that there is a lot of money to be made in sexual acts boy Tatian and it's not just pornographers that we need to worry about. It's also those major corporations and other kinds of entities that help normalize sexual exploitation and sometimes make a lot of money doing it.

The National Center on sexual exploitation, has just released its 2021 dirty dozen list revealing those institutions that need to be confronted on this issue said it will start to promote and uphold human dignity when that be nice to find out more about this list now from Linda Nealon, who is director of corporate and strategic initiatives for the National Center on sexual exploitation.

So good to have you with us. Linda, thanks so much for being here right now you are highlighting on this list. Obviously, a dozen mainstream institutions that you've said, facilitate, normalize and even benefit from sexual exploitation. What kinds of things are we talking about here in terms of what they are doing that is inadvisable at least and horrifying at worst. Right right where corporations can bag me when I needed not merely anodyne googol played our lack and leeward weight and were talking about child needed rate actual object he signed up for an event backtracking and how already thinking corporations doing and the company and at the core policy. Their lack of enforcement of what people are designed to help me on that creditor can easily affect children and vulnerable people, and others are writing the input structure for youth. An example where I hide the bookbinding cake which said that one of the large that on sexual abuse there is in the world just by turning a blind eye in order to protect the bottom line right so when you're talking about which let's talk about wish I had not really been familiar with this particular organization until I looked at your website, but this is actually a shopping website and app used by what about 1/2 a billion people.

This is a very big entity. Indeed, very young people all very popular and globally, and they are one of the incorporation of our working with mine and mine. Think of the parent company of hot hundred hard-core fight with me now let host images on the actual video of how actual file on court that the violin can in fact inherent in the industry for one of their advertising. We heard that line was called by the Canadian Parliament. I on many in the 90 so wish me a call and project in the porn industry that might one of the violation of without that valve on my market and in their picture showing videos on women and showered there promoting cricket thing actually actually scared, energized, and fell down. He put that together with the fact that your online be your walking in the jazz and pop the wish to add thing where women are not yelled it out there knowing you know and you know that on the video there. Put that on my faith out the hot dog back down, many of which looked like children Clarice think the reason is that you know such a top app and website that is so popular even needs to do business with my geek.

What is the motivation other, not another note, million other places where they could actually work in and do their business.

What why even associate with these people and only thing that me crying on that lately. They are making a lot of profit, when you think about that belly and billions of dollars of the porn industry January 815 million visitor in corn when you think about those number.

Unfortunately the fighting and globally that they they now that there they're going to make a profit and decided to put the half that of our people looking for big money, it's also a couple of other entities that you mention on your list is only fans and seating arrangements. I'd never heard of seeking arrangement. This is a sugar dating platform. I guess this is the thing of sugar daddies and so forth and what is going on with these particular entities that you highlighted the old Bentley remarketing without any other variations of that arrangement and collect back with held sugar attaining warm where older and older.

That way, and whopping nine are looking for younger attractive women on a very market toward college women drink holder based on the market for teachers only and that that ally and for what it actually is that it is to shed merit looking for vulnerable populations on being among the most vulnerable in terms of needs and only and really, rather than through coalbed really become known for three and so that's why canning cannot be competition. People pay a market description that materiality against the largely collapsed and died, other than the fact industry but they're very popular and well-known with young people and fellow on their your meeting tonight. Your Amazon and Google that we felt was critical that we put them on the left so you during coalbed. They are private or a corporation seeking out on the vulnerabilities that were only defendant during coronavirus again.

We want people to know what's going on with warmth and how you know the interest that the extremely harmful young people are being deaf and blind on empowerment and Ashley know anything by it breaks your heart, because when you think about college girls, for example, during coalbed and they may have lost their jobs that were helping them to put to put them through college and then these are gotta make a bargaining it's disgusting that that these people are taking advantage of these girls, who in many cases don't have a lot of options, but certainly shouldn't be selling out their souls in this kind of a way, it's it it's really exploitive obviously but you know is there any likelihood that these kinds of sites would take heed to some of the warnings when they're making so much money on. We are doing what we are calling more on our department Attorney general to be investigating down perfect and how the material being out from experience that Robert hot happening happening so openly create the market and back Up with a very quick and managed on the market now from survivors both have been plaintiff your thinking arrangement only fans on that that these things are happening on people might remember which Department of Justice down here the bill for violation of any law prohibiting affect trafficking on online platform or thing same thing happening with only fans without now I don't think it needs to look here with the public size that we can meet.

We can push on the government and forth where the other corporation with more meaningful Corporation. They really track record 100 m policy changes in Amazon like Google. We've been working with them for years and contained in large part because people like you with merit take part in this campaign we make it very easy for people at on to reach out the executive customer shareholder than any of you care. I wish that they would move given the gravity of these issues by Bethune change when the receipt from public pushback. Well, that's exactly why we want to highlight this, so people will know what's out there, a lot of parents who have kids may not know about this dirty dozen list were to come back with Linda kneeling and will get into some more of these entities that are exploiting young women doing all kinds of things they ought not to be doing will come back on Jennifer today after this many nations have no access to the desperately needed medical care. That's why mercy ships brings volunteers aboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need. We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with specialty as a volunteer nurse just like healthcare will receive so much in return. Experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid everybody right now on this at either again or they're already here.

For the second third time. What are you waiting for show mercy to someone today. I would think of more information by visiting mercy versus mercy ships.Margie/nurses in a phone list for and stated night… When a young mom faces an unplanned pregnancy. She's confused and scared society tells her that a baby is not a life and offers termination as the best solution. Pre-born sinners shine light into the darkness by offering young moms in crisis. Hope, love and life, and an ultrasound to meet their pre-born baby as soon as I get a felt welcome. That gave me the first look at maybe AV by providing a free OSHA so pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood. When you join pre-born in helping love and support young moms in crisis for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible. 855-402-2229 where there's a pre-born banner to you're listening to Joe River to use your host will I really appreciate the work of the National Center on sexual exploitation.

They are just out with their 2021 dirty dozen list revealing these institutions that need to be confronted for sexual exploitation and we talked about some of these entities and you had mentioned Linda kneeling with us, you had mentioned Linda before we went to the break about some of these you know the sum of these apps and so forth, but also these mainstream companies and some of those have major list as well.

Amazon, for example, what is the problem continuing to be with Amazon and some of the sexual exploitation that is happening due to some of the policies that they are implementing now well back out the paddling and let amount a special application and if you really want to call them out or their switch and a screening that rippled in five during coalbed now have 9.2 million users.

A lot of them are young people at very popular with I'm game or in and Ed Wright with sexual harassment on me, and child, and on not putting that proper garden faith in order to on time the finger at the children, which again is very frequent on on scratch all that only we can learn our founding hard-core pornography. A lot of it race that violated their insect means make up about 25 to 30% within 125 to 30 year look at them looking for you can get better get yelled young guy and Great Britain card and manual got daddy's little lie specially agreed that when you think that. I count our family member is actually whether or not to keep that on their platform and we keep in on their Web server with people don't know about that made the majority on Amazon, poppet, and they are holy. Hard-core pornography website, including only fans which we just talked about a lot of work, Gail, and luckily they were removed child that you need push down on you or all throughout last year and have our research revealed lack of light approved. One of the lead, not an arbitrary lead on the flight crew there hybrids. They may have an impact out there, showing that they can change on and so got a call them out on it and and and that's awesome that you doing this and it's really important because it is that pressure that makes changes what about Google Chrome books. This is another entity that you've highlighted what are they up to my mom with three of my children are in public actually think Galician chrome, but one with the we bought it for her out the back of the market Corporation on book gobbled in shipment in 2029. So much more.

And even before the 40 million units were engaged in freezing cold out and we know that countless children were harmed hard-core pornography is ending by then coalbed EI Interpol that online child location with on the horizon and it you know, and it continued to increase during coalbed, but instead I googled I need to meet her and a few features which they been calling the premier they would that are overwhelmed school district and family to try to figure out that unconscionable very easily turn on safety feature on policy adding on and now. And Howard will have to figure finger that out on your mark like appellation or in a district that doesn't have the find care googled administrative and are at greater risk of application at that as I googled providing the unsafe device of the cutting down even further with the patient, though on their really wanted highlight chrome books. In particular, just the kind of bad bet on it. They became household the fact that he got a lot more and as a mom, I had the same reaction you did when you were getting into all the details there.

They considered putting in safety features. I mean, how is that even acceptable to the schools and the school districts I mean that kinda makes me mad on that level that the schools would say oh well I guess we'll just take him is like what I understand why they need devices but come on it. It seems we can get a little bit of agreement on this basic thing that kids should not be targeted by predators when they're using these chrome books for school. It's just it's outrageous not like our man out here about the airbag in the break me know if anyone wanted to help you provide that product off the ball that jumped like a car and people all want to go to the 30 unlock it last pornography will not right, but I at that.

And hours and hours and hours make it safe when Google could do it. Yeah, that's just unreal. In another entity and wanted to get to because this kinda goes along with what you are just saying is this abs go information services.

I was not familiar with this one, but they offer online learning resources for schools and libraries what's going on one I really want. Be aware of the high on what had happened and it there in provider and they they market age-appropriate and curriculum appropriate and the Internet, library bag, all of all kinds material by word and give you a shout in the third grade.

I thank you National Geographic third grade are and yield books that are appropriate what you're learning.

The material but what we have extensive evidence that you can verify that a lot of these databases contain my going hard-core pornography versus thinking hard-core image is right in.

I was able to my third graders a lot chrome book within 3013 pornography and one in the database, said lead me to imagine that would be considered under federal law and pornography law. When you look up fashion photography and what is that on the burden on school. Will you remember material that you think is an appropriate and very easy database and database so and look hard and there often called something different. For example, North Carolina it probably why I will database and the other all the database that the feeling that it called Dell but they are, and kitchens don't know what happening district out.

Now it happening and so now we feel like holiday had worn an enormous influence in our class. Just like Google on and no one holding him accountable for lack what they're providing our children well. This is why disinformation is so great for parents to have. As you mentioned before that he does have had some real success in leading to the zero victories in getting some of these companies to change their policies and so forth.

What you say to the parents who are listening about how we can get involved in how we can really put some pressure on these companies to make the changes that are necessary to protect our kids will encourage all your let go at it there any doubt that make it very will need to change on each of them a bit more. More information you can look at that. Obviously, we need to learn everything out that when I close anyone can lay on the yard with white people very easy to take action literally with one click you can write out the email for you and everything you think you can add it if you want on going to Attorneys General going to the Department of Education going at the front of the corporation and a gal. I will yeah you need to change.

On the ride. I left shareholder I then on, so want new government did something you put that you pick your product. We also offer a lot of parents please do that that art by conversation starter for how to talk about pornography and guilt. Age appropriate and great organization that Malta may have more material on may be helpful and even things like downloadable, not everyone will pique so good. Listen, we've got to run unfortunately but again checking out dirty dozen you can read about all these entities and take action when annealing thank you so much for the great work you guys do. We really appreciate your being here to inform us about it all.

Might you have a great day


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