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J.D. Greear's Southern Baptist "Unity" Speech

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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February 26, 2021 4:00 am

J.D. Greear's Southern Baptist "Unity" Speech

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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February 26, 2021 4:00 am

Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear publicly calls out political division in his denomination, blasting "neo-Confederates" and "closet racists" even as he referenced the unity of the gospel. But what did he reveal about his views on Critical Race Theory and the spiritual state of America? We'll break it all down for you. Join us for Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

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That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is reference. Our confidence is in Christ alone is our and I am going to. Let's these cuts speak for themselves. It's been a few days since we been able to get to this particular show and what were to talk about is the recent address of Southern Baptist convention Pres. JD Greer before the SBC's executive committee. A lot of people were upset about this speech and their right to be upset about this speech, there is a lot to critique. There is a lot to weigh in on and I'm planning to do at this hour because frankly it's like he was asking us all to do it so I'm not gonna let them down. I'm gonna response and in it. In the interim order to talk about some of the issues he brings up and talk some about the conservative Baptist networks wonderful response to this address, which just came out yesterday sorting to dive into all of this, let's get into what JD Greer had to say there was a headline here at the Washington Post SBC Pres. JD Greer, God did not call Southern Baptists to save America.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be a barnburner.

Let's get into this speech from JD Greer listen to cut one. The primary reason that we partner together is to send missionaries to plant churches to train up the next generation. We are not at our core, a political activism group. Yes, we love our country. We recognize some of the unique gifts that God has given us in the Republic that we are a part of. But God has not called us to save America is called us to build the church in the spread the gospel and that is our primary mission. And I think JD Greer is kind of the anti-John Knox to member John Knox the incredible evangelist in Scotland who said he was so upset about the spiritual state of Scotland that he cried out to the Lord, give me Scotland air I die, and I've been asking this question for quite a while.

Is there any man in America who has such a burning desire to see the word of God planted into the souls of men so that they would respond in faith in Jesus Christ and come to be saved, and it would transform this nation that he would cry out, give me America or I die, why why it somehow become a sin in the world of the SBC elites to love your country and they tried to minimize that know we love our country, but you where I here to save America. You know how take John Knox over JD Greer any day because the Lord answered that prayer of John Knox and for not praying these things for our country. I don't know how the world will ever see this country come to know the Lord.

It's not a good start, but then he says what needed to change when he came on board as the SBC president was cultural in nature. This is getting as much a doctrine we want to change your mission.

The change that we needed if you want to call it that was cultural gospel doctrine and gospel mission without gospel culture is sterile and weak. According to Scripture, even deadly. The question that the Holy Spirit put on my heart for the Southern Baptist convention. When I began was and remains, are we truly are gospel people not in our doctrine on a mission yes that is clear. But are we truly gospel people in terms of the culture that goes along with that, the Pharisees who resisted resisted Jesus we know more than any other group in the world had correct doctrine. It was their spirit that Jesus said disqualified them from the kingdom of God. They were content with what the Bible said. For example, they were content with how exactly the Bible said it so they created what has come to be known as a hedge about the law conflating the traditions of men. Jesus, that with the commands of God.

They said that they believed in the sufficiency of the Scriptures.

What they demanded uniformity in word and deed beyond what the Scripture required equating again to use the words of Jesus traditions of men with the commands of God is not that there traditions were bad is not that they were devoid of wisdom were that they were incorrect. It's that they equated those traditions and that wisdom with the authority of God himself. And so Jesus said late on men's shoulders heavy burdens okay you know when he starts invoking the Pharisees that somebody's gonna get it and you can be sure that the people who are about to get it, aren't his friends, it will not be the liberal SBC elites who love critical race theory and bash conservatives with regularity and hate Donald Tron pay and go after the rubes in the South that's there were not mine. I mean that that that's their impression of people who live in the South who are conservatives, of course, that they they love the people in the South were liberals.

They are awesome. But the people in the South are conservatives you can make fun of them for their location where they live. You can just go after that and maybe we shouldn't call ourselves Southern Baptists anymore because Southern has a bad connotation.

This is the same group so he goes into a number of clips here where he talks about the Pharisees who are these Pharisees. This is Three Jesus said that the Pharisees focus on the more my new parts of the wall while ignoring the weighty parts they strained out and that he said and swallowed a camel was that look like today will mistake this very clearly as clearly as I can.

Critical race theory is an important discussion and I am all for as I hope you would be robust theological discussion about it for something as important as what biblical justice looks like in the world today. We need careful, robust Bibles open on our knees discussion, but we should mourn when closet racist and neo-confederates feel more at home in our churches then do many of our people of color, yet he really went there. He really went to closet racist who are all these closet racists who are hiding out in southern Baptist churches can you name any kids that seems like a really rotten thing to do to try to use a broad brush to just call a bunch of people in your own denomination closet racists, but you really don't have any Matthew 18 process going on. It's not like you're bringing these people before their churches and saying this man is a racist, and he's been hiding it and here's all my evidence that he's a terrible racist who needs to be brought up on church discipline that he just gets up and smears a bunch of people who are nameless and faceless as far as we know cell is in this area. This is the president of the denomination who is doing this nonsense, he cannot leave this denomination as that president fast enough in my opinion this is disgraceful and what he's doing is he spit he's talking all in the speech about unity and about gospel unity where a gospel people on a gospel mission. It's the TGC thing the Gospel coalition. We just are gospel before every noun, and it makes it sound really really really really really really really religious and self-righteous. I can't stand it because it's meaningless. It's just blather.

What is gospel mission gospel culture just speak like normal people. Will you use the biblical terminology organist spread the gospel by preaching Jesus Christ and him crucified to people who don't yet know him is it that hard to say it straightforwardly. It's just incredible. But don't worry because not all churches have these horrible horrible sinners.

And that's another point.

What he's really saying is if there closet racist in the church that they need to go. We can have centers in the church. What what what would the world think of. We had sinners in the church. We need to cast them out will actually that's not what the Bible says about people who are in sin, it says that they need to repent. Right. Don't worry though, not all churches have these evil people.

But of course JD Greer makes veiled references to knowing more than you do about it. This is cut for them to be sure.

For the vast majority of our churches.

That is not true that is not true of you and your church than praise God, but I have received emails and phone calls from people in our southern churches who do fit that description. The reality is that we in the southern bouts convention has showed had shown as much sorrow for the painful legacy that racism and discrimination has left in our country as we have passion to the crack little written critical race theory.

We probably would not be in this mess.

It's not the clarity about the dangers of critical race theory is not important.

It is, is that is Jesus that would ignore some of the weightier parts of the wall things like justice and mercy and compassion. Okay I ate what you even say to this.

He has emails and phone calls from racists which is supposed to believe him on this. Can you release all of these emails that you have from racists because we love to see them. If you make that kind of a charge is a president of a denomination you better back it up.

You better have the goods. If you start smearing Christians and calling them racist. I the emails and phone calls will pony up JD Greer where's the evidence of all of these racists in the SBC. It's a cheap shot, there's a lot more to come over to take a break will be right back to listening to Jennifer today. This is the story of a young mounting crisis who felt alone and desperate when finding out she was pregnant after meeting with the counselors at pre-born, and seeing her baby on an ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. She knew that life was the best choice laymen change completely from their lesson the first thing that I visited. It's a fact. When a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat.

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Discover more about the power of T today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or liberty T you're listening to Janet River today and no ears German welcome back JD Greer is getting himself into some hot water. He does that a lot. I'm really not to miss him when he's no longer president of the Southern Baptist convention. This guy has been the king of the dividers he really has an in the sad thing about it is a lot of people predicted this before he was brought in as president and he is lived up to every worry that people had about the kind of president he would be. He did this speech at the Southern Baptist convention's executive committee earlier this week and were playing some of what he had to say just commenting on its he was when we last heard from JD Greer. He was talking about how there are all these closet racists in the Southern Baptist convention, absent any proof whatsoever. Names, addresses, none of that. Just there racists. I have emails and phone calls many doubles down more on the Pharisee talk is very big on the Pharisees, although he failed to mention Russell Moore in that category. I guess Russell Moore is not a Pharisee. None of these elitists in the SBC or Pharisees there there some there gospel people. But what about these Pharisees listen to cut five brothers and sisters in the 1980s by God's grace we repudiated the leaven of the liberals 11 that threatened to poison the gospel believe the question is now are we going to repudiated the leaven of the Pharisees, which can choke out the gospel just as easily.

Most of you know that almost immediately after I began to lead our convention. The character assassinations and false accusations of innuendos of exaggerations began our members first and hope of a legal entity having to submit some just tell you what comes in the office. At first I was gonna turn all of us in the Calvinist who did not care about baptisms, even though I've never call myself Calvinist in our churches. Let her stay convention and baptisms for the last eight years in a row baptizing more than 7000 we launch the evangelism initiative Hoosier one in the last decade.

Our church sent out 1300 members to go plant 384 churches around the world.

Almost all of those for the international mission board of the North American Mission Board your awesome you're not at all self-righteous or not at all and any kind of Pharisee at all, it's the other guys there. The Pharisees there terrible and then he talks about the issue of homosexuality and my head just almost blew off my shoulders as I'm listening to this and in total irony. I'm listening to his and I'm can explain why. On the other side of this got this is cut six. Then I was going to soften our stance on homosexuality. Even though I publicly affirm the Denver statement and help edit the Nashville one my clarity about the sinfulness of homosexuality has been resulted as result of my being targeted by the LGBT community of Raleigh-Durham to the effect of having packages dropped off on my doorstep anonymously one filled with stories of of gay people who had committed suicide. Tell me, that was me and my family's fault I read reports online, but I was privately funded by George Soros with the agenda of steering the SBC for political liberalism. Even though our molars podcast is the only podcast to listen to every day and I regularly read the Federalist and first things a national review and consider the invitation I got by the Republican Senate so prayers, public Senators, a prayer for the Senate on the day they confirmed any 20 Barrett 31 of the greatest honors of my life master George Soros. I couldn't pick him out of a lineup by and if you sent me a check.

Trust me, I have not seen it.

Maybe if I mispronounced George Soros's name, it will throw people off the trail. What was that George Thoreau's what is even talking about and what kind of defenses that they say that there is funding going from George Soros to the Southern Baptist entities. You know I listen now molars podcast. I can't imagine why people are giving me any grief over permit bad funny I what excuses that what kind of excuse is that it's not an excuse, and on the issue of homosexuality. Let me bring you back to something from 2019. Because this was a story at the time Reformation Charlotte in a number of other outlets had reported on this there was a video captured by a Twitter user, in which JD Greer displayed a massive lack of biblical knowledge, suggesting that homosexuality is no different than being disobedient to your parents that this is the great guy who stands up against gay activists right yeah right and then he quoted Jen Wilkin, the female Bible teacher we ought to whisper about what the Bible whispers about and we ought to shout about what the Bible shouts about and the Bible appears more to whisper when it comes to sexual sin compared to the shouts about materialism and religious pride. What talk to the Lord about what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Just saying. I'm just saying. And I'm sure you guys will turn around and try to make the erroneous argument that the reason Sodom and Gomorrah really got it was because they would hospitable enough back in rigid the and it's just ridiculous. And by the way JD Greer is the one who thinks this is Gail Russell Moore is the bees knees who's a total liberal and came in with an agenda. When he took over the head of the RLC and is done nothing but divide people has done nothing but so division and what's happening him. He thinks he's great. This is Russell Moore who, along with other Southern Baptist leaders back in 2014. At that family conference that they did met behind closed doors in an evening session with gay activists, including the human rights campaign and to this day we don't know what was discussed in detail what I've heard some rumblings from people who have been there but I don't know for sure what they talked about Greer. If you're so against homosexuality.

Why do you explain to the people of the Southern Baptist convention why your body. Russell Moore was meeting behind closed doors with gay activists in 2014 and refused to let X gay Christians who were there up on the podium to speak and share their testimonies of transformation to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You know what it's just getting really old and now people he says are calling his office with questions about who he is, that it didn't sound like it's just all about him. He is a victim and then he also tries to say in the speech is not me. I am trying to be a victim. It's his interest in it doesn't bother me right whatever somebody is complaining about for minutes on end. It probably bothers them. Listen to cut seven. My office is gotten calls from people who say they've heard that on friends good friends with Nancy Pelosi that we touched each other regularly but on the Marxist, a card-carrying member of the build of the black wives movement and I fly around on a private jet paid for by cooperative program dollars on that last when I had to ask, is there such a thing are you holding out on me. Is there something that you find out in your forager presidency if you make about four listen. That's all fine result lies not pity party for me. I realize it goes with the territory, but you understand that these kinds of accusations have become the norm for many of our leaders, and the result has been a breakdown of partnerships whole segments of our convention that feel unwelcome not as worried about how it affects me personally. I worry for our future because when I talk with the next generation leaders as well as Latino and African-American brothers and Asian brothers and sisters who watch these things and do not feel at home in our convention have to think what a tragedy if we squandered our gospel in great commission legacy because of our unwillingness to be a gospel above all people. First of all, when you're making these statements about people asking whether or not you have some kind of behind-the-scenes relationship with Nancy Pelosi. Do you I've never heard that before but do you. He didn't say do notice how he just throughout the accusations and moved on and made fun of the idea of a jet and then starts talking about how you're making people of color feel unwelcome in the SBC.

Well, let's just be honest here. People who have left the SBC some of these black pastors said it was specifically because they did not like the fact that you had a number of SBC leaders being critical and repudiating critical race theory. So the reason they were there was to push critical race theory in the first place.

That was part of the reason that they wanted a place at the table was that was one of the main things and if it hadn't been, they would've left it. It is that okay.

I mean he says we need to look at critical race theory and we have to be able to critique it. Except he never really does notice that he doesn't really do it.

At least he didn't do it. In this speech. And what about the critics, so he has more to say on that. The whole subject of the critics who really seem to get under his skin. This is A flipside of the surprise.

The negative side of the surprise is how well and how dominating and health virulence are that relatively small cacophony of voices that seems bent on so we division and anger in our midst.

In fact, there have been times that I've got a glimpse of who is actually behind it and it feels like that seen in the Wizard of Oz where you know Dorothy pulls back the curtain will total sum of pulled the curtain and there you know, the Wizard of Oz just a scrawny little man with a huge microphone and you like that one is making all the noise. What I've understood is that there is a vast majority of something that is people who just want to see people brought to Jesus and want to see the gospel go around the ends of the earth, and it is often people better dominating the conversation that are not representing the Southern Baptist people, and God is put you in the as leaders in a moment like this we could say that is not what the conversation is going to be about. I'm sorry that this guy is such an unapologetic snob who cares if these people are the little people and they're just small and they're just inconsequential. Last I checked, inconsequential people in the eyes of elites still matter to Jesus Christ and every sheep in the Southern Baptist convention matters is much as every other sheep, regardless of position in the Southern Baptist convention. What is snobby, elitist thing to say.

Not only that, but do you notice how he just kinda wants to brush off criticism the way that they did back when the Clinton impeachment was taking place nobody cares about sex when America really wants is for us to get back to the work of the American people.

That's what it reminded me up. He spent so much time during this speech saying that what the that that Southern Baptist really want is for us to return to the work of the great commission. That is a dodge folks. That is a dodge.

He does not want to address actual criticism by people he doesn't like and like it or not, when you take on a position like the presidency of the Southern Baptist convention. You do have to deal with all kinds of different people, but I don't see him making any criticisms about what happened to First Baptist Church Naples, Florida what about the people there who feel unwelcome because of how that whole thing went down and they were thrown out of the church over not selecting a pastor who actually wasn't qualified to be the senior pastor of that church talk about that. He just talks about these inconsequential little people could just loud and trying to so division it's just insufferable to listen to this. This man has caused more division than any Southern Baptist president that I can remember, and I think he got on it you listening to Jennifer today. This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met Janet River today and here's your host Joe Milford, the Southern Baptist convention is a very important denomination in the United States.

It's the largest Protestant denomination. They have been one of the most faithful denominations over the last several decades, without sin, not without some need to do some self correction obviously is all churches and denominations need to do, but that denomination is in peril and you better believe it will matter for American Christianity at the Southern Baptist Church goes down and that's why this fight has been so important between the liberal elites who are now firmly at the helm of the Southern Baptist convention versus what JD Greer likes the references into the small people.

The small, loud people who are launching criticisms in all other criticisms are actually spot on JD Greer.

That's why you don't like them, and these people are just not about truth and they're not about unity you can yell about unity all day long and then when you spend the rest of your speech slamming the people you don't like.

It's really hard for me to take her calls for unity seriously, so let's go back to some of what Pres. JD Greer had to say at this SBC executive committee earlier this week he addressed the need for SBC reform but says a lot of it is based on lies and then he goes for the jugular lesson of this cut cut nine. The problem is that many of our divisions are based on 90% misunderstandings distortion often outright lies.

And it is grieved me more than you can imagine, not mainly for me because I'm ugly president a few months. I mean we grieved for many of our entity leaders and some of you who have been slandered and lied about is not what I expected us to be spending our time on is not what I ever wanted every lie weakens our resolve in getting the gospel to the nations in every moment you or me or Dr. Floyd engages in a silly argument or spends time debunking untruths is a moment that I'm not focused on the great commission that we need an attitude like Pres. George W. Bush called for 2001, we make no distinction and those committing terrorism and those who harbor terrorist all okay so conservative critics are now terrorists all fantastic that'll bring unity that I do see gospel unity flooding under the doors like a gas way to go JD Greer way to go Pete to bring bring people together in the name of Jesus Christ: terrorists, that's fantastic as Pharisees apparently wasn't a strong enough insult you had to go to terrorists, but he's a man of the gospel you now and he doesn't want to be distracted from the cause of the great commission unites it easy to love these people you don't yet know who are lost and it's harder apparently to love the people you do know who are in front of you who are critiquing you in most cases with actual evidence and there is very little accountability. It's just disgraceful and being a man of the gospel quote," he highlights how awesome it is to that the SBC is caring for the sexually abused while not really getting into this whole scandal at his own church listen to cut 10. I resolved that I will be committed to being a gospel above all leader. The gospel is the Norstar of the church.

The gospel eventually corrects her wrongs. Previous generations of Southern Baptist got things wrong grievously wrong. But the gospel eventually corrected that a few years ago we were confronted with the painful fact that many of our churches failed in giving the right response to sexual abuse.

Again, it was the gospel that corrected that. Why did we not go down the same path that many of other denominations and organizations of gold down it's because we have a gospel that shows us but Jesus cares for the vulnerable. Okay let me just say that if you go on social media. You can read all kinds of critiques about how the Southern Baptist convention has handled this caring well initiative but one of the most troubling aspects. Here is what happened with JD Greer and Brian Lorenz, Rev. Brian Lorenz preaching at the summit church in Durham and now they have gone ahead to review allegations that he mishandled a sexual abuse case. It is previous church and this just happened at the end of January so good, review it, but that he is been under fire for a long time.

JD Greer has over the issue of Brian Lorenz so what have it. The gospel solve that. Or was it twitter mobs who were so mad about it and felt so slighted by the talk on the one hand from JD Greer about sexual abuse versus the actions that were actually being taken in terms of hiring this man. It's incredible what is supposed to point this out were not supposed to find all of these inconsistencies room what about critical race theory. Let's get into this, this is JD Greer on critical race theory at 11 so the medicine leaders of issued statements in the last few months, some of which the substance of which I echoed and supported one of the painful lessons that we've learned is that we want to say and what is heard or not.

Often the same and I would just say that we should at least ask why are blanket condemnation of CRT was so devastating to our brothers and sisters of color. We at least owe them that we should commit that they should be at the table thinking through this as we go forward. We have to make clear as we evaluate ideas like CRT against the Bible and we should that we will never protect the feelings of closet racist in our midst at the expense of our brothers and sisters of color and we will fight against all forms of discrimination, both personal and structural alongside them. Okay closet racist but critical race theory is not something here.

Here's the problem that I have with what he saying on critical race there. He wants to have it both ways.

He wants to be in the club so people don't think that he's not woke enough and on the other hand, he wants to say there are problems with critical race theory side. I need to if you really believe that critical race theories on biblical you should be able to say loud and clear and you should be able to say it of anybody from any background. And guess what, it isn't biblical, it's not all biblical.

It's one of the most divisive secular theories to come along and affect the church in a very very long time.

And if you are going about with all of you. Hubba hubba hubba eight. What are you doing, how is this leadership the whole thing is this is this speech about leading in the church and any can't even get his story straight on critical race theory.

On the one hand, on the other hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, we must reach out to people who don't understand. Look, not everything can be a nice diplomatic Kumbaya session. Sometimes you actually have to take a stand. I was reading a quote not too long ago. Do you poor controversy suspect your Christianity because Christianity tends to be very clear when it comes to having to pick a side right. We have to choose to follow Jesus, which means we have to reject the world and its systems.

That is a clear break, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me. That is a clear break that you have to make when you come to know the Lord, you have a new master.

You have a new father, the father of lies is no longer your father. You now have a new father you've been adopted as an heir in Jesus Christ when you came into the family and the body of Christ.

It's a total transfer we came out of the kingdom of darkness now or in the kingdom of light. It is black and it is white and it's not that the choice of anybody who ever leads a church or denomination. I'm sure to get into controversy, but if you're to be a leader you have to pick a side and stick with it. At least we'll know where you stand out one more cut. I want to play Paul this of this cut 12. The apostle Paul was not only concerned with doctrinal precision. He was concerned to bring in the outside would bring the church together, and gospel units not met for Paul not giving some of his secondary convictions, apostolic weight or making those convictions a litmus test for fellowship both course would never deny his convictions, but he realized Romans 14 that human read Romans 14 that uniformity in some of his convictions was not as important as a gospel unified church to be very clear, I'm not talking about communicating ambiguity on things of the Scripture speak clearly on the sanctity of life and marriage. The simple dose of homosexuality. Those are things that faithful Christians cannot disagree on our consciences or captive in the use of the word of God.

I'm talking about the application of our wisdom in the various areas where the Bible speaks only indirectly at best. When we say we believe in the sufficiency of Scripture as we should. Part of that belief means refraining from attaching divine authority or making a litmus test out of things are not spelled out in Scripture are the Scripture sufficient in laying out for us the nonnegotiable for fellowship.

If so, than what we have a set of secondary criteria. I hedge about the wall that we use to determine who is in and who is out. We want to be a gospel people or a southern Republican culture people which is the more important important part of our name the Southerner, the Baptist stop kicking people who live in the South and by the way your North Carolina stop attacking people from where they live. I'm done with it bring to come back.

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We are each individually responsible for our own lives. The second thing is that we don't pool our funds. We don't put our money into a big bureaucratic blackhole and hopefully someday will be able to get somebody out of that goes with two main differences we don't spread warriors and we don't pool our funds. We are all, each individually responsible for our own healthcare and healthcare bill and we share our money whenever we need each other as it pertains to our help your bills so that's why were not insured and we couldn't be more proud. Not sure why would you say that healthcare sharing is a great option. Will it really does set people free within the confines of the community that helps you in times of need. Were here to support each other in a community and help you during those times that are unexpected and unaffordable, but you have the individual have the ability, responsibility, and the freedom to make decisions within your healthcare that pertains to you and your family. Thanks Matt more information about liberty help share is or their phone number is 855-585-4237 you're listening to Joan administered today and no peers. Janet well, you really have to be talented to turn a speech that is supposed to be about unity into one of the most divisive speeches probably ever given in recent years from a southern Baptist president. I'm speaking of JD Greer who is the president of the Southern Baptist convention, speaking recently at the executive committee and he's going a lot of flack for what he had to say we been listening to what he's been saying and he had it coming. You know you can't be the president of the SBC and say ridiculous things and expect people not to notice and comment, it's fair game. One last cut I want to play and I'm to get into this awesome statement from the conservative Baptist network reacting to JD Greer's terrible speech one last cut from JD Greer cut 13 they said to the church. Hey, would you be willing to forgo this and downplay this, even though you're right that you want to be able to eat some of it strangled that matter how it died. Would you want to forgo that for the sake of church harmony and then James said something explain the rationale that he used we ought not make it hard for Gentiles were coming to God, brothers, sisters, I wish I could write some version of that statement over the doorstep of every southern goddess church in America, we ought not make it hard for Democrats to come to Jesus.

We should make it hard for Republicans to come to Jesus or blocks or Latinos or Northerners or Southerners at the end of the day before people who puts the gospel above all, what it means is that we turn to the gospel that is been given to us and say how do we make it easy for policemen and schoolteachers because our gospel is too precious. Our mission to urge ability banks that underway now. That's what Jesus was all about making the gospel really really easy making it easy for people to come to them making you see why are you so hard on these people and telling them that you know they have to forsake everything and follow you, Lord, that anything that you should make it easier some Democrats and Republicans may not want to follow you if you make it that it's mind blowing. It is mine going to listen to this in mind way you know who he doesn't mention in there.

He says we should make it hard for Democrats to come to Jesus. We shouldn't make it hard for Republicans or for Blacks or for Southerners or or for Northerners with white semi. I'm not trying to make this a racial thing, but I think it's interesting because with all of the discussion of critical race theory and all the bashing of conservatives that is gone on over racial justice and all the stuff of the last couple of years. Think about the people at First Baptist Church in Naples being slandered as a bunch of racists because they did not actually vote in a black pastor, not because he had a certain skin color, that was not the reason it was because he didn't meet the criteria that was laid out for what the senior pastor's qualifications had to be what people you made it awfully hard for them and made them feel unwelcome and what about all the people in the southern Baptist convention who are just sick and tired of being painted as white supremacists all the time when there's no proof whatsoever that their white supremacists or all the talk of closet racism in the SBC from its own president, absent any proof.

People are tired of it and you know what I agree.

You shouldn't throw unnecessary burdens in people's way to keep them from Jesus Christ. But you have to say that about everybody across the board and look in the mirror because when I'm listening to this whole speech.

I'm not hearing anything from JD Greer. We have sent here and we leaders have send their and Russell Moore has been divisive and animal are his cause problems in Danny Aiken's cause problems in the critical race theory brought into the church and into the seminaries has been a problem. And yes, we have done this wrong.

We've done that wrong go through a whole list that has been compiled on a lot of different websites by a lot of different people go through it. If you start with repentance and maybe people listen to your criticisms. But when you stand up there and you just beat the tar out of your enemies.

People only one is for you to just go now and and and for them to talk about unity is so ironic I can't even wrap my head around it to tragedy guys. It's a tragedy.

What is happened in this denomination because these people are so self-righteous, even as they call SBC conservatives a bunch of Pharisees look in the mirror, mirror JD Greer, you and your buddies are Pharisees. It's patently obvious. Now I get to the conservative Baptist network statement because I just think it's so great. This is a response to JD Greer's address Southern Baptist convention Pres. JD Greer's needlessly divisive speech to the executive committee meeting February 22 makes painfully clear that the mission of the conservative Baptist network is more important now than ever. Amen. We join president Greer endocrine division and Pharisaism.

Indeed, those who insist that secular philosophies and fallen ideologies must be accepted as useful analytical tools have wrongly added to the word of God bringing needless division to a people that firmly believes in the sufficiency of holy Scripture. Some great luck it's true.

Totally true. Further, they say we join president Greer in repudiating closet racists and neo-Confederates who would make anyone feel unwelcome in southern Baptist churches and today there is no more culturally prevalent racism than that of critical race theory and intersection alley which require us to view all people through a racial lens, not as individuals made in the image of God and made one by the blood of the Lamb.

Amen. Amen. At standing ovation CBN way to go so well said they continue such teachings are not merely incompatible with the Baptist Faith and message is our seminary presidents have unanimously said they are inherently racist, divisive at every level, and antithetical to the gospel itself. Scripture teaches and therefore we hold that racism is evil and antithetical to the gospel anywhere. Racism, prejudice or partiality occur. We should together. Call it what Scripture calls it sin and we do conservative Baptist network steering Council member Pastor Mike Stone Road and successfully shepherded through the executive committee a constitutional amendment explicitly naming ethnic discrimination is grounds for removing a church from our convention of churches. We look forward to its second and final ratification at June's annual meeting we call on president Greer and all others who share these concerns about racism and neo-Confederacy to publicly provide specific examples of churches, he or they believe promote racism and neo-Confederate teachings CPN ops cheek or phone calls. He sets a piece calls. Don't you believe he knows there are people out there who are closet racists, neo-Confederates because he thinks course, he won't reveal them to anybody beach that the trust you got a trust and then they go on to say, we demand that such churches be removed from our southern Baptist family right it's only fair. If you have this kind of racism and Confederates advocacy then bring it to light. That's were taught to do as Christians vague generalities and nameless accusations are not sufficient in the face of such alleged evil. While we are not aware of instances of churches harboring such wickedness. We know the president of our convention would not have made a broad and baseless claim China to left, especially one that would paint the SBC in such a negative light. Before an ongoing were onlooking world. These churches should be brought under public scrutiny so that light can pierce that darkness and hate can be harbored no more exactly as we did in 2020.

We again affirm the bold missionary plan of Ronnie Floyd's vision 2025. It is at its core and acknowledgment that mankind's problem is as old as the Garden of Eden sent the solution is older than sin itself, the Lamb of God slain before the world's foundation.

The gospel is and must remain above all, this is precisely why the conservative Baptist network rejects critical race theory in our peripheral pursuit of a just society. CRT is not only lower than the gospel. It is anti-gospel. Amen. It is anti-gospel and I like that they throw this into a get to this in a second. They said the gospel message alone is able to bring that mental life and reconcile sinners to God and to one another. The accommodation of un-biblical ideology will only bring further division and render real reconciliation impossible. It is also time for Southern Baptist have honest conversations on several fronts. Our network is heard from thousands of Southern Baptist pastors and churches who are tired of condescending attitudes, diatribes, and calls for a supposed unity calls which ironically have entreated churches that share the networks concerns to leave the Southern Baptist convention know this is our southern Baptist family to and we believe it's a worthy call to partner together to stand together and to call our convention of churches to go forward but before that happens, we have to determine who we are, what were about and whether were willing to be courageous in the face of cultural accommodation and compromise.

Doctrine does matter because doctrine determines the outworking of Scripture in our churches and in our lives, holding fast the faith makes us bill assists sinners saved by grace, desiring to live for Christ. According to the inerrant sufficient and authoritative written word of God and so they conclude by saying on Monday night.

President Greer told you what he thinks of millions of Southern Baptists. In June we will have the opportunity once again to decide who we are and where we are headed as a convention will be very interesting wanted to see who the next SBC president will be in effect.

Next week I'm going to be talking to one of those candidates for the SBC presidency on the conservative side of the aisle and I'm really looking forward to it. Randy Adams can be a wonderful time to just kind of pick his brain and say what you think, and which direction you think the SBC on ahead in the future needs to be in a biblical direction, it does need to be in unified direction, but we don't ever have unity by bashing other people without any evidence and being that I need to say it again in a worm going with this. And maybe there will be a split in SBC. Maybe it's irreconcilable that we know that division sometimes need to occur so the world can see who has the truth. Pray for the SBC.

Thanks for being with us here in Jennifer

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