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Noah Weinrich (GA Senate Runoff) Allen Morris (Methodists)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 11, 2020 5:30 am

Noah Weinrich (GA Senate Runoff) Allen Morris (Methodists)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 11, 2020 5:30 am

With the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance, how are conservatives working to keep Georgia's seats red? Noah Weinrich from Heritage Action for America will bring us an update. Plus: A radical group of United Methodists have formed their own offshoot denomination, vowing to refute colonialism, white supremacy and heteronormativity. Allen O. Morris, executive director of Concerned Methodists, will weigh in on the ongoing struggle for biblical faithfulness in the Wesleyan tradition. That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone cast good to see some of Congress getting behind trumps lawsuits will see how that all plays out. But right now, an awful lot of focus needs to be on what's going on in Georgia.

A lot of people are noting that Georgia is Ground Zero for politics at the moments and the political fights between right and left is taking place in earnest to talk about that and just a little bit but I want to talk a little bit about this Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Rev. Raffaella Warnock if you had watched that debate recently between Sen. Kelly Leffler and Rafael Warnock. You saw the big distinction between those two candidates. What I find very interesting is he refers to himself as a pro-choice pastor, which is really weird to me.

This is really weird to me, and especially when you consider the abortion rate in the African-American community.

If people were thinking straight. They would understand that it's flat out genocide. It's genocide against babies of every single race and ethnicity, but especially in the black community. It's just completely out of control and it's wrong and I greatly admire wonderful black pro-life activists like LV to King and so many other people who stand up and say this is this is terrible if you care about the black community and you care about black lives start here and that's absolutely right, but he is under fire now for a video that has surfaced in fact two videos that have surfaced.

He was a youth pastor years ago at a church in Harlem and a video had surfaced of him being Fidel Castro spoke there like your thinking of people who can we bring, and I'm sure you've experienced this at your church. You know we want to bring in a guest speaker. We want to bring somebody in who will really edify the congregation may be a guest pastor who can come in maybe preach a Sunday night service or even a Sunday morning service. Maybe we want to bring in some kind of special music groups and Christian choir or something like that from out of town. They bring it Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro, who is a an absolutely murderous dictator and a million Cubans plus fled Cuba to get away from this guy because he was so so evil so you have that and then you also have Rev. Rafael Warnock in a video praising Castro and I want to play some of this for you. But before I do I want to harken back to this debate moment between Kelly Leffler and Rafael Warnock in which Warnock slams her for being rich and in a privileged and all the rest, but she is a pretty good comeback this is One Kelly Leffler's out of touch.

She's thinking about people were like her up okay with the fact that she wants to make money.

I just think you shouldn't use the People's seat to enrich yourself as the people treat the represent like to respond was like these are more lies from radical liberal Raffaella Warnock someone that has invited Fidel Castro a murderous dictator into his own church. Someone that has celebrated anti-American anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright.

He is also said that police officers are gangsters and thugs and refused to apologize for it. He said that you can't serve God and the military. He has actually made sure that we know who is in his own words.

Those are my words. Not only that, but in his writings and his teachings. He repeatedly praised Marxism as Leffler pointed out, and the redistribution of income and he refused to denounce Marxist ideology. Why does that matter well because let's recall the political ideology of Fidel Castro communist now this puts a little bit of a background into what you're going to hear next and EE again to hear exactly what Rafael Warnock thought of Fidel Castro. This was after Castro died in 2016.

Just couple of days later the Seneca to we pray for the people of Cuba. In this moment, we remember STROBEL's legacy is complex. Don't let anybody tell you a simple story like there's some legacy is complex, like America's legacy is complex. While we focus on political prisoners and curable use all the host family is more some people get slapped on Mohammed for the same crime of gold the federal prison. Then we to have all political prison because politics more than politics of race, class, since many of us have sisters and brothers who are political prison without the right to a man who was a political prison where you even begin with this. Let's walk backwards. First, do not praying to a political prisoner. Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, and he could've called down 10,000 angels to save himself, and he didn't do it and he was put up to die is a common criminal because he claimed to be God. That's what it was all about. I'm not saying there were not politics involved, but come on, pick up a Bible and read it.

Jesus was not a political prisoner walking backward on that. Comparing Castro to America by saying his legacy is complex. The way America's legacy is complex and enrages me enrages me to hear somebody compare communist Cuba to the United States of America.

The freest country. The country that is afforded the most opportunity to the black community of any nation in the world being compared to a nightmare of a communist prisoner country I meet in political prisoners in Cuba where there innocently world can you compare that to people who are in prison here in the United States not in there for being political prisoners that may happen in years to come. But it's not happening right now. You may have some false convictions and people who were sent to jail who were not guilty and DNA evidence nope finds out later that they were innocent in their freedom those those are heartbreaking cases and it's not that there is no need for political reform become on that is not comparable to all the thousands of people who died under Castro just because they would not agree with communism. I mean you can go to the Cuba archive and you can look at all the victims of Castro there over 11,000 people who are listed in that archive there so you know to compare the torture and the murder and the show trials of Castro to anything that's going on in the United States is just reprehensible. Jake Tapper the weeks before the video resurfaced conversation with Warnock about Castro.

Now listen to what he said a few weeks ago.

This is Capri center. Leffler keeps mentioning on the campaign trail, an incident from 1995 when you were a youth pastor at a New York church, which hosted a speech by Fidel Castro know you said you would nothing to do with that invitation.

Just to clarify for viewers. Did you attend the speech you understand why there are so many people who view Castro is a is a murderous tyrant and and not someone to be celebrated altering what I understand understand why Kelly Leffler tried to change the subject. I was a youth pastor I have nothing to do with the program did not make any decisions regarding the program never met the Cuban dictator and so connected to him, whose names are on the ballot, Rafael Warnock and Kelly left this race is not about anybody else. And so while she draws the time. Each of these personalities that I don't know, and seeks the endorsement of the fifth century warmonger named Attila the Hun Albee focus on healthcare. Jordan.

Good grief yet. She's trying to dodge and change the subject. Sounds to me like you're trying to hide and change the subject is you didn't walk out as the youth pastor and we all just heard that audio if you praising Castro. Here's how it followed up with the Jake Tapper and Warnock cut for. I get that this is a distraction but do understand why people would be appalled by anyone celebrating Fidel Castro will absolutely never have what I'm putting forward in this race is American value, listen, and no place other than America is my story even possible. Proud of my country and what makes me love America is that in spite of whatever challenges we have, there's always the path to readdress our concerns to make the country better. I grew up in public housing and here I am running for the United States Senate against the wealthiest member of Congress. I understand the struggles of ordinary people must what this race is about. Okay mom were supposed to ignore the fact that you compared communist Cuba to the United States, and tried to make them analogous you love this country just want to make it a little bit better. You have to compare and contrast somewhat.

These politicians say sometimes in order to delineate the truth because boy are they willing to send it when they're with a certain audience and indicate that as much with the Internet now we have a lot to come here and Janet Mefford today so stick around will be right back.

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For you see, like many of you support so please join us on December 13, 7 PM Eastern on December 13 for celebrate life life Christmas online benefit will be your listening to Joan at Medford today and know you as we know, the balance of power in the Senate will be decided on January 5 when Georgia voters decide who to send to Washington in the runoff election.

There Republican Sen. David Perdue is up against Democrat John Awsat while Republican Sen. Kelly Leffler is defending her seat against Democrat and Rev. Rafael Warnock was called himself a pro-choice pastor and the stakes are really high and as we know Georgia is also under the microscope.

In the lawsuit, the Texas is filed at the Supreme Court of the presidential election results.

The suit that's now backed up by nearly 20 other states. So what is happening on the ground in Georgia right now to mobilize conservatives and get them to the polls working to get an update from Noah Weinreich who is the press secretary for Heritage action for America. No welcome great happy with us. Thank you. The runoff of course is very very critical. What is your ground game what's going on right now in Georgia to get the vote out. The question I am actually in a neighborhood in Fulton County right now knocking on doors.

We have all him. Vonda Heritage action. Many other groups for mobilizing to tell voters in Georgia about conservative policy what to think of what we thought it and how this election really is going to decide what the next two or even six years look like in the Senate and in America.

Very good. What are some of those conservative issues that you are stressing to people are going door-to-door door top issues are socially want for people. I don't realize thought about whether there's a reason that Bernie Sanders is backing Rafael Warnock, one of the candidates on the ballot for also telling them about other issues like court pattern filibuster green new deal things that are left included candidates in Georgia have promised the path and push through infinity if they went on during work and you know folks are concerned about election integrity. Some people don't even know what should happen until we spend on people you know don't choke vote on January 5. If you decide to fit home or if you fail to register or get out the vote then you baffled for what want to do about how they're going to succeed and Chuck Schumer and felt now we take Georgia then we change the world not think that's why groups like heritage action on the ground.

Conduct millions of voters informing them of the consequences of the collection right now, you mentioned, election integrity, and of course that's become a big issue hits the issue you know involved that's involved the trump administration and pushing back so hard nationally, but this is also something that's come up in recent weeks because you've had some of the lawyers for example discourage Georgia voters from going to the polls because they can't assure election integrity.

There's been some infighting on that issue. What are you saying to people who are actually concerned about election integrity and you can understand why they have some questions but at the same time you don't want to not vote at a time like this right but have certainly been confirmed and reported by mail. There are no concerns involved the most secure system, but the truth is, no working group like a reduction or something pull supervisors sundering election workers and lawyers down to make sure the legal tradition. What about election fraud that it doesn't make a lick of a home on January the far left just last year pushed HR one through the house. Matthew close election bill, there would provide more federal control over election coming control by their democratically elected bureaucrat. It would loosen voter ID laws.

It would mandate finger registration. Things like that that would make election less secure. That's what they cure, in addition, your present trump himself on last Saturday that no matter what reporting to get out the vote on the fifth annual batch from the man himself and yeah I agree with that as well talk about the balance of power in the senates because if you have the Democrats winning both those races it would create a tie, but of course, of Biden, Harris, prevail, and that all works in their favor. Then she would be the tiebreaker so that can't be a good thing for conservatives right Biden inaugurated on June 20 and ends Republican lost boat that means that Democrats would have beheld, Harris wrote that would then be tiebreaker even if present trump of moderated lawsuits prevail, but it's important for conservatives to have a wide margin always spoke better conflict or under pressure, but you can't assume that folks like Sen. Murkowski or Collins or others like that so it's important to have the most conservative Senate possible, we would talk about Georgia firewall freedom, no matter what happens with the president. It's important to have Georgia stake was interesting. I've been looking at some polling that I haven't been able to find a lot of recent polling on these races other than the assertion that that these races are very tight. What are you hearing in that regard.

How tight are the races from from the ground there and George, are you hearing much about that how close these races are right now we are hearing of her tight, really all depends on your people decide to conservative home on or stay home for early voting for the then there were the Democrats take one or both. It's really too it's really too close to call you Perdue one in November, but you only won by no points with under 50%. Report yeah you have the quote but we're really talking voters making sure that they are informed on the policy. We think that if they are informed that they truly know what stake then do the right thing and they're going to vote for conservative policies vote against socialism your T-shirts rejection T-shirt roads. Socialism doesn't run through Georgia. We know that thought.

Don't like socially like defunding the police if they know that that's what stake not going change the game you guys had been talked about the fact that exit polls had showed the top issue for Georgia voters on the right was the economy, and second was crime and safety. Now if you're concerned about both of those things. It seems you should be very concerned about socialism and about the agenda of the left that they're becoming more brazen about Rafael Warnock in particular has come under fire in recent days for this unearthing of the video in which he was praising Fidel Castro is not having any effect on Georgia voters saying wait a second. This is getting a little out of hand. At this point, I think so and I think people are waking up to boat.

But particularly Rafael Warnock some really radical things against Warnock something military against the police conduct the subject of a new black campaign radical things. He supported some radical policy is not running as a radical use pretending like you to moderate trying to be appealed to the moderates or even conservatives of Georgia in the suburbs but when you dig in. You said some very extreme thing supported some extreme things about the site on the ground right now from the left because I've been reading about some of this and I was a group called the voter protection project is seeking to bolster seven Warnock. They spent about $1 million in the Georgia Senate. Ross is there a big disparity right now Noah between the fight between conservatives and liberals to get the message out to voters. I mean, how intense is the fight right now. Can't be there. Probably most of all, groups on both work hundred million dollars in pelicans are so far out. I'm doing Democrat about 240 million on TV about an Democrats have done about two thirds of the very important to these races that people crossed mission to her about the Abrams project in the years prior to has registered about 600,000 new voters in recent weeks. Not all that are eligible from out-of-state to young to vote will lawsuits about the factor maybe that is a lot of voters a very strong ground game and that's one of the reasons why Georgia is such a tough fight because they have on the ground, and so on states around the country. This election, things didn't go far left a lot of red because conservatives have a grounding there were knocking doors and walk is not like groups like Stacy Abrams will be organized well you know for the wrong cause, but they organized and not for the reasons why Georgia is such a tough fight right now to write and turnout is everything just like you said when you mentioned before, the poll watchers and you have some people overseen the integrity of the election. I mean, is that secured that you're going to be able to conservatives. The GOP will be able to have better access to what's going on on election night than they did during the presidential election are or what is that a sure thing. In other words, the great question back to the more people you have there better chance you have a lot harder to push people out of the room.

The one person out of the room and that's why we have people at every level will only have poll watchers, but we have poll workers.

We read, we registered hundreds of poll workers up to and through block collection another folks you covered porch out of the room.

That's all we have workers watch and attorneys whatever level we have people there. There working the polls on their watching the polls to make sure that nothing's got you happening on that if somebody is pushed out of the room or watch report something we have some volunteer attorneys working thoughts and other groups to help go through legal process to make sure that just done nothing is guaranteed, but we are working the best we can and we feel good about January very good and I hope they'll all have their cell phone cameras at the ready to come in handy during the discussion about what happened on election night very important runoff in Georgia coming up again on January 5 and we are very grateful for the hard work of a heritage Heritage action for America know why work with us you can check out not keep up the good work. Thank you so much for the update. You bad.

Thank you and will be back on Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford. Are you ready for the liberation Methodist connection. The name of a radical new denomination that has just launched and here is part of what this group which is also known as LMX says on its website. We are journeying toward a new way of being followers of Christ that refutes the imbalance of powers, principalities and privileges that has plagued Methodism colonialism white supremacy economic injustices, patriarchy, sexism, clerical is unable-ism, ageism, trans phobia and heteronormativity. Sounds fun doesn't it. As organizers said during their first online meeting correct doctrine is less important to the new denomination then correct action now course, that's a huge problem because it's just the latest development in the United Methodist Church, which has been fighting inwardly over the issue of homosexuality for many years. Now they were in fact supposed to take up a proposed plan to split the denomination in 2020. But of course cover 19 got in the way, what is this new LMX denomination indicate about the future of Methodism and what will ultimately happen to the United Methodist Church were to talk about it now with Alan O. Morris was an author and Executive Director of concerned Methodists, a ministry that affirms the Bible is God's word Christ as Lord and Orthodox Christian beliefs of their Wesley and heritage Alan it is great to have you with us again how are you doing I'm doing great great to talk with you again. Thank you. It is wonderful to talk to you as well. What do you make of this LMX group ate some of the stuff they're saying on this website. I don't even think I could make it up as a parody it so out there right well in a way not surprised. From two different dimensions. One is whatever the leaders in some of the people in the Methodist Church basically subscribe to theological liberalism, then what you do is you lose the Bible as your user guide in life is your compass and then your subject to being open to any kind of strange ideas and the second thing to reading this who we have traced the influence of liberation theology since the 1980s when it was in Latin America and when you combine both of these together, then you come up with this here what you're right about that, and I've even read that they've said while actually on the website they've said they are building on Methodist theology with different kinds of expressions of liberation theologies and of course that goes back to Catholicism in Latin America and the 50s and 60s for listeners who don't know much about liberation theology.

What is it's an and how is it kinda serving as the baseline for this LMX group.

Well, what liberation theology it tries to define the gospel in terms of a Marxist paradigm and yet we know that the gospel is centered on the fact that we are all sinners and we need to be salvation it's offered by Jesus Christ.

Liberation theology goes hand in it and that tries to speak to judge the justice that I use that." Economic just send you and all kinds of justice, and that God's kingdom can be a created here own all the earth. The class who uses class warfare two.

The so-called poor people be under under privilege class against the ruling classes you know that the rich people yes and so and so yeah it uses the dissatisfaction by some of the poor poor classes in Latin America again to just yell pit them against the leadership and those who are in the upper classes right. Some people need to understand the Marxist underpinning to this theology, which is you mentioned has been around quite a while, but it's right in line with what were seen in the culture right now. One wonders if this LMX is saying were not really about theology were about correct action. Why did they even need to be a denomination. I mean, why don't you go become part of black lives matter or join antiphon and maybe not violent but some kind of other secular group to accomplish these goals. What is it about needing to form a denomination to do these things. It doesn't seem like God really has much to do with any of it. Well, it really doesn't and we know that Satan is the author of confusion, but I believe at this time in the history of our United Methodist Church and how were going through a period of transition and possible separation in the coming year or two that it it just provides fertile ground for creation of a new quote denomination like this and so I can see how that this would give the atmosphere in our denomination would have spawned a movement such as this makes total sense and I want to get into that going back to some of what they've said here. This LMX group on the website if they they said they seek to embrace the full participation of all who are living out their God-given identities and expressions including people of all gender expressions. That's not God-given sexual identities, races and ethnicities mental and physical abilities, but then when you go through this list of who they're inviting to have full participation with them. They mentioned things like of course the gender stuff, the LGBT stuff, but they mention other things like housing status, whether or not your monogamous or nonmonogamous. That doesn't matter to them. Your hair color. I'm not really sure why that would matter and another thing that I hadn't seen mentioned previously, but in a denominational statement is your use of drugs so apparently Alex doesn't care if you're using drugs, presumably illegal drugs, and you know will welcome you and will just embrace you, this is madness. I don't know what could possibly come of this will. I don't either getting back to what I said earlier about when you lose.

The Bible is your authority, and that that's accomplish in life is like you're all in the ocean and ship by year of the Dinner of the pilot and then you take your compass and throw it overboard, and you are going to get all cracked and seeing some of this, it is not surprising, but it really basically be makes the question because it does not see as sinful human beings. And again, and it does not see the fact that that we all need redemption know we all fall short. But we are individuals and were all called to account yes yes that's a good point going back to the Marxist school of thought that really kinda divides people else's likes the idea of the collective rather than the individual ego something else.

This Rev. Althea Spencer Miller who I guess is heading up this LMX.

One of the stories about her quoted her as saying that God was there in the seeds of the movement. John Wesley started and she added.

We are each square, strange fruit. John Wesley would've had to say about that. Well, we know exactly what you would say is if she had included herself in the Wesley and movement very soon, she would have found out that John Wesley would have excluded her from the Wesley and movement. John would not have wanted her to be associated with it. In any regard, and also to its one thing that jumped out at me was quote which is taught but the Holy Spirit is driving our decision to launch the elements LMX at this moment and we are following her call. Well, the Holy Spirit is is a is a him and the fact that he again is is you putting that on all their does not surprise me. It harks back to something that happened in the early 1990s. At the reimagining conference when basically you had a group of Methodist and and Presbyterians, liberal Presbyterians who came up with the idea of goddess worship. Yes, worshiping the goddess will be a member and then that we get done kind of extensive study of that and then it branched out not just Sophia but other goddess is well as well and when you actually look at some of the speakers were talking about.

They were talking about how basically opening opening up sexual practiced all kinds of people to include those with animals yeah and and it is just so so far all the mark that is second. It really is you and you know what this everything old is new again. It's just amazing to see this kind of paganism in this old I Marxist ideology coming back in our own day when it's been so roundly debunked and diffused over the years people have done a great job like you and doing Christian apologetics and and showing people. Why is completely un-biblical that again. This harkens back to the whole issue of what's going on in the United Methodist Church were taught more with Alan Elmore's may come back on Janet Mefford today don't go away. This is Janet Mefford and I'm joined today by Matt Ballis with liberty help share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry liberty. Healthcare is all about. Here is a network of men and women and children all across the country who voluntarily share medical bills with one another, we do so without the advent of any kind of government program or third-party insurance.

We are voluntarily sharing medical bills with one another what you would normally to do with people whenever you have a situation that was unexpected and unaffordable.

Your friends and family and community that you would turn to were a group of people share each other's medical bills with one another is liberty help share respect your conscience as a Christian will.

As Christians, we are very much pro-life and as an organization we respect that as well so you can be rest assured that you are a part of liberty help share the love of your sure about going towards things that would violate your conscience, so we would never contribute or share money in something that would result in the end about abortion or go towards an abortifacient drug that's not who we are at all because we know that's not you are is liberty healthcare affordable. A lot of people seem to think so. That's a big part of what what were about you, but if you moral add expense or to have backdoor pricing on a lot of healthcare bills and fill with liberty culture. We've done all we can do to make the Christian tradition of healthcare sharing available and affordable to all. Thanks Matt more information about liberty healthcare is available at liberty help that's liberty or their phone number is 855-585-4237 that's 855-585-4237 you're listening to Janet Mefford today and it really is true that when you leave the foundation of God's holy word. Anything can happen. And it seems to be that anything can happen in this liberation Methodist connection. It's the new denomination that is spun off from the United Methodist Church in light of all the discussions that have been going on about sexuality, and the LGBT agenda Alan Morris is with us.

He is the executive director of concerns Methodist. Let's talk a little bit about where the United Methodist Church is right now because I know Kobe 19 got in the way of your 2020 conference. Where do things stand right now on splinting and on the whole issue of sexuality bring us up to speed a little bit on on everything that's been going on with the UMC and and where you think everything is headed right now where I can answer your last question.

Early on, where I think everything is. And I think that going into the general conference starting August 29 in Minneapolis. It's going to be headed into turmoil and chaos and even though they are going into the 2019. General conference and there was a big battle. It was fall. Fortunately, the traditional plan one out. Then we forestall different plans that were proposed brand but traditional plan did win out, thankfully, but since stand though of people from both sides, leaders from both sides have recognized that we cannot continue this fighting forever, and so they came together and formed what was called away protocol to basically divide up the United Methodist Church and and now that that has several provisions. I'll go through some of them but I will say upfront that we do not agree with this but this is one of the plans going into general conference, but that one is it there's going to be a post separation of United Methodist Church. The liberals will basically keep the name of the Methodist Church and evangelicals will be free to leave. They can do so on a conference basis by a vote of 57%. The conferences overseas will be able to do so, but they have to have a super majority of 66% two thirds and then individual churches can leave the United Methodist Church. If they choose to were working with one or two churches.

Right now they're in the process of doing that and then now there will be activation of some of the assets are about $120 million in liquid assets will stay with the United Methodist Church and a 25 million will be given to the evangelical or the traditional wing that will be splitting off and forming another Methodist Church and so HR conference can choose which branch they want to be aligned with is that we do not support this. But that is one of the plans it's on the table right now predict going into general conferences is that it will be a donnybrook and it will be anybody to guess as to what will come out in the end I think something like this may result is that we know we don't support that now and why does the liberals get to keep the name. Why do evangelicals always have to be the one to leave. That seems to be that the norm when you have, you know all this turmoil in some of these mainline denominations. It's always the people who want to stand on the foundation of the Bible who end up seeming to leave love and that's exactly our point on the way and that was one point that we very very much opposed because we have monitored this battle for about the last 30 years in and out starting. We have won the battle every four years every four years, we have a worldwide meeting called the general conference word.delegates come from all over the world. It lasts for about 12 days and they decide these issues, but always the other side tries to overturn our stand against homosexual practice and I've seen the boat against it as high as 82% and the lowest prior to the 2019 general conference. But the Lord's vote was 61% union support traditional marriage that's that's a hefty majority.

I mean, it really is an and just to refresh people's memories in 2019. That was when the delegates as you mentioned, this plan that you know what went down in 2019. The delegates had voted against allowing the United Methodist Church to ordain LGBT clergy or to perform same-sex marriages. That was a big win but there was a lot of screaming and yelling from the liberals after that. One thing I had read Alan that I wanted to ask you about is I had read in one of the more liberal religious news service stories that this November 5 statement came out from the United Methodist bishops in Africa saying they intend to make their own choices regarding the church's future and I know previously the traditionalists in the United States were very much in alignment with the African United Methodist on the issue of marriage and sexuality, and ordination and all the rest of it is that indicate any sort of split between the African bishops in the traditionalists in the United States are or how do you read that whole statement that came out right well I read it in one of two ways.

First of all some of the bishops and now we know that the liberals tried you there very adept at doing this.

It basically just doing what they can to win other people know by Monier Faber, whatever.

And now we do believe that possibly some of the African bishops may have been influenced you in some ways like that.

But the average African is very much against this type of practice. It is just so outside their norm so we know that there is that there may be a a a split a very small separation between some of the African bishops and the traditionalists but also to we know that there is a a a split between some of the bishops in their own people. With this having said that, when were talking about the bishops of the majority of the bishops in the United States support the LGBT Q agenda. Yeah it's it and it's really a shame it is.

It is, but that's kind that's kind of the thing that's going on in other parts of you know the church world the Protestant church world evangelical churches are wrestling with this you have this problem in the Presbyterian Church in America, which is been a conservative denomination in there and they have all kinds of problems with the LGBT issue an enemy. This goes back as you said Alan so so well. It's about the Bible and and you just wonder why we keep seeing this kind of problem again and again and again after all these years that you spent on renewal and trying to call United Methodist back to God's word. What you say to the people in your denomination, who have drifted away from the Bible.

Well, really, I would start exactly with with that that that God is not change his standards do not change and the one of the several of the books that I have author includes a section on that that they have the last words of people who are Christians and who are not Christian and it's very stark whenever people are dying without Christ dying in Shannon and so I would know really what we need in the Methodist Church more than anything else is reliable.

What we need is and I have said this in one of the books that I had all third called it the crossroads and we we raised the point we say it pretty hard could it be that some United Methodist laypeople will be going to hell and then do we believe that some United Methodist pastors will be going to hell in a do we believe is some United Methodist bishops are going to help you we say it very hard but I know this is something it needs to be said and then we answer the question, yes we do is just there looking at the pronouncements and the actions that's what we see what needs to happen is every single person needs to recognize we are all sinners will all fall and that we do not have an accurate view of God told me that she has to say.

We all need to repent and we need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as well and you come back to the original Methodists obviously and it was all about loneliness. I mean I just imagine what the westerlies would think as we mentioned before, if they could be, you know, in our own day in the flashback on earth and see what's going on in the Methodist name. I mean that.

That's part and parcel of revival is and it's bringing you know people back to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Belief in the gospel and the pursuit of holiness that that's the normal Christian life and go back to the way they were very, very big on accountability yes is that we expect to attend to class meeting once a week and you click, you could be asked the hard questions. Yeah, that's right. Well, it's just important for people to pray for you and the rest of the Christians were still there in the United Methodist Church trying to pray and work for renewal and if the church does split. Then you continue to be faithful to the Lord, obviously, but will keep a close eye and what's going on. Alan appreciate everything you do. You can check out the concern Methodists Alan Morris with us and God bless you, thank you so much for being with us and giving us all the scoop on the United Methodist Church today. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you so much God bless you Alan and we appreciate your listening to Janet Mefford today as we do every day. Thank you so much and will see you next time

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