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Jay Richards (COVID-19) Tyler Langhofer (Religious Speech)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 11, 2020 5:30 am

Jay Richards (COVID-19) Tyler Langhofer (Religious Speech)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 11, 2020 5:30 am

How did the tyranny of experts turn the COVID-19 pandemic into a catastrophe? Dr. Jay Richards stops by to talk about it and his book, "The Price of Panic." Plus: Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a federal lawsuit to allow an elementary school girl to wear a "Jesus Loves Me" face mask to school. Attorney Tyson Langhofer joins me to discuss. That's on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by liberty health sheer liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty is Janet River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone. God says that soil is an is now the global trials of a covered 19 vaccine have proven the 90% effective, raising hopes that the end of the pandemic could be near Pfizer is expected to apply later this month for emergency use FDA approval on it, but there are still a lot of questions that remain to be answered because experts during this pandemic have raised and quashed hopes on a lot of fronts and they have made some truly terrible recommendations along the way. Just ask your small business owner neighbor who had to close his doors because of all the lockdowns while we are not out of the woods yet, but it is time to examine the human cost of the covered 19 pandemic response which as you know has been significant and here to do that today is Dr. Jay Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute research assistant professor in the Bush school of business at the Catholic University of America and co-author of the book will be discussing called the price of panic how the tyranny of experts turn the pandemic into a catastrophe. Dr. Richard so good to have you here. How are you doing yet you see this coronavirus panic wasn't so much inspired by the deaths that we all saw all around us, but by the World Health Organization favoring that flawed model from the Imperial College London.

Can you tell people about that because I think that's kind of been lost along the way to remember in March we hadn't had actual bill that were called actually looked up a few hundred three large figure prominently compared to the flu, but what happened drew college one model model predictive model based upon the assumption but you put into it came out in late March, the director of the World Health Organization glommed onto it doctor and the doctor glommed onto an numbered 40 million people died 2.2 million Americans would die unless we walked down the economy Dr. Boucher explicitly told Tron present from voyeur wind what those numbers at what data.

By definition a projection of what would happen if we didn't locked on within a couple of weeks and realize the models based on both assumption and parental fungal infection totality rate. The bug was about 3.4%, which made it worse than the Spanish flu pandemic of a century ago what we now know that that's nowhere near the most calibrated, you will .6% so well over 10 times over estimate the bug was middle of the policy prescription was long. All that got fed into motion based on the response from the projections whether the actual evidence that was before you are totally right about that. In fact, I was looking at some of the latest stats and I found that 10.2 million cases have been found in the United States, 239,000 death so that means roughly 10 million people have recovered and yet were still in this whole pandemic thing talking about more shutdowns national mass mandates under Pres. Biden. I mean what what is giving here because it was supposed to be 15 days to slow the spread and that is kinda went the way of the horse and carriage. I guess the argument was stopped by reflective for a long time, but maybe you can slow it down for couple weeks so that we don't overwhelm healthcare. Whatever you think, that sounded plausible time last two weeks we have been realized. The same number of people people. But remember that flattening the current image of the same area under both current drive you to slow it down a little bit.

We argument we shifted to know now will stay locked out in order to the board from spreading. Our November until the news broke yesterday I got bored waiting filters back to the problem is one that was never any evidence of population wide lockdowns actually work to do what you're supposed to do. What do into as we point out the book we analyze walked down against the other states and other countries and there's no evidence that the government impose lockdowns actually made a difference. Until this point, it's really just kind of anti-evidence to still be talking about America block totally right about that because you had states like California that were very totalitarian in my estimation, and yet the mass mandates that they were doing in the shutdowns they were doing longer than some other states didn't seem to quell their rising cases know exactly about the irony, of course, people in one state to another. Look at all the state.

All the countries and compare them with the walked out the irony is that if anything is a strong correlation.

The more lockdown were the worst but the toll number not called consul. Nevertheless, you actually are looking for evidence that the lockdowns help reduce the case curves your desk. There's absolutely no evidence right so after we saw the 15 days come and go where we were to slow the spread and keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. People got nervous is I'm recalling because you saw the numbers of cases going up bringing us to a spot where it seems like were almost more worried about Kay's stomach, then we are about pandemic. If you just look at the stance on the deaths right now are doing well over a million every single day of the United States over the story to be told about the wild. The problem is testing a million people a day.

The virus is still out there you're going to get a lot of positive and what we've done is the medias redefine positive test just to be people that were sick and symptomatic went to the doctor the hospital makeup tested will not were just calling mostly asymptomatic positive counsel calling them cases and that's what were focused on rather than focusing on what were the actual are being caused by what we should be okay now. So when were talking about the tyranny of experts. A lot of people have been very critical of Dr. found she, for example, for having changed his story on things like masks and there is a picture of him sitting in a baseball field stands with the mascots we can adopt while the rest of us are walking around of these things on our faces.

What was the role of experts in botching this whole thing. They played the role. In fact I would say okay look evenly dispersed People's Republic of China get out of covering up what was happening under the blame to what we call it. Experts the problem is not expertise, public health officials who have are in positions where they can advise Pres. and Prime Minister Barrow lion share of the blame and frankly media and social media which aided the widescale panic so that Americans according to a poll in July.

Americans guessed that 9% of the population had died. 19 the right answer 0.06% so American.

Think of 150 times more deadly than it actually is. Get that impression. Not reading pub that they got that from the media.

Well that's exactly right. And that's where a lot of people just get their information as they just look on their smart phone, and then they look look at whatever accounts they're following and then that's what they believe, but that's problematic isn't because when were seen more and more of this moving toward a one message media. That's a scary thing for the country because it's getting more difficult for people to hear alternative explanations which actually may be truer than what they're reading right at me. I have to tell you, in some ways my own political perspective shifted a bit but I was working on this book realized unchecked power. You really do social media giant big tech giants they officially control the flow of information and as a result of the word living through the first planet wide social contagion which was very much amplified by social media reported scientific debate.

Social media drives decided that there they're going to call you will thousand strikes based on whoever they happen to prefer never any agreement about walked out among actual client beginning.

But unless you knew how to do research already on life you would know that you just assume that whatever Dr. couch you think you won the gold medal. I just listen to what he said not how client that's not how science works and it's very disturbing to think that Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg think they are so brilliant that they can discern what is misinformation and what isn't, which is in large measure really determined more by political preference. It would seem, then actual data so weird you know about the great duration of a couple months ago a group of 5000s of them out. You happen to come out the same week. Our book came out more or less the same thing that we did with no evidence lockdowns work with focus on the high risk population of elderly nursing home marginalized. It's crazy working to get a break will be back with Dr. Jay Richards, the price of his his book and will return after their son Janet after today. What's it like when a pregnant mom sees her baby for the first time this little debate wasn't really in the plan for this young mom after seeing a halo on her baby on ultrasound at a pre-born center. She was still leaning towards abortion just felt God's arms around me and is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country. Ultrasound save lives which you join with pre-born in helping moms to choose life for $140 you can help rescue five babies lives and now through a matching gift. Your gift is doubled rescuing 10 babies lives to donate, call 855402 baby 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 open enrollment is here and choosing a healthcare program is an important decision for you and your family as a member of liberty held shares your part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up now with membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. You can find out that's liberty liberty you're listening to Medford today and no, thank you for joining us, Dr. Jay Richards is here research assistant professor in the school of business at the Catholic University of America and co-author of the price of panic how the tyranny of experts turned a pandemic into a catastrophe and you are mentioning this great Barrington declaration that has been modified, shall we state by big track the power of the oligarchs to be able to shut down misinformation as they call it.

Others of us would call it good information that we need to have to really adequately respond to this pandemic.

But you think two of the doctors who assembled on the steps in Washington and they've been they've been marginalized as well. They've been shut down, and they've had videos removed off I think was YouTube, and so forth.

What is the motivation here is it really about health when you when you see those sorts of things taking place undermined. I probably about health. But what really about the control of actually imagine that there helping things. But the reality no one knows. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg is expert in epidemiology and so what Ackley did they think they're doing what you I like most of what happened people's motives or sincere, it doesn't mean that what they're doing is not utterly devastating and destructive and I think that's the real problem in honestly every night. I realize that Bill allowed this regulatory privilege. They have local section 230 of the research treated for regulatory purposes as if there neutral platform but they have started acting very much like publishers with very specific political point of view is actually very hard now for other companies to compete with them.

I also think that provision removed treated like publishers either decide if you know would rather be neutral platforms and cut it out with her. Keep doing this and then actually I think real competitors could rise up your people still want digital platform.

Right now we don't have it. Why did the edge of these guys. Frankly, having so much power over the flow of information that it will be impossible to stop this well and here's another point in all of this when you look at how some of these governors responded and it did kind of vary between red and blue states. But you see, for example, what happened with the Orthodox Jews in New York last year, acting like a total you know, not job going after the Orthodox Jews because they wouldn't cover up with masks, etc. he was out there celebrating the Biden presidency hello what what is going on with that and then you had over in California you have Gavin Newsom allowing abortion clinics in liquor stores remain open, but boy those churches better stay closed. So that's when people get suspicious and say which of this is just pure politics when it comes down to it for some of these guys that is basically politics but not actually from here look at.

You're walking up with you and you're happy you know with the crowd cheering champagne in the street that just a fundamental lack of clarity that kids were talking about you were talking about politician you were here anyway.

I live in Washington walking around the streets that fully half of the of the American public genuinely terrified. Their fault really can't be an expert on the real damage because half the population think all of their fellow Americans are potentially going to kill them with bias virus Theory of social caution that something as a group. It would take a while unfortunately got wind know you're right about that someone were talking about turning this pandemic into a catastrophe. At what point do you believe that occurred because clearly we sightseeing thousands of businesses go under because of these lockdowns can you speak to that issue a bit earlier. I think I'm inclined to be forgiving for the actions that happened in February and March. You know, we didn't really know what happening. We really just two weeks that would been a significant cost but would not of done the damage the lockdowns John help that first three months of lockdowns, we estimate that the lockdowns cost about $1 trillion a month to the US economy you have to caught $1 million, a huge amount. The money is not the point point is that human well-being and prosperity of the job went we think probably about 75,000 or so there is a result lockdowns of suicide, alcohol, drug overdoses, probably about thousand new cancer screenings just in the three months of the first three months of the lockdowns encountering things like stroke all other illnesses that were out there that are socially getting because we closed the hospital opening up for the plug never really happened very quickly get to the point in which you actually cause more death from the lockdowns been or actually killed from the coronavirus itself and that's just the very definition of terrible public policy.

When you do as much or more damage from the responsible thing responding to yeah it was terrible what happened, I think working to be talking about it for years thing that comes to mind is something that's increasingly being discussed, you have the world economic forum come out a little while ago talking about the great reset and this is an opportunity in the age of code 19 that we can recalibrate the world economy and blah blah blah.

I mean, this is global governance stuff and it was freaking a lot of people out. What is your take on that real on the book early summer and I started hearing about the complex.

You should get a self published book of gun show or tell think it will Google it you click a couple of one thing for a few opportunists the sale. Now here's our opportunity for growth, but that there would actually be the plan for the world economic forum fundamentally orders human existence, absently terrifying to think that you can't quite quantify but you quantify the value of the fundamental loss of freedom, both in your country and around the world. That's why I so opposed language of getting used to a new normal conclusion of the book of what we wanted to fight against the brave new normal, which is what we think that's good. But, of course, if Joe Biden does get sworn in as president.

Right now it's kind of up in the air. What's can happen with the election, but he has all kinds of draconian ideals. What he's talking about making a kind of a new normal. People are going to have to accept facemasks.

What drives me crazy about that is that even the CDC and the WHO have been very clear about the kinds of masks that really don't work and they don't really protect you.

They talk about the validity of the and 95 masks. If you have symptoms, you know that there is science to be had on this. Why are we all capitulating to this idea that if we wear these net orders for the things you can buy for $0.99 at the grocery store that's good to be the difference between life and death, a new contracting code 19 I mean now what are your thoughts on the whole mass mandate situation really ridiculous authority constitutionally to build the idea that we just call the word now mandate doubt it. You look at the literature on that which is expensive as you said you properly and 95 Matthew don't have a beard. It doesn't have a valve on it clean. Then it will probably reduce transmission, but almost everything that everybody actually doing makes almost no difference in the world health organization generally on messaging was terrible, but not really make people aware about so many think that you have to do right for to really make a difference, I think, honestly, at this point, mostly it's just sort of a visible sign of comply.

Once authority issued mandates that a very hard time unwinding it, but honestly Janet as long as the population complies it will go on the population is like not comply.

It will end well and you look at the survival rates of coronavirus which we arty touched on a few minutes ago and you think to yourself, how does this ends though because we're never gonna get rid of the flu, and we all just go on with our lives.

Some people get shot. Some people don't. Do you see this vaccine.

If this actually becomes a reality being something that will begin to be mandated on the population because that's the next worry a lot of people have. It will be and let you know. Everyone change their argument. I can absolutely be I'm sitting mostly be great.

If there's a 90% effective back being perfectly sacred one to take. But there's never been an FDA approved vaccine in history for any coronavirus so really serious obstacles overcome with the course of interest to you.

Being an open mind, but I absolutely think will get a mandate for most people. So little risk that it just wouldn't probably even be rational to get a vaccine unless you're compelled to do it. In fact, I was talking to an epidemiologist, I know who is saying eat, even if you do exactly what you just say coronavirus's are going to be here but but really what you want to do is be protecting the most vulnerable population so the elderly, like we do with pneumonia and the flu and things like that but doesn't seem like they're really being logical about this in the question I have, beyond that is yet this is hardly the black plague. We mourn every death, certainly, but this is not the black plague, where millions of people are dropping dead. The instant they contract the virus. What happens if we actually do get to a point where we really do have a black plague situation, people are to be so fed up with being massed in lockdown with a even comply if there were truly serious virus much more serious than code 19. Probably one of the greatest cost of what we've gone through what caused the danger with the public health emergencies. You don't want the boy that cried wolf problem right time.

Okay well let's comply but remember looking around he realized this is not what they told then all the sudden we get something that is truly devastating. A lot of people are going to be justifiably skeptical about why public health responses should always be calibrated to be real danger involved going to do that you hold your cards with respect to public health emergency really disappointed for portable know what what you think is the answer on combating the new normal that a lot of people want to impose on us. I think the answer to all of us wake up and realize what actually happening. I think once a critical mass of the population realized that I don't think ogres are willing to force 10,000 people into jail and not going to happen, we need to have a rational conversation about the real risk is a policy life absolutely to be focusing on those people that are most at risk. It turns out, the people most at risk. Also least likely to be in school and least likely to be working. Let the people that are working to get back to normal life and their local knowledge and I think that's very wise Dr. Jay Richards, the price of panic great looking great to talk to you again, Dr. Richard, thanks so much for being here.

You take care this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health liberty health is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty health Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford centering this pandemic.

You may have noticed that the facemasks are getting more creative and sometimes more colorful people or even putting messages on the facemasks which is their First Amendment right so why can't a third-grader wear a face mask to school that says Jesus loves me Lydia Booth school district in Mississippi said she couldn't wear it and now lines defending freedom has filed suit to reinstate her First Amendment rights were to get more details now from Tyson Lang Hoffer, senior counsel and director of the Center for academic freedom with alliance defending freedom, Tyson. Great to have you with us and tell us a little bit about Lydia and her situation with the facemask. What happened here that Lydia nine-year-old third-grader at Benton Central school in. She's been going to class and wearing a mate facemask as required by the school in an throughout most of the semester. Up to this time she had worn a facemask numerous times with that lovely message on Lydia loves Jesus and wants to be a a missionary and tell people about she wanted to wear that math and she thinking about it because many other students were wearing masks with messages on them, and that sports logos and things like that and but one day couple weeks ago. Her teacher told her that she could no longer wear that math because school prohibited religious messages. Brother would today have any sort of mass policy in place when the kids went back to school that would tell them up front. You can do this, you can wear this but you can't wear this yet great questions, no answers, no they had eight they had a policy for returning to school and I policy simply said that all students are required were required to wear facemasks in the public areas of the school. I thought that so when she came home that day. Lydia told her mom or mom start researching it and she couldn't find any rules prohibiting it. And so when she talked the principal. She said I don't understand there's no rules prohibiting this and in fact your policies say that students don't give up their personal rights in Mississippi have religious freedom restoration act, which prohibits their rights to religious messages and the principal.

So now it is prohibited and so when she talked to the superintendent the next day, the superintendent sent her a revised covert policy.

Acting as if it was the normal one and that a new provision had been added to the mask with policy, which said you cannot have religious, political or other offensive messages on them. Now please set 61 when you talking about the law there reference to the Mississippi student religious freedom act tell people a little bit about that law because certainly the district has to act under the confines of the law even if they don't like it what what sorts of freedoms do the students enjoy because of that legislation well that religious people or religious messages cannot be treated differently than secular people or secular messages and that if you are if you're imposing a law which imprinted on somebody's religious rights they have to satisfy very high standard.

Me and they cannot do it hard your religious belief will we know this was specifically targeted or religious link that said no religious messages that excluding religious viewpoints and is targeting religious viewpoints while allowing secular viewpoint on the same subject, and we know that's unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is held unconstitutional numerous times. So not only protected by the First Amendment, but also by the religious Freedom restoration act in Mississippi because the bottom line is the first memo says that elementary school students don't forward the religious freedom when they walk into the school building and the Supreme Court has upheld that principle numerous times right. This is interesting because as I understand that there were kids who were wearing black lives matter masks are they still allowed to convey that message on their masks or were those band as well. Well, I think the policy is enforced unevenly.

I would say okay so you know there are sheet Lydia had a brother who was in high school and anything all kinds of political message. Matt met messages on masks and and messages both before and after and so you got a hit and miss basis.

But what we do know is that the only specific viewpoints targeted our political and religious and obviously political is a subjective term, and so is religious really and so that that type of targeting is not okay want to say no messages on masks at all. They they may be able to do that. But what they can't do for sure if they would allow messages allow religious messages or not allow certain types of viewpoints on the map that the problem and the other problem is they still allow messages on shirts. What's the difference when I met John sure, but not on masks or live in my backpack that never make any sense.

There's no interest in the government have been shutting off messages on masks, allowing them on shirts or back yeah that's really good point. I'm curious to Lydia's family get any sort of information that would have indicated somebody complained about her facemask or there was a teacher or somebody on staff who doesn't like Christianity and mean it didn't.

Did they ever get any indication that someone in particular was offended by her mask.

They did not. There were no disturbances that all the fact that you know that prior to being made to remove the mask. The prior Thursday Lydia had been told by teacher. You can't wear that you can't have messages on masks that she did make them remove it and so Jennifer was surprised by this. Her mom and and went and went to Facebook and say they may know about this policy. Is there something out there. Nobody knew anything, and she said well I'm not to continue wearing this unless I find out different when she wore that next day, that's when she was told.

Remove it and for the principal called and said I thought your message on Facebook. I knew about this and so she was apparently looking out for this and when targeted Lydia after that and said I understood you to wear this mask and and you're no longer allowed to wear this math and this is Mississippi, New York tell me that significant is Lilia absolutely is and that's why Jennifer said she was absolutely shocked that she had no idea she never in a million years thought that this method, which is really a self-directed method right, Jesus loves me not saying about anybody out.

Just saying a truth that Jesus loves me, no different than saying you know what he had.

My mom loved when they have targeted that no horse not make any sense but yet it is surprising that in Mississippi and it's scary. You know that that our public schools in a place like Mississippi can be singling out a little nine-year-old girl that just wants to say a positive message like Jesus loves me so it's really not about a mask right is about a public school telling a little girl she can't wear a mask with a message that's really important to her. Yet that's ridiculous. I'm serious because we know when there have been a lot of these different cases in public schools as to having a Bible or having a Bible study. For example, if you have a Bible study you can Bible study before after school. Those sorts of provisions are there any port precedents court precedents that fit into the whole overall picture of religious speech. In school you're talking about the targeting of religious speech and you can't do that.

But as far as during the school day can you communicate a Christian message as a student what what is the law on that yet. So, good point.

Back in 1984, Congress actually enacted what called equal Access act, which was specifically designed to protect Christian students rights encampment that relates to Christian student groups because what was happening was school everything while you can't. We have all kinds of Christian clubs on campus and that somehow violate the establishment clause in the Congress that absolutely not religious students have ever read. The same exact rights as all other students, and since 1984. That's been the law meeting that students that can meet in groups to discuss secular subjects got yelled students better want to discuss religious subjects have the same right and that law has been upheld time and time and time again by numerous courts by you know when schools have tried to skirt data. So now you have the First Amendment which were the Supreme Court is said that students don't shed their constitutional rights when they go into public school. You also have Congress which acted back in 84 and said, religious students have the same rights as all other students mulled that's as it should be and I'm glad to see that that continue to be upheld. I hope it will hear where things go from here. Tyson, what is next. In this case. Yeah, I will be filing a motion for preliminary injunction. Actually today asking the court to enter an order very soon really quickly prior to the end of the case ordering the school not to enforce this policy against Lydia and allowing her to wear this Jesus was a mask to school so hopefully you will have a hearing on that fairly soon and you know hopefully the court will agree with us that this is a violation in it and it should be stopped. Well I'm really glad to hear that because clearly there a lot of other kids that will be grateful that somebody stood up and did what Lydia is doing and what you guys are doing an alliance defending freedom and were really appreciative of everything you guys do Tyson my conference. Thank you so much for the update will be praying for good results. Thank you for being here will be back on Jennifer today right after this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country. That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others. So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her fame she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village finals are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now and you can send one to a finalist believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a Bible center today by calling 800 yes word 800 Y asked WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to Janet This is life issues with Brad Mattis, president of life issues.

Institute a burning issue worthy of public discussion across America is expanding the Supreme Court government was designed to have three independent branches for an effective system of checks and balances court expansion would undermine the independence of the judiciary branch to make it a political arm of the legislative branch with partisan results watching video on the critical importance of the Supreme Court in abortion life and click on the top banner hi this is Janet. It's been exciting to see so many of you help our ministry partner heart for Lebanon. This month we had a goal to help bring the hope of Jesus to 100 families and I'm so pleased to be able to tell you that to date over 200 families have been served. We thank God for those of you who participated, but if you didn't have a chance to invest in what God is doing there. It's not too late.

Just call 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there is a banner to click Janet you're listening to Janet Mefford today. I am just unsurprised that just baffled at how the left is behaving in light of the fact that the Trump administration is pushing forward with litigation to try to ferret out at the ballot fraud in the voter fraud that's been taking place across the country. This is an article from Ezra Klein over at Vox Trump is attempting a coup in plain suffocates project much Ezra okay yeah the coup is like the Russian collusion was coming from Donald Trump and not from Hillary Clinton and the DNC which paid money to get that fake dossier and and do all of their havoc in the wake of all that put the country through a ridiculous impeachment hoax.

This is what the left does that. And here's another example of this good old John Brennan, John. I voted for a communist back in 1976. Brennan, the former CIA director who I believe is the same guy that Roger Stone said should be hanged for treason. Rogers don't keep in mind it's Roger Stone saying something like that. He was quite angry but be as it may, we have to look at what Brennan had to say. When he went on CNN with Chris Cuomo.

I don't even want to ruin this for you. If you haven't heard it out.

One of the things that they were discussing was the decision by Pres. Trump to fire the Defense Secretary Mark Asper and according to the Federalist.

This follows the decision that Asper made back in June to refuse Trump's wishes to use the insurrection act to go into cities like Portland and quell the rioting in the name of so-called racial justice.

So Asper said in a press conference.

I don't support invoking the insurrection act. Trump wasn't happy with that and in August, per Trump's orders as per promised to withdraw some of the US troops from Afghanistan before the election, but was hesitant to actually carry out the president's orders there also. So there were obviously some problems between Asper and and the president but you know these people serve at the pleasure of the president. It's true of every single president in history. So, boo-hoo. But Brennan didn't like it and so this was the question from Chris quick Chris Cuomo is this Trump just being Trump or what am I missing here.

It's kind of a vague question, but you gotta hear what John Brennan said cut one. What is development. It's clear that Marcus was removed because he rebuffed doldrums efforts to politicize US military and I think is quite apparent in reporting that Marcus has stood up to Donald Trump repeatedly knows what else. He has refused to do in this position is I think the most consequential position in the US, aside from the presentbecause it is the secretary of defense who carries out the orders given by Pres. for military operations, and more.

Asper is been pushed aside because he is not listening to Don from carry out these these orders knows what is successor. This acting secretary Chris Miller is going to do if the pump does give some type of order that really is counter to. I think what I national security interests need to be unbelievable right because Barack Obama never politicize the military, pushing the LGBT agenda on the military and all of a sudden all of these chaplains were targeted for their hate speech quote unquote in preaching sermons involving sexual fidelity.

Per the Bible, yet that there is no politicization of the military whatsoever in and we go back to some of the terrorist attacks in Fort hood and everything that happened with another with no politicization of the military whatsoever under Obama. It's all Trump no that's not what's going on here. I just laid out for you. Some of the very valid reasons that Trump didn't want to spend that position and it's just gas lighting hear what Brennan is saying and then it really goes off the rails. This is starting with Chris Cuomo. Cut to 70 days you will be gone in 70 days. Anyway, once the electoral college means we have the inauguration so you do a lot of damage and 70 days he still is the president of United States and is he going to carry out these vendettas against other individuals pointed out Chris Ray Regina Haskell or others is clear that all Trump is trying to exercise the power because he can and he is going to settle scores. I'm very concerned what he might do in his remaining 70 days in office. Is he going to take some action is going to release information that could threaten our national security interests.

So I think people need to be looking very carefully at what he's doing and unfortunately Republicans in Congress continue to give Dalton pass so this is the key question what can be done are short of messing with the electoral college and trying to have Republican or Friendly's pick their own electors and no go. Grand scale with faithless electors. What can be done to stop anything he wants to do in the next 70 days where the cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spot and they would seriously consider looking at 20 minutes and pushing down because he is just now he's like a cornered cat Tiger and he's going to lash out and again that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome. Now we know that the Atty. Gen. bar is getting in the past will continue to do that selection. I don't know but I do think it's something that members of Congress, the leadership of the Republican Party really needs to send signals Donald felt that if he goes to go along is that they're going to loss. Unbelievable, isn't it right in the name of patriotism in the name of patriotism, Trump's VP in the cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment and strip Pres. Trump of his powers. Never mind the fact that Pres. Trump is doing what he's doing at the moment. In view of the deep state and all of the corruption, the vast corruption that has been present from day one. With this resistance movement that's on the left.

Forget all of that.

Forget the voter fraud forget the balance.

Forget all the nonsense that is been going on in all of these states all the lawbreaking that is been done in the states that has to be sorted out because it's the rule of law has to be sorted out. Trump is never sad regardless of who wins the election. In actuality, I'm staying put. He's never said that but we have had words from the Biden spokesman about the fact that we will take any trespassers from the White House and throw them out. We already have Joe Biden according to I believe it was Ben Road saying that he was talking to foreign leaders. Talk about a violation of the Logan act was in that what they were trying to invoke against Pres. Trump falsely breaking up of all people.

Brennan is the one saying this, let me just remind you a little bit about John Brennan course he did vote for communist. He was also the guy who is bemoaning incision terrorism isn't terrorism member that whole thing with John Brennan okay John Brennan is Marti's and pointed out in aid piece at the Washington Post in March 2019. He was talking about the Trump Russia collusion Hall of shame and the news that Robert Moeller didn't find that the Trump campaigner anybody associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government. Remember all that he talked about all the people who want to get it now shifts should be gone.

Trump called for shift the House intelligence committee chairman to resign. He called for. You know all kinds of people to get in trouble, swallow us swallow well and Jerry Nadler and Richard Blumenthal, etc. but then he says the most sinister of all is John Brennan who used his authority as former CIA director to suggest that Trump was a traitor and a compromised Russian assets after Trump's Helsinki Summit. Brennan declared quotes.

He is holy in the pocket of Putin when challenged by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Brennan stood by his assessments, he said. I called Trump's behavior treasonous which is to betray one's trust in aid and abet the enemy and I stand very much by that claim. Then Lawrence O'Donnell told Brennan. This investigation was developing. While he was still on the job and said did you see enough at that stage to believe that this would result in indictments and Brennan said yeah I thought at the time there was good to be individuals who are going to have issues with the department of justice. Yes, he wrote in a New York Times op-ed, Trump's claims of no collusion are in a word, hogwash. Now, meaning March 2019. After Moeller discounted the whole thing. He feigns contrition.

He said I don't know if I receive bad info, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was.

I'm relieved that it's been determined there was, not a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government over our election and then remember what happened just a little while ago with John Radcliffe showing the notes from Brennan indicating that the whole thing was Hillary Clinton's idea working to go after Trump working to try to pin it all on him. It was to divert attention from her home brew email server scandal and keep the attention on Trump bad guy orange man bad orange man bad and Obama knew about it.

Whatever came in that whatever came of that. But let's talk about throwing Trump out of the White House.

Let's do that before we even know if all of these allegations of widespread election fraud have any legs.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo actually came out yesterday and said there's going to be a smooth transition into a second Trump administration and kinda smiled, which is pretty cheeky.

Makes you wonder if they know something that we don't yet know, but they're certainly not in a lay everything out until they go to court and all of these filings are put into place, but you gotta kinda wait for it all to come out. In the meantime you have the mayor of Washington DC telling all the businesses you can onboard your windows now. Don't worry, there's no rights, no problems. It's funny with all these people were rioting and looting because they wanted justice, racial justice today I'll get solved because Joe Biden is allegedly going to be the next president. They know this their amazing thing racial justice groups up in smoke racial injustice in the calls for more justice in the name of race as it is doesn't, an issue at all anymore. Amazing how that works is pray for this country not over yet. Thanks for being with us on Jennifer today will see you next time

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