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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Peter LaBarbera (Conservatives and LGBTQ Rights)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 8, 2019 3:00 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Peter LaBarbera (Conservatives and LGBTQ Rights)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 8, 2019 3:00 pm

A growing number of political conservatives, some of whom claim to be Christians, say homosexuality is no longer an issue in a culture war. This, even as nearly 100 LGBT candidates just won election nationwide, a dad fights against gender transitioning for his son and drag queen story hours proliferate. Who will fight the culture war against the growing LGBT tyranny in our country? I'll discuss it with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22 general reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is clip that went viral. Recently, in which a young man in a turning point USA event asked founder Charlie Kirk and cohost Rob's math how homosexuality helps conservatives when the culture war and he went on to ask them why they have advocated for accepting homosexuality is normative in the conservative movement now Smith who is apparently a homosexual brush the question aside, but Charlie Kirk, who claims to be a Christian and a conservative responded by saying, honestly, I don't care what two consenting adults do in your hyperfocus on it is kinda weird more and more we are hearing from so-called conservatives who claim to be Christians that homosexuality is no big deal and what's even weirder is some of these same activists are now saying what we really have to do is focus in on things like the radical transgender movement and oppose trends like drag queen story hours and chemical castration for children who are confused about which sex they are. But as we saw this week with another record number of LGBT activists winning elections across this country. Now is not the time to capitulate on any sexual radicalism, and in fact we wouldn't even have a radical transgender movement unless the homosexual activists had launched and supported the cause. Are we still fighting a culture war over this issue, or our way working to get some thoughts on it today from Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for truth about homosexuality.

I love when you're here, Peter. Great to have you back.

Oh, thank you so much. I'll pose this question to you. Are we still fighting a culture war against LGBT radicalism, or are we not what is going on here. Well, absolutely. We are Janet and although there are many conservatives out. I think this is a lot affected by the libertarians infused into the conservative movement there pretending that the sort of the homosexual culture war(s), or the culture war over homosexuality and the so-called gay agenda is over and now it just about transgender is him. You'll notice they don't like talking about so-called gay marriage anymore and I think this is really long on so many levels.

But it's entirely disingenuous, especially when you got guys like Charlie Kirk Kirk, who Christianity was bio and you know talk about being principled I mean you don't get to pick and choose as a conservative, but especially as a Christian, which issues you're going to deal with and which ones you're going to ignore or actually go on the other side we've seen quite a few people do this. We've seen people like Guy Benson, I mean people who are actually gay themselves. We've seen people like Tammy Bruce Sousa lesbian we've seen people who support them in the conservative movement who don't think it's any big deal, is it that this is now the narrative that homosexuality is a World War II were beyond that, it's not a big deal. It's not a big sin.

Nobody should get worked up about it. Just grow up and deal with that there other people, then you who think differently and live alternative lifestyles. Why in the world is this happening in the conservative movement right now.

Do you think okay I think there are several nation wanted the attitude all this that battled over the hill to die on although that's illogical because we could say the same thing about abortion serving the abortion decision was 50 years ago or how many years ago. What now and the so-called gay marriage divisional burger felt was, not even five years ago. Yes, so why would we quit on one and yet quite very principled and that's great. I'm all for that life but ignore homosexuality and so-called gay marriage. I think another one is sort of the alignment of Republicans like you had a big tent, a we want to help all short of what we have in common and in sort of. And so you see the phenomenon of I'm really getting tired of the Fox news show that the number one person to put forward now as a conservative, it seems, is a homosexual conservative is kinda weird. Yes, although I think it's very much like the black conservatives.

Although it's entirely different. I love it when they bring forth black observers because there's nothing that skin color has nothing to do with ideology. Homosexuality, especially the gay movement is really about ideology and and it's about for the gay activists about crushing people who disagree with their ideology. And so for conservatives to join that what really is a progressive revolution and word were now past 50 years of the in-your-face Stonewall gay revolution, Janet Burke construed to join that and then to insult our intelligence further by saying I'm doing that in the name of conservative is really an outlet, it's really an outreach, especially when we have headlines in the news every single day showing us how radical this movement is mean we have this story in the news right now about this little boy James. Younger people have been talking about this case in taxes the mom and dad going through divorce.

There's a custody battle. The mother is a pediatrician who says that this little boy's name is really Luna and he wants to become a girl and she wants to help them transition the father is fighting this tooth and nail when he's with the father. He dresses as a little boy and doesn't want to be a girl. So he's become kind of the poster child here over the issue of sexually trans transitioning children under the age of 18, which is horrifying see of that issue.

You have the issue of so-called same sex marriage and whether or not Christians and businesses are allowed to say I don't want to participate in communicating that message. I mean, we see this kind of radicalism and equality at coming down the pike. Now we've got all of these LGBT candidates who have been elected.

Just this week about 100 of them. I mean this in some ways Peter I look at all of this and I state the radicalism is only getting warmed up here folks, this is not the time to capitulate.

This is the time to figure out what you're going to do about it and not capitulate one wet on any other right and let's remember as you said earlier Janet, it's all the same revolution all the so-called gay candidates will support the transsexual agenda server and vice versa and and you see the radicalism. In fact, the gay organizations like the human rights campaign, which is a leading homosexual lobby group, they went out of their way to actually apologize to the transgender movement for not doing enough on transgender is him more radical and transgender is him now than ever before story is this. This idea that you can back off and just tackle the transgender issue and I think that's pretty much where the conservatives are now Republicans have largely given up on many aspects of the homosexual agenda and you know there fighting on the transgender agenda, but I'm wondering if that's illogical. 10 years from now will they say what we can't really fight the transgender agenda anymore right.

We went to concentrate on the pedophile agenda now means that the rent going up we always backed up while the homosexual transgender lobby is always aggressively moving forward. As I look we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes we have.

We oppose all aspects of this incredibly lunatic transgender agenda also step up our game against so-called gay marriage. We need to re-overturn all burger felt just like we want to overturn rope you way we have to fight all because it's all wrong and the thing that drives me crazy is you have writers like Chad Felix screen in the Federalist trying to say well you know he's a homosexual and he's is allegedly a conservative but he thinks this whole thing with trying to do gender transitions for kids. That's a bridge too far. We need to fight this radical agenda and I'm thinking to myself what is the substantive difference between the LGBT movement of all the Stonewall and where we are now. It's all the same movement, Peter. Do people not know this. I mean, I feel like I've been speaking till I'm blue in the face about it. I know you have as well, but people at two separate meetings are not yeah you're right it's self rationalization.

Remember whenever you have a homosexual advocate activist. The biggest driver in their porch is to rationalize their sinful lifestyle. So I think Chad Felix screen as one talks about no, we need a good normal gaze to speak out against the transgender issue. Well Chad, what about the ex-gay movement right. By the way you about the homosexual transgender lobby is trying to crush. What about all the change movement.

All these people coming out homosexuality.

Why would we talk about normal homosexuality well people leaving the lifestyle that's right well and why would you allow people who are in that lifestyle to set the agenda with an conservatism for what we ought to fight and what we shouldn't site we have a very divided movements and their saying in the name of unity. Let's just put this issue aside, how keenly this is the biggest coming down the pike. For Christians, the biggest one right yeah and and what happened. We talked with Mike I'm Janet is whenever there's sort of a dialogue here. I'm talking about the gay conservatives versus a fugitive straight conservative. Usually the case went in to what you see is on a show like Tucker Carlson, for example, ease I love Tucker Carlson is against groupthink, but I see him totally buying in groupthink because he always has family. Bruce was a lesbian. You will always have the gay conservative.

Well, that's a problem working to take a very quick break Peter LaBarbera with us on Janet for today will come right back away every day babies and their mothers swims and fighting for life, with abortion being the leading cause of death. I am on my media. I was in the ministry of pre-born has pregnancy centers nationwide standing by to help young moms in crisis. Choose life freeborn is the largest provider of free ultrasound sessions in the country by letting the mother see her baby in the womb and hear the baby's heartbeat.

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Here's the number 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet Thank you so much Peter LaBarbera from Americans for truth about homosexuality as my guest and we are talking about whether or not there still is a culture war over homosexuality.

When we look across the spectrum were seen more and more gay conservatives or alleged conservatives who are supportive of homosexuality or same-sex marriage and were seeing this blurring of the lines now for a profamily party like the Republican party or or profamily movement like the conservative movement, Peter. It's very odd member and I just want to touch on this briefly but I remember last year, one of the things that came up with mass resistance. The profamily group in Massachusetts and also with you was what happened at CPAP I think it was Amy can Trotta for mass resistance who said C pack is beginning to transition so I mean is that part of the equation as well that just as a movement, they're getting more and more pro-LGBT well I think the big tent idea of letting the homosexuality Feedback but yes, you're right. And again this is all being done in the name of conservatism insertable libertarian conservative Chisholm of so-called but you know it's really interesting. I don't get a libertarian stepping up for the X gave court the right of people of ex-gays and and parents of children to pursue pro-heterosexual therapy. We have a social movement trying to crush X gay pro-heterosexual change therapy.

I don't to the libertarian stepping up the way they have the freedom to pursue whatever type of lifestyle they want and so there's a lot of hypocrisy there Janet, but I think it comes back to this dialogue that the gay conservatives really are a threat to I would say biblical truth more than anybody because they're doing it all. The name of this nice fine sounding wholesome conservatism this guy for example, another homosexual conservative David can Dave Rubin interview show and I'll never forget interview Dennis Prager was like a moral is a very public morals on the radio and he asked Prager what you basically would you tell say that the somebody cannot, you know should not biblically should not engage normal social behavior and consented to think, yes, I would tell Matt Prager kind of danced around the issue and so there's the phenomenon of wonder in the dialogue with the proud open homosexual there's a tendency to pull back and and pull out of that flight and really we can't pull out of the fight because of the battle for true.

Well, you remind me to do something that is very important for people to remember. I wrote about this on my blog several years ago, but we also have the same problem in evangelicalism.

I mean it was Russell Moore, the head of the ethics and religious liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention, along with Dr. Al Mohler at the Southern Baptist convention who didn't announced reparative therapy several years ago and I took them to task because I said even if you would prefer biblical counseling to reparative therapy.

The point is still the same, which is once the activists eradicate reparative therapy secular talk therapy not conversion therapy because there is no such thing, but got but secular talk therapy. Once that is eradicated they will come after your biblical counseling. Next, so in the name of freedom and autonomy Christians to be standing firmly on the side of secular talk therapy. That's why we are so strongly in favor of it because were in favor of freedom. We can't even get people sensibly who are in the Christian community to get on board with this because they don't seem to see the bigger issue and/or their capitulating themselves in relation called ugly mechanic eventually evangelization plan friendship evangelism among Christians. You know I never really like the mere kind of sneaky you know you know the person and then like after five meetings, like well a Christian is how you how.

Now you have the befriending and it it's great interact with people but I just what happens is the gay activist and the gate advocates including the conservative gay advocate winning those battles and, for example, remember the interview with Mike and Kelly when she was on Fox News with Guy Benson and she was acting like guys coming out and skate was was one of the most was crying on the fat it was such a wonderful thing for her, I know this is just God is not a Republican. There's no there's no Yacht in the Bible for Romans 114 except if you're Republican, then it's okay. It's exactly its basic morality, its basic morality, and in so few people I hear these days are really framing it as a moral issue.

It doesn't become good behavior simply because you had a Supreme Court decision in which five progressives invented this concept of dignity. That is nowhere discussed in the Constitution. Are we all insane.

I mean, this is not going to end well. And now you've got all of these fights over over adoption and whether or not trauma can protect faith-based agencies in other cities like in Pennsylvania are shutting them down.

I mean all of the war that's going on where in a culture war, Peter, and yet it seems like the good guys largely lay down their weapons and their saying forget it. It's over and I can if I lets move on other things.

It's been it's bizarre to me. Just as it's all about truth and we are glad that there are homosexuals who are no become more conservative on a lot of issues and they're gonna vote for Trump and that's wonderful but that of the menu compromised on the truth about sexual morality in the Bible and member Charlie Kirk, I think. I think he was also interviewing with Dave Rubin. If I recall correctly, you wouldn't have a problem with gay adoption. Really, a leading young conservative and he has no problem with placing children almost which are going to be denied intentionally either a mother or father and have homosexuals as the most important role model in their young lives. He's okay with that. I don't get it while he's probably okay with what happened this week and I want to talk about this a little bit big victories for homosexuals and transgender's this week, more than 75% of openly LGBT candidates who are running this week in off year elections won their seats hundred and 12 seats, 106 Democrats, one Republican, one independent and four with undeclared party affiliations and also six openly transgender candidates were elected across the country including Danica Rome formally. Dan Rome has become the first openly transgender person to be reelected to a state legislature. I mean this is massive culture war, victory, and when you look at the victory find you know how they were called the LGBT think you victory for now they're just the victory.

Find but I was looking at this mission and Peter on their website and they said they said the LGBT Q victory. Find works to change the face and voice of America's politics and achieve equality for LGBT Q Americans by increasing the number of openly LGBT Q officials at all levels of government. Peter is achieving equality even mean anymore. They got marriage redefines anyone every battle. What more needs to be done to achieve equality and that the word means nothing anymore equality is radical egalitarianism, which is, for example, pretending that to do getting quote unquote married is like our marriage is a marriage in a manner one which naturally produces children yes that's ludicrous. So that's that's cultural Marxism that's radical egalitarianism and I saw story editor Janet two guys. It was a homosexual website and it was two guys in the boat, expecting their first child, calling 10 I'm sorry no child you're not don't pretend that this is like the natural family, but that's what they're doing. That's one step beyond the other irritation that I have and I apologize to anybody who feels differently in the audience. But when men say were pregnant when their wife is always bad to me. You're both right and you're expecting a baby because it's your baby but you my friend are not pregnant, your wife is pregnant so I do you know and you know I'll tell you something else when you were looking at all these battles over men who believe their women infiltrating female sports and crushing the women.

They have no chance of winning any sort of athletic event.

If the guys competing against them and you see people like Danica Rome, who just won this seats and I look at these men dressed up like women and I will tell you, Peter not.

I don't think I'm the only woman who feels this way because I've talked other women about that.

We feel offended.

We feel offended. Like he he can do what he wants when I try to take away his ability to have long hair and put on makeup think you're not a woman. You are not a lame, black, black face is wrong. You're denigrating and mocking African-Americans. What about denigrating and mocking women very stereotypical over the top quote" women. I guess what gay activist guys think women are like, you know with these rights gaudy close and it's weird hairdos.

I mean it's just an insult to women and now we want to promote that the kids in library drag queen story hours. I know I mean come on and yet this is the agenda and we should try queen story hours in Bilby and thousands of libraries before they are done because they never back up. Whereas we need to. I mean we are the people were saying that we have to overturn a worker fell in return. Marriage to one man one woman we had more than 30 states that passed constitutional amendments or statewide laws to protect the addition of marriage as one man one woman, and now the conservative movement, seemingly in the Republican Party. I guess that largely given up that easy that it's over because of poor decision when Callaway continues to stick in my craw. I was talking to a family activist estate family activist not too long ago, who is now trying to move that in that direction and try to mobilize people in Tennessee to fight back into fight for real marriage and I'm glad to see but that's exactly what the issue is Peter. We have not had people fight back when they might've been able to make a difference.

Not to mention the fact that you had a Supreme Court decision that just impose this on all these states who have the constitutional right to reject it down day because they can determine what marriage is, in their own states. So we have it all over the country.

My things were very real marriage. Although I don't know but wise to imitate the left wall is now right but I hear you.

It really is, and we've got a deal with that.

I think Trump teaches us, but you gotta fight that wont tell you what we come back.

I want to talk about what you think some of these LGBT candidates are going to be all about supporting one. They enter office will come back with Peter LaBarbera on Jennifer today will be back this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of a beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22 for today is the culture war over when it comes to homosexuality, it would seem so if you look at some of these allegedly gay conservatives or conservatives who support homosexuality and/or same-sex marriage. There's just a lot of capitulation Peter LaBarbera from Americans for truth about homosexuality is my guest this hour.

More talking a lot about all these different issues that are popping up, not the least of which is the massive victories that we saw this week Peter with these LGBT candidates across the country. Is this just a matter of people who are breaking ground and their forging new territory and their breaking free of old stereotypes and that they're just going to be like every other American voted to office.

It's just that the prejudice is now gone and we should all rejoice about this or should we be prepared for a massive more radical LGBT activism from these candidates. Is it possible that you could have all of these heads only lay believe their sexual proclivities out of it. Yeah right.

Okay. What structural sexuality or sexual website adulterous candidate boy. Imagine if we have a headline 25 openly adulterous candidates when election got to understand that they are using politics to change morality to subvert truth they know the politics of the massive lover, and they also know that they have the media behind their backs, always, always, Janet I say another thing about which I forgot about the problem with gay conservatives. Yet so-called almost to a man every single one of them, especially those who grew up in some form of the Christian church claim to be quote unquote gay Christians there you have there also going to be pushing to a conservative audience. The idea that you can be openly homosexual and a faithful Christian.

That's what Guy Benson claims to be.

I think you may claim to be a Christian but is obviously not a faithful Christian is now in a marriage with so-called with another man. And that is there is no way to reconcile that with truth from the Bible and all the so-called gay conservatives end up working on trying to signal you have to accept that work were gay conservatives work a questions and being up a very large force against the truth of the Bible. All I can say is God's ways conference 2020. Can I get an amen seven and 18 were going to do it again this year. I actually next year, but we really want people to come because were to be talking about all of this a biblical response to LGBT Q plus tyranny will be our focus this year, but now more than ever, right, Peter, got your question, Janet pushing for radical agenda and at the top of that agenda is going to be the quality gap both federally and out of pushing state and local versions of it and this is the most serious pro-homosexual pro-transgender legislation ever.

It would, it basically is in the federal law. That's what I brought the federal bill was HR five yes it's HR five you know it specifically overrides the religious freedom restoration at which would basically say LGBT quote rights supersede our First Amendment religious freedom which is crazy but they put that in the build another thing in the bill. Janet inequality after so-called LGBT Q equality act says there's a provision in there which would basically wipe out Christian adoption because of that you could not terminate in adoption agencies, which means every single Christian work.

Other kind of moral minded adoption agency which does not want to place children in homosexual and household could be sued under this bill become law.

While something else that is concerning. We need to bring this up again you have groups like the Council for Christian colleges and universities, which is back this idea of fairness for all and it's basically saying you know kill us last whole thing went well this is it's kind like that where they say well let's find some kind of common ground between gay-rights and religious really a bad idea to me. We just need to go up for common ground objective right is still trying to destroy. Here's the common ground they get everything you get nothing. The end.

That's your common ground right there.

I mean honestly, so give up your public Christianity basically means don't live your life you can you can crouch line a few walls, but even there, you know there's to be more and more litigation trying to force churches to perform homosexual so-called marriages that no federal wants to work so-called better with his real name Francis or He said he would be wanted to take away the religious exemption under the laws for churches and it was about that would not perform so-called gay marriages, yet Democrats are coming out of the closet in their war on people of faith and moral minded people who oppose big LGBT Q, they have to destroy Christianity.

They really do, they won't be able to completely destroy Christianity, but that's really what it is because there is a moral component to this that will is largely unsaid in the media and so forth. But is the main issue, don't you think that's really what it is. It's really war in the heavenly's if you want to say it that way and put it in Ephesians 6 contacts. That's what you're talking about here yet.

And insofar as conservative leaders pretend like the battle for homosexuality. In truth, is over they are part of the problem because if one side the LGBT Q site is screaming up the rooftop give us everything gay and trim in the conservatives alike well to talk about that just was going to win yeah course, of course, that's the problem here's another angle on this. This is really significant and I don't know how many people were noticing this.

This week I put this out on twitter. I know that you put it out on twitter as well. Terry Bean who is the cofounder of the human rights campaign, there's a new update on him. He was arrested and charged back in 2014 with sex crimes and the alleged abusive and unnamed minor. This is from life site news, but now here's the update. They say this high profile Democratic Party donor who is also a homosexual and who was recently arrested for sodomy related felonies paid $200,000 to a 15-year-old boy to make sex abuse charges go away. Court documents reveal. So this just cannot keep in mind, and I want the audience to keep in mind CNN just a couple weeks back, held a presidential forum on LGBT issues.

It was the second one of the campaign season. They did so in partnership with the human rights campaign.

So now you have made sure I don't know if you want to call fake news organizations at least partnering with open radical activists to control the news to control a town hall. Do you really think CNN is going to touch this story with a 10 foot pole. There's no way they will never report on this, it will never be any digging. There will never be any investigation. Look what they're doing with the Epstein thing across the media spectrum meanness. It affects the information that people are able to get as well, Peter. There is such huge implications when the media and the gay activists are working together there to turn on each other there to work together to advance the agenda and that's something else were up against entering the cofounder of human rights campaign at large by social transgender so-called queer lobby group and they use that word in the town.

By the way they scrubbed him off the website apologized publicly apologized for giving him an award and for all their work of the getting the money back or others Democrats giving the money back. I mean that's funny this whole thing is absolutely right and I to call the big news I think trumps a genius for forgetting that term out there because there is more no more new on this issue.

That's objective. I mean, you would think would be a big story that this huge Obama and Democratic bundler. This make it donor you know what has been basically paid the boy that he sodomized. Apparently $200,000 so he wouldn't face a court no justice on the fish we allegedly anyway, that's what were talking about now story and my question is Janet is a conservative press go big with the story.

I think let's start with the conservative I don't know. I mean, that's the thing, I think there's some good websites like life site news and we always do it on the show but they're becoming fewer and fewer outlets that will touch this stuff, but if you don't it just moves forward and it gets worse and it gets worse and it gets worse. That is my concern as a Christian. It's not that I enjoy this issue. I most decidedly do not. If I woke up tomorrow morning and never had a talk about it again I would do a jig but it is necessary to stand up when there is evil like this that is advancing because I love this country and I love my kids and I love other people's kids and I want to as much as possible hand down a country to them that is going to be friendly to them and not try to oppress them and that's the thing that I think a lot of Christians don't understand what are you setting your country up for. If you don't fight in a moment when you actually have an ability to make a difference were to pause for another quick break were to come back to talk by James younger.

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There's a banner to We are this hour Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22, it's Peter LaBarbera from Americans for truth about homosexuality is with us Americans for is his website and were talking about a lot of these issues related to the capitulation on the culture war regarding homosexuality and transgender issues and all of these things that are only to become a bigger issue heading into the next few years as we go into the presidential election.

One of the hot stories that right now Peter is one I want to get your take on. There is a seven-year-old boy just bring people up to speed by the name of James younger. He is in Texas. His parents are getting a divorce they're going through a custody battle. The mom is a pediatrician and she is all for doing a gender transition for the seven-year-old boy. She says his name is really Luna and she puts them in dresses and she puts nail polish on his fingers and this is from the boys mouth himself because there was a video of him put out online where he said all this, but the. The father is fighting this tooth and nail. He has said the little boy acts like a little boy 100% dresses like a little boy 100% when he's in the custody of his father said there's been this big court battle.

But what's interesting about it Peter to me is how this case really seems to be bucking people. It really seems to be getting people's attention and now you have in three states. George Texas and Kentucky lawmakers who are saying working to introduce legislation that will ban anybody from doing any kind of gender transition care. If you want to call it that way you know castration chemically or you know any of these kind of hormonal treatments on anybody under the age of 18. You see this case in terms of me, know maybe being a little bit of a turning points and getting people to wake up like this. This movement is not controlled this. This is gone too far.

Working to fight back or do you think people are just gonna look for minute and then forget about it. Five minutes I think the turning point people are just outraged at the idea of manipulating these children into thinking that reality no longer applies like they can become now, but I don't know what's wrong with this mom and countless moms and dads who are buying into this transgender ideology, which is insane. I was reading a book about transgender health and it was talking about delaying puberty through these hormones and think about that Janet, in the old days the common sense Dave parents might be worried at all little Johnny is shorter than all the other kids you know he's not going fast enough. Now we have people parents willingly delaying the development of their children because they want to see if it might fit the opposite sex, even if it means long term health effects on these children. For example, possible sterility are not developing it into their fold. What the normal development would've been no insanity and yet elites are liberal elites are embracing it in the media. The mainstream media is sitting by and taking its child abuse, flat out, I'm watching the situation from this mother and perhaps she is just so brainwashed, but she's a pediatrician. She understands biology and putting ideology over biology and doing it to your own child is child abuse. I thought, why does this mother have custody of this child at all.

And that's another front, isn't it in Family Court, and whether or not parents who are like this, you did there punishing the parents and the grandparents. I know in court who want to protect children from this and they're giving custody to those who want to transition them. So even the courts now are a big problem. Oh yeah, the courts are so dominated by homosexual transgender actor, but you don't think about the same movement of the LGBT Q lobby which crusades against parents who may want to take their child for a boy who was molested by homosexual man and they want to take him to maybe a secular pro-heterosexual therapist, you know, maybe a Christian therapist got for good and had a what might my boy who was abused to think he's gay because of the sexual abuse homosexual lobby is justly opposed to that. And yet you know that they will fight tooth and nail for parents to subject their children to what you're calling, child abuse, this transgender child abuse of thinking they can change their body to the author knows what for this boy. The younger boy Janet, what is this mean if he ends up transitioning body awful operations. What at age 16 and eight underage girls in Chicago. There was an underage girl in-year-old girl who had her healthy breath removed by a surgeon because she thought she was. She want to be a man happening I should be banned on total legislative lawsuits are there going to be in about 10 or 20 years when these kids grow up and say to all of the adults around them in the medical profession in the therapy field into their own parents and say why did you allow me to do this. I was a kid I didn't know any better. Why didn't you guide me properly.

Why didn't you get me the mental health help that I needed why in the world you know to me like, don't you think that these kids at some points are going to turn on the people who force them into this and I hope so and and also I think.

I hope you lot this potential legislation goes forward because you noted, I would suspect anyway that groups like the ACLU will work with the LGBT Q activist and all the sudden when they'll be will be standing up her parental rights. Right. I stand up like the parent you want to guide their children to their correct gender same which are against parental rights for parents want to help their child.

For example, a child was homosexually abuse by a predator to go to pro-heterosexual change therapy which is banned in what how many states now just like more than the same groups that are against parental rights for that will be for the parental parents who want to basically abuse their children by allowing them to pursue this crazy sex, gender transition, which is actually not not comport with reality. While some parental rights are more equal than others.

Well, you know, going back to the issue of the culture wars were canine coming down to the last few minutes you have been a culture warrior for many years. Peter you are one of the most adamant activists I've ever match. I admire you tremendously because you have a kind of fortitude to just keep pressing forward regardless of what happens, but how you see things with your activist experience as we move forward in the next couple years. What the church needs to be doing right now where we need to put our attention.

What we need to be doing not only legislatively but really as Christians on our knees. What should we be praying for. How should we be realigning our lives to be in line with God's word. What are your thoughts on all of that. Well I hope that the church really approaches this with some maturity from churchmen now saying, well, you know, this is just one of many sins and they really sort downplaying it. Not understanding that on this particular issue were dealing with a huge lobby group, essentially a well-funded sin movement led by the human rights campaign which is trying to override biblical morality not just that but our freedom to defend it in the public square and their winning and so that will of course have an impact on the gospel because it's about basically banning people from their white to proclaim and defend truth and so I would hope that more Christians. They look I'm in the stand with God.

Even if it's very difficult at times instead of finding a way to cop out because you know we both talked about so many people, including a lot of Christians. They look for ways to just sort of avoid this battle and rather than say look, there's a huge lobby. On the other side on the side of the anti-God the side of sin. No trying to tell us that a boy can become a girl really. I'm going to understand what the truth side that movement and I hope that and pray that that we would rebound and there would be a strong and growing movement that side just like there's a strong growing movement on the side of defending unborn children from the abortion movement that's really good. You brought up a really important point as well, which is the fact that this will affect our freedom.

This will affect our ability to share the gospel and to be able to. You really enjoy our First Amendment rights, and I don't think most Christians grasp that because most Christians are not Jack Phillips or Baron L Stutzman or Aaron and Melissa Klein they hear about them, but it's distant and it's removed from them. Personally, but when this movement will find you.

That's what I try to tell people you can try to hide in your closet or hide in your bathroom and pretend it's not happening in turn on Netflix and act as if it's not going on, but it will find you because if the quality act actually makes it all the way and I believe it well it is going to change everything for the church. Everything and I don't think people see that coming. But it is important I think for us as Christians.

Peter to get ready now to say are you on the Lord side, or are you not, are you going to be with the world. Are you going to be with the Lord and its really that Stark are you going to obey God Almighty. Are you gonna hate sin as he hates sin, but also reach out to loving your neighbor as yourself and sharing the gospel with people who desperately need to hear it, but refuse to compromise on truth. That's what we have to decide if organa pressboard in this culture, workers were involved in a lot more than culture war were involved in an Ephesians 6 war and we know who wins in the ends well.

Check out Americans for truth about homosexuality and Americans for My friend Peter LaBarbera with us always a joy to have you. Peter, thanks a lot again for being with us. God bless you to take care rights that will do it for us.

Thanks a lot for tuning and will see next time right here on Jana Mefford today

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