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Corey Miller (Social Justice)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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January 31, 2020 8:00 am

Corey Miller (Social Justice)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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January 31, 2020 8:00 am

With the push for social justice and Critical Theory at college campuses, intellectual diversity is dying. Can it be revived? Dr. Corey Miller, CEO of Ratio Christi, will be tackling that question with an atheist professor at some upcoming campus events; he'll join me to talk about it. Plus: Nigel Farage's Brexit speech at the EU highlights the importance of keeping America sovereign and free, especially in light of new videos exposing Bernie Sanders' campaign field organizers as radical revolutionary sympathizers. We'll discuss that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Jared River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that I is Prof. to go on a campus tour but that is what is going to happen.

Beginning just a few days from now it for Utah universities.

Dr. Cory Miller, Pres. and CEO of Russia. Christie and Dr. Peter Bagozzi, and a philosophy professor at Portland State University will actually be working together to try to combat the death of intellectual diversity on college campuses and were to find out more about it now from Russia Christie CEO Cory Miller Cory great to have you back. How are you doing right that's great. Well, it is always nice to have you here so you have to first answer for me, the obvious, which is your hanging with an atheist Prof. How did this come about all in relation to me because I booked a manual for creating when you read some of the chapters and there.

They seem like especially facing the Academy.

They seem like his mission is what our mission is, but to win people through reason, to atheism, to the other side. Get rid of the virus of faith, but I started to watch what was happening with him in his life and how even though he claims to be a leftist atheist how he is being targeted by the new.

The goober left, which is really not liberal with Gill liberal stifles free speech silences those who do not jump on board with the politically correct beliefs on X, Y, and Z and many of the neo-a few that we can think of like Richard Dawkins and others were starting to notice that you're seeing a realignment of people who appreciate free speech, free thought on campuses and see this as a threat to civilization as he and I connected. He invited me to lecture his atheism seminar at Portland State University. I lecture to students for two hours and he and I have lunch after we started sort of vision casting about how we might partner together on some of these common issues. Despite our very big difference. Wow. Well, that's a great opportunity for you as well and for him to hear the gospel and that's fantastic.

I actually think that's a great opportunity but you know he is sharing the same concerns is such an important thing because people are seeing all of these news headlines about what's going on college campuses. There's all this social justice, critical theory, identity politics, shutting down free speech you noted, screaming and yelling at conservative speakers who show up on certain college campuses and throwing things and causing all sorts of chaos you think this is come about time you. What are your reflections on how we got here even when you go back to Berkeley and that was the birthplace of the free speech movement and now that's the place where you get conservative speakers shouted down before they even have a chance to speak right I wrote an article a while back on how we lost the University regained long story but I think everybody knows that virtually all of the US universities years before we rebut a country beginning with Harvard and Princeton yelling Columbia. They were all Christian and not just Christian and Protestant up until 1840. 80% of the University president across the nation were also members of the clergy 1890 chapel attendance and church attendance were required for every politician in the country. Not long ago, between 1880 and 1930. A battle ensued. Nationalism had crept in scientific naturalism along with biblical criticism from European people would go study over there and come back they would be infiltrating into the universities and eventually they want and by 1930 was a matter of mopping up and cleaning up well at the time things were happening also in Europe.

The Nazis came to power in 1920 1930s and about time the neo-Marxist or the cultural Marxist movement had begun in three tooling and rethinking how to use critical theory from the Frankfurt school, critical theory, the term political correctness was part of the red Army's you know term server is this statement true. Doesn't matter if it's true, it's politically true it's politically correct. The notion of social justice started coming up through sociological studies and so forth. Well, most of these founders of this cultural Marxism. The neo-Marxism. This critical theory we now identify as identity politics and political correctness in the popular jargon on a lot of that stuff. The founders were most of them were Jewish and they were global socialist wealth.

They want national socialists and was we know Stalin and Hitler did not get along well and so when the Nazis, the national socialist came to power the global socialist had to get out of town quick and where they go. They stopped off one place to than they came to the US the embedded in Columbia University then Yale the Ivy leagues started this long drawn out process on how to infiltrate culture that is good akin to meal Marxism through education and through religion and they wrote a bunch of influential books just in time for the 1960s revolution.

That's when the new left began and now you know 30 years later. This new left are at their apex are at the top of their departments and the administrative presidents and things like that and it's all the stuff that we see, that is a division between classes sex ration, gender, economic class, and so forth and I see people as victims or victimizers abortion law proletariat oppressors were oppressed and so use neo-Marxists with critical theory and what we now call social justice and identity politics, and so forth. They had to get out of Europe and may went over to America to be embedded in Columbia University and yell and I the Ivy League schools.

Long story short, they wrote a bunch of influential articles and books that were really effective PD right at the time for the 1960s social and sexual revolution taking place. And you know neo-Marxism really sees the class division as a place to focus to divide people between victims and victimizers, oppressors and oppressed bourgeoisie and proletariat along the lines of sex, race, class, gender, etc. and that's what began to happen and it would be at the time in the 1990s the ratio of left to right, professors was just about to point to 21 maybe 2.3 to 1. Well, there's been this huge gray since then. Just over the last 25 years as masses of professors in the baby-boom generation been retiring and most of those have been replaced by the new left by the social justice by identity politics by critical theory, and so forth, and the ratio now is as climbed to the extent where it 12 to 1 for those who are retiring 65 and older, and it's 23 21 across the country, otherwise in New England at 28 to 1 Studies at 70 to 1, and what some of the new atheists who mostly are in the hard sciences. If you think about who they are like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and Daniel Bennett are all old white males, and I don't quite fit the narrative of identity politics and so the humanities Frankenstein, which emerged from that soil of naturalism. All of a sudden it if there was room for this thing to grow and now it seems to be unstoppable and so you're finding even some of those that were in the new atheist area being very concerned about this because at least those people believe that truth is real.

You can know it. It's only scientific truth. Of course thought and they were willing to have debates and so forth. This new group.

There's no debating anything you silence your opposition you shame your opposition or in some cases, you just destroy the career of your opposition. It's very Marxist, very Stalinist exactly to cancel culture.

We've seen it happen over and over again and it seems just to be growing is as time goes along Corey and this is I think such a good time for you to be able to go with Prof. Peter Bagozzi and into these Utah universities and have some of these events I would hear more about it. We do need to pause for short break will come back with Cory Miller, president and CEO of Russia Christie stay with us will be right back on Janet Mefford today. How much is one life worth. Most of us would say life is priceless and we be right after all. What is the value of someone created in the image of God. That's why during the sanctity of human life.

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Thank you for saving a baby's life. You're listening to today.

Welcome back. Well I am really excited about what's gonna be coming up the next few days.

Dr. Cory Miller, who is president and CEO of Russia. Christie and Dr. Peter Bagozzi and who is a philosophy professor at Portland State University and by the way in atheist are to be joining forces and working together to try to combat the death of intellectual diversity on college campuses. Cory you had given just a fantastic summary of what has gone wrong in American college campuses and of course this is what you guys are dealing with all the time at your university chapters of Russia, Christie, were you trying to do a Christian apologetics and has that lack of intellectual diversity become a unique challenge among Christian students who are trying to just first of all, establish there is such a thing as objective truth highly to the administrative ranks of the University so that you have to know justify what you're doing or your existence through a prism of identity politics, so if our doctrinal statement as a as a club to even get approved on campus doesn't satisfy that been your stock off-campus and we've had to litigate with one federal victories were 17 of 17 because you know we have the U.S. Constitution, which trumps comes to free speech of the University laws and so nonetheless were facing this stuff, but even when we get on campus and we have debates that UNC Wilmington, for example, really have a debate on abortion. We had two opponents set up ready to go but they were to let us do it. Why because we had to mail and mailed have to contribute to the abortion debate this email. Well finally we told them well. One of them is African-American in the 07.1 also is an abortion doctor who claims to abort babies as an act of worship to the glory of God in the will. This will be a fine debate. Unbelievable.

Finding the stuff happening all the time is just getting progressively click and use that term progressively worse and worse and very quickly and infiltrating Janet campus ministries, seminaries, churches, and so forth. This new ideas term called social justice which is a Trojan horse comes along with some good but there's more inside of the horse to meet you. You're totally right about that yet you are asking. Just as an aside, you're asking what do men have to do with babies and abortion.

Well, there were no men there be no baby, so I think you get just as much of a say is when things that that's a starting point. What is a little bit about what you and Prof. because he and will be doing. I know you're going to four different campuses in Utah, did you pick Utah for any particular reason and and what is the plan for your events. My background in Utah. I wrote a book called leaving Mormonism why four scholars change their mind. Smith's bodyguard was one of my ancestors and that's how I ended up getting into philosophy and comparative religions apologetics so I you know and inclination a passion for Utah. We've recently been planting some chapters in Utah for Russia. Christie and and we had one of our key staff also moved out there former lead pastor from there recently became our regional director and we just thought it would be a good place to launch this.

We had some interest there and up Bagozzi and I had just begun this conversation and so we set up for the University of Utah, Utah State Weaver state in Utah Valley University two days for different meetings and our hope is that from our distinct perspective, we can address this issue. Both of us have we. We both originally lost our first PhD attempt. We've both been attacked in our faculty roles as philosophy professors, and despite her vast differences as a Christian and atheist. We are both really seeing this big threat to the universities and so will give presentations from our respective no experiences from atheism and from Christianity and what's happening to concern us in the Christian world and for him in the atheist world. Why is this such an important topic.

Why would it bring almost metaphysical focus on the ideological battle.

So what like what would bring us together and so that's working a focus on how social justice and identity politics are negatively impacting the culture.

The University is not just free speech is free thought itself with cognitive liberty. You can't even hide in your closet anymore because they're coming and we need to address this and we need to unite on some of these fundamental bed rocks of civilization for the West sure seems to me it's also really good opportunity for you. In particular, and I'll tell you why.

It's because when we look at the founding principles of the United States.

We all acknowledge that even though we can't say the United States was formed as a specifically Christian nation, for every person who lived here without the foundation of the Bible there couldn't have been a United States in this entire idea of inalienable rights that we have in our Declaration of Independence and and this understanding that we have rights that God gave to us. I wonder if you see this at all is a unique time in history to reasserts without God, without his word, we would not even understand the importance of the rights that we have under him to things like freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

In other words tying these concepts explicitly to Christianity as an apologetic argument.

In fact, what I lectured on in his class up at Portland State and when it comes time in our dialogue and moderator questions to even know rebut each other on our differences, I think that our worldview better accounts for these virtues that we look at its freedoms in the West because as you say you inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness endowed by our Creator that has its roots not in government or in man, but in the Torah in the Bible rated in God's image and so what we call human rights like that that you know the human rights declaration that happened almost 70 years ago, human rights was a notion that was corrupted was secularized by the French. But before that, it was called natural rights by John Locke's influence.

Our founding fathers, and natural rights of course came from natural law from Augustine and from Thomas Aquinas and natural law came from divine law revealed law. So yes, the whole notion of respecting an opponent and looking at them in the eye as though all lives, including bears matter as much is mine and that we ought to even of though we disagree with what they might say we will go to the death for their right to say it is stuff is far better grounded in the Christian worldview than an atheist one, but we can get atheists to come alongside and see the virtue of the practical virtue of having free speech and free thought and in diversity of thinking on the campuses.

I'll take it because really, practically speaking, you can really convince people that intellectual diversity is better than just having a monolith and echo chamber without competing ideas. It really encourages intellectual laziness and groupthink and just after the whole education system is and I'm wondering if you are finding it any of your college campuses where you guys have a presence any hope among the students who are now coming in that kind of a step down from the millennial's now were on generation Z who are wanting that kind of debate or do you see them as even worse maybe than the millennial's were in terms of the groupthink and being steeped in all of this nonsense that the Frankfurt school has wrought.

It is unfortunate but it works in the millennial they're gone.

Some would say, in more ways than one. Universities anymore Lester in grad programs or something like that age wise were now doing with generation Z, Yeargin C: right. But Jenny Z is a generation that is there the most distinct characteristic is that they are post-Christian now also comes along. Agenda Z is this new influence of being caught hold that the coddling the American mind, Jonathan Hite wrote in his New York Times bestseller.

This this weakness toward micro-aggressions and political correctness and free speech issues. This is more distinct now for Jim as he was part of the tail end of the millennial's, but all the stuff you're seeing right now I'm if you graduated in 2013 you recognize the stuff on the University's business within five years. It's ramped up to the degree that it is right now but in the Yale 2017 national student study. This is blow your mind. 48% of students support campus speech codes certain things you cannot say 81% say that words are a form of violence. Of course words cause depression and depressed people commit suicide and therefore words are a form of violence one third of all the students believe that physical violence is justified to prevent hate speech and how do we define a speech to three students a speech is anything a student believed to be considered hurtful to a particular person wow that's insane is not just the professors on top were talking about the students coming up through the system into the University right now were getting it from both sides and then of course were dealing with scientific naturalism in the hard sciences, which now is becoming eclipsed by what's happening in the social and sciences and humanities. This postmodern social justice stuff. We've got a real project church needs to coalesce together.

Coalition build and realize that the universities are the most influential institution of Western civilization and we need to come together to put resources into reclaiming the voice of Christ at the University.

No doubt about it. It's my am so grateful that you're there. Cory doing what you're doing, not only with these upcoming events on February 6 and seventh, but also the work that you do on college campuses. In particular, also reaching Christian kids because we can't take for granted anymore. They Christian kids coming out of evangelical backgrounds will be any less propagandized sometimes where they go to school. So what you can find out marked more by going to Roxio if you're interested in attending these events.

If you're going to be in Utah or know somebody who is checking out Roxio Cory Miller with us always enjoy Cory thanks so much for being here again, what you think Lodge and now I got blasts will talk to you later and thanks for being here this archived broadcast of Janet met for today is brought to you by pre-born wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met Janet River today and here's your host Joe Mefford, welcome back.

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Here's the number to call 855402 baby 855-402-2229 dial 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click pre-born banner.

Janet met and we thank you so much I want to get into what turned out to be a very inspiring speech from Nigel Faraj. Now we don't normally do. British political news.

They show but I think there was something so special about what happened because today is the day that Great Britain will leave the European Union, not technically. They'll be a part of it in some regard until the end of the year, but a very big date Nigel Faraj, the leader of the brakes that party was very very excited.

He's been fighting this battle for 20 some years and many, many people thought it could never be done.

They would always be a part of the European Union. They would always have to be connected to these globalists and boy it's been so interesting to see what has happened in the last several years, not just in the UK with the bricks that vote in the subsequent fight and Boris Johnson and everything kinda turning out okay but also with the rise of trump. There is something in the air that cannot be denied and its good. It is good is it perfect know is it good is it good that people want to have populist movements. If you want to call it that. Or maybe you should say.

And in this way, people want their sovereign nations to be sovereign and certainly not every country being sovereign makes the country good and we know that for sure about when we see the free West wanting to say listen. We want our own country. We want to be able to govern our own people. We don't want to turn over control to unelected people who are going to impose globalism on us. That's always a good thing. So I want to listen to a little bit of what Nigel Faraj had to say. Saying goodbye to the European Union.

It was kind of interesting. At the end you get to hear this but they were waving the Union Jack and and there was kind of an interesting moment there. But let's listen first to the beginning of Nigel Faraj, a speech significant point is this what happens at 11 PM this Friday, January 20 20 marks the point of no return.

Once we left. We all know about coming back on the rest frankly is the zone we going we will be gone should be the summit of my own clinical ambitions have said before you stop evolving in 2016. My view was changed of Europe inside since I joined in 2005 I Saul, the Constitution dropped by just this sort rejected by the French referendum. I sort rejected by the Dutch in a referendum so you in these institutions ignore bring it back to the freezing unbiased REMIC through without that being referendums.

We already have about an did say no I will. Every good at making people vote again what we braved is the British are too big to bully mine. Now he explains how he came to embrace Bragg sets and why there is no need for the European Union. This is got to out right opponents of the European project I want breakfast just audited by the rest of Europe. We will pray friendship collaboration reciprocity we made the European commission, the European coal made these institutions. All of this, I can promise you I'm in the in the bricks about the way Europe, we just hiked the European union.

I'm hoping this begins the of this project is about project isn't just undemocratic. I'm the Democratic but did not run it gives people, without accountability will be held to account by the electorate about is not acceptable structure. Speaking of which, can we leave the United Nations. Now I know that's a subject for another day. But it just reminded me of that exactly when you have people who are so far removed from you, they don't really care what you think. This was the brilliance of the American experiment localism of federalism more people who were representing us who are close to us and would have to face us and represent is not from afar but having to come back and see their constituents and have to be accountable to their constituents. That's why the local town halls are still brilliant and a great idea because your representative in Congress will come back to his district or her district and you can go and you can stand up and perhaps get on the news when you confront your representative.

Not to mention your local officials, your mayor, your City Councilman what have you.

This is a really important thing that you have people who are representing you, who can be held accountable by people just like you now here Nigel Faraj talks about what is going on across the world and this is the main points NBC news referred to it as the triumph of nationalism over liberalism and the way Nigel Faraj put it was globalism versus populism's pay special attention to how this cut ends. This is country historic battle going on now Western Europe America and elsewhere is Buddhism against populism you might populism the funny thing is becoming very popular is great shows just as common fisheries policy being told down the bowl. Bully bowl G.I like you Mrs. I know you want about all national gods by I will forward in the future working with you. I sovereign. You didn't pay the rows. Please remove the way your seats. Put your flags away anything and take them with you. If you are leaving now. Good grief.

Globalists have absolutely no sense of humor. What is there.

Leaving the EU they wanted to make one final statement waving their flag. Doesn't it just kinda reveal everything you need to know about globalists. There's such a disdain for people who want to live in a sovereign nation without their interference. I just think there's so many lessons in that moment for Americans. I really do is we had into another election and it's interesting to see over Newsweek Nigel Faraj actually penned an article populism is just beginning, and he references in this article.

His support for president trump and their definite connections and in so many ways.

There are connections between what has happened with Bragg said and what is happening in the United States, and I think in spite of all this impeachment nonsense and the insanity that's going on in the Senate and the Adam Schiff show. I just think more than ever, Americans are recognizing how important it is that America remains a free and sovereign nation, and that is not wants. What a lot of people on the left want for this country.

They want to dismantle this country think of what would happen if America were dismantled. One of the people who I think has a really good shot at getting the Democratic nomination is Bernie Sanders when we come back. I want to get into some of this latest video from project Veritas exposing his field organizers and it will chill you to the phone working to come back on Janet my for today healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it. Don't go a whole year without having a healthcare program sign up with liberty health share is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry liberty. Healthcare is not insurance so you can still sign up. In fact, you can sign up any time of year and there are no contracts starting as low as $199 a month. Liberty health share has memberships for singles, couples and families so you can choose the ideal program for your situation. Plus, liberty, health share has no network so you're free to pick your own doctors, hospitals and providers. Liberty health share is a nonprofit ministry so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens, go to liberty, health for more information liberty health when a young woman in crisis walks into a pre-born pregnancy center. She's on a journey in the ministry of pre-born is there to help her bring her journey to life Janie.

She is a little pain in last week. I'm glad I made the decision to keep Raven on his life tainted by a definitely changed my life based pre-born offers free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancy centers nationwide because when a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound.

She's more likely to choose life for her baby. In fact, 8/10 women will choose life. If they see their babies on ultrasound which usually pre-born in the cause for life for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds. All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of your sponsorship goes to saving babies to donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby that's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to your love can save a life. You are listening to Janet Milford today. While Bragg states will be officially over as of today, even though the United Kingdom will remain to some extent with the European Union to the rest of the year, but officially they're done today Nigel Faraj gave us dollars speech and the globalists didn't like it they can like him waving his union jack and I don't think he cared think he really cared after two decades plus of fighting to leave the European Union. The fact that he was able to finally celebrate that moments in so many in the United Kingdom were able to celebrate with him was a huge, huge thing. And when we need to keep this in mind, because when we are fighting for nationalism like national socialism everybody wants to try to take any trump supporter they can and label him a Nazi.

We all know that it's so old. But here's the thing were going into another election season as you now we have some truly scary people want to be presidents on the left truly scary. One of those being Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is in my mind somebody who should never get anywhere near the halls of power for multiple reasons. He's a total hypocrite. He's a socialist. He's not some Enoch is my personal opinion but but the worst of it is that you can see what the Sanders campaign is all about by some of these videos that project Veritas has been releasing James O'Keefe as you know is the undercover journalist who's been doing a lot of exposing of media outlets like CNN, for example, in he's exposed big tech like Google's latest project has been releasing a series of videos showing some of these field organizers for the Bernie Sanders campaign. These people are truly scary, they ought to scare you, which is probably why the mainstream media is ignoring this so vociferously because of people out there really saw with the Bernie Sanders organizers are like they might think twice about this socialism thing so let's listen to the first excerpt here James O'Keefe speaking. This is For Daniel Taylor and Mason bear both field organizers for the Sanders campaign in South Carolina in the next two subjects of our undercover investigation of extreme radicalism inside the Sanders campaign. I can miss someone, they are just as is all that's great politics outside the electoral system, Marxist-Leninist and anarchists who want direct action that doesn't sound like a scary kind of revolutionary crew of any type at all, why should anybody paying attention to this in the mainstream media.

No news here.

Now listen to this. The project Veritas reporter.

You can hear that woman speaking Bates this other organizer named Mason bear to Sanders to volunteer here to discuss Soviet gulags listen to this one cat five share we think of you know, like seeing central to Russia to Siberia and like locked away and I'll lock you up and throw away the key, and then that is such a misconception.

There like reeducation camps you know anything about this is these Hughes Jesus in my side. States like that.

A lot of the stories with the United States law is certainly excessive since her purse so I think there's also occasional excuses for the excesses of her stray perspective is you know nothing. I'm looking at this guy on the video you probably don't know what year you were born buddy, but you were to live long enough. If you were alive at all during the Cold War to even understand anything at all about the Soviet Union, you've probably never read Russian history from an actual source. You know nothing about the kulaks you know nothing about Stalin other probably exaggerated and you know, America is just as bad. The ignorance this sheer ignorance of these young guys who are jumping on board the school socialism thing yeah direct action. You know what I've been rereading Nicholas and Alexandra fat fantastic book by Robert K. Massey classic been rereading and I read it several times and it'll tell you the whole story of what happened to the czar and his family and how they were executed by the Bolsheviks and tell you all about the wonderful guy Vladimir Lenin away with fabulous guy.

He was terrific.

They were just wonderful guys there back in 1917.

Do some studying to ridiculous. I came to believe this is going on now listen the reporter here Bates Daniel Taylor he's another Sanders organizer. Listen to this cat cat six somewhere trying it for three years still get stronger well for me personally I have no problem going all in on the campaign. So you see, you need people to understand the things that allseems extreme because it has been no social programs that were pushing for a long time like the fool socialist thing four years ago was a lot more toxic than it is today. I finally started realizing it is not all know it's a bad thing.

It's a bad thing, which is why we continually have to be out there denouncing socialism, denouncing communism and shouting from the rafters that this new generation that's been indoctrinated on college campuses have no idea what they're embracing absolutely none.

Spent some time at the victims of Communism Memorial foundation listen to some of those stories from people who live through communism buddy. I think the bloom is going to be off the rose.

If you actually took the time to get educated on this. Either that or you just love evil and I don't know you well enough or at all. To determine which is which.

Now this journalist Bates. This Taylor guy once again, this is cut seven some time we want to steer people so first is crazy stuff.

Tell me talk you know or organization is the best is his change will not come we have to know the connections that were making out with volunteers and events.

It's very important to be retained extreme action University is elected extreme action. Now they don't give us the country were going to have to use extreme action.

Can we use them extreme action to put these people under scrutiny, law enforcement scrutiny because when when you have people talking like this. Is this not incitement to violence. I know I don't know and I'm not an expert on this one more cut. This is where Baird compares Sanders revolution to the Russian Revolution of 1917. I find this quite shocking. This is Kate. We abolished landlord's sole excesses that I would hope to avoid my plenty of excesses that he would hope to avoid that he admires that he admires the Russian Revolution of 1917. Again, you probably need to get out there and talk to some of the people who suffered communism in the Soviet bloc. Read some history books read Alexander Solzhenitsyn read the Gulag Archipelago. Read Vladimir precocity's book about which I spoke with him just a few weeks ago and I was the last person interview him before he died, the famous Soviet dissident read some of that stuff. But you can learn a lot. You might appreciate the great nation. The great constitutional republic that was handed down your generation appreciated and work to say that for these guys. They really thanks for meeting with us on chain of effort today will see you next time

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