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Robert Reilly (America's Founding)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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April 23, 2020 6:30 am

Robert Reilly (America's Founding)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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April 23, 2020 6:30 am

Some political philosophers claim America is in crisis because its foundation was built upon the Enlightenment. But what is the true lineage of the ideas, including the truth about God, that made America possible? Robert Reilly, director of the Westminster Institute, joins me to talk about his book, "America on Trial." Plus: Hundreds protest in Idaho over a mom's arrest at a local playground, while Minneapolis allows a public broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan. We'll talk about it all on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible league. Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word or there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness and its principles like those that are founders espoused that let our Republic as we know into becoming the freest, greatest and most prosperous nation on earth. Yet, as my next guest points out a number of thinkers today dispute America's lineage and say that American principles are responsible for the moral and social disintegration of our nation. The reason they say it's because her principles were based on the Enlightenment falsehood of radical individual autonomy.

But is that really true or to find out today with my guest, Robert R.

Riley he was Senior advisor for information strategy for the US Secretary of Defense directed the voice of America answered in the White House as a special assistant to Pres. Reagan is now director of the Westminster Institute and author of several great books, including his latest called America on trial a defense of the founding Mr. Riley just wonderful to welcome you back.

How are you going to be with you again well I love this book. I just couldn't put it down because I'm glad you're refuting some of these thinkers were making these claims. Can you fill people in a little bit about this current debate was very hundred you could gain so much traction today. I'll just tell you a little anecdote about my oldest son was now serving as an officer in the Marine Corps. His last year and a with dreams of the Catholic University. The political science class professor was teaching a point of view on the American founding, that it was morally contaminated and therefore led to the kind of moral disarray in the generation that we experience today terms of abortion, pornography, same-sex so-called marriage transgender is on the list goes on and it wasn't as if he offered this is one of variety of views.

This was the view he pushed though.

At the conclusion of his class. He had convinced the majority of the students and one student asked a very acute question.

He said okay, you've convinced us what are we supposed to do now my my summer course resisted this not only because he disliked that because he knew himself that this was an incorrect teaching, but what is you know what I try to do in my book is take it on insurable ways directly refuting out saying let's see the evidence you found in the American founding image documents and the statements of the founders themselves that this radical individual autonomy was there and I parsed their statements, the producer of the critics are used to principally as examples of general arguments made in this way and show that they it simply isn't there are in fact quite the opposite is and so I understand why people are driven to this point of view because they need some explanation for how it goes. We have found ourselves in this morally degraded condition, but my point is you know is that this isn't because of the founding hits in spite of it right.

It is a rejection of the principles of the founding in our best. Our best strategy today is not to reject the founding of the book to return to its principles, exactly where getting this argument from when they're making this argument. For example, that you know the moral contamination goes back to our founding how the world today even formulate that argument. I always thought it was pretty much understood that the founders had their roots in natural law, nature's God, and an understanding of the Bible to an extent, even though were not an explicitly Christian nation. How that will how are they making this argument, what are they bringing up to try to underscore their point, which is obviously faulty.

While they make the case by saying that, of course, there was a radical Enlightenment that did positive. This radical autonomy of the individual that did deny the existence of natural law that did make man's will primary and we could see the fruition of that, of course, in the French Revolution, which is why I dedicated chapter of the book and comparing the French and American revolutions to illustrate so clearly that the one was the obverse of the other. Yes, they want the same revolution.

They were antithetical to each other and some of the critics who say that we were we were a poison pill from the beginning. Try to make the case that really we are the same as the French Revolution, you know that the fruit that the just manifested itself. A little later so it's kind of post hoc ergo proctor heart argument because this was a period of radical enlightenment.

American founding, must be a product of another way they do it or say John Locke was undoubtedly a big influence on the American founding was in fact simply Hobbs with a smiley face, the right of the author of the Leviathan Hobbs who justified the absolute sovereignty of the state. The absolute power of the state and the lock was just short of a kinder version of Hobbs so I have to kiss probably spend a couple chapters in the book debunking that point of view that in fact look at the type of political regime that would be constructed on the basis of Hobbs's principles, which is an absolute state versus those that would be built on Locke's principles which would be a constitutional representative democracy rains so you've got all of these anomalies on which this view is space good.

Sort of like the founders didn't really know what they were doing. They were in the control of ideas over which they have no control at all even Bureau not they were of which they weren't fully cognizant so they built worse than they knew that now you say W.

Were they stupid or that are within rascals I mean you had. You have to come up with some rather strange suppositions about them. What they did as you quoted at the top of the show that they we hold these truths to be self-evident, not we hold these values are. We hold these opinions know these true that are transcendent that have the resources in God and the laws of nature which are immutable and therefore are true at all times, everywhere, for all people and the American revolution was based explicitly on these transcendent troops. What happened in recent times is we see even in Supreme Court decisions. Opinions that are of the obverse of this that deny them from potentially Justice Anthony Kennedy in his arguments on abortion and sodomy and same-sex marriage. He uses the term repeatedly. The autonomy of the individual, as if that term was used anywhere in the American founding person was no so he sees the reticle.

This radical autonomy in the founding delete he manufactures it and uses it to overthrow the state laws of the United States and these certain Christian conservative critics say yup Kennedy's right in saying that there the differences we don't like what it is it what it has produced and he.yes exactly, you can you mention that you talk about people like Roger here with the Benedict option. People like Russell Moore and that's that's are a really important point because even if you're saying I'm against it to see it in the way that the critics see it is to misunderstand the true lineage, as you point out in your block of America's founding and what really the ideas were that really did fuel the founding of America, and I think that's a really really key point working to go to a break, but working to talk more with Robert Riley about his book.

It is called America on trial, defense of the founding your listing to Jennifer today were to come right back. Stay with us here Stan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update the global code 19 virus 70 terrible impact on the most vulnerable among us, the unborn, sheltering in orders across the country are spiking the number of unplanned pregnancies in the pre-born call centers inundated with girls calling us contrary to government mandates to stop elective surgeries. Planned Parenthood remains open, consuming scarce medical supplies, all while aborting babies are clinics offering free Christ centered alternatives to these women in this time of crisis, but clinics need your help now more than ever.

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From now through April Janet met for today is partnering with Bible league to send Bibles to persecuted Christians around the world. Can you help your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word or there's a banner to clack and Janet you're listening to Janet Mefford today. And no, here's German welcome back great to have you with us in great-aunt with us. Robert R Riley he is out with a wonderful new book it's called America on trial in defense of the founding were talking about this mistaken idea that some of these critics have about the lineage of America and you in this book to a really great job of telling the truth.

I think about the founding and and the ideas that led up to the founding and you talk a little bit about things Jerusalem and Rome.

Can you talk a little bit about the essentials of those three cities that influenced our founding. I think you know the main body of the book is tracing the true lineage of the America, the founder of the ideas that made the American founding possible without which it would would not of been conceivable in the art ideas from the radical Enlightenment and the I simply point out the heritage of classical Greece and the gift of philosophy, the primacy of reason in the sense that the Greek philosophers discovered the our minds can apprehend reality that we can know it, not simply have an opinion about it and that in this examination, we discover in order in nature and one naturally asks what what what is the source of this disorder that suits the rational order or reason can know with and I think it was Heraclitus was the first Greek philosopher who said goose got to be a divine intelligence behind which it is an expression and he used the word. The Greek word logos to say what this intelligence was for food Greek word for reason and we know that from Jerusalem what the great contribution was of monotheism that there is one God, not many fish took place in a sea of policy as there was no other culture in the Middle East that proffered this idea that there is only one God and unlike the Palacios the Jews, so this one God has revealed himself as transcendent right and that he is made the world from nothing and he is made, it welded it's good to know that demiurge of evil and one of good contending fighting over creation and that which may lapse at any moment into primeval chaos. Don't know God said Yahweh said what he's made is good and we know from Genesis that most particularly the man he made is good because he made man and nature. In his own image and likeness, and we were. I think we could find in Genesis the foundation of Western civilization absolutely no one else would put the idea that were made in God's image and likeness is is so startling so revolutionary. Then of course wrong. What I Christianity sort of married Greek philosophy and Jewish monotheism in the startling revelation of Christ whose sort of logos comes walking through the door logos about whom the Greek food speculated is incarnate, sir, and enters history and reveals himself as love and making a sacrifice for the salvation of man and therefore the ministry of man is revealed in the infinite love of God, making man even more precious as each individual person. This was the foundation of a new civilization and we as you know in the book. I spent the chapter on the Middle Ages, showing how these influences created Christendom in which constitutional government first developed to develop first in the church through canon law and then sort of leeched into the secular sphere in the early parliaments and some of this is going to surprise many people who think the Middle Ages is part of the dark ages when they see the articulation of the equality of all people embrace the generally accepted that the people are sovereign, such thing as the up the divine right of kings in the Middle Ages and I idea completely foreign to it and because of equality and popular sovereignty. There is a requirement of consent mentioned by Thomas Aquinas and all the thinkers of the Middle Ages. Since man is equal and since he's a rational creature he must consent in his rule, even if he is ruled by a king there, there has to be consent that the person being the king and in a covenantal relationship that makes the king subject to the agreement through which he has become king, and if he breaks that agreement goodbye. King Thomas Aquinas said there's a right to revolution against tyrants, but also this equality sovereignty included representation so that in the bodies that would decide these things affecting all representatives from the constituent parts could come empowered to vote and make decisions even in church councils.

It was the origin of the two thirds rule is adopted and so many legislatures and this was just this was generally accepted in the Middle Ages, imperfect and practice, but there are, in principle, and one would think well this is just going to keep developing and why didn't we have a continuous development from there to the American founding itself at night. I speak of what derailed those development and it was in the late Middle Ages. For it will all involved to get into a short program but William of Ockham and his denial of this primacy of reason and then Luther in the Reformation who severs the connection between faith and reason undermines the foundations of Christendom and leads to unintentionally on his part. I would say but nonetheless leads to the deification of the state and the absolute state there's no longer the distinction between the secular and the sacred. The two swords the. The distinct spheres that that there there was a dual some man was subject of two sovereigns the secular sovereign in the sacred sovereign who was of course the bishops and the Pope's now you only had one sovereign, because the Prince was also the head of the church is led to absolutism as it developed into the divine right of kings, and in the secular manifestation through Thomas Hobbes, the Leviathan, which was simply a secular absolute state that had control of everything and just to sum this up.

The American founding, was a reaction THAT yes any reconnection Areva advocate vacation with those medieval constitutional principles so that I just articulated for you. I should mention, just briefly, that every one of those principles that I mentioned a quality sovereignty of the people requirement of consent, the right to the rub representation and the right to revolution were all explicitly denied by Luther's interesting. There's just so much here, which is why people have to read your book so that the bottom lines and as you talk about is the question that needs to be answered is whether laws, the product of reason, which is meaning that you know what is right flows from something objective versus the primacy of will is law the product of will, which is that it flows from power. I mean in some regard. That's really what were up against.

Right now in the moral and social disintegration of America that that's kind of where the divide seems to be moment give you an example of it Barack Obama in his book the audacity of hope said this quote implicit in the constitutions structure and the very idea of ordered liberty, was a rejection of absolute truth, the infallibility of any idea or ideology or theology organism and any tyrannical consistency that might block future generations into a single, unalterable course" so in other words, the truth does not set you free.

The truth enslaves you. Therefore, freedom today requires the rejection of objective truth which is what Obama was saying there is a rejection of the American founding's grief. Liming spoken like a Marxist rain coming.

That's kind of the direction you're going to have spoken as a progressive man who thinks he's riding the wave of history that there are no immutable laws of nature that everything is a product of its own time and we can change things and we can perfect man ourselves. We don't need to know any man who can appear at Planned Parenthood convention that organization being the principal provider of abortions in the United States today and say to the assembled members. God bless you this as inverted so many moral truths that it's astonishing yes and that what we have two will pose that is the founding itself that is the thing to which we can appeal in which we of course have our Christian faith in the truth articulated there, but we know that that's about the way to win an argument in the public sphere. People will so I don't.

I'm not a Christian or not it For you so so go away, but it's harder to tell the founding to go away because this country would have to go away exactly like you know that such a perfect point tonight. I think you've done such a brilliant job outlining your argument in detail. It really like I said at the outset, I couldn't put this book down again.

The name of it is America on trial in defense of the founding terrific book by Robert R. Riley has been kind enough to join us again, and 100.

Thank you so much Mr. Riley for being here is so great to be with you.

God bless you and thank you to look back on Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible league.

Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to clack and chant Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe welcome back. I don't know if you had a chance to watch that video of that mom in Idaho who was arrested by the police in a playground, but I had the chance to watch the entire video.

It was a much longer video than the one that was running in snippets on social media and if you're not aware of what happened there was an Idaho mother by the name of Sarah Brady, age 40, who refused to leave a playground area that was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This ended up sparking a protest at Meridian, Idaho, City Hall, according to a number of reports and what happened was she was there along with a number of other parents to protest the stay-at-home orders.

Spock says it this way. She was captured on video telling a police officer to arrest her as she participated in a smaller plan protest at the park with a group of people and her two children nearby and she said to the police officer.

At one point, arrest me for being difficult do it reported record it and so they did they give her count of five to leave.

It was like a parenting moment I'm going to count to five, then you better leave and you better socially distance what what I find just as an aside, incredibly ironically funny and a lot of these instances where you see the cops coming down on Christians of the cops coming down on parents like this, socially distancing. Now I recognize that you can't arrest somebody from 6 feet away wearing masks so they are violating the order themselves. They are standing in the playground themselves and granted there there because they're trying to deal with the scofflaws but at the same time you're looking at these people and say will wait a minute if I were Walmart, it would be fine there walking around Walmart and never made a purchase and I wasn't wearing a mask and I wasn't standing 6 feet from anybody. You have no problem with me. It's just the location that's a problem and what's so ironic about it is you are much safer. It would seem to me in a park outside at a distance from people in fresh air, then you would be in an enclosed space like Walmart when you have more of a chance of catching something if you were in Walmart and touching the shelves and touching the shampoo and the toilet paper. If there is any you think so, but they can't be there can't be there and so you had all these people protesting in front of City Hall. Fox is the city of Meridian had closed its playgrounds last month to limit the spread of coronavirus, which was previously determined to live up to two today 2 to 3 days on plastics, which is what the slide is made of police and the metal signage and caution tape at the park was removed and the observed numerous individuals gathered on the close playground area Meridian officers, according to police.

In a statement made several attempts to help Brady adhere to the Russell's were trying to help you were here from the government and were here to help.

They say she was noncompliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue. She was arrested for trespassing.

Officers informed those protesting at the park several times that the play structure was closed, adding they could use other areas of the park if they wanted to.

But here's what was so weird about it. They were speeding on the grass and they were commenting on the fact that they were standing on the grass. I didn't see any of their kids on the slide they were using the other parts of the park which they were apparently told by the police. They could use and his officers placed handcuffs on Brady and other woman was heard saying her kids are here. Her kids are here what's going to happen, who's got her kids. The Idaho freedom foundation said the part protest was planned and the group has an ongoing list of places they plan on demonstrating in protest against the states stay-at-home order. Though Sarah Brady was charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing and was booked into the local jail. She's now been bailed out. It was interesting to me to see the numbers of people who were supporting Sarah as she was arrested and hauled off and they were yelling things about not season and the Constitution has been violated.

All the rest. But here's what's interesting to me because I write a number of pieces on this particular issue and for example when you're talking about stay-at-home orders and emergency powers in these sorts of things that come up when you discuss whether or not a government has the right to keep you at home and everybody talks about the emergency orders and you have certain powers if their limited in need of a compelling interest etc. etc. but last I checked the whole issue of quarantine had to do with making sure infected people were taken out of the general public and kept at home were kept in some sort of enclosed space so they wouldn't infect anybody else that I recognize that not everybody who has coronavirus knows they have it and that's part of the problem, but that's also the grounds by which we could be oppressed for how long was and I want to be very clear on this. I have been supportive of going along with what the government has asked to to us to do in the stay-at-home orders I've been compliance.

I haven't been doing anything I shouldn't be doing.

My family has complied. I have no problem with that.

But I also have a problem with being perpetually quarantined when I'm not sick in my family's not sick and I think that's what's really driving a lot of these protests in addition to that, it's the fatality rates and mortality rates of this virus, which are all up in the air, but they seem to be lower than remodeled and it's also the bigger issue of whether or not our country can be continued to be shut down in perpetuity shut down an entire economy and entire country of 330 million people.

Everything begins to fall. After a while everything look at the stories of these hospitals I was reading a story at CBS News the other day and it was talking about how hospitals like the Mayo Clinic are having to give pay cuts to their doctors because there's not enough business and you have a 30% drop at hospitals in things like ER traffic because people are coming in and half of the business of a lot of these hospitals according to the report are elective people coming and getting knee replacements are people coming in getting the tonsils out or something like not that that's really elective being what elective surgery as you people coming in and getting tests and my daughter needs to get test ranch can't get them because she can't go to the hospital. They're not allowing anybody who's not a Cove 19 patient to go to the hospital and it's something that can wait but it also hurts the hospital when the hospitals not getting all those patients and were all sitting here scratching our heads and saying we were supposed to stay in place because we didn't want the coronavirus to spread, but now what happens if the hospitals go bust.

If these projected millions of coronavirus patients actually do materialize where they get to go to get treatment if the hospitals go go bankrupt.

Nobody's talking about that, but we have to. What about all these processing plants for meat that are closing down what you think the result of that will be eventually united to be able to get the meat that you want when you go to the local grocery store. You now have CNN talking about famines of biblical proportions are on the horizon and millions of people could die of starvation in different parts of the world on American necessarily, but other parts of the world. What course what you think is can happen when you shut everything down. You can't that's the point, and now are sort of at a tipping point and you have states like Texas and George and some others beginning to open up a little.

They're getting a lot of criticism. But what I want to say to these people.

Is this nobody wants anybody to die. That's not the point. But even though we have a flu vaccine. People still die of the flu.

People die of the flu by the thousands every single year. Even some people who receive the vaccine. So just because you have a vaccine does not mean you've completely mitigated all of the risks from the flu. So what's the deal with that and I'm not saying the flu and Cove, 19 are identical. Virus is certainly they're not, but a lot of this is an adding up for people and a lot of people are getting really concerned about the toll this will take on us as a society long term and I'll tell you what's really freaking me out is how more and more years seen on the left.

These instances where people just are finally shutting us down for months and months and months and months I thought it little premature when you don't even know how the numbers will be in a few months into the CDC director. Now, according to red state is laying the groundwork for perpetual lockdowns and social distancing an economic depression. What is that all about, will because you have some people in this country we talked about it on the show before who don't like capitalism and all it would not make them shed a tear at all. If the country collapsed because then they could make it up again in their own image and it'll be a Marxist image and you put together a green new deal and you make sure that everybody is engaging in technocratic practices and we make sure the experts are running everything and we are all bowing the need to people like Dr. Fouts. She a lot of Americans, I believe, rightly so, are looking at this entire thing and saying I'm not really sure I trust all of this it's it's a conundrum. And it's not can be easily solved wait'll you hear what happened in Minneapolis due to this coronavirus in a tell you when we come back you listening to Janet and effort today. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're in line is a member of Liberty healthcare in your part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year.

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There's a Bible for Bible match that will help us send God's word to his many persecuted Christians as possible become a Bible center today by calling 800 password that's 800 password for their Sabino to click and Janet once again call now 800 password you're listening to, and we are back. Thanks for joining us I'm talking a little bit about what's going on with some of these protesters across the country and there was a poll that was reported over the hill.

Most people are totally fine with the social distancing and locking everything down in perpetuity. I'm not sure if I believe that email, I think, why in the world can you open up a little bit in Texas.

There can allow in a few days.

Stores to sell clothing. For example, but you have to do pick up on the near the sidewalk so they can allow things like that. There's talk of having restaurants, but having distances between tables that are wider and you don't let people in horseback coughing, what have you and me aren't there things in between total lockdown and total freedom that that's a discussion that needs to take place. What I wanted to tell you what the coronavirus has wrought in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and this just doesn't surprise me at all. This is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Muslim call to prayer will be broadcast. The traditional five times a day in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, beginning with the start of Ramadan this week and it will continue to the end of the religious holiday in May his neck and to be fun so month you get to hear a five times a day.

It will be the first time the call to prayer will be heard in Minnesota designed to encourage Muslims to maintain safe distancing during a holiday, typically marked by community prayer. The arrangement was approved Tuesday by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry working in collaboration with guests who care the Council on American Islamic relations. The unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas mining trial and the Darr all his rum a mosque his neck and to be swell seating walk, no wait I shouldn't say that was going to say something silly you be walking through your neighborhood know you will not be walking through your neighborhood, you will be lockdown at home, but if you live close enough you can hear them, the Muslim call to prayer five times a day is that swell that's great so you can pretend you're living someplace like Baghdad. Maybe you can just pretend that you're, you know, living in an Afghanistan. That's great. That's what we need in the United States. Kind of funny. I don't radios work, what it why do you have to have a broadcast that is put out there for everybody to have to listen to five times a day for an entire month all it is. It's gonna establish a tradition now that's the thing they're saying well it's just because of social distancing. There are ways around that wanted to broadcast the Lord's prayer five times a day.

I would love to pray the Lord's prayer with my fellow believers during a time of social distancing. Every day when I do that broadcast the Lord's prayer and then you can also broadcast hymns, you know, put out a mighty Fortress is our God, and holy, holy, holy and great is thy faithfulness and we can have a him saying throughout the neighborhood in Minneapolis to think the government will go for that's anywhere having a socially distance we can get together at churches were not allowed to be together as a congregation in our sanctuaries, so bring us together. What is the difference think about that for a moment I will play a little bit of this report from Fox nine in Minneapolis, he can hear more about it. This is To the Muslim holiday of Ramadan starts at the end of this week and like other spring holidays this year celebrations are going to look a little bit different mosque in Minneapolis has been given permission to broadcast the call to prayer during the month long holiday Fox nine Hannah fly joining us like to talk about why this is so meaningful.

Hannah Kathy will live across the street from the church so I'm used to hearing church bells rang every hour on the hour.

I think that I found that a lot of us are used, but many have never heard the Muslim call to prayer before starting at the end of this week people in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood will be hearing it five times a day below little law. This is what a traditional Muslim call to prayer. Sounds like little law all about. So visit with millions go to the good go to the greatest five times a day during the month-long celebration of Ramadan is called will be broadcast over a loudspeaker from the roof of Darr Al he job mosque in Minneapolis is Muslim majority Cedar Riverside neighborhood. So I think it's going to bring a lot of smiles from the youngest in this community.

All a lot of smiles especially when you're trying to get a good night sleep and you're listening to that booming outside your window. No problem at all were psyched.

It's just like church bells, church bells, because you know so many churches have bells these days. So many churches have steeples rights and I can vouch for how many church bells there are in the city of Minneapolis, but I can tell you I don't have any near me and other all mega churches are there more modern churches and then have bells ringing from the steeple anymore.

I mean, it's not an apt comparison but you know care is all for it and and listen to how many people were interviewed who had a problem with it just keep an eye out here that we were an ear out here. This is 3J Lonnie Hussein, the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic relations. Minnesota says this call will help many in the neighborhood feel together when they can't physically be together, particularly our seniors who have been isolated and so whether you're Muslim or Jewish or Christian, you name it we want you to be able to practice your traditions and your religion from a remote location. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry announced on Tuesday, the city gave the noise permits in the mosque, allowing them to broadcast that call to prayer every religion has traditions that play themselves out in noise in some form and is just another tradition while they pray a part of the Lord open their windows dissipate the call and really feel that tranquility this week goes for those calls. The first call early in the morning he goes out before sunrise and the last call happened after sense that now keep in mind that churches have been told if you want to worship.

If you want to pray if you want to have any sort of connection with your Christian brothers and sisters, yes to do an online so why is it in Minneapolis.

These people people can't do it online to the color prayer online. We have to do it were Christians. There were Christians and Muslims in the United States we were here first.

It's our country. So why do we have to go online and we can get together but in the case of this particular neighborhood in Minneapolis. Care gets to call the shots and everybody else just has to live with it. By the way, Robert Spencer from Jihad watch had an article just a couple weeks ago that the BBC broadcast the Islamic call to prayer for the first time as well and it also was tied to the pandemic. This is the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer and I think he's really right when he said a cultural line has been crossed, and the implications of this. Beyond the expected hosannas from the usual proponents of globalism and multiculturalism are ominous. He says this is all done in the name of inclusivity. But when the BBC broadcast the Islamic call to prayer. What exactly is it broadcasting and that's the question that's pertinent in Minneapolis. What are they really allowing to be broadcast across Minneapolis. What are you actually allowing them to say what the concrete in Arabic goes like this. Allah is greater. That's all hope are all who are four times you say that all is greater then they say I testify that there is no God but Allah.

You say that twice then you testify that Mohammed is Allah's profit you say that twice come to prayer. You say that twice come to security salvation in town. Twice Allah is greater in tone twice and then finally, there is no God but Allah intoned once Dr. Gavin Ashland and former chaplain to the British Queen who resigned his position in protest against a Koran rating in a Scottish church observed that the Muslim call to prayer is a dramatic piece of Islamic triumphalism. It proclaims Islam superiority over all other religions, and in so doing casts Jesus and the role of a charlatan and a liar. The Muslim God Allah is unknowable and has no son. Jesus was therefore a fraud and claiming that he and the father are one, when in fact is we know he and the father are one in Jesus is Lord, is the BBC the government-funded broadcasting agency of an extensively Christian land really wise to broadcast a declaration of the superiority of another faith, one that directs its adherence to make war against Christians and subjugate them as inferiors under the hegemony of believers is the BBC wise to broadcast the cry Allah who ought bar, beloved of jihad terrorists the world over chief 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta wrote this in a letter to himself before carrying out his jihad when the confrontation begins strike like champions who do not want to go back to this world shout aloud who ought bar because this strikes fear in the hearts of the nonbelievers. This is why the Fort Hood jihad killer Mme. Malika sign shouted it as he shot 13 Americans in November 2009 and it's why so many other G hotties have used it essentially is an announcement that non-Muslims are about to die, but folks you just need to understand multiculturalism. It's just like church bells is these anchors over at Fox nine in Minneapolis told churches and church prints you just feel that tranquility did you like that. Feel the connection. Feel the tranquility in the connection. I don't want to feel the tranquility or the connection and there's nothing tranquil about having to listen to that hearing that there is no God, but Alec Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. That's just fundamentally not true and I don't have to listen to it and I praise God I don't live in Minneapolis but if I were Christian living in Minneapolis I would go to the mayor and say find we want to broadcast the Lord's prayer five times a day fair is fair. Mayor feel the tranquility. Why not, thank you so much for being with us.

We got ago.

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