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Harry Jackson (US & Race) Shane Idleman (CA's Churches)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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August 17, 2020 5:00 am

Harry Jackson (US & Race) Shane Idleman (CA's Churches)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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August 17, 2020 5:00 am

What America needs most at this hour of racial division is a biblical agenda that will strengthen our national vision and direction. I'll talk about it with Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., as we discuss his book, "A Manifesto: Christian America's Contract with Minorities." And how are California pastors reacting to a weekend court decision that upheld the ban on indoor church services? We'll get some thoughts from Shane Idleman, lead pastor at Westside Christian Fellowship. Plus: A Dallas judge has taken away a father's right to stop his ex-wife from proceeding with a so-called "gender transition" on their 8-year-old son. We'll talk about that and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty health liberty health areas and nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty for more information liberty, our confidence is in Christ alone weighed to not by rioting or setting fires what our country needs now is a biblical agenda that will strengthen our national vision and put us on the right road.

And that is why my next guest is calling for a Christian agenda as the way ahead, and as a means of uniting and empowering people from all backgrounds and races joining us now is Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Junior, founder and chairman of the high-impact leadership coalition, senior pastor at Ho Christian church in Maryland and presiding Bishop of the international communion of evangelical churches.

He is also a cofounder of the reconciled church initiative, which seeks to bring racial healing to the church in America and he is joining us to talk about his latest book called manifesto Kristen America's contract with minorities.

Bishop Jackson great to have you with us. How are you doing great how are you I am doing very very well and am excited to talk to about this because you have such a good perspective on so many angles on what were going through right now in America want you to think and what you think about all that's been going on at considering the fact that you had advised the White House that the death of George Floyd would potentially erupt into another Ferguson type situation what the explosion that we've seen in this country in the last several months. What's your take.

Well, there is a gut level generational reaction with black pullover minorities cry for job would you do anyone and then there are folk who wanted painted red longer. Brody and so there's an organization called black matter, that have fake social agenda and so we the church have got you on this whole front of facts and agenda. Overall we don't create our own agenda which makes America, much more will to all order to deal with the fact that this year, Janet 18 years and under the majority of kids 18 years under or in fact minorities that is black and Hispanic Asian kids will outnumber whites. 20 years from now will be majority minority and adult level. So, do we want to do this by peaceful Christian powerful changes that make a difference in advance the cause of Christ or do we want to wait for him to grow up in the left versus right kind of battleground that will mean darkness despair alive including and we wanted to leave a Christ centered peace oriented Dr. King oriented agenda will that's so interesting what you're talking about because you're right, there are people who are genuinely concerned about issues like police brutality and about unfairness in society and their out on the streets in some cases trying to just have a peaceful protest but they are mixed in with some of these more radical elements. The Marxist inspired black lives matter movements and I think that's thrown a lot of white Christians in particular into a little bit of a turmoil because they say one on the first hand we care about the same issues you do, but we don't want to be tied in with a Marxist inspired agenda either.

So how do you navigate that as a Christian well where you live matter. I should have said all black lives matter and hear me out six years ago I was in progress in talking to Tony Perkins and I wrote from family research Council policy and I heard the people in the greater St. Louis area where Ferguson is say we don't mind people were concerned about the pay protesters and what were they protesters and grand friend of mine salt. Poke marched down the street with oil drums that were set ablaze and Byron looting all those years ago and around the Michael Brown situation.

So I think we as Christians must unite. We are the group that Ted according to Matthew 24 he will the racial divide. Galatians 326, said that that in cries there. You agree that racial ethnic group there. Neither a bond or free of the rich versus poor scenario and there is neither male or female. Now we know were all one in Christ we know each one of the sanctions and distinctive REO. So we've got to lead in initiating unifying agenda and gender out for you to imagine a rowboat imagine it having to or and you only using one you probably go around in circles and ran across a large body water but if you pull bulk or as I recommend that both oars recommend or represent one or political activism going out to vote. Some of the nine things we talked about in the acrostic empowered and the other or represent the power of prayer and Christian shows some Christians prayed with don't load the boat but don't pray and that's the problem we keep going around in circles.

Let us advance the discussion. By having a unified prayer with action agenda called a manifesto and I think we can make a difference. Whites need to reimburse Jared black me the reeded Hispanics. This is Brandon endorsed the book by Samuel Rodriguez, Rick Warren, Dr. Tony Evans Jensen Franklin King, white, black, brown, Herman, Mark here in Asian brother so this is part of the way of doing what will will force didn't have day stopping sinful actions by positive prayer and positive actions.

It's really important and I think you're absolutely right that it's dual pronged you have to have both the prayer and the Christian living and also the political activism do you have one particular issue that you think is the most pressing issue in America right now.

The Christians need to pray about a need to address politically.

I you sound very very alive Mycroft. And Howard spelled out nine treatment strategy page 1 with simple, pragmatic is doable by the left versus right in a different way wealth creation blasts you deal with Hispanics you deal with Asians you deal with the fact that some people stereotype Asians as being rich but then you look in the preeminent maze and others is rich, so what is wealth creation. If we were to look at homeownership we would say 42% of black only own homes. You look at 46% of Hispanics and just about 50% of Asians would own a home office Asian by the house you laziness and lives with multiple families and then you were okay. The owner shall, and the mortgage gets paid off with multiple families in that strategy.

But if you pass on a home. The average generational wealth transfer. Yet it is 100 for the $6000 if a apartment dweller passes on a home is single.

This just thousands of dollars you hang on just a moment disappearing Jackson with us were to pause for a quick break. His book is called a manifesto Christian America's contract minorities will be right back. Janet, are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of Liberty house or your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals liberty help her as a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out T that's liberty T or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561. What happens when an abortion minded woman sees her baby's heartbeat for the first time. Here's how a nurse describes the power of ultrasound heart defining moment broke her and she said I can't allow this baby to be killed by letting the mother hear her baby's heartbeat and see her baby in her womb shall choose life 80% of the time we were able to borrow from time to query their own approach ^ to her scientific to live. I can't tell you how many training babies cry for safety or object founded For an incredible tool. Freeborn is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country.

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You're listening to Janet Mefford today and no beers. Joe welcome back right have you with us and great-aunt with us. Bishop Harry Jackson, founder and chairman of the high-impact leadership coalition, as well as senior pastor at how Christian church in Beltsville, Maryland, and also cofounder of the reconciled church initiative. We are talking about his new book, a manifesto Christian. America's contract with minorities and in his empowered acronym that you use to outline your manifesto. Bishop Jackson you are talking about one of those letters and then Akron which is W or wealth creation and I know we had to pause for a break there, but wanted to let you pick up where we had to leave off to explain how we bring that about. Well we do what wealth creation which would apartment dweller you're only dealing with single-digit dollars 12345 or the average home transfer generationally really $6000 in some cases into dramatic and more that would you a way of breaking the generational cycle of poverty.

Now what you have on one side progressive agenda is left give section 8 housing only as a way out of the ghetto toward the client housing that under the market and we pay people from both good and gentrified them, move them out to another region plant them in a complex and they began to reproduce the same time my friend ghetto lifestyle they had in the inner-city black homeownership and all its responsibilities and the private goes with it were made much more available and much more capital driven matter matter.

Then we got somebody you learn to take care of their house and they learn to fix things that are there and they teach by example. There children how to be a part of the society and in those higher ZIP Codes. There also better educational opportunities and even if you got charter schools of choice all around the region basically goes wherever your ZIP Code is higher taxes are higher. Schools are better so well creation in this homeownership method would be great. Now is working on a bunch of initiatives the opportunities owned under Pres. creating how initiatives that have long term money is invested and then you want to bring doctors and nurses to live near Johns Hopkins Hospital. For example downtown Baltimore blighted community gets fixed. People who have skills move and in order for them to really be establish safety comes through police and what you're hearing is a community driven by an investment in capital versus a handout that just one of those line things, but these are the simplistic agenda items that are compatible with our Christianity and we got to encourage all voters shall within that.

Let's say there are 5 to 10% minorities remember that black, Hispanic, Asian and Asian delivery islanders a week you get 5 to 10% of them shifting of the Democratic side of the ledger into the trunk Or etc. that would mean very good Effect on the side of the lab and an increase. It could very well when their selection so your list may need to buy a book for them so and give awaits you to their friends who are most likely to be inclined and I got fax history projections and all in a readable format.

You don't have television beer and beauty in order to decipher the information right very good and it makes a lot of sense because when you can take pride in your own home, and it's yours and you don't have a landlord you're more invested in your community and that makes sense and that also ties into another one of your points in the empowered acronym, which is marriage rebuilding is a social strategy and a lot has been said about the black family the black abortion rate. These sorts of things. But what about churches in the ability of churches in creating a marriage culture because I have seen.

For example, where I am in Texas.

There have been some wonderful black pastors who have encouraged marriage and really try to work for that. But what would be some good ways that churches across America can really encourage a marriage culture and thereby helping the rest of the United States well be a part of you don't teacher and preacher begun, but you've got a scar.

I added a elementary school level, preteen so you don't start there and then you can have all kinds of rites of passage programs as we do.

Teenagers calming the manhood or the old scouting program or their alternatives where I got a bunch of people who are now choking. Another alternative used to be Eagle Scouts.

For example, there always bid you can teach kids honor and you include with the idea that when you are married and these things biblically and then you have intervention programs.

We have a legacy class. For example, small group, driven that teaches about family and marriage. Three. Allergy is marriage a strategy is a 10 to 20 year fixed every four years you have a graduating class of middle school to high school kids high school to college.

And each one of them and I got to be taught. I will leave you starting in primary school and then it's got a remodeled and then the adults have got to have intervention if we do this on in the sink and then have annual or biannual marriage seminars and sermons, we can turn that longer-term strategy to rebuild around. Remember Blacks and Hispanics with came from countries and places that celebrate American family there being my of their families simply as a prophetic declaration where the left of the culture wife included going if we don't turn things around so don't blame the victim. Let's do some specific actions and that leaving the marriage culture into a church Hasselblad to approximately get paid our church believers and attenders Hispanic community very religious, will be the Roman Catholic or evangelical and lowlife churchgoing attendees. If all of them decided to be people who invested in marriage had babies in a way that nobody warning we would see of strengthening and turnaround intended 20 years which will be massive. I think that's one of the most how would you call it. It's a disarming strategy is sound like platitudes or auto leaving the family. But there has to be a discipleship base to it. Yeah, you're right about that. I also hone in on something else. She said the subject's new book and you say that only Christians can heal the racial divide because we can truly speak heart-to-heart you recommend a national prayer movement that's ignited by the reconciled church movement is a little bit about what that is in and why these steps are so necessary well movement noted five years before I lost my late wife first wife of 40 years, died of cancer. We went through this meeting with about leaders 200 L were 40 million Christians black white nominations, etc. Thursday night we had 7000 people gathered at the potter's house, Bishop TD Jakes and Dr. James Robinson joined together with me and we had an amazing event.

We came up with seven bridges to appease with the concept and those bridges appease when education many of the things that are in my nine but we came up with the idea that criminal justice reform was one of the things that we could do immediately. That would keep people from losing or giving them a second chance or opportunity on the wings of that meeting, and a year to guess what, down from elected to present I'm sitting with some of the people were in the reconciled church meetings in the White House talking about the priority of Christian just want we added to this thing of the priorities lie Pro Israel. We added to that whole list of Christian priorities criminal justice reform yes so we had righteousness and justice coming together. So I think this initiative strategy. But then I honestly believe that prayer and one of the written piece was prayer that we gather regionally and would be multiple church so I think that critical it is that we got around the disappearing checks in the name of the book, a manifesto Christian. America's contract with minorities will come right back. Thank you for subject.

This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Liberty health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health genitive mover today and here's your host Joe never won the battle over indoor church services continues in Los Angeles County on Friday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that Grace Community Church could continue to hold indoor services as long as the congregation wore masks and socially distance but then on Saturday, that decision was set aside by the California Court of Appeal upholding the county's health officer order that prohibited indoor worship services during the pandemic will my next guest is a pastor who's also in LA County.

Shane Heilman is founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster.

Now Leona Valley. They also had heard some rumblings about potential action against them by LA County which thankfully did not materialize boring to check and now Shane and find out his thoughts on all of this. She agreed to have you with us again how are you great to be here that you work your quote big Lake fire go out your California Smoky. Yes, well, be careful will pray that you guys get through it okay. I know that you've been on the road. You have said that it's crystal clear to you now that covert is being used as a political weapon. What you think about this latest decision the Court of Appeal that reaffirms the crackdown on indoor church services. What are your thoughts about that. You know what struck me and you want to know more about that.

I would, but where were the last Gold Corp. met on Saturday. Good question, and in the next day, the day right after. So to me it was planned out. The response was planned out and I like that. I think last time q. week you And marchers showing what you start seeing the big numbers you start think yoga doctored that and be forced to get back to me just so clear that the agenda and what thing is that you make it deduct on LA County. What happened in our case. Even though we are outside outside of the big stadium. I guess complaint came into LA County said now we have to separate double gifted thing or we have to stop thinking so obviously you know were not stuck singing.

This is getting ridiculous. And so we move forward, but we didn't have any challenges on our end were aware of yet, but John MacArthur case, the court made the decision provided you could meet inside the church, but then on Saturday at the appeals court overruled out and I believe her to one of the meet again on September 4 with the final decision right anything to go all the way up. I think the Supreme Court anymore. The election go the November yeah I think you're right. What you said what you had reported when you were writing about this last week is that there were complaints that were called into the LA County health Department about what you guys were doing even though you are outside.

Was this related to the singing of the facemasks or what well on Facebook and other media outlet or thing where where are white and everyone wearing them out you worry about about what I think the main thing help with medical issues to get what I want to get into the politicizing of mouth you unaffected about really they are at the control issue, but we want to honor the city because were using their municipal Stadium right so gifted in our own church.

We got to be a little bit more But the main complaint was they wanted 100% compliance on everyone in the stadium wearing them out enough power to regulate with the valves of people qualities you have been meeting at Jeff talk stadium in Lancaster on Saturday nights and you started calling this the hashtag the stadium revival. I'm curious to know and I know listeners across the country would be curious to know how is the Lord moving right now in churches in California. In light of some of these you know, light, persecution, or maybe in some cases, happier persecution from the local governments, people from officials like got Gov. Newsom and some others in the health department welcome to me.

You know that beach beach gatherings are only about an hour from where I'm out where worship leader Sean Voigt without merit.

Large gatherings are North County so couple they don't make it real quick, reliable can happen in small places God usually spark small area or the big claim we take over our entire state and are own in our country we the next awakening is our only hope you got to awaken the church got got revived. People usually when people step out all the go against bigger they go against popular opinion may step out all that I believe that God will honor that boldness to God will begin to move. But that's like you're saying church is acute become all they proclaim the gospel while the same time having humility and grace and love to submit to the leadership at the same time lovingly challenge them so we got. I don't know now 72 baptisms in just three Saturday so we people coming from all over Orange County Ventura County Arizona well so God's report I ugly world. God's word is honored or this boldness of those two keys. When the truth is elevated in the Valley. The Holy Spirit is moving.small revivals sparked a lot of you were coming because the crafters will not open the church if you can believe that you outside but you just so you really think that we hate being separated from the job you're saying about the line of demarcation are clearly being drawn in the sand. I believe what I think so too. And you know another pastor who's been in the news recently is is pastor McCoy and God speak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks and there was a hearing just a few days ago.

There will be a further hearing as to whether or not he should be held in contempt for opening up his church, but there was a threat.

Shane, as you probably know that the Sheriff's office was being requested to go in and actually shut down the church. I mean, this is like the stuff of China and and thankfully, the judge did not go for it. But the mere fact that you now have government officials in California who really do want to go that far. What is that saying about what is happening in the government church showdown in California. I think people need to wake up show you how important the next election, and I don't know what will because remember the president who put a lot of judges in positions of leadership summer voted in the global level, but others are concerned that you are pointed that are going to actually control the direction of our nation for the next generation and spiritual battles of the church the way God, I know the law as well in the drama because I don't know yet but were all private tightly knit together in this push to outcome against what is happening California. So to me, anyone who is alert spiritually phase these spiritual allegations are what affect water you like the government is trying to push it hard as I can.

The silent voice of truth, but I believe because of the demonic undercurrent that are there outputting the pedophile rings are being exposed to look at what's happening in Hollywood. Look at the Homewood strike in LA and beat up on the Police Department and L be the liberal elite Hollywood like never before for self by trying to escape the very thing that they created. That's right what you think the response of the churches in California should be to some of these unconstitutional mandates because in your case you're having an outdoor service at the stadium, in the case of John MacArthur and Rob McCoy in some of these other pastors they've chosen to just fully open their churches and come what may the rest of them. Shane because I've been saying for a while. If all the churches would get on the same page. California can't shut all of you down, not easily, not without some really bad PR I mean what what about these churches that are not doing anything differently when you guys really need the support email that you mailed it on doing that there would be a no-brainer, yet you get restraint, get restrained or were going out a couple thought, you know we were going to go that direction and talk about open your facility, but the stadium was given to it. So I think a lot of her pastors are in a lot of different visions that she speaking at a church in Torrance in Los Angeles in a couple week on September 13 in LA and they are choosing open outside and I like the other church about you I think John MacArthur jockey of the Rob according out, lit the flame up boldness so I do hear more churches opening more people getting a plan in place but the broad question, but the short answer is, there are also a lot of liberal church to the California so you're not going to see liberal churches who don't uphold the narrative, Scripture, and more. Not filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit you open the letter goes out there crashing to the ground and then you have another segment of California balusters that are you know where any of us to be. There are lukewarm but not filled with the Holy Spirit, the more concerned with what's on Netflix and what's not going on in their churches in the outback group of people and they just made up that mighty silly zero boldness and discernment. So I do see the Calvary Chapel movement without the benefit of churches. They are beginning to open now hearing about it.

Hearing about it in the media. Yasin got a run, but thank you so much for checking in with us senile and stay safe and thanks for being here think you will get a great job, Sarai, God bless. I disses Janet Matt for for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. Nice size heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money.

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You're listening to, and here's a little follow-up on the story we recently told you about unite Norman is that great group in Norman, Oklahoma that has been trying to get an off signatures from registered voters in order to recall the radical mayor and some of the radical councilmembers were doing insane things like defining the police and trying to get the rights of 16-year-olds to vote all the Nancy Pelosi favorites coming to Norman, Oklahoma, and again this is because the left is targeting towns they been targeting towns for a while now and especially it seems they're interested in targeting conservative towns where people pay a lot of attention sometimes to local politics will now according to Fox unite. Norman says it has enough signatures to recall the Oklahoma mayor who cut police funding. This is from their headline and they also apparently have enough signatures to recall one of the councilmembers there were two of them they didn't get enough up. I guess registered votes for in order to have signatures on the petition to recall the other two, but one of them did resign, so this is progress and I have to tip my hat to Bob Lynn and some of these other people who have been fighting the good fight Norman, Oklahoma, God bless them.

This is going to send a message across the United States that if you get radicals in your local governments get to work and you know this is a lesson I think for everybody across America paying attention to your local community politicians your councilmembers your mayor. Those people who you normally couldn't care less about because it just now found it is dealing with water rates and no subdivision plats and things like boring stuff like that.

None in and in and out and I go back to a few years before this ever happened and it was when the employment nondiscrimination act or Anda failed in Congress. This would have given what we know we have it, because the Supreme Court, but this would've changed the definition and federal law of sax to protect the classes of sexual orientation and gender identity. They couldn't get it done through Congress awarded they do. They went to some major cities and they started busting and activists were pretending to be concerned citizens, and they got all these different resolutions around the country and they kept fighting and eventually they got the Supreme Court and the boss.decisions or pay attention to your local politics but anyway wonderful news out of Norman, Oklahoma, and Godspeed to all of them and I hope more towns that are experiencing this kind of radicalism will follow suit with unite Norman to do exactly what those great activists have done so hats off to you guys are right I want to get into this because I hadn't had time to really delve into it but we had told you the story right from the outset about this terrible situation. This family the younger family there was a divorce between the father and the mother and the father is Jeffrey younger and the mother is a pediatrician, Dr. and Georgia lists. They have a little boy named James and the mother wants to put the little boy through a gender transition and turn them into a girl as if you can actually do that you can't do that. Of course it's ridiculous to think you can transition any girl into a boy or vice versa. This is been a smack down fight between these two parents as they've been going back and forth, back in October there was some good news for the dad, Jeffrey Judge Kim cooks in Dallas. The life site news says I found that Georgia lists was overly affirming in instances when James supposedly showed a desire to be a girl, including taking him to LGBT Q parades buying him dresses and fake hair and enrolling him in kindergarten is a girl named Luna and Mr. younger claims that James does not show any signs of wanting to be a girl when he is with James.

He shared with the court that he initially allowed James to wear dresses and girls clothing in his home until he found the clothing in his trash. One morning, so they been going back and forth this mom once this little boy to be a girl.

I mean, it is utter child abuse and now the latest on this court has now asked that ruling that said that the father could have a say in his son's medical note decisions and now the court has asked that ruling and the mom who wants the gender transition for this little eight-year-old boy has regained the decision rights.

They also say life site news. The order issued without a proper hearing allows this mother power over her son, James's medical decisions and apparently forces James father to pay for Pro trans counseling that costs $5000 a month. This is what's being reported about this poor father who's just fighting for his little boy to not be turned into a fake girl by this crazy mother who's a pediatrician.

This woman is a pediatrician will there's more. Actually when you start delving into the story back in October before this decision came down in favor of Jeffrey younger. He talked to life site news and some interesting information came out at the time first. Here he was asked where is this case headed ultimately and this is what he said one you know I've always said no matter who wins this case is to be appealed. This case is gonna wind up in the Texas Supreme Court would I would be surprised if it doesn't make in the federal courts even go to the US Supreme Court and I'm ready and willing to go there because I would like to protect every child in the United States from these abhorrent practices by the medical community is one of the reasons why we we know we've always said from the very beginning we didn't just say save James.

We said save James save thousands of kids and the reason we said that last part we did not want to forget other children who are suffering from this with parents that just don't have the resources the will capacity the circumstances to fight the really important point.

I do hope that this gets all the way up, not only to the Texas Supreme Court but to the US Supreme Court and I would hope and pray it goes the right way but mean you have to fight for these children. These people are crazy who want to do this into their own children now Georgia lists. Interestingly enough, is not even James's biological mother.

She and Jeffrey younger used an egg donor to conceive the boys by in vitro fertilization.

So he is the father but she's not biologically mother does that make any difference. Doing this is information again. Life site news reports on now, listen to this. Some interesting anecdotes that Jeffrey younger revealed about his wife and also about his wife's mother listen to cut to the others.

One fighting that I think a lot of Christians apply controversial Mr. Sachs accuse me of a homosexual because of his discharge from for this from the Army what happened. There is back in my you like what he wants in a misspent youth health.

Let's be nice to see my checkered past. I was a libertarian does not serve those libertarian and a cook in the mess hall on the 45th company of the United States Army Airborne school which is where was on the lateral drift train was was discharged dishonorably for being gay now dishonorable discharge is worse than the federal felony conviction, pretty much nothing nothing worse.

You can have an American to getting a desirable discharge.

It was real and what it's really reserve for cowardice about okay so I want to protest against the and the office cord and like it, took it out on me and that's what happens in the Army so I think that if you hear these people saying that I'm some kind of anti-Geyer anti-trans ideologue, you know my answer to them has been. Have you ever been in jail for gay-rights. Have you ever stood up and had I had a career like my military career threatened for standing up for the rights of some like when I don't even believe in gay marriage and never have.

But I do believe in human rights of people and that the government should treat people well so I don't hide any of this put all this out there. I want everybody to know you know what that's about, and Miss George was knew all about this had long discussions about things. Her mother was a prominent gay-rights activist result, we had discussions about this to 10. So this is an interesting piece of information, the ex-wife who wants to turn this little boy into a girl is the daughter of a prominent gay-rights activist.

Now I don't know who that is. But doesn't this all begin to seem strange. All of this and the mother accusing her ex-husband of being gay and he says I wasn't in and out. I don't know what all went on in the military. That story that he told but it's just all very interesting last clip. He also commented about charges in the court that he is untrustworthy. This is Three not trying to cross-dress my son mislead him in the thinking that is a girl and I'm not pushing my son towards medical transition and I haven't done all that without the consent of the other parent so I think you for looking at two parents who were imperfect. Let's say you buy the first interpretation of those funds. In fact, I think I'm a lot less imperfect than the stories in this on this particular we need to pass a law against this Texas and this should happen to any other child, the Family Court should not be hearing these cases CPS are simply taking children from parents who do this to children and giving them to parents who wants. I agree with that completely but were not at the point in a society where we can see that because we have too many people who have been blinded by the propaganda. The big gay has been shutting down our throats for the last many years but look who's gonna pay the price. If the courts don't stop this little James younger is going to pay the price and hear his dad has been saying all along that this little boy has no interest in being a girl he comes over to his father's house and wants to play football. He's got a little brother there he wants to be a boy. He's boy is any interest in being a girl it. It's much like the testimony that wildfire has delivered.

He's done this on the show before he said. My grandma used to dress me up in little dresses when I was three and 40, you'll be my little girl and get so confused he ended up having a sex change became a Christian, undid everything and now he's helping other people who were similarly confused or forced into this false reality, that they were born into the right body that there are a lot of lawsuits to, please pray for this little boy.

Pray for his family. Just pray that the Lord will intervene and let's all work for these kinds of laws must protect these kids from this kind of people it's just flat out. Thank you for being with us right at time but will see next time serving with us on Janet

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