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Q&A With Koloff- #129

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 11, 2023 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #129

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 11, 2023 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with Sam Main for another great episode of questions and answers.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Welcome to another episode of Q&A with Kolov, the Devil's Nightmare. Today, today, today with me, Sam Main. Welcome to Q&A with Kolov, Sam. Well, thank you, Nikita. I'm excited to be here. Well, it's great to have you here. And for our listeners out there, let's just share briefly, Ken, a little bit about Sam, where, you know, your family, where you live, maybe even what you do, Sam. Tell us.

Oh, thank you. Well, I grew up, I'm not from North Carolina originally, like a lot of people live here. So I grew up in Indiana, and then eventually moved down here after a stint in California for a while, and been down here since 2007, and actually love it down here.

Have four kids, all in various ages from 35 down to 19, some on their own, some finishing school, that kind of thing. And then as far as like ministry stuff, you know, I've been involved with Masculine Journey since 2011, when the radio show we did started back then. And so we've been doing that in the podcast since 2011. And then been doing men's boot camps, men's weekend retreats. We don't call them retreats, but they're a men's weekend. Been doing those since 2009. And so we've done a number of those, we do a couple of them a year.

And just, it's really been cool to watch God decide how he wants to grow and change the ministry as he sees fit, and we try to listen and follow his lead. So Indiana, so what part of Indiana? I was from the Muncie area, which most people have heard of that because of David Letterman back in the day. He would talk about Muncie, Indiana. But I'm from there, went to a school up there called Ball State University, which I'm sure some people might have heard of.

Sure. So went to college there, and then ironically went to school to be a teacher and never set foot in a classroom. I got into another field back at the time and quickly, unfortunately, made more money doing what I was doing than I would do teaching. So it's been great to see God use my desire to teach, you know, to use it for ministry stuff. And so I still am able to fulfill that passion and that desire in my heart, even though it's not what I do secularly every day.

Well, we actually, Sam, have some relatability there. Did you know that? I did not know that. I, too, graduated with a teaching degree from college. Wow. My major was PE, physical education.

No shocker there, probably by some people. And then I had a minor in health and a minor in coaching and thought one day I might get into... My vision for my own life was to play professional sports and then retire and go into coaching, teach only if I had to teach, like if they forced me into it or it was required or something. And so like you, though, so I never... Although I never formally taught, right?

So I never went into formal education. But like you, I look back, Sam, I feel like, man, I've been teaching most of my life, whether it was teaching people in a gym how to lift weights or how to eat right or, you know, obviously now, you know, ministry and stuff. But yeah, I've been... So we have some relatability there, Sam. Yeah. Absolutely. And even where I work, you know, I work in home building. I work building houses. And I've done two or three stints as a trainer, you know, in different companies.

And so God's definitely, you know, even though you may not go into the area you thought you might originally, He definitely continues to honor the skills and the gifts that He gives you if you just walk with Him. Yep, absolutely. So let me ask you, so are you a Hoosier fan growing up in Indiana? Yeah, it's hard not to be. You know, either like the Hoosiers, you like Purdue Bullet Makers, typically one of the two teams. And I grew up an Indiana Hoosiers fan.

It's been tough the last several years. Yeah, the Big 10, right? Of course, you know, so being a Minnesota, you know, Big 10, you know, we're all... Oh, yeah. We got that in common too. We got the Big 10, you know, in our background as well.

And so that's pretty cool. Well, you mentioned masculine journey and boot camps. That's actually, correct me if I'm wrong, is that where you and I... Do we meet at the boot camp or do we meet outside of that? Yeah. No, we met at the boot camp. We met at the first one you came to. Okay. It's the first time we met, yeah.

Okay, yeah. So I was thinking, so because I attended your boot camp, I think maybe a year and a half going on two years ago, and then more recently, you guys put the word out that you were doing an advanced boot camp, which see, I like that word. You know, you said we don't really call the boot camps retreats and just like my man camp, I don't call it like, oh, you do that retreat thing. I go, no.

I go, we don't. God's kingdom is advancing. It is not retreating. Okay.

The enemy's retreating, not God's kingdom. So all that said though, when I saw you guys were doing the advanced boot camp, I just felt compelled because one thing for the listeners out there, they maybe do or maybe they don't realize is, as a minister, whether you're an evangelist, a pastor, or whatever role of ministry you're in, you know, you're giving out all the time, right? Give, give, give, give, give. And it's rare unless you are intentional to find some time to go and receive.

You're just not, you're not gonna have those many opportunities. So that's what I felt blessed by the masculine journey boot camp there is to be able just to take off all those hats, those giving hats, just go and just receive, set my phone aside, right? Not even be on my phone and just focus on what you guys are gonna teach, speaking of teaching, what you guys are gonna teach so that I can just grow and learn and just enjoy a few days of solemn time with the Lord. And of course this last one you had, you may or may not know this, I mean, I took 19 pages of notes at your boot camp. Wow, I saw you writing a lot, so I thought I knew you were taking some notes, but that's a lot. It's, and for those of you out there who are not copious note takers, can I just give you a, clue you in on something? Whether you're sitting in a church service or you go to the masculine journey boot camp or come down to the main camp, you need to take notes for a couple of reasons.

One, so you can later reflect back, see what maybe you journaled and wrote down and or reflect back and see where you were at that time and then look at, kind of document where you're at now and just have that documentation. Sam, if people wanted to find out more about boot camp, where would they go? Thank you, yeah, you go to for org organization, so and it's got any of our upcoming events is at the top of the page and there's other information on our website, but that's exactly where you would get it and it's usually sitting at the top of the page of upcoming events. Okay, because you do basically spring and fall, correct? Yeah, we do and then sometimes we'll do what we call entrenchments in between time, which is a two day at a church.

We do a Friday night and Saturday and we just got done with those last weekend, we had one and had 20 some odd people down in Lexington, which is a really good turnout and so we do those and if we're having any of those, that'll be posted there as well. Awesome, Listen, if you're a guy, is there an age limit on that, like is there a minimum age?

No, not really. What we tell people, you know, we go over some pretty advanced topics as far as things that men deal with, you know, and so if you're going to have a youth go, you know, make sure that they're mature enough to handle some of the topics that we talk about, but you know, probably for me Nikita, I thought my son wasn't quite old enough, my youngest son, to go and God orchestrated that he kind of had to go when I wasn't really ready for him to go and he went at, I think, like 13 and it was actually, as you would expect with God's timing, the perfect time for him to go. It was a great weekend, he went and learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and has been back multiple times since then, but you know, I think just lean into God and ask him if it's a good time and and just realize we're going to cover some some pretty serious topics that men have to contend with.

Well, and so on that note, I mean today's world with what all of our youth are exposed to now, you know, they're not really, you know, those teenagers aren't really going to be hearing like, be shocked at what they're hearing, like, oh I never heard that before, they probably heard it a million times, you know, in conversation in school, in the classroom, the locker room or wherever else, so well that's awesome. Well, let's segue, let's segue into your questions for me, Sam. I have no idea what you're going to ask, so the curious to see fire away with your first question, so.

Okay, I will do that. The first question I have is what unique passion for ministry has God placed on your heart? What unique path for ministry. Passion, excuse me, passion for ministry.

Passion, passion, okay. Yeah, has God placed on your heart, where does he pull at your heartstrings to say, I need you in this space, Nikita, because this is what I made you to do? It's a great question, I'm gonna give I think maybe a two-fold answer to that, okay, starting with the very first foundational thing he made clear was he gave me the heart of an evangelist, right, so more than anything my heart's desire is to see people, you know, grab the old rugged cross as my dad used to say or come to the foot of the cross, surrender their life to the Lord so that their name could be written in the Lamb's Book of Life, their salvation secured and that they would be in heaven one day. And so that's the very foundation of who Cold Law for Christ Ministries is. From there in 2006 I went to a camp out in Texas and it was there that God just really rocked my world and at that men's camp and really put it on my heart to a passion for men specifically. Now as you may be aware of, Sam, I mean I do a variety, right, I'll preach on a Sunday morning, I'll do revivals, crusades, you know, I'll do breakfast, lunch and dinners, you know, a lot of times, you know, men's events and so a lot of men's stuff now in these man camps that Lex Luger and I facilitate every spring and fall and similar to you said this entrenchment you're doing, you know, I'll do, I just do a one day, I'll do it on Saturday. Initially I did it kind of split it up but now I just do it on Saturday, you know, the man up intensive and just calling men into their destiny, right, to man up, hence the name of the radio show and the podcast and my TV show, The Man Up Show and these conferences in these camps to challenge men to step into their destiny and speak, you know, manhood and masculinity into their lives and I think with the wrestling background, Sam, it gives me a certain level of credibility with men that they might, you know, I feel like they'll listen to me or Lex because of our past success, maybe more so than maybe others, you know, right, wrong or indifferent, the Lord has kind of given us that leverage, if you will and so those two things, evangelism, soul winning and then calling men into their destiny is what I'm very passionate about. Would your company, business or you personally like to partner with me in supporting Koloff for Christ Ministries, The Man Up Show and Man Up Minutes? Go to and click the donate button.

You can give monthly, annually or one time. God bless you for making a difference around the world. You're listening to the Truth Network and Nikita Koloff here and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement, the big announcement?

Well, maybe it's a minor announcement. Anyway, Facebook, go look up my new fan page, Nikita Koloff fans and like it and follow today. A copy of his newly updated life story, A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. Go to and donate today. You're listening to the Truth Network and

That's awesome. So a follow up question to that one I hadn't planned on, but why do you think God has chose to put men, I know you answered part of it based on your background, but why do you think, because that's ours is to reach men as well, but why do you think God is really calling for your ministry, our ministry and other ministries to reach out to men right now in this day and age? I think the timing of it is such that if manhood and masculinity were ever under attack, it seems as though, because there is a real enemy, just like there is a God, a creator of the universe, there is a real enemy to our soul, right? Satan, the devil, evil, wicked, demonic. If we're paying attention, I feel like we're seeing the most demonic, evil stuff in our world today than in my lifetime anyway. Let me just say that, right? In my lifetime, I'll just compare it to my lifetime, that the attacks have been more intense and more in your face, like heightened out there in your face. Like in Boston not long ago, they had a... You know, I do these wrestle cons, right?

Where I go sign autographs and do all these deals, right? Well, in Boston, Sam, they had a Satan con. Wow. In the city of Boston, and they had like... My friend told me they blocked the streets with funeral processions and held up traffic for like two hours.

People couldn't get out of the city, and it was crazy, right? And there are videos flying around on the internet of this woman tearing pages out of the Bible, and she just had this wicked look on her face, and as she was doing it, and so all that to say, there's been such an attack, and I don't think... Not just the last few years, Sam, I believe the last several decades that it has been this attack on manhood and masculinity has been evolving. And I'm not talking about just being a macho guy, just for the record, right? I'm talking about men being servant leaders of their home, knowing how to love their wives well, knowing how to love their children well, and how to train them up in the way they should go, the admonition of the Lord so they won't depart when they're older.

Taking that role as a man, not to be domineering or for the record, make sure people understand where my heart is at, not to be domineering in any way, but to just be a man. And I'm gonna say this last thing, when I look at David, King David, David was a warrior, David was a warrior, but he also had a softer side to him where he was a worshiper, and so there's a balance there. We can't be all warrior, can't be all worshiper, we need to... There's a common, a fine line there in being able to balance those two. Yeah, agreed, agreed.

And the only thing that... I think you said it incredibly well, the only thing I would probably add, looking around, not all churches, but most churches, what is typically missing most of the time is men. Well, men, yeah.

Yeah. Sam, because a lot of church... Look, and I've preached in over 12... I've just stopped counting at 1200. Many of those churches, for the record, in my view, this is just my view, are very feminized. I mean, you walk in, there's nothing masculine about the church when you walk in.

I'm like, from the color of the carpet to whatever. I'm not saying you gotta put antlers on the wall of the sanctuary, I'm not saying that. You don't have to make it a man cave, but maybe a few toned down colors, something that just makes it more inviting for men is simple, or maybe silly as that may sound for some, like, come on, Nicky. Just make it more inviting for men, and maybe more men would have an interest in wanting to come. So... Yeah, it's a great point.

It's a great point. I did have one other question if you still have time. Yep, we got time for one more. Yes, sir.

Okay. So what would you say has caused your faith to grow the most in your life? You know, what immediately comes to mind is there's... For me, personally, there's four key factors for me that has helped me to grow in my walk with the Lord. And so those of you out there taking copious notes, get ready to write. Here you go, speaking of note-taking. So here's the four things for me, Sam.

I'll just name them and then I'll maybe just speak a word or two into it. So the Word, the Bible, period. The Word. Now, I do a lot of reading. Now, I read a lot of books outside of reading the Bible, but foundationally, I've gotta read the Bible every day. I've gotta be in the Word every day, learning about it, learning what it says, learning who I am to become, and I learn that best from the Word. So the Word, worship, worship is another key factor for me.

Prayer, prayer, and then relationships, relationships. And so I spend time in the Word every day, reading the Word. I've memorized some of the Word over the years, and I read chapters a day sometimes, and I read the Bible through every year now, and that's just something the Lord prompted me to do. Repetition is the first law of learning, and so you can't read the Bible enough.

Read it and learn something new every single time you read it, reread it, even if you read it before. And the Lord just brings an enlightenment, a revelation of something from the Word. And so the Word, worship, I spent my drive up to the radio studio.

I had a one-hour worship set playing through my Bluetooth in my car, just soaking, just renewing my mind with worship in the Word, cleansing my heart with the worship. And there's so many good worship sets out there now that are some of my favorites. Sermons, I mean, I've got a half a dozen favorite guys. I mean, if I've listened to one of Alistair Begg's sermons, I've listened to, I don't know, 500 of his sermons.

I mean, a lot of them, right? So the Word, so whether it's reading my Bible or listening to other sermons, the worship, developing my prayer life, enhancing my prayer, my communication with my heavenly Father, and both... And that's probably where I'm the weakest. And what I mean by that is, I do really well at telling them everything I need.

I don't do super well yet at waiting for the answer though. So I'm working on listening to being quiet before the Lord and listen. And so, and then lastly, relationships. And by that meaning, I've got key relationships around me, whether it's bat... Oh, we call them a battle buddy at our man camp or some might call them an accountability partner. My pastor is one of my accountability partners.

Lex Luger is another one. So I have several key guys around me that I do life with and just who sharpen me. Proverbs 27, 17, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of his friend. And so those are the four key components, Sam, to me growing in my faith, growing a more passionate, intimate, loving relationship with my Jesus. That's awesome. Thank you, Nikita. Yeah, great questions. Thank you for being on the show today, Sam Main. And hey, if you were... If we interested you in finding out more, learning more about Masculine Journey, go to

And I would encourage you to consider attending one of their boot camps, whether you got to... Go to the basic boot camp first and then you can go to the advanced boot camp after that. So Sam, thanks for being on the show today. Thank you, Nikita. And thank all of you for tuning in to another episode of Q&A with Kolov.

Hey, go out today and make it your best day ever. Tune in again. God bless you. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support, and generous gifts. May God bless you for your continual contributions. Go to and donate today.

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