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Q&A With Koloff- #102

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 3, 2023 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #102

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 3, 2023 1:00 am

Today, Nikita sits down with Derrick and Tavia Jackson of Tastebuds in Concord North Carolina for another great episode of questions and answers.

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Hi, I'm Joanne Vichner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Welcome to another episode of Q&A with Kolov, the Devil's Nightmare. What a privilege, what an honor, what a pleasure today to have this couple in studio with me, Derek and Tavia Jackson.

Welcome to the Q&A with Kolov. Hey, thanks for having us. Thanks for having us. Always great, always great to have, you know, most of the time, you know, it's over on the Man Up show, it's mainly men in studio or sometimes on the phone, and occasionally we get a woman's perspective of men, and very insightful typically. I can imagine so. It is, it is, it is. And so, but great to have you guys here, and of course, hey, if you're out there in listening land, let me just say on the front end, if you ever want a personal phone call from the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov, and be able to ask me some questions, and they can be related to anything, to life, to wrestling, to ministry, to child rearing, you name it, whatever, just you can throw those questions out there, go to and just message me and say I'd love to be on your show.

I have people do that all the time. And so all that to say today, let's, let's introduce, let's, let's let you know who, who Tevye and Derek Jackson are and Tevye, I'll start with you. I know, and I want to encourage people to, to go over to the, to the Man Up show and listen to your full stories.

So we've had you on the Man Up show as well, and such an amazing story. But you, you come from a military background, right? Eight years, I think you've told me. United States Marine Corps.

Eight years with the Marines. Well, thank you for serving, by the way. Thank you.

Semper Fi to all the Marines out there. Come on, come on. Oorah. Oorah.

Every time I'm in the ground, I hear the Oorah. Okay. All right.

That's, that's, yeah, we didn't do that in wrestling, but anyway, we grunted, but that's more like a grunt. But, but so, so eight years in the Marines, but, and, and I, but give us a quick back to you. You're married to this man here sitting next to me. How long you guys been married? And, and I know you have a family and.

Absolutely. Thank you, Nikita. So we've been married for 16 years. We've known each other for 23 years. So I've lived more of my life with him than without him. Wow.

We have three amazing kids that are 12, 10, and two and a half. Okay. Yes. Okay.

And, and tell us your name. So Ken Cade is our gentle giant. He's 12 years old.

He actually has facial hair. Wow. Okay. At 12. Like five, eight. Wow.

There's a size 11 and a half shoe. Wow. Yes. So Zoe's 10 and she's beautiful. She's full of life and laughter as well. And Creed is our two and a half year old. And he's just tons of fun, tons of fun. Wow. Gentle giant. And so, and so.

Okay. So you've known each other for 23 years. So obviously, so you met Derek, you met where? So we met at college. We were actually visiting the same weekend and we met at a gospel choir concert because we had to come early.

We were the only people in the auditorium. So I was sitting down. Right. Destiny. And I saw him sitting a little far off and then he came and said, is anybody sitting here?

No, you can sit here. Wow. We found out we had so many things in common. We were both in the gospel choir at our school. We were both Christians. You know, we, we both had so many things in common.

Wow. And so, so, so Derek, so you got this pretty lady sitting in the, in the auditorium all by her lonesome. All by her lonesome. I should probably like at least say hi. It's the least I could do. The least you guys, as a, as a, as a gentleman. As a gentleman.

The least thing you could do. Yeah, absolutely. But the conversation went great. And we ended up exchanging good old dial up AOL email addresses to keep in touch with one another.

And it wasn't like, you know, anything more than friendship to get started, but it just seemed like somebody that of value that could add value that you just want to keep in contact with, you know, because you don't meet those people every day. Well, and you mentioned both being Christ followers. And of course you're at Elon, what was then Elon College, now Elon University, right? Formerly the fighting Christians. I'm going to leave that right there. Okay. Keyword, formerly. All right. Anyway, moving on. And so grew up in, grew up in a Christian home or?

Absolutely. I grew up in a Christian home in the Washington, D.C. area. Both of my parents are still very active in church. My grandmother, that praying grandmother, she had the national program called the Bible Readathon. And that was my real introduction to the Bible and getting in there and and really acknowledging and knowing God for myself. Bible Readathon into what real quick, what does that entail?

So it was competitive in some regards, but the competition was with yourself. How much can you get into this word and how much can you memorize from this word and how much can you, you know, stay consistent with it? How much can the word get in you? That part. How much can you get into the word? Right.

Which some people do, but but even more key is how much of the word gets in you. We're writing on the tablet of my heart. We're writing on the tablet of my heart. And so Teric grew up in a Christian home and now raising your, what Derek just said, training up a child. So you grew up in a Christian home as well. We did. I'm one of three. I'm an identical twin and I have an older sister. But yes, we definitely grew up in a Christian home as well. Like we couldn't listen to secular music like.

We were like, you know, not happening. I was strict. I raised four girls. And by the way, I have twin granddaughters.

Yeah, that's pretty cool. And so, of course, my daughters may have a different take on what they could listen to and not listen to or what dad allowed or not allowed and or watched. In fact, my my daughter, who has the twins, a quick story. One time she called. She said she was over at it like a sleepover. And she's like, Daddy, they're shown such and such a movie is. Am I allowed to watch?

I go, ah, probably not a good one. She cares. Tavia, she spent two hours like she told me recently, like in the bathroom by herself, because all the other kids are watching the movie. So I guess kids do the exact same. Even Zoe, she was eight years old and she was in school and they were playing a movie and her teacher sent me an email and said, Zoe told me that she's not allowed to watch this movie. I said, yes, ma'am, that is correct. Can Zoe go to the library?

Because she loves to read during that time. Like even our kids are very well aware of what we watch and what we don't and why. Yeah.

Creating that awareness and understanding what's what's of value and what's not of value. Right. Well, that's amazing. Now, one other.

And I understand. So ministry, you're very involved and engaged in your church now. And now, Derek, are you ordained minister or or or were you you're in ministry? I'm in ministry. We're both in active ministry. I'm a minister at our church.

And Tavia is an elder and the lead intercessor, actually, for our church as well. As an intercessory prayer. Yes. Nice. Will you pray for me, Tavia?

I need all the prayer I can get. Absolutely. OK, so full time minister. Well, not full time minister, but you're very engaged in ministry as well.

Definitely. And we brought some questions for you today. We're going to get there in just a moment.

We're going to get there. Name of your church. I have Life Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

So Pastor Shamari and Jackie White. Awesome. Awesome. So if you're in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and you're looking for a church to visit. One more time. Have Life Church. It's going to be have life dot net. That's the Web site.

H a v l i f e dot net. But located not too far from the university area in Charlotte, North Carolina. But a phenomenal ministry. And one thing my pastor says is one thing you won't do is you won't out love us. You won't out love us. So I just love it from from you know, we made a decision really early on that this was our home.

You know, a lot of folks are it's hard to find a dwelling and in a place you can grow and be submitted to because they're not just a good word, but they're good people. So you've been in the Charlotte area for for 16, 16 years for me. I moved from the Washington, D.C. area. OK. You guys were married for 16 years. Coincidence. Just doing some math there. Yeah. Like, OK. Oh, that's awesome. All right. Well, before we get to your questions, though.

So I've got sitting in front of me. I mean, loads of of popcorn because you guys are have your own business. So let's let our viewers know what. Tavia, tell us what about Tastebuds Popcorn Concord.

Yes, sure. So we're Tastebuds Popcorn Concord. We have over 200 gourmet flavors of delicious popcorn. Wait, how many? We actually have two hundred and forty two.

Two hundred and forty two. So everything from dill pickle to hot Cheetos to banana pudding to Heath bar, snickers, butterfingers, cherry lemon sundrop, beer wine. You know, if you like your cheese and your caramel together, we have Carolina mix. The it's it's unlimited. Well, and I'm looking I'm looking at red velvet as in I'm guessing red velvet cake.

Yes. Sour Bunch, which is Sour Patch Kids take off on Sour Patch. Cotton candy swirl.

My goodness. A good southern favorite sundrop. Cherry lemon sundrop root beer as an A&W root beer. A&W root beer.

Man, as a kid, I grew like love it, like going to the A&W, getting an A&W root beer float. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my goodness.

I know you're fasting today, but just just pop it up and just smell it. Stop. Stop. Why are you tempting me like that?

Why are you tempting me? You got a man like cake batter, watermelon, 242 flavored taste buds, popcorn, concord. How can people how can people find out more? So our website is taste buds, concord dot com. So taste buds, concord dot com. We're on all social media. Everything from LinkedIn to IG to Twitter, tick tock, even tick tock.

We're on tick tock. So it's at taste buds, popcorn, concord. Make sure you put that whole thing in there. You won't be sorry you did, because our motto is add more fun. And you're going to check us out.

You're going to be like, oh, M.G., I need this in my life. Well, I actually sampled a few of your flavors prior. We actually met a while back. Derek, you and I, of course, at a celebrity golf tournament, charity golf tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina, is how I got introduced to you. And, you know, when I found out a little bit more about your story, I'm like, I've got to have them on the show. Of course.

So we got we got you on the on the man up show and now Q&A with Koloff. And so on that note, so go check out taste buds, popcorn and be sure to get I don't know. Well, two hundred forty two flavors, I guess you can have a what's the goal, like three hundred sixty five or like one a day for the whole year.

Yeah, like a flavor every day of the year. Like I like that. Thank you for that.

I receive it. OK, there's a thought for you right there. So something to think about. All right.

So, well, let's transition. OK, this is Q&A with Koloff. And we've asked, of course, had a lot of conversation, but I have no clue. No idea what you guys might ask. I know Derek had a smile and said, we've got some questions.

I'm like, oh boy, here we go. All right. So I don't know who wants to go first and throw out your first question, but let's let's go for it.

Let's segue. OK, so I'll start off with an easy one that kind of translates into something a little bit harder. So the whole question is, what was the biggest wrestling match of your career? What was the biggest wrestling match of your life thing or a person?

And how do they compare? Ooh, that's a good one. Boy, you guys gave some thought to this.

I'm thinking here. Biggest wrestling match of my career. And what was part two? The biggest wrestling match of your life. The biggest wrestling match of my life. OK. Part two is actually easier than part one, believe it or not. But so we'll I'll start with part one, though. So because people ask me like, you know, what was your favorite match, your biggest match, whatever.

And it's you know, it's hard to narrow it down. Like it really is. In 1986, to put it in perspective, I had four hundred fifty four matches. So speaking of math, speaking of three hundred sixty five days in the year, that's more matches than in days in the year.

Right. So obviously it had more than one match in a particular day. I mean, our schedule would be a lot of time we fly into Atlanta on late Friday night, be at the TBS studio filming three hours of TV shows and matches, you know, there and on 10th and Techwood in Hotlanta and as we called it. And then we might have a Saturday matinee in another town.

Leave Atlanta and go to Columbus, Georgia. We might have a main event or an evening mat in another town, a Sunday matinee in another town, a Sunday night match in another town. That was a very typical weekend back in those days, much different than today's wrestling product of a monthly pay per view. Right. Right. Much different. Right.

So anyway, all that to say so I've kind of narrowed down. What comes to mind is the very first ever great American bash against who the nature play Rick Flair. You know, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that match. That was certainly a big one because I was only 13 months into my wrestling career at this point.

Just 13 months. But a couple others or a couple other memories. The first ever war games. So you fast forward and it's Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Kolov, the superpowers and the road warriors with precious Paul Ellering. And I didn't even I don't even know I didn't even ask how big of a wrestling fan you may or may not be. Huge. Huge fan. Okay.

Huge fan. So you. So against the four horsemen. Right. With JJ Dillon. So that first ever. That first ever match, the match beyond, as they called it. And then last but not least, is the was the best of seven series against a guy named Magnum T.A.

Or as I call them back to the maggot. Yeah. Right. And who, by the way, a little plug for Vice TV. Vice TV is is doing a show on on Magnum's career and his life story surviving the automobile accident, which changed his life and changed my my wrestling career. So anyway, so so so that's kind of a few of the memories and highlights.

The greatest wrestling match of all time happened October 17th, 1993. Nikita Koloff here and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement, the big announcement?

Well, maybe it's a minor announcement. Anyway, Facebook, go look up my new fan page, Nikita Koloff fans and like it and follow today. If you would like to support Koloff for Christ Ministries for a gift of twenty five dollars, Nikita will send you his two CD adoration and declaration for a gift of fifty dollars. Nikita will include his book Wrestling with Success. And for a gift of one hundred dollars or more, Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story.

A tale of the ring and redemption. Go to and donate today. You're listening to the Truth Network and in a town you're familiar with. Concord, North Carolina.

Tastebuds, Concord, Concord, North Carolina, over on just off of Highway 601 at a church called First Assembly of God. At the time, it's renamed. Forget what they call it now. But 17 October 1993 was the wrestling match of a lifetime when I sat in that audience about 11 months removed from the wrestling career by choice. And an invitation, as they as we call it, an invitation was given or some might call it an altar call was given. And I responded to that altar call on that morning, surrendering my heart and my life to Christ. And and for those listening out there, you know, maybe they've never made that decision.

They're wrestling even even the moment we're talking about this right now or they've wrestled in the past with making that decision. But I can say Jesus pinned me for the one, two, three. And I've never looked back.

And I'm grateful that he captured my heart and brought me to this place where I'm at today. Yeah. So there you go. So great questions. I love it. So I have a question. OK.

So we always want to be where God is and not where he was. So what has been your current new revelations and what is God speaking? What are you hearing? What are you studying?

What have you what are you marinating on presently? That's a wow, Tavia. That's that's another good one. Because the tendency is or the challenge is not to not to I'll just say it this way, not to get stuck in the past. Right. And I say I say this to people.

I'm like, reflect on the past, you know, hopefully learn from the past. There's a reason the windshield is much larger than a rear view mirror. Right. Or even your side mirrors. You know, you're going to you're not going to spend your majority of time in an automobile, you know, staring at the rear view mirror or the side mirror or or if you do, the outcome's probably not going to be good. Right.

You're going to end up in a guardrail or a ditch or something, some whatever. Right. And so spend the majority of time looking out, looking forward, not looking in reverse.

Certainly learn from the past, but don't don't dwell there. And so for me, I'm constantly anyone who knows me knows I'm going to be I'm a big goal setter. You know, I spend time at the end of the year, usually just, you know, focused time on one reviewing, reviewing the past year. OK, what did what did I accomplish? What was I able to do?

And then seeking the Lord for for what's the next year look like? What are you know, I'm a goal setter. I actually write goals down. I reflect back on those goals. I was telling a friend the other day, I don't always hit 100 percent of them. But boy, I sure hit a lot more of those written goals. And then when they're not written, just kind of up there floating around in your head.

And so, you know, constantly doing that. Of course, you know, this the radio show, the podcast, the Man Up TV show. And if you hadn't checked out the TV show, that's a whole different set of interviews. Go to YouTube, Facebook,

There's a lot of places you can find the Man Up TV show. Because, Tevye, a part of my prayer has been over the last number of years. Lord, how can you almost like you might say a prayer of Jabez in a sense of how can you expand my territory, my influence, my reach, expand my voice? I mean, when when when Truth Truth Radio, Stu Epperson first approached me about having a podcast and a radio show. I'm like, where do I have time to do that?

Right. And then the Lord reminded me, do you not remember like some of your prayer requests and conversations like, hey, expand my territory, expand my reach. Here we are, of course. And of course, I have Robbie Dilmore sitting in studio with us today who's phenomenal in producing all these shows and making sure they get out to the to the nations to date. I think the show, this show, people have access to this interview today so far.

And I think seventy four or five, six countries, countries. So, you know, it's like, hello, here's what you asked for. And I'm like, OK, so I make time to go to the radio station a couple of times every month.

I make time to record TV shows and etc. And just to get the message, his message out there. And so so I'm constantly that's part of the vision.

And how how can I expand my my reach and my my influence? And and then as far as like meditating, we've talked about it. We've talked with you guys about, you know, not only studying the word, but getting the word in you.

Right. And the Lord challenged me. I thought he was being very noble.

I'm like, Lord, I'm going to read the whole Bible next year. He's like, oh, that's nice. I'm like, that's nice.

Like, what kind of response is that? He goes like, like one year. I'm like, well, yeah.

He's like, how about for the next decade? How about studying the word, reading the Bible? So so I committed to him to read the Bible through every year for a decade. Right.

Which I had not done prior. Not to say I had not read the word, but just getting the word in me. Not just getting in the word, but getting the word in me, writing it on the tablet of my heart. Right. Digesting it, going to that banqueting table, eating the scroll, feeding.

Not the physical man with taste buds popcorn, but a spiritual man with with the word of God. Right. So, yeah, that's kind of where I'm at for that. That's awesome. That's awesome. Great question.

All right. Next one. As a father with girls, what would you encourage other fathers to instill in their girls? What should they do with their girls? What should they say to their girls? What should they not say to them? Well, what I try to model consistently throughout their upbringing. A couple of things.

One, how how a man should treat a woman. I mean, I always, always, always open their car door. I was just old school traditional guy of opening their car door any time they were going on a daddy daughter date, which is another part of my answer is is consistently having rotating, obviously four girls.

There was a rotation process there, like a weekly rotation. All right. Taryn, today is your day. Tawny, this is your week. Kendra, you're up.

You know, Colby, that's all on girls names. Your turn. And here's what's funny is so when they're in elementary school, I did that.

I was the dad who went to their school, sat down, had lunch with them. Right. Every week, like in rotation. Right.

Every week. And then, of course, once they were transitioning from elementary school to middle school, they informed me dad no longer had to come to school and have lunch. I'm like, was that right?

That's just not right. So so then what I still did and with the permission of the school, I would then take him out of school and take him for lunch. And so continued that tradition all the way through through high school.

Wow. I was very involved and engaged in whether whether now three of the four were cheerleaders. The youngest Colby was was played softball and basketball and very involved in sports where the others opted for cheerleading. So, you know, I'd be there in the stands if they were cheerleading. I was there if she was playing basketball, if Colby was playing softball, I was there at their games.

Made sure to schedule that into my busy schedule. If they had school plays, I was I was there at the school plays, cheering them on at the school plays or whatever they are involved and engaged in. I would I would read them Bible stories at night once I became a Christ follower. I would read them Bible stories at night.

Be sure to pray with them at night. And now with my grandkids, I just we just had our tenth. I just had my tenth grandchild. Wow. I know. A new rotation.

A new rotation. Somebody said, you know, look, old enough to have ten grandchild. I'm like, I love you.

Appreciate that. But now here's what's cool is, is when I go visit the grandkids and I occasionally drive them to school, I'm like, I'll be I'll like, hey, kids, hold on, hold on. Grandpa's going to pray for you before I drop you off.

So I have the opportunity to now pass that on to another generation. And and, you know, I pray for them. I pray for the teachers.

I pray for protection over their school. And, you know, all of that. And so just trying to instill that in now the grandkids. Yeah. So and last but not least, let me I got to be remiss if I didn't say this. My daughters have over time have said to me when it came time, they're all married now.

And have said to me that that when they were looking for a husband, that what they were looking for was a man like their dad, which could only be one of the greatest compliments you get. Right. Absolutely.

I want to I want to marry a man like my dad. So you get me choked up. I told you it was coming with haymakers today. Yeah. So anyway. So, yeah.

Great, great question. All right. Do you have a lump in my throat to have another one more for me? Let's do one more. Can you describe I know you talked about even your dad being in World War Two.

World War Two and Korean War. And how he explained something and you felt like you were there. Well, can you describe to us an encounter with God that you've had?

So we want to feel like we're there, too. Man, Davia, we don't have enough time in the day to describe that. You know, think how I would answer that question. That's it. That's an amazing guy.

I mean, you guys give us a very unique questions, you know, you really did. I want to say this for you guys and all those listening out there that some of my most intimate moments with the Lord. OK, I'm going to address it this way. Some of my most intimate moments with the Lord are on days or and or times that I'm fasting. OK, food like like, you know, just just centering my gaze on him in specific times. You know, like if I'm going to eat lunch for 30 minutes or sit down at dinner for an hour, why wouldn't I take an hour and go into that prayer closet or go into that, go into his presence, like be intentional to designate that same amount of time and focused on his presence and and really just center my gaze on on him.

And whether it's through the reading of the word or just soaking in worship, which I do a lot soaking in worship or just being I'm learning to be more quiet before the Lord to, you know, my it that's an area that that I've really been working on and just sitting quietly before the Lord and and listening to his still small voice for guidance and direction. And and when the Lord first called me to start fasting and what I now call living a I live a fasted lifestyle. Absolutely. It's a lifestyle.

So fasting is as much a part of my life as eating is a part of my life. Right. And so, you know, I that's where I find my most intimate moments. And I'll say this to you guys may be aware of this or maybe not. But Robbie and I were actually talking before coming on air about, you know, he does a camp called Boot Camp.

I do a camp called Man Camp. And they're similar in what our goal is with with men raising up men to be godly men, godly husbands and godly fathers to empower them and equip them through the teaching and training that God has given us. And I'll tell you, too, in that setting, when we just draw away, get outside the village or outside your comfort zone and get in that setting.

And God sets sets the banqueting table for men to come and feast. And then we get the privilege of watching men walk through that and so into an invest in them that that those moments are some of the most intimate as well, because it all centers around the heart of God and just focusing on the heart of God. And so I summarize all that to say for those out there and for all of us in studio today that that seek those those moments, those intimate times and be the word that comes to mind is the word intentional. Be intentional to have those moments because we can get so caught up in our day.

Right. So busy with whether it's raising a family, raising children, operating a business like like like you guys do, being engaged, involved in church and ministry that we can miss those moments. Last but not least, I'm reminded of the Book of Revelation when Jesus said, hey, you've done all these really you might say good things. But you you've lost your first love. So never lose your first love.

Never lose your first love. Keep that intimate relationship with Jesus opera going on a daily basis. Yes. Yep. That's awesome. Thank you, sir. Well, thank you, guys. So those have been some amazing questions and taste buds popcorn.

We didn't get to it. But one thing that's evident is you have you have taken your you know, you have. I love market what I call marketplace, folks, because especially as Christ followers, because it's evident to me, I think, and obvious and anyone that will meet you, that even out there in the marketing world, marketing, taste buds, popcorn, that that people, if they spend any length of time with you at all, are going to realize rather quickly. There's something different about you guys.

And what it is, is your is your own love for Jesus and being, as you said, their salt and light. So pretty amazing. I appreciate you guys, man. Thanks for coming on the Q&A with Koloff.

Absolutely. Thank you so much for having us. It's been a privilege and honor. I look forward to growing in with you guys in the future. Website one more time.

How can they find out? So it's not all 200 flavors will be listed there. So, you know, let me preface that.

But it's going to be taste buds with an S at the end. Concord, C-O-N-C-O-R-D dot com. So thanks for tuning in to another episode of Q&A. God bless you and have an amazing day. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support and generous gifts.

May God bless you for your continual contributions. Go to Koloff dot net and donate today. Hi, Nikita Koloff. Be sure to check out The Man Up Show, now available on television, broadcast and podcast. Go to MorningStarTV dot com or the Truth Radio Network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. Nikita Koloff here.

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