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Q&A With Koloff- #84

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 30, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #84

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 30, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita sits down with David Mamot for another great episode of questions and answers.

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
Truth Talk
Stu Epperson
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

Hi there Dr. John White wedding T's chief medical officer in host of the spotlight on series from our help discover podcast in this special episode brought to you by UCB you'll hear why the color of your skin might impact how your diagnosed and treated for psoriasis letter wasn't about killing myself but more so like a spiritual death like killing the different parts of me that would not allow myself to truly live an authentic life because of psoriasis. And so it was so many people touched by the blog that they had sent it to the national psoriasis foundation. So a couple of the employees there at the time had messaged me and they're like oh my gosh we love your letter, we want you to come to a volunteer conference and so that very next year.

I was at my first national psoriasis foundation conference. Listen to health discovered on the iHeartRadio app wherever you get your podcast. This is on trial from the physician will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network is welcome to another episode Q&A with and with me in the studio today on the Q&A with co-authors Mr. David Mamet himself sales trainer extraordinaire for truth radio network they would welcome to the Q&A show hey Nikita, thank you for having me why it's great to have you here and to have you in the studio now usually are not in studio.

Normally you are out in about in the marketplace because your I guess your official role is your out list. I'll just say drumming up sales for for advertising for shows like the man up radio show or Christian car guy or just a variety of shows that are on the network, but that's come to your area of expertise for that.

Be accurate and correct yeah that that be accurate. I will say this is Robbie Switzer with us. Everybody's team oriented right and also in Robbie Stacy's on-air personality, but he also has clients boss lady and a gospel station just grown clients course mean you work closely on a number of folks are sponsoring various on-air things with yourself when you have a icing advertising show man show man a minute. For those of the for the manna minutes yes FYI answer yes. So that's kind ask how your background but but it is far as your role with truth radio network without outside of the I've learned from conversations with you that what you recently came essay recently within the last year year and 1/2. You made a big really kind of a big move you down the great state of Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth community and how many years we have you been in Texas how many years were you down there was in Texas ever since I was one.

Wow. Okay, here's 20 years yeah I was 21.

That would be the math but yeah, so long time and check for 1100 miles removed from my whereabouts in Dallas right my home there but yeah I came out here as you say about your plus now and it's been a blessing. It's definitely a family here in and they love the Lord and they're just trying to spread the gospel a transition. Talk to Stu Epperson Junior not yet worked for his dad for Salem media which call that ice in the same communications and from 9803 and it Salem media group now with all the music group you television. In addition to radio. Now they action, they went from traditional radio broadcast as her but he knows you in a public the publication of faith talk out of Nashville and they had a music network called MorningStar, and so they can slowly add it all that so it's just been great to see the progression radio as we know it.

Podcasting, of which you know truth is an outstanding job with here just every way that we can reach one another and build those relationships. Have those conversations that reap rich people around the world ricer handoff center.

Yet the know Junior through through Stu Epperson Junior through the through the family a year. We work with Salem and you guys talk couple years couple or so years back in and you made that that decision to come to the great state of North Carolina and grace us with your presence here, and it had become a part of this family out here with fun getting to know you and Sue growing up in Texas and knowing past conversation place and you were a sports guy you played some baseball right yeah played a little bit of everything is a candidate and ultimately was playing baseball in college and in love to say the Ottoman a major league ballplayer just for one thing, the talent and I quite have the talent that's better. Now you know everything else is right there, you know, but I know I am.

I reach a certain level, but those guys would make it to the pros or the fast is the strongest. They hit the ball the furthest they throw the ball the hardest to differently LOL yeah yeah it's it's well I'm looking at why guys it separated from the pack you as a Russian nightmare. It said it takes a whole lot you know the talent and passion drive which I had oodles of that but yet in the talent stopped at a certain point in that. And then I found other things right.

Other than being a professional major league making a really but you do bring up a very valid point. Very good point. Amuse your Lotta good at good athletes out there, but when you look at the numbers when you break it down with his professional football baseball as you're referring to NBA basketball, what, whatever, I mean it's pretty slim. I mean it's pretty, it's scale down quite a bit in terms of the percentages of guys you actually make it right, and/or women that make it in the WNBA or whatever else. So interestingly enough, I've actually looked at that right, someone with a Little League team of 15 kids, whatever on that team you may have three on the play high school baseball listening to the Truth Network and

If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. Nikita was seen as adoration declaration for a gift of $50 can accumulate his wrestling set for $100 more will include a signed copy of his newly updated life tale of the ring a lot.donate today call.

I am excited to hear you did not get out. Well, maybe. Anyway Facebook all my new fan page and and the like, and follow your listening to the Truth Network and that if you take the high school baseball kids which there's 2025 players may have three of those guys a play college baseball. They take the typical even Division I team University North Carolina. You have 30 guys not roster maybe 35.

You have three or four.

Those guys played minor and then just in this whole story here guys that Erin Marley affiliated systems of major league teams roughly know from working on up. It may just I think the latest numbers I see your 7 to 12% of those guys ultimately make it so maybe 1/10 is God himself that it's it's it's tough that way to make it yeah it is an elite level good friend of my Rocky Wegner Henderson he try to correct the meters I think he's an estimated seven or eight years in the minor leagues yeah and NCS couldn't make it to that next target sake with RW sportswear and son played for the – even after I spent some time together. So yeah sorry I forgot you know Ryan Rocky's been a supporter of the man up showing I think man up minute as well in is terms of advertising supporting the show and so while I am in so but you're not a sports any longer me your and you're in sales with with with truth radio network. And now, and in so hope you enjoy living here in the Carolinas reasserts beautiful out here it is you ever been to the killer. Prior to moving you know I don't even know if I've been in these Costa Mesa East Coast would be include Florida side.

Been there, but in terms of and actually I call back that statement with my dad to Boston on a father-son trip in 2016 – but I did not spend any time if you will like Carolina, South Carolina.

You know well that we call the mid Atlantic yes sir you have it Atlantic region yes and so all very cool. Let's well this is the Q&A with prologue show and this is the opportunity for you. You to ask me a few questions and so let's transition here and and if you have a few questions lined up with you. Once you fire away at you know, no pun intended fire. The fast pace with your first question will the time that we spent together have learned couple things about you and my questions and come up this preface whenever see how structured and organized you are in your days are triply busy don't always mention that. So what would be your word of advice when it comes to going about your day, making it the best it can be or what what you needed prepared you write this out because I've sprinted you live will be gonna call in your car will be in front of mind as you're raring to go and there's not enough early sometime to Nikita on times late and if you are late you mom has not accepted Alex that I might live to shop for a meeting exercise but but what do you attribute that to is that part of your upbringing. Was that your father's that you is I just 24 hours a day and you gotta figure out how to do that great question like for real great question in and I could maybe spend half a show on that one. But what know it was a it was a little, it was learned was learned now. I've always been from a very young age.

Very disciplined guile say that I feel very blessed that discipline hasn't been a challenge for me.

But as far as structuring, though those 24 hours like you're saying over the course of time, I had to weather might attribute some of it to athletics but you will play in athletics, you know 60 minutes and again to a game you know a couple hours to a practice to fill many hours in the gym working out and exercising and so along the way. III learned disciplines along the way. For many, many phenomenal coaches write about it when my books wrestling success developing a championship mentality liked your hands on a autographed copy that's critical and I'll be glad to send you personalized autographed copy but all wrestling success and and so there is an and through a lot of readings I became an avid reader about 2025 years. No postcollege and avid reader were sometimes on average a book a week. Sometimes that slows down blood, but I try to do a lot of reading and I at one point actually literally David would sit on at night for go to bed pull out my my day planner right down the top six things I needed to do. I need to do tomorrow so that when I woke up and I haven't prioritized so when I woke up I could hit the ground running 1/2 the kind of flounder around like when I going to do today know how my list like literally. My list in front of me and then I would systematically go through that list. I may not have always got the top six things done.

Maybe only got two or three of them done and completed within guess what I do I just roll those other three to the top of the list. That night, and add three more to that list of what I needed to do the next day and and and exercising doing that exercise and disciplining myself of that with it to where I don't write it out anymore per se. It's almost kind like in my head at this point as I did this so for so many soup for so long. Writing it out that it's just come home if you want, almost a second nature. So I wake up each day already already have already got a pretty good idea of what the days look like in on the house going to fold all that to say one last sidenote, always leave room for an audible anyone to play football would know what audible is best if they played quarterback right they can always click it to the line of scrimmage and the defense is set up slightly different than they anticipated, and they could call a different play they could call an audible's always get the Lord always give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to call an audible that if there's something that he wants to line up for the day that I didn't have on my list.

You're listening to Truth Network and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the truth radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. The cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Parkway and Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out because you are number one you're listening to the Truth Network and that he can do that. Not that he needs permission, but that is not show the video. So I do have a follow-up question to be gutted opposite from Alan that I was in us a what you do with your spare time in addition add to tell you that you know with me love baseball not Nestlé watching three hours baseball but reading up on the players of statistics and stuff and and Robbie Gilmore's her to my left I got think about. I'm thinking about skews me. Robbie loves fishing and he told the story one day during our devotion in morning EC was asking God. You know a young fishing I'm serving you envision observing you but is it okay to finish and then Robbie's God spoke to him is that hey take me fishing with you right and so Rob that day, as I understand it, had a wonderful fishing experience with the Lord that day catching fish and all that sort of stuff, but so my question on the tell and all that. When you let your hair down right what you like doing. Do you like going to movies. Are you for sure. I don't know if we've had these were the conversations. Another great question know so so of course you know my outlet my release. My outlet is the gym first essay first and foremost, I mean over 50 years consistently now undisciplined to go to the gym right now since your horny results.

That's amazingly proper. Appreciate that.

Maybe five or they just turned 5X return 12 block all over 50 years of consistently going to the gym, so I still enjoy that another state he said that I'm not thrilled about going but Avenue to for so long. I know it's it's ingrained in me.

It's a part of me.

I know the importance at this point of taking care of this temple, this body that God gave us inside of a different motivation for why I work out now but nevertheless it still do that. I play a vocational golf game know I don't. I very rarely offer recreational golf II more.

Enjoy celebrity golf tournament so I can hopefully contribute a putter to don't look to me for the long driveway and contest said that won't happen, but thought I might go to put up order two or three in a birdie putt in for our team but more. More importantly, support the charity.

I'm very selective on what tournaments I get involved in so golf.

As I mentioned, I actually enjoy reading 70 that's kind of a hobby mind to read, so I enjoy reading and yes I do enjoy an occasional good movie and that that I will will will on the big screen on the big screen is always fun to watch on the big screen. It's a popcorn some hot buttered popcorn man and just enjoy that.

And last but not least on the short list here.

I just enjoy some time. She's chilling just pulling up so much available on the phones now are on your on technology. Some some good what I call soaking worship music to some incredible sets out there hour-long sets and I can just sit and soak and and just enjoy his presence at a final question just what I don't know. Maybe it's Monica looking like it's going to have to be fleshed out close that a question okay out of all your wrestling matches in your career. Which one stands out the most and why he always put on the spot with that and edits.

It honestly. It's tough is really is tough to narrow it down to two wannabe really is a great question every time it's asked it and it consists there's several that come to mind solid. Just let me answer this way so certainly the first ever Great American Bash against a guy by the name of joy that invitation out there.

Come on, tell me I did a good job.

Email me tell me I did a good job of the nature boy Ric flair. The first ever Great American Bash wrestling for the world heavyweight title because I'm only I'm only literally 13 months into this thing called pro wrestling barely learned anything yet, but a wrestling him in front of I don't even know 3035 however many thousand people as the main events right. Having already become the world -type champion world six man Champion is so that certainly ranks up there, but the most often mentioned by the fans is the best-of-seven series against the maggot deed you pull down to Nike, Magnum, TA is the most often mentioned the best-of-seven for the US heavyweight belt I mean back in the Cold War era. The last thing the fan wanted to see is the Russian nightmare a Russian guy wearing a US heavyweight championship belt, but I wanted in mass number seven and then one other mention to is the very first ever wargames wargames the match beyond. It had never been done before death. The role of the Tower of power to three to be how if you feel findable, from open tech who became part of the throughput power Geo's brainchild that match beyond one of many one of many but so that's how I would address their questions grant time for bonus round of those question got a bonus quite always questioned her to intend to wrap it all up close community. I'm sure Dynex wrestlers which wrestlers do you still stay in contact with today. The stinger the stinger the stinger stinger Steve Borden, the stinger of staying the total package looks Luger. Him and I do a man's camp a man camp together. We facilitate camp together do a lot of ministry in different things together autograph signs, etc. Magnum TA he's asked to speak at a revival to do later in the year. I share his testimony story how God got him through their very serious car wreck that left him paralyzed from the neck down broke his neck how God got him through that loading from from the Raven's flock in the mid-90s the Monday night wars, Lodi, who is a sold-out Christ follower as well. The first the first four names are Kyle every now and then Tully Blanchard and I one of the famed for horsemen and I'll talk you been on this one so as you know so many games of great questions and appreciate you being on the Q&A with rolloff and David Mamet does sales trainer extraordinaire truth radio network. Thank you for being on the Q&A show and thank all of you for tuning in each and every week and given all your feedback and leaving responses and continue to help spread the word to your friends and family to download this show. In Jesus name, amen. Unless you think this podcast is made possible by God and your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your continual donate drain tile from the top right number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

1230 on the truth that were this is the Truth Network

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