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David Mamot- A Truth Success Story

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 27, 2022 1:00 am

David Mamot- A Truth Success Story

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 27, 2022 1:00 am

Nikita sits down with David Mamot and discusses his journey to The Truth Network and the sales department.

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Hi there, I'm Dr. John White, WebMD's Chief Medical Officer and host of the Spotlight On series from our Health Discovered podcast.

In this special episode brought to you by UCB, you'll hear why the color of your skin might impact how you're diagnosed and treated for psoriasis. That letter wasn't about killing myself, but more so like a spiritual death, like killing the different parts of me that would not allow myself to truly live an authentic life because of psoriasis. And so it was so many people touched by the blog that they had sent it to the National Psoriasis Foundation. So a couple of the employees there at the time had messaged me and they were like, oh my gosh, we love your letter. We want you to come to a volunteer conference. And so that very next year, I was at my first National Psoriasis Foundation conference.

Listen to Health Discovered on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolob. Now the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to another episode of It's Time to Man Up. With me in the studio today, I'm excited to have this man of God in the studio with me today here on the show. Just a quick reminder, real talk with real men with real stories. And this man has a story.

I know that for certain. I sat and listened to him talk stories with a dear friend of mine by the name of Jeffrey Gitimer for about an hour. Baseball star, Jeffrey Gitimer, baseball stories. But all that said, David Mamet, welcome to the Man Up show. Hey, thank you, Nikita, for having me. It's a blessing to be here.

Well, it's great to have you here. And we met, I guess, I don't know, maybe six, nine months ago. Time flies, right? But we met because we're going to get, we'll get into more of this shortly. But we met because you essentially, I'll say, transferred, moved, you made a move out of the great state of Texas and came here to North Catholicia, as we call it, North Carolina, part of the Truth Radio Network, yes? Yes, sir. Yeah, that's been a while now. I reconnect with folks from time to time in radio.

And one of those people will be in Stu Epperson, Jr. I had worked for his father from 98 to 03 and just picked up the phone one day and called him, I think in September, the prior year to me starting. And it's like we hadn't skipped a beat. And Stu, excuse me, is really affable and everything, and personable. But we just started the conversations then about what it would potentially look like for me to be out here in North Carolina. You just picked up right where you left off, right?

From that relationship and that friendship. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Stu hasn't met anybody that's not just either a friend or a potential friend, right?

Obviously, in this market. Anyone who knows Stu Epperson, yeah. You're not gonna be around him for about 12 seconds before his arms around you or you've become his best friend, it seems like, but yes. Yeah. So interestingly, we were both in our 20s, late 20s, when he was starting the Truth Network. And I just happened to be sitting at my desk and he called me and said, David, I have my first big potential regional buy from Le Blue.

Do you have any ideas? And I don't know how much I added to with him or whatever at that time, but it's interesting to come out here and Le Blue is an account currently and has been for many years. And I just wanted to be helpful here to serve the greatest purpose here, which is to bring as many people into the kingdom and let them know about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yeah, and of course, we get the privilege of doing that.

And we're gonna get more into that, but we get the privilege of doing that through radio, through podcasting. And maybe for those who don't know too, Le Blue is a water, a very high level water purification company, produces some, for the record, great tasting water. The real deal. I mean, it's the real deal.

I know they've been big supporters of Truth Radio Network, but before we get there, let's back up a little bit. I talked about your sports hit, your amazing history of sports knowledge, but tell us a little bit about David Mamet. I mean, were you born and raised in Texas?

Do you... What? I'm born in Omaha, Nebraska. Okay.

My dad got a transfer at the age of one for me. And so we, as a family, moved... Cornhusker. Yes, sir. Big Red, right? Yep. So we moved to Dallas, and yeah, that was the beginning of being in Dallas.

And for the most part, everybody's still in the Dallas or Dallas area. Your... Is it all your family? Yes, sir. So brothers, sisters?

Yep. Actually three sisters, no brothers. I've got brothers in Christ, you being one of them.

Okay. And enjoyed getting to know you. And of course, Robbie Dilmore, who is producing this show as we talk together. But yeah, I just always wanna go where God leads. And I think at the end of Matthew where he says, go therefore, you know, baptizing.

And at the end of the verse, I won't quote it. But you know, he sends a helper, right? Great commission, yeah.

Yeah. But you know, the Holy Spirit will guide you in all things. So I prayed and have been out here, and it's been a real blessing. This is a real team and a family with a very focused purpose in mind.

So it's been a blessing, as I mentioned. Well, Omaha, Nebraska. So we have a bit of a connection there, just so you know. You may not know this about me, but my dad was raised in Holdridge, Nebraska, which is just outside of Omaha. Huge Cornhusker fan his entire life. I mean, he lived to be 92.

Wow. Love the Cornhuskers. Man, anytime I went over his house on a Saturday, if they were playing and on television, it was on his television set, the Cornhuskers, right? And actually, at one point, I did entertain the idea of playing college football for the Cornhuskers.

Now, that never actually materialized, because I didn't realize until my senior year in high school, you actually had to have grades to get into college. I just thought my athletic ability would get me in, you know? So therefore, I had to go off to JUCO Ball first, junior college, and then transfer to a smaller division college, where I had just an incredible college football career. So even though I didn't make it down to it, but we played a Nebraska team, Carney State. Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Okay. So yeah, I played Carney State a couple times, and of course, we beat them just for the record, but I just want to make mention of that. Okay, so you guys moved to Dallas, and did you play sports? Yeah, I played baseball in college.

I played at a small NIA school, and then transferred my junior year to University of Texas. It was a great experience. There's 57 total players in fall ball, 38 of them, I believe, or so. They were invited.

I was uninvited walk-on. My dad and myself got to meet the coaching staff other than the head coach, Gustafson wasn't there at the time. But what's interesting about that fall is that you look around, you don't think a lot of it then, but we had a guy named Scott Bryant playing right field. He made it pretty high in the minor leagues, double, triple A, but Shane Reynolds, who went on to pitch in the major leagues. And I got to the last eight guys, didn't make it, but they actually finished second in the nation that year to Wichita State.

And the gentleman by the name of Kevin Pate, who I had a friendship with in business law, he was the backup second baseman, backup middle infielder. You're listening to the Truth Network and If you would like to support Kolah for Christ Ministries for a gift of $25, Nikita will send you his two CDs, Adoration and Declaration. For a gift of $50, Nikita will include his book, Wrestling with Success. And for a gift of $100 or more, Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story, A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. Go to and donate today.

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You're listening to the Truth Network and Basically, and I was a shortstop. We were competing against each other. And he ended the NCAA season that year by striking out five to three. Coach Gustafson set him up to pitch hit. And jokingly, I said to Dallas with a couple of friends of mine, I said, well, I could have done that. You know, I could have struck out, right? Kevin's, he's a good guy and he was a great player.

So he deserved it definitely to be on the team. When did you know, how young were you and when you were acclimated to sports or thought, yeah, I want to play baseball, how young? So, interestingly, my mom is the one who threw me BP in the backyard, which was a plastic ball and a plastic bat. Okay.

Still have some pictures, you know, three years old or so. And then as I got a little older, my dad would throw to me and, and just try to stay focused. I would say, dad, we don't leave the backyard and until I get 16 out of 20 strikes.

Right. And he's a pretty tough customer when he can call it a strike or not. So I was primarily a pitcher as a little kid.

And then like anything else, you put your mind, heart and soul into something and you work hard at it. You, I became a better hitter. And so played shortstop in college many moons ago.

So but, and then played some men's senior league type stuff after that. So I tried, so I tried baseball. It was called Babe Ruth League. Babe Ruth League. They have that in Texas, the Babe Ruth League, do you know? Oh yeah.

Babe, I think, yeah, I think it's 14, 15 year olds, if I'm not mistaken. Babe Ruth League. So, so I thought, you know, I was, I became passionate about football at age 12 ish, seventh grade ish.

And, but I thought, well, you know, pretty decent at that. Let me, let me give, let me give baseball a crack, a whirl. And so I played that one year, absolutely was scared to death of the curve ball. Like for real, like hated the curve ball.

Yep. And so true story, I taught myself to switch hits. So I became a switch hitter. So against every left-handed pitcher like yourself, or you're probably right-handed pitcher. Actually, I was a switch hitter as well, starting in ninth grade for the same reason. Okay, so you just switch hitter. Same reason, yes sir.

So you can relate to my story. Yes sir. So, so yeah, so I like a left-handed pitcher, I'd bet right hand, you know, obviously in right hand and left-handed and interestingly enough, at the end of coming, the end of the year and the stats for real, never hit a home run. I came close to the wall a handful of times, couldn't quite get it over the wall, but hit an equal amount, like literally down to the number of singles, doubles, triples, both ways, which was kind of crazy. And then I was drafted to the all-star team for the playoffs.

There you go. Yeah, you've got the size, you know, it's interesting. I've got a nephew playing now, he's 15 and he's a really good hitter and actually hits the ball over the fence at 12 years old at a place called Bacchus Park in Prosper, Frisco, excuse me, Texas. He ended the game with a grand slam, he's 110 pounds at the time, 12, and he hit it 260 and hit it about 30 feet up.

It's a miniature Boston Fenway part, but even now he's starting to strike out. And I told him, I said, here's the thing, when you got a right-handed thrower to throw into you, and if you learn how to hit left-handed as you did and I did, then the ball's breaking in, much easier to make contact and all that. So I'm encouraging him to do what I did at 15, it sounds like you did at the same age, but he has a little kid, yeah, the ball, it doesn't tickle when it hits you, right? So you learn that at eight years old, the first time you get plunked, so.

Right, you're like, ouch, ouch. And yeah, I learned, so I just played the one year and I'm like, yeah, yeah, I'm done, I'm done. All-star, yeah, you ended on top. And here's the irony too, is I thought, because I played outfield initially, played a couple, I think first base, and I wasn't really, I don't feel like good enough to do second, third or second short or third, and I certainly did not want to catch. I did not want to be in a squatting position and catch, but I thought I'm going to get these batters back. So I actually also pitched, became a pitcher.

I did, what, for, now you would probably remember the name Kent Toccolvi. What did he, how did he pitch? He was a submarine pitcher for the Pirates. See, this guy's baseball knowledge, you and Jeffrey Gitimer blew me away by all of your baseball conversation knowledge. So I did submarine pitching.

Yes. And then when I got drafted for the All-Star team, they actually drafted me, not only for my hitting, but as a pitcher. And I only did that for like two games out of the whole entire season. But that's what they drafted me as, because how effective I was for those two games.

You know what's interesting? We're having these conversations and it brings to mind, when I was a pitcher, when I was a kid, Tom St. John, he was my coach. His son was Tommy.

He played in the minors for the Reds in the late fifties, played with a guy named Veda Pinson, if you know that name. And I don't even know how I started throwing sidearm, but even at an early age, you know, 11, 12 years old or whatever, he would do the sidearm motion with his hand from the bench. And that meant for me to go sidearm on these guys.

And so not quite submarine, which is under, which is what you were doing, which is amazing. Yeah, that's Kent Dikolfi, and a couple other guys have done it that way. But yeah, tough to pick up for the hitters. They're not used to seeing that motion, right? Yeah, because you're literally, like you're saying, you're kind of either sideways, but especially for the right-handed hitters, right?

I mean, it could scare the Dickens out of some of them, right? So you played baseball, high school, college, into college. Did your sisters play any sports or no? No, well, my little sister played soccer as a young girl. My other sisters were into like the drill team and stuff like that. If you're familiar with that, it was like the dance team for the high school. But they're still pretty athletic. They just didn't really play much sports.

I think as adults, they probably play like a little softball here or there. Yeah, something like that. And you mentioned your nephew that's currently playing baseball, right? Yes, sir. You've recently, anyway, you flew out there to watch him play like in a tournament or something, did you not?

Yes, sir. He's going into ninth grade. He plays football, plays track, or if you call it track, runs track, plays baseball. And I asked him what his favorite... Great athlete. Yeah, I asked him, what's your favorite sport?

And he goes, whatever season it is. And he doesn't say that in an arrogant way. He's just a really humble kid. He loves playing sports. And yeah, I just want to be of help to him in any sort of way, but he's got great coaches around him. And my sister's a wonderful mother to him and my brother-in-law.

So he's got a lot of support. And of course, my parents, that's the one thing they enjoy more than anything is going to these kids. My other... Grandkids, right? Yeah, grandkids going to their performances. My other nephew, he's in theater and a lot of time gets to do the lead. And so they're both at that age, you know, middle school, actually going into high school now for Texas.

And yeah, it's a lot of fun to watch. Figure out what they want to do. What are your nephew's names? Hayden and Chase. Hayden and Chase. Which one's the baseball star? Hayden's a baseball player and Chase is the theater guy.

Okay. Maybe I need to get both their autographs. It sounds like one day. They're going to be like famous one day.

Oh, I don't know. And I need to get their autograph now. Can you line that up for me? Sure. Picture it all. Good, good.

I want an autograph picture from your nephew so I can one day say, I got it way before when. There you go. Thank you.

Okay. What'd you study in college? Business administration, excuse me, and kinesiology. I actually have teaching certification for the state of Texas.

We got a lot in common, dude. Did you teach as well? I didn't know this. I never taught. I graduated with a teaching degree. Okay. Of course, in physical education, minor in health.

So of course, I took kinesiology, physiology of exercise, all those brainiac kind of things, which I wasn't necessarily compelling. Well, anyway. Anyway, man, we got so much in common.

It's okay. So you're studying that. Okay. Yep.

So yeah. So study that in college. When you go back and get your teaching certification, it was a little bit of a wrinkle because my business administration degree, even though some of those courses applied, I got an economics teaching certification. So economic certification and kinesiology.

Whereas my undergrad, as I mentioned, was business administration. So did you do formal teaching then or no? Yes, sir. Yeah.

You did. How many years? Oh, just interestingly enough, just the one school year. It was a good experience. I just had an opportunity really early on. And I've always enjoyed, like you were mentioning baseball and that, listening to the radio. I used to listen to broadcast all the way to the St. Louis games. Cardinals, you pick it up. I'd go to Nebraska and my grandparents listen. And so when I had an opportunity to get into radio, I acted quickly, right?

Because I didn't know. And in regards to that, I mean, this teaching certification, it's lifetime. So at some point, some people may come back.

It's getting to the point where I don't know if I'd ever do that. But it was great training ground using that teaching certification to learn how to talk with folks and have the state board there watch you teach and grade you and help you to think linearly and talk in a way that present to the audience that they hear you and they understand what you're saying. So all that was very helpful.

Yeah. And again, I can relate in the sense that I've told people, I never went into a formal teaching because graduating college, I felt like that was my backup plan, right? Because my dream is to play in the NFL. My dream was to have a career there, maybe a 10-year career, then go into coaching for 10 or 20 years and then sail off into the sunset. And if I needed to have a backup plan, I could become a teacher. Although I didn't fully have a desire to teach per se, but looking back now, David, I find, man, I've been teaching a good majority of my life, whether it's teaching people how to work out in a gym, teaching people how to eat right. Now as a Christ follower, one of the fivefold ministry is teaching, right? Pastor, teacher, apostle, prophet, and evangelist. I almost forgot the most important one, but anyway, for me. But yeah, I've been teaching, I mean, the good majority of my life with people and coaching, you might say.

So even though I never formally did it, man, how valuable it was for me to go get that education at that time. You're listening to the Truth Network and Hi, Nikita Kolov. Be sure to check out The Man Up Show, now available on television, broadcast, and podcast. Go to or the Truth Radio Network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. This is Nikita Kolov and I want to thank Clemens Karp for supporting my new show, Man Up, Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the Truth Network.

You're listening to the Truth Network and And how it's applied, how I've been able to apply that to my life now. So okay, so at what point then, let's transition then, at what point did you recognize, you know, you're like the sales guru in my eyes, you know, you're like the sales elite here, and sales extraordinaire, salesman extraordinaire. Too kind.

Let me label you that way. At what point did you decide you wanted to, one, go into sales, and then how did you originally meet Mr. Stu Epperson Sr.? Kind of a two-part question.

Sure. So you know what, mentoring and coachability using the coaching thing, but just to be blunt about it, I had great people that guided me. From my first general manager, who I'm still in touch with today, as we talk, my first general sales manager, the on-air people, the production people.

So I go back to Dallas, I'll grab lunch with one of them or whatever. So I was blessed really early on, including the guy that stayed in the sales had done everything in radio. He had been on-air. This gentleman's name is Bill Bailey. But anyway, so he had been on-air sales management for the Dallas Cowboys.

And when I started, he was in his maybe like 54, 55. And he would write me little encouraging notes, you know, like, you know, B plus, B positive, you know, Bill Bailey and whatever, and all these sort of things. And so I was surrounded by people that really... Great mentors.

Yeah, that cared. And I tried to be very instructable and to learn and grow from day one. And mostly the passion that they exuded, I was able to pick up on and, you know, meet with clients or whatever the case was. And you have shared some stories with me as we've gotten to know each other, break some bread together, have lunch and some different meals together, just hang out together. I mean, you know, when I say sales trainer or salesman extraordinaire, but you landed some pretty big accounts. I know you shared with me down in Dallas. I mean, like some of the... You mentioned the cowboy, but some pretty big accounts you landed down there, right? Give us a couple of names, a few names.

Well, sure. So when I started, I started in January 98, previous year, January 97, we were KDFX, I think it was 1190 on the dial. And we switched over to FM 94.9. I didn't know how big we were, how many people were listening to us, but I knew we could be bigger.

And part of that was being purposeful in terms of how could that maybe get accomplished. I went in my general sales manager's office on a Wednesday. I started the Monday, supposed to train all that week. Instead, I said, sir, I'd like to make my first call. He said, well, sure you can do that. It's like jumping in the deep end.

We'll see what happens. So I called the Dallas Mavericks. They just happened to be doing paid camps for many years. They're looking to do a free camp for underprivileged, excuse me, area, either South Dallas, East Dallas, and going back to the relationship part of this. I had a friend that was a youth minister. He knew the youth minister at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, and that led to a free all-day camp with a South Dallas cleanup at Tony Evans Church.

The urban alternative already knows Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Mavs man there, 78 players, Scott Murray, the channel five, NBC sports affiliate guy, who I later went to work alongside, or he came into a position that I was working for a business top radio station. But yeah, so the Cowboys.

Yeah, the Cowboys. And so that led just the thoughts of those meetings. And before you know it, we're on the jumbotron. We had two of our afternoon personalities competing at the Dallas Mavericks. And then so Salem would come in. And when I say Salem, there's a VP for every region.

And of course, Stu Epperson Sr. and Ed Anziger would come in. That's his brother-in-law. Stu Sr.'s wife's brother. Not called Salem media, right? Yeah, it was at the time of Salem communications. Now it's Salem media, because they've launched television now as well.

Yes, Salem media group and the podcast and all that. But my interaction with Stu Sr. was very brief, because at the time I was in sales. I wasn't in management.

But he would come and address maybe the sales team or whatnot. But as my time increased there, there was a little bit more interaction, including with Ed Anziger and some other folks. Sure, sure.

So you launch into that. About what age were you when you launched into all that? 29. In late 20s? Yes, sir.

Okay, late 20s. And fast forward now, you're here in a smaller market than Dallas, Texas, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. But you're also covering Charlotte. And you've been instrumental in helping me personally, as well as many other programs, radio programs, and landing sponsors and advertisers. And so I've got to witness firsthand with you, being out and about with you, and talking to potential advertisers and stuff. And so your official role with Truth Radio Network here in Winston, working for Stu and Michael with Robbie and so many others, it's just that, right?

To build the advertising base and listening support in that regard. Yeah. So, yes, sir. So the market responsibility has been, of course, here in the Triad and Charlotte, and then the business development in terms of anybody and everybody here, like I said, it's a team and a family, anything that we can do to put our heads together, right?

That old saying, two heads are better than one. To bring in business in a thoughtful way that we can reach the community here and in North Carolina and beyond, as you know, Truth Network goes far and deep and wide throughout the United States. So just wanting to be a part of that in any way that I can help to accomplish those goals.

It's been great having you here. And for those of you out there, maybe you're not aware of, you're listening to the radio show today, perhaps, or you're listening to this broadcast on the podcast network that Truth Network has. If you're not familiar, go download their app, the Truth app, right? They can download the app, which they can get all kinds of, they can get what's going on live.

They can go and binge tons of shows, right? And all that, right? Darrell Bock Yeah.

I wanted to tell a quick story, the podcasting. So I just haven't had an opportunity to tell anybody this yet, but I was at Gillian's Christian store, right? Been in business 30 years.

Mark Darrell Bock Bookstore. And met a gentleman who pulled up in one of these new Corvettes, yellow, and I think it's called Team Jesus. So he's a truck driver by trade. He's with his assistant. He'll have his own story. I'd love to hear maybe him tell it on your show. But I shared with him, our information is Truth Network. I shared with him our podcast network, of which Robbie Dilmore heads up, and now I think we're in 140, 150 countries across the world, only without- Mark Or more.

Darrell Bock Or more, maybe 20, 30 left to go. But we just had a conversation, I guess it was yesterday, and he's been listening. He's a truck driver. So he's in various states, and he's been listening particularly to your show, and of course, other shows as well.

But yeah, he's on fire for the Lord, and he's trying to just bring his message, and I'll obviously have him tell that at a time that's appropriate for Team Jesus, but he's here in North Carolina. Mark Well, you have, I mean, again, you're extraordinary in what you do. I've seen that firsthand, and just appreciate all your encouragement and your support, and just appreciate your story, and just what you do. You're more valuable than you know.

So you really are. Hey, last, we got just a minute left here. What would you say? Maybe somebody out there is considering sales, thought about sales. What's one quick word of advice you'd give to them if they're considering that? Darrell Yeah, so I would start with, if you're thinking about it, considering it, it's obviously there for a reason, and to prey upon it, but I would give that encouragement, because there's a lot of sayings, right?

The journey of a million steps starts with the first step. But just like anything else, you can learn it, and then, of course, your passion, and your desire, and your love for whatever you're selling. In this case, what an awesome product. Use the word awesome when it comes to do with godly things, and to talk about Jesus Christ, and to talk about our faith. What a wonderful opportunity, at the same time, make a living.

That's a wonderful thing. So if it's particular to Christian radio, or whatever that passion is, I would say to not let the grass grow under your feet. Mark Appreciate it. And hey, if you're out there listening, and you're like, hey, I want to connect with David Mamet, and see how I could sponsor one of these shows, whether it's the Man Up show, Christian Car Guy, Masculine Journey, Land and Rescue, or the many, many other plethora of shows that we have on the Truth Radio Network. Well, I guess they could just call the station and get a hold of you, right? Darrell Of course, yeah.

Mark If they wanted to come out and have a conversation with you. Do you know that number off? Darrell The phone number they can reach me, or anybody here with Truth Network, is 336-759-0363. 336-759-0363.

Mark David Mamet, salesman extraordinaire. Thank you for being on the Man Up show. Appreciate you, and appreciate all you out there listening as well, and hope that you'll tune in again. Hope you'll come back on another time, David.

Darrell That sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you, Nikita. Alright, God bless you. God bless you listening today. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support, and generous gifts. May God bless you for your continual contributions.

Go to and donate today. Nikita Koloff here, and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement? The big announcement?

Well, maybe it's a minor announcement. Anyway, Facebook. Go look up my new fan page, Nikita Koloff Fans, and like it and follow today. Nikita Koloff here.

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