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Q&A With Koloff- #83

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 23, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #83

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 23, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with good friend Bill Turner for another great episode of questions and answers.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey broadcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network's all so today on the show dear friend actually calling you from Aiken, South Carolina down that way. Bill Turner, welcome to the Q&A show will coal off all well. Great to have you here, the course bill. We we go back a couple three years I guess.

Or maybe more.

When when when we first met down there think good the first time we made out to Brian and Jimmy Johnson's car dealership is at the first time we met, automotive Crescent auto shout out to Crescent auto Brian injury me and what a thriving business. They have their hey everybody drives a crescent, so you don't know well for anyone who doesn't know you have a pretty distinctive voice there.

Bill you should be in radio, I am all for little bit of the programs on a local Christian station of the W3C manner 9.9 M when you get to meet you look your David greater oh save type to go with your daily bread is because last time I checked man does not live on bread alone, but by every word which is the meat that proceeded from the mouth of God.

That's good man that's good and it to people. I catch it. Like all online or something.

Can I catch that or what I also follow programs on their 20 4747. You put together 608 your on Mondays so right Monday morning from 8 to 200. Although your morning, now do you do that by yourself Bill know with my lovely wife Dana, the pastor April Babb and what we call our church daughter Jackie job so I'm surrounded by three powerful women of God. So to keep a straight so some this picture Did you see God three roses and then he got the thorn right there and I would have grown okay and you are in September bill you are putting together a rational and full revival, down, down there in Aiken, South Carolina Rasul and revival right in the I think what were the dates on that and were second to be located on the revival barn located on Goshen Farms and I'm actually two on the property that I live also became.

We came to this area wait to be a part of the ministry, but it's going to be September 18-21 this year, none of some big names in wrestling come down. We were blessed like a superpower house evangelist on come on board.

Also looking forward to that. Frank Shelton no renowned evangelist from from up from Maryland and a and Magnum TAA will be there one night Lodi who Elsa hope hopefully or possibly the total package Lex Luger in a Jackson Riker is right, WWE Hall of Fame are not Hall of Fame WW of WWE fame TNA in you got quite a lineup of harassed lawyers.

I got one, I did forget on the cuticle. Yours truly that's getting a manager in Augustine, a get well anywhere with a couple hours Columbia I mean what are some other town within a couple hours or more out because you cannot harbor Spartanburg South Carolina Greenville yeah I'm just all over right so come on down there. We will kick off the revival. I think Frank and I'll be a couple churches Sunday morning in the revival be Sunday night Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night right and you some great stories and testimonies and so I just appreciate you put that together.

September 18 through the 21st Rasul and for revival will make sure get more information on the social media and all that good stuff as well. That's awesome and not now. Besides radio and and you and your bride. I know you just built that the new house there on the on the sender that property built what else keeps you guys busy all our church course with the binoculars and our grandchildren. Also running so well grandchildren have a way of doing that, that's for sure. I now have 10 and four children, 10 grandchildren, and I am at a loss at this point of keeping whose birthday come in like for Maria. I'm I got like I miss more birthdays now than I ever have in 25 years but anyway yeah the grandchildren. It is at fault pastor Paul Babb is and who you the church up all that April yeah okay okay gotcha gotcha okay is key in your churches. It would save your church, University Pkwy., Church of God diversity Parkway COG Church of God out of the freedom church.

So tomorrow come and come and get free Coming, get fed meat daily bread into I'm sure to arrive from well hey listen, it is Q&A with coal off and and we've had some some fun here over the over the over the years and what limit before we get to your questions.

Of course the but let me this real quick. You course you know I mentioned Lex Luger and he and I co-facilitated a camp called man him of what you attended a campout hello you hello good you come to man Here in Ohio so I might well march.

You're listening to the truth and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the truth radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today.

If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. The keel was seen as adoration and declaration for a gift of $50. The cuboid is wrestling with this for $100 more will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today. You're listening to the truth and gotcha okay and and I know in talking to your bride as well as some others and heard stories of your cohost say I don't want them to build on that on that camp. But whatever happened, numbness in my husband and I one another in all of recommend my friend or whatever rights is real quick what what was one of the greatest takeaways are the biggest impacts for you and an attending man Now got a little faint, but one may now learning to be quiet amounts on things, progress before I speak, and that's always been problem with me, even one lot I was younger my probably going to be quiet onto for some reason that it popped up in my life really couple months is been taking the time to think or speak you give, you gave us a lot of quiet time man camp where we could reflect on issues that were going on online. We can pray on that with on that format, so you have to file for the ladies, listen out there. Have you ever considered to encourage your men don't like it just just encourage them sick. Hey I you have my blessing you want to go to this man. I've heard about and I had a woman the other night that an auditor sign was due in Alabama who who said I really want to introduce my son to this and she messaged me afterwards and said he's really interested would really like to go so anyway. Also, lasting fruit right a year and 1/2 going a couple years later the camp is still impacting you personally because you remind me of a couple scriptures. Bill James 119, be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger and then another one to another proverb is tons of Proverbs right when it comes to our words, but no wise man thinks carefully before speaking.

And then last but not least, last but not least, the think acronym right is it true, is it helpful, is it inspiring is it necessary to even say it and is it behind right so anyway so hey let's let's shift gears here. Let's give you the opportunity asked me a couple three questions and will will roll their let's go questionable.

One, I can guarantee that the girl had built you help me tremendously in my walking and my marriage along with all of that. I know that in relationship with man camp and am man is a personal question but I would just like to know if you have a significant other, like a love interest in your life.

Well, I I do man every day that goes by I fall more more in love with Jesus and yeah and that is actually a cheery statement. It's not the class is not the answer you are looking for guards to your question. That is an actual true statement on a very serious note, that is part of my goal is to fall more more love with him in in in my relationship with him and just my passion for him and and and more specifically, leading into what you are actually inquiring about. I am not in a sold out to as serious a relationship with the someone of the other persuasion. A woman wrote friend, but I have dear dear woman friend a great companion and and who I am building the incredible friendship with and perhaps one day it might lead to something more serious, but right now manages to just enjoy just enjoy each other's company with a lot of things together and just have fun man. We just have fun together. And yeah, she's an adventurer she loved to go on adventures. That is, as well as online. So we'll see.

I'm certainly no rush, by any means or stretch the imagination but at the same time.

I'm open to that.

If you seriously if the Lord would lead me down that path. I am I am open to two to a more serious relationship if if that's what God makes it crystal clear that does that make sense itself so okay to question on left, got for you when you lifted like a pretty you don't have someone that got offended when I appreciated letting people offer and I like. Thank you Fred like that's also okay your hey you know my sister and I like this also find somebody question number two. The question about American dream. They will be molecule. I know your superpower run yes it is with him on before any and know you know we didn't course. We were tight and close what we traveled exclusively together the road for 22+ years made a trip to Atlanta one time randomly after I retired to give in the first book I'd written called breaking the chains I need to read get it.

It's out-of-print right now.

One of my goals is to is to rewrite that and get back in print. Very simple. Read breaking the chains and the idea was just about my salvation experience.

It was in that written that Annette someone in elementary school or someone who's never been schooled, could read and understand the plan of salvation and I and I got him a copy that drove all the way to Atlanta to come out to lunch.

Give him a personalized copy of that. Drove home and then friend who was in his camp at the time, later told me he went to the office closed the door for two hours so I know you read it. I know you read it right and ends so post post of that that time we will cross paths in or stay in contact with one another, but we worked you know seen each other talking to all of the time so it was a bit surprised to hear of his passing his you know, just it'd been a while since I'd seen him, but great memories with Dusty in fact asserts that you brought it up I just thought of this recently because I went a while ago to you to the movie that's been out to Elvis was a huge Elvis fan over the gist was in situ. I want to see the movie and I was reminded how my first trip ever to Graceland with with the American dream to the rule of baby you could you picture that the American dream of the rest of their tutoring Graceland together in the height of our our our superpowers days really well with a random day off and in Memphis would like hey baby, let's go see the gray you never bet I'd never be added at all about was that we we're trying not to detract from all those who were there to see Graceland because there were a few superpower fans Graceland that day as well. But anyway this is for the listeners out there. There's a little fun fun facts side side stories so because I know yeah good question on next question you're listening to the Truth Network and drain tile from the carpet right now number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were here in August.

You ladies please line up. How would your life in general. Boykin David adjacent that of the Bennett brothers and three Dr. Rick Joyner, and Yours truly. Register today to you're listening to the truth and okay go to radiometric.

The daughter Brooklyn mild but do you ever run into him at that now yes we we talk from time to time will catch up with each other because I've interviewed him all on the on the Amana bio so those you going to the archives. Those you listening the pull of Tully Blanchard's a couple great guide to get it to part with Tertullian and told some stories he shared some stories he is he he's like I've never shared the stories before so I guess I was able to pull a few stories out of him but I'm in is a full-time meson I think presently on staff at it in San Antonio at John Higgins church and in heads up their prison ministry as well and so we talk from time to time, and we occasionally might show up on the same golf course at a celebrity golf tournament so I think it was I think Bill he was. I think the first, even before DiBiase think Tully was the first big-name guy who who came out profess Christ course of for those who don't know the story goes to the show really, because it had to do with him. Failing a drug test for W WF at the time and getting fired. That led to to you know him cry out to you if you want to say or call out to God in the middle of the night and encountered Jesus in his life was for ever changed and so got a great question. I we got time for one more bill you got one more 0113 random you ever all but the pictures I want. I want to say yes, and I answered that way. For this reason there are so many times in the fans out to you fans are amazing like the real not to say that

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