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Robby Dilmore- From Your ManCave to Our ManCamp

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 20, 2022 1:00 am

Robby Dilmore- From Your ManCave to Our ManCamp

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 20, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita sits down with Robby discussing his role at the Truth Network as well as how he came to be partnered with Nikita's Man Camp!

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This is the Truth Network man up with me today is studio of the man of the hour, the tower power to sweep to be sour Robbie Gilmore Robbie, welcome to the middle show I need to dust myself off a bit dusty you know is going on to heaven to be with Jesus is nobody to replace the IMAP agreement. Baby powder overpower you. All but one of one half of a superpower.

Robbie get it on with you pick right up on the you know you learned a lot about wrestling so that we have built this relationship with each other. I wasn't complete greenhorn. I mean a complete greenhorn didn't know the very first thing that I'm almost shocked at my understand you have a chance to list always shows that nobody knows the truth that I did is as I get to hear this from so many different angles of both the fans and fellow wrestlers and all that that has gone into this and and really the miraculous thing for me is what God has done with hearts with it right that really really turn some people and amazing disciples. Because whatever skim the truth radio network. I'm pretty sure correctly. Roy didn't know the difference with a crowbar in an arm bar that's completely of a bot. What's a body slam with the sauce through a simplex what is that is. That's up to us is that like soufflé. Is that something you make no it's not. But anyways so yeah so yeah because you get to sit in the people don't know this but you get to sit in this virtually on each and every interview recording records. You are a master of the control board here and help out with that but so yes you you got to meet a lot of wrestlers love the guys coming in the studio I and and and a lot of the folks it impacted your life early yes and a lot of people you do ministry with an and so I you know I just get a chance to see you know what man up is really it is about and how God used yeah well I need an in your own constantly blessed me, but you know what we wrap up an interview or something to to say wow that was so that was a fascinating story, or I never even heard of that person. But oh my gosh, what an impact that person has me on my around the world and and never even knew that person existed right and so that's part of what I hope to do each and every week for you the listener out there. You listen to the man up others. The radio show on Truth Network or the podcast you knows it goes around the world is to bring inspiring, encouraging, uplifting is sometimes some very emotional interview suit to to the show, man. You know there is a line 119 silences my soul keeps I testimonies because of the rejoicing of my heart and so when you hear the stories on the map show constantly me know stories coming up to me time and time again is your heart just hangs onto a story where God showed up big time and we hear that we can we count on the show we really well and it I want to talk about the hundred 19 Psalm in just a moment before we get there. Okay, let's talk about what else Robbie Gilmore does. Besides you work in the soundboards and computers and all of that year here at 23 you been a part of Truth Network for for many many years course you have some shows of your own to tell our listeners about that because I know they want to tune in and listen well. I have been doing I've been around here for 17 years.

But before that I was Stu Epperson's best friends and we had done a lot of things together by start of the Christian card I show in 2006 and then shortly thereafter came on full time at the Truth Network, and Stu wanted me to do a show that was more broad-based in the Christian card. Ira had gas like you do and so he came up with this. He liked the idea that hobbies rhymes with Robbie so he came up with Robbie Scott and so that show was kicked off the following year later because nobody would come on the show because he thought I was talk about their hobby we change that the kingdom pursuits okay. I selected it and also ministry people would know what my head to my mind. I know hobby and out, and so that was kingdom pursuits was the second and those are both live shows are on this day on Saturdays. You know they start about 10 o'clock and then about time your show comes on the 12 o'clock before 1231 you know it's time to man up yeah and and then a lot of other folks. It I got involved with.

You know in helping produce like I do with you in settlement masculine journey below and write masculine journey. Is it it actually comes on a 12 okay and and some of the cohosts of that I cohost of spectacular show called animal rescue, which is this team of like I would call Navy SEALs and and Green Berets a go around the world. Christian, many of them pastors, etc. and there there restaurant people out of sex trafficking the right this very minute in the Ukraine.

I mean on the front lines, helping people get out of the country without getting involved in sex trafficking and eyes are two ways of protecting them and all around the world and that is a phenomenal show called animal rescue you're listening to the Truth Network and Colina green tile our planet from the top brand carpet that right and stop number one in the readers twice divorced dad thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were he to call. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook all my new fan page. Fans and the like, and follow your listening to the Truth Network and then I'm also doing a financial show called I cohosted finishing well and and we do that and think about this.

So I met with the reason I like I I am over the podcast network Truth Network so I hope everybody with her podcast and then I also do the syndication for shows that that's how I got involved with you was was to help get your trip show syndicated in podcast and in those kind of thing so I get to see a lot of cool cool ministry. I really do you get to experience a lot a lot of great.

I mean we could do 10 shows just all the things you just listed just how and by the way, I've met some of them dudes of Atlanta or Atlanta rescue men and women who I wouldn't get in a ring with let's say that I believe they are top notch retired military, I mean the elites is how I would classify them elites of the lead so me the ones you can go and behind enemy lines and and you never even knew they were there and they are going in Afghanistan right is minute then very bright and there getting people out that the last Jews, etc. it's crazy yeah that was so yeah there there they've got a pretty amazing ministry because all these different shows you just named off the list to say there's some people who are not in in listening view earshot of a radio station currently for truth radio. I know it and by the way side note Stu Epperson for those who don't know founder visionary for truth radio network that I got Robbie's referring to has very aggressive plans to expand truth radio network and pray for those who maybe are in Charlotte North Carolina or the tri-you know Greensboro, Raleigh or Richmond, Virginia.

They can just download the Truth Network app on their phone writing here all the shows in podcast everything correct write lots of different ways that that this all the different networks that we have streamlined on the app so if you get the app you can listen to whatever's going on the radio of any of those markets it's in.

You can listen to the live feed, but that also all the all the shows have podcasts which you can see on demand and so you listen to whatever show you like OnDemand or if you want a binge man up.

You know what you really want some fun you're going along trip yet and you just want to listen to your 10 episodes I tell you you you come away with that blessed you can know do that right there on the podcast for you there at the Truth Network's. Let's also will be binge Jesus first and then binge the man up show second okay thank you for that for that but but yeah but knit bins.

Nevertheless couple keep good things to binge their debt just tell us about your family, Robbie are really consumed. I would love I'm so blessed.

I've been married 33 years. My wife, Tammy, Gretchen, I have three children and a stepson who is named Leslie who is actually he's in his 40s now, and he lives in Florida. My oldest son that that was in my marriage for Tammy is a Robbie the third and he is a sales manager, Terrebonne Chevrolet, my daughter Tess is a nurse in the operating room at Baptist Hospital here that you saw her a few minutes ago. My youngest daughter is a schoolteacher in the inner city of in a Christian school in Birmingham Alabama just graduated from Samford University roll Tide yeah sorry to head out there that is a big Mike died fans out that my pastor and many others that anyway. Anyway yeah that's a that's my family and then I get to take part in a lot of different other things I teach special needs Sunday school at at Calvary Baptist Church where have for over 20 years and then I also preach all over the place like you do.

God gives me lots of opportunities to do that and so I got a lot of neat stuff I get to do. I do a devotion every week in retirement home.

I do that on Thursdays. Every Thursday morning. Stookey I mean the kid can come in and record because I'm I'm getting to do my thing with them.

Well you do some amazing things which you wanted.

Have you on the show and just let people know what all Robbie Gilmore does what what he's what he's up to you and so just grateful for for you and in just always encouraging any, get to spend with you in it and I do want to talk about today to because one of the other things you do, which I attended as it was a boot camp. You can mention your boot camp at yellow yellow book 1/2 in the year do you do the boot camp famous man.

We do it twice a year, and once in spring. Once in the fall.

Okay we we do these boot camps are now with this great idea that we had from the man up conferences. It's ridiculous were doing some called entrenchment Which are shorter wait, you know, just a Saturday kind of thing to indoctrinate people in the same thing but the boot camp. Not quite as long as man can't wait.

We start on a Thursday night and then Sunday about lunch. So show the, the other the other one is just caught an introduction like I you all do you 15 to 20 of the man up conferences throughout the year and in local churches and communities. They bring me in on a Saturday and do that preach on Sunday and just I caught the appetizer. They just get a taste of what the campus like it so you guys have implemented that now one and then the boot camp which I was very blessed to attend the boot camp with believe last year. Time fly unless fall yeah and and then and then you also came in were a part of man camp and can you tell her our listeners out there may be one the men who were listening and even the ladies that listen to the man up, show you know.

Perhaps your experience at camp being a seasoned man of God. It was is how I look at you you block with the Lord. For many many years but yet you made a decision to come to camp first saw it. Why did you do that in me you you is you know it's not like you're about a babe in Christ or a spring chicken that mediate you know, no disrespect there. But what I love him regularly and the invitation was in outcome takes seven days and chase after the heart of five days five days will authority me. I've got is five it was five days that's right is a Mike seven now it was one of the reason I say that is because the part of the delight of that camp was to take literally. Most of the week you succeed you take a week off from work and and and a week that you're chase after the heart of God and that and that was the deal like okay God, you know how fun it you know to go away to a camp you know where I knew that that it was going to be good at and and I had a sense of of that. This was gonna be something I could learn a lot about and and it was just like an opportunity to really just me and you and not be pressured by bunch of people had some expectations on me right like I've got it. Got a speaker.

I've got to do this.

In other words, this is just me and you, God, and and obviously gleaned from other people's ministries and oh, did I glean there's some stuff that they that you get it man By the memorial she'd ever get it from my run. I really do not know where you would get it, but I can tell you that it's it has affected me in the ways that you talk about that you its disciplines spiritually disciplines physically and in disciplines emotionally and even financially right so as a result and I and I mean this in complete sincerity up.

I probably weigh 20 pounds less than I did a year ago right now and my blood sugar is like way under control compared to where it was when I came in I did it it I let myself go in a lot of different ways right which but you you get some ideas to do that. Ike I learned some stuff. You and I do a financial show at the right right but oh my gosh the financial bid that we got to the end.

I implemented two or three things from that that have made a real impact, you know, here we are in a whatever is 15 months later right and those seeds that I started the plant. There are are still bearing fruit and then I cannot tell you here it you know, we try to remember the name of the pastor that does those in our taste and see, but Lord is good on my gosh, I cannot tell you how many people have been impacted by me sharing. You need to be mean needy out loud while yeah and and so for those listening out there admit men and women alike suggested. Thank you Robbie Akers lasting fruit is what comes to mind is a 15+ months later I'm still implementing many of the things sort of see obscene fruit bear bearing fruit from all the things I learned at camp because he was Lex Luther and I were given the vision we recognize that name. The total package.

Lex Luther just with him recently had dinner with him in Atlanta pot plant is a call because it's hot there but all that said, our vision, our focus is you come starts on a Sunday afternoon, we wrap up at noon on Friday send you back home back home with your family Friday night get the process many things over the weekend that you are empowered with and equipped at the at the camp that we do to Royston Georgia is 100 acre piece of property.

There and and we we want to emphasize as you mentioned Robbie being spiritually healthy, emotionally, mentally, physically healthy, and that a little bonus, you know, it's important to be financially healthy right and so it's exciting for me to hear two things. One, how you were impacted again and I am missing the slightly's a seasoned Christ follower but you you were impacted by still hungry still thirsting impacted by the camp and and have implemented a number the things you learn there and so you know, for those you out there listening today Nicole If you go to that website coal you can click the link for man camp and oh by the way, you can click the link for the podcast as well. If you happen to miss the radio show. You can click the link there and catch all of the episodes. As Robbie said in the end, in been binge but no, that's that sick. That's exciting for me. It really is to hear that it's encouraging as well and I know Lex is always encouraged to hear the stories how how men common power and heat as some talks to scrap his teaching. She asked him his teachings in the course got in phenomenal staff that the Lord is brought together there yeah I would call the mourners it you know there's a really cool passage of the song of Solomon.

The third chapter 6 threescore men you're listening to the Truth Network and you to cool off here have registered for the MorningStar men's conference in August.yet what are you waiting for, we have an amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA All-Star Elwood superstar Lex Luther Gen. Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Yvette of the bed and brothers were renowned evangelist like shelving green horse Dr. Rick Joyner, and Yours truly get registered today what are you waiting for go to and start I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to or radio network.

Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and right there guarding Solomon's bed, as you ever thought about was Solomon's bed is this limited to church.

That's what that's where your heart is is where you meet with Jesus and that is the church. When when you guys come together and so there's 60 score valiant men of Israel and by Israel meaning may wrestle with God and they are trained in experts and warm" national versus their their training experts and more spiritual war. This is the get their sword in their hand.

What's that sort sort of God without staff it man camp.

These are trained experts in war and spiritual war with the where the word of God and they got there there there sword is attached to their side, which means their flank. So there is there experts and wars they have your back man and so when you're in. Believe me, I need in my back.

I didn't know how bad I needed my back when Isaac man I hello struggle with coffee.

I heard I heard from myself, but so I had a little struggle of coffee in the dictionary and the left, could we say go ahead so you know when I showed my rear end pretty good but they had my rear end.

In other words, they love me even when I was bitter and they had my flank and we literally right and that's what that means in the other assorted testers, other experts in this and they seen it and they're more interested in Jesus meets with you in your hearts of these men are after your heart and in so it you know this doesn't happen in a vacuum and all I typed. I know because I know where this came from all the prayer all the discipline. All the men that God brought together to create these camps and and they do not does this world. This will be a week that of lasting fruit that gets you and God in man well and whether it's a boot camp or man camp, but you're out there listening, consider coming to to one of these camps and/or or some other camp is so important to draw all way he says in James 47 draw draw close to me and I will draw close to you and that's that's essentially in a nutshell, the concept with your lady listen out there wife listen out their mom.

Listen out there just encourage her husband encourage her son encourage her dad encourage her brother Eric geezers out there you know I'm 65. At that point time yeah and I walking a step by I am so so so so glad that I did well enough and I'm glad you did to that it was you were blessed by that.

It. Speaking of, you know, we made a reference to man up men of conference we got a really special transition just here for the our last few minutes we gotta a special man up conference all over in Fort Mill, South Carolina write these dates down. August 25 to 27 August 25th. Of the 27th in Fort Mill, South Carolina Heritage international ministries is hosting this special manner conference starts on a Thursday night ends on a Saturday night. But man, we got a line up there. The total package. Lex Luther will be there speaking the bed and brothers David and Jason Benham.

I mean, entrepreneurs extraordinaire Christian men of God that will be teaching on business and family. Elwood, who was the star UNC and then start in the NBA will be speaking and addressing the crowded men of all ages am encouraging him on believe venerable Gen. Boykin are in general Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boykin of Black Hawk down movie fame and a general Jerry Boykin Frank Shelton world known evangelist from Maryland, Dr. Rick Joyner, Pastor Chris Reed and incredible lineup of speakers. I'll be there, Holstein, though the hesitant live man these people are the abroad correct and complete all of their lives live in their right. There were yes living color would you have a social night after one night we had a movie night met with whom it is like a guys thing I be with popcorn, candy, soft drinks, like the real work you have a movie night one night at the at the at the end of services but right that deep down in and together, and write this down M* that's M as in Mary M*E there's VIP seating general group discounted 10 or more a day pass Acacia like I can't make the you know the couple days I can make one will then goal get your day pass M* and hope and then got the final word yet.

I'm hoping you're getting all the shows you mention it at the top of our show that you get to be there. Hopefully, the live radio remote may begin some of the attendees on your shows that for open to be Christian card I live in kingdom pursuits were trying to make the final arrangements on that but that is my prayer convoy. What I want to be because I've been around some and yeah yeah I have incredible guys, only to have on the show, but even just to hang out with in Raleigh. I will just be in the same space because you know the nature of Jesus is right there with them. Yeah, absolutely. In a course. Hopefully, that I would be doing them. The man up show live from the Aaron and they had an interest exposing people to truth radio network, and in just what all truth radio hot the impact truth radio is having on on our planet.

And so you want to courage again. Take a guys of Outlook. Bring your sons like you can bring eight, nine, 10-year-old sons am telling you they will be impacted by thick water will they understand what the speaker is talking about will be about being around a bunch of godly men or guys who are there hungry for more of God.

There's the actual hotel right on site so people you loosely right on site. We have food trucks, cafés are to be open. I mean it's all right there. And it's going to be. I believe in epic weekend want with this the first time.

Heritage international is ever done is solely a men's conference. So I'm super excited about a robbery. Yeah, I'm something about a single moms out there who now man I just want my sons my son be around you know a Christian masculinity. I guess I got a Christian masculinity.

Understand, you know, today I world yes yeah and and so you know you can email me you can email Nikita and say you know how can I ask how can I make this happen that my son can make it, however, that were young we would love love love to figure out a way to make that happen and that's a great point, I would have said for both things were talking about today and I know you and your boot camps with us a boot camp man camp the man of conference. Let me just say this for the record, do not let money be an issue for why you cannot attend, pull email me say had love the calm can I get some kind of scholarship to the man. In fact I'm honoring now Robbie monitoring, first responders, it as well as a military with scholarships for the man camp and so on. The outfitted for filters felt impressed to do that in given them a 50% scholarship for the camp and so go to call and learn more about all this about the about the man up show the man camp the man up conference.

Your your get it if you did make a decision to attend and you could be blessed. They, in our last minute or two here Robbie at the top so Mitch is Psalm 119 God prompted you to to speak to someone or just to memorize Psalm 119. Maybe not familiar without longest longest chapter in the in the Bible but tell us that experience in our last minute here and at any last words of encouragement or challenges you have for men yeah, blew me away.

There's a story behind all that that would take a while but is he put that on my heart. It's that the time, 65, but my memory is that it was like there you go. But what we don't realize as we begin to take that word in our heart is the is the gold that he is literally spinning around your world as you begin to do that in the Holy Spirit is the secret okay because when I when I go to recite that which I do now every day in my prayers. I And the Holy Spirit Always Gives That's like Oh Yeah. Because If You Listen He's Given a Lifeline.

I Find I Never Would Have Dreamed, but I Think I Started in July and I Finished It in February That I Got to the Point That I Could Recite It All from Memory, and It Is Been an Excursion That I Would Not Trade for All the World, nor Any of the Other Scripture That Lords Blessed Me to Memorize an Arm on the Song of Solomon, Third Chapter and Verse Eight and Again, Just One That I Mean to Have That Kind of Word in Your Heart Really Helps You Unmask a Journey Unknown to What Why Should Men Come to the Conference, the King of the Boot Camp Man Camp Comp Is What Why Should Why Last Word Wash.

Why Would They Wanted.

It Is the Church Right in the Church. That's the Inner Jesus Is Going to Come in There and Help You Get Your Chance at Being in His Bodyguard Right He Has That for You.

He Wants You to Be One of Those 60 Valiant Men of Israel That Wrestle with God and That's Really the Word Robert Gilmore Truth Radio Network Man Camp Boot Camp Man up Show Coal Go Check It. I Hope to See the Conference August 25-27 the Fort Mill, South Carolina M* Go Get Registered Today. Let Us Know If You Need Some Financial Help As Well. Appreciate You Turning Tuning in Each and Every Week Here As We Bring You Inspiring Stories like This Man of God Sitting across from You Today.

God Bless You. Hope You Have a Wonderful Day. Till Next Time.

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