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Ken Salisbury/Jeff James- From Retirement to Restoration

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 30, 2022 1:00 am

Ken Salisbury/Jeff James- From Retirement to Restoration

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 30, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita is joined in studio by a couple of good friends Ken Salisbury & Jeff James. Listen as they discuss God's transformative power in their lives!

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Learn hard. That's a RNI CAR heart this is Rodney from the masculine journey broadcast explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network to man up to special moon in studio with me today.

These men near and dear to my heart to pastors, men of the cloth middle of the word from village chapel down and cut Annapolis North Carolina pastor can Pastor Jeff. Welcome to the amount of show today welcome. Thank you for having us is always good, always good to be with you guys around you guys always an inspiration for me a course we have course Jeff we have a long-standing much longer standing history, the pastor can overhear we've met.

More recently, but I want to get into your stories here in the in a minute. How how you got pastor how you made your way that the village chapel right locate down from from bid from the bitter northern Yankee yeah that's right upstate New York, Syracuse, upstate New York, Syracuse. We are taught that the minute the course of southern born and bread.

Is that right Jeff Annapolis Annapolis North Carolina Cape Town as we affectionately call it over there and in the North Lackey self so let me just let me start with you and and just for our listeners out there little backdrop. I say we go way way back we first met. Ethically, it was through a nutrition company was yeah like 2008 2009 something like that before.

Yeah baby, 2006, 787. Somewhere in there and we went. We met we had not. Even though we were living in the same town. We never really crossed paths before, but we met through that that company and that led into this long-standing relationship to you. We are now men's ministry in ministering to a lot of gas over the years a lot of guys and in interest people in in in general.

I don't have it both you guys around on staff. It is village chapel will talk will talk more I meet you there since the inception of of a village chapel and cans come aboard more and more recently blocked off the course. You have been instrumental you been a part of me and Kim and been instrumental in and once you would attended one of your own. You've been packages for supportive of the camp itself and on staff and just been an amazing integral part of what's happening in. Yeah I would say after I attended.

I really got hooked are sold on the idea of what God was doing to that ministry and not just love seeing locks changed and honestly love seeing the growth of myself through doing ministry yeah and it should and Bill Shepley.

Or you can oversee a number of the ministries as well write what will you write like that. I guess you would say the teaching part we color village you so taken someone from new believer to hopefully seasoned Christian in their ministry wall and all the levels of that just put leaders in place that facilitate that which is so important is one of the things I feel lacking an end and I want to jump over the pastor can hear us or one of the things I've found lacking in the I stopped counting at 1200 of number of churches that I've preached in administering it at this point but is discipleship one of hearing Jeff say pastor can is discipleship is and that's important over at village chapel.

Oh yeah, absolutely. In fact, our mission, our vision is to be a village for the city but our mission is help people become totally devoted followers of Christ and in Jeff really works on that in the sense of life groups the village you and that is as vital to us in ink and can you been in ministry for how how many years about about 3737 years. Yeah okay so here's what I find interesting. So your essentially, I guess. What would you and I know people and hung up on titles. I know you're not. But since he lead pastor though, right that's right your lead pastor, but interesting. You move down from the north and I just learned today I Jeff just became urges. Finally, he could be a grandpa for the first time, but you have several grandchildren who lived in the area that's like you retired actually. Is that correct and move down here yet, it actually are grandkids as we have five and they were kind of scattered one was in Albany New York. One was in Oklahoma that those families and they decide to move down here to the Carolinas to the Carolinas out of this area and we said well what are we doing in the cold north where there's all sorts of snow and and that is about time it and we just felt God was leading us to come to this area and Annapolis. We found a house and before even sold our house and then we bought a house down here and we sold our house in Syracuse first church we visited very first ride that I kiss you retire you. Like I said I settled on them to do door or something you know that I have.

I don't want to go enjoy the grant is all that I had about three months off at the very first church that we visited the very first Sunday and I didn't know Jeff that you know me, I was coming incognito. I was writing I was visiting Kim as a visitor yeah yet made a final hope this guy Jeff gets up on the stage is introduces their search team. He pastor and I look at my wife and I go you kidding me I can't even hide then they found out that that I was a pastor and moving down here and then God brought us together is really neat story how God brought the two figures spoke one of the Sundays as a fill-in and I actually talk to you little bit. Yeah, I think you are part of their prayer group that prayed for us because I asked for that yet. If some asked me to pray.

I am to pray yet for sure.

Yeah, I do remember yes K like to say hey what can I pray for you, for your mother's a waiter or waitress at a restaurant to her or running into someone like yourself and determine services you know and so so the Lord began already since you work on your heart like a youth thought you were getting a retire is a step away from quote ministry, but I've got another plan for you is centuries where that led right to where you can so you get it to dialogue with with the staff in the search team and all that. It really felt prompted of the Lord is you specialize kick curriculum. Robert you specialize to an end coming into two churches that that Siciliano may be struggling is the right word but but explain a little bit about what you've done in the past with other churches right yeah so my wife and I been involved in two church plants.

We also helped with the merger of the older traditional church with one of the church plants that we are leading and the passion that I've had and continue to have, is transitioning helping churches transition and move through stages where they can grow and develop and really it's really become a church planting church and that's what were working on village chapel. We wanted to be a church that is planting churches and developing leaders. I was actually talk to Jeff on the way here that that is my passion, my desire, my passion is developing men who can lead in ministry. Whether his elders and deacons but primarily ministry either as a church planter or in in pastoral ministry and so we really I want to put my emphasis for the remaining time that God has me in leadership in in ministry. In that way. It is so like if there's a church is to say out there struggling in some sense of the word presently. I think I understand from even from your vision that the two of you in the church as a whole. That year, even open to meeting with her stepping into that scenario and helping that pastor or helping that church get to them a healthier place with FP yeah and say that's exactly it in and am right now I've got people that I'm praying for men that are in ministry them mentoring are trying to help because somebody did have for me okay and in early in my ministry.

I had a pastor that took me under his wing.

I did know was going on but he was mentoring me and helping me pouring his life in the me and I want to do the same and help those guys become what God wants him to be in develop them and give a predominantly up upstate New York. Prior to your southern experience. The whole time, except that went to school in Philly and in Indiana, but it and stay there.

Just went to school for Bible college and seminary and the whole ministry experience was upstate New York and the cloudy city of Syracuse.

The cloudy city of Syracuse if it you know at an early age. Can they that God was calling you into ministry year.

How did that transpire.

I did not grow up in a Christian home. There was our our church was the woods or the dead the pond where we went fishing or hunting in the woods and we didn't. We were not church folks. In fact, they came to Christ after about three years of searching, reading the Bible on my own. Then I started attending a church in my neighborhood and came to Christ, at age 17 and felt the call of God at that time and went off to Bible college and then later to seminary to your front.

You are pro proactive in in in searching searching that out. Yeah it was well is the Lord drawing me right were no Christians in my family. My older sister had some influence.

I think she may. She did bring me to a church that preached the gospel that I didn't understand why I was about 10 at the time it that was that. I think the beginning of that whole process that a ancillary jump over the Jeff here for a second so Jaffe is your hearing pastor can story a course you were heading in trickle role in is getting if you want to say hired on as the lead pastor and so you remember that day that you introduce the search committee and then got a chance to meet this Gaudio or by the way he was avoiding me like he was like it was funny because it was good to be done okay yeah I didn't want to show partiality in any way. You know with the search team but after announcer search team introduced everyone then went up to. Can we talk because he was guest so you know and then 8% of visitors. He was very thoroughly until he found out as a path I really like what is going on here

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