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Q&A With Koloff- #77

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 12, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #77

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 12, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita speaks with good friend Ed Bowman for another great episode of questions and answers.

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Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one flaw. Introducing first, from Lithuania, he weighs 123 kilos, the Russian nightmare, Nikita Kolov. Welcome to another episode Q&A with Kolov, the devil's nightmare. Today, today, today, what a special call this is for me today.

One of my best friends goes, we go way, way, way, way back 20 plus years, maybe even going on 25 years. Ed Bowman, Ed, welcome to the Q&A with Kolov. Glad to be here. Well, great to have you with me, Ed, or Edward, as I sometimes refer to him. But great to have you here.

And let's just have some fun today. But let's first talk, fill in the little backdrop, little background here for our listeners. And as I mentioned, I know I've had your wife on the show before, on the Q&A show, and of course, we were talking about when we first met, going way, way back, and how I guess you guys had come to, or she had come, maybe I think she had brought a youth group to some church I was speaking at, some youth thing. And the way I understood it, came home and said to you, hey, we need to get this guy to camp sometime. Is that kind of the way you understand the story as well? Well, it's not exactly the story. Well, uh-oh, you just threw your wife under the bus, dude. I'm just saying.

I know. She doesn't remember exactly what she said to me. Well, what she said was, I asked her if she enjoyed going up to the service. She said yes. I said, how was Nikita Kolov?

He did really well. And then she said, but his wife did better. Oh, okay.

That's exactly what she said. And I said, okay. And so we, from that point, if I heard a brag on you, you've done something right anyway.

It keeps my interest anyway. Well, that's good. Well, after that, I was part of the youth camp for our Conference Missionary Methodist Conference, and we were looking for speakers for that year in summer camp, and your name came up, so we offered a chance for you to speak, and you came and spoke one day on that week.

Yep. And at that time, we were not friends. I don't think. We were just acquaintances because you were very quiet and very deep thoughts back in your room. Your wife actually had to come out and get us to come in and pray with you. We thought maybe we were going to get the sickle when we walked in. I wasn't sure. So after that time, I guess you call it the Youth Committee, was very impressed by the one day that you sent with us. So we decided the next time to offer you, we either brought you back one more day the next year or a week. I can't remember which way it was. But then from that point on, you were with us for a week, and then you brought the family in one year, and then you were with us for two weeks, and I think you spoke for about four or five years in a row with the youth camp.

That's what I was thinking. And then of course from there, and obviously spending multiple days there gave us then certainly the opportunity to build this long-lasting, long-standing friendship that we now have and that it's turned into. And so it's been a pretty amazing journey together. And I didn't ask her, but I want to ask you why it's in my head here. So were you guys wrestling fans prior to that? Or why did she bring the youth?

Any idea why she brought the youth group that first night to that church? Well, this is going to be real disappointing considering we're such good friends. We were absolutely not a wrestling fan. Oh, that doesn't hurt my feelings.

Go ahead. But we were intrigued because at one time when we first started dating and we got married, we had a study school teacher who was my best friend. And his family was tremendously deep into wrestling. His name was Fred Dean. And you were either his wife or his, I can't remember which one it was, favorite wrestler. That's the southern vernacular for wrestling. That's right. A wrassler. And Fred used to tell me all the time, he said, Ed, you got to take it for what it is.

It's just entertainment. You're listening to the Truth Network and The man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the Truth Network. Nikita Kolov here. Have you registered for the Morningstar Men's Conference in August? Not yet. What are you waiting for? We have an amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA All-Star Al Wood, WWE Superstar Lex Luger, General Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Benham, the Benham Brothers, your renowned evangelists, Frank Shelton, Chris Reed, and of course, Dr. Rick Joyner and yours truly. Get registered today. What are you waiting for?

Go to You're listening to the Truth Network and I'd give him a hard time about it, but Nikita Kolov, anytime you were wrestling, we were watching you on TV if I was over there. Oh, that's funny. Go ahead.

I'm sorry. Finish your thought. So in the process of that, when your name came up in ministry, we had done some research, talked to people, and other people had recommended going to listen to you. And it was the time we had a chance to take the use of it. So we did. She did.

She did. Yeah. Well, and so it's a great, really actually a great story because, I mean, there, you know, and look, I get it.

Not everyone is a wrestling fan. I get that. And it's, and it's okay, actually. And but I mean, from there, I mean, things you tell a story where one time we were meeting up or something.

I think at this point, just kind of fast forwarding here, but I think it was living in Tennessee at the time. Anyway, I had grown my hair out, and we were meeting or something. Oh, yeah. Can I tell this story?

Yeah, yeah. So we had had become friends at camp, and then the Lord laid it on my heart to call you and say, you know, let's get together. And you said, well, I'm coming to Morgan, which is right above my house. I don't meet you at 40, 18 and interstate 40 off-ramp.

That's okay. So I'm up there in my truck sitting there. And remember at that time you were driving the Cadillac. Yep. Was it pink?

No. Yeah, it was white. No, it was a white. It wasn't pink. It was white. It wasn't a pink. I think that was somebody else. Daddy and the caddy.

Come on. So you were driving the Cadillac. So I'm sitting there at the gas station right in front of the off-ramp waiting for you to come off on the Cadillac, and here comes this guy in a red minivan. And the red minivan comes pulling up beside my truck, and I look over, and there's this guy sitting in the driver's seat, got hair down to his shoulders. Now, I hadn't seen you since June, and this was probably October or September or something.

It was late in the year, then at least three or four months. And I looked at you thinking, this guy's going to ask me for directions. Why is he asking me for directions? And you said my name. I didn't recognize you.

Right. Because you had hair down your shoulder. Mullet. I had a mullet. Yeah, you had a mullet. You had no doubt it was a mullet, but the last time I thought you had no hair. Right.

And I'm going, wow. You know, most people who don't have hair do that because they can't grow hair. Most people do that. You have a full head of hair when you want it. That's pretty amazing.

It's true. And in fact, I mean, I had a full head when I first shaved it to break into wrestling, and yeah, any time. And I've grown it out a couple times, so that was one occasion. There was one other occasion that I'd grown it out as well.

But yeah, full head. And so, you and I have developed this, and we've traveled the world together. Yes, we have. One trip in particular that your wife reminded me of was our trip to South Africa. Yeah. Do you have a favorite memory from there? I do. Do you? My favorite memory?

Well, I guess there's a couple of them. One of them is the suit that I still have in my closet. I don't know if you remember this or not, but I had this. Come on.

Well, I had this. It was more like a 1970 leisure suit. Yeah, maybe 1960s, but keep going. Well, it wasn't that far back.

I was born in the 60s. So we're in the hotel room. We're going into the church for celebration for that week, because that's one of the reasons we went down. I can't remember the name of the church, but I'm getting my clothes out, and you look at me and you go, so you're wearing that tonight?

And I went, well, yes, something wrong went, and you went, oh, no, something wrong went. I knew then something was up. The next thing I know, we're going to Eggler's. I believe it's Eggler's or Egger's. It's a men's store in the mall right past the hotel, and we're walking around, and I'm thinking, oh, it's pretty nice. So this is where I got my suit at. And you walk over to the rack, and you pull out this blazer. I guess that's what you call the jacket part of it. And you hand it to me, and then we go over and we find these pants, and then you find this nice white shirt and hand it to me.

And I went, what are you doing? He said, well, you can't get a better deal because the money's gained on a suit than this right here. I went, oh, okay, so there's nothing wrong with my suit, yet we're picking another one out. But we ended up buying, I had it tailored, the pants tailored and everything in there, and we ended up buying a whole suit in that place. Now, don't get me wrong, the price was awesome.

Yep. And we're sitting in the celebration service, me all dressed in my brand new clothes. Shining and styling and profiling, Ed. I was so styling and profiling, if you'll remember, the speaker picked me out of the crowd and drove me his book autographed. I guess it's because my shirt's stuck out more white than anybody else's. See, a double blessing, a brand new suit and a free book.

So if all your listeners want to really, really move up in the world, they need to let you get to pick their clothes out for them. Because I still have that suit, and I still wear it. What a memory. What a great memory.

That's incredible. What a phenomenal memory. Well, I'll tell you my favorite real quick, and I know we got some questions, some of your questions to get to here, is do you remember the Frank Sinatra song that I sang for the two of us? I remember coming out of the mall, it was raining, and I started singing in the rain, and that's the only words I knew. Next thing I knew, you break into the chorus. And we're running down through there, kicking water like Frank Sinatra, and you're singing the whole song. And I just looked at you like, I'm just impressed, because I only knew the first three words. You know, that's all I knew. But you knew every lyric, and that's two grown men running through the rain, kicking a mud hole like Frank Sinatra did, and singing in the rain. I told people that story all the time, I said, you'd only see it the only way you'd believe it. That's the only way you'd believe it.

At the Russian nightmares, singing Frank Sinatra, dancing and singing in the rain in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can't make this stuff up. You're doing really well, too. I think you missed a call in the office.

I love it, I love it. Well, that's just one of many trips and many stories that we've had, the experience, of course, the Athletes Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Larry Karachuk, who I've had on, actually did three parts on the Man Up show with Larry Karachuk, because he just had so many stories. We've had that. Of course, on the other show, the Q&A with your wife, we talked quite extensively about Fellowship of the Sword, that ministry and how it impacted our lives.

And how that trip there to Texas not only impacted me, but impacted you, and she had a great testimony on what she as a wife experienced, and her husband coming back from that impacting and powerful event called Quest that you're still a part of. You're still a part of that ministry, Fellowship of the Sword, and of course, you conduct those events. They're year-round.

You don't currently do them year-round, but I know you're involved in quite a few of those events. What's their website now, Ed? I forget. I knew the old one. What's the new one? It's called the Quest Life, and once you go in it, it does say Fellowship of the Sword.

The name's still there, but they don't use it as a title anymore. Yeah, but there's a dot-com or something, isn't there? Yes, dot-com. Okay, so folks, go check that out if you're a man 18 years or older. I'd encourage you to go check that out if you'd like your life to be impacted, and go listen to the interview I did with Ed's wife and get a woman's perspective on the impact of that event for men. Well, let's transition here. I don't want to take up a lot of your time, but let's transition into your questions for me, and if you're ready, fire away at the first one. Okay, okay. I hope you can handle this. Okay, first of all, first question is, do you whitewater raft? If you have whitewater raft, if you've had any bad experiences, have you falsely accused people of anything?

That's not even fair, that question right there. You're listening to the Truth Network and Nikita Kolov here, and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement, the big announcement?

Well, maybe it's a minor announcement. Anyway, Facebook. Go look up my new fan page, Nikita Kolov Fans, and like it, and follow today.

Hi, Nikita Kolov. Be sure to check out The Man Up Show, now available on television, broadcast, and podcast. Go to or the Truth Radio Network. Check out your local listings, or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and You've got a question.

It is a question. So, the short answer is yes, I have gone whitewater rafting one time. No, I take that back two times, because it was the first and the last time I was ever going whitewater rafting. We went around twice.

Well, yeah, I'm glad you included we in that, because there's not a mouse in your pocket. You and I were in the same boat with my daughters, Kendra and Colby, at the whitewater rafting center in Charlotte, where all the professionals train, and amateurs, of which I was neither a professional nor an amateur when it came to whitewater rafting. And we actually went down both rivers twice, and so we had done one twice. We were getting ready to do the second one for the second time, and my daughters wanted to change seats. And, I mean, it was a piece of cake. The first one was a piece of cake, or the first three times down. And I'm like, yeah, no problem.

By that point, I'm like, oh, I got this at hand. Except for the level four, or whatever they call it, rapid we went through, that the boat, because of the weight shift, anyone who's ever been whitewater rafting, the boat broke like an accordion. It bent in two, and then when it sprung back out, it shot me out like a cannon with your help, shoving me out of the boat.

I did not shoot well. Well, see, that's your story. I'm the one answering the question here, so I get to tell my story. And my daughters freaked out. I went underwater like a rag doll for I don't even know how long, and tumbled around underwater. The guy grabs me, and he's telling me, the guy in the boat with us, he's supposed to know what he's doing.

He shoves me off, or getting to the other rapid. I end up breaking my foot, which I didn't know until like five or six weeks later, because I thought I just bruised it. And I'm nursing it. I end up being in a boot, actually, for ten months, because of that broken foot.

And I decided I can check that box and buy the t-shirt. I don't ever need to go whitewater rafting again. One other quick memory of that, though, is when you and I, prior to that, before the injury, and by the way, we went with my church, too, the Refuge Church.

It was a big men's deal, and you could bring your families. But it was our bike ride. Remember you and I? They gave us these mountain bikes, and there were like three different courses, and we're like, hey, we've never done this before. What's the easiest one? And I about killed myself running into trees about seven times there, and it was hard.

Remember? It was hard. I remember them turns, and there'd be a tree there.

Every time I make a turn, they'd be a tree. We hit a couple times. Yeah, and I came back to the guy, and I go, look, dude, I'm going to put you in a figure-four leg hold here, because you lied to us. I go, you put us on our hardest course. He goes, no, I promise.

I promise. That was the easiest. Oh, well, I remember that. Yeah, it was fun.

We had a great time with it, but we thought all the danger was over. Yeah, we did, and then one of the last quick memory that I'll ever forget, we stood in line for like an hour for the zip line, and you remember this? We get literally right up to the front, and I'm like the next guy or whatever, and they shift guys, and the new guy comes. He goes, how much do you weigh? And at the time I was like 245 or something. He goes, oh, you're over the weight limit.

I go, dude, the weight limit says 250 right there, because, yeah, we just changed it. Like literally. I got to go and eat it. Yeah.

I'm like, how is that fair? So anyway, so yeah, some great memories. One of my fondest memories of that rafting was watching your head bob underneath a raft. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I know. As I'm saying, folks, I'll find the video. He shoved me out of the boat.

I'm just saying. I have witnesses. You lost your balance and fell out, and I just saved your spot.

I have two daughters that would witness to that. It was a great experience. Well, overall, it was a great experience. Being almost drowned was not a great experience. Oh, by the way, if you remember the pre-instructions they gave us, whatever you do, don't ever let go of the paddle. Do you remember I held onto the stinking paddle? You held your paddle the whole time. Even when they wrecked you down in the pool, you still had that paddle in your hand.

I still had. In my mind, I'm like, don't let go of the paddle. Don't let go of the paddle. I thought that was going to be my saving grace.

And literally, like an Andy rag, I was tumbling. You want to talk about having no, learning about what it means to have no control of situations? That was one of them, man. The Lord taught me, like, as much as, Nikita, you think you're in control, here's an example of how you're not in control. He proved his point.

All right, all right. Question number two. Question number two. Have you, or will you, ever try livermuffs?

Short answer. You're in the South, and there's a lot of Southern boys that like that wrestling. There's a moment here where you've got to come to some truth.

I've been trying to eat livermuffs for a long time. So, well, I do live in the South, and I'm grateful for Southern cooking, and I love all the Southern hospitality and the Southern cordiality. However you say that word. I'm still learning English from my Russian days.

I'm still learning English. Anyway, however, for the record, this show has been downloaded in 64 different countries, so. That's right, livermush in other countries. I'm not so sure they even know what livermush is, Ed, in other countries. They might know what liver is. Why don't you first describe to our listeners exactly what's in livermush, Ed? Well, livermush is mainly made up of certain parts of the hog that you don't use for anything else, but the main ingredient is a cornmeal. It's got a lot of cornmeal in it, and it doesn't have a lot of liver in it, even though they call it livermush. It mostly has some of the, the ones we eat, it's got some of the premium cut.

It's really good. Uh-huh. Fried for breakfast. I know because I eat it all the time. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

That's why you have health issues. It's not what you think it is, but now, now get on your problem, livermush probably already started out as what was left over from the hog. Uh-huh, okay, hold on, hold on. For the listeners, you caught that, right? All of the leftovers, in fact, in fact, scrape up everything off the floor and throw it into the pile, into the bucket, and make livermush.

No, that's when you make south. Livermush is the stuff before that. So this, I guess my short answer would be no, I still have no intention of ever eating livermush at this point as a staple to my diet, just so you know. I'm going to challenge your fans to send you livermush until you fry it. Some good livermush. Yeah.

Send me, send me top of the line livermush folks out there, and if you, if you've never had it, just go research it, and once you see its ingredients, you probably will choose not to eat it as well. So, okay. And if he doesn't eat it, I will. Yeah, you can have my portion, Ed. All right.

No, you can't fry it at least. Uh, I'll, I'll, I'll, as a, as a good, as a good spiritual prayer, I'll pray into that, Ed. I'll... Okay, pray about it. Yeah, let me pray about that, Ed.

Let me pray about that. Okay, as long as I'm knowing you, I haven't got you to answer. Yes, I mean, yes. All right, moving on to question number three. Okay, so let's, uh, let's get, let's get a little more serious, okay? Okay, transition. We're gonna, we're gonna transition into, okay, and when I met you, you had, you had, you had give your life to Christ, and we, you had been mentored by, uh, someone who had, had taught you a lot as far as how to walk, as far as being an evangelist.

And then we went through, uh, quest together. God rocked our world as far as men. Um, what would you say is the, is the biggest issue with men in our society today as far as where we're at as a society? Masculinity and manhood. Masculinity and manhood. I feel as though masculinity and manhood has been under attack, uh, and not just for a few years, but a few decades.

Um, looking back on it, because, um, uh, um, I mean, from television shows, you know, shows like Married with Children and just making dads look like morons and idiots and, you know, children being disrespectful and talking back, you know, whether in movies or, or television or, or, uh, or just in general, that has been a frog in the kettle process of, of stripping man of their man, men of their masculinity and, and, and really, uh, an attack to the point of feminism, feminism, and, and, and even a lot of churches to be, look, I've preached in over 1200 churches now, uh, and, and been in all 50 states in America and more of the Western than, than, than in other parts of the world I've been. But like even walk into churches and, and I mean, I don't feel like they have to look like a man cave, but they at least have to have some level of man. I was in a church just recently and I went into their bathroom and dude, they had swords and shields and scriptures and like the old, yeah, they had the old, uh, um, like, like, uh, uh, crusaders, like robes and stuff. Like I walked out with, that's the most manly bathroom I think I've ever been in.

And they were like, yeah, that's right. Cause we're, we're, we're raising up men here, you know, and, uh, it was really cool, like for real. And so I'm not saying the whole church has to look like a man cave, but my gosh, you know, can we get away from, you know, the chartreuse colors and, and, you know, the, the, uh, I, some of the color, I can't even name some of the color spectrums, you know, that, that, uh, you know, the, the, the tones of, you know, as far as the masculinity. And so, so I think you and I both, you know, have our work cut out for us, whether it's through quest or through man camp or, or conferences or whatever else we're a part of, of just really challenging men to step into their God given role of servant leader of servant leader and to where they're, they're a godly husband, a godly father.

That's one of the things your wife said when you came back from quest was, was that you took your, your level of attention for her to another level. And I've had so many other testimonies of reconciliation of marriages and, and, and restoration of relationships between sons and daughters and dads. And, and the last but not least, uh, two is the lack of fatherhood in the home and fatherlessness. Um, the number of dads who are no longer in the home and therefore, whether it be, and I was raised by a single mom and you know, my story, I had no male role model. My dad left when I was about three.

My first male mentor was Bill Burke in the seventh grade, who was my first football coach. And so I've gone 12 years without any male leadership in my own home. And, and so I had to really learn what it means to live a life. And I'll say this too, being a man, not the way the world defines it, which I lived that way for 46 years, but being a man, the way God defines it, if those listeners out there don't know the difference, or we get a lot, we get a lot of lady listeners to the show.

If you don't, you know, if you're uncertain, consider sending your man to one of, one of these, uh, one of these camps that, that, uh, Ed and I are talking about today. And our goal is to send them home better equipped to be, well, to be, to be a godly man, godly husband, godly father, and, and to just be able to, uh, uh, just step into that, that God given roles. Yeah. Take on that identity in Christ to allow themselves to be how God created them to be. You know, the problem, what I've said, a lot of, a lot of men try to do a, like a stamp out, you know, one, one side fits all, but God created us all unique.

And the problem is a lot of men don't find out what their uniqueness is in Christ. Well, yeah, or their purpose and yeah. Yeah. There's an, there's a serious identity problem there.

So they'll take on something that's not supposed to be on them. So, uh, that's good. Yeah. I like, I like that. So, uh, All right. We want to squeeze in, uh, what, what, you got one more quick question you want to squeeze in? Yeah.

Let me, let me throw one more at you real quick. And this is kind of, this is still along the same line of just walking out here who you are as a man of God. A lot of people stand more in the last day of, uh, that, uh, the, we know that Jesus is coming.

So we know that. And we know some point or another he's coming. I just want your opinion on how you feel or is there hope for revival? Are we at the point where, where we need to be looking? The Bible tells us to keep looking, but some people say we're preparing for his coming or do we continue to press forward and look for revival?

I just kind of want your opinion. What do you think? What do you think about that? My thoughts on the current state of affairs in our, in our world. Well, the first scripture comes to mind is occupy until he comes. So we're to occupy until he comes. He, in fact, the Lord's really, I'm kind of, uh, he's got me parked on, on a current message for the body of Christ right now to challenge the body of Christ.

Uh, because, because he says in his word, nobody knows the hour that the angels don't know the hour or the day he doesn't know only the father knows. And, uh, now, now whether, whether it's another hundred years from now or before, you know, we end this interview. Um, I mean, my challenge for, for the world is one, be ready, you know, be like one of the five wise virgins, not, not one of the foolish ones. Be ready, fulfill the great commission and help others to get ready.

And then what's that look like? I won't go into, I won't preach a sermon here and go into that detail. They'll just have to come to a church where I'm, where I'm ministering this message currently.

But, uh, uh, and, and, and I've posed those questions to the church too, Ed, and, and, and these are the questions. Are we perhaps on the brink of, of the next great awakening? Anybody that goes and studies some history, I love history, will see a lot of great awakenings through the, you know, 1800s, 1900s, you know, Azusa street in, in, in, uh, in LA. And so are we perhaps on the brink of the next great awakening? Are we on the cusp of the greatest harvest ever? Uh, and, uh, and, or, uh, you mentioned the word revival.

I think we need a combination of all three. I think the church in at large needs to be revived. And then as they're revived, uh, we go out and fulfill the great commission and, and cause the workers have been few that we go out and, and harvest because the harvest is plentiful. Uh, and we see that the next and, and, or you might say last great awakening prior to his coming. But I certainly am convinced that the scripture says our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. And I know you, you know, you believed many years before me and as I came to Christ in 1993, it's 2022. Certainly there are, uh, there, uh, we're closer now than when we were then. So, um, yeah, so, uh, all the above, Ed, all the above.

I think it's time for the church to stand up, rise up, speak up, uh, get a backbone and honestly, and not be silent any longer. And, and, uh, and I'll summarize it by saying this, uh, recently I've got this visualization, this picture that heaven is my home and I'm just here recruiting. Yeah, I like that. So, and that's what I'm talking about. I like what you said, uh, and I think all that's listening should take heed to that. Occupy silly comes and occupy is not just sitting on the couch waiting for somebody to do something. If you occupy a territory, you have to manage the territory.

You have to work in the territory and you have to governor the territory. So we have to be involved in other words. So that occupation needs to be, the church needs to get busy. I think there's a great revival coming, a great harvest too. I agree with you.

Yep. Get engaged, get engaged. Ed Bowman, one of my long time best friends and, uh, so great to have, have you and, uh, on, on Q and A with Koloff today. And, uh, uh, we'll have to do this again sometime and or, uh, get you and your bride on the man up show sometime as well. Sounds good. I just, uh, it's always great talking to you. I love you and, uh, just, uh, we'll look for our next great adventure. Okay. All right. My brother love you as well.

Love to your bride and, uh, have an amazing day. For all the listeners out there, Q and A with Koloff, If you'd like a personal phone call from the Russian nightmares, submit your questions and, or just say, Hey, love to ask a few.

So Uh, God bless you. Have a wonderful day. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support, and generous gifts. May God bless you for your continual contributions. Go to and donate today. Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story, a tale of the ring and redemption. Go to and donate today.

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