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Q&A With Koloff- #77

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 12, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #77

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 12, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita speaks with good friend Ed Bowman for another great episode of questions and answers.

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This is the Truth Network following what will welcome to another episode day to day today. What a special call. This is for me today.

One of my best friends will we go way way way way back 20 clause use all may be going on 25 years Bollman at welcome to the Q&A with coal off the wall.

Great to have you with me or Edward, as I sometimes refer to him but good to have you here it and we're just… Of soup some fun today, but let's first let's let's first talk for fill in those little backdrop little background here for our listeners. And as I mentioned, not of had your wife fall on the show before the Q&A showing as we were talking about when we first met going going way way back, and how I guess you guys should come to, or shift, maybe I think she brought a youth group to others to some church I was speaking at some youth thing and in the way I understood it. Came home and said do you when you get this. Got a camp sometime it is that kind of the way you understand the story as well. Well it's not that will kill all use for your wife under the bus to go to say what I know going up yet but how Nikita call out did really well and locked it better okay and not that okay and we are to brag on you… Take my will. That's that. Yeah well that we do not you are complements in a method of competently were looking for your summer camp and unite them up slowly with Alberta plate can you came in one day that week and that family were not bound by cleavage of the claimant account, but you're very quiet and very deep ball back to your room get Riley without Megan with a warm glow. What after that that that the holiday youth committee was very impressed by the one day so we decided the neck down the hall. We got back one more night there only when it was then from that point on, only about the family and one year only about four or five years to write yet what you said I was. That's a course from there and obviously spending multiple days there gave us then certainly the opportunity to you wanted to build this this long-lasting long-standing friendship that we now have and you and that it's turned into and so it's been pretty amazing journey together in an S curve. I'll ask you why watch him in my head here so you guys is wrestling fans prior to the door or or I like why does she bring the youth any idea why she brought the youth group that that first night to that church or got a real good plan literally correctly.

I feel is good, but we weren't afraid that what I want when we first started dating and we got married with my best friend and family, but tremendously incorrectly. Okay thank misbranding and you are you are you laughing when it was favorite rep back there correctly grass sign a rascal or tell me all about quantity and entertainment and green tile from the top right number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were full of fear have registered for the morning service conference in August.yet what are you waiting for Rev. amazing lineup of speakers including a superstar like Gen. Jerry Boykin, David and Jason brothers read and Yours truly register today what are you waiting for to start you're listening to the truth and

I give him a hard time about it. All your wrestling with what that's what fish.that one unite them up in minutes break we had we done on my recommended going to listen to you and David. Yeah well and so I says it's great. Really actually a great story because I me that you know when it like I did. Not everyone is a wrestling fan. I get that and it's and it's okay actually in the blocked me from there. He thinks they you to.

You tell a story that were where one time we we were meeting up or something.

I think at this point just kind of fast forwarding here but I think was limited tested time and anywhere I grow my hair. We were meeting or so yeah give me about and then the Lord laid on my heart to call you a get together youth alum government with Morgan and with God about how make 4540 Bob I'm up in my front member at that time you drive a Cadillac yet Rob might know what what daddy you got a lot so I'm not going to WIPE them off of the Cadillac guy in a red minivan and crumpled up about my product and look at Scott and the Dorothy LIG probably October: and I will direct Lottie actively forgot my name I didn't recognize you yeah yeah mullet yet no doubt of the moment, but the lack of you have no right while most people I don't have heart grow and that you have all you want I is true.

In fact, when I me I had a full head when I received it to break into wrestling and yeah anytime I go to know a couple times. That was one occasion, there is one other occasion that I grunted out as well, but for full had and so shall it let me so we you and I developed this in and we have we traveled the world together what one trip in particular, your wife reminded me of was was our trip to South Africa yeah give a favorite memory from there. I do do you memory well fault you never more like a 1970 labor yeah maybe 90 Sandy's pretty good laugh about going into the search we celebrate that we went out the name of the church. But I'm get my clothes out and you look at me and you go on night I went yet what you were going to angler Edgar man door in the mall. I will walk around and I'm thinking and will cover the right people on government bond plan on not like what you get a better deal because the money in this rocky I went all the metal bond everything in their own food like that of the proper vault and in work that men in the celebrate with me, I'll grant in my brand-new glow sign is silent.

I would follow if you think fit me out to get book autographs see double blessing. A brand-new suit and a free book all your all you really really move up and will talk about their work. What a great memory that's incredible what what a phenomenal amendment memory. Memory will take my fear real quick and I know we got some questions of your questions to get to hear it is. Do you remember the Frank Sinatra song that I saying that you come in out of the mall writing up all the breaking of the court in water like I'm not playing in the whole life to partly work on and grow me and wanted to write about old like anything in writing.

"Well, you don't have all your belief that the Russian nightmare singing Frank Sinatra dancing and singing in the rain in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can't make all of the outfit.

I love it I love it well and she is one of many trips and many stories that we we've had the experience of course athletes conference in Phoenix Arizona who lived here, Chuck love had on the three parts add-on on the map show with Larry Kerry chocked it because she just said so many stories to we've had that course.

On the other show the short it with you the Q&A with your wife. We talked quite extensively about fellowship of the sword of that ministry and how it impacted our lives and and and and how how that trip.

There are 22 to Texas not only impacted me with him impacted you initiate a great great testimony and what she is a wife experience and her husband coming back from that that impacting and powerful event called conquests that you're still a part of you still part of the that ministry fellowship of the sword and course you you conduct was you got me there there there year-round that you don't currently doing your own, but I know you're involved in quite a few of those of those events and then they have a different what's your website.

Now I forget that I knew the old one was the new one called aquatic life and what going forward for the night is not the or something in there… okay so so go check check out of your man 18 years or older. I'd encourage you to go check that out if you like your life to be paying to listen to the interview I did with with ex-wife and get a woman's perspective on the impact of that events for four-man so let's transition here. I don't think about a lot of your time. A listless transition to do your questions for me and you're ready for fire away at the first one. All white water raft Whitewater rapid adiabatic that's not even fair. And so you're listening to the truth and uniform. I am excited you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook all my new fan page for plans and like and follow I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the truth radio network.

Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and It is a question so so the short answer is yes. I have gone Whitewater rafting. One time, what not to go back to times because it was the first and the last time I was ever going what I rafting around plot well yeah we are glad you included. We back is is not a mouse in your pocket you you and I were in the same boat with my daughters Kendra and Colby asked the Whitewater rafting center in Charlotte were all the professionals train why and amateurs will, of which I was neither a professional nor an amateur when it can Whitewater rafting and we were actually down both both rivers twice and so we went with Don one twice redo it. We can review the second one for the second time and my daughters wanted to change seats and I me was a piece of cake. The first was a piece of cake and the first few three times, yeah I know but I but up for them. I got the set at hand. Except for the level for whatever they call it rapid. We went through that boat because of the weight shift is anyone's ever been Whitewater rafting the boat broke. It looked like an accordion, it is but a bit intuitive when it sprung back out. It's you shot me out like a cannon with your help shoving me out of the boat and how well it see, that's your story.

On the one after the questionnaires. So I get to tell my story.

I had my daughters freaked out.

I one underwater like like like a ragdoll for I don't even know how long and and tumbled around underwater guy grabs me and tell me that the guy the boat with us responsibilities doing. He shoves me off or get together rapid I end up breaking my foot which I didn't know till like five or six weeks later, because I thought I just bruised and I'm nursing is up to Diana being in a boot actually for 10 months because of them broken foot and then add had decided I can check that box and by the T-shirt. I don't ever need to go Whitewater rafting again that one of the quick memory of that though is when you die prior to that, before the injury been by the way we went. What was my church to the refuge church.

Yet it was yeah big men steel and that you bring your your your families, but was our bike ride member you and I we we we they give us these mountain bikes and interlinked three different courses and were like a winner and others before. What's the easiest one to kill myself like running into trees about seven times. There are member. It was hard on our right and about it. We came back to the Gargano look. Do not put you in like you to figure 4.

Legal here because you lied us to solve the hardest course is a promise. I promise it was easiest on what one of us quick memory that we should live like an hour for the zip line you this week at Lily right to the front and on like the next guy or whatever and they shift guys in the new guy comes and goes. How much do you weigh and I got it at the time was like 245 or so because all you over the weight limit to the way… 250. We just changed it was unfair. So anyway so you have some great memories that that what Bob and wrap. I know you folks I'll find the video he shoved me out of the boat and I have witnesses that talk about like I have two daughters that we witness today.

I don't what it what it was a great experience.

Well overall is a great experience being almost drowned was not a great experience. By the way remember the pre-instructions they gave us. Whatever you do don't overlook all the paddle to member.

I held onto the stinking out a lot of old old. I still have my mind like the liquid that was my saving grace, and I literally like like rag like a dandy rag I was tumbling. Talk about having no learning about what it means to have no control of situations. That was one Amanda Lord taught me like as much is Nikita. You think you're in control.

Here's an example how you're not in control. So he proved his point. All right, all right. Question to you all you ever try little but all shorted out and a lot of the boys like it wrestling and there's a moment here with you got a clever month along that hope so.

Well, I do live in the South and I'm grateful for Southern cooking and in all and and and I love all the southern hospitality and the in the southern COGIC cordiality cords cord cordiality probably say that word. Still, I'm still learning English out from from my Russian days. I'm still learning English. So anyway, however, for the record, this shows been downloaded and 64 different countries so not so sure they even know what liver much is in other countries they might know what liver is for you first describe your listeners exactly what's in liver.

My shed what liver my nightly made up of art.

All you for anything else but the main ingredient like cornmeal and have a lot of my monthly lead, the premium that really good. I know because I don't know what you have held this not what you think. Now the only problem I probably really thought about it.

Let all this is you can't direct all of the leftovers effects inspect scrape up everything off the floor and into the pile into the bucket and make liver much know that when you make liver much so I guess my short answer would be no. I still have no intention of ever eating liver marsh at this point is a staple to my diet. Just so you know the yeah that's something semi-top-of-the-line liver much folks out there and if you never had it to school. Research it and what you see it's ingredients you probably will choose not to eat it as well so I will. You can have my portion add value with all all all and as as a good is a good spiritual per our praying to that and I'll pray about that in the regret about that guy yeah yeah I move you to question three what it will abort. Okay. And when you get a lot and we have been mentored by someone how to allot it or not, a walking argument but I don't and then we went to collect together… The world of art.

Million big with many in our body part what were added masculinity in manhood, masculinity in manhood. I feel as though masculinity in manhood has been under attack and not just for a few years, but a few decades. Looking back on it because I mean from television shows, you know, shows like married with children just make in dad's look like morons and idiots and your children to be disrespectful. Talking back you, whether in movies or or television or or just in general that is been a frog in the kettle process of stripping man of the mad men of their masculinity and and and really an attack to the point of feminism. Feminism and anyone a lot of churches to be look I've preached over 1200 churches now and in been in all 50 states in America, and more. The Western than than than in other parts of the world. I've been but like you walk in the churches in and I may, I don't like to have to look like a man cave but at least have to have some level of math I when I was in a churches recently and I went into their bathroom until they had swords and shields and scriptures and like the old yeah they had the old light like crusaders like robes and stuff like I walked I would decimals Manley bathroom.

I think I've ever been in, and they were like gods roaches were word were raising up men here you know. And it was really cool like for real and so are missing the whole church has to look like a man cave, but my gosh you can we get away from you of the chartreuse colors and and you know that the by some of the color I can't even name some of the color spectrum's you know that that you know that the tone so you know as far as a masculinity and so I think you and I both have our work cut out for is what whether it's the requester through man camp or or conferences or whatever else were a part of of just really challenging men to step into their God given role of servant leader of servant leader and to where there there a godly husband, godly father. That's why think your wife say when you get back request was was sure that you took your your level of attention for her to another level and I've had so many other testimonies of reconciliation of marriages and and and restoration of relations between sons and daughters and dad's and the last but not least to is the lack of fatherhood in the home and enough fatherlessness on the number of dad's who are no longer in the home, and therefore Weatherby and I was raised by single mom and you know my story. I had no male role model.

My dad left when I was about three my first male mentor was Bill Burke in the seventh grade was my first football coach and also I've got 12 years without any male leadership in my own home and and so I had to really learn what it means to live a life and I say this to being a man, not the way the world defines which I live that way for 46 years, but being a man the way God defines and if those listeners out there don't know the difference or not we allow the lady listeners to the show if you don't you know you if you're uncertain. Consider sending Amanda wanted one of these. So when these camps at that Ed and I are talking about today and in our goal is to send them home better equipped to be wealth to be to be a godly man, godly father and and to just be able to to step into that that God given role so loud it felt a lot out of me and I will about 115 for all.probably love men don't find out what is unique about what the purpose of yeah on their own pump and if not, I like like that so I squeezing out what what you question was reason one more accurately along the timeline to get that well-connected. You are the man of God. A lot of people spend more in the last day of that. We know that we know that, I wonder how you feel about away at work, but we need to be looking looking but some people if I were coming or do we continue to fretboard in and look for about what you think about my thoughts on the current state of affairs in our world. Well, the first Scripture customize occupy until he comes. So would occupy till he comes. He in fact it was really kind he's got me parked on on the current message for the body of Christ right now to challenge the body of Christ because he because he says in his word.

Nobody knows the hour to the Angels don't know the hour or the day he doesn't know only the father knows and not now. Whether it whether it's another hundred years from now or before you know we in this interview I mean my challenge for for the world is one be ready.

It'll be like one of the five wise virgin virgins not not one of the foolish ones.

Be ready fulfill the great commission and help others to get ready and then what's that look like I will going to buy will preach a sermon here going to the detail of just have to come to church were were ministering this message currently blocked off and and and and I've posed those questions to the church to add in in in and these are the questions. Are we perhaps on the brink of the next great awakening. Anybody goes to study some history.

I love history will see a lot of great awakenings to the 1800s 1900 You Know Azusa St. and in and in LA so are we. Perhaps on the brink of the next great awakening. Are we on the cusp of the greatest harvest ever and and or units of the word revival.

II think we need a combination of all three. I think the church in out at large needs to be revived and then as they revived we go out and fulfill the great commission and because the workers have been few that we go out and and harvest because the harvest is plentiful and we see that the next and and or you might say last great awakening prior to his coming, but I certainly am convinced of the Scripture says our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. I know you you you believe many years before me and is I came to Christ in 1993 is 2022.

Certainly there are. There were closer now than when we were there, and so yeah so all the above had all the above I think it's time for the church to stand up, rise up, speak up. Get a backbone honestly and not be silent any longer and and summarized by saying this. Recently I've got this visualization this picture that heaven is my home and I'm just here recruiting so all that.

Let me occupied, not on the couch like the occupy vertical yet work together that we be involved in the data currently to get it. I think of the great Bible, and artist agreement get engaged steps after the case Ed Bowman 11101 a long time best friends, and so great to have have you and on on Q&A would cool off today and will have to do this again sometime and/or get you and your bride on the map show sometime as well and electronic grade event. My brother love you as well. Love to your bride and have an amazing day for all the listeners out there today with Holos if you like a personal phone call from the Russian nightmare. Submit your questions over and over just say love to ask if you sell God bless you have a wonderful day.

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