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An Outreach of Giant Proportions

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 21, 2022 1:00 am

An Outreach of Giant Proportions

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 21, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita is joined once again by Larry Kerychuk and this time along side his wife Wendy. Listen as they describe God's road for the lives and His plan for Larry in his professional sports career.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up. Welcome back for part two we had to do part two with the legendary Larry carry Chuck to the conduct carry Chuck the conduct from all Canada.

Larry carry Chuck up welcome back Lori Larry to the man of Joe.

Thank you in order to be speaking with you today. What you know in part one Larry we gave some history going back to the days your family in Russia your family well. From Russia I was not from Russia but you was from Russia and up so so for those who may have missed the first episode of the first part of this interview. Please go back in and listen to that you want to hear some some amazing stories of Larry's upbringing in his background that led into a college football career at Idaho stating that we are looking to pick up their Larry because you said you get a full scholarship in a jaw-dropping offer is a jaw-dropping because you your dad you don't didn't think you would would ever whatever make it to him in sports. But do you prove them wrong, and that in and see how this full scholarship to Idaho. But that leads you back to Canada for a career in the CFL right the Canadian football league right right back in the day they would actually have me playing a training camp. They bring me into training camp and that actually paid me, which was illegal to sell anybody right between my freshman and sophomore year and then before my junior year I was actually at the camp itself with the pros, and even then I just knew I knew him to be playing and it also is excited about that as well. But because he was interesting because Canadian football is a little bigger little longer. I think the field in the field of course is wider 25 yard in zones of 20 now mistaken, but just throwing Deep comeback pattern different ghetto looks and out.

Nothing whatever the you know you you adapted that ball and that plaintiff field and everything else you know. But then when I went back to Idaho.

The field is like 52 wide smaller ball I mean Dang we had 80 builders receive replete with projects of Joe name it first came the play would just see tight Mainers record 13 receptions. Nobody could cover this guy they called the flea but I remember throwing like deep comeback Steelman stuff and so with higher elevation smaller ball smaller feet like playing on the tennis court almost as unbelievable as a big help. Just between the transition about their coming down. I don't know so far listeners for audios so so you are.

I mean you would've been in today's world you know they have their high school ratings, all that sort of thing and you know whatever they call blue-chip person whatever names they have form you know you mean on the depth chart.

You are such a stand outing, all I wanted people understand you such a stand out in high school you go to Idaho you are playing college ball what I just heard you say like your freshman software Junior you're going back up to Canada plan and the lady Gail. Still, you have me up with the yes so that was amazing with sacks of my first marriage wherever we went on our honeymoon in Banff, Alberta and I get a call from the football team and one day and I'm back at camp. I say sorry to go to camp. They need me ended that one up brusquely as part of my party story of how important it was in my life.

Back then, but I think part of my challenges. I was also versatile because I could play receiver back. I held for every team I replaced for a planet of the punter and so in Canada you know you again. You only got 32 players back then on the roster so being able to play all these positions that it was a blessing and a curse and a way to

I am excited anyway Facebook all my new fans and the like, and follow your listening to the truth and it all after my junior year that broken all the records and that I decided to come back home I had an altercation with the quarterback coach and I was immature and got my feelings hurt you guys leave and go back to Canada and that's what I did and I'm starting because of at back and I ran into guys need by the name of Willie Bethea. Never forget it.

I woke up in the dressing room had a severe head concussion next week were in Montréal were plaintiff's electrical outlets and again I put you back in that you know concussions back then were no big deal yeah the gear itself.

Ailments work that you know the kind of suspension thing right but never vomiting and walking in the airport and I throw them throwing up in the trainer runs up to what you doing with the matter we drink. And I said no I don't drink man said all was that concussion you got a concussion man rushed me back to Edmonton and I was in the hospital for a week and so that really that was a tough one to go to swallow. And so my first two years that they were miserable they were miserably, answering five times and I know ended my career would've taken place her head concussion issues, but likely different positions. So primarily I was backing up in different nations and so you know, basically it was like I had a great career Canada but I was a good player.

I really want to respect the yeah you are multi-versatile is how I would phrase it player. If you are Deion Sanders before Deion Sanders and I don't manage it was really upset when I decided to retire because the guiding docket came into my life and I was actually the chaplain, the first chaplain in the CFL that swells playing it wouldn't make the first year we started chapel services on our team over the first came with that ever happened up in Canada I will long story. I now transition me into athletic sports ministry is no question about it. Okay get parasite when I knew in my heart wouldn't be doing the rest of my life.

It was as clear as day.

I mean, it was just a revelation of God spoken me audibly would've been the same impact as depression ahead of my heart. What life is just a kickback that you know but anyway well is one of the highlights got your well and that's okay so so import what we said they come back the support so first question you see you did get the point you had a dream as a kid to play in the stadium down the block so that dream was wailed. Yes yup yup.

C got back in and and what would what would you say was there. If you were to and it's always hard his people asked me like an acute can you distill your resting grid on the Telus you you I did a recent interview with Tony, Giovanni and Conrad Thompson on their podcast showing the like you greatest matching but but is there one particular highlight in your and your CFL Canadian football career. A number of them but one big one was I got traded from Edmonton Wednesday and this one coaches like me he loved my uncle, but he didn't like me very much because if you've ever had a hamstring injury, know what it's like. But when you're almost like your 90% healed but it's that extra you know when you scratch quickly connecting (again, it's a miserable injury. I don't know anyone that's got kind of had it, but it's one so I had to deal with that. I got started here right now and that I hamstring from way back then, but the highlight of my career was when we played Edmonton in Edmonton and the first pass played a throw my zone. I got a pic I had a fumble recovery both timely situations that were critical in winning the game, and so one of my best games against my former team and that was really nice. That's always a highlight take you know you don't want exactly.your face you know so yeah exactly that's that's pretty cool in and of itself, and so okay so you see, let's fast-forward see how this career in the in the CFL Canadian football league and in and you start you made you made mention of certain chaplaincy, you know, and in that sort of thing in and so that was kind of a first you said it your listening to the Truth Network and green vinyl tile carpet right now number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were your listening to the truth and, but with you and yeah and it will point so I know you see, reluctant to go into ministry because you want to be like your dad, but eventually you want JA and impactful sports ministry that ultimately crosses my path with your path, but is back at take us back to like how did that unfold. How did you go from the liquid committee when Dr. preacher's kid that I want you to introduce me to capital tomorrow. Coaches have a chapel service with the bombers, so I thought you guys crazy to display a red jacket turtleneck discount rate X parked on the street. I can see it but I introduced him and his wife and so he starts ministry.

Now he's in the first guy to start chapel services in the National Football League and back in those days ain't done in Nick Bill Glass. Other guys like that that were born again Christians way back now anyway you want to start the same thing in Canada so we did the first chapel was in the film room. The place was filled with guys assuring that I think it might've been during training And I'm just his wife sings a song and I'm embarrassed and thinking oh my goodness this is crazy and he starts to minister their faith and testimony in message and I kind of look around the corner my eye and there's guys with tears in their eyes when he said the sinners prayer after man.

I mean it just blew me away.

The reverence for God and you not notice that with athletic teams, no matter when and where there is a respect that they have for the Holy Spirit for God and for his present and that's what kicked it off than I knew down the road somewhere, sometime, I'll be starting a ministry with athletes and I did my first conference.

Actually, 1975 and what a fake. We had guys coming in from all over Hawaii Alabama California and 60 below and Winnebago cool displacement of the planet probably in that Conference was like changing so many ways and so many people's lives. I mean, it was amazing really amazing. And then I moved here to Arizona been here 42 years, and Tommy Barnett comes into my life, Tommy Barnett and Meadowlark lemon where my neighbors and I had no idea who they were, but I did with Tommy Barnett for 42 years we get our first conference in 85 and we had close to 15,000 athletes wiped it and have attended over the last 35 years, mission trips, including conferences in different countries If you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C. The number because you are number one you're listening to the network and quite the ride.


But Nikita, one of the major highlights with you guys. The wrestlers it was that was a move of God like never seen in the athletic world. It was just truly unbelievable to some people understand to the listeners understand the other case of the hearing meaning here is some highlights here mean so yeah God launches you into the sports ministry from I get I guess at first in that film room in Canada right would help the team to write a break and so that God I work with AIA for a while. Athletes in action, campus Crusade and Dave and was very metal in mentoring me very blessed with him with Doc Eshelman and then moving to Arizona. I work with pro athletes outreach for a year and I was priest was the president of athlete of pro athletes outreach and Norm Evans.

Of course took it over a real good friend is and is in Phoenix where I met Tommy Barnett, my pastor and he's been the covering and the been for him. I don't know that we could've ever done what was accomplished seriously well and it is like in the whole world is amazing visionary and spent time around him with salmon and ministry number on the platform with them and that but yeah hey I gotta say for the record, I gotta say I can clearly see how God would lead you out of 60 below Winnipeg to sunny Arizona hobby that's God all the way like like Laura Valachi ministry Phoenix Arizona looks good. Molly Hawaii a good place for lots of hazing that was made me wrong everywhere. I've enjoyed because there's always the good stuff and I understand everybody but if I'm flipping a coin and I have to decide between 60 below to pay on the sunny Arizona probably going to err on the side of February. I'm driving down the road in the mountains and the palm trees in the green grass in the orange tree. Write me a high three year after that you get the summer time here so there's a trade-off well there it is. I know it's hot but there's no humidity you don't swim whatever I don't give up about one, but I didn't know what yeah anyway so she transitioned to Phoenix Arizona you meet Pastor Tommy Barnett.

I know at the time was the first of Phoenix first assembly I know. I believe now his son is is in charge of the same charge. These he handed it off to you. One son and Matt is doing a great job in Phoenix and then they renamed it right there the dream and dream city church dream city church and then the dream Center with Dr. Matthew Barnett out in Los Angeles who was done by the way, unbelievable working on my little 20+ years out there all this amazing miracle of Derrico really little thing he got when asked to one in LA is like 15 stories you know when you go there and you see the type of ministry make you wonder if even a Christian. But hi, I decided to the first annual MorningStar conference August 25 of the 27th man off, it's time phenomenal lineup, including NBA All-Star how would superstars like David and Jason better the better brothers tenant Gen. Jerry Boykin will renowned a businesslike sheltie, Chris Reeve Richter intercourse.

Yours truly registered early. You do not want to miss this and* you're listening to the Truth Network and people are amazing over there why no I'm not. I've I've been there administered on the platform that quick funny story when I was ministering in and you him in the green room, and the like okay when you write a note when you're in the wrap up your your your messages. Go ahead and hand off the pastor, Tommy, and I'm like yeah that's cool in on their like you.

Hope that's okay.

I'm like I'm just here to serve fast food story on Prime Minister my heart out were at dinner that night and an option.

Next, Tommy looks amigos know, I know you could preach like that. I would much to let you and on the altar call not like it's okay go's know you understand we get some athletes to take me 15 minutes to do just to clean it up to get an altar call, you know, if I get up at the top. It's all good. I use no really a ghost. I did not know you could preach like that I might talk itself anyway. And I know we did outreach job thereat at FEMA Street. One of the pastor conferences and the largest salvation ever write that Willie said that will, in fact I hear them after playing that evening to you guys okay great welcome to the man up so maybe allow woman on the man you are not what I love about heaven women on this you do you give men a woman's perspective will also what a pleasant surprise. We mentally need lots of wisdom from women just for the record, I'm just saying so but know this is a great surprise yet to tell us about the outreach that night at Phoenix first and we did a wrestling illustration and what have you know I involved in the production department chair for many many years with working with pastor Tommy Barnett.

Sermon celebration of treatment.

Your passion plays everything and you know you now being professional wrestling.

Certain elements, and not because they don't get called out my fault. I really meeting the super star Billy Graham had written a grant called the empty ring and lay the ultimate illustrated sermon because it talked about and traded really what many athletes deal with and acquire and the results of that came in their personal life and how it affects them and show the basis of the illustrated sermon lightly built the wrestling ring in the middle of the orchestra pit in the choir loft was an only put on the wrestling match and we had a good guy and he'll get you call them and that there is a questionnaire is presented to all of us in daily life.

What's the price of your soul will you sell it out to the capital or will you make to Christ paid the ultimate price with his life and so we put this on and you know it was I think it was an article written somewhere who is rude because they've got more wrestlers than he has right now and that night we had a course yourself and had mediocrity and the road where your beloved friend talking animal with Der Bagwell and Greg to hammer Valentine with air man Sandra Nair and I still don't think Bill and and and yes see Hernandez was the referee and I don't even know if Billy when I think with Alan. I know Bill got saved in the middle the first time we get it and we can we put this wrestling match on in the middle of the church and was scared We didn't know what the reaction can be that the place was packed to capacity and if you've ever been to Phoenix first assembly, which is now dream city church now for work that I thousand maybe at the time he is seeking really squeezed rather than a handful of the couple thousand people with big screens and another wrestling ring and I think the ultimate warrior out there somebody else doing you know wrestling match out in the camp for people that couldn't get in the main auditorium and then we had the whole front line filled with thousands of people again for watching this on the main and on the big screen and so we put the wrestling match on and we told the story as you know, Hockley said hero in the sling and and how he you know had a famous wrestling life by the hero in the wrestling ring that when the lights go down even come to haunt him in the demon supply and alcoholism and drug ego and all that Natalie represented that I demon and an secular wine we had flying in and wanted aerial rate is a famous baseball bat chasing demons off and then it was across resurrected and he helped lead to the cross I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the troop radio network. Help your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and on Mike Harmon you know about line for me and where we showed pocketing his life to Christ and all that you guys came up and support in putting on, and even had wrapped him up in chains and bound and and and Jesus took the change and freedom of quality demons that haunted him yeah and you guys all came in and never forget that picture, we literally had a cross with an actor portraying Jesus hung on the cross right and Hock is kneeling before the cross with his hand on 20 feet of Jesus and all the guys coming around and embracing and let me tell you, I mean people wearing hand thousand people that night and amazing and I and I think that embodies the whole purpose of people are always asking how do we join Amy nothing to join you know we we Lead we encourage them to use the gifts God given man with their athletic ability and the platform that he's given man to lead people to the Lord, you know. And if we use our talent to glorify God and build the church cannot please God and he gives us all different talent but the purpose of that counseling is to glorify God. Well, that is well used building on the other had a great grateful to have you on the shoulder. What a pleasant surprise and and believe it or not, and I me time to slice on these shows and I hope people got a mental image when the of what you were just sharing in and through that that illustration that we did that night. And you're right just the thousands and thousands of people that surrender their heart in their life to Jesus is what you have to do when they were where you have to have a part three. Believe it or knock is talked about after you really got it athletes international ministries and in the impact of 35+ years that you and Larry have had on numerous athletes.

Everyone from not just wrestlers that you just gave a great illustration of how the wrestlers of impact of your people's lives, but from football players to basketball to bull riders which I told your forte and I mean from Olympic athletes are so many stories that you guys have with athletes international ministries Wendy real quick before we have to go. What's the website for athletes international okay, so athletes you are going to want to get your gonna want to go check out check out that ministry, they do so many other things besides hosting conferences and in doing wrestling illustrations and I'm telling you the impact that this ministry Wendy Guerra Chuck Larry care Chuck have on even youth football league some things that they're doing out in the Phoenix community and just impacting their community and so check out sure to check out go to that website. Visit that website and you are going to have to come back for part three because you're going to want to hear more of the stories and how athletes international international ministries has impacted so many lives of people have come to Christ through these world class athletes and so Wendy Guerra Chuck Larry care Chuck on the it's time to man up with the cuticle off. Thank you guys so much for being a part of the show today awesome God bless you to load. Yeah, thank you, Larry. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful players and generous. May God bless you for donate if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries.

For a gift of $25 you will see adoration of the dollars you will wrestling for $100 more will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today. This is the Truth Network

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