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You Grow, We Mow! Huh?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 7, 2022 1:00 am

You Grow, We Mow! Huh?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 7, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita is joined in studio with friend and founder of GCI Turf Academy, Pete Denny. Listen as he shares God's deliverance and peace in times of struggle and triumph.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up. Welcome back to it's time to man up with not a Russian nightmare but the devil's nightmare, and I have the privilege of walking me.

I love bringing these guys in the studio that I love the calm marketplace. God guys you were out there grinding it out day after day and just making a difference out in the marketplace but also have a walk of faith.

The just what a privilege. We'll talk about that today, Pete Danny, welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. It's great to have you here, you know, we were first introduced through a mutual friend, Joey Osborne, who has a successful marketplace, a man of his in his own right mosquito authority and he's the one who originally connected us together. And of course I've had Joey here on the show was well and so just great to have you in with us in my pleasure man thing about this all week.

Good way to get well and I don't really talk about.

We had lunch several weeks ago and I was listening to a little bit your story and I'm like now I've got to have this guy on the show and one of things I try to bring to to the show or are stories.

I think that that other people will relate to and in the course, maybe even you touch the heart of of a listener in it and just so you know I mean that I would bless the find out that the last time I checked anyway. The show analysis of been downloaded 30 different countries only child I might ask you to speak a little Russian or something.

Can you do that, not really. Okay no Russian today okay right alright well on that note, let's share with our listeners are still just a little bit about your family man as well as a businessman, but maybe just give them just a bit of background, whose beginning sure I am born and bred in North Carolina central part of the state in Reidsville, but outside of the Virginia line and there lived their whole life and got married two months of woman of my dreams that God is so graciously blessed me with three kids only lawn care company been doing it almost 20 years now well and that somewhat steamed into an online business through YouTube. Making videos and that kind of thing in just a day in and day out grand man Roland with everything keeping everything running operate smoothly.

I get online company I get really two divisions in a local company in a family and church in activities and doing radio stuff is THINGS going on there. You have a you have a full plate out of a plethora of activities I like that would that's a $0.50 word a Plethora plethora of activities.

Well let me get silica get little more specific you marry the woman of your dream. Was she like high school sweetheart or just meet well believe it or not. Right after I changed mazelike changes and got into church actually singing a gospel quartet okay and I should that be okay. Most people don't. And I wasn't send a little bit of base and I went and sang at church and saw this girl sitting out there like okay I need to talk with her and one thing led to another, I got a number called a few times. Nothing ever happened, three, four, five years down the road from that okay my best buddy at the times that hey girl alone cheated go out with down a double date. Sure was good and lo and behold it was Tammy the same gal same gal divine destiny sounds like okay maybe so.

Yesterday, so here so that was how many years ago been married 18 years 18 years ago so it fast forward 18 years later, the three children hold where there Elijah is 16.

He is my first big wow moment for me in life and, little girl is 14 and she is very precious thing out here I a old man down here. I don't know.

And then my youngest is Jack he is the house. Jack is eight okay and he's my special needs child with some mom things going on with his bone structure. Yeah yeah just tell tell us little about that if you don't mind me and that's always special and I and even at lunch we were talking about that hot how much advice as I recall the conversation how much each impacted your family in being special needs your listening to the Truth Network and uniform. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway, Facebook, call my new fan page for fans and the like, and follow the co-op and I am here with a huge announcement like big big announcement man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25-27. You think that's always a way. No, not too soon to sign up.

What a lineup of speakers we have the benefit of David and face All-Star NBA All-Star Al Ward is speaking world wrestling champion flex mover Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander, Gen. Lieut. Gen. Jerry Ford tired. Yours truly Nikita cooperative renowned evangelist Frank Shelton. Register today is live*events M all registered, you will not want to miss your listening to the network and not just our family I'm talking about hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of families okay and what I mean by that is a group in a really big family Christmas time, it might be 50 people at Nana's wall and really big tightknit farm type family and everybody's health everybody and all of a sudden you get to shout Jackson's born and as always, thoracic insufficiency syndrome okay so it's a combination of a very severe scoliosis and where you and I have seen a 12 or 14 ribs.

Whatever it is he only has five on one side while in the five he was born with were muted and mangled in that, things he was a shocker because you talking a big family zero health issues and here he comes, and it was like holy cow world change in and I was extremely frustrated and angry with God because at that point, my time hours and hours doing the right things and saying the right things and do my best to honor God in my life and what God wanted you give me this broken child struggles that very question.

I what I really struggle with and as time went home. We end up no migraine here could really do anything within that and see anything that severe. So we end up in Philadelphia so we been going back and forth to Philadelphia for eight years now think he said 25 67 surgeries are so soft and they are at nine months old. They implanted these four titanium rods inside his body and that kinda keeps everything spread outgoing and we go back for routine adjustments is what they call and keep the rod spread out as he grows right and during that time the past eight years I've seen God do some God things that is you know everything you don't see that often you know give us to give us your listeners an example on behalf of this we hear that right.

We hear your God moves in miraculous ways and does some amazing things. Some people don't recognize it as such. But get it if you can get give an example of just how it got a while but with God okay should just get the big picture is this. We first met the doctors a person is change is not a walk in each trust doctors right that that they're educated they know exactly what you're doing right and in a number I'm not at all wanting to take anything away from a doctor but what you say but I believe the when he said, is a good chance is not a lot, and he runs around like a champion cannot now come on runs around like a champion guy walks here on exactly as I yes doctors are incredible, but I firmly believe there's some divine intervention. Behind that they're not God.

Right. Another good thing is another example is our first expansion back Jack's supposed to have been a routine normal surgery and he went into cardiac arrest and all kinds of things. The hospital rooms flooded with specialists is getting 20 people in there and he was literally died in at bay.

The nurse looked right at it said you need to pray and what we do we pray call them in my God came through like he always does, and now you Jackson's running around like any other help the child decimate limit. Let me back up just for second because I know youfirstborn the families healthy across the board.

Now also the habit a child at that passion has this issue this health issue and then you said you said you know I was angry at God. How did you get through that that that's the big picture of how I saw God work in it and it was mostly in Jackson's life physically, but it was in my life personally okay in my life spiritually, and God molded in and twisted me and humbled me in a way that is never happened before. It was because I got to watch this broken child and so to many people so many say hey that's an encouragement to me. He's an encouragement to me. I will pray for him and all these labs get affected in a positive way in a biblical way simply because he was a broken child physically so it's it's interesting someone just interject something right. I'm thinking as a listening to you share the story your week we live in a fallen, broken world. So in a sense, were all now in his case it's it's it's very obvious because it's physical, but truth be known that every one of us are broken in this fallen world.

And so, what an illustration that that sounds like the Lord gave you. It to see visibly in the physical, but then even understand as you just said. But even your own spiritual life and journey which let me back up one more second here considered going back to when you met your wife and what was the turning point for you to to turn your life around was back up just a little bit more and I don't Jack's why got that on my that the humility came in for me as God used Jack's show me. Trust me, I got scared. You know me, I got this think is about a got Jackson he was born like any other child I would never had that opportunity for God to work that deeply inside me and twisted me and shake me and say I want to dissuade Pete to make Santa after Mitch makes perfect sense to me right he'll take any Romans 828 rail take all every situation helped turn it into good etiquette take any situation and and use it for his purpose and for his good right even when I don't Wrap our head around it doesn't do a sermon early this morning. You know that from Francis Chan that is quoting you know the Scripture are his thoughts are not our thoughts, his ways are not our way there. So far above and beyond what we could even wrap our minimum right and also ticked off at God began. I got a broken kid.

Yeah, I was blinded by Satan hate.

I got to see the big picture.

Honestly what God's plan is for this child and ain't it ain't what Pete's plan is for right man, it's good yeah many are the plans in a man's heart. God's purposes prevail not say what else in and in the Old Testament. It makes a reference to this issue, it was not no theologian, but if they were questioned, questioning God and God's response was hey who made the deaf, the dome of the blood did not.

I tried because he got a reason and a purpose for everything right just like your testifying to today went with your son to take us back just a second here actually know what hold I thought. Hold that thought you were listening to the Truth Network and

If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 click, you will see adoration and declaration for a gift of $50. McEwing is wrestling with every gift of $100 more, you will include a signed copy newly updated tale of the ring WW W.prologue.donate today your listening to the Truth Network and were back up. I was just getting ready to say take us back just for a moment to to what got you back on on the right track record got your heart right with the Lord that set you on this this path that your you're on now you you reference day when you first before you begin your wife when you first met her. You just got back to churches of the said is she gripping it in a Christian home mom and dad took me to church and all the usual stuff you usually get your drug to church a few exact hours drug or drugs ably and I'm sure I paid attention sometimes probably the most, did sure and I got at school and I met this girl start date and her an Uzbek softball player and the team asked me a complaint with the church scene basically guy go to church twice a month twice a month assay letter that I had up and okay I like I don't want to go anyway. They drag me in there and Sakai went on to play ball and so I listen to Pastor, and I was like, man. I've heard this before in as I listen more.

Agreed more. I was working my heart accepted Christ talk about all the way it 22 early 20s 21 2010 Mike that I and fast-forward a few years and, slid off the deep end and when I went off the deep, and I really went the and I got involved with alcohol.

Heavy drug use is selling jugs sleeping with anything I can sleep with it was I was extremely rebellious and all counterweights and one night when out with a bunch of buddies and is for them to call me at eight Malik again and were passing around in the two guys in the back nose started bleeding and the guy driving Corsican driving and two guys in the back and wanting more signed it taking the entire eightball cocaine in a matter of you probably have her say it was nonstop consuming it for a while and we went at dinner thing and when I got home, tried Leander sleep and couldn't and I actually went outside, running, sprinting up and down the street at 3 o'clock in the morning China where Dolph and I taken so much in a good and leading up to that time God began working only a little bit you know to mean that Connie Alana will nudge me good people in the right place.

Pete will you doing Senior church Bob Downing God's way of saying I'm paying attention. Hey I'm watching yeah and I went went back in the house I touched the door handle, some just happened to go back and I said you know what God will go back in and if you put me to sleep stop and it into me that was a miracle in his own because I was so jacked up so high that my filling heart as you may exclude what Megan and I laid in the floor and it was one of the best night sleep [in I'm a total and completely made a flip right then. At that point time said I'm I'm doing, living for Satan I'm done listening to the devil. I'm going to obey you.

God said he you just he just he set you free. Okay I was out plan I was out I was going home. Heck was Satan them or I'm reminded of Iva cool off my old partner uncle. I want a story when he came to to revival invited to came to service all saw him at the altar coming down give his life to the Lord and similar story and that that night he had a genuine encounter with God's pride that like yourself drug addiction, alcohol, tobacco, cuss like a sailor I'm just just know this essay was altered by the way, I hope just an expression, but on that night he encountered Jesus met all that white wiped away and from that moment on, never took another drug another drink. Never, never picture to backward it just that set them free and that's where my oldest son was so powerful to me when he was born. There is, is that point my time I was I was walking with Christ in an it said in my faith and I made a YouTube video now took my viewers back to my first starter home and I was talking them through the process of me taken my newborn son and walking in the door of my new home. That was exciting for me when I touch the door handle guy just flitted me with those emotions of where I made that change me in that door handle contact and Elijah, when I want when I looked getting newborn is like. How can God give you said I can't give my son to die for people I don't know I don't have that kind of living in that whole circumstance that that whole thing that happened with birth and my son just made me look at God so much different. So you see things in a different way miracle of birth with the miracle of him giving his son for us right because I'm too greedy and too stingy to give up my son I couldn't do that while in that that impacted me like nothing else ever had what you tell me you brought you mentioned the YouTube videos a couple couple different times we get we got up a few minutes left to talk to me about that.

What I know you said you got the lawn care business that goes against all all around North Carolina 09 in my local longer companies just local to Greensboro agreed Summerfield right around the reasonable area of uptake in central North Carolina and in and act. You do a variety of things there. I know with your lawn care. Here we take care to make my grass look good and have a little little slogan here we go. You meant really to finalize all that kind of thing. And whoever knows the right. I got maintenance crews to yeah okay now but Sotelo tells just quickly about the YouTube ha ha that spawn how how that happened. YouTube show your listening to the Truth Network and the cuticle off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C. The number because you are number one your listening to the Truth Network and well with our local got to have up a large amount of clients and wanted to share a video with saying let me show you how to do this and you know instead of emailing you in text whatever and I didn't have a way to send out email to hundreds of customers that had video embedded in it.

So I found you to make a video couple videos sent them out and then lo and behold others. I didn't realize invited us to sit people and people started comment on how you do this height is like what you do it this way to show you how make a video and now it over hundred thousand scrappers with a couple with a full-blown e-commerce store to where we teach. I teach the people how to grow the turf in Sweden selling the products to do it with you.

You sell the project to try to grow what ever they go mow it exactly if there if you're not local.

Local visual exactly. If you're not local anymore and absolutely none of it was planned just say they just went boom while to golf and I am the guy who will not see the door open open the door and I go through what that's a lame weight, which is wise and smart on your part. Living God opens a door not I can relate to that is like the wrestling career.

I wasn't looking to be a professional wrestler but a door of opportunity open and a like yourself I walked through the door like you just described in an boom you cough was born.

The crew took off and you'll a time world champion after the fact outright and you know it. Everything else in wetsuit.

That's pretty amazing how how can we, how can people find the YouTube, where it you got hundred thousand subscribers. I forget you 200,000 will he find you Google GCI turf GCI turf on you and Google has all kinds. The fireman Google Google Google yeah yeah tilted it at an and Pete. Pete and his company will help you with all your lawn care needs and and and what if they're in central Carolina is or how to how they fit with your website that's GCI turf okay see I turf services. If local company and then you get a YouTube GCI turf and that's for anybody in the country you and you're going to educate him on how to take care of the law. That's amazing, Pete. That's give a great stress. I want to bring you bring you on the show because you have such an amazing story for the listeners out there is as your listening ears was kind of resonating and in my heart right now listening to Pete story and if maybe maybe your listing, maybe years, maybe your struggle with drug or your struggle with addiction of sometimes alcohol, pornography, gambling addiction.

I mean, there's so many different kinds kinds of addictions and you're struggling and maybe there was a time you had a walk with Jesus but you like you hurt Pete Spahr Pete story Elliott wavered off the path and then but then God nudged him back onto that narrow path for maybe the show today and Pete's story is that knowledge that you been looking for them. Knowledge that God has wanted to to send your way to say today is the day to get your heart right with me whether it's and it may be that you've never had a relationship with Jesus but you hurt Pete story and how God nurtured him along and and and through his own surrender.

God brought him to the foot of the cross humbled the man and what an amazing Pete wanted me she story me from from his son John asked Elijah to to meeting your wife, and five years after the after your first introduction it. I can't thank you enough. Or have you served for company and if you showed my pleasure Mike cracking the kids all the time is like you can't get away with.

You can't get away with it. I've been there done that and and I am one of those guys who I really made it have been there, done that, you know you said you actually need really been there and done that is not a question that it's it's like no I really mean this so I just want to thank everybody for tuning in today did, it's time to man up and add this probably so much more that to your story with me have to get you back in the studio another time. Would you be willing to do that whenever you will RIP will thanks thanks for listening today at tune in next week to it's time to man up.

Why, because we all need Jesus. Thanks for listening to God bless you.

Amen this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, and generous. May God bless you for your donate now theater green vinyl tile from the carbon right and beginning to number one in the readers with a more this is the goal that I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were this is the Truth Network

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