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Q&A With Koloff- #63

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 5, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #63

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 5, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode features another "Best Of" as Nikita speaks with wrestling fan Russ Glover.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word.

Your chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would fall off the devil's nightmare. I wonder Ross Nikita goal off our youth are wonderful. Thank you. Appreciate that your availability and the willing to come on questions and answers Q&A with rolloff absolutely absolutely am a big fan of the show so you listen to the podcast I do I do every week I'll gobble Matt. I appreciate you. I know you said you're in your email that you are a yeah you will love the show and then I look forward to every single episode that I can't thank you enough for that. Oh, absolutely.

I just every week. I look forward to some of it re-centers me in uplifting the outlook, but I need a man that's that's awesome Ross off to help us right after you are but you know to spread the word to all your friends and family people you know and encourage them to subscribe in and downloaded as well. Right.

Why am I awesome not know Russ would you let what you call home. I living in Connecticut. I'm like a manager. I'm originally from Pennsylvania. Okay okay now I live in Connecticut about 13 years now. We we moved here and then my youngest daughter was born the same year is cool. Very cool.

Yeah, I know you said that there like me, your father of Fanta girls do you have three not quite your level CCCXVIII know how the their 1918 and 13 1918 and 13 1033 and the team rent realm within the category that you all you only III joking I say you know for many years I I just ice.

I didn't swim in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean. I swam in the estrogen ocean you don't drag no drama right Russ, all or none at all, though not always get along. Everybody go. You don't even keel exactly that's exactly right. Address when you hang up recent utilities that you your fan growing up back in back in the 80s and the end and it is that you're now a renewed fan that that you found me as an adult. What explained that this first second I used to listen to the JC player podcast and you came on their last year okay and I listened tonight.

I was so thrilled with everything that you had to say and then I start following you on line and I thought to your podcast without thereto. So I started listening to that just II like the mixture of old and new. Where you talk about your career. You also talk about your calling and your your new career you have now, which is fantastic.

I can't think of it up so I did like so.okay so on that note, but do you have good could use pick out a favorite just curiosity question, could you pick out. I really need the episode where your daughter came on with probably my favorite because I could hear just in everything you guys were communicating with one another. I could hear the love between while thank you Russ off. I'll let her know that Kercher is a encourager with Asif CIG she just over the Christmas holidays got engaged shall be the last one to marry off. She's excited about that.

In any CFC loves the Lord and man appreciate that I will encourager with that. Thank you for sharing.

Absolutely please you and I noticed your post the picture over the Christmas holiday and it looks like when you got pregnant yeah no number nine on the way to go. I got all quiver right eight grandkids and one on the way now one get married in 2021 say I the family just continues to grow so you're certainly blessed with that why I I am a blessed man as I try to remind myself that every day just how blessed I am in and I and I'm humble to you but you just read your email.

You know about the you how you join me as of as a performer you know when you were young and and and you much about being a role model for God. You know now and and and that's encouraging to me, and I appreciate those kind words certainly comes across whenever you speak.

Set it on the Lord very obvious. Your love for the Lord, the Lord's will for you to come through every anytime you speak. Fantastic figure. I appreciated I just gave me an interesting perspective you mix in the old with the new year. I had really thought about it that way but what I appreciate that that's that's it. That's a great perspective for me to know to continue just you know certainly no highlight that the Reston career because you know because I had it right. And yet, just bring everyone up to speed on conch. Currently what I'm doing now. Right absolutely, absolutely. And it's just I think think think big fan of everything you're doing right now what you don't mind my asking how old are you I am 4444 double force okay. I was scared to death of you right it rightfully so polite to Ross about what you're about cross. You never know, the Russian nightmare Mike Showalter should bring back memories of Knoxville personal thought is that that's awesome. Well, I know you said you said in your email usually talk about your love and read the Bible and enjoying daily devotionals and you and your question was this, you said is there a daily devotional that it might center you for the day. Start your day the right way. They asked a second part to that a how do you maintain the connection with the Lord throughout the day. Two great questions like really great questions, let me out let me go to the first one you know as far as devotionals right so there are just share with you… You, and try to go real quick and and share with you there's there's a guy name Oz Hillman who actually know the publisher. Some of my posts I put hashtag TGIF today got his first right. He has has a pretty neat devotional to the to that to the marketplace to people out in the marketplace right and I don't know what you would are you are you marketplace guy you work on the marketplace. I do, I do okay so as a marketplace guy. You know this. This would probably you know appeal to you and and because it it's it's simple, it's directed to the it's it's easy to read in the morning. Very encouraging us to set the tone for your day before you had on the workspace. The email is given the email. It that's the email. The website well I think you just email them. You can wear's website God is oh great yeah yeah is enough right and this I kinda Barb all the TGIF I've been I would follow not actually know Oz have been falling for quite some time and and and he has couple different sets of devotionals TGIF one TGIF to you because I subscribe to both of them because it just so good.

Especially your marketplace guy right and so you know those are are are really good ones. Also, the Frank Craig Hill, who does a little butter for five minute video like this little against a five minute video that you can sign up for their free unity.

Since you once a week, but that it it's there's a daily video there that you can just pop on and just watch it and he's always on target. A lot of times you know how God works like just that's exactly what I need to hear today right right right and so Craig Hill abuse good. I think Craig Craig should have this information ready for you. Craig or Craig Hill.calm space out in Colorado you will find me to see if I can confirm that website you will find you'll find him, you'll find Craig Hill so that's another option for you.

Okay great so you got TGIF to get that and then another one I just give you a quick prime time with God devotional prime time and what I love about this devotional as it opens with the prayer so you can actually pray this in. Again, these are all very simple. Don't take no whole lot of time so she got head out the door.


But this one opens with the prayer that it always has to know just a great descriptive message that it delivers in then it's got even some prayers weaved in between the little devotional to help you center your focus right right in the Marianna gives like a Scripture reference to Scripture's all through it but I'll just give you the prime time with God, church church growth GR okay so those of awesome. Yeah, those can be's three really really really good ones for you okay that that you might might take a look at it and I think you join again won't wouldn't take you very much time, that's great. I really appreciate very much. Yeah, I mean those of the very air you know motivational inspirational encouraging you to me so and then your other question second part of that was how you maintain a connection with the Lord throughout the day.

The guy I'm just reminded to Scripture right through the words that year that says meditate day and night right on the word and I think you start your day. Here's what makes it easier to maintain that connection with the Lord throughout the day. If you start your day with something as simple as like these devotionals I just sent you or even just reading the word itself reading Scripture itself.

It then gives you the opportunity to to throughout your day. Maybe the Scriptures you read of the devotional you read.

Maybe there's an application that happens during the course of your day. As a reminder that the Lord's right there with you right he never leaves leaves us nor forsakes us right right and in the last part of that my last part of that answer would be a just, I call it a God consciousness meaning. I got the Holy Spirit with me right dwelling in me and the Holy Spirit is always with me. I don't always remind myself of that. But that is the truth right this. The Bible says and so from time to time. I do pause I have even literally at times set like a 315 afternoon alarm to kind of remind me be just to take a pause and say 1/32 prayer just to set my mindset. My thing might my mind on things above right or connect with him again, even in the midst of a busy day times that… Yeah I said like we got forget Alex 715 and 315 in light like some 15 at night or something or you know three times throughout the day, like it was Daniel right to pray three times a morning, afternoon and evening and so hopefully that that'll be helpful for you.

Oh, I think it absolutely will.

These are fantastic resources so out of in. I really appreciate very much wealth.

Again, I appreciate you man appreciate your questions and it like a said the your work. This is some brand-new relaunching Q&A would call off questions and answers and appreciate you submitting your questions and and and your support and and and prayers manual. Keep in your prayers. Russ, I absolutely do. I appreciate it.

Hopefully maybe one day the Russian nightmare will get up to Connecticut maybe even to your church who knows and and I will be yeah be able to meet you face-to-face okay right on.

Thank you very much God bless you Russ have a great day today. Do you thing about this is that Truth Network

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