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Maury Scobee- Becoming Billy Graham's Personal Aide

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 2, 2022 1:00 am

Maury Scobee- Becoming Billy Graham's Personal Aide

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 2, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode Nikita is joined by Maury Scobee for the second part of his story about former Reverend Billy Graham.Listen as he describes how God changed his path forever.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up.

Welcome back to it's time to man up the devil's worst nightmare that you forget to the day I would like to walk show was part of his amazing story in his journey of personal aid of birth is 7110.

Welcome back, our listeners were talking to Morris will be who if you heard the first program in the first show in in just some of boys background some historian in me just a fascinating story from Baller from from grandpa on the battle bulged to work in the moving heavy equipment and headed to Hollywood to pursue.

Hopefully of a career in the movie industry to to going to school go to college with Franklin Graham and the divine appointment of meeting Franklin Graham and that divine appointment that had more let let's let's pick up.

Therefore listeners so so you know you have a divine appointment with Franklin and so what would happen from theirs. You guys me you make a connection and then tell her what happened. Well, that was the end of the school year. So all the help me yell I'm going home for the summer and I'll be back this fall and that there will always be easy to find because I'm working full time at the Holiday Inn at just south of Locarno college campus.

So just come out there. I always work for 3 to 11 share Monday through Friday so all the summer came and drawn that there here I was working that fall, but I never saw Franklin and so I thought well as it turned out, something must you change the baby he's coming back your babies not so that whole semester. He never showed up.

Then early in January 1967 Van I was working at the Holiday Inn and in the door, he walked in. I said hey Frank, I would search you're coming back and it turned out that all he had an opportunity to ladies to operated and I think one of the still alive edition still there with a little of ministry to a hospital in Jordan and all nurses but one thing another boat. It turned out that they needed a vehicle and so the Graham organization bought video vehicle and Franklin drove it to augment that was going across Europe to get to Jordan and it was a nice car. I think it was all it was a car from England. It was a big rugged dog four-wheel-drive. I can't think what it was called, and all it was one of the most sought after vehicles in all of Europe and hear these two college kids driving across Europe and all you know, one might think that it be easy to kill off to college kids to get this feel that number one most sought out vehicle in the world, but of course these two happen to be ordained of the Lord to make this trip and so certainly the guardian angels will protect them so they made the trip safely and delivered the vehicle and then so then right after Franklin came back college them. We struck up a friendship and it was just quiet and private and I was ever so careful not to ask him too many questions and I just really letting let his hair down the jiffy. Franklin. Those were the days of smoking the Dragon and all, but I believe it he trusted me right away and all knew that he could do what he was doing and not have to worry about me ever say anything about it, which I did not, well that's no jobsites.

Glenn fished for Sharon but you know that later Lord really got a hold of him and he threw away all of that and all got to follow God in the ministry that he said that what you just amazing. While all of you does nationally and internationally, and, and I understand you know you mentioned something on the last show about you and me to be bashful.

Of course, you know, the son of a in a sense yeah you know a celebrity evangelist or somebody you know becoming known around the world and I really I can relate without Maureen in the sense of you know my wrestling background in the celebrity status that some have labeled me with as a world champion wrestler and then for my own children yoga for girls all sure yeah I date Dave had to deal with that they had to live with with you know will be in the daughters or the children know of a celebrity and so I can certainly understand. I'm guessing the pressure that Franklin was under you know, back in those younger days, and those college days and then of course you know what what all college kids are exposed to, you know, coming up, you grew up in a Christian home.

He grew up in a Christian home and I'll send you got freedom and liberty. Kids are doing things on campus that you know you to be for the first time your scene experiencing so I totally understand understand that that path and him but yet all sure yeah but yet words and hours.

Let him will will will talk a little bit more about about that as well but let let's pick up on. See see how this college career. You get to know Franklin on on a personal level and but yet you had mentioned last show about your your your desire to to perhaps make it in the movie industry so give us a just a quick snapshot of what what that look like a digital Westridge got California.

What would you do well in.

In the meantime, as far as saw wanted to do that is all. Again, I met Rev. and Mrs. Graham and so Ms. Graham had all been with her grandkids in Wisconsin and climbed the tree and the tree broke and she fell quite a number of feet. She was unconscious for six weeks I think about all made the news that I've been calling the office to check on her again my love and prayers, and so and then as a result of bad.

I think that's where I suppose I've never really verbalized that, but from their standpoint, they busted realize that Ms. Graham alive had developed a nice friendship and they really needed me to come and help him so that I'd be really just serving both Rev. and Mrs. Graham, but on the other hand, whenever he left for final I was right there looking out for. I never ever lived with them always that bold apartment but really from the get go.

They gave me a two way radios that would go about a 20 mile radius so I could be running errands and she could pick up with you where you and just like Maury, can you hear me right I would answer that Bell do whatever they happened in the cell wall and then of course in the package they would've never doubt how much I love children and so wall when all 19 grandkids came along been I individually took care of all 19 government. I think the most I ever had in a nine passenger station wagon was, I think, 11, 12, or maybe it was 13 all crammed in there no seatbelts. Nobody was worried about seatbelts and in those days, but so it was just a very special relationship with her pressures. Often they have with the adults all wanted to be together and I could take all the kids or go bowling or go to baby here. Go to Arby's or McDonald's or whatever so it was just a very, very, very special calling and I'm so thankful that the Lord brought all about. Well let me select limit. Let's connect some dots here so so just backup just for a moment so so you end up just for listeners reported clarity and I'm not even sure what would your official title have been more just personal assistant and I don't play here at the close.

Did you have a title thing.

I didn't really have a toddler the way out, glad because all then I can get into a lot of mischief without feel like I was overstepping my bounds. Psalm so I was just an assistant to Rev. Mrs. Graham okay okay so so just to fill in the gap to slightly there so so you know you have this vision, the stream of get involved in the movie industry that does sound like you ended up sounds like the Lord took you on a different path, and so that Daniel realized right mechanical welfare. If you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Salem. Check them out because you are number one you're listening to the Truth Network and leave the job instead of going West Hollywood. I traveled east to go to work. Graham okay.

I literally went 100% in the opposite direction, but in my heart I knew that this was what I was supposed to do in a course never dreamed that it was stretch cord this with my 43rd year with the Graham organization, so I'm still with the organization. 43 years and while that's that's a myth.

He sees grass pull without them for the listener 43 years with the biliary really made a site that yeah yeah well and so okay now this is cool so so you got this vision or or or at least maybe kind of a dream to develop a Hollywood but the Lord says, many of the plans in a man's heart but I'm a director steps and so because of that divine appointment with Franklin Graham you build a friendship. You just let them let me let his hair down. He knows he can just be real and with with with Maury to build this great friendship and that friendship leads you, not West Hollywood would lead you east to the Billy Graham organization, and you become just really, just as you said, in a personal aide a personal assistant to the Rev. Billy Graham and Miss Ruth Graham right it was very, very special and then I've got a fantastic relationship to this day with all 19 grandkids. I feel bad I don't feel is often now that both the grandparents or dad in the family don't get to Western North Carolina like they used a with grandparents were alive so I feel bad that I've missed seeing so many of vault. These the grandkids and the children and their wives and husbands well and in I'm certain I'm certain they understand what about the same time. I mean it right that everyone just kind of living such busy lives right below. This will bless you head east and you become known as just say up the personal assistant that mean the kind of taking care of the needs of the of the family taking the grandkids all over the place to give adults some some alone time. Some adult time together and and now I need you to but you traveled right I like so whenever Graham would that we rejoice back with Miss Miss Ruth or were you on the road you have for the most part within the course. All his crusades originally would be 10 days that we start a warm one Wednesday and go all the way until the next Sunday and so it got worse. She wanted to, at least last weekend of every one of those Crusade major maximum savings and so she advised that would fly that last weekend and be there for the last service. Okay, so you'd escort her to the to the to the service and in here whatever city from Seattle to Miami to New York to Kansas City wherever Mr. Graham was that doll. I was flying with her, accompany her and be there for the last two, three, four days and I know with which this is amazing. Now you ended up. I know even even recently right taken a trip to China. This is the reason this last year that that was with her grandson will will grant got invited to all have three different meetings with three different cities in China that was back in the fall of went to yellow by T so it's just been a few months ago and no I had gone with them to China back in the 80s and never really drink that ever get go back to China but he asked me to come over and be a part of that trip and so part of it was going back and Bob began to one or two or three. I tried to track down the see a couple of people that I'd see batch 40 years ago get over whatever number your silhouette. The first so that was real special in the able to make a second trip, what what what would be a John I trip you know you're escorting the grams you there your assisting whatever their needs are in any any particular story, the tenant jumps out any money any particular memory that jumps out at you from from that particular trip. Well all those were a few different locations in the home inside of it while we were there in 88. All it was a major crusade and then the next year.

Ms. Graham decided to take all five kids and their husbands and wives or go back in 1980 by, but it turned out to the daughters-in-law Prayed that they could not go. And so, and then the husbands realized they could not take off and so it ended up being a bit Graham with their three daughters with me and that was a very special trip, but of course, how do we know that all of that potentially would take place at Tiananmen Square and how everything would just get locked down and we actually Ms. Graham wondered if they were trying to part of their endeavor by the bed look for a different type of government euros for the people she didn't really know but so she wanted us to walk with them to encourage him and all we had scores of photographers from around the world like you could tell they were different at the grapes from Spanish to Anglo trip, Chinese, Japanese, whatever, and they all took our pictures.

Here we were, we were the only three dollars base that we were the only white walking with that group of several hundred thousand and we always stayed short of 21 edge so that we would get so messed up with the crowd that we would get there got lost. We could've stepped out and be been on a curb of the street and worked our way back to our hotel so it was all of the straight line so we had already walked it on a day or two before, so we do about what was on late and with of the trip that we could walk to be part of that so they would. They were really. Who knows maybe protesting freedom. Those I don't know.

I haven't read in recent years as people historians look back what they really call that might've been too long ago for you to remember by today. Well, not II remember it.

I guess the vivid memory for me is that the one soul single man standing in front of the tank and my may enter national blue. Yes yelp and and I was fortunate to just not long ago to be standing in Tiananmen Square is right right where that it happened in wound great event for you.

Yeah I was great experience there with my my family.

My youngest daughter Colby and course of one of my bucket list was climbed the Great Wall of China in and all. So I was able to check check that off and the yellow front for the listeners who maybe don't know Miss Mrs. Graham was her parents. Her dad was a doctor right and in and they were missionaries here are here. They went. She was born in 1920, but I think they went out about 1910 before Ms. Graham was even born and all back then a lot of the denominations work together for sort of not saturate certain parts of every country.

I sort of shared it with Presbyterians, a Baptist and what about oh from the compound were this grams father went to serve all that's where she was born. So three of the four children were born in China and then the fourth one that came home on furlough one year and then before child. The younger son funded. He was born in the United States within he would've gone back to China when they went back to gone back as a little child while that's that's amazing that you mention something we could do a whole show on what you just said that I was back in the day when denominations were working together week we saw that morning, but I don't know many of the stories about the nomination but I do know that they sort of, I don't know how the heads of the organization got together to sort of got crowned up certain parts of the world and all. So it's the extremity industry. Just look at that one aspect yeah it really is well so some amazing memories in in traveling to China is. Is there another country that that perhaps you escorted the grams and or were were a part of of that trip for the part a part of that crusade something that jumps out that really really is a fond memory of you of yours. We had three huge congresses in Amsterdam, Amsterdam 83 Amsterdam 86 and Amsterdam 2000 and so wall I was there with the grams and 86 to 89 and then we were planning to go back in 2000 but then Mr. Graham have brain surgery had to have some surgery at the Mayo Clinic and so we were unable to go but they rigged up satellite for us in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic and we watch the live every day all all the meetings over there that they had ever been there whether so that Mr. Ms. Graham ever wanted to involve like your comment on a certain creature or low times I did interviews back and forth different evangelism or speaking from certain parts of the world wanted to during their time of speaking wanted to ask Mr. Mrs. Graham question so all that was capable with this modern technology. Yeah right. I know it's it's it's pretty amazing what what what we can do, especially in today's day and time and and when I am inward. Talk with Maurice Colby, who was 43 years now with the Billy Graham evangelistic Association. What is a personal assistant personally to to the grams in it and you were with them right more of me right up to to the passing of Mrs. Graham as well as all yeah I was all up at the house.

Mr. Graham would route was picking down that all you know her nurses were cabinet elements Graham is so inappropriate.

Five. Probably couple hours or maybe regular balder two hours before she died. I thought that be a marvelous time that he wanted very set by her bedside held her head. They had their last visit, as it were, that was kind of sad, and then he yelled didn't really say that I think that he realized that he, wanted to not be of the slavery. When she took her last breath though. I think the pad be hard for ADL married couple, especially all the longevity of the years that they have been very if some point all he walked back to his office and all. We sat there and visited Friday and all know he knew that if any benefit command and say that she had gone to heaven without the I think what fascinates me is not been out to the Billy Graham Library will talk about that in in in just a moment in a few minutes here as well will will will circle back around about it had to do what they always fascinated me was with what's on the gravestone at end of construction. Thank you for your patience… LOL I see Ms. Graham had such marvelous wisdom about they about Facebook and she also had a tropical side to her and I remember that there was a lot of interest in the fact that she came up with that will say and all that's with all the great that's that's pretty that's pretty amazing in and so she was she would pass and you continued on with with the with Billy Graham and injustices yeah him and his needs than right so I was up there that he passed the euro was getting more more quiet but to all.

We have plenty of around-the-clock nurses 24 seven and then dull. I feel them.

I usually work the evening shift, so that's all I could be. They wanted to have a couple of band that worked in the daytime with the nurses that bed. I worked in the evening with the nurses and then but invited special for Mr. Graham to have me for the second half of the day. Well that's a huge blessing were talk with Maurice Colby personal assistant aid to Rev. Billy Graham 43 years of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association to talk some more will become backward going to talk about the Billy Graham Library were going talk about the cold. Talk about Montreat Franklin Graham Samaritans purse will be back in just a moment. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your continual donate now theater green vinyl tile from the time ran when his apartment has it right and beginning to number one in the reader's was the one that had anything this is Nicole and I want a thing limit for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries for a gift of $25. The keel was seen as adoration declaration for a gift of $50 accumulated wrestling with this for $100 for you including sign, newly updated life tale of the today. This is the Truth Network

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