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Tom Alkazin- People Helping People

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 5, 2022 1:00 am

Tom Alkazin- People Helping People

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 5, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita speaks with good friend Tom Alkazin to hear how God has Blessed him in order that he may Bless others.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network man up. Yours truly the cuticle once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's nightmare, and I have a great guest lined up for you today. I had the privilege of meeting this legend about it teen or so years ago will find out. More specifically, from him.

But today on the show with me Mr. Tom Alcatraz and welcome to the man up show Tom a brother to be with. Well, it's great to have you on the show and and I know our listeners are audiences get to be thrilled and excited to hear some of your story and add it.

I made mention of the opening that you know we met. I guess I was trying to Calc but I think is approximately about 15 years ago that I was introduced to you through a nutrition company that we were involved with and and part of it and you were what one of the leaders I looked up to and in in the organization and certainly was learning and gleaning from you this this a nutrition, which presently is called body Pro that's the case, someone's wonder what will. What was the company self body are always with presently listed under but but that's where that's where we first met right way back one that it was the you know in an interesting Nikita how certain you look back on things and that certainly God ordained in you know having the privilege to meet you and so many other wonderful people. It you funny how we how we gain perspective on how certain things and how certain relationships developed in, and ours was one of those. It was just one of those one of those blessings that you always treasure. Always look back on and with very very fond yet was. I think it was you know regardless of the year in the month it was with a while back, but what about a great special time. It really was not a lot of memories even as you're talking to. Here's what I'm reminded of, reminded back in the wrestling days and I don't even know how much it is only what you did or didn't follow a lot of wrestling.

Either way is absolutely a and I know your son Brad yeah boy.

He was an avid fan I know that I really was sufficient to her no, this I think an old book of my meeting. You know, I grew up watching a bunch of the old all the great name, but then then the Nikita co-op came on board and on the network like all the things you because I see I don't exist because luckily I know Brad really love my Lex Luger was a part of the company with us as well and currently attended many of the event said that that we be had together and up but here's what I reminded Bill going going even further back than that, you know the 80s and 90s in my career. Just prior to me. There was there was a tagteam.

It was known as the East-West connection is a point why bring this up. They were known as the East West connection. It was Jesse Ventura, Jesse the body. Ventura, you just Jesse.

I was a Jesse really did talk like that brother Nikki.let me tell you something it all out like I was like really Jesse, but then his partner was Adrian Adonis, and they were known as the East-West connection is why bring that up are our connection through this nutrition company became an East-West connection. I was out of the East Coast to North Carolina along with many of our friends David Granholm and Ed and JB Phillips and so many others that you are on the West Coast throughout California right right now and we were in the Carolinas but yet we we came together and just had like you said so much fun building building that business. Now I want to get there in a moment before I do barley our listening audience you that we we thought we brought up your son that you got a lovely First Lady. You got a lovely bride there Bethany right do I do amazing we been there. We have been married 41 almost 42 years you know God though. So what me when we were we were introduced actually ran a long long time ago in an Bethany's and PK preachers. Then after 33 years and Bill yeah I mean I could go on. I can go on as long as you want about her. What an amazing amazing woman you know the backbone of our of our family heart of gold. What we can count our blessings every day, as I remember right, wrong, South Carolina right there were dead pastors South Carolina well. He was all born in Darlington South Carolina okay pastors, he pastored in in pastored in Darlington And Georgia.

It was all over the place and got out of Anderson Indiana with affiliation and so he, anyway. He, Frank, I talked to yesterday's 88 years old and while and actually one of our just thinking about him looking at a picture here on my desk of Frank and myself and Dr. Charles Stanley is one of our dreams was to price Frank.

We took him on a Alaska cruise that InTouch ministry sponsored in range for a little private reception Charles Stanley presented Frank with the letter congratulating him. 33 years. Anyway I could go on and on but got an awesome awesome experience there. All that's amazing to see you as we know, in the South is so you married a Southern Bell is what you all I did.

I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the troop radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today I go off here and I am is to announce the first annual MorningStar, August 27 man time and how would you report yours truly registered early not want to miss this right.

There is a language there's a whole thing about about you know about the language. I remember when we first got married, you know, and you better take a look at my car. She said I think the goal needs to be care of James and I go to what she said all I could mean the oil anyway, here's a right what I tell this joke, like like a really good like you like when I first came to the south it, and it yielded I wasn't a wrestler.

I was a a Rasul you want him last summer's naturopathic that's right that I like how you use that right I do that Rasul and I don't wrestler that Rasul you are spot on that.

There's a whole cultural language here, and it will end at which is, in my view absolutely adorable and is in one sense, right all that I mean come on, you know it unique. You know the love that comes from and and I've never been prior to meeting Bethany, the story but you know, I've never been felt that much okay and just absolutely fell in love with the people. The added to the hospitality.

The you know are our whole life together with God is God ordained that I look back on it now after 41 almost 42 years and I can just see it.

I unit it becomes crystal clear. That's awesome congratulations are you in today's world. That in itself Tom is a milestone unit 22 married you for 40+ years and so can graduate. Please extend congratulations to her as well and so mixing the two boys I got one daughter daughter Amy as our youngest in her husband David and two beautiful grandchildren and so with this at our one granddaughter four-year-old we gather here for a week without we had a marvelous time together so they're all doing well. The work we count our blessings every day special time of year to do that. Think about it certainly try to remember. You know the and old no praise. I love and try to model my life after an attitude of gratitude laborers everything to do and you will have challenges right now. I think the go on don't think bearing things that just seem to pile on Mike my great dear friend Bob Proctor. I've known for 40 years that we spend spend New Year's together. You taught me the value of creating a gratitude and writing down the things regularly. Whatever interval writing down the things that you grateful for. And boy did that put a plant on on all the things like you said crazy world that were living in right now they are incredibly great perspective. I think they can help people get through each day. Well, that's know you you are a well so of honesty, knowledge, and in and in some things you've learned over the years to say that say one more time for for listeners absolutely an attitude of gratitude laborers like laborers everything you do and and it really is you. It really is true because what we can get you know there's a lot of positives a lot of the glass is half-empty open it. It really is hot and you know we live in a fallen world) and 100 that is challenging for everybody today. Probably more so. Certainly I couldn't remember long time, and yet if you take some time in in the quiet time you devotional time. Whatever it is you do and you you you reflect on the things that you grateful for what is it that your day off in a different direction than thinking about the issues and the problems, relationships, things that are that are challenging. It just doesn't mean I am really in and wanted.

I'm glad you encouraged the audience with dad again are our listeners and that if you'll start your day. I mean a course you can do it anytime of the day rhyming. There's different times of the day I met my Rita devotional in the afternoon and in your even in the evening or read a Psalm before going to batter your readout read some of the Proverbs when I first wake up, but all that to say to drive your point home that man if if if that's your foundation, and in the Bible being the rock in the living word and and and we just we we embrace that we internalize that it does him no matter what I again as you said we were all faced with is a fallen world with a world full of imperfect people right and even the ability to extend grace or extend mercy to others.

If were grounded in the word and and have that internalized manner just seems like no matter what the challenge is the trial or the tribulation, that we seem to be able to navigate life to slightly better right really cruel, you know, when I learned an extension of that from really listening, and studying doctoral family in in and when you listen to Dr. Stanley when he prays you know when he closes the message with the prayer or open a message or whatever it might be that you listen to always starts at the same way you Lord. How grateful we are every every every prayer opened up that way. He begins with gratitude to begin by thanking the Lord learn how grateful we are for and then you know and then goes from there and pointed at did that ever came my quiet time in my prayers. In terms of of how I how you know how you approach the throne right and how how you come to God every day and in that way it's easy to talk about.

Not easy to do right.

You all have to always have to correct yourself and focus on that. But that that that you're trying to change my perspective in my approach things will it's it's it's daily and rewrite its daily effect such as cross daily mental embrace that do that again easy. Not easy, but easier to navigate life's journey right well I want to transition here and and talk about kind of your your your background and some might get the impression that that you yourself are a pastor, but you know but so your wife was the PK, the pastor's kid but you you were in and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but you are up what I call a marketplace guy right so you you've been out there really. If you want to say exercising or flexing your spiritual muscles out in the marketplace as a businessman.

If Tom if I remember some of the story it in your early days. You are in essentially traditional business. It is that, where where like it was a high school, college, work can give us a little backdrop on the very early days of post education drain tile from the top right number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show men on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration declaration for a gift of $50. McEwing is wrestling with for $100 more will include a signed copy of his newly updated tail of the ring.a lot.donate today, so I go and graduated from there with bachelor of science degree in, and this was back in 1974 and I really I really did that.

From the standpoint of wanting to be employable. You know, II wanted to have a ability come out and get get employed out of college and so I came out as an entry-level programmer and Griffin and Diego area school services cooking back to San Diego and began began to work with different companies there, but but that was the 19 1975, 76, and that kind of timeframe and and I know I picked up something that I and I'm sure you know you hope everybody loves what it is that they do.

But I look at it. After about a year's time, and I thought boy. I'm not sure I want to face the rest of my life for the rest of my life exactly infill. So again you know you you you know you can never my good friend and mentor Bob Proctor always said you know you can never connect the dots looking forward only connect them.

Looking backwards and and so I would look back. I look back on it now and I thought you know that attitude gave me the opening to to the opportunity of owning my own business now.

I never I never had him growing up I never had any orientation that way.

I was always pretty shy and withdrawn, and so the idea of starting my own business being in my own business was something I had to learn in an again and I think were a product of our of our environment right so much that I look back on on the key people made a huge difference early on for me and teaching me and helping formulate attitudes and habits so yeah I came out in traditional theater and then transitioned into employment yeah which is which assistant which is where we met with where we where we where we met up right you know and and in in that world you know you are not introduced you an MBA legendary that that was not tongue-in-cheek or just a nice cliché, really. I view you your you want to see your status in in the in that world of business ownership, entrepreneurship, you know at the time and in for a familiar term was Solomon in which which this term. You know takes on a different perspective depending on who you are, but I've always been a big part proponent of of this industry. That's the industry of network marketing. And you know people have different views of that block on that note, you have made an entire career and been one of the really anywhere you've gone from what I'm aware of it.

One of the top top income earners along the way. But more important than the money that you earned that impressed me time when I met you and certainly wanted to sit in on any time you know you were you were doing instruction in teaching and was was your your loving your your interest in other people in your desire to help them be successful so wasn't just about your success. It was how you embraced others that newest person and how you had a desire to want to see them be successful or as successful as as they wanted to be calm and get talk for a minute minute or two about your your experience and in that industry and Ambien entrepreneur you absolutely well you know it would definitely like you said, a lot of people have different conceptions and attitudes and opinions about that industry.

It really I learned from the mentors I had on that industry is is really a people business, and a lot of people associated with products and services and think like that right but it really is the people that and so again I had I had a great portion of of being mentor early on by a gentleman by the name of Dennis Beecher and and Dennis his wife Kay actually ended up introducing Bethany and I because I under that industry as a single man in 1975 and but I watched Dennis you know I studied him and I watched how he interacted with people and you can learn so much right if you study and you are you learning you observe and and I watched how you treated people and and I watched how he reacted to people and and so in that you know that I'll just fit who I will likely there's an old adage right that says you can have anything you want out of life.

If you first help enough other people get what it is that they want to man up gas now be filled for that right man up show on TV sure to check out* for real talk with real man is sometimes real women with real stories. Stories like staying left my PA syllable red Super Bowl quarterback and many others that morning.* and and so you know you can I make a spiritual connection right in terms of of of what what our Lord did you know he fed people hunger for many talk to him about the spirit right right and so he it was interesting how how I could see a parallel in that you if you really got to know people really got to know who they were what they were about an the challenges they had the skill set that they had you can help people then you know translate that into some form of economic success in this kind of an endeavor. So it became really a relationship rock Bethany Knight became a relationship business. It wasn't. It was a business where where you know you gotta get your eyes off yourself and get your eyes on the other individual person. So we just we follow the leader. We followed some of our mentors and done that really well and in following that not too many years beyond that.

Well, actually was a was a great friend of mine who is going to heaven and Borrego Senior Dan Dan Borrego was another one who I I studied and learned from in terms of how he treated people and and so that kinda became our our our style you know and that's certainly different. I mean people can probably share a lot of different nightmares of people, they run into in this industry or you know associated with whatever and so you know people are people are definitely different and but but we found a unit we found principles and we found a style that is really for and it was it was about putting putting other people first and then you know and then working working like it all depends on you and praying like it all depends on him.

That's been a very good very great combination and bring you guys and and certainly over all for well over four years and that it even if Smitty in that industry. Yes, that's correct – so you know. So for those listening out there.

Me, I think. Just hearing your story Tom. I at least I can hear your heart and in and I believe in our listeners will will as well that that you personify what you just spoke of, and you really did help a lot of people long way and obviously if you spent four years plus in any industry, one must have a passion for it must love it and enjoy it at and/or or your good at it. If you get to spend that length of time and you certainly were, in my view.

Anyway, what one of the best of the best of the best and I learned a number of things again from you and be a part of that in and enjoyed getting to know your your family and you mention the breakable family of course became a rake of the son carried on the tradition of of his dad who you made reference to Anna so you know we just we just got a couple minutes left here.

Believe it or not it's amazing how this time.

Time flies.

But size 1 and I'm glad our paths crossed. You know, through through that industry. In the matter for Ulysse out there no matter what view you might have. You know there are a lot of people like like Tom L Kazin out there who have a heart for people.

It weathers that industry or any other industry that that they may be involved in who just want to help people and you personify the what what what Jesus talked about. He came to be it income to be served. He came to serve Tom and and you personify that soul thing. Thank you, my pleasure well and and and so you know, I know you're out you're out what you relocated to Las Vegas now that we live in now that's correct so you're out there and and and just enjoying the latter part of you know and enjoy life in your well deserved it, to say the least, and in so I look forward to it. But if I for some reason OC on this.

I do have, and I look forward to just rubbing elbows with you Tom and and spending eternity with you in that lovely bride of yours in family remember other. I hope you always been special in our lives. And you know even even in the connectivity of how you stay connected with. I mean none so impressive about the man Nikita the man how you've always reached out to us and we volleyed enjoy God and appreciated that about two and a coarser, your ministry ministry is even even personify that and in this place that even in a greater fashion so well. I really appreciate it.

I just try to take a page of yearbook leasing. That's the work connectivity and just enjoy celebrating you know whether it's it's your your anniversary you ever your network marketing or or just yours and Bethany's anniversary and Ed about birthdays or anything else that comes along. So well are they so great to have you on another man up show today you you are a man's man in and I know you helped so many people along the way and I sense so you can help even more into the future. So thank you time and thank you for listening into another episode of its time to man up to him again for another great interview – this show man with beautiful law is made by the grace of God. God bless.1.the cuticle fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S. M. C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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