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Jeff Tankersley- A Man of Many Talents

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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February 19, 2022 1:00 am

Jeff Tankersley- A Man of Many Talents

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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February 19, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode Nikita speaks with "Jack of All Trades" Jeff Tankersley. Listen as he explains his road of life from being a business owner to his walk with Jesus Christ.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."

- Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
Truth Talk
Stu Epperson

Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network man up, welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back, and/or welcome to the map showing the cuticle of yours truly. Once the Russian nightmare should do it now all that was nightmare. That's right does storming the gates of hell and I've got a special guest on the show with me today. I'm excited to have this man. I said that every week I think you know a special guest. But this very special and Jeff Tankersley. Welcome to the man up, show.

It's great to have you here with me and I said a lot of times on the show. Welcome back with something like, I forget that you know somebody might be listening for the very first times I just got remember to say welcome welcome to the manager, but this is your first time on the manage show and absolutely let me put you in the spot if you listen to any of the past episodes just by chance I are you ready to be so well you you going to knock is the audit so you are on it so I guess the show will be the first one that will lead you to listen to all the others right, perhaps something like put together spot right but you but hey, Eddie. What I will let let's do this job. Let's jump into the idea. We got we have some history just for the listeners out there because you have a a very storied background.

I mean you are your man out in the marketplace of the words you're out there working in the marketplace, but you also have some wrestling history will talk about that there's a classic story. I think that we can we can talk about.

Of course, and then Johnny Cash… I'm to let the listeners just let them hang on that for a moment, Johnny, Johnny Cash, that the famous the legendary country western singer Johnny Cash. We have a story to tell.

You have a story to tell about that, but we see that kind maybe towards the end. So let's first jump into telling our listeners, our audience who Jeff Tankersley enemy. You're out there in the Tennessee, the volunteer state right. See, I want to boil. Boil them both the country so just always had dreamed a dream or mount biggest mouse 23 worked at David's until 2015 started 93 and looked at me with the 2015 sold the business service that they did know what a good friend of mine is CEO of the goodwill and he contacted me about a loss prevention position that he had available so I started at department not been with them now for about four years and the lock changing their family. Being a business owner working for someone also be able to help people in the process.

Yeah, and that it is different now, so there's plenty of people out there listening that can relate in terms of being one of the other or both. I mean you you you had. I know, as we have talked to got to know each other over the years that that I will call that Dr. Tenorio spirit to where where you as you said at a young age 23, right launched into your own business and and so you ran that but that is different writing is different. As you said, working for someone else, but it sounds like what you're doing is going to and giving back to the community. It is something it's very rewarding for you know what goodwill was work see and what we do.

Do people get a second chance is what the thought.

Think about things that handicap that great job for them is really going and you see that gold stores these people working in building the future that have sent back. This means a lot of biblical people in this was enjoyable about being a part goodwill and I never thought I would enjoy working for someone this been a life-changing decision for me that I really enjoyed for the past four years and I don't think that mail that I would take you to the business world, you know, and it was a member because if the opportunity, but not of course the business that I was the armored car service.

We yellow seven days a week and it was a stressful business. 25 employees with transporting valuables every day just whenyou worry a lot this job here worries not there at the bit benefits without some expanse yeah diocesan, just let me just a quick recap on that. So for those maybe didn't catch catch that self so on armored car kisses.

I member when you had that dive I visited up that way.

A number of times and Kristi D.

Yeah, we doubt we do have breakfast, lunch or we have a meal together break some bread together in it and I and I remember I remember the kind of the pressure you are under in it and that business rolling up to other businesses in handling large amounts of money we will go to all those details spot at his people might imagine seeing those armored vehicles rolling down the road and knowing what what they contain.

What's in them and and from armed guards to everything involved in that. I could see easily where that would be super super stressful but let me go back to goodwill. For a moment so so because I'm kinda learning something new here is wow so good because in my mind, Jeff, and in many, many, many other many of the listeners out there may maybe thinking you know you drive by, you see a goodwill store, and I think I all I go in and you know get it insured for two dollars.

You know, instead of $50 or whatever. I don't affect some of my children love going to goodwill and and in finding the bargains and all that but what I'm hearing as beyond getting close and other things you might say at a discount. So you help people restore their life or give a me as you said a second chance. It I'm hearing you what we do that we come in the way because that's what worker business so the donations are so great job people that need second chances that there are two sticker handicap is a hard time out in the workplace.

So we create those jobs and give them dignity to get out the successful and that the back of the family with a lot of success stories is just one of those things that no one really ever say they think the CEO makes times of money, which that's not true really and and and I was rumors all work there about goodwill and chaos are working there and always tell people who have died out, we can take you to let me walk you through our stalwart that you see what we do when you say it makes you a believer you don't plan why certainly made me more appreciative of what you guys do so. And in that you bring up a valid point for whether it's goodwill or really anything else you hear hear all kinds of things about all kinds of people and businesses and whatnot and sometimes we just just take for granted that what's being said is true without researching right in finding that to be true today. Very few people do any any research any homework you know and to really dig into the truth and see if what's being said is true, all you mentioned families. Jeff, you have a family right. I do okay, tell us about else. My family and daughter $28.21 grandchildren are good granddaughters month old Jeana also have a great-grandson man and throughout my last name is Tammy I married Tammy meet with Mary married 10 years. My mother passed away a few years ago my best to live in doing whale starter as much time as we can. Well, which is important families important and congratulations to only on the grandchildren. I know all about that got got to nine number number 10 going into double digits on the way, I'm guessing thinking number 11 stuck to be far behind. My daughter Colby just recently got married and I anticipate they get the phone call any day, any day escape. And guess what you know but the well that's that's that's phenomenal. I know you have a beautiful family and and mentioned to you at the opening of the show wrestling did you did you are watching wrestling, green tile, carpet right now number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were required and will hold that against you by the way, I would say what I never became a superstar even wrestled made it a much out of zero okay and… You know that the big honor for me was probably well. It was a big break when I got to work with you will West Virginia call me to be part of this event was having there and you will be wrestling with you. Hello well course I'm nervous and I think the first member the first. Not I'm kinda caused by old empty so that we went out because it would be happier for both Opie say we had a great mansion is one of that today is my house. Best memories are estimated working with you back to back shortly looked West Virginia we did Williamson West Virginia writing Saturday and went back to month after I did it again and is just that is often time I member, or cell phone) I think that having to get Megan out Taylor the, there are now rest of the cuticle up also decided that which is such that's a cool memory in for sure is self so calm when the wind okay Holland how old were you when you got when you set a watch of us are getting intrigued by it in and you sell your childhood heroes and then at what point did you decide to be wrestling. Oh, I was wrestling the reagents and 11 years old electric motor worldwide wrestling you know it and I mowed a good one. Still, school, and I would like to do today that when I first get involved in wrestling. I sure to store the rest of you to come in there and always had. I get wrestling if you look at any kid you not only 170 Tammy no and slowly turn 18 may call my 18th birthday. I called the ESA.

Well, it's good to get together with thing's trying to wrestle one and 86, 86, and low history about us that when I was 10 or 11. I had surgery. The wire my neck and nontimber and the doctor said I would never do become a context for Miss basketball, football, anything right, but I was determined to be a wrestler and with God's grace I did not not not have any injuries independent St. Louis was good to me. I did go down to the couples awkwardly and when I got there I don't know the atmosphere and guess what I seen wasn't what I wanted about my oldest daughter is born down there yet is the assassin and so I got there and I member working with the matches together and I just I just was saying was just too fast-paced for my daughter was officially just born by letting three or four months old and I'd schedule and all this I felt I just keep laid my daughter the schedule, you know, I just decided to them independence and moan promotion for a while and work with got Sherry Mark Taylor Tony LC just all the other names I got to work with the bring it to follow patient and just just feel mom just started got quails shows real mail for network company together and going back to all my archived VHS tapes over to the computer and be going to call matches that show and have the same before you know that the only fantasy shows one stare at the so I'm excited I get Mr. together. Hopefully the next month I have it ready to go, well, well, let's see that entrepreneurial spirit, but that's a great great history though so the great story. See you thought well here's my chance is my shot WCW get down there. It's a little more fast-paced than you thought. In fact, I hope you will use you broke in at age 18 in 1986, you know, I tell people, 1986 I had 454 matches what about fast-paced Jeff right. Do the math on that what you're at right now everybody listening goes that's more matches than there are days in the year that's right more than one match today to to Jeff's point that it wasn't fast paced back in those days, a much much much different business entities now and so age 18 man you have this career are just real quick.

So you mentioned resting on your childhood heroes in the course. I'm I'm honored that that you told the story about wrestling me who for some the other guy said that you wrestled then. Good night. The garden is a stone yeah yeah roast very fun always so many that appear more so many out there that I will work with white light. Yeah Sherry Mr. Martindale see you made me for a while. Told him of her career to do some work with her see a lot of the names of wrestling you yeah that was Larry Biscoe.

You know, a lot of them. There is the best thing Larry last summer we would forward it out with.

That's awesome and that's one good the people I work with I have remained the friendship that I can't call and we were talking they would fly Rick son David now are brightness really talk about a week coming.

These different amounts wrestling sorority right you understand dresses like a sorority right so in a sense you know I said this and made it close that they'll camaraderie your cauliflower Alley club.

I mean there's a lot of the legends on the old school guys and some of the newer guys that that you know there's just that there's just a different connection between between the pro wrestlers right you so well, pretty phenomenal. So you got to your marketplace guy you you you successful entrepreneur nor with your own business you are working there for the good well but you get interesting. At age 18, you have a run in a career in wrestling even develop your own promotion is quite a story. Jeff and add it. I'm excited to see what what you produce here with that with all the footage and and you know all all that you captured back in those days, and in and what you produce, for I know the lot. Old-school fans out there because I'm out there doing autograph signings, and legendary. You know the Russell constant and a man I meet a lot of old-school fans you know who say I wish it was like you know like it was don't know that I will ever go back and not taking anything away from the you know the talent today, but pretty pretty amazing. Pretty amazing career yet you mentioned that someone I wanted shift gears here just for moment, for we talk about Johnny Cash what you mentioned, you know you said the good Lord so have have the always been a man of faith and hot house that translated into both business and wrestling where you go to my church and I will wait for map one portable option as many right as many do you know I have a lot of the deal. They say God speak to you spoke to me of the circumstances in my head Little League about to go through with my business partner, did know you know you your your your we get down and you don't know really how to get back up and I had a friend of mine. He always asked to go to church, not always, Jan Nolan, really. I didn't want to go but I just did warning that keep estimating Kurt so one year I met him at the bar and there watching karaoke coming out that we are just giving us a call me know what you leave me alone and he called me to answer the phone and the next thing I know how got knock at my door and he came to get you close are you going to church. So what the church with him at morning and I listen to the message and set the just hit me and I miss a Sunday.

This is 2008 I would miss a Sunday church… We'll vacation and then we watching online, so I met every Sunday. I'm not perfect by no means but none of us are way off, but about things and I wish I was thinking the way that up like a male, 30 years ago. But you know sometimes you left this gift to last for you. You make decisions in the motion. A lot of times that the church shall never forget.

I went to speak with the pastor and then how do you know I had this business and things are going, not going so well my dear a look at the little album that I have pictures needed to smack so I don't owe you to get excited because Karen said that was yesterday. Yesterday you told me that I thought while you got I got to get a whole new vision revealed no end in God first in figure out what was next in I did a little documentary that they details about the strike like I think that he and wondering what it meant to be able to reach out to some people to maybe going to situations if I commit one person that that's worthwhile for me someone to tell my story and not have any reach out to me that this thing that that has got me swirled me well and that's an amazing story to me. In 2008 you did you encounter encounter Christ.

I guess in my mind what I'm seeing is a shift from religion to relationship right in your counter Christ and everything changes your whole perspective on life changes and I found even for myself. 17. October 1993, 11 months after I left wrestling you know that I went to the altar, got on my knees surrender my heart and life to Christ and everything changed to my motivation, my motives, my my perspective on life. Everything, everything changes as your testifying to today as well and will that's a powerful part of your story, but I do want to. I do want to fully run out of time. I do want to talk about Johnny Cash. So in addition to everything else you've done and are doing and add it as a man of faith, which Johnny Cash right first pretty well known that that you know he he ended up being a Billy Graham Rev. Billy Graham's platform many many times he had had in his own encountered the set him free from from past addictions.

In the latter part of his life. He was outspoken about his relationship and his friendship with Jesus Christ but you have a band right take a minute or or to just be brief, but sure sure the Johnny Cash story to mom every.

We go back. I had a band and becoming up on stage and go so I started doing okay with him about the men of mine were to live in concert at Myrtle Beach or fill out. So I went someone to show the felt this lately back and do this, you know better wrestling showmanship you want to be something which is not eager to get hurt, but so I started my own band cash revisited. We own Facebook and I'll head-on it open up Johnny Cash's brother Tommy said.

Ultimately, Sammy Kershaw, Merle Haggard, son Marty and that man, so also Ashley Campbell for her and not think that man would look at how to explain that I got a lot of this coming year about so we kind of candy think I got will show a lot of golf – and will email Sunday guy with outstanding you a chance to get on my Facebook pages get videos and all about what we do okay to cast revisited that so they can find you on on on your Facebook page. Yes, that's amazing. Did you live see I see I haven't seen it like that. I want to see a live man, but you will have to come out with you all I know is you still be some video. I like dad's amazing and one up mail. Let us start with life you live Jeff, what a story okay with printed bread bread toasted asked Pastor Brad Joseph W. Bryant grabbed little Ricky Morton back 2006 unit coming to work for me and my company and living with me for a while and bread. And I remember he came to me you try to break the rest business so bad so depressed and discouraged thinking you dug the time without notice on a real big gap start wrestling with one of the best and the thoughts of what he should do that all the business will become work boring but I want to get the rest business.

My advice to him what Brian located at the wrestling side.

Keep working for you to plan B for last. Got there about the church say the pastor and I'm also proud of yesterday. Great great great key. He sees that fact. You know we talked about people heard all about man Judge, he actually came last week only about yeah yeah yeah yeah we had incredible counter at main camp of your man 18 years older go to man Lex Logan I co-facilitate. We didn't talk much about that today. But yeah Brad Kaman was greatly impacted at man camp and but Jeff, as always, ma'am, were rotted time. What a phenomenal story you have and I can't thank you enough for being on the man up show today you are, you epitomize, you could be the poster child from Fermanagh.

So is you that there was on chromium but you know that you are free is that I'm a cuticle out the cuticle out the top to God be the glory to God the glory Jeff Tankersley the man up show tonight again for another great episode of man up. God bless you have a wonderful day yesterday public service announcement coming soon it's coming it's coming. You haven't joined the man up radio show and/or the man about that new man up show on that right for if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see the adoration of McEwing is wrestling with for $100 more will include a signed copy of the ring a lot.donate today.

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