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Al Argo- Missionary, Author, Speaker to the World

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 22, 2022 1:00 am

Al Argo- Missionary, Author, Speaker to the World

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 22, 2022 1:00 am

Nikita sits down with Author, Corporate Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Missionary, and Children's Author Al Argo. To contact Al see details below.

Al & Coli Argo

World Missions Ministries

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris shoes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call. It's time.

Welcome back another episode milk you to call off your your host for its time to man up. Hey the Russian nightmare. Once the Russian nightmare. Now that was nightmare in the studio with me today. This man probably needs no introduction but I introduce another last and how our goal welcome to the man up, show thank you. Nikita is a pleasure to be here this morning what's good to have you here and great to have you in studio because you're not only not in studio. Sometimes you're not even in countries sometimes I am just honored to see you. You know you were supposed to be with us overseas last year on not only at the Olympics but the week you know we had planned the big NBA event I in Philippines with our buddy Frank Shelton and force Kovic cancel that which can't cancel God and so ministry goes on in Asia and in Americus. I am privileged to be here with you in studio and to be able to see you face-to-face. Hello, it's if you have with each other while in not only in Asia, not only in America but actually all around the world is not only does the man up, show Al air on tutorial network, which was around the country, but also goes up on all the major podcast platforms and and latest counter today. Maybe it's probably more at this point, but 58 countries where outlet will at last last itself so I see that to say you guys are back in America and put you head out. You're not always in America give our listeners a little take a minute to give them some backdrop on Al and your lovely bride and family. Thank you Nikita well for the past 20 years we've really invested our time, our energy resources and just just our our life into Asia and so our passion is to train leaders is first RC so say but Bible says make disciples and mission. And that's right. And so we will see people say that we want to see people walk in freedom of the Holy Spirit will see people discover their purpose and we will see people making a difference not only up in church, but even in corporate America, even in corporate Asia and dies were were just in a privilege to be able to have really spent 20 years 20 years. This month it wasn't taught was because you not just a missionary in me that in itself is is to be a beautiful object can be felt is full-time about, but the soap and the other things you do. Ella hopefully got a cover some or or or at least touch on on allclinics question why they show why the Philippines oh, that's a great question. So Asia the calls is the least reached type for me and Asia and in Philippines.

We spent the first 10 years in Singapore and working that whole area and we still work that whole area you know first for you to work from America in missions in prayer right.

Everything starts in prayer and then and then we had opportunities to relocate into the Philippines. We spent the last nine years in in Philippines and that whole area, but then we travel out from there we raise and release leaders out in other parts of Asia and NC have a lot of fans actually in Asia.

By the way: this is just, you know what this is crazy to me. There were how I travel all it'll where the ruins of Petra over and Jordan number of years ago the wrestling fans and Petra like real like those guys that were like written renting you the camels all all real. But anyway so yeah S events in Asia with a love sports and and sports is that you know this is a is just a great way to not only release energy cannot. It's a great way to connect with people and and so out from Australia to other parts of Asia you know you have fans and and you know that sometimes I connect with you and again if if you not connect with and Katie listen to podcasts connect with him through the show notes you can connect and and he's out you know I'm just so thankful that you and I met actually out of prayer breakfast North Carolina number of years ago and stayed in touch and and and in the same way that you and I connect again, you know you love the Lord God wants us connect with him and and there a lot of people in Asia who know about Christmas but I don't really know the Christ of Christmas and so if I can if I can for me if I can write a book and connect people to Christ. That's great if I can do speech in in corporate Asia and then people get to know me and connect them to Christ are just help them grow up personally or professionally that that's why we've been in Asia the last 20 years will, which is amazing in and of itself and and and you are connector immunity.

You were the catalyst in connecting the cuticle off with tremendous Tracy Joel's we've had on the Maddow show Ms. Tracy Jones on the battlefield.

Donnie Ingram moment. You were instrumental put together a monthly call that we've done for several years now is in all all all people who love Jesus.

That's the common thread, but our book writers book publishers are corporate speakers mean ministry, conferences it's been a great great time. You are a part of the applicant and I want to talk about that too but some of the books you've written some of those things that you've done what you have two to called charming boys what we call got to manage their know their two young men. Yeah, actually, our oldest boy, Alex is now 22. As of two weeks ago I not long ago, he had a birthday and that he is praying about serving our military is actually finishing college in Asia studied. He studied film and media so he's he, I one day can be quite the producer. He's very creative.

The Bible says in Genesis 11 in the beginning God created so I teach a lot on creativity and my son. He's just nice. He's just super both. Both boys super creative, super athletic, the youngest boys. 19. He was invited to join the national team in his sport in Asia but that but then when they found out. Really he has no Asian blood you know they want him to like lie and say you know he's got some Asian heritage, but so he got got pushed off the Asian team because the All-American is all America's only American voice so Corsini and so we got.2 children 22 in 19 and whose we lose we my wife: fees. I've spent the last 25 years with okay so she and I work.

I we we actually got to know each other in Israel so long ago we we were not dating. We were young and single and both all ended up on the same tour bus in Israel. That's really out what we had seen each other in the US okay but not really connect in the US as much and I was enough.

I was in a season of fasting dating at that time I was dating God was everything got really to the end of and then I truth be told, she flirted with me, I'll just take the trip okay oh disclosure full transparency she flirted with me and the rest they say is history.

The old cliché. The rest is so. Our 25 quarter-century later, 25 years. What a great story, though great member to pray for her because she has to put up with me that you are not usually for her because I know you well that is true is generated is your well and I just say this was called to missions at age 9 she noted that she wasn't born a date when I was nine and then she was called to missions. At age 15 and I did know her when she was 15 she did know me was she when I was 9K and how did I know that I was called missions.

I was in you not gripping church got my dad got saved before I was born saga just the joy of grown up in a Christian thank you, gripping his family doesn't mean everything is perfect right right and but but we had it. We had good family.

We love the Lord and my mom and dad and and I'm the youngest of four and so you know back then every church at church Sunday morning, Sunday, not Wednesday night right and its church doors were open, we were you in the church and I miss her speaking on up Sunday night and I was I was nine years old on the back hand pew of the right side of that church and and he made the same.

He said if you feel the Lord is calling you to the mission field you come down to the altar. We will pray for you and I know he was talking about me of the Lord in that service had really just spoke my heart said I want you to do this for the restful height and now when I was not couldn't see well I couldn't hear it here well I couldn't speak well I cannot say my own name correctly actually have a a speech impediment.

When I was nine I have just had some hearing trouble and and so I was extremely shy and the answer but I knew Laura's call me to the mission field at age 9 and he said if if the as I hesitated for 20 seconds and then I took first step in the second step, third step lot easier. That first step was the hardest because I will preach right there that will better improve and sought saga so I hit the AlterNet down and out the missionary the pastor and my parents got around me and prayed for me in and I told the war that Madison got. If you open up the doors go anywhere you want me to go out the green vinyl tile from the top brand carpet right now number one in the reader that had more thing. This is the cuticle wall. One of the limited support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were you would like to place ministries five dollars. Peter will send you his seating adoration and wrestling excess of $100 or more and thankfully you have used up to. We we literally have been obedient and you've done that, and for the listener out there you know as you listen to L story you know it's it's not always that way and I said, here's what I mean by that L receded a man camp and had a man come to me during lunch later in the week and in tears, and he said he was on his morning devotional book that week that we give them should got smoked, God spoke to him and said said Greg you got saved in your head years ago but never asking in your heart. I could start about the heart right saga head dollars. You have all the part and he said I just crumbled my knees. I was weeping.

He goes back and say this morning held regular 69 holing up in the church.

He was most of my life. Your sentiment on the chairman of the deacons so it's not always about your church attendance. Growing up in a Christian horror right attending a Christian school. This right. At some point time it all right we we have to make that conscious decision just like the conversation Nicodemus and that the Pharisee and in Jesus. Nicodemus don't be barely barely send you in a Adobe's don't be surprised you know you must be born again by born of the flesh, but also for the spirit you are right. I wonder how many people spend their life in fact Bible talks about that Bible talk to people who know about God but don't really know God and God desires a relationship.

You said something about a minute ago. It is something maybe didn't catch it.

Let people know Christmas but they don't know Christ is the Christ of Christmas and it is true that to that very point. Or they may have a head knowledge of like Greg did for 69 years, but the story never made 18 inch trip from the head down to the heart have for me 1903 and and and I love your testimony is just an amazing amazing test. One of because you had people praying for you yet people you didn't know, pray, pray for you and that made an eternal difference not only in your life when you think about all the men and all the families you've impacted. For Christ pretty interested. Amazing.

Pretty humbling actually. Okay so so you're right blocks you corporate I know you do not just missionary work and you corporate speaking what looked at cost just talk talk this just to talk to us about that.

Well hundred two. I like acronyms and so I use my last name Argo ARG oh as is really the eight focal points of positive impact leadership site map and privilege. I used to work with John Maxwell all across Asia, we would.

I did his curriculum worked with him will work with organization. You know, and in no Indonesia, Singapore, China, Vietnam going and just training leaders using his material and then through the years. You know I been in age 20 years I develop my own leadership training also trained in sales and influence, because the Lord called me to the mission field.

But then I my undergraduate from the University of Alabama Rd., Todd Colón somebody out there saying hello I old overall you know were number one.

A lot of times, and we just want to keep on playing some football, rolling, rolling all season, so my undergraduate is from the University of Alabama and and so but studying advertising marketing so so been privileged to train companies not only in America but overseas I and influence sales, marketing and and and it's again its biblical principles right but you can apply them until I took corporate work and you see your productivity increase. You see your sales increase. You see, you know E site, we see professionals achieving more relating better growing quicker and overcoming obstacles and and and and and so with obstacles, all of us have obstacles, but some people at those obstacles, stop them and we want them to say no, you embrace the obstacles and you turn them into opportunities and I was so well your your your not a very gifted speaker and author of you have read some your books sitting on and for those listening out there will be sure to let them know how how to get a hold of some e-books for you to leadership you chose is books to eat. You know you've read some of the books but your grandbabies have also read some of the kids books yeah I not the case that so so I just take a little back story so so my friend Chris invited me to Australia.

He lays out our network of churches in Australia and he invited me to Australia. It wasn't probably four years ago he invited me not only to test to speak at their annual event, but he also invited me to do a master class own writing books and sought at the end of that day at the end of the unit 234 days I was in Australia he took, he took me. My buddy Russell out to Russell from Japan. He took Russell and I out to ice cream and got in at the end of of of eating ice cream. My friend Chris got the hiccups and I'm from the South and so if you're if you're up in the South, something someone gets sick of what you do, you scare the fire at 11 talk turn over him and I just I did. He didn't. He never expected it and I just scared the living daylights out of my friend Chris and the whole ice cream shop just stopped but is his hiccups were gone and that became the first kids book I ever wrote is called Chris get the hiccups as was like a Dr. Seuss type brine yelp and then at the end we have educational facts was great for homeschool moms and dads is grateful to kids because they like the rhyme and the parents like you because got true facts about hiccups like there's this man who had hiccups. Charles Osborne had hiccups for 69 years.

I just got some interesting true facts in the back of that book and then book number one lead book number two which Chris drops a bomb so as number two.

Lotta, not apparent she is that far if there there potty training. The kids leave the mystery there forgot where I write offs Chris Barat a bomb again. All the Books Take Pl. in Australia except eunuchs at the very last one good so there's there's for that or release number five's not released yet because were working to get that released in the titles of the other was a Chris I guess they hit Chris drops a bomb Chris and the world's biggest sneeze and then when it came out last year was about burping so Chris said the world's biggest bar. I don't even know the title we find on Amazon. All the arts hand-drawn and every one of them rhyme like a Dr. Seuss type photo now have educational fact take you know and really have educational facts is because you learn we want. We want parents to read to their kids really want kids to begin to read and then we want them to learn and connect reading with learning having fun. I grew up reading and we want to just promote reading and literacy not only in Asia but in America as well well and in the expresses said over and over and over and over again.

I'll say it again, leaders are readers, so the fact that you're so what I say Al is a man of multitalented gifts. It is written is got children's books goes to the other extreme of the other end of it leadership books on leadership and gifted speaker and author all those are just that those books are so much what I like what you said, you know, we don't just want to entertain the kids. All she want to be entertained by the books but I love the idea that you put facts in the back so there's actually some learning principle to be behind the the entertainment of the book itself, and so what limits you. This what what you so what you enjoy doing the most we were taught. Now it's all but a plethora of things here once you said that's a great question every day holds unique opportunity and so I can.

I enjoy connecting with people every day I connect with different people and I do that strategically. I have a system have a processing system that I teach people who you know who want to learn what I'm coaching them with under a corporate training. I teach people how to connect strategically and and with with everyone eking connect with people you eat it with the people inside enjoy connecting.

I enjoy writing. I enjoyed learning to pew monies. Al eight AL is an acronym for always learning. Now is also an acronym for always laughing because I believe the Lord can bring you joy} merely to write for healing are added and so always laughing, always learning course. My mama knows me best and she says I'm always lying couple hello hello that's for John 119 comes in one John when I come there asking for forgiveness.

But thank God for good mom hello mom.

The praying.

So, amen. I pray my moms get me a lot lot of trouble.

Lot of trouble. So I was on the way to Mardi Gras one time a long time ago and I'm sure mama praying we turn the car around without no should pray, let later, we realize are both up house in the car with my friend Jody Burdette shout out to Jodi this morning and he and are still close friends, but I connect with people and and we just enjoy serving Asia you know whether it's whether it's humanitarian work that we been able to respond to liked up the synonymy recent you know the type. What is a Typhoon synonymy volcano natural disaster enjoy everything we get to do well and let me to say this before we run out of time. Let me just say this that to that you're in America you guys are in America currently do not always in America. Obviously for the listener. Like, while 20 years over guilt over the Far East over in Asia you come back to America typically and travel around to two different churches who invite you in, because your you're the sensor chemical offer.

Chris ministries your faith-based meaning you rely on people sponsoring supporting you financially. So churches will have use of your past out there listening, a local church. I would encourage you to have this amazing man of God and his lovely bride goalie in two are to share with with your congregation, your community and perhaps become a partner partner with with Alan what they're doing and impacting the world because you know a lot of people are called to travel the world, but you obviously are the size want to encourage any church out there listening to pastor at the listener consider it and how would how would people find out more about Al Argo about the ministry that sort of thing that's a great question so you're right, Nikita, and we are our focus in Asia is really I don't seem so say but happen. Churches become established, which is church planting and end in discipleship and so we do we do the large you like it then go Facebook and and just check out Asia worship conference. All the material still there and so were planning Asia worship conference.

You know every year and then were also planning a large leadership and evangelism conference for Asia, which is her annual wit which you have a part to play and you are and you sure absolutely, absolutely. And I and so people want to even donate to that ministry. It's Satan that can receive tax-deductible donation for people who would like to get to do that out that you can go to.

There's a URL and I'll give it to you and I'm sure Robbie, I can put it in the show notes but it's not just triple W.yet.DO so. This W missions and so is really simple to W WW.bit.2's bestseller/sales yeah missions nothing from you, however, and and we can get that for listeners and and again we do psycho out. We we are revamping the ministry and corporate website and again at this time but but people can connect with us on LinkedIn so I was on the I am sending on all the books on Amazon they find all the books on audible on iTunes to just search Al Argo or Chris get the hick ups are drops a bomb are issue that you would got doubt the books about about a very real estate moving so I do have a brand-new book called blessed beyond stress, which is all about overcoming adversity, managing stress and living a life of resilience so I in that book I tell my skydiving accident story how I jumped out of a plane. My parachute did not open completely, are correctly, you will hang out of the hell that is all right. We will have time but yet so check out out of a parachute and it not opening completely, are correctly. I learned how to pray that day in the power of the spirit.

I bet you did that I would like my prayer would've been Jesus of government, but up while I'm very fortunate to be in studio with you. You write a lot of men sold gifted writers speaker missionary heart for Jesus, man. It's amazing.

It's amazing to this thankful worked out for you to be in the studio to thank you Nikita for having me today. What a pleasure to be with Nikita call off and die, and just to me was your best friend growing up. You know, I know I want is that how I said a little outlook to Jodi and I watched it again. Jodi was my best friend since I was like well and and now got a lot of best friends. I got like 15 to 20… I'm close to your way ahead of the game, and so this friend friends are important friends are important and so I think in every state. I have not ever say, but I'll be a goal for me to have friends around the world and so but but I'm very close to several several men, including you, appreciate your friendship. Present your mentor ship and and I just enjoy our our monthly meeting that you not been able to do. Layla and I would encourage men and and even even for all your all of our Lady listeners just just connect with God will connect with your family and connect with others in a real and meaningful way to get worded and I won't hold it against you. The fact that you were wrestling fan so the cuticle of thanks are due to did today to the mad up. She all Al Argo.

I hope you are blessed by this conversation. What an amazing man of God. His lovely bride there to support them along the way and I will catch you another time.

On another episode. It's time to enjoy the mad up and/or man up well just one time to man up style. That's right, you're the one he wanted to man up.

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