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Q&A With Koloff- #48

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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December 21, 2021 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #48

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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December 21, 2021 1:00 am

Nikita speaks with long time friend Kirk Talley. Listen as Kirk explains with walk with God and how it's impacted him in his coaching career.

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This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers Q&A would fall off the devil's nightmare will come back to another episode here with the cuticle off as you heard no longer the Russian nightmare. But the devil's nightmare shift toward Todd, and I am thrilled to have on the show with me today.

A dear friend, going way way way way back Kirk Talley Kirk, welcome to the map show a thank you so much Nick. Appreciate you have me on the show man it's it's great to have it when it what I say way way way back I was trying to to calculate it and you can help me with this Kirk 1978. Does that sound right. It would actually 1979 praying we had English with no time like offspring of 1979 I was when I started I got out the first month after high school in with the working okay if it is ever those who know what it is amazing.

Remember that the professor's name there. So what will Kirk is referring to is is our college days. We first met it at Golden Valley Lutheran College in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and that's that's when we first connected right yet that referred connected and so about yeah and so will, which is surprising for some is like waiting at the Russian nightmare went to a Bible college and I'm like yeah what I tell that story. Kirk and Mike. Truthfully, I didn't go to learn about Jesus went because you know that the time when I went they were the number one you know football team and in in junior college football and and I knew several of the coaches at that time and it and that was my motivation for going there on a high school that will long to hold our paths would cross the tell W a little bit about Kirk Talley at lovely bride of years that the beautiful wife your stereo, but just tell tell folks a little bit about who Kirk Talley is your early days yeah my early days. I grew up in a Christian home my dad what a pastor and is retired pastor now filled out counseling well into his 80s on a weekly basis that I grew up in a Christian home certainly had things that I was doing that work appropriate, Christlike perspective grown up in and out of high school I met my wife when we were both in high school we knew each other were and we are blessed to stay together throughout for your pre-which included that Golden Valley Lutheran.

When we had nine months will we didn't date but I got back together there at Golden Valley finished up there.

I played one season of football at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington at time it was a NAIA school and I played for a man named Rocky West during the just impacted my life more than anybody other than my parents and my wife and so he taught me how to integrate my faith in the coaching and that's what I've been doing for the last almost 40 years, neck, and will talk more about that bulimic. Let me know me just get interrupted there for just a second. So you and you and Terry go go all way back to the high school, like when did you first meet Terry.

Well, I kinda went to a crazy junior high that in the town of Bloomington, Minnesota. It went off all the students and that junior high to three different high schools, and I stayed in touch with some of the guy that I went to junior high with while I was in high school. They started palling around with Harry. He became a Christian. Early in her high school years and I thought we cross paths quite a bit in high school so we got eyed each other, but really didn't start dating until I was high school and just working okay but then would print primer with a good friend and you know Trent, yeah, well, he helped, and now getting carried within ago to think then there your St. Cloud convince her to go to Golden Valley Lutheran on that's how we ended up staying together because it was probably more Trent than me.

I think inventing her to go to the Bible, junior college, Golden Valley, Minnesota.

I try let's see I think back on those days. It is so so many memories and the but it's it's so it's interesting I'm that's fascinated via you guys know each other that that long and and then hop. How did you. So what what was Trent.

The reason you decide to go to go bellies woman yeah yeah Nick, you did it all interesting to have the 2020 vision data that we have now, but I would I would not really a great student in high school. I didn't like school anymore so I decided that by the way, yes, I think there's a lot of football player but I wanted to go to peel you become nephropathy from ninth grade on my parent had visited their yeah and that my cognitive play for them for him in the early to mid 70s and he couldn't stop talking about the coach but anyway to make a long story short, I got it there but it was conditional and I said my pride get in the way I'm not taking some classes. No credit running Lambert map but anyway to make a long story short, bottom line is I chose to work instead and I was all that I went to Normandale which you know Normandale. I know history I was going to go there play tight and tight and I and I was set to go there. Good old Trent called me up that don't go to Normandale and have no high school number two want to come up and visit Golden Valley and so I went up there on a Saturday in October and met the coaches I had got recruited one iota high school in nuclear staff and we know and love spoke to me and that's crime and I was smitten with Golden Valley Lutheran in the football program in the coaches and the players had no idea what I was getting into that I committed to going there in the spring, rather than even late in the fall was that excited about yeah well that's a mix well and you talk about grades and stuff that was another factor. The main reason want to Golden Valley at high school was was back prior to your ear be there coach or bird all Bill Burke who Bill Burke was the defensive coordinator and and my first male mentor in my life. You know my yeah he was my seventh grade football coach in the first romance for those who know my story to my dad up and I was three, so I had no male leadership by an coach, Burke was the first want to take me under his wing to seventh grade. It's oh so it was a defense according to visit there was about four or so of the coaches from Robbinsdale, where I was going to high school graduating from that were over at Golden Valley at that time and he kinda convinced me to go over there but Grace was another factor of carousel I did.

It didn't dawn on me to like my senior in high school that you actually have to have grades to get into college, like for really be my athletic ability, and the fact that I'm up a football stud just won't get me into every major college in America well.

Unfortunately, no so that I stood and fully apply myself until my honestly tell I junior and senior year.

I just enough my sophomore year to kinda escape my and I got into my major that's what were really certitude to excel for it. For me personally, but her brother so we can answer yes to going back to those those Golden Valley and by the way, there's only one other person in my life. Just so you know is only that I consider a friend dear friend.

Others only one that I've known longer so so you're the second longest second longest reigning dear friend of mine, of course, you probably remain a woman referred to the far from you now but Mr. Pelletier, Tim Pelletier, their yeah and Tim and I actually go back to high school, but we play football together. Robbinsdale high school and and I met him in 1975.

So how your early high school years.

My early high school years he played quarterback there in high school. Then he played quarterback for Golden Valley sure he was another factor why want to Golden Valley so there were multiple reasons and and I like yourselves the audit. I grew up being a PK for those who don't know that that's that's preacher's kid, Ray.

I got up will be to begin so I try to sleep through every Bible class. I had the family you can probably picture that are.

I did the same thing when it was Luther's class is a hard heart and soul of that place really badly enough.

I miss a lot and clap.

It was such a soft-spoken man was Isabel Basey that he was a football coach to see what is is a soft-spoken man.

Oh yeah, except for anything. Our victory is in the large either krait my gosh God what what are some other okay what are a couple other favorite memories you have from Golden Valley okay, I've told you many times over the years, but you know we had team both years I played that was ranked in the top 20 in that year.

My first year there and 79. We are in the top and and we had really good football players including yourself and anyway one of my greatest memory was Saturday morning we were at home. You and Jill and Palmer got a burger would come down Bam Bam, Bam Bam down the hallway to Trenton. My room down the door jump on the bed start beat the crap out about the entrance going and we watch Godzilla and Johnny Quest before we went over for a pregame breakfast this year until I use all all and for those who don't know, let me just so they may not be familiar with the me Justin or Jack so bomber Dan Johnson went on to play about a eight or nine years for the Miami Dolphins and daughter coach Don Shula and and was a tight and and and whatnot I will.

And then on to Miami and thought I was sick and you probably never better and I didn't catch, did you get your test on the Super Bowl heat. He did get the last touchdown that Miami coordinate dad's job to the ball bird.

The bomber he and I played a against each other in high school.

He was a wreck high school I played against them in high school to yeah yeah and and then Scotty Burger was a teammate of mine in high school from Robbinsdale, Scotty Burger, linebacker Evan had you said Joe. So most people go. Joe, who well, let's enlighten the audience to who were referring to.

He would later become known as is who Kirk the animal they had a whole Legion of doom road warrior that survived the yeah the whole world where actually we all played college football together and try to picture that Manville barging into your room and we yeah so so thinking back Kirk to to so animal and I before we ever entertained the idea of being professional wrestlers. We were actually performing body slams and an elbow drops on you guys all yeah but here's the thing, and it was that first English class when I met you guide my head and play ball with y'all but you took me and googled all the same guys were in that class except for Scotty Burger yeah and we started walking into the classroom. You and I with our sunglasses on, as if we were the web connections guiding got the new style weekday (here, man said, so I don't know if you remember that God but I do I do. I do remember the guy never I member this struck his dad for the wrestling fan out there the East West connection was was just in the body mentor.

That's right just event that's right, and Adrian Adonis East Coast Olympic the East West connection so we would mimic or imitate Jesse the body mentor Adrian Adonis, East West connection strutting in the Bible class XII oh my God will. Here's one thing that you brought up right I will never get there. I remember like it was yesterday. My wife probably disappointed that I remembered it better than other sex of our wedding day walking I'm walking down the aisle with my bride. After the wedding and I look in IPU and Bradley sitting in the back row and I start rotten when I see it picture of it in our wedding album just to the body's drug doll of the aisle on the wedding day looking at repeated: read Radley all my God is wrestling is had a profound effect in many ways, and the obstacle to I'm still soup picturing the cartoons in the ad prior to our our pregame breakfast and and and barging in on you guys and in mauling you guys yeah you know here here's the interesting thing Nick that I that I thought they would always call Trenton everything that you got never send it to me and was more GL than anybody you're here early on because current had a strong faith are the reason I chose to go to Golden Valley because I knew you would keep me in check.

Yeah, and entrant did not where you think you have a very kind and gentle guy but you could generate football player and so I think that Joe kind of family.

I got sort of picked up on that he would different right so he got picked on a little bit not enough to disrespect a member right was an it was all in just that I think there was a Connor respect for Trent because he walked by state yeah but you know the other guy didn't know how to deal with it and throw that's what would happen at that policy at 2020 vision later. While it is just because you Jill came from up from a Catholic background where animals was from a Catholic background.

I essentially came from no church background anymore learn, assuming you know, we attended a Lutheran Church is at best. When I was little living in Minneapolis. You know we were CEOs we were Christmas and Easter only crowds part of that crowd at best, but but I look back, Kirk and I clearly I can look back you go what God has a sense of humor I end up at a Bible college in trying to sleep through Bible classes, but the nevertheless seeds were still be implanted right Caesar still be implanted in and just to be around you guys who grew up in that and to be out a Bible college at any but we get to what you doing and in modern day fast for the modern day but did have one under one last favorite memory from Golden Valley. You know what I think putting it on the box after the game was on. You know it. I remember some of the thing in regard on the field but an online at the thing made of Circle be unbroken after the games a lot of times and things like that.

And those are some great memories for sure. Is it Seth and I know that you have the conference we played in a course you know we were like clearing like some tonic Christian football conference right at me. We were just in no we just regular regular football conference, but we were the only Christian school yeah and in the absolutely. I remember in self with other team suite we get made fun of.

In fact, I remember my freshman year when I fractured my leg up in up in the thief River Falls.

You know that the other team you know you harassing us the goody-goody boys from Golden Valley, you know, because everything we were not a Bible college, but and we love we left it all in the field that weekend and as you said we had some very dominating teams know Downton write a note bus trip were long because there back when the speed limit was 55 and in our conference.

We I think the closest he was three or four hours away.yeah I think the fall 66+ hours that are absolutely on the bus, yellows are some long bus rides but some great times of fellowship and so when you mentioned the end all by the way, so you we would talk about your lovely bride Terry but you have some children to yes sir we have Britney, our oldest who is married and live with her husband and two kids up in Connecticut where her husband is from and then Christie live right there in Roseville. She's got a son as well there in their mid-30s now though, were getting up there. There we get up there and and you guys live in Florida sunshine State. Yes sir, we live in central Florida writing and before we get to do what you're doing in and how our folks can follow you and and so you mentioned going out to the Tacoma Alta Washington PL you Pacific Lutheran and now, but you you spent almost 40 years in coaching so didn't give give a quick snapshot on on your coaching career. Yeah, you know I started coaching part-time there in the Twin Cities at Bethel University coach there, and it recruited me out of Golden Valley and chose not to go there, but he yes me to coach and sewed started coaching there. My first gig doing defensive line and out we moved around on I was a graduate assistant for a couple years might first all time paid position within the college head coach that's pretty crazy. That was 1988 just turned 28 and moved around the country.

This had job here at Warner University and been a huge blessing never ever would've thought that idea had coach for 26 seasons throughout my career, that's for sure. That's, that's amazing, silly. So you tell telephone to go with the college are currently at. Yet I met Warner University is a small Christian school around a thousand student down here in central Florida where about an hour from Tampa Bay more about it. 45 minutes to an hour to Disney World okay and over the course of got that just a few minutes left Kirkwood over a couple couple highlights on on on your coaching career. Yeah I would say that first highlight is my eating young man that I recruited in high school and then they leave and get back to me just say how the good Lord or that I impacted them and I think good Lord Holy Spirit working through me impacted or influenced their lives and how they either live or holiday work with their kid. It's just interesting. Probably a couple of the guys that have been the biggest pain in the butt on and off the field during their time underneath me at the head coach are probably the guys that I'm closest to where it had most contact with over the years, so it's sort of crazy how God works in mysterious ways. That way if some of these kids that they got caught drinking have always been a Christian school for my first gig in our this or that happens. I got to meet with them and anyway that's gold or some of the highlights for me. And certainly we won the conference many times of awful lot like teams as well but that we we want a lot more gains in the plot that's been a blessing as well.

Well, I think Kirk in and in reason want to have you on the show simply because of our our long-standing friendship and more than anything you know the. The impact to what you just said the impact that you're making on on young lives. And you know for the listeners out there. You know Kirk Kirk is a necessarily a Nick Sabin per se. You know are on the awe in the limelight on on the me on a major platform. However, my Kirk, here's what I want think about years.

I think here's the Scripture comes to mind when he finished his last will be first in the first of the last meaning take a guy like Nick Sabin, who is this is by all accounts. First, right hobbies, right outside right at me.

He's got it rolling with the Thai right so he's a man of notoriety. But here's Kirk Talley who's don't say who is given 40 nearly 40 years of his life on it on a smaller scale and on a lot lesser platform less and less known by by by the major audiences, but nevertheless making as great or even greater an impact on young men's lives, because thank you remodeling Jesus for that and add eventually.

I picture men in heaven because of what you modeled as as a's use of these young men. Kirk in and out you know just about such a love in my heart for you.

You brought packs of great beverage today like oh my gosh, I completely forgot about that.

But some great memories and in and kudos to you and and and I hope the listeners are going and look up your collagen and follow your coaching career down there in Florida man, such as such a pleasure to have you on the show today.

Thank much grabbed my friend well and and much continued success and and more conference championships is my prayer for you and not to so that you can build your own accolades, but Lord, as the Lord gives us because your you're very incredibly people. I'm sure can tell incredibly humbling and in that sense God says clearly in his word that he'll you will build the platform for those who walk humbly before him absolutely yeah and he's going to continue to give you greater and greater and greater influence on many, many, many more lives and so appreciate you and in your lovely bride Terry and your family think Nick well today on the map show Kirk Talley head football coach and making a difference.

What are you doing to make a difference like what he liked whatever chosen field. You find yourself in whatever endeavor, whatever, wherever you are employed by you working though so on, onto Manor work is as though one to the Lord.

I think clearly you can see Kirk is working as though unto the Lord, even though he's employed as a head football coach and so I just want to encourage you and/or challenge you today. If you don't yet have a personal relationship with Jesus, can I encourage you to make that decision today. Wait no longer wait no longer pause. Even right now.

Whatever you thanks for tuning into the map show will on another.

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