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Q&A with Koloff - #35

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 21, 2021 1:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #35

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 21, 2021 1:00 am

This week, The Russian Nightmare is joined by Eddie Staggs of Troy, Alabama for some questions and answers.

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Hi this Voyager man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you.

This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would pull off the war. Welcome back to another episode of Q&A with co-loft questions and answers and if you listen to any of these segments, you know that you audience get the opportunity to ask me the questions and that's how this that's all we roll on Q&A with Cole often with me today. I got Eddie Staggs Eddie, welcome to Q&A with Cole off, thank you for having me while it's great to have you here and thanks for making yourself available and I know we first connected it.

If I'm not mistaken Eddie through twitters that right. That is correct yes or so I have people reach out to me to twitter through Instagram through Facebook. Almost all the social media and so I'm glad were able to connect and I'm glad that we can have this conversation. Tell me you said you up in the central time zone so where do you reside.

I am enjoying Alabama Troy, Alabama, where will you know that that well where you where you near you in southern part northern how about only about 45 minutes south of Montgomery K. Maybe I'll word north of Dothan. Okay so I've heard of both.

I think of actually wrestled in Dothan probably had now that was a big guy was the fuller territory. Back in the day right yeah railroad Robert Fuller right yes Robert and Rhonda stable okay Armstrong Suellen bullet Bob are excellent but out-of-court yeah, our talk is of wrestling history there so some of this is out there ago do your wrestling homework x-ray.

Those guys are, let's out-of-court yeah and Alabama. Eddie said I got asked you this question because I know the state of Alabama is divided. I am going to ask you one question okay even though you flip the table here.

No one is going to think au naturel about letting you know that I am bit of an anomaly and Alabama quick. I don't go either. Either way, okay about Van but I don't really have a preference.

I attended a small school in North Alabama Jacksonville state okay and I am a fan of them and go like I said I'm a huge football fan, but I don't really have a preference is for them.

Okay well I do a lot of folks out there do.

Yes, I mean I'm in the minority. We did a we did a a few years back up our families on reality show called preachers.yes my youngest daughter Colby which which my thigh thinking still find a Netflix throughout it's out there somewhere. Anyway, she was dating this guy. I like legit like and so we we did an episode where I took her in him out for dinner and and I knew he was in Auburn Tiger for right and Ed so where were just kind of small talk, you know and wait for the waitress.

Come take or not I go now I can't remember is that I go I go, hey Jacoby Colby tells me you're you mean huge football fan so you you love Alabama comes to type all my gosh. His eyes got big and so was ratified about that. I mean, he looked at her like like he was set up or something.

My mom was like the homecoming queen for the Auburn guy like super devout I got I desire lab I got.

I I actually don't believe you didn't know about that.

I was able to do this, but if looks could kill your little expression while it was legit. It is now in the past and in the state now is yeah I don't usually go in one way or the other, but that what I thought… Right so now I have that I have, though actually been to an herbal game which is the big one yeah Auburn versus Alabama good friend of mine.

I will say for the record, good friend of mine is easy graduate and a booster and has as a beautiful suite there at the at the roll Tide Stadium and so let's learn. I've actually been to several family games and and one of them being the the iron bowl there and in email in a I love you grandma got he is. He did not know that he several times against them, but yeah I don't hold that again. I don't expect you got there listening you're an Auburn fan told against me, or longer, so you down there in Alabama and Eddie will keep you busy and Alabama manager restaurant restaurant been in this business a good good while promote your restaurant. What's what's the name of it okay to rebound at Ruby Tuesday in Troy Ruby Tuesday's well.I have been a patient of Ruby Tuesday's.

In fact, really. Do you have one near you wait yes have to do it is near me. It's been trying to think if I had been by there in a while Psalm, assuming it's open. There have been a few close yes 30 hearings on the close door to close. Yup yup so so but that said, I have I have frequented it.

I've enjoyed the salad bar and in oh yeah the garden farm and garden bars. Some of you so I have been to Ruby Tuesday fan, so it is for the race all plug to Ruby Tuesday's.

You tell your ownership we got there, I will do that. I gave blood three flogged that's right, so Eddie so so you're down there run to the restaurant in live in Alabama and how will you been resting for been in the restaurant business close to about 25 years probably okay. Oh well, okay, so 25 years.

The restaurant business and then we connected that because of wrestling I think. Yeah, I would probably got to have a lot of wrestling follows that I got okay with old-time God Apollo user. Some some classic names out there at any quick favorite memories of of of wrestling.

There will I don't know.

I used to go to a group of the Birmingham area and I got about well okay Russell and Bella that well I'm not wrestled in Birmingham just a busily building secure even in acute hearing of 1986 arrest of 454 matches what crazy like the extent so well. Tell me okay so let's let's flip the table then okay so so were talking in your opportunity, ask the Russian nightmare some questions. Question number one. Let's let's roll.

Question number 140 okay I know you yourself as the key to Columbus Europe.

It will break anything. It is your official name.

Now it is my legal name legal name. It is my legal name is funny because people say is that you really think I need. I mean, I knew that wasn't you were born a little research has some idea is summerlike okay but that others ago though think that you see the brain will certainly go wide is that your birth name of my glass a different question and I Joe, and the like what your birthday my go you know I can't give you for free. You can buy the book or go research and you figured out so anyway so I don't tip the story now been the Russian lady is a convention or something was pointed at you as the door there yeah S&S is.

It was Luther and I we were were in Virginia where an autograph signing and may I hear this fluent Russian, like all dear Lord and applicable maybe. Maybe. Maybe like nor should go away and she said something fluorescent. I didn't know she says something else and fluent Russian have to addresses and I look up and make eye contact was shallow kid withers. She's glowing like she gets to meet the Russian nightmare right. She's good and she says something else fluently in Russian and eyes looked at her and I got I go ma'am.

I'm not really from Russia. She went from a glow like a halo around her for like a scowl. I be like for really trans transform quick took a step back at you. Your not really from Russia and I dear friend likes like nope nope he sure is. And I'm like, hey, stop stirring it up right. He's got the big stick stood up and I go ma'am I go was just a character I porch.

I got a good job with the character. Well apparently I did and here's the that the the rest of the story of the Paul Harvey that's her. She was eye level III hours you to meet you. I got so sorry she was so mad she I felt sorry for the kid. She never did get an autograph six hours and the hero didn't get an autograph so anyway then I'll they go so yes that's that's that anywhere program lets you play the character so well to talk to her who are not really what she's and she's one of many I can't tell you how many since I have common said man you had me hook line and sinker. You had me so I think that is a real compliment what you should. Right now we you keep up. I know I've done a little research to keep up with modern day rest a little bit of it to a little little bit we know. We know it's not like it used to be. It's a different business now is an recently I was reading something… Something MJ area MTF you know you have the right I don't need a W even healing AEW okay and you compared they compared him. He's a modern-day player okay. I don't know about who would you consider a modern-day Nikita cola. If anyone modern-day hop how modeling like literally right like today zoning of the overall or dynamometer smack down school. One of those guys do you compare anybody's work two years. I don't then ringer promos are. I honestly I've seen a few different posts of the same incident. I was trying to do some some mental recall right now is like for real. I what little I know of the modern-day stop is what fans tell me your stuff.

They provide online and let me well we flip do you think there's some and that reminds you of the Russian nightmare that Lance Orchard unit.

I don't know you don't know me. I don't know. He reminds me a bit, maybe a little bigger than you think is woozy with fixers six, five woozy with AEW is AEW yes or okay okay I was good to say you know the if I were to give give an annual bill Goldberg would've been right.

You know he's some what modern but his mannerisms Terry Taylor who train him. My understanding is your sodium old the cuticle of footage and kinda kinda patterned, patterned his name or I can say that now to say that I do see, yeah, kinda patterned his right. His style well.

I'm looking at a picture Lance is yellow more here than I got a little more what you say. His style of the Han style just before promos and got you entering work, he say he reminds me a bit of you got you at least got he's got the intense look, that's for sure. That's better right next question. Next question.

Okay enhancement talent who is who the jobbers out there who give these guys some credit. You are, you use both terms is back in our day. They were called jobbers, and some is like none other than enhancement, talent, and I'm like oh my God sets out like a sanitary collector longer to garbageman them is that the Bilo company called local to become local talent get well jobbers is what we know may send okay yeah man. There were some good ones that really honestly be they enhanced my career by far as I get the enhancement talent but on number one Mr. number one George South was one. The name always comes up. We got the short shorts out a great worker, Gary Royal was another another great great worker.

He was actually sex Junior heavyweight champion for a while but you know he made a lot of us mean abettors look look really good.

The Mulkey brothers made me look good.

Got arrested. As you wrestlers I Italian stallion, and he was good hand in the rain so yeah there were. We had some pretty decent undercard guys that made us look really good on TV you guys don't it work and about to be the main event. You know some people got it right know about me back to the day though they were critical they they were they were important and I tried, but really honestly to respect those guys really think those guys for for for making me look.

So let's get that probably one more question anyway which you would check out a whole answer we might be able squeeze to an answer I got. Okay, got out one I want to know your run a ministry now. We didn't get into that, but real quick what your favorite Bible story not crucifixion or the resurrection. But any other Bible story. What's your what's your favorite Bible story while Mathers is a few that come to mind them young pretty. You know the Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. Still kinda I call live in the realm of the unreasonable.

I just try to put myself there, so I'm there. He's leading however many millions.

However, many, however, whatever the number was a lot of people right in the course.

I envision word travels from the back of the pack to the front that hey apparently pharaohs changes mind because we see his enemy quickly approaching the enemy quickly approaching and then there's bounds on either side of the sea in front of us and Chris Moses. Praise erases that staff in the Red Sea parts. I'm envisioning myself any be in their like you like. I don't know where I am in the crowd, but either way I'm looking at up giant wall on my right and a giant wall on my left and I'm like you like shuffle your feet a little quicker because I'm not so sure how long those walls are going to stand up you like to get to the other side. You know, so that that's that's probably a favorite of mine, and one other thing that pops in the room. Look, I think once a maybe Charlton Heston. I don't know.

Years and years ago when they made the 10 Commandments and they made the movie old school movie 10 Commandments that was pretty cool and I want to believe or watch it back down but I was was fascinated by by the story will cool. What more we got time for one more one more get out more. More all right. I was watching I rewatch the match around for the wargames match from think it was 92 okay when you're with things quadrant sting squadron you just what David was right against danger. That's what I saw us payingtill he still getting a regular bit PC still mixing it up.

Kudos to Steve. I selected when when you don't like him back up what lay some back yeah here's one reason I will I will never lease a backup for what reason I had pull on boots.

That's one reason I sent back but I know it's a figure speech in the sense of what you're asking. Yes, I have Eddie I people that are going to do you keep yourself in shape. Got one morning you I'm telling you know I I'll say this, I feel confident I could probably get back in the ring and and have at least one more decent match.

I do feel, however, I think you may know better than me. Eddie I think I'm one of the, if not the only guy that when he said he was retiring actually stayed retired. It did make 10 comebacks not very many. Now there there's most of them have dozens of retirement that right and so I almost honestly just want to maintain that that integrity of you know what I said I was retiring without going do I retired. I'm I'm going to stay retired and and and and the way I walked out the way you walk away to my own terms that Ms. only 30 front and only 33 years old I saw was John in terms of that industry had inside been coined if you will you of the Barry Sanders of Pro wrestling that makes for the football fan out there and and certainly in the prime of what would've been another easily 1015 year career, I chose to walk away and and with not let me say this to be brought the ministry someone say this before we wrap up with little knowing that 11 months after making that decision. I find myself in an altar surrender my life to Jesus that I grew up in church, but I did grow up in Russia and grow the church either.

But I am surrendering my life to Jesus and and encountering him and then fast forward all these years later Eddie not been in all 50 states 30 different countries Luxembourg. I co-facilitate a camp for men call man camp in Georgia I'm you conferences and preaching revivals and crusades and radio shows and podcasts and so never in a million years would I have dreamed post wrestling that I'd be doing what I'm doing. And even though I walked away literally I met you Bill Goldberg. My understanding when when when he stepped in when I walked away to give the guy we understand it guaranteed $3 million.

Your contract that's just rest and merchandising.

Everything else so I did the math on that Eddie. I could election I talked about this, I could truthfully say I walked away for probably 30, 40, $50 million or more.

But little did I know I be serving the Lord traveling the world and impacting people's lives, whether through a show like this Q&A with coal off the man up, so whatever else they stay, Troy, Alabama. Have you executed it again and hold all yes you and listen. This is the Truth Network

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