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Man Up...At Man Camp! - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 14, 2021 1:00 am

Man Up...At Man Camp! - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 14, 2021 1:00 am

Nikita is at Man Camp, talking with fellow radio host Robby Dilmore and attendees Shane Camper and Brad Camper, about their personal experiences at Man Camp and the impact it has on men from all walks of life.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network.

This is the Truth Network. Once all world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call.

It's time live in the Iraq war is a producer show podcast working with Ceylon.

We just thought of this is that Ron Paul will allow part of your life side, but I probably I know you like camping comedy series for yourself and just just a moment, but one. This is similar to Cambridge for men to get to do it next week which this is been so helpful for me.

So much for two weeks concerning radio have our boot camps that that we do twice a year, similar to your timeframe and there based on John Eldridge's heart and so similar in that they do a lot of father wounds and identity and how to battle this was just really hard to explain anybody what it's like to be a participant when you have lead and lead and just sat there and tried to soak in and tried to bite your tongue, but it's really better honor in his you know they want to pay here whether all people are so conferences can be with people from 18 years old with a 20 something euros 21, €22 this Week.

Can we have father-son sums 18 years old. We got grandfather and grandson here so what are such as houses are here where you laid all just take all tasks so that no executive should have just come just just rest and see and experience been like so no facility. With this experience been like for you on invitation was started on the Sunday and go through Friday, five days to run after the heart of God and I knew from doing the shows. That would include the right so specific that might be something that we do and so, enough for me, I hardly got a lot early in the morning and that kind of thing that I knew from you guys come to our camps. If you get out there alone with God and you to spend time listening and reading the word as you can begin to hear him that he's to take you places in and show you things that he's really want to work on with you. You gotta give him your whole heart. I needed it was a complete disconnect and and and a lot of stuff is facilitated really well see from my perspective, to truly go in and just mean.just, and specifically Jesus and then the way it was facilitative appetite. You guys have some ministry features. The video something so that were beyond rich to Peyton for lack of better word. What it tasted like to feel completely loved by Jesus.

I mean, to taste what it's like to be totally accepted to taste what it's like with grace being Jesus's favorite really means and then you know the other campers I mean just to see what God has done amongst these men and men that I know I can just tell it never really and you could just tell that was with. Their heart was longing for and acceptance. They felt even after they bear a lot of and and and and yet they they could see the public turned on and amplified and so you it's always in a male essay see what God is doing. Show up and get in on it. No man and III just feel like condor. So good to me. I see all this and so many different ways. I get to go next week and do it now jungle jobs room for you my hope and my prayer is that this is some way.

One just enhance your personal set. Perhaps better equipped to be that much more effective as to facilitate yourself and take. Gotta say lesson I have been ingenious I could talk with any of this.

Give us a vision for this tribunal.

What is asked to do so when you read on any of this right and that we have done here because he's the originator of all. So you just want to know that as well so I can assure you it's it's just like the phase a good way to put it and tasting it is been amazing and I love the way Dave said that the more saturated you are with Jesus right. The more that you can offer that experience to others, and so to be able to come spend a week I will be just you and Tom and with with other men doing the same thing and so sincerely I see any slack from young no people really pushing into God just embracing the process engage in a course amazing staff becomes involved, let me tell you about all the guys that are here to help you in and in ministering to guys and get down on the floor when they be whatever and whatever needed to happen. You can see that I can tell you from export so you can imagine if you're the fast and the next day. I thought the fast is over. Whatever. And so 6 o'clock as I get up early and I had my time, and there's a slight hill or difficulty like the fibers all the difficulty right so as expectation. I couldn't top the ceiling and so was I as I come in the door.

You know there's a sign that says no coffee until you've been released three of our staff guys care about you mostly really well no probably doesn't feel well like and I determined I looked at them I pointed my finger got me feeling that I walk out I get my car keys Mohammed to go drop me so I might talk to me in the same I'm telling you you need to think through what you just did and think through you know these guys are here. They may have loved on you for four days or whatever treatment you like to ever like a king. Just you for no good reason and I go back in and I'm like, man, guys.

Please forgive me that I speak so you got a pastor. Right yes 70-year-old guy so finally the fast is released with lunch and some standing in the lunch line and here comes. He's gonna Do it like a this was a very sincere humble like plan is what I release the guys were was exactly etc. after the call, then I'm at breakfast or whatever and then I get surprised just know should you be released from the fat and saw Mike tell me that so I pray couldn't been more clear. Say no Rob you're not relieved he didn't say he said you can if you want to come with me, you have some real fun and that was invitation that I didn't want to turn down and he if I cannot take another second tell the story. One of the questions that we like to ask guys is what's the truest thing about and and so I liked Ascot was so as I was out there this morning to just what's the true thing about me while and heat it in. Just tell me what's true thing about he showed me he showed me in a beautiful image of Hebrew letters that I me with a man and it was it was Yahweh and it was it was more than Yahweh to meeting. It was more than the clock more than the food more than the trees and the artist reality you have been picked P chosen team just like an glad you mentioned that part of the story because it really is richest moments I had this week just tasting what so for sharing that is your start capture thrill to see what happens. Event coming up this teacher.

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When I was first to that conversation with you when you may not decision it was a personal decision than when you went back back and setting earlier will return accountant is contained in the message over the list just gave you all my dad was born when he, like Jesus, he was 46 and that he lived another 46 years said he was told about Jesus and and and I was kind of a late bloomer I was born I was 34 so I was kind of a late over myself, but Joe was the greatest of your No highlighter could point to those listening how you were impacted this with my dissent have been entered, you can't many many but I have never felt the presence of God more in this lifetime and I know God is everywhere, but here it's like a blanket of 1 million is most comforting thing I've ever felt in my life. I hoped I want to hang onto it for as long as I can never ever want to hang onto uniform and I can't like that I can't smile and I can laughter got me in that it was amazing joy of the Lord. But as you are now will with joy of the Lord with all of our listeners when you experience that can't make him next. jessica just come and experience it for yourself in this walk away with typically different for every single guy in your case, so they should just start with that guy just pounded on for matter. i know you and you not listen. i slept you saw all over you and manna said about you now are you my last question through quick do you you marketplace i got a marketer, you got your staff what exactly manning cook: the baker okay we just need to have staff and absolutely am try something every day i leave her but i got to get them well guys love. this is special for me. honestly, just just humbled that god gave me the opportunity to just play my small part in that decision that that that life changing decision changing your destiny and now i'm excited when you return home house can impact the rest of your family. so ready for that am so excited that i can't wait to tell the guys in the area.

i can't wait to get home but i don't want to leave it, you know, do you really is what this is why i can give you proper your like wild ride in course you have the anointing of all the ministry itself to gabi shane i love you mammy said about you. they should be shipped. thank you… what are our last night's beijing just an amazing week just for the finale to our times, i got i got brad in the house with me right now is my pleasure yeah i don't i don't spend all day in school. intercourse is powerpack guided start with with the usual catholic church of west virginia west virginia rockbridge church is for you up there and to build up our relationship up there and then out over time we talked and kept. there are engagement together learning from one another and build a relationship and eventually became often you will decision one from the bank so ministry continues and sometimes in the corporate atmosphere. you get a lot of static, a lot of churches that were involved with in a ministry to involved with them, the more so i decided frame when you extend the invitation, the main campus and lord of really what is know i want to get all the filters off the guardrails off of my dive off the deep see what is authentic what you have for me now. the man says. i look over religion says not what denomination says i wonder what he has to say with an open open mom no expectation work.

if you send it our secret. i know will be humans on take my hands off the wheel and see what you are doing and so what would one highlight the impact of the motion will impact work for. i never might have ministry and it's a shame on me. and shame on religion because i never felt freedom like a failure this week. i mean i'm talking about. no shame. i know you guys voice said hands in the air. we don't hold any stones referred to the woman caught in adultery and we set a thousand times. but man it was true freedom i display some of the atmosphere have been praying at them. i think the whole us a goddess when atmosphere i don't care what it looks like, but here it i know the actual change in failure. when you drive on the drive on the property. the atmosphere is different. you can't manufacture that you know you know just this week. you're not one of several is actually brought to our attention. i know jerome stratton, the caretaker of this property will be thrilled to hear that he is amazing ministry of his own to inner-city and underprivileged kids at camp and he does here. i Would like your voice to georgians so all what would you recommend this to someone else and when you return back home safe that i would really encourage you to go to camp, actually talking to one of the gentlemen here going back and actually paying someone's lay. my sponsor is likely to come in you because i'll be honest, how many statesmen from penn state. well it's time just this Day from 10 different states all over america just this can't write not had guys come from, i think about 30 different states and europe. so far, but i think of the impact that this this week is made on these men here going back across the nation amended somewhere i can think about the impact is once again be contagious to think about time you really well honestly recommend grateful thankful of it, and i know i was able to witness how you got a package like this week.

i look forward to hearing some free support from government shall bless you men i would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with let's move or die man pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. will send your men with men of god, godly husband's involvement.

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