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Q&A with Koloff - #24

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 8, 2021 11:01 am

Q&A with Koloff - #24

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 8, 2021 11:01 am

He's back! Ronnie Dean Raven - the Preachin' Machine! Nikita answers some of his questions about going bald for his wrestling career, facing off with Dick the Bruiser, and interacting with fans in public.


This is Robbie Gilmore from a Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that work.

This is the Truth Network nephew to call off their questions and answers Q&A would pull off the devil's nightmare. My dear friend, the preacher Moshe Ronnie Dean from out there in Missouri.

Ronnie, welcome to Q&A with rolloff daughter to bear chair that introduction quickly so I am looking down to 300 and I love it I love it I love it. Well here is the format for Q&A with rolloff that the roles are reversed another word on the on the man up, show I'm typically asking the questions, but on the Q&A you get to ask the questions and so they can they can be aggressive related ministry life questions you know if you're ready. I'm ready are you ready around wool. We should hire they should argue for the WWE until you will get in there man a little better work pretty well under a man that may not get you hired, but that they can can't I remember you telling me that we been together almost 24 years now day agreement for Jesus and body slam at the gates of Maryland at the same time opening up the gates of Maryland when you first got the call. Minnesota the professional wrestling that organization they told you, you have to initiate your hair and they did come, you know, looking like Kodiak and that I know you glad Aaron that would be quite challenging for me had my hair hundred 50 years. I voted for Abraham Lincoln, and I'm proud of it. So you know I spent all this time, but how it did you respond if you have any second thoughts are if you did plunge right hand and that angle for that's that's a great crested you did I have any reservations gets his healing and you know Richler's famous for saying, you know he always styling and profiling.

I just want to say for the record, you pretty good job. Once on styling and profiling that hairdo of yours.

I just want to say just about everyone heart yes you do for anyone who knows you are and those who don't fill look you up ago that he's got a pretty good head here there anyway back to the question is really a great question because the you know I back then had kind of the I use the summer may be old enough to remember the old sunny and sprayed okay to highlight your hair and stuff you know and so I had this kind of feathered looked at it, I thought I was such a pretty boy Elisa my own mind I was put but in here so I ready to know his robe were animals, one called me with anyone sees old pictures of him and I together three wrestling days we we were like little garlic two peas in a pod at me.

We both had similar hair flow going on and it is that we are all that and a bag of chips but come to learn, we we word but that said that said, I actually had no reservations for for real because I thought I thought we sent was confident it would grow back. You know, but I thought why not, why not give it work.

In fact, I did it when I hung up the phone with Jim Crockett, Junior that was about all.

So maybe 22+ months before I was coming to Charlotte to introduce myself to him face-to-face. I didn't even wait.

I just didn't like.

I got his buddy Mike Bradley said it was a workout partner, Mike hated to go give wrestling a shot, shave my head gets a get some clippers. Let's shave their bald and you are right you say Kojak you know Kelly Ceballos. You will Brenner I think go along with uncle Leiva Glover about the only bald guys back that it was not involved for the record, rather yeah it wasn't all that popular like it is now, but no reservations. I just thought why not. Let's do it in and then the tears was crazy to for real. I got more attention. I guess because it was so unusual with the shaved head than what I thought I was a pretty boy that's that's even the more I really behind it all. Ronnie I had women like to stroll phone numbers at me itself you know I'm like cut a tongue right there. I don't want great care there and I want to tell your beloved audience here are your great plan. We preach together now right at 24 years tagteam and and will usually go to the church in the same vehicle and the link can be rampant and run it in the church, ran a light gray lightning not want my hair to get matched up in the champ. This edict walked calmly in the church.

I slowly don't affect him at all. The champ Nikita Carlock never had a bad hair day break. It may change as well. I don't I like to say you never have a Hero to place.

Let's just say that but I next question we talked a lot about here today with what what's another question you have burning for the Russian nightmare where I would like get one my favorite story that you tell is when you thought that in the regular Spirit of the moment deal with the router and that I would like to know your exact thought when used within the ring there with him and you'd slammed up against him against the rope and he looked at you and went right at that that credit that 6/12 bullets. Let's back up before leaving pub squared up in the in the in the ring together as him and Baron von Roski in the legendary crusher of the keg Tilton wrestler from Milwaukee who made Milwaukee famous understand. There's that there's actually a a a memorial statue of the crusher somewhere in Milwaukee since emitted Milwaukee famous right there like like Willow like a keg of beer on his shoulders like that got his tail well. When the three of them came to the ring and we word this is Chicago Stadium.

The baseball stadium there and add that if the people were crazy now for for the listener understand. I mean I was green green green branded I'm not owning the noise in the business for a year. At that point and it was Ivan and I and and crusher crew staff in and you know that that the dirty Russians and the Cold War and in the people went crazy and in my view, Ronnie. No disrespect to any of the three of I and at this point, but being young and and jacked up at 285 pounds. I thought we got a wrestle these three old men. We also like that's what what to my mind right. I'm a very no way people get to believe that any one of those old man can hurt you know, the Russian minutes right. The Russian nightmare and then little holy get partnered up with Dick Dick, the bruiser and what we call a six way will all six of us are in the ring and when he start on those punches and added those sound effects and though I like for real. I like I like shoved him like a rag doll and I went over to uncle Leiva and I sunk 11 get that old man away for me. I'm in a kill him because as usual. The punches him like how can I make this people believe that this punches even hurting me kiddo, but man he was so over with the crowd.

He was legendary course in the Midwest and Indiana Dick the bruiser so that you don't I mean I went sailing, and I'm still here in Florida. I have never in my life heard a story like that you will. I tried to figure it out. Will this great grant remedies related what the renter can't handle about what I see as it was old enough out there listening to remember the rock them sock them robots. You know the purpose little button and the art that the fist kinda fly up and then I think the goal was for the had to pop up like right like Dr. Blocker live Robbie said, not the block off and that's I mean that's what I feel. I feel like he was like one of them rock them sock them robots. Iran attacked at around Baghdad on like oh my God, she can't write as well. The wet paper sack Ludlow knock my block off to you so that that that's a good deal.

My one Dick the bruises story does go we are going around that when I delivered you don't need another addictive router that's that's I occasionally run into people actually bring up the name Dick. The bruises I get to tell that one story that we got time for one more question what what you got what you got for Brown champ Gramlich.

Airport many times either taking you are coming to get you and I said.

You'd be walking in the plain end of the airport and back. People have been sitting beside me and go. I know that you and I I know that man from somewhere, and when unit, where I was at date, and say I should know you I know you from somewhere course others know you are in their you know there are static with excitement want your autograph and everything that other two experiences where someone comes up and are trying to figure out who you are because they know they know you are the ones that do know you and what you know your autograph rendition up logging. You have been all over you. How do you respond to both of them. Is there a special certain response that you have both of those issues. Well it's a great great question to seek yet he scenarios slightly different right into all year and is certainly by the ones you do recognize me.

Certainly will more than anything you humble humbled by that. The fact that close to I guess you'd say three decades removed from from in ring wrestling. The fact that anybody still recognizes me and or even wants my autograph or is willing to pay for an autograph. Now you know of course I because as I do a lot of legends, signings, virtual signings and those sorts of things in and selling my books right to block you'll see a couple of my books. In fact, I just updated my last book, my life story added 340 chapters and on and more pictures. So there's more stories and more pictures going cool in and you might want to get a copy that eat here my whole life story. But that said, the fact that anyone what would it way whether they're paying for it or not even want my autograph is humbling in and of itself, solicit, start with that. Totally grateful to to you to all these years later just continually running to such loyal fans of the I think the wrestling fans of said over and over and over again are the greatest on the planet. Certainly, IL.

The most loyal and so will start with that. So grateful. The great night. It got to come to compliment you champ. I've not been directly cramping. They want back in here every day when you graduate. The interviews either look for the rancher after we were hundred percent real compared to the scripted stuff going down now like a soap opera drama. You guys made the wrestling event either before or after the match by your interviews and that it was spontaneous combustion and not something that preplanned or scripted right very valid point. They weren't. They weren't scripted and use the word spontaneous. That is 100% accurate.I was I was I was never, not once ever handed any kind of a scrip for any interview I ever did. That's just the way that's just way we roll back down and that's why I believe it came across more believable and more real for the fans of that era and in fans have really have conveyed that message back to me that that they love the golden era of wrestling the 80s and or a brand-new gambit word are EA, no. A real sunshine really grain through the roof after the sun and I back You are real well. I appreciate let's let me know last last minute to you… Let me address the the other side of the question, which is the one to who maybe don't know who I am book, but recognize me as being quote some somebody and so you know it just depends kinda on the scenario the situation to me whether it's a restaurant and airport order is out in public shopping or something. You're right they can look at you kind of sideways like like a sinner like I should know you are and so you know I just have I have fun with that link.

Sometimes, you know, because I'm like you know like go so who do you know who you think I am course you know when they when I say stone cold Bill Goldberg. I do take it as a personal insult just for the record… Just just just kidding Bill Steve of your lessee out there. I actually take it is quite a compliment that both of you decided to imitate my original look. So I just for the record, what both the primary pre-North Carolina. The audience look like a cuticle all good. I airport guided though I command you got an influence on people no matter what he said at the outset right like that I was a trendsetter. Okay renter you don't tally Ceballos to live in the cuticle if we were trendsetter's okay we can a person as you are so, so, Steve, Bill, thank you for Molly carrying on the bald look but all that to say Ronnie just it just depends I may have a lot of fun with omen. Let it let them kind of you know, just guess and who they think I have a but ultimately ultimately will get to you know, the Russian nightmare. The cuticle often. And then there there there will typically usually there thrilled to me so anyway all year. Our camp believe me I care what their mechanical locker champ is 13.5 well you know your steer stop just went up in my world. I just want you to know that with with all the combat boots. There will be a check in the mail for you.

I made it to print souvenir. It carries your autograph on the chip.

That's it. Jocasta just hold onto it because it might bounce anyway. So hey Ronnie so great to have you on the Q&A today met you I love you (your awesome. I love you. You have a great day always a thrill to be with you no matter what it is, television, radio, talking on the phone or in person.

Love and appreciate you champ well. Thank you. Look forward to the next time we bring your amazing jobless 11, this is the Truth Network

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