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A Viking, A Redskin, A Buccaneer, & A Cowboy

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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June 26, 2021 12:00 pm

A Viking, A Redskin, A Buccaneer, & A Cowboy

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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June 26, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita talks with former American football quarterback, Brad Johnson, who, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won the 2001 Super Bowl championship.

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
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Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner not keyed a call this time they woke him back to another episode of the man up, it's time to man up with the devil's nightmare château.

It's the key to cool off and mad are really special treat today. Listen to this Super Bowl winning quarterback from Marietta, Georgia, to Black Mountain, North Carolina, to becoming a standout at Florida State is a Seminole to the premier football league. The NFL, the National Football League Brad Johnson Brad welcome to it's time to man up. The only show man we going to go along with. The reason we have. It is just it really is truly an honor that they have you on is been fun getting to know you over the years and today let's just talk about cutting your journey today Brad and me that morning Marietta, Georgia, and then you moved to Black Mountain that at some point. Yeah right right.

I'm pretty much grew up in Black Mountain or Kalama about your ass look on the western part and on my dad ran a camp called Camp Ridgecrest to Chris.

The boys and girls in the Christian Cabin was archery him legs and spend the night go camping, soccer and basketball and soccer wars in all this, think that's pretty much grew up in the camps they we won't summercamp my mom was assistant principal at the high school their own high school and rental by school local school their PE teacher always, thanks so always take you the gym I got a ball play with up up at the camp and legislators to say no to give my dad actually started camp when shape at Berry College of Rome, Georgia okay.

AAA also.

So I hope family grew up in camps actually didn't while I'm actually familiar with FSE been on the campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia.

Believe it or not, and is not aware of of it until I was down there for a variety of reasons, with the number of college students working with them in it in health and wellness. So the camp experience you have a lots of experience in camps that that's amazing.

So any memories that come to just really popular like from some of those experiences in some of those camps of something funner than others or yeah on eight week long summercamp when a little kid in The one run spring to ask you to go camping trip with my counselor and now so come in and out, it will be known as the son of the Directors. I told him I was from my Miami treated like every other kid and I get out my first live they just figured out Ethel the camp director you know, but soon it involves my job after it. If you had a birthday they would throw you in the lake after after lunch and in the lake in the leg, stopping your partner tries by age group Apache Shawnee, Choctaw, Arapahoe and Sue yeah and it is really neat is a really neat experience in every Sunday you would dress up like an Indian and they would have a thing will you hyper trail there be a big counseling and you think you can talk to this time okay in the night you all he could say how good oh wow something with that and and so you think saw your your your your travel song you play games within the whole thing. And there's also they do a thing of call ranking and so you how you progressed or not a course which went from hunter to warrior to brave the scout and hope to be backed up a little cheap yet good survey to do that. Yeah that's quiet what a heart that you could ever have. If you ever became a little cheap and that test was good speak for 18 hours yet to build a fire throughout the night with two matches.

If the good work you or even survive you to make the effort that discount high mountain you run a certain yet run up the mountain with two people falling between your competitive path of devotion. At the top of the mountain you come down errata 1500 word essay what the camp meant to you and then you have to work all day. You could speak the whole time 12 at night all way to the next in the afternoon so that is never Been a place of great friends, great respected the close of the word and a lot of great great memory on the Is briskly awesome way to go wow that's it. That's amazing. Brad, it is easier dad than was so was he instrumental in developing that whole the whole program. He any work of the counselor that he is not taken over as the head about the whole Ridgecrest and Christmas were boys and girls okay and so that there, how it happened there but I can't have the kids. It probably 25 cabin boy twin by cancer. The girls got them up so like is coming out to be camp that on. They can branch off and some other things. O wow but you get this massive so the other kids come in for couple weeks.

You were there for the entire eight week right well or less had it went over to I like man I don't I don't like our clean up my cabin every morning for inspection. You know I would go to the we have skills you thought would be like to three children. Mornington retriever is given afternoon and then I got my basketball skills I go to another bath but I want to go to do soccer soccer suck. I have just become an you have the kiddos is on the camp go wherever wanted all you have my to play with and always it seemed like some counsel always got to go to the we but I can't experience wow what it what an incredible what an incredible upbringing likes like surreal and then you said you your dad went on to help them develop the that the chick that when shape the Chick-fil-A program after I write to Clay kid day and that they went to Rick Cambridge.

Chris also okay. They took that little cheap Now talking about above and Danny Kathy and they started the camp with Truett Cathy past, but right but they started A camp when shape as my dad took over from Apple scratching the star that on the back part of Berry campus, which is now called Camp when shape portability, should they cause nothing like 50,000 acres like their job is just an incredible place of people get that opportunity go to Berry College in the special camp also in the one in red crystal, work a camp when shakedown an ongoing Georgia that's that that's that's risk is really amazing that you mention a number of different sports. You were a multisport athlete but before we get into that kinda cut your teeth so to speak. In all these camp for it with the opportunity to experience all of the different sports. It sounds like. I know you try to ride horses you your your swimming you got a kayak your archery plan soccer. You name the sport we were doing it and you would like to square foursquare always, games are free. I also placed her every two months too much of my life every summer your Facebook and for thing out always out.

I lived at Bob is an area free of charge to my bed is really cool experience to be the director.

Even though you are from Miami so you know, yeah, that's awesome Miami so okay so she get the experience upheld these differences towards at the camps and then he eventually in your your your if you're in school so now's not summer time not fall fall winter spring and add you play multiple sports. During those days. So what was football always your favorite or did you like any of the other sports. I know you your big guy guy. I know you play basketball. I'm guessing Yep Yep basketball is my passion.

Okay I never missed a day of play basketball second grade always freshman year college Christmas, New Year's day I was found applicable issues about structured something out or get a few shots and played always lived the playground of Jim the Janzen so basically my goal was to become an NBA basketball. Okay. And as I went home I been really played a year ago, scored 2400 point you not agree to be 6 foot five and I got a good job and don't get you about Gammagard a body but yeah I could score up like a score bucket but I couldn't decide what I wanted to high school to college what I wanted to play. I have more potential.

I was all American football but was also a clear basketball, but all Americans – more potential massage and so many people that, but I was little I potential Benny Testaverde did not hide yeah, but basketball I got enough potential.

Some of my go I really want to fight regarding Bobby Crimmins was a Georgia Tech and he offered a scholarship there for Brad is another guy named Dennis Scott is all-American and you know only play five guys you probably be for the best.

Behind him is that what he wanted to think we can connect well with potential Watson…) I think the bubble is ready come here for just at the bench work.

You think you want to follow your you know whatever gives you the chance of reaching your goal become professional that's what you want to do, but that he got home and played football.

I chose go to for states like Bobby Crimmins make like Bobby Bauman, which is an unbelievable honor to do that all the windward current program you had best, how I chose go to for state football path the town okay yeah now mass you got a couple questions about that to just cut couple more before we can to get there. A shipment asked you still going to be camp.

I did did did you have brothers and/or sisters experiences Sewer where you only real or yeah but for Julie to secure his younger than me so or separate a little bit.

She did so severe that I shouldn't play the sport but she enjoyed doing all the cancer should dinner and a great sister. One of these chillers that saw snuff up a random question here to do a little more even though her friends.

A stubby little research on so so you do you go what you know you said you from Miami, but he also also found that you go by your middle name. Is there a reason why go by your melding Medicaid. I'm not from Miami. I just made up that hill.

I know I know I don't okay just to be clear your rebuke. I don't usually group a black belt in July just for Violet yes yeah yeah I'm in Milton Bradley imperative.

Call me Brad does a short name government without there is a particular reason but not WHAT was now just curious because because my birth name it. I think most people know by now I wasn't born the Russian nightmare to get a call off the kickoff was born in the hallways of North Carolina. Thanks to Dr. Noel and Sgt. slaughter of those two guys are never what a bit in the cuticle above but my birth name IV I II did not like my my first name on the key people hang for those who don't know that I either have to go Google it or or or by by the my newest book on my life story, but but I went by my middle name only because I just did not like my my first name and I like it now, but I sure didn't. When I was a kid in school boy so anyway I went by my middle name. So anyway, just a random question there, so that's cool. What say you mention you mention CEU you stand out in in in high school and that's a great story on how you got there to Florida State down to the sunshine stated and that that was actually one of the questions I was can ask, what is it was hot. What was it like to play for for the legendary coach Bobby Bowden. Yeah, it was also awesome when I went there it was 53 years old games Pokémon high school banquet came into my house and I think he gave us bill last. Of course they hope to get me there and all that, I think, to both questions. Okay you know it. I don't play the best player and I also have a slow year the coach got bedtime without 50.

Older he still live in a by Maddie or yeah that range now right and and so is pretty cool with you when when I got there I think you play. I was school for five years and in my third my third fourth year for state he wanted 200 win which we thought that was unbelievable. And so we had meetings like 130 in the afternoon will there's one day he called a meeting at an early meeting at 1 o'clock and I went about. I went to my my roommate Jean how the genotype holy cow really want iTunes when I think you get a later time. Right now, right, and in what he did. Yet he gave testimony is really cool for football coach at that moment to do something like that and he went on to win 357 or some some games while snow in 2020 years is pretty incredible.

Looking back now, the coach of anybody in longevity that he had lived in a place with their firing Iacocca I, like what happens now right and I just met my expense reports state was also gathered grew up with friends players and the coaches that we had. Yeah, we also met my wife Nikki my not that coach was Margaret and that he had met with her sister after I graduated, just manikin can pick up and play like he could trick me down. The light near the player to but because bit different lightning person does Fulton have now with his sister Nikki. Well, that's amazing in and in that time almost led me to my next question is, I've heard you know lots of different stories about your Bobby about his ill been a man of faith and a follower of Jesus and for the number of the lease, or you just kinda confirmed what you know what I had heard in the past.

So, that's amazing, yet it really cool here with 2013 they named. I think a year name be forfeited and filled Bobby about yeah and on that day like 400 players show up while and that we were all away from the from the goal for the goalpost only to get your lame name to bodied out.

There were 10 rows back in. We want really talking about the 357 games are however many was of national championships will really talk about man how was that's really awesome use I had coaches first class and how much many of us to become either coaches or teachers or mentors while you how thankful we were quite good about himself. It is pretty awesome who live historian is that you can imagine content about Jacob Troup.

He impacted a lot of young men's lives didn't answer me. Yes and no doubt drain tile from the top carbon right that a number one in the reader's choice awards that are serving thing. This is the cuticle wall when I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

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You should drive you drafted in the ninth round by my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings hello and it and so you have you have this a 15 year career in the National Football League play for the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys and intercourse.

As I said in the in the opening you won the Super Bowl with with the Buccaneers.

This is Institute 2002 season you lead the box to the first Super Bowl ever Super Bowl 3087. I think right right over the men in silver black radars is that FF has a big golf and and you earned a second Pro bowl appearance. So even though yeah you I believe you said late bloomer, but man, you really prove yourself in the NFL. One other note I want to bet you before you talk a little bit about that one of the notables I filed was you made NFL history in 1997 against the Carolina Panthers of all teams, where I live now. Go in which he became the first at about player to complete a touchdown pass ready for this for all the people out there listening to yourself.

You go down days that out yet so I have a lot of funny things like that happen to me. That game actually drawback in the past when the 3 yard line and bargain collectively came back to me to start down and I knew I got tackled still to kick a field goal. Make a scrambled and dove into the end zone and it came to a point of fantasy football for the first time anyone ever caught the throne, don't have. We know it was next one SB award that year so cool moment, your headline account moment for my career from beginning to win, going back limit basketball with 1987 I was I couldn't sidenote you graduate high school and play yeah give us talk about the year great assumes you will guide me to grade John Elway Denver Broncos and interactive game for what they want. He said I'm going to Disneyland and so the confetti would falland that they didn't know the neck they wish. And I'm going to do the length of the court, commercial came out so that was one of the factors to you know, being a big big court document so cool. 15 years later I got same thing when I was a Tampa Bay would be token writers and vendors on the face and told my son Max with my wife Nikki she's seven. Have must brag about her son Jake and I got there going to Disneyland for really cool. Looking back on the things I got to experience. No career full circle that's awesome with favor coach in the NFL. Would you say you have 111 to been farming my got what you can get my all had a great quote live the people real quick my card go to Mark Rick Bobby about Minnesota had gotten Jack Burns, Brian Billick, who went on Super Bowl in a green belt. Tony done use with me there gave me a job later ramp up that I had done more permanent Washington that only in Tampa young group in Tampa of Mike Tyson, Minnesota, Wade Phillips and Jason dear Dallas, I was only with headliners and winter Hall of Fame version while unbeliever coaches so very thankful that so maybe that's a.

While that's Hall of Fame list right there real quick retrofit favorite player. Did you have a favorite player to that you played with a man from her fever and whoever was over to get good at is very with got to play with the Chris Carter and Tim Brown, 100 touchdown pass through Randy Moss's first touchdown pass through worn His first touchdown pass and I threw myself my professional and for those who are familiar with the Lord set up the defensive players that's even more impressive, but place on the docket family guy got play with.

I know Hall of Fame through the greatest leader that I play with on the team were John let you get a good Hall of Fame this year. We house with him in Tampa and adjacent with doubt he'll make the Titanic Hall of Fame here in a few years time that that's amazing. That's amazing what we we got got a few minutes left here and at that time just flies on on the show but you mentioned her several times. Your your beautiful bride Nikki, you got you got to Tucson's and we talked.

He already met you mentioned your brother-in-law, Mark Rick, former head coach at University Georgia University of Miami introduce you to your lovely bride and it and and what you sense you mentioned Max, if I buy the stairways quarterback for the LSU Tigers and and got his first college start December 12, 2020. It is what is in the BP under the underdog.

LSU one. The game no doubt it. We have two boys back and Jake echoes Max out of the womb.

Try to be a quarterback and go talk to you about. Middle school, high school teams amend he got the front left again last year and it is really weird minute stand. I can't yell and they look out right.

If I am up to buy my fingernails like every other, and the mother son son Jake. He's a senior this year needs committed LSU to go there early January so it's a mantis it's fun to watch him.

I used to control independent did I know that bigamy lacking control and think where the phones power.

I got less spoken like a jet like a true parent and and and I know Max is a quarterback of the both quarterbacks are just Max Max and Eagle lefty Corvette number 14 LSU the Jake. I tied him so I don't think you have a blog or catch pretty good and well, that's awesome.

Well if it helps enemy not this about by play tight end in high school, college, in the head halfway decent career lot just love catch the ball back Mark Rima quarterback, where are our team had the most, winning the best winning record in in the schools. His hundred year plus history and inducted our entire's team that you're into the Hall of Fame and he looked up at the banquet detailing his best answer for blog only, marking best answer for blog no what you mean was I just knew I all I had was getting close to you and you would catching it didn't matter where I was and I go that's quite a compliment. I appreciate that. So while limit.

Let me ask you this Brad what is something for our listeners up to what is something important that you want people to know about Brad Johnson. I was fortunate enough to achieve about every thing I want to the Natalie I went through every high and I went through every low winter envelope from being benched to be in Boone demand far other thing and so I think one of the greatest thing is unable now winning the Super Bowl of going through some tough times where I'm really fortunate now that I can share all of those experiences in one of the greatest thing that could do when I get done I didn't know what I really really want to want to be a coach by Kent College of Pro guy I want to be with my family coach my kids and what impact those around me and so on.

The big thinker may just be that make an impact on youth and really just come to be in myself and may never share the stories of the good and and that's that's why wake up every day hoping to tell any story like that and some are very thankful for my wife Nikki and two boys and all the friends and people that impacted my life.

On the summer camps and all my high school coaches Kenny Ford Bill Burroughs and a very very very very black well and and I think… Probably since that adjust your story today and what you shared with them. Brad and I don't in the time that I've gotten to know you and been around you. I could just attest to that in and say you have such a hard for people and in a in a tenderhearted man. I appreciate you being on the show today is been such a joy interview new for the man up showing what will you come back some time to do it again. I love to reach up and I'm all drywall hey thanks for tuning into it's time to man up today Brad Johnson Super Bowl quarterback with the Tampa Bay Bucs tutoring again next time you're going to hear another great story, God bless everyone have a wonderful man. I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less liver and I am pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your manhole with God godly husband and God do you give them your blessing them.

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