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Boxing & Baby Oil: Homer Lee Gibbins, Jr. - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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June 12, 2021 12:00 pm

Boxing & Baby Oil: Homer Lee Gibbins, Jr. - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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June 12, 2021 12:00 pm

Boxing legend, Homer Lee Gibbins, Jr., returns for another conversation with Nikita - they talk about his first boxing match at the young age of 6, some highlights of his career, and more about his life as a husband and a father of seven children.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast distorting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call.

It's time to welcome back to another episode of it's time to man up with Nikita cool off and I am I am honored. I feel honored to have back as a guest again today Homer Lee Gibbons, Junior world boxing champion in the Homer welcome back to the show again. I would greatly appreciate it.

We know first time around. We we we covered a number of things and we talked about some of your early life and in being a wrestling fan and some of the guys you you remembering your story about being in the audience and cheered me when I was wrestling staying the woman essentially threatening you didn't stop was was a great story appreciate that I've heard others like that in the past as well, but that's a that brings back a great memory for me is I appreciate that memory jogger and we talked about your family and I didn't really ask. I know you get seven children and we talked about taking my mission trips and those sorts of things and they all live around you are or the kind of spread out all over where were you children live in my mind to RRL and they are 2928 and they live within 1520 minutes from us and we have find a home 1513 1110 and four California, the four euros that's what we always say then there was Mr. okay you biggest challenge in soon.

I came home one day he comes into the kitchen, drops of water, air, she cut off the side of her. She liked blaring siren someone on all okay itself, so she would be you. Sounds like she is your biggest challenge out of all seven AAA give me the most trouble, but nothing is mischievously heard nature right right absolutely now looks like me as funny those who look like me and mom won't like you just getting back what you deserve all payback, paint. Oh my goodness well I don't know if you can identify with the snap of my youngest daughter Colby when she was little and Bob that 84456.

Everyone thought she was this like my spitting image and like you like walk like me in her eyebrows when she squinted her eyes. She still kinda has dad's dad's eyes in it and of but fortunately Homer is my fortunately she she grew out of that and she's blossoming to a beautiful flowers so she still has some of my characteristics but I like to say 40 doesn't doesn't look like she did like me when she was younger.

So well so just don't know grandkids yet to grant granddaughters my granddaughter my daughter okay and and grandchildren or our special day. They are, I'm learning to embrace hard when you have a young child home in granddaughter that older than your daughter is so unique, there unique ways in there. Yeah yeah so well grandchildren over my so we just had our ninth grandchild, and so are her my quiver continue yeah yeah wow is right is try to member birthdates. I got like I used to have. I have my four daughters birthdays down the match. I remember all the grandkids birthdays this stuff is been more challenging, but I'm still working at. I'm still working so there were an Arminian everything in my phone.

My phone with them in trouble, you and me both on my eye I can identify with that for sure. I'm like you because down guy don't have you used to memorize phone numbers right. That summer listeners might not be enough to know you did that. Yeah, we used to memorize phone numbers and I met. I still know my mom's phone number.

As you know, 612-588-5946 and I just you know just from 50 years ago and you know you just remember right phone number you don't by the way, don't call that number because it's not my mom's anymore. So just for the record, I don't know who will answer, but white Homer wheat we talk to. I hope you didn't mind, but you know at the end of of our last show I rattled off one of your poems. He said that was for your wife what was beautiful by the way, I hope I did a good job and things were going. When you meet someone new year. You have all been emotionally going clear and right heart and right now the flap about her and I put everything down down poetry. Maybe one day my kids.

Kerry didn't feel like I was filling a family member, mom. Yeah, this is Minnelli film in every box and then in in front of millions of people" through their own hopefully have something to look at place well I think that's phenomenal to me.

You know that that the buzzword especially man is still leaving a legacy right want to leave a legacy in your you're certainly doing that if if if not with your poems and we we talked about how you not only accomplished poet, but an accomplished artist brought from from snake's sculptures to drawings to two to painted painting and so there's no doubt you have made well use of your hands.

Homer R. Craig aggregate demand. Well, yeah, and this is something I want I want to talk to Sweden. Talk about another way. Use your hands. We been kind of jumping all around it, but we had really got to it were were going to talk about your your boxing career. You mentioned on the other show about to kill you children a mission trips amoebae going on mission trips every year since I think the 1996 right when you've worked with.

With the use that at Oak Hill Baptist Church and in Griffin as well since 1996.

That's amazing. I got I got asked to go to mission trip I would like it okay I know you you can you they don't that it work and go the box to rescue right yeah I got a new miracle really you swing, if I will miss me perform the gospel.

Okay the unique way. Wow, and then started to become involved in your I have a drama background gradually outlines school and scholarships right in the heart and so I start tweaking certain things they did in mixing drama director. The group of you that traveled the country and present the gospel in a unique way and some of our stuff on YouTube so critical that that's pretty amazing while I am you have such a story really life and in career and so let's let's segue into how else you use your hands in your boxing career. I know you said you had an amateur career. From 1976 to 1990, and then then you segue from 1990 to 2007 into a professional career stuff. We just kidding when he said, like when you came off the couch of the flying head but your dad a Satanist can take you to jail, and in teaching box would be in the shape is like that the realty or how did you why boxing what intrigued you about boxing talk to us about that. He took me with their own independent legal into the gym and smacked in the mouth and me won't equip their foolishness. When I went down there that Wednesday and I enjoyed it. Doing I doing in the ring and he said he will we've got a fight this Saturday.

If your final fight when deftly you will find the one and only six years old. What sex yeah yes okay, keep going and when they brought me out to the ring.

I won't tutoring just like you guys do for wrestling and then music playing like this for me. For me, and I actually lost my first bite you the land and no skill yet because I got my own good."

My elbow is the guy, but I mean Yahoo is 21 million.

Then I learned actually out-of-the-box. Over the years when the regionals three times and 125 one 3247 I went event only goes fine here in the preparing for his fight movement in Italy and now I phone that night you guessing on I grew up with me would be a good friend.

Okay, we had a bad beat each other up and I bought what we still need rest after the fight would it took a while for a while but now without right okay I love you guy really did you not want to talk and then they want to get you. You never can do it with Samantha saying violently embellish right and this is right.

Yeah, Mama good friends now and 11. I look for. We had the front load event only manager trainer call me that Mike gave me his card and said, give me a call if you want to come up dry cleaning can't in a manner to me see your give him a call so that summer ID: he invited me up at how calm hopefully that Homer 2020. Okay I knew I came up to start Thomas on the contrary, and I have for the contracted vendor to vendor look at it. No sign of country.

My attorney said his country no good is this hormone will do. I'm going manager career. The man of my career for the first three years. Kaman okay good thing is that he is like a bandit boxing in the business of box right foot to understand the business in the boxes and mail.

If you don't affirm the country when one of the promoters and they don't care if you make it down then I can mill your money to most professional sports. But yes we have moved yeah so I have the opportunity fight the world boxing progression title is a God me great fighter Kenny line PHQ again during Brownian and where I am together woke up while and then they gave me if I would Kenny line. They assumed he would be in reality were given the amount in the seventh round. I won the title Wendy was found the title allowing find a more number to invite business and I will you fight this Disc at home with them only criticism of 5430 got me some money and only what I got about this bill, no matter what it was. The baby will promote me because I wasn't under promotional content would bill okay I understand the end of boxing and realistically right to file it was a learning experience likely follow God and be Cason. I just want to find a give me enduring matter of my own to fight the love to be in the ring road making the fans happy.

So I am wrong here, and I'm looking to record you look at first a look at your amateur record so far listeners 226 wins 23 losses one no contest with over 100 KOs over 100 knockouts, 15 Georgia State Gold glove titles three Georgia State Silver glove titles to regional titles. The only fighter when the regional gold gloves and three different weight classes are you those you listen out that you get in the picture here my pain to pick the best boxer in the state award best best boxer ward in the region award. A bronze medal in the eastern Olympic trials in 1980 green vinyl tile from the top carbon right and stop number one. The horse had that thing.

This is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were not for the Russian nightmare here for present automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson at present automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle, she will place where you live is always right there with right place everybody drives aggressive.

You should try present Homer. That's an amazing amateur record you highlight or something like a person always gives me a ability to get okay. I was going to condition my neck. I should never pull now that we look back and Dr. go over everything will I am not go to national competition be not compete well and like I'm poised to win the whole thing and just look amazing with Elvis and like I just come unraveled about it was just because my neck wasn't allow me to do things because my mouth Emily asked to move, move, yeah, but it wouldn't be any. I think my Monday I will get on to me that you give it your best equipped think about week is up. You remind me of something about me, but with my neck but what is that we refer are you referring to like it like you had. I guess you had on a how recent that you had admitted to in order to boxing even admit it.

You are that you lied just to show how much you love boxing and against better judgment because of that condition in your neck that that could paralyze you write yeah are you horny 25 years old. You don't think about long jeopardy knob tent, 10 foot tall and bulletproof right Homer. Try your bulletproof and then you don't think about things alone. Take it wasn't what you 37 years old my son, my son coming in September that year.

Now they will say you can intensify from the wall. Title: the title and then I had to go on Judge Joe Brown even give my title my belt and boyfriend article think God is anymore and I was like, had us.

I think another thing all the time in the Bible God to the people who were extraordinary right right you just common people will use the fishermen you collectives right yeah right you mean think that you and therefore regard to the work and often more stuff for God and I thought that if I got on the national scene and was able to pray to God will win more people to Christ right but he used me more in the small group teaching kids drama and then traveling the mission in your mission trip. The Emperor did well boxes will you remind me of a blessed story again and again because… Through through a spinal cord injury loss is loss 100 pounds and on and he said the Lord showed me goes like you don't need that muscle suit in order in order to you know in order to be abused by me and and seemed on the same token he is done you'll more from them anytime, whether in wheelchair. He has the ability to stand and walk some, but what the Lord clearly showed you don't mean that in order to in order to be effective in helping build my kingdom sounds a give a very similar story clearly in 2000, boxing, oriented in 2007 out of the walk away and then in 2013 in Salem diagnosed with a mask below and I will I tell nobody about my health because I grew up in a time where you didn't reveal anything that was a weakness right. This is what you did not do so. My wife came home scanning interior, we can have people praying for you you you are being stubborn annual meeting talk about their charges limit outlined below and his family gone praying and becoming open to find out they said I must've asked for gave the best now and should answer record lineage vestment thing with them alone. The doctor show me everything. You can't. I want to tell yes it will I all I can tell you that I have people praying for me in Romania to praying for me in California and New York, Houston is all of this plan and be praying for me.

You go to cut it out so cancer you did all the testing you said it was cancer. Go to criminality and is not that just screams that God's good username for those listen out. I think the enemy love nothing better than for us to ask.

Keep things hidden or tucked away or left in the dark, so to speak, but once you bring it into the light.

Once you're vulnerable. Once you open up once you let others a mean there is power in prayer. So once you bring those things lean on others and we carry one another's burdens that we can see just see the hand of God, work, and so that's a great great part of your story Homer. It really is God's grace and mercy right just operating in and through us at all times just real quick transition for your professional career.

Getting comment or two from you on that 44 winds 16 losses 31 by knockout.

You beat Olympian Todd Foster, you want the distance with legendary Hector macho Camacho. Oh come on, and you fought Olympian Jintao's Gallic problem say that right and you want some championships give us a highlighter to from that professional group married name some things, but any others you want to find the ring with a legend in the mirror to go the distance and I've been thinking that he would take me out within three round was a great young man like that it went to rural titles and being just being around you grander get to meet Holly Fraser: foreman all the guys I grew up watching them work. I was just amazing them so very thankful that you can't allow me even through my hair is ignorance to accomplish what it boys you got something there mean I think anyone of us can identify with that through arrogance in our ignorance we we all have, I believe those moments and and then the Lord finds a way seems in my life anyway away of ring this `to think you might say that and humbling us right what is quite a career you've had quite a life you had up to this point, Homer. Amazing Rupert here lately. I'm not doing all your your Nada before want to get a four-year-old, so we we we know that four euros get to keep you keep you on your toes that this sounds like oh yes sir always and what you do is so so retired from the ring exist in our last couple minutes here tell us. Those were homers outside of raising children quiver full of children and a couple Rick what else is. Is Homer currently doing what he did for him to work. Ideally, building manager, maintenance work for our well story and also Piedmont hunting gear medical facility and the likely it's a ministry as well because people need my services and I think Carol is opens doors to talk about Jesus Christ and the talk about you know what guys do in my life if I never marry, thereby know that I've got them helpful to you. The way to the when you handle the creative people with back you hopefully that they see it was my children is hitting me absolute would you say your list is up to. Maybe the semi author Homer that doesn't have a personal relationship with Jesus and listen your story mean that if they listen part one part two.

Just all that you've accomplished what which is in 60 seconds what would you say that person what why should they consider surrendering their heart to Jesus for me personally, won't do anything by the book. I want you to try to prove God is real disapproving and you will prove is who he says he is and that he's real, that's good to sit to my knowledge, I could be wrong on this. I hadn't done any steps of research on this, but to my knowledge, Lee Strobel, and others.

Anyone who is set out to do what you just said and just proves that God is not real and and in fact were professed atheist at the end of the day the facts were just too overwhelming and and they ended up surrendering their life to Jesus and you tune in today we get Homer Lee Gibbons, Junior on the show, part two, and listening to a story boxing career world champion more than one time father.

How is been man of God missionary and artistic and in more ways than I can even count Homer it's it's been great to have you on the show today. Thank you so much. I really appreciate well with what we may have to have you back again sometime.

We would you be up for that… Or Homer Lee Gibbons, Junior with thank you Ford for dialing into the tuning into the man up show today in and hope that you were blessed. Bye-bye Homer story and and and from from his side. If you didn't sense any such a tenderhearted man even though he was in the ring.

Dr. Peeples blocks off their head off the shoulder. You can tell that the man just loves Jesus and if you don't have that personal relationship with Jesus and today would just be a great day to make that decision because there is no promise of tomorrow just confess and repent aspirate for God's forgiveness inviting. Thanks for dialing in. It's time to mad men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less liver and I am pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your manhole with God godly husband's and God you give them your blessing and am signed up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email. Remember this. It's time to man up the cuticle fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C.

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