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Can a Husband & Wife REALLY Work Together?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 17, 2021 12:00 pm

Can a Husband & Wife REALLY Work Together?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 17, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is chatting with David and Wendy Graham, two married Christians working in the marketplace together! David runs Graham's 4X4 and Wendy runs Graham's Storage, both in Kannapolis, NC, and they discuss Christ in their marriage and what it's like to work with each other.

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This is the Truth Network.

Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

One slow-motion night. Now the devil's worst nightmare and your tagteam partner cheetah call time the proverbial question is can husbands and wives work together well coming up today. A great interview with a precious couple. Stay tuned. It's time to man up the cuticle of fear. The devils worst nightmare, and in studio today to make easy couple of very special couple in my heart to have these these two in studio with me.

Wendy and David Graham here and elevators welcome you got David and Wendy welcome. What's great to have you guys here all the way up from Kannapolis, Cape Town, as they call it down there North Carolina and so much wanted this jump right into this because you we we met gossip as try to figure out guys. Maybe you know I mean years and years ago through nutrition company called FEMA was called bema back in those days since transition change names, but how many years ago, David and about 11 111 years longer than I think. Yeah, kiss wives trying to calculate when we matter how long I've been drinking this nutritional drink in my mind I'm think it's about 12+ years, but you guys when did you for how long ago did you first get involved in that nutrition company member that February start okay so 1515 years. So we went to Matt. 2009 or so. I think in 2010 somewhere in there when I met you guys introduced and of course that introduction has has led to all these years later, in my view and my you guys becoming some of my best friends and just big supporters of everything I do and shall Wendy let me ask you what initially when you got involved that you keep yourself in good shape got involved in his nutrition company what what intrigued you about that particular nutrition company at that time my mom had just been diagnosed with cancer time. I started researching what we put in our bodies and our health and and about that time. That's when FEMA came into our lives and it was just a no-brainer to get involved with that and that that's what started it. My mom had a cancer research and look at it and push one of the things that I've actually got this on you know quite well is what Lex Luther will talk about him little bit later this week and she had had some challenges fiscal challenges the medical issues and introduce him to it. While after I got involved in course it was very beneficial to him in all these years later him and I are are are still drinking a couple ounces of this every day and the biggest reason he and I are still like call proponent seven or still tell others about it is, is because unlike many nutritional companies, this one did what David 234 clinical studies right, at least right if not more.

In it, which is significant because one very very costly to do. Secondly, they publish the results of it and and it proves whether it works or doesn't work right right and eventually though that that company would would change names and and now it's known as as body prototype okay because you guys are still were also involved whether were just as a as a consumer of it and or and or sometimes the you know if nutrition comes up. I'm sure you guys due to his telling others about it right now absolutely. Less is more passion to help people with health, typically after no nowadays is not right.

Well, in fact, not my main man Robbie who is in studio, always in helping with with these podcasts we were just recently talking party guys coming in today about health in general specially and that the world of viruses and sickness and illness and diseases. We just talk about the significance of building our immune systems records that really went on to it at the bottom line. That's the key right when he would you say the building of our immune system to fight off these different viruses and things like that absolutely think that after foundation. Yeah, I get immune to send that's working the way that God intended it to work yet. You're going to fight off things like a virus that has been around this area and you bring up a very valid point the way God intended. Right has only 90 he created by he made our bodies in gave us the ability to fight off these things if were taking care of our bodies which you made reference to David. It's a big if right there right if were taking care of our bodies so that's a key and will that's all we first made for for those you out there listening and and if you want some more information on this just got a call off.enfold call off.enfold I and L4. Maybe you been looking for a quality nutrition product and and again I emphasized one that's clinically studied, tested and proven to work and so you can go check that out there so we meet through this nutrition company that kind in the sense you might say parlays us into this long-term friendship and and relationship, but I wanted transition now to did not.

The nutrition company but something else that you guys are very involved in you guys, there are both out in the marketplace. Your business owners right you got too many businesses.

Wendy, your you got Graham storage Donna Kannapolis to your woman with a woman in business what that was that like Wendy.

It's challenging sometimes that it's wonderful. I just thank God for our business that we can EN business for herself and make our own decision about you know you are going to support ended elites when I have been so aiming and guidance.

He brings his people every day. He witnessed T's you tell tell about ham and mean Derek Ralston hurting people in the world. Nikita United that right and and he brings his people every day and is just a blessing.

It's just a blessing that we can sit down with people and tell them about why that's what they get.

When I walk into your office there and I know David you got. Currently at a program for my business to call Graham 4 x 4 currently that I know you.

You and I talked and were praying about, perhaps out of you still call to say but you were talking about and upgrading your your your car business and maybe bringing it maybe with some higher rent cars on the lot right you run out that an ample want to walk into your office mean there's the Scriptures on the wall is very evident.

You know your Christian business owners you noble through the cut with the car business, but also went with the storage business. David, would you have maybe have no Wendy just made reference to people coming in every day people hurting and broken course you guys are in a position to not only maybe put them in a car help them out with the storage but really is more in the marketplace to minister to them out in the marketplace, not in the church setting, but out in the marketplace out in the world. What is a story that maybe comes to mind a short story that you could share of maybe some the came in that you were able to maybe either witness to her or speak some sunlight for truth to them. Yeah well or something about how we met this guy.

I think about that until we know we met about 12 years ago and note 15 years ago. Sometimes I hate to kick off you know to keep you know, but I knew you know you like talking with Jesus, we know love him truly knowing that when we met Starkville relationship. That's what I say, really.

I know you notice I'm having let it with Jesus but is good analogy in the marketplace.

You know God blesses us they want, a long time ago. I never forget guy asked me how I can be a Christian and a car salesman same time LOL how can you be a Christian judgment in us, because God is me and give me a ministry here this.

Yes, I'm up. As is my business yet I'm blessed to have a human ministry here a mission field it and if we would just do what he wants us to do and you know be intentional about it and asked for Johnson or someone right. We sit there he sends people to us every day, got Wendy would just say in people's broken. Nowadays now he sends us people every single day to minister to to talk to not listen to, and you know him and tell about but but him. He said the key thing that God gave us two years and 1 mile five there's a tendency we we we talk twice as much, as we listen when really it should be reversed right. We should listen twice as much as we talk, he said key thing to become manic maybe share their heart and looking for a car, but they come in and begin just to pour out their heart to you and and if you if you're listening well enough than the Holy Spirit right God could just speak to you some truth to speak to them right. Maybe mating is your same minister to their heart right when he got to say something when you come up and I thought about building my license can't people come in they are in and it could just be as simple as just sitting there for now I'm just listening.

See what they're going through in their life and understand the Scriptures are on the wall and and they know where we stand that we had a chance to study them how they can change how TSS being in their life and their heart can contain their situation right and that the path of going on to say, it is just a sample it's really simple. I had a couple a few days ago I had a guy tell me the reason he tries our storage facility is the cause of the way I treated him on the phone just being nice to them and just listening to a situation that's why he chose Estes to simple things. Well, that's that's good that you mentioned how God is blessed your business is not and I know that he has.

I know he will continue to do that. Let me ask you question here facial husband-and-wife working together as I don't you like to see if you have the bike for our listeners out there upper spouse will hear from both of you give EEG a minute. Just give your perspective on what it's like to work to get together.

Dave let you go first. What you like to work together so absolutely amazing okay not happy blessing for how in the world is been Emma's damage while I can imagine not all of been hundred 24's day working together limited to working out together and noticed us with a loving note God blessed me with her to be the man of the family noted this is what I desire. Yeah well and add in and we don't, you know, not all spouses can do that or have the same perspective we need to have a little bit different perspective that you like to share Nikita and Eddie is greatest blessing to be up to work together.

David is a wonderful brilliant businessman okay that in the heart of man, he's just sent these to sell Christian redneck and bring him down after an yet we we do work well together. I think that's why God has in they are together like we complement each other. We are a lot different in our ways of thinking about how we should run a business that the foundation weigh in and the main important parts we think a lot alike.

So both you have your feet stand you're standing on the rock Jesus. He had that validation absolutely. So even though you might have some differences of thought on how quick you set out a runner conduct business or whatever. At the end of the day. It works just as you can always go back and lean on Jesus at the end of the day right absolutely. She has one, plunder, forget the Holy Spirit convicted you through me right now.

Well, for the record I have spent my areas that the Holy Spirit does working women a lot more than the effect I feel like God's, but women in our lives. Taking a keen eye yeah yeah like is like of like Manville at the Holy Spirit is like is like directly speaking to me right now. Through this, you know, so I cannot.

I can understand that I can see that we so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a slice copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and reduction go to call off.that's cool off.and the ED and make your contribution for the Russian nightmare here for crescent automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson at Crescent automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle. The windshield place where You Can Dr., is always right there with} everybody drives aggressive. You should try will on that note, let me just ask you this one up and ask you just about to go to David first and become back to you and get your thoughts and something else so over the years.

David is we've got to know each other you know we've we've been engaged and involved in different types of ministries and and in fact they did an interim.

I was an interim pastor for a brief time at your church and tablet you attended other civil things they hear me talk about man camp election. I facilitate this thing called man Campen and up you you attended a man Campen I just want to just briefly get done. Maybe your thoughts and how how man camp personally impacted your life and in attending this account what what would what was maybe a take away or something for you attending now any time that you truly get away from everything the media in the hustle and bustle. Knowledge deficit in five days on the goddess change in it. If you really truly want to do that. Yeah, and I cannot seem to be gone with a man camp whatever and not given hundred percent of what the Lord wants to do an immeasurable but on average most enough for me last for five days all in him and just listen to him speak to me spoke to me in ways that he had in a long time and I just it would do you want to relax yourself to sleep now at the right way is no thing. I got given you directions doing all is just a is an amazing is amazing And I recommend everybody go on Everyman yesterday chicken and a kiss. Many men Lotta man will set a few days sided and dedicate those dates back to the Lord, right. Like you said this is no downside to that right.

If you you go is no downside to whatsoever in nearby's got to top it won't you to spend seven days of vacation. No yogurt is running five days one created everything right. I like to say that you go hunt Bambi for a week. You can find.

A few days ago, dedicated back to the board if all I can get off of business. My job a public you go on holiday for a week you go hunt Bambi for weaker deep-sea fishing. But you can't go spend a few days with God.

We really and I like to see just most men really now what neither. I went and raised why God made up before the man followed man, a house husband all yeah just know when you reach out there and yes God to lead me God may give me wisdom and he will know in any changes it changes lives on. I know it does is just amazing for me and it all up, back and hip well and I would ask about that just a moment, but I want to go to Wendy. Here's a question for you ghosted a tense man camp he comes back home. What would you say are heavy. What changes did you if any goods want to be real here, right. How did you ship on David's return from camp one when he attended it, but it and he alluded to the comes back now serves on ask about that. But any any specific things you maybe noticed different on his return.

Absolutely Nikita, I know I don't I don't like for him to be gone. Any when he's gone. That way, can I ask it's harder that he what I wish he could go more often the calls I do you see a change in hand contesting a change in his past seven for God's word and just hold demeanor on his whole serving in in the chair asked if everything really. I totally see a change even when he had stone and just served and help you out on that other man camp on.

I see a change in hand Africans home absolutely yes you, what would you to the women because Arab women believe another list of the Manna pocket is not just head but what would you say to the women listening out there. Maybe have a husband and a boyfriend, a son, you know I dad yeah but what what would you just state will receive the women listening right now in reference to the man. I would say encourage your husband or sign your brother whoever your dad. I would encourage them to guide the calls when he comes back home. I mean what he's went through that we can and what God is shown in and what thoughts down in his heart. Given that we it's only going to make women that are husband and dad are daddy a better brother Don. I mean it. It only does that.

That's why I mean I would definitely encourage encourage staff and I like to say I feel the women are safe if you give them your blessing are more apt to want to go but I like the fact that you know so David, let me ask you just just just briefly said so you go to camp with as you we thought you come back now you volunteer you serve on staff told listeners just 60 seconds. Tell why you do that when I do that just to hopefully just be a part of what does know know just notice being available. Number way back when he told me today if you just be obedient to me other things that you can't even imagine now does not come back to help you know hip servant in whatever area you, you name it to and just dismissing men's lives changed as CME tsunami loves change today's events and all understood as a blessing to my heart about well and it's a blessing to Lex and I to have yourself and others come back and volunteer service. While in space a lot for your character and for those of us if you want more information on the camp just got a man I and F old man full.

We got a few minutes left here and I want to transition now and just you know you guys have been over the years. I mean be major supporters of the law for Christ ministries. In many ways any financial supporters you just believe in and what were doing your part of the prayer team. I have a prayer team. All 11 couples. In fact, love, a couple from Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, that God is brought together is as part of a prayer to the praise for me every day and and course. I send messages out on on how to pray. From time to time and I will say for the record that your prayers in the whole entire prayer team just actually means the world to me is I know it makes a difference in what I do. Whether just traveling traveling mercies or no man of conferences that I do want it on on Saturdays and different things, but what what he let me ask you that it went in regards to prayer right how important you like this is your own prayer life with just take take a minute and tell tell our listeners how important prayer is G. I don't think I can get to this life without seriously I because I totally believe in prayer, I know God hears me he sees me he wants me to come to him about everything going on in my life, big or small and that comforts me. I know he's going to answer those prayers.

I don't know what is coming as I know it's perfect and armed yeah it is everything to me on it becoming more and more a part of my life every single day he's just Jamaal and me seeing him more and more every day in prayer and his word and on death plaintiff and on CN and Ampere area. As I said, I will be David ticket the commitment prayer was a beauty. When not when he just said no and no one got on everything smaller or big whatever most people. Most people think in her mind honest.

I won't bother Guy with this whole thing.

You have it to me. That's how I get to know him more, there's been a time with him talking him to not talk to them throughout the day in and for like LSL, I'm drawing closer to them know he wants to hear from us but my son he wants come to me about whatever I want to listen a little bit apart enough for sinewave it with God and I'm his child, go to him about everything was big, small or not a whatever and you know prayer to me is that when you say just what dish they laugh. It is interesting that they have had similar similar commerce.

I just want to bother God and what not.

Pretty sure he's okay you bother back. I'm almost convinced you want you to bother right in and recently heard I don't know who gets credit for this.

He said spend 15 minutes a day reading the words spend 15 minutes a day listening to God by two years, 1 mile 15 minutes a day listening to God. 15 minutes a day talking to God in 15 minutes a day talking to others about God. You do that. Pretty simple formula you do that simple formula. There's a pretty good chance you won your docket a backsliding to you to continue to grow and mature in your in your walk with Jesus and off it. I just want to let you real quick to our listeners out there. You know, we are advertiser supported, as it is a show as a podcast but also listener supported in it got put that upon your heart. I would encourage if you're interested in donating a cola for Christ ministries, to tell you to go to cloth.NET and judges consider prayerfully consider becoming supporters as well, it isn't. You just heard, you may not be a part of the prayer team.

But if God puts it upon your heart to pray for cola Christ ministries myself Lex Luger.

Our man camp to the things we discussed today.

Wendy and David is as business owners. We just we just covered all prayers out there as well limit. Let me ask you guys. We were just about out of time, but we talked about Graham storage we talked about Graham 4 x 4 that that the car sales Downing and Kannapolis. You guys have websites are given.

How could somebody find out find out more about your your car business yet I just go to ground school diagram owner okay to grant Graham 4 x 4 is it like like the number four Graham 480 grama number 4X the number yes and than Wendy's your storage business is as Graham that ask people when they command to rent a unit, how did you find us and most people say they googled storage near me or storage, and Kannapolis and we where the first first or second or third game set SIF today possibly man so great to have you guys in studio on the show today and what it what a blessing.

So thank you so much.

Thank you for tuning in to it's time to man up in the cuticle loft. Let me just conclude by saying this man disguised shared credible story today you have a personal relationship with Jesus today would be the day. Honestly, to make that decision that today could be your day of salvation. So make that decision today. God bless you see that's Armand it's time to man up men.

I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luger and I am pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your manhole with God godly husband's and God you give them your blessing them. Sign up today at band camp.full pastors.

If you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email.

Remember this. It's time to man up green vinyl tile from the carpet that right now number one in the reader's was the one that had this is the goal I one of the 11 support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were the cuticle fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M.

C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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